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Nicole Kidman Channels Grace Kelly's Suffering in 'Grace of Monaco' Trailer - Watch Now!

Nicole Kidman Channels Grace Kelly's Suffering in 'Grace of Monaco' Trailer - Watch Now!

Nicole Kidman is gorgeous as Grace Kelly in the official full length trailer for her film Grace of Monaco.

The 46-year-old actress stars in the film about the former Hollywood star Grace Kelly’s crisis of marriage and identity during a political dispute between Monaco’s Prince Rainier III and France’s Charles De Gaulle.

Grace of Monaco was originally supposed to be released last November, but was delayed by the studio. There is currently no US release date set, but will be released in the UK on June 6.

Watch the trailer for the film below.

Nicole Kidman’s ‘Grace of Monaco’ Trailer

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  • Living in a box

    Visualize stunning. But will this be disappointing like last year Naomi Watts Diana’s?

  • GFW

    I agree. What’s the interest? Why do it? And Greta Gerwig should have gotten the part not Nicole, not that she was tested or asked.

  • veronica lake

    omg omg omg gorgeous!

  • Ally

    Nicole is an excellent excellent actress – no matter if she’s done botox or whatever..she is the right person for the role. I hope the movie is going to be not like “Diana” but it looks awesome in the trailer.

  • Ian

    She’s so talented. Go Nicole!

  • Eve

    I can promise you it will be nothing like Diana. Diana was not about the princess, but a very silly woman and an overblown relationship with a doctor for dramatic purposes. It was awful and amateurish. No actress could have saved that movie.

    Now this trailer is wonderful. I’m already feeling the chemistry between Roth and Kidman. My one criticism would be to take out the operatic music. It works for a teaser but not a full trailer.

  • Caryn

    Looks good!!! But Nic haters will be haters. So childish of them to keep bringing out the same old tired complaints.

  • LSH

    @veronica lake: YOU NEED SERIOUS HELP? wow, lady stay away from social media for a while. hahahah!

  • LSH

    The last two movies by Nicole have been complete disasters. The PAPER BOY was nasty, swamp, porn joke. And thank God I can’t remember the wicked witch mother stupid movie either. THUS, this is probably gonna SUCK too! Nicole Kidman is just a has-been, over rated, over processed, horrible actress. IMO period. Bitch need to be put to pasture. I was laughing so hard when that biker PAP ran her a$$ over last year.

  • lisa

    I forget the name of the classical song that starts at 1:21. Does anyone know please? Thank you!

  • Irene

    The Oscars had a major component missing this year, and thus, the Oscars were not as exciting as in past years, and the component was Nicole Kidman. She is so regal, beautiful, and talented. Such a “CLASSY” lady. I so respect her choice of films. Paper Boy was a trashy movie, but Kidman did a fabulous job in her role. Rabbit Hole was not a hit movie, but Kidman’s acting brought me to tears for the heart and soul she put into that role. I do not think Grace of Monaco will be a hit because not too many people are interested in Grace Kelly nor the Monaco dynasty. After viewing the trailer, again Kidman is doing a fabulous acting presentation. To the Kidman haters……go away. Thank you JJ for the Kidman/Urban postings.

  • lisa

    Found it. If anyone’s interested it’s Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi

  • buttercup

    @lisa: Thanks. Opera peice is O Mio Babbino Caro as performed by Maria Callas and portrayed in the film by Paz Vega.


    Looks like a very nice tv movie; that is well acted, well written, and well directed. Kind of like 12 Years A Slave.

  • Cate

    I love Ludivico Enaudi. His music always makes everything better. The film looks beautiful so I’ll probably watch it just for all the costumes, scenery and cinematography!

  • Loves gossip

    Nicole does not resemble Grace Kelly in the least (imo) so it is like watching NICOLE KIDMAN play A princess of Monaco rather than THE Princess of Monaco.

  • Oh dear

    another box office bonb.

  • dien

    looks fab.

  • x

    Every sequence in the UK trailer reveals the same Nicole … she may be dressed in different clothes, uttering different dialogue in different set locations but it is always the same generic, expressionless Nicole.

  • kary

    I love this trailer :) Nic is perfect for this role

  • Serena

    Why do people expect actors to actually look like the characters they play? And why just single Nicole out for bashing? These actresses don’t resemble their real-life counterparts either:

    Julia Roberts – Erin Brokovich (“Erin Brokovich”)
    Reese Witherspoon – June Carter (“Walk the Line”)
    Sandra Bullock – Leigh Anne Tuohy (“The Blind Side”)
    Naomi Watts – Maria Bennett (“The Impossible”)
    Julie Andrews – Maria Von Trapp (“The Sound of Music”)
    just to name a few. There are more.

  • Oh dear

    And why just single Nicole out for bashing?

    Because Nicole not only doesn’t look the part, she can’t act the part either!

  • truth hurts

    The Crazy One has mental issues Serena. She says Nicole is so boring, so lacking in talent, so ugly, so evil, but devotes her entire existence to tracking her life, marriage and career.

  • tan

    why nicole look so ridiculous ?

  • Habla

    if you guys think that Nicole’s latest movies suck and she’s a bad actress, you obviously haven’t watched “Stoker”.

  • curious

    Judging by the dismal box office returns, hardly anyone bought a ticket to watch Nicole ruin Stoker.

  • http://comcast Joni

    THE CRAZY ONE (and her other 20 or so fake names) is sitting on her post waiting for something to be written about Nicole Kidman Keith Urban and Katie Holmes, can’t you just picture her, overweight, homely etc. telling us that Nicole uses Botox and who doesn’t in show business; Nicole and Katie are not pretty; Keith and Nicole fake marriage; the daughters of Keith and Nicole are not really theirs, it goes on and on. Nobody believes you, you are a very, very sick person.

  • http://comcast Bridget

    @ Irene. I was glad you felt like I did about the Oscars. If Nicole is not at the Oscars, it is always missing something, Nicole Kidman is a Real Movie Star. I love to see Keith a Urban and Nicole together at different occasions.

  • http://comcast Joni

    I also meant to say, I wish THE CRAZY ONE would give her real name and and address so the people making movies could hire her for casting director. The Crazy One seems to think she knows more about it than the qualified casting directors.

  • CDAN Bkind Item

    “I know I was awful in the movie but at this point I care more about the paychecks and staying in front of the camera than anything else.” Former A list mostly movie actress who is still A-/B+ and an Academy Award winner.

    Reveal – Kidman, Grace of Monaco

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ CDAN Bkind item, I mean THE CRAZY. ONE, We know it’s you. Sick, sick, sick. get a life, you are going off the deep end. How many years have you been hating on Nicole?????

  • ian

    We all know CDAN blind items are fake. You can GOOGLE it.

  • Oh dear

    We all know the KUNK marriage is fake. You can GOOGLE it.

  • http://comcast Joni

    @ Oh dear We know it’s you The Crazy One. Nicole and Keith have a beautiful marriage and two beautiful daughters. I know that it makes you sad, hateful, depressed and jealous, but it is true. Try to find some other celebs to hate, we all have your number, you need help.

  • http://comcadt Ginnie

    @LSH: @LSH Are you The Crazy One keeping track of Nicole and her movies?? If you don’t like Nicole or her movies don’t go see them. if you hate Nicole don’t read articles ably her. Why do you care so much ??? I happen to like Nicole Kidman, one of my favorite actresses, and I do follow articles written about her and enjoy her movies.

  • http://comcadt Audra

    As other people have said, the only way The Crazy One will stop bashing Nicole and Keith is for Keith to apologize to the Crazy One that he is sorry for marrying Nicole and really sorry they had two daughters together. In other words The Crazy One will be writing this garbage the rest of her miserable life.