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Katie Holmes Is Thrilled to Premiere 'Miss Meadows' at Tribeca Film Fest!

Katie Holmes Is Thrilled to Premiere 'Miss Meadows' at Tribeca Film Fest!

Katie Holmes shows her inner rocker chic with a cool leather jacket while doing some shopping on Friday (March 7) in New York City’s SoHo district.

“So excited to premiere MISS MEADOWS @TribecaFilmFest this April!” the 35-year-old actress tweeted the day before about the film festival, which will run from April 16-27.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

It was recently announced that Katie will be returning to TV with an untitled Richard LaGravenese drama, which will air on ABC.

FYI: Katie is wearing Koral jeans.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes doing some shopping therapy in SoHo…

Just Jared on Facebook
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 01
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 02
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 03
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 04
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 05
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 06
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 07
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 08
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 09
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 10
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 11
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 12
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 13
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 14
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 15
katie holmes is thrilled to premiere miss meadows at tribeca 16

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  • Nathan

    Katie Holmes in tight jeans is soooooooo SEXY!!! Love you katie.

  • Olivia

    Jared how much is she paying you to post on her every day?
    This talentless hag is a failure at everything acting gig she has tried in recent past.

  • Olivia

    AND she is simply homely. She can not do fashion. What the heck is she thinking. These pictures are not flattering at all. Zoom in if you dare.

  • Telepathic Engineering Squad

    @Nathan: I wholly concur with that thought.

  • BeBe

    She looks great. Love the outfit. No matter how much the haters try to tear her down, she’ll just keep on living her life.

  • Telepathic Engineering Squad

    @Olivia: What was REALLY homely was the media showing her and Suri but babbling on and on and on and on about nothing but her, Tom and Scientology. On, and on, and on, and on….

  • Nathan


    As a Guy i can assure you these pics of Katie are very flattering she’s a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl so the leather jacket with the tight jeans looks GREAT on her.

  • NOPE

    Bebe if by living her life you mean failing at all her gigs, then yes, she will carry on..and on..and on.

  • BeBe

    LOL. People have saying that her career is over for years, and yet somehow she just keeps going. Is she going to be an iconic moviestar? Probably not. But to me she’s no different than the vast majority of actors who are just trying to get on with their lives/careers.

  • NOPE

    two bit parts and getting called the weakest link or from MadMoney the review was: “Katie Holmes, who pops her eyes, scrunches her nose and shakes her booty in lieu of acting.”
    Not all actors even with small parts get bad review after bad review. Some people are just really bad at their chosen career.

  • New Suri Pics

    Jared won’t post ‘em but we can link them.

  • Sean

    To each his own as they say. Some are chubby chasers and some, like Nathan here, like fat legs and small boobs with a butter face. To each his own. This girl and sexy should never be used in the same sentence.

  • ANNE

    Seriously. Katie lives in an apartment 03 bedrooms. I imagine it’s a great app, $ 12,000 monthly rent. Where she keeps so many clothes, shoes and handbags? After the divorce, I saw a story she going to get her a handbags that was stored in a warehouse in NY with her personal objects from California. Are still there? Or she keeps the room???

    You researched the photo carousel? Is not it funny?

  • K-Flop – Pfeiffer or Hepburn

    Dangerous Liaisons-esque high society drama -

    “The potential series, which will be set in modern day New York, finds Holmes playing Ann, a woman of education and breeding, who has never used those advantages for power over others. She’s smart, stylish and genuinely down to earth (it’s basically the Michelle Pfeiffer role). Ann runs a philanthropic foundation with her husband. When Philip (Rufus Sewell) and Margot (still uncast) make a bet and destroy Ann’s perfect marriage, Ann learns to play the game and becomes the ultimate match for Philip.” (TVLINE)

    Pfeiffer or Hepburn? We’ll have to wait and see.

    The producer (Richard LaGravenese) and director (pilot – Taylor Hackford) ) I haven’t seen any of the recent (5-8 yrs.), so from that aspect, not interested.

    But, I have seen and enjoyed some of their earlier work, so I’ll peep the pilot (if aired), just for curiosity.

    Also, Rufus Sewell is attached (listed) and he has done a lot of TV, but again I haven’t seen anything with him in it in years. Eventhough he has regular projects listed on imdb. Pilot (if aired), just for curiosity. :-)

    Plan A – A-List actress – Fail
    Plan B – Theatre/Fashion Line/Films – Fail
    Plan C – Indie films – pending
    Plan D – TV – pending

    Ahh, Buckeyes are so nutty. :-) 2014 Year of K-Flop? Should be interesting.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    @New Suri Pics:
    You are disgusting! You are either a pedophile who has some disgusting lust for children or a fool who facilitates KHo pimping mama’s continuous whoring out of her meal ticket. Or both.

    In short, whoever posts the crap is DISGUSTING, piece of filth!

  • Missy

    @Suri the meal ticket:
    Wow, calm down. Given the nasty things you’ve said about Suri in the past, I find it hard to believe you care about her so much.

  • wowza

    well then Jared must be a disgusting piece of filth as well. Up until last week he and People Magazine posted all the pics all the time. So are the editors of People Magazine Pedophiles too?

  • http://comcast Patricia

    This is The Crazy One using different names to make ugly remarks about Katie and Nicole. Isn’t it strange that she hates Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman, makes you wonder doesn’t it ?????

  • Nicole?

    what are you talking about? From all I have seen Nicole is spoken highly of on Katie threads so surely you might be mistaken. The only gripe I have heard with Nicole is when the kids come up but mainly they blame Tom for taking them away (their words). Nicole is beautiful and a great actress and I have never seen otherwise posted on Holmes threads.

  • annie

    I like that outfit, the jeans , leather jacket and heeled booties.
    That pap guy, is almost in the cab , he’s so close.
    I can really see Katie in that role, playing games with Philip.
    I read that they are going to wind up being romantically obsessed with each other.

    @ K-FLOP
    you are a Katie Holmes encyclopedia.

  • Dare to be honest

    Ironic. Drops the fashion line and she really looks put together. I like it. Wish her luck with the new pilot.

  • Jasmine

    Did she call the paps again? You can tell there is more then one Pap dude so it’s not some random pap that just happen to catch her shopping. Don’t say she looks upset so she didn’t call them. That is part of the act to look so annoyed by it all. Trying to stay relevant. Tick Tock.
    Look at picture number 4. Where is this beauty others speak of?

  • Original

    Yessssss! leather always gets noticed, rather trendy too. Wishing her well in any endeavours.

  • K-Flop – Domestic Goddess :-/

    Couldn’t stop laughing when I read this Channel24 gossip, and no its’s not reliable, but sure is funny.


    Katie Holmes is in talks to launch her own reality show.

    The Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark star has reportedly been plotting to reinvent herself as America’s next domestic goddess in the vein of fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow and is considering showing her life on the small screen.

    A source told Grazia magazine: “Katie admires how Gwyneth Paltrow has carved out a foodie career. She’s hoping this might be a great new direction for her. A number of prominent US cable networks are interested in the show, which will see Katie learning to make different dishes, as well as concentrating on catering for children.”

    The report comes after Katie, 35, posted pictures of herself with her designer pal Zac Posen learning how to make fresh pasta at Mario Batali’s New York cookery school, Eataly.

    It is thought Katie was getting advice from the top chef about her new show, especially since she only started to experiment in the kitchen two years ago.


    Let’s hope she was just hanging with friends and enjoying Mario Batali’s cooking – “I love Mario Batali.”

  • Sunnies

    Could anyone please tell me what those sunglasses are? Can’t find them anywhere online, absolutely love them!

  • anne

    K-Flop need a psychiatrist. She is obsessed with Katie Holmes. Or is a Scientologist or someone on the payroll of Tom
    They are traumatized by the “play” Katie. Get a life.

    Can anyone tell me what is going on with these two (KH and TC) that almost 02 years of divorce showed no new BF / GF? Will stay celibate forever? Tom tried this lifestyle when married Mimy Rogers and did not work.

  • K-Flop – Crash & Burn

    “Fans of Katie Holmes should keep their fingers crossed that the ABC drama (re: Richard LaGravanese) finds its way to series. Since the network wants to have a look at the pilot before they give everything the proverbial greenlight, there’s always a chance the series could crash and burn before it ever gets off the ground.”


    Buckeye Nut ☺

  • TheTruth

    Rock On, K-flop. Her fans can’t handle the truth about k-flop to they attack you. You bring the stats and reviews they want to ignore.

  • Missy

    @K-Flop – Crash & Burn:
    Well, duh. Very few shows are ordered straight to series. Not sure why this is notable.

  • Phyllis

    Gee K-flop, you have alot of time on your hands. I’m a fan of Katie’s and I don’t know as much as you do! If you hate her so much, why are you so obsessed with her. Could it be that you’re a sceino or a Cruise fan and your desire is to make her look bad.

    The kind of bitterness you hold against a total stranger is really bad for your soul. Find something you love and become obsessed with that.

  • K-Flop – All in the cards


    maybe not……

    “ABC is on an unenviable streak of three consecutive new drama entries hitting a 0.6 rating in adults 18-49 — an all-time low on a Big 4 network: The Assets (which was billed as a limited series), Killer Women and Mind Games. That, coupled with the 0.7 low marks for the long-forgotten Lucky 7 and Betrayal and the 0.8 for Once Upon A Time In Wonderland makes for a very dismal freshman drama record this season. Even the heavily promoted fall entry Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been fading, gradually slipping from the premiere high of 5.4 in Live+Same Day to this week’s series low of a 1.8, though the genre drama still picks up a sizable DVR viewership. (ABC’s crop of new comedies has not fared much better, with The Goldbergs showing some spunk on Tuesday but not much else of note as two series failed to take hold behind Modern Family – Super Fun Night and Mixology.)”


    but, mentioned non-the-less. FYI is always good – better to know the environment and what you’re up against. 2014 – K-Flop successful return to TV? looking forward to the K-Flop reviews (film & tv).

    Buckeye Nut ☺

  • K-Flop – who am I?


    “sceino or a Cruise fan and your desire is to make her look bad.” – very limited view, but if that makes it easier for you to process my comments then do you.

    “hate and bitterness” – not even close.

    “alot of time on your hands.” – google is your friend. time not wasted and energy not expended.

    “total stranger & obsession” – you do realize we are on a celebrity/entertainment blog/gossip site? perspective.

  • Seven

    Ah, here we go!
    The Holmes fans who can’t see her faults or understand that she isn’t liked have to make it fit in their head so they call all her critics Cruise fans or cult members.
    Like K-flop said, if it makes it easier for you to process then knock yourself out but it is far from the truth.
    Katie has been called out on this site for years. When she was a cult member and after so it makes no difference. It’s her lack of talent and embarrassing fashion sense that generate the comments most times.
    If accusing them of being cult members or cruise fans doesn’t work they go after them instead of the issue since they know Katie has not been successful as an actress.

  • Missy

    I think her fans can accept the fact that some people dislike her. What they don’t understand is why some people claim that she’s so boring, bland, untalented etc. and yet spend so much time obsessing over her every move. That said, I actually don’t mind K-flop. While his/her obsession with katie is a bit odd, at least she mostly sticks to discussing her work without personal insults. There are definitely a lot of bitter, crazy trolls on this board that need to get lives, though.

  • buy a mirror

    Those that aren’t Holmes fans would say the same about you ,Anne and Annie. Insults? usually come from Anne and Annie first.
    This is not a fansite and people are going to follow and comment how they like. You are talking about insults as you call others bitter and crazy. That is funny.
    Enjoy your Sunday. Enough with Holmes, Cruise and the whole lot.

  • Missy

    Sure it’s a public message board, but googling Katie or coming to her thread when it’s days old clearly shows that some folks go out of their way to follow her. People are free to follow whomever they like. Likewise, it’s fair for others to question why these critics are so obsessed with someone whom they claim is so boring. It goes both ways. I don’t insult others unless provoked, and even then I try not to.

  • Dare To Be Honest

    Leo D. usually has well over a 1000 posts; good, bad and ugly. Has anyone checked out the chicky outfit on Daily Mail??? THAT is why she tempts our morbid curiosity!

  • carli

    @Dare To Be Honest: Why did you tempt us? she looks horrid in those daily mail pictures.

  • ANNE

    I did not insult anyone. I only became interested in Tom Cruise, post divorce and NET. I did not know the sofa, Scientology, Matt Lauer, shilds, who is the father of Suri, etc, etc.. And I’m at JJ out of curiosity and fun, after all, TC is ‘shitting’ to my curiosity.
    Now, I feel that there is a lot of anger in post-K flop, she wishes the failure of Katie Holmes and that comes from his intimate, soul. Why? What Katie did to her? And only she posts related career. K-Flop does not want to climb HW Holmes as Nicole did when she left Tom
    I thought K-Flop, she was someone the family of TC, after all, I have read that everyone is on their payroll. Perhaps the shock of Katie not act as agreed. It was a scare the impact it has had. Sure, I’m imagining things. People with that much money to spend would not waste time here.

  • annie

    @buy a mirror.
    I accept that this a celeb gossip site., and everyone has a differing opinion, and I don’t insult people., actually I try to be polite to everyone, but sometimes people are downright nasty, why?
    But you know what #35, ….. I would like people like yourself to have the guts to go by one name or even 2 names if it makes you happy.
    I still think that 1/3 or even 1/2 of the negative comments come from the same person.
    I don’t paticularly mind K- Flop either, but the trouble with others is , that they come off as really not very nice people.

    There are heaps and heaps of celebs, I have no time for, let alone wasting my time commenting on them, just don’t get it!

  • Sincerely Concerned

    @carli: Love the shoes

  • Dare to be Honest

    Wonder if anyone thought of giving up viewing her website for lent:-\

  • Mikki

    Thanks for the tip #37. I checked it out and a few recent Daily Mail write ups on her. She use to be loved there and there are still a hand full of “go Katie, whoopie you left Tom” but more and more there are those saying why is she still famous she isn’t having much of a career post Cruise.

  • Mikki

    As an example these are four comments in a row from the recent daily mail. So it’s not just JJ where she gets the remarks

    1. Proving the point that when she is on the front of a magazine she is airbrushed to death.

    2Thank God she already bred… otherwise, who’d want this wreck?

    3She got can culls !! Massive calves shapeless same size as her thighs lol


    and others-
    -Does this chick get dressed in the dark? It goes from bad to worse!
    -She has the worst taste in Hollywood; I’ve never seen her look good.
    -Hey Katie. NEWSFLASH! You have fat calves and are grossly pigeon toed.

    -She can’t walk straight, crocked legs and feet!!!! Always!

  • annie

    @ 44
    Nasty piece of work.
    Oh my god what are you going to do if the tv series is going to be picked up and is a hit, you’ll be pulling your hair out!
    I know what comments are on the daily mail, you probably follow her all over the internet, posting them.
    Seriously just relax, go and do some yoga, have a massage, go for a walk on the beach, and think happy thoughts, instead of hate!

  • Mikki

    this is my one and only comment to you on this subject. I don’t post at the daily mail so you need to take it up with the posters there. They are the ones that posted that way and feel that way about Katie.
    You have to have an account with them to post there.
    My point was that its not just Jared posted who post about Katie with the same things.
    I did not nor have I ever posted at the Daily Mail.
    You are the one that needs to take a deep breath and stop thinking you are the posting police at Jared.

  • Meg

    @Mikki: She Must work for Holmes. No one else would sound so narcissistically immature. Seriously, Annie! I can see The Biebs wearing those “shoes”. Are u OK with them??????

  • annie

    @ mikki
    I could do the same thing ….only in the nice comments, but you know what , seriously , I can’t be bothered.
    However just 2 will do for the moment. At the Donna Koran fashion show, fashion journalists, described her as tall willowy and striking.
    lainey , who doesn’t care what she says at times about people, saw her in person one day in a shop, and described her as tall slim and gorgeous.
    So I’m not going on, because, I can really go on, and state more examples than you ever could.
    And you think that a few comments , negative or otherwise, is going to make a big difference in a celebs world, doubt it. It says more about the people who comment than anything else.
    AJ fans tear Jennifer Aniston to pieces, about her chin , her skin, her hair , her acting, yet she’s laughing all the way to the bank.
    Everyone is well aware of the hate on the internet, it’s talked about all the time, on tv, talk back radio, in the news. If it gives you pleasure , continue on.
    I’m only saying what I think, just like you are, after all . as you keep on telling me , it’s a celeb gossip site, and anything goes.

    @ meg…..better known as sincerely concerned, or lets be honest.
    I don’t care what shoes she’s wearing, most of the time she wears nice shoes.

  • JOEY

    @ MIKKI
    That is the best you could do out of the sixty two comments.
    I read them too! Most were flattering!
    Better luck next time!

  • Meg

    @annie: ??