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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Reunite in Texas - See the Pic!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Reunite in Texas - See the Pic!

Selena Gomez, hidden in a black hoodie, and Justin Bieber were just spotted together in a local Starbucks on Friday morning (March 7) in Texas.

The 21-year-old entertainer was in the Starbucks in the morning and was joined by her on-again off-again beau Justin during the last hour of their visit, TMZ reports.

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The pair then stopped by Royal Perfume, where Justin bought two perfumes.

Selena is set to perform in Hidalgo tomorrow night. It is unclear why Justin is in Texas, besides to spend time with Selena! She Instagrammed a picture of herself in the Starbucks in question, with the caption, “Hidalgo, I’ve missed this :) ill see you soooon”

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Credit: TMZ; Photos: Instagram
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  • Marine

    Gays whoring kids

  • baby


  • justine

    she is beyond stupid why go back to him again ?

  • Luiza

    Congrats Selena . You are a dumb girl

  • Marine

    @justine: Because he’s rich and has name bigger than hers.

  • Hilarious


    To f.uck…how come nobody realizes they are just f.uck buddies?

  • Marine

    Justin Bieber is totally unpleasant

  • Marine

    @Hilarious: He just pays her well.

  • who

    the most annoying couple ever, these two need a brain

  • mh

    This was so predictable. I mean her new movie is coming so…

  • mh

    I like Justin but he’s acting like a stupid little kid. Why he can’t realise that she only wants him for fame and money?

  • Dina

    he really needs to leave her alone now, he is very sick, but it does not mean they are getting back together that way and she is crazy she went to rehab to get over him, she needs to keep away from him even though they might be just friends now

  • Bill

    She can’t sing, she can’t dance, she can’t act, she doesn’t win relevant awards, her album and her tour were a flop, so going out with Bieber is the way she’ve found to stay on the spotlight.

  • Telepathic Engineering Squad

    Suuuure, like there’s that royal fagotry going on…. in Texas, America. Must be that king justin beijingo homo.

  • privacy

    omg they can be friends or lovers or whatever they want and it is none of our business.

  • Cate

    Shaking my head…this girl is so foolish.

  • tick

    Texas is so tacky & their accents are annoying. Most of them sound like rednecks unless they’re transplants from another state. The only place tackier than Texas is Vegas.

  • lili

    He is CRAZY about her…it seems an addiction!!

  • LiveyourOWNLife

    Y’all are all saying she’s irrelevant. If she was irrelevant she wouldn’t be in the media. I don’t see y’all in the media which makes you irrelevant. She has been out way before Justin. It doesn’t matter. They love each other. Love conquers. Stop acting like you’ve never been in love. Let them live their life. Live your own. They don’t care how you feel. Because at the end of the day they’ll still be together and she will still in the media.

  • Whatever

    @LiveyourOWNLife: She is in media BECAUSE she is irrelevant -_-

  • http://lyssvjoy Alyssa

    Omg…..yaaa I love JELENA🙌🙌😍

  • Living in a box

    I don’t want to create any rumours but I believe Selena and Taylor Swift are no longer a friends. Taylor doesn’t like Justin, and when the last time we saw Selena and Taylor hanging out together.

  • Lynn


  • http://N/A Kelly

    It’s Selena’s own fault if she gets hurt again. Play with fire and you’re going to get burned! She’s really stupid! Sorry if that’s harsh.

  • Annoyed


    Normally, I don’t post on discussions but your comment was ignorant that I had to. Do you realize how big Texas is and all of the different people who live it? Most of its residents are actually Hispanic. I was born and raised in deep South Texas and now I live in North Texas, where there is even more diversity. The only ‘accents’ you will find are in East Texas and a few pockets throughout the state. The only tacky thing here is you, Tick, and your ignorance.

  • LOL

    He can have any girl on the planet (or an alien if he wanted) but he keeps going back to her? WHY????

  • Effy

    Justin is an awful influence on her and most likely was the reason she had to go to rehab. She’s an idiot to keep going back to him. No wonder Swift wants nothing to do with her.

  • Gavino

    After Selena Gomez Just got out of rehab for the whole Justin Bieber Problem. Now She going back Douchebag, Heartless, Gutless, Pathetic, washed up, overrated, Despicable, Worthless, and bastardized Bitch Justin Bieber In Texas. Bad Move Selena Gomez. Her Career is Going down the drain or Her Career is gonna be over if she cares about her fans or not. And if she going back with this drug addict (Bieber) or Not. #SelenaGomezSoldOut?

  • gail

    They both need to get locked up for abusing prescription drugs. That is what ought to be massively illegal not weed.

  • cc

    @Bill: @Bill: Can I marry you? jk but I totally agree with your comment other than she “dates” JB just to be on the spotlight. She does that but it is “fake publicity dating” which is completely fictional and they have no relationship whatsoever other than working together. They are paid to act to get news. I really don’t understand why they try to use Selena Gomez. I don’t like anything about her. I’m a Belieber. I’ve always liked Justin Bieber (for 4 years now) there’s just something about him.

  • shutup


  • shutup

    @tick:Tick SHUTUP

  • Fufufii

    I thought they were over for good but no, she had to go back to that fag beaver. She will never learn, this is so damn annoying. On-Off relationship, What the fudge is this? A switch perhaps? I will never know.

  • Neal Caffrey

    @Bill: LOL. And She still has more money than you ever will.

  • Neal Caffrey

    I really don’t think that’s her. Yall need more proof than this. I call bullshit.

  • http://@janice777 Janicej7

    Some people are just MEAN! They obviously care for each other…and love does not come around so easily! Justin needs some guidance and tough love right now, but I find it interesting that TMZ NEVER reports the charitable things that he has done for the past 5 years. To @tick…I am from the south where we are still taught RESPECT and CHRISTIAN VALUES and our accents are JUST FINE Y’ALL!!! God bless Justin

  • Daniela

    Selena Gomez you are one dumb bitch!!!

  • SelenaYouAreDumb

    @Living in a box: @Daniela: agree!!!!!!

  • http://@sunshine01010 Ovoke

    If u believe in love then u can believe in us, love conquereth all things.

  • Unknown

    Selena is so stupid she should be a shamed

  • Rosalie

    Calm down people!!!! She can do whatever she wants to do and it’s not for money … it’s not like she doesn’t have any hehe!

  • Texas, USA

    Your way of thinking is more idiotic than their relationship. Texas was once it’s own independent country, stfu and see the world become a better place without you.

  • http://@zainofbaby413 PRINCESS

    LOVE Selena gomez… Don’t think JB deserves her though, hate HIM… I think she’s a brilliant singer n actress ,.. #PzL_dont_Lie

  • steph

    Stop insulting them selena can sing justin can too, it shouldn’t matter to you guys if they go out or just be friends its THERE LIFE they can do what ever they want I support jelena I love both of them god just keep shut if your ganna say something negative or an insult.

  • steph

    @tick I live in vegas I have gone to texas and there not tacky your just rude and want attention keep your comments to yourself and allways your self. Thankyou.

  • steph

    You guys say selina is with jb for his money and the fame… do you guys relize she has money to… shes famous to famous enough for you guys to know her name and reconize her

  • Oh hell no

    Selena didn’t go to rehab to get over him, she went to rehab to get attention. Now, either maybe she can help pull him back together or she’s going down with him. She needs to stay away. But if she doesn’t she gets what she deserves. So when he plays on her with brothel hoes don’t feel sorry for her.

  • m l

    it’s time we leave Justin and selena alone and let them do whatever they want to. despite all the bs from the haters Justin is very talented and a nice guy. selena is a nice person as well. if we let them alone I think they will sort out their problems. they do have strong feelings for each other and if left to their own devices will possibly stay together. I think that is ultimately what they want..

  • felicity rogers

    @mh: h@Kelly: actually she don’t so get ur facts straight bc u don’t kno what ur sayin so!!!

  • don’t be a hater

    what is wrong with the people on this comment section? can’t fight love and obviously they have both tried, who gives a flying crap about publicity, he didn’t have to come to Texas to see her but he did, put that in your teenage diaries and smoke it.