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Karrueche Tran Confirms Chris Brown Split on Twitter

Karrueche Tran Confirms Chris Brown Split on Twitter

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have reportedly gone their separate ways for the second time.

“Not dating anyone stop w the bs,” the 25-year-old model wrote on Twitter.

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Karrueche was notably absent during Chriscourt hearing last week, when it was announced that Chris has bipolar disorder and PTSD.

In case you don’t remember, Chris and Karrueche split in late 2012 over his friendship with former girlfriend Rihanna.

WHO DO YOU THINK Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran should date next?

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  • Oh

    This won’t last they will be back together soon probably but it’d do him good to be single for awhile get his life in order


    It was time ….. Thiis guy is not stable!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    rih will go back to brown, she is just boning drake cause she’s a H-O!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    thought he loved Karruche!

  • Fake

    The problem is that Brown, having the mental age of a pubescent teen, will be sowing his wild seeds until the end of days. she probably gave him an ultimatum.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Fake: Rihanna wanted him to Commit to her and Marry her too and he dumped her. Said he is too young to be Tied down! Go Figure

  • Verity

    As usual these days, Just Jared is late on the info. This was news 3 days ago when she posted it.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Verity: wat difference does it make if he is a little late?

  • clark brown

    It seems that the guy is not at all stable. don’t know what he wants. Maybe it is for Rihanna.

  • Ew he is so disgusting

    Nobody wants to be with this disgusting bitter boy. Chris Brown is trash. I understand that nobody wants to be with him anymore. He is so yuck, he makes you want to vomit. He even threw a stone to his own mother. YUCK!

  • Diedre

    Next, he and Rihanna will be hanging out again.

  • pedro

    @Diedre: not gonna happen. ask aubrih.

  • Atiim

    I think that Chris Brown should go out with Arianna Grande. They would make a cute couple and adorable babies

  • Gert

    Karr just saved her life whether she realizes it or not. Rihanna doesn’t want him either she’s with Drake.

  • Atiim

    @Ew he is so disgusting: First of all, he’s not disgusting and he is very sweet when he wants to be. SECOND of all, he has anger issues, bipolar disorder, ptsd, and insomnia. So therefore, he was angry so he just happened to throw a rick through his mother’s window. And plus he’s bipolar, which he can’t control, and he could’ve switched moods. I hate when people judge people because of one thing they Did. You’re probably saying all of this because of the domestic violence incident in 2009. If you don’t Nothing good to say then don’t say it at all especially on the intenet. I’m pretty sure you have your ups and Downs every once in a while and you might her angry. But do other people come up you to you talking abOut how you’re dIsgusting. If you met him in real life your whole perception would change. Stop judging people because of the problems they have in their life. Matter of fact, stop hating. Cause at the end of the day, he still has more money, more fans, better reputation, and definitely not as ignorant as you.

  • Ew he is so disgusting

    @Atiim: You are obviously one of his pathetic dumb stans. He could kill somebody you would still find excuses for him. And why should I have something nice to say about him, he is a violent disgusting piece of trash, there is nothing nice to say about him. LOL all his money doesnt stop him from making violent disgusting trashy acts. I dont have his money, but I’m still rather me than this piece of trash Chris Brown. And why would I want such a pathetic fan like you, who excuses every pathetic behaviour of him. This piece of trash dont even stop being violent towards his own mother. He crossed way too many lines.

  • mom50

    Bipolar?? That’s just a fancy name. He’s not bipolar , hes just a darn drug addict

  • Bella

    She only tweeted that because people were trying to hook her up with this basketball player, who has a crush on her. She is in a “relationship,” therefore not dating.

  • LAxx88

    Hope its true. She’s messy, manipulative and leechy. Breezy better off doing Breezy for a long while. She nds to focus on a getting a job. Can’t wait for the promised music, this time. & he should date others

  • Lana

    This girl is a leech. And Chris is def. using her as a rebound. That’s just how relationships are, except his is 100% always made known to the public (that’s the flaws of hollywood.)
    We can sit here and judge him all we like for his decisions, but I guarantee each and every one of you has had a bad relationship before, and probably knew a few people in real life that has had a very unstable relationship.

  • Nobody!

    Not sure about the ex, but Chris Brown needs NOBODY right now. He needs to take time alone to get himself together, his medication and therapy. He’s gotta deal with his demons. He’s not good for any woman at this time. Getting into relationships when you are emotionally unstable just causes more problems for everyone involved.

  • Blythe

    We’ll see photos of Chris and Rihanna back at it again in the next few weeks. The girl is addicted to unstableness.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @pedro: rih does not love drake, that is y she screwed drake once and then went back 2 brown. she will go back 2 chris, watch and see.

  • hmm

    @Oh Yeah!!!: If Rihanna goes back to Chris Brown, not surprised. She must be hooked on his sex. If he started young, he must have done everything by now and become an expert. Sad when women get snagged like that by the wrong type of man. Years of heartache.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @hmm: true cause good sex aint love! she loves brown though, i think this drake thing is to make him come after her and dumping karr was to show rih he is serious.

  • love239justyou

    News are bullshit… nigga be quiet!

  • http://sinodayimani sino dayimani

    I really wish Chris goes back to rehab and work on himself, come back and gives us hits. He really does need time to heal and think about his past and future. Guys Karrueche had a job before, during and after her relationship with Chris. Before she worked at lisa kline and modeled. During- she was Chris’ stylists <he asked her. Now she is obviously hosting, promoting, still a stylist, she is obviously still modeling she has a lot of photo shoots under her name! And has been on 3 magazines. By the way her NET WORTH is R300 000 not to bad for a 25 year old aspiring model, don't you think?!?

  • http://sinodayimani sino dayimani

    I meant $300 000

  • SK

    Chris really does need help. It’s good he’s doing a few more months of rehab, he needs it. We can’t do much but hope and pray for the best out of him cause he really is a humble person aside from his temper and attitude.

  • Chrae

    U people can be so gullible…this tweet was to the rumor that suggested she was dating Brandon Jennings….#SMH….they are still together and aint going no where..the press basically wants to make headlines…

  • Chrae

    @Bella: Thanx hun for letting these people know!

  • Maria Williford

    Mg how long poor Chris have to pay for sonthing hi did when hi whas very joung and dont think rithg and dont think about the consequences they mess with him because his famous word wild rich and successful and super talent they whant bring him donw but his above all that hi will come out stronguer the never hi have to live that frek out of his live she only whant fame you only can see how she always in frong of the camara and talking about there private livs that is so wrong any other gril from rapers or singers dont do that she will be no body with out Chris model ? From where no body no she exist till go out with Chris

  • william

    People “BAD GIRL” RiRi is not perfect…she’s just as much trash as Chris…Need I remind yall of the countless guys she have been rumored of dating or have dated….need I remind yall to take a look at the stank ass video called “pour it up”…need i remind yall that she keep taking him back…i dont know about yall but that leaves me to think that…that night back in 09 was not all chris fault….some of it was hers too and she knows that…think about it why would you want to marry a guy who beat you, cheat on you, break up with you on and off again……I KNOW WHY….because your doing the same thing…. yall pick on chris brown and say He’s this or He’s that….but have yall ever thought to yall self “that yall are the cause”…..ill go back before 09 when CB was on pace to greatness, never heard anything about him, not hardly as many tats like now, super great music…he was whole package until that night… think about how hard it is to go from being LOVED by millions to be HATED by billions just in 24 hours…not only that losing friends in the Biz…losing doublemints…and living with the fact that you did something so stupid it ruined your career…Now over the years ive watched people, blogs, tv, news…so on… crush this guy for everything he does….after a while the guy just stop trying and gave up….he made a come back with f.a.m.e and just gave up….why because he cares what people think about him to much….so now yall wanna say YUCK and EWW to this guy when yall “THE BLOGGERS, HATERS, SO ON” made this monster….yall say yall hate him…but would rather follow him on social websites, comment things about him…..WHY waste yall time….the perfect way to ruin a celeb you hate is to not give attention to every single thing about him/her…yall do that sooner are later blogs and news will realize that he is not a hot topic anymore…and if your not hot as a celeb you tend to fall in your career….NOW i am a CB fan, i dont like what he had became hopefully he has turned it around, he has a rare talent for entertainment and performing that only comes around once every 20 years…he needs to use that as much as possible….Now as for RiRi, im not a big fan, but i think she is a great artist, got crazy cool eyes and all….but last thing i have to say is that these YOUNG adults have it hard enough being celebs and dating now they have to deal with rumors people create and so on…thats alot… the end everyone who says something about that guy needs to be put in his shoes…and see how hard it is to be a celeb that 60 % of the world hates….not cool….to know about the breakup listen to CB song “FAMOUS GIRL” he will tell you the mind set they BOTH where in at the time….btw as for KARR beautiful young lady but chris should just be single, get his career back on track…then I SAY love Karr from a far until your ready career rise and mentally…then be with her NOT RIRI….

  • True2

    Why must people resort to name-calling? It really irks me when people call Rihanna a whore. I don’t know if she’s dating Drake or not, but I sure hope she’s having a great time. Chris flaunted his relationship with K for months without caring about Rihanna’s feelings. I like both Rihanna & Chris, but he did her wrong. Just remember…love always finds a way to forgive.

  • Skylin

    @Oh Yeah!!!:
    That’s B.S. Rihanna walked away from CB because he wasn’t ready to take things to the next level. Why post B.S.when most people know what you’re saying is not true whatsoever! Chris Brown put out enough songs about Rihanna leaving him that even an Imbecile couldn’t fail to notice. But one can guess their are always exceptions to every rule. Good grief, haters will be haters I guess!

  • Skylin

    @Ew he is so disgusting: Sheesh, Get a Grip. Get some Psychiatric help. You act like you are personally dating CB, It ain’t all that serious. These celebs have their lives and they are living it. Why don’t you try living yours instead of wasting all that haterism energy on someone who doesn’t even know you are alive. There are better things to put your energy into other than hating on another human that you’ve never met. Good damn grief, its not worth it! Sheesh such Hatred! Get some Help Girl!!!!

  • We all know he is disgusting

    @william: First of all why you use a boys name when you are clearly a girl? You’re obviously one of Fist Browns pathetic stans. Going back to your abuser is a wide known issue. Even Pamela Anderson stayed with Tommy Lee and Tommy Lee even gave Pamela Hepathitis C. If you would know one think about DV than that the victims often times go back to their abusers, because women who love easily forgive their abusers. Thats nothing new, unfortunately it happens all around the world. AND CHRIS BROWN IS TRASH. ITS NOT ALL BECAUSE 2009, his random fights with people like Frank Ocean, his throwing a stone to his own mother etc. are the reason why people keep disliking him. I hope that his therapy thing works like a wonder pill for him. Other than that he is like the other pointed out disgusting. And bashing Rihanna just to make Chris Brown look good, just shows that your CB stans are as pathetic as Chris Brown.

  • f*ck breezy haters

    to all you stupid judgemental freaks,,your mothers are whores because they taught you how to judge other pipos lives instead of focusing on yalls boring lives,.thank you and @ew he is so disgusting,get rich and after that you can start talking,,and to tha breezy fans lets support our bruther here,he needs to get his life on track,a bruther needs to get a break from all this crap and the sh*t he gets from these confused,stupid and uneducated cockroaches..