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Stacy Keibler: Married to Jared Pobre!

Stacy Keibler: Married to Jared Pobre!

Stacy Keibler is a married woman, her rep confirms to

The 34-year-old actress married her tech entrepreneur beau Jared Pobre in a beach side sunset ceremony on Saturday (March 8) in Mexico, according to People.

“My happiness is indescribable!” Stacy told the mag. “Marriage is the ultimate bond of love and friendship. It means putting all your faith and trust into a person that you can’t help but believe is your soul mate. Someone who has all of your best interests at heart; someone handpicked for you, to help you grow and be the best person that you can be. Jared is all of this for me.”

Stacy split from her longtime boyfriend George Clooney early last summer and started dating Jared, 39, in the fall. The newlyweds have known each other for over five years though.

Make sure to pick up next week’s issue of People for the wedding photos. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Chelsea Lauren; Photos: Getty
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  • Annabelle

    Aww good for her!

  • Gracie

    There is life after creeper Clooney!

  • L

    LOL.. she said marriage was not something that matter to her.. Like kids.. I guess she had to spew that to be with George..

  • Amy


    Actually this statement about marriage sounds like something her publicist wrote for her. Also her wedding pics are going to be in People magazine.

  • Ha

    She snatched that quick…one rich man after another. Jared is a druggie and loves threesomes … Welcome to the good life Stacy!

  • anon

    Pobre? okay

  • @

    Proof that every woman secretly wants to be married, regardless how many times she lies about her true feelings.

  • Karis

    Her statement sounds like a dig at Clooney who wouldn’t make the commitment and marry her.

  • TheTruth

    She was just hired to be George’s beard. I’m sure she was dating this guy all along.

  • sweetness

    She clearly found the right man who she was meant to be with…And this man was not afraid to commit and make a declaration of that commitment by marrying her.
    If you find the right person go for it.

  • http://Justjared Leticia

    That’s a great description of marriage congratulations may God bless you both!!!

  • Al’s Marmot

    I actually have morals and values which prevent me from having fake relationships and marriages, let alone stripping and behaving violently in front of children and on television as a “wrestler.” This Jared guy is into internet marketing. This latest fake relationship of Keibler’s is simply a marketing scheme, why do you think she tweets and releases staged photo ops of everything they do? Real relationships have something call privacy. And did you know Keibler missed a close friend’s wedding just to attend an Obama photo op fundraiser? What kind of genuine person does something like that? She’s trash.

  • Al’s Marmot

    Also he looks like bat boy, the cryptid reported by the National Enquirer, and she has an unfortunate face even after having work done. I wish this is the last we ever see of either of them, but no, this is only the beginning. Thus begins Heidi and Spencer the ugly version.

  • Stupid

    @@: what a stupid generalization,

  • pinkydoo

    I give it less than a year..tops

  • rent is due

    clearly she was flat a$$ broke from giving all her money to ex Geoff stults because he picked up on the low self esteem issues she clearly has. Clooney was all business and dropped her when the contract expired. she was hired for this pobre guy and was still seeing Geoff on the sly. she is your average hw who$re and I hope the money has been transferred to her acct already and she doesn’t keep giving it to Geoff because his show is going to get cancelled soon.

  • snoopy

    Stacy has no talent so there was no other option but to marry a rich,
    wannabe-celeb, millionaire.
    She’s probably preggers. She couldn’t get preg with Clooney b/c he’s been fixed.

  • Nule

    when u can’t marry clooney u have to lower standards haha

  • tiffany

    @@: +1

  • lol

    @@: Agreed. Although its against feminist creed to admit it

  • lol


    LOL – anyone is ABOVE Clooney. Clooney the commitment phob & user. He’s getting so old that the 20 & 30 somethings soon will note date him even with all his money.

    Good for Stacy.

  • snapcracklepop

    @TheTruth: That was my first thought, too, that she was probably dating this guy the whole time and bearding for George for exposure, etc.
    Reese Witherspoon rather quickly married her guy (Jim Toth) after breaking up with Jake Gyllenhall, too. I always suspected Reese was dating Jim the whole time but, helping out his PR firm with the bearding.

  • Love The Shoes

    @L: I think people……..even you……are allowed to have a change of heart about decisions in life. She met someone and her choices for the future changed and it is that simple.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Ha: “# 5

    Ha @ 03/08/2014 at 10:25 pm “She snatched that quick…one rich man after another. Jared is a druggie and loves threesomes … Welcome to the good life Stacy!”


    For one thing, Jared Pobre’s wealth isn’t much more than Stacy’s. She’s not poor; she’s worth nearly $5mil and her new husband’s “company” is worth $55mil making his personal wealth only around $10-15mil. As for the drugs and threesomes comment, it only shows how you’ve done nothing more than take Steve Bing’s rep as “a druggie and loves threesomes” and transferred it onto Jared Pobre under the assumption nobody would realize it. Busted.

  • Ladyb

    Agree with Karis. That statement was a dig at GC . Please people stop putting GC on thi high level. Any mn that dates waitress after another and not want to commit is not worth a woman’s time. She upgraded as far as I am concerned.

  • Amy

    Who are these people?

  • Al’s Marmot

    @snoopy: She couldn’t get pregnant with Clooney because he never slept with her.
    It’ll “work” in terms of what it is, a sham that flies in the face of all that is good, until the contract states they go their separate ways. Interesting that they did this in Mexico, as there’s less likely to be scrutiny over whether there’s an actual marriage certificate involved. If there is an actual marriage certificate that’s legal outside of Tijuana, rest assured that the pre-nup Pobre made the poraccia sign must be a thing of beauty to behold.

  • olga

    I’m guessing he’s Filipino

  • Ho

    Did she really have to sell the news to People.??.sad

  • Bailey

    All I know is this is very fake. Maybe they are both gay and are bearding for each other. *shrug*

  • courtney

    um Dim bulbs Clooney was married and divorced once previously and knew he would never have a marriage even close to his parents Nick & Nina. Reese & Jim Toth dated for a year & a half before they were married so that isn’t exactly a quickie marriage. some couples in Hollywood are actually truly in love but most seem put on as a publicity stunt

  • holly

    There is no reason to dis GC because all these women know he has made it clear that he will never marry again, his choice. He doesn’t use the women either. He treats them like ladies and takes them to some of the finest places and always talks good about them to others. They all think they can just date him and make him change his mind. He is a gentleman to all of them. 2 yrs is usually breakup time, but that’s after they have pushed him as far as they can, with no results. Good luck with that temporary marriage Stacy!

  • Congratulations!

    They’re not kids, so should have wisdom to marry for the right reasons. Hope she didn’t get pregnant first, though. A lot of times with these quickie marriages, in a few months there is a visible baby bump.

  • babs

    what does Stacy do?

  • Bonnie

    @TheTruth: Exactly. Clooney is still closeted but hired SK to be his beard. Hope she made this guy sign a prenup.

  • amip

    Pobre means “poor” in spanish, hahaha!

  • Luiza

    @amip: in Portuguese too!!!

  • scallywag

    Which is all another way of saying George Clooney’s trick money finally at last deposited for services rendered…

  • guest


    So, you are one of the man haters, huh?!