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Vanessa Hudgens Loves Hugging Trees - See the Cute Pic!

Vanessa Hudgens Loves Hugging Trees - See the Cute Pic!

Vanessa Hudgens carries her yoga mat and heads to a late afternoon class on Saturday (March 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress took part in Flashback Friday on Tumblr and shared some photos from her recent trip to Big Sur.

“#FlashbackFriday!! Still feeling soo inspired after my trip to Big Sur a few weeks ago. So much natural beauty – it was seriously next level. Here are a few more pics from the adventure. If you haven’t been, I totalllly recommend visiting,” Vanessa wrote of her trip. “Since my gypsy side is out in full force, I also decided to create a lil wanderlust-themed Pinterest board (below) with even more travel ideas, photos and inspiration! Enjoy, explore, and have a wonderful weekend love bugs!”

She added, “Ps. Yes I love hugging trees. Especially redwoods. So beautiful. They don’t even look real.”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Lulu*s grey hoodie and carrying a Lifefactory bottle.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at her yoga class…

Just Jared on Facebook
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 01
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 02
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 03
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 04
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 05
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 06
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 07
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 08
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 09
vanessa hudgens loves hugging trees see the cute pic 10

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures, Tumblr
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  • Ann

    Ive never seen a washed up celeb do so many things to get attention

  • anney

    omg i love her so much!

  • .

    lol she is just being her adorable and gorgeous self, the pic is from feb 14, she was just sharing a cute moment with her fans. Its not like she wants attention or is trying to clean her image or something like that, everyone knows how sweet Vanessa is in real life, so that pic is just something normal

    if you want to talk about it… just look at this


    wait she was here?


    she looks beautiful without make and after a hot yoga class how is that possible?



  • Jessica

    @.: and you brought him up and her thread because….

  • Jessica

    *on, not and

  • Jr

    She may be the most optimistic person I’ve seen in a pesamestic world. It’s rare to see, good for her.

  • love

    She is adorable and it’s nice to see her smiling

  • love

    I wish people would just leave her alone. She is happy and living her life, you should probably do the same.

  • V

    She’s a sexy lady

  • Misscutiepie
  • http://Justjared Leticia

    Romans 1:24-25

    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

  • italian mom

    beautiful smile!

  • MT
  • 2sadfw


    She should kill herself

  • Nightwish

    Why does jj promote this womans personal affairs so much, and why are you fans so corny and lame?

  • Angel

    @Ann: What exactly is she doing to get attention? She’s doing what she always does which is being a carefree & happy person who enjoys life. @Nightwish: Jared has met Vanessa numerous times & has mentioned that she’s a sweet & kind woman. If you don’t like Vanessa please tell me why you’re always on her posts. I genuinely want to know because I’m curious as hell at how someone can say they hate somebody so much but they’re always paying attention to what she does.

  • Rachel

    She seems like a person filled with such positive energy. Good to see that!

  • jen

    @Rachel: it is great to see that especially with all the wrong going on in the world.

  • maria

    @2sadfw: And you should be ashamed of yourself, you poor excuse for a human being,

  • hola

    I would love to see her in a new film. She hasn’t done anything major since SB : (

  • maria

    @Angel: He won’t respond, Angel. He is an overtly paranoid, critical smart-A$$, who thinks it’s fun to be nasty to her fans. He just has no idea why she has fans, even though she starred in the world-wide phenomenon that was HSM, and beloved by fans of all ages, who still follow her. She is a genuinely happy soul, who is more at peace at Big Sur enjoying beauty than at a club or drinking herself silly. She loves to play with fashion, adores music, and has a huge heart. Just a nice person. He doesn’t get it. Chalk it up to having a screw loose.

  • Dave

    I wish I were that tree but for a moment.

  • Nightwish

    @Angel: The answer is simple. I come to jj, pull up the webpage and all to often find a stoopid post about miss ugly feet hudgens getting in the way of real celebs. The topic is usually a self serving effort on hudgens part to get noticed, like hugging a damn tree or other nonsensical gesture. I feel obligated to point out here, what can i say?

  • Jr

    That’s what, your 8th excuse as to why you’re such a horrible person who loves to spread hate.

  • tina

    @hola: She completed a movie in October. She is doing just fine. But of course you knew that when you made the comment.

  • the next meryl streep

    This is the best acting we’ve seen from vanessa hudgens yet. acting like she cares about the environment, and acting like she doesn’t wanna get papped. almost convincing…almost

  • kami

    i love big sur. really a beautiful and inspiring place. i want vanessa to do another movie like “gimme shelter” she was great as apple.

  • Angel

    @Nightwish: No one told you to click on her post. No one’s holding a gun to your head & forcing you to come here. There’s a little thing called SCROLL PAST IT but you’re just too immature to think of something like that. What a shame.

  • Jr

    Thank you. You really are an angel.

  • maria

    @Nightwish: You can just admit you’re an a$$. Plain and simple.

  • tina

    @kami: I agree I loved her in it but I’m also looking forward to her comedy. Love the way she changes genres.

  • WER

    Please start working vanessa. Having fun is good but in your youth you should work. Last time she filmed something good was in 2012. Kitchen sink is barely buzzed. She has got to start working!

  • hudgensfan

    @WER: Cant work if nobody wants to hire u. This is prime time for her yet no offers. Nervous breakdown is imminent

  • Anon

    @WER: She has been working. She’s been filming TKS, been at Rock Mafia studios, been doing voice over work, etc. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Also, TKS isn’t coming out until the end of the year. There’s not going to be much buzz around it but come time for promo there will be since it’s a huge studio movie. @hudgensfan: Change your name & stop acting like a know it all.

  • jen

    @hudgensfan: most actors don’t work non stop. They have to give themselves time to do other things or else they’ll go crazy. Besides, chill out, soon enough you’ll see her doing ome promo and then we’ll get your ‘what the hell is she doing promoting’ shit.

  • hudgensfan

    @jen: Yep all leftover kind of work nobody elze wants rt. Not like its a good movie role. Y no offerrrs since gs? U guyz say she was soooo good but wut?

  • hudgensfan

    @jen: omg! Nessa is not even top billing in the upcoming film ‘the kitchen sink’! She has a minor supporting role surrounded by nobodies! oh man how lame.

  • maria

    @hudgensfan: Hollywood prejudice is alive and well. Which big female role has recently gone to a non-white actress? C’mon, tell us. Other than one about slaves. Now you see what Vanessa is up against. She can have an amazing performance, two in a row as a matter of fact, and still not be offered good roles. Those all go to the pretty white girls.

  • jen

    @hudgensfan: Sweetie, I didn’t say anything about ‘the kitchen sink’ did I? Relax and don’t get your panties in a twist over someone you ‘don’t even like’.

  • Well…

    @maria: So you consider Judi Dench, Meryl Streep, and June Squibb just pretty white girls? Yeah there’s prejudice in HW no doubt, but that’s not the main reason why Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t get offered interesting roles. According to your logic, Ashley Tisdale and Hillary Duff should have tons of movies in the works. The reason why those “pretty white girls” don’t get considered for interesting movies is because they are not interesting women (airheads), same as Vanessa.

  • maria

    @Well…: Those are established WHITE women. Talented as well. Duff and Tisdale are average. Who are the WHITE it girls right now? Jen Lawrence, Shailene, etc. WHITE girls. I am not saying that is the only reason, but her ethnic looks DO prevent her from many roles.

  • kwelly

    This is all this women does go to yoga day after day. And hug a tree. Her career issn’t doing jack crap.Her career is going down hill. To lazy to look for a job.