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Mark Ruffalo & Matt Bomer Kiss in 'Normal Heart' Teaser Trailer

Mark Ruffalo & Matt Bomer Kiss in 'Normal Heart' Teaser Trailer

Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer lay shirtless in bed and share a kiss in the teaser trailer for their highly anticipated film The Normal Heart.

The film also stars Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons, and Julia Roberts and it will premiere on Sunday, May 25th at 9/8c on HBO.

The Normal Heart tells the story of the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City in the early 1980s, taking an unflinching look at the nation’s sexual politics as gay activists and their allies in the medical community fight to expose the truth about the burgeoning epidemic to a city and nation in denial.

“The Normal Heart” Teaser Trailer
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mark ruffalo matt bomer kiss in normal heart teaser trailer 01
mark ruffalo matt bomer kiss in normal heart teaser trailer 02
mark ruffalo matt bomer kiss in normal heart teaser trailer 03
mark ruffalo matt bomer kiss in normal heart teaser trailer 04
mark ruffalo matt bomer kiss in normal heart teaser trailer 05

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  • Omg

    Omg another great Julia performance in the midst of this important movie!

  • Kaleb


  • Yes

    Cant wait…what a cast!

  • @kaleb

    It’s ironic that you’re on a gay mans website and you clicked on a gay movie, then you read and looked at pictures of gay characters, now you’re commenting on said gay characters. Clearly you’re not that grossed out or you wouldn’t be here.

  • Sophia

    Nice job on making this movie just about two gay guys kissing. Why not highlight another screencap? More hits for the article? Sad.

  • CJ


    It’s been made pretty clear in the press about this project that the story of The Normal Heart plays out around a love story. Finding love amidst the pain – it’s beautiful

  • nina

    Wow! That’s an intense trailer! Everyone knows Matt Bomer as the sexy, talented, heartthrob. But I’m thoroughly impressed by how truly brave this actor is. He is one of a kind and I hope he goes far.

  • bye

    uh no thanks

  • ML

    @Sophia: I completely agree…I get this is a gossip blog that covers celeb/pop culture news. But it’s insulting to engage people’s attention about this film with just: “two hot guys kissing” How about a star studded cast participate in an important film covering a very important subject that too often gets neglected in this country? (okay that’s a super long headline but you get my point)

  • lola

    I can’t wait to see this movie and cry rivers bc it surely will be way more than “Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer kissing” (detail that is very much enjoyable tho)

  • Marty huntery

    Wow I like this type kisser ..

  • lena

    I don t find it disgusting. It is a very tender scene..yeah, between two men.


    gay love-anus, anus, mounth, mount
    pretty looove

  • Liz

    Looking forward to this, so many talented people!


    gay love-a**s, a**s, mounth, mounth
    “pretty” looove for cancer

  • Mary

    Too bad Julia is in it – her acting is so superficial and one-note.

  • Lulu

    And people wonder why Bomer didn’t get 50 shades?

  • SG

    @Lulu: Uh, Lulu, Matt made it clear he wasn’t interested in 50 Shades. It wasn’t a case of ‘he wanted it but wasn’t offered it’ – he never wanted it, and apparently made that clear to the producers. Get a clue before you start posting comments based on a totally incorrect assumption.

  • Treadwell

    @Lulu: no credible actor would have ever expressed an interest in that role, especially one of Matt’s caliber. Your comment makes you sound ignorant so you fit right in on JJ. Comments like yours actuallly demean women, like you are dim and can’t seperate roles, reality, acting. BTW you don’t think Jamie got where he is by his very meager talent do you? No stranger to the pole….

  • lol

    i hate it , they know that you are gay BAAM they gonna give you a gay roles , then that is all what they gonna give you

  • upset

    another lily white male cast portraying gay american politics. aids (aka the gay cancer) in the 80′s was rampant in the black and latino communities. other than ‘paris is burning’, i have yet to see a movie that addresses that.

  • Helena

    Gross filthy!

  • Kitty

    @upset: It’s filmed based on a mostly autobiographical play written by Larry Kramer. You’re not too bright ah?

  • Lili

    They should have had an entire cast of The Normal Heart Broadway play. That was an amazing play.

  • WhyWhyWhy

    So sick of gays, liberals and Hollywood trying to push this queer crap down my throat already. OK, they’re gay. Great, they’re still perverts and confused and next they will be pushing child molestation down our throats, trying to convince us that it’s ok for old creeps to fall in love with little girls as long as they truly love them. Pathetic.

    This country is definitely going to hell.


    Mark is pulling back from that kiss LOL. Bomer is all into that kiss.

  • Vanessa

    @WhyWhyWhy: you sound like fking moron….but LOL, you better learn to deal with it or move out – maybe Russia or Africa? Your thoughts no longer allowed in an evolved, educated society.

    Bella – any woman or man would take a kiss from the sexiest man alive. Mark is just in awe!

  • donnie_boy

    Wow–a lot of really pathetic and juvenile posts on here–in 2014…oh well, you can’t fix stupid…and when you couple it with the anonymity factor, a##holes crawl out of the woodwork. I am looking at you, Helena.

  • donnie_boy

    WhyWhyWhy–stop trolling, you putrid excuse for a human being–shouldn’t you be watching Hannity right now and jerking off to pix of Sarah Palin?

  • kelli

    I know matt is gay, but I wish he wouldn’t have taken on a gay role. he is great at playing straight and he is going to limit his broader appeal by doing this type of work. oh well.

  • Geez

    Couldn’t help just puked a little. Pass.

  • Truth hurts

    @Geez: yet you pulled up the post closet case or idiot. Not sure which, or maybe both.

  • LiiL



  • British Latin American

    All the male leads are gay!

  • Tianna92

    @upset: although I agree with you on the fact that men of color are not represented much at all in gay mainstream media, mark ruffalo is part Italian. So it’s not technically a completely lilly white cast.

  • http://naniquena sasa

    @Mary: did u watched it??? so if u did u’ll know u talk nonsense and if u didn’t watch u’ll know ur talking stupid… So go and watched it and stop talking stupid.

  • http://naniquena sasa

    Rumor one: and the strongest one HE REJECTED IT…
    Rumor two: the author it’s a homophobic

  • http://naniquena sasa

    REALLY… AND That’s because all of all his gay characters??
    OHHH noooo!!! This is his first gay charecter u lamo!!!

  • http://naniquena sasa

    And u are on a gay site… on a gay movie… on a gay kiss and comenting… if u were really really grossed u wouldn’t enter just jared in the first place…

  • http://naniquena sasa

    and u are visiting a gay site because…

  • http://naniquena sasa

    @British Latin American:
    noooooooooooooo on a gay movie people are gay… noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I’m shocked!!!

  • http://naniquena sasa

    @British Latin American: And no Mark Rufallo and Talor Kitsch are in fact the main characters and are in fact so very straight