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Taylor Swift & Lorde Are a Pair of Super Silly Besties in NYC!

Taylor Swift & Lorde Are a Pair of Super Silly Besties in NYC!

Taylor Swift and Lorde get super silly as they encounter photographers on Sunday afternoon (March 9) in New York City.

The 24-year-old entertainer and 17-year-old singer/songwriter did some sightseeing that day in the Big Apple.

Lorde and Taylor previously hung out together late last month for a fun beach day.

Lorde has a string of shows at the Roseland Ballroom beginning tomorrow through this coming Wednesday in New York City. Perhaps Taylor is catching Lorde live in concert!

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Lorde getting silly in New York City…

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75 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Lorde Are a Pair of Super Silly Besties in NYC!”

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  1. 26
    OMG Says:

    OMG now her crazy stans put her on the same level as Elvis and Madonna LOOOOOOOOOOL. Madonna has a career bigger than Taylors age. Thats laughable. To compare this annoying girl with people like the Beatles. You’re insulting the Beatles.

  2. 27
    What Says:

    Taylor = The Beatles? Are you Taylor fans that crazy?

  3. 28
    adorable Says:

    @OMG: omg, her haters are craxy. One person mentioned the beayles, madonna, etc. The real lol though are the haters, I really do not think the beatles, madonna, etc. Would have a real problem getting menyionef in the same sentence with the most successul music artist of the current times who has also happen to be the oroud and youngest owner of music highest honor. Nop I do not think they would mind thst at all. If you watched the cma awards she had country legends on stage proud to give her the highedt honor in their field, even king Geirhe Straight was there. So yeah legends love her.

  4. 29
    r Says:

    Taylor is working on Lorde and her boyfriend. Soon Lorde will be single.

  5. 30
    adorable Says:

    King George straight. Not to mention oscar winners reese witherspoon, julia roberts as well as carly simon. Legends old and young know taylor is the real deal. It is the haters who cannot deal.

  6. 31
    NM Says:


    Bon Jovi calls her the real deal in an interview with Larry King. Mick Jagger paid tribute to her at the CMA awards. Kris Kristoffersen adores her, Ryan Tedder of ‘One Republic’ who may be collaberating calls her the fastest songwriter he’s ever seen and calls her a ‘bit of a prodigy’. Diane Warren may also be collaberating with her. Many other artists have called her ‘genius as well’. Rolling Stones magazine calls her a song-writing savant. She has more top 40 hits on Billboard than any other female besides Madonna. and she will probably break her record in a year or two. Taylor Swift does have a legacy, and it isn’t over yet. Maybe, it doesn’t fit your style of music or maybe you haven’t listened enough to see it or maybe, Taylor is too nice for your musical tastes, but she has broken many records already.

  7. 32
    Gawd Says:

    I don’t care how many records she sells or how many of her songs become hits…she’s just extremely annoying and acts like she’s in high school. Ok, she likes to collect famous friends but does she haven’t to Instagram the sh it out of it? She also makes sure she gets papped or that she posts pictures. Something just so fake and annoying about her.

  8. 33
    Gawd Says:

    F uck a fake friend where ya real friends at?

  9. 34
    adorable Says:

    @Gawd: she had a non famous friend with her at the grammy awards. The person taylor sat with at the grammys was not famous, yet she still danced and had fun with her all evening For her 24 birthday party she had tons of friends there and the only famous person there in the picture out of at least 10 people was lorde. Her 22 video is filled with her real lufe famous friends. Thing is the haters just want to find fault. Aldo, her date at the golden globes, none other then her brother another non fsmous. Shes around many non famous friends. Ama awards she also had a friend who wasnot fsmous with her. These sites dont post that because they are celebrity sites. You haters are really dumb. Need everything explained to you. I am done with you d u m ba s s e s now. Jealous.

  10. 35
    dadfd Says:

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  11. 36
    CeCe Says:

    Sorry, but Taylor’s legacy gets over shadowed by all the men she’s dated and wrote a song about. When she’s remembered, the first thing that’s not going to come to your mind is all the awards she’s won. It going to be of all her failed relationships.

  12. 37
    you wish Says:

    @CeCe: Taylor has not dated in over a year now. The haters here are so bored that she has not had a boyfriend that they have moved on to complaining about her girl dates now. Face it, people only complain because she is so successful and young. Not because she dates boys and has girl friends. You do realize she has not dated in like forever, don’t you?

    Now the complaints are her dancing, wearing red lipstick at all times and having famous friends. Lol where have you been.

  13. 38
    Gawd Says:

    @adorable: Her fans make me laugh. They are so basic and silly.:)

  14. 39
    Gawd Says:

    Let’s face it guys, Tay Tay is more popular with the ladies then the guys;) Really, really popular.

  15. 40
    who needs a man Says:

    @Gawd: exactly, who needs
    guys when you are the top music artist in the world? Tay tay has finally realized that men are overrated and too much work, especially the wrong man. She is the happiest she’s ever been since she does not feel pressured to have a man. To hell with the men. What is the divorce rate anyway, over 50%? That means 1 in 2 people are either divorced or married and misersble. I am happy taylor finally learned that having fun with girlfriends whether it be a nice road trip, or just shopping beats having the wrong guy around you any day of the week.

  16. 41
    ALL Says:

    All day all day talking that mess, all day all day talking that mess, all day all day that mess, say what you want imma shakalaka. Bigger to all my haters!!!

  17. 42
    stan Says:

    Filming for something according to paps. Why did u leave that out, Jared?

    Anyway Taylor is flawless as always.

  18. 43
    stan Says:

    LOL @ that constant thirst to find something to hate on Taylor. I mean its understandable that her being a megastar and slaying all your faves can make you sad, but come on… That friends shaming is just ridiculous. Girl has lots of friends. People she makes contact with ALL say how nice, funny and odorable she is. Seems like a case of really nice personality more than anything. Also her being remembered for her men. People never make a big deal about male songwriters doing the same. Bob Dylan was straight up ruthless with some of his songs about his past flames. Society clapped. F/ck that sexism BS. A girl should be given the same kind of props for using those relationships as a creative fuel.

  19. 44
    TaKor Says:

    @who needs a man:
    That’s stll a pleasant no. to stay married, many I guess are their first and only love. Those that survive only enjoy a longer relationship and recount their many adventures, also watch the family grow bigger.

  20. 45
    Chris Says:

    wow, Taylor except from guys, changes every day a bestie too huh? *rolls eyes*

  21. 46
    losers Says:

    @who needs a man: Maybe she should take a dip in the lady pool I think she would be more successful with the ladies than the guys. Of course her legion of Princess Pony..Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fans would have a conniption fit.

  22. 47
    john alfonse Says:

    kite flight sea problems captain hedges polish as well?

  23. 48
    jealousy isn't pretty Says:

    @losers: I doubt her fans are homophobes. The only people using and mentioning same sex relationships here as something negative are the haters. You haters are homophobes and that is almost as bad as being a racist, only slightly and I mean slightly not as bad. As long as taylor is happy her fans do not care if she is single, attachef, gay or straight. Her fsns only care about the music and concerts ehich is why she sells tons of albums and concert tickets, it is the haters eho do not purchase anything who are obsessed with everything, from her red lips, to her dancing to who her friends are. Her fans are too busy attending her concerts and buying her music to worry sbout petty s h i t like the haters do.

  24. 49
    do it Says:

    Lorde comes out of nowhere. she’ll be out in no time.

  25. 50
    Stop talking Says:

    This chick seems so asexual…like attractive girl but nothing sexy about her. I think women inherently just find her more interesting than men. I actually think she a straight man’s worst nightmare. You hook up with her and she goes all “fatal attraction” on you..buys the property in your neighborhood because she can and writes a scathing song about you. Throws shade your way when she sees you out and don’t get me started if she sees you are an awards show. She is eternally a high school girl and the way she acts towards her former hookups proves it.

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