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Taylor Swift & Lorde Are a Pair of Super Silly Besties in NYC!

Taylor Swift & Lorde Are a Pair of Super Silly Besties in NYC!

Taylor Swift and Lorde get super silly as they encounter photographers on Sunday afternoon (March 9) in New York City.

The 24-year-old entertainer and 17-year-old singer/songwriter did some sightseeing that day in the Big Apple.

Lorde and Taylor previously hung out together late last month for a fun beach day.

Lorde has a string of shows at the Roseland Ballroom beginning tomorrow through this coming Wednesday in New York City. Perhaps Taylor is catching Lorde live in concert!

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Lorde getting silly in New York City…

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taylor swift lorde get silly in nyc 02
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taylor swift lorde get silly in nyc 04
taylor swift lorde get silly in nyc 05
taylor swift lorde get silly in nyc 06
taylor swift lorde get silly in nyc 07
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Photos: AKM-GSI
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75 Responses to “Taylor Swift & Lorde Are a Pair of Super Silly Besties in NYC!”

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  1. 51
    Stop talking Says:

    Her stellar PR team…the new one not the one is Nashville whom she let go…will always come to her defense even on gossip boards like this. You can see by the comments here because low and behold if Taylor doesn’t see herself the most popular girl in all of HW and will do everything to perpetuate that image. If HW had a homecoming queen, this chick would be running for it.

  2. 52
    holly Says:

    For all you swift fans who think she does not wrong, she’s not only laughing all the way to the bank at us, she’s laughing at YOU too! You are the fools who have fallen for her games and increase her millions everyday. Do you really think she gives a crap about you? NOT!!!

  3. 53
    Great fun Says:

    those two are such losers.

  4. 54
    Nomsa Says:

    Talor making friends with lorde for publicity dats ridiculous

  5. 55
    #1Again Says: Today billboard released their list of 2014 top music money makers and guess who topped the list for the second time in 2 years. That’d be the one and only Queen of the music business Ms.Taylor Swift.

    Btw, I have never purchased a Swift album, single or concert ticket, I just love defending her to her stupid misinformed haters.

    #1 Taylor Swift, #2 Kenny Chesney, #3 Justin Timberlake, #4 Bon Jovi, #5 The Rolling Stones, #6 Beyonce, #7 Maroon 5, #8 Luke Bryan, #9 P! Nk, #10 Fleetwood Mac

    What a list of superstars and leading the way is the Queen. Y’all better recognize.

  6. 56
    $$$$$$ Says:

    @#1Again: No one is saying she doesn’t sell records cause she does..lots due to her fans who she strings along like a pearl necklace. She could give two sh@ts about her fans..they just line her pockets as long as she plays the Pollyanna act. She sells a lot of records…doesn’t mean her music is good..just a bunch of hicks buy it and buy her act while she laughs at you for making her rich. $$$$

  7. 57
    lol Says:

    Just cause you sell out doesn’t necessarily mean you make good music. Nirvana made good music. She writes fluff and poison pen songs..LOL. Her stupid female fans buy it.

  8. 58
    Suzy Q Says:

    Can we stop talking about her and Lorde and for God’s sake do something with your hair. It looks like my three-year old sister chopped it off with a pair of dull scissors.

  9. 59
    NM Says:


    So Wonderful for posting, but I bet you, you are now going have people claiming it was all 10-year olds that were buying these albums and going to her concerts. But that would be a baseless argument because the fact is: She is the Queen of music, period. The true reason for her magnificent sales, however, is that she has a wide -range audience (10 year olds, 20 year olds, 70 year olds, males, and females).

  10. 60
    #1Again Says:

    @$$$$$$: hey listen. You haters are the one who claimed Taylor is only friends with lorde because lorde is so popular at the moment. By saying that taylor needs to latch herself on to someone whom you will is more popular. These numbers prove that taylor swift does no have to attach herself to anyone because she is the queen. Lorde is not on the list at all and the list us 40 forty long. Do lorde is not hardly ad popular as you fools claim. Btw, taylor swift also top the list of most charitable celebrity so she does care, not only fies she visit sick fans in the hospital snd by phone she had also opened a music school so that one day thry might reach the too like her. Try again hon, this is just wsy too fun for me.

  11. 61
    #1Again Says:

    Excuse the typos in the last post. But you haters turn a blind eye anyway so it does not matter. But if she did not care sbout her fans she would be late to concerts, canceling them and she certianly would not be opeing mudic school, calling nor vusiting sick fans. She would blow all if it off .

  12. 62
    #1Again Says:

    @NM: that is why the entire top 10 was posted. If she topped the list because of kids the entire top 10 would also include justin bieber, one direction, selena gomez, etc. But you are right the delusional haters will say that but the fact the the higgest teen acts are not there, that theory is blown to pieces. Taylor Swift is a bonafide adult music superstar.

  13. 63
    $$$$$$ Says:

    @#1Again: You must have me confused with someone who cares who TS hangs out with.I could care less. I just stated that her music sells because her mostly female fans buy it because they buy her Pollyanna act. Selling records doesn’t mean what you are selling is good. She writes bubblegum music. If debating this shizz is fun for you than you better get out more HON…lol.

  14. 64
    geez Says:

    She’s so ridiculous. Why is a 24 year old woman continuing to hang out with a 17 year old girl? Can’t she build relationships with people her own age? Most the people she hangs out with and have dated are younger than her.

  15. 65
    Sayer Says:

    @adoeable: Adele is the BEST SELLING female artist of the past 10 years,according to RIAA.

    Adele does not have the endorsements Swift has, but she has something BETTER. Credibility and versatility.

    Swift’s awards are “popularity” awards voted by tween girls. Her fanbase (tweens/teens) will outgrow her. She cannot sell music to adults.

    Adele appeals to a wider range of ages, from teenagers to adults.

  16. 66
    jealous much Says:

    @geez: yeah you better stick with the age thing. Taylor made 39mill in music alone. She can choose any friend that she wants. Just last werk she was with 34 year old jamie king, and on saturday she wss with 27 y/o lena dunham. Had a road trip with 21 yearold kloss. So hater try again, or, are you going to get tired and give it up. You just pick the lorde thing because you are a freak. Out of 4 friends in the past week 2 were older 2 were younger and all but one old enough for a drink. Lorde would tell your butt off if you brought this crap to her, she already made this jerk dj look like a fool today for making a reference that she and taylor were lesbian lovers. Now ageism.

  17. 67
    Scd Scd Says:

    @Sayer: that is true in album sales. The bottom line is dollars. Adeleis nowhere to be found in this 2014 list. The billboard list only includes music revenue. Not just album sales but concert revenue. Adeles slbum is old and she did not tour with 21. Why? Because touring is hard work. Adele might have topped the slbum sales list a year or two ago but topping the overall music list is far more impressive. All the albums adele sold taylor swift still out earned her at the bank so taylor is no crying. Taylor hss inthe past toppef an album list but adele has never been musics number one money maker, taylor has already done it twice and girl is not even 25. Taylor also benefits more by writing most of her songs solo she gets to keep more cash per song then someone like adele who usuall writes most songs with a co writer and sdele had to pay those cowriters more .

  18. 68
    #1 Again Says:

    Let me say this one more time for the slow haters. The billboard list only inclues music related revenue. It does not include outside endorsement deals. It is a combination of not only album and single sales but also touring abd song writing royalties. Taylor is at the top if you add in her none music related endorsements of course that total is way more then 39 million. But the fact that she can earn 39 million without endorsements do hard work and dedication.

  19. 69
    EUREKA!! Says:

    That 6.9 earthquake struck off of the northern California redwoods coast right after Taylor’s road trip pix rolled out..

  20. 70
    jska Says:

    Does somebody set up play dates for her? Because that’s what it always looks like. And she’s always being “goofy” with the new celebrity friend…she needs to grow up a little.

  21. 71
    more jealous people Says:

    @jska: when you earn 39 million dollars in music alone you can act any way you please. Why don’t you grow up and stop being judgemental and jealous of a person who knows how to have fun without taking themselves too seriously. Clearly by her earnings she knows how to act more serious when it is tine for that. Hangibg out with friends she is supposed to act goofy. She was not a a funeral sge was out having fun. Jealous much?

  22. 72
    more jealous people Says:

    Btw, I love how the haters are trying hard to have the last word. Why are haters even still here. The topic is old now, it was posted yesterday and is not even coming up on its ow anymore so haters are going out of their way to leave comments now. You pretty much have to put her name in the search engine now to leave your insults. Lets see how big we can get this thread. Lol

  23. 73
    Tin Tin Says:

    Trust me, the only thing people are jealous of is TS’s bank account. She looks like a blond Olive Oyl…….Ha ha. Streets!!! Bloop.

  24. 74
    Tin Tin Says:

    Bloop. Bloop.

  25. 75
    oh its more then that Says:

    @Tin Tin: you are also jealous of her ability to have fun. It is way more the her bank account that you are jealous of. Her youth, height, ability to make friends but most of all you are jealous because she does what she wants, when she wants and does not give a rats ass what haters think. Haters complain about red lipstick, she will wear twice as much, haters complain about her dancing, she will dance twice as much. Why because there is nothing wrong with wearing lipstick or dancing. Haters complain about her ability to make friends easily, she will continue to gain more friends. Haters need a hobby of their own. Why don’t you all go take a dance class, go on a road trip, look super cute 24/7. Perhaps then you will not be so bitter. It does not cost a bunch to look cute, most of the non red carpet items taylor wears even you broke haters can afford. Many times her street wear is under 40. The other day she wore a very cute $15 dress. Yall can afford 15 bucks, can’t you?

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