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Diane Kruger Wears Her Overalls to Bring Her Cat to the Vet

Diane Kruger Wears Her Overalls to Bring Her Cat to the Vet

Diane Kruger flashes a big smile while chatting on the phone on Monday morning (March 10) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old actress was seen wearing a pair of overalls while taking her cat to the vet and picking up some cat food as well.

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Last week, Diane was seen tying up her jean shirt to reveal a peek of her toned tummy while out and about in WeHo.

FYI: Diane is wearing MiH Jeans dungaree.

10+ pictures inside of Diane Kruger taking her cat to the vet…

Just Jared on Facebook
diane kruger overalls cat vet 01
diane kruger overalls cat vet 02
diane kruger overalls cat vet 03
diane kruger overalls cat vet 04
diane kruger overalls cat vet 05
diane kruger overalls cat vet 06
diane kruger overalls cat vet 07
diane kruger overalls cat vet 08
diane kruger overalls cat vet 09
diane kruger overalls cat vet 10
diane kruger overalls cat vet 11
diane kruger overalls cat vet 12
diane kruger overalls cat vet 13

Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • nate


  • wa

    she looks cute

  • Marie

    The only woman who can actually look good in overalls.

  • Sammy

    Sweet, fancy, moses. What is she trying to do/prove?! She looks like she got lost on her way from the farm.

  • belluci

    talented and beautiful actress

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    Diane Kruger leaving Andy LeCompte Hair Salon in West Hollywood (March 7, 2014)

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    Diane Kruger walking to her car in West Hollywood (March 10, 2014)

  • Eonline

    Joshua Jackson’s other half kills us with cuteness while out and about Los Angeles

  • ginger

    love her

  • tatyana

    she’s so sweet and happy

  • rr


  • InStyle
  • dk
  • more pictures
  • dk
  • more pictures
  • steph

    I love her outfit, stylish yet casual

  • Dj

    What a gorgeous woman.

  • ben

    she’s got a perfect figure.

  • kelis

    radiant and fresh

  • penelope

    with make-up, sans make-up, she stays gorgeous! And she’s a lady

  • Judy

    I love her!!! Love the outfit too


    Daring Diane! Make-up free Kruger aces tricky-to-wear dungarees while taking her cat to the vet

  • kate

    She always looks so good!

  • hm

    She looks lovely! Pregnancy agrees with her.

  • GLAMOUR magazine

    Trust Diane Kruger to get the dungarees trend bang-on. The loose-fit floral top, rolled-up hems and Chanel pumps are great additions to her look.

  • vanessa

    For having just broken up with her boyfriend of almost 8 years, she doesn’t look sad at all. Not the same with Josh, who i’m hearing is pretty sad, he really loved her and she just didn’t care. Kinda cold girl. Although he’ll keep up the appearances with her just because she asked him to. But no more running errands with her, grocery shopping, etc. And that’s because SHE doesn’t want to. She only wants to be seen with him at events because that’s enough for people to believe that they’re still together until she finds another high profile dude. But she doesnt wanna hang out with him outside events. Sad.

  • flora

    Josh is so sad about his fictional breakup that he’s tweeting about how awesome life is on Twitter and laughing it up with Borat and the woman who broke his heart at the Oscars. Poor guy.

  • ugh

    @flora: was Diane in that pic of how great life his?

  • flora

    Did she need to be? For all anyone knows, she could have been the one taking the picture. Diane and Josh had just spent the week before that pic was taken traveling together from LA to NYC to Berlin and then back to NYC where they spent Valentine’s Day together. If we’re operating on a timeline, they would have been days from breaking up when that pic was taken if not already broken up, at least according to Vanessa. Yet Josh spent that whole week cracking jokes and talking about hockey on Twitter and taking pics with fans up in Whistler. Then right after he has his heart shattered by the cold as ice Diane, he’s laughing it up on the red carpet and inside the Vanity Fair party while taking silly photo booth pics with the woman who just broke up with him and made him agree to keep faking their relationship, but only at events because candid photos are where she draws the line. The guy really knows how to hide his heartbreak, you know? It’s an Oscar worthy performance the likes of which he has never shown himself capable of before. It should be submitted to the Academy next year and Diane should take out a “For Your Consideration” ad in The Hollywood Reporter for Josh. It’s the least the lady could do after all she’s put him through!

  • ugh

    @flora: it was a selfie she didn’t took the pic.
    and it is werid that he wasn’t there to help with the cat

  • flora

    There’s no proof it was a selfie. Angles, how do they work? It’s a mystery that will never be solved! And it’s so weird that he wasn’t there to drop off their cat because everyone knows that it takes two people to lift a 10 pound animal. Everyone also knows that Diane has never run this exact same errand by herself before except for that time there were pictures of her on Isopix doing this exact same thing without Josh several months ago before they left for Brazil.

  • flora

    You know what else that super mean Diane did, according to the sets of pictures taken this week? She took both of their cars, the silver and the black one, when they split up! Because that makes sense. Hopefully Josh is ok getting around town in just the Vespa. Poor Vespa riding, broken hearted Josh. However will he survive? Maybe we can trace the tracks of his tears the next time he is contractually obligated to show up on a red carpet with mean Diane.

  • ugh

    @flora: you can see his hand taking the pic. dude come on, that is just as silly as vanessa coments.

    and I don’t know what the deal is just that it’s weird he didn’t help her because it look heavy and you’d think that he won’t let her carry that alone.

  • flora

    Eh, the pic cuts off at his shoulder. You can’t see his hand doing anything. Maybe a selfie, maybe not. And thinking a pic might be taken by someone else is far from thinking that two people are faking their relationship even though it doesn’t do either of them any good to fake it.

    As for the errand, it’s a cat in a bag that she brought from the parking lot to an adjacent building. Are you kidding me? Please say you’re kidding. Diane has carried shopping bags heavier than this. If I were her, I’d be straight up insulted if my husband thought I needed help with this task to the point that he insisted on accompanying me to the cat hotel. Or I’d laugh in his face, but maybe that means I’m a big meanie like Diane.

  • flora

    You know where we used to see them all the time? Gelson’s. You know where we haven’t seen either of them in a while? Gelson’s. Maybe they’ve stopped eating since we have no photographic evidence that they still shop for food. Poor Vespa riding, broken hearted, malnourished Josh!

  • flora

    Maybe Vanessa’s sources can confirm whether or not Josh has died from starvation? That’s way more newsworthy than a breakup!

  • ugh

    @flora: why do you think I hate her? god. just everything you say have no connection to anything. Josh’s selfie (who was taking while Diane was half way around the world btw, but whateve), him tweeting about hokey (so he needs to hate hokey now because they might have broken up?)… nothing from the exampls you give have nothing to do with the quiestion of “are they still together”.

    I don’t say I agree with venessa but it is weird that he’s not there to help.

    she also carries a carton filled with cat food, I think that this is a little haveier than a cat. but that’s just me.

  • ugh
  • flora

    Where did I say that you hate her? I don’t even know you, dude, calm down. And perhaps since English is not your first language, you’re missing my sarcasm which is fine.

    And no Josh doesn’t have to hate hockey because he broke up with Diane. But I am looking at the sum of their combined actions which can tell us at least a little about the situation, yes? If you’d just been broken up with by the woman you’d spent the last eight years of your life loving and being committed to and then asked by that same woman to pretend to keep dating her, but only at events, would you be making jokes on Twitter and laughing delightedly at parties that you have to go to with the woman who broke your heart? Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t add up and it doesn’t merge with the personality Josh has presented to the public over the last decade.

    And by the way, Diane was not half way around the world when that pic was taken. It was posted on Feb 18th. They were still in New York as of Valentine’s Day, the 14th. The next time Diane was spotted at Gelson’s was on the 20th, wearing Josh’s sweater. So while he may have gone skiing without her, she at least was the one who took their bags from New York home with her in order to have possession of his sweater. See how that works? I don’t know how you take that info and deduce that she was half way around the world, but maybe your geographic perspective is waaaaaaay different than mine.

    And we will have to agree to disagree about the weirdness of Diane running an errand by herself. I find it completely normal to lift things that I am capable of carrying without help. Even a cumbersome cat and some cat food. But that’s just me.

  • flora

    Those Gelson’s pics were taken over two weeks ago and we used to see them there 3 times a week. And she was wearing his sweater. Oh no! What if she took his sweater in the breakup? The cars, the cat, the sweater! Diane is so mean! Poor Vespa riding, broken hearted, hungry, cold Josh. *sarcasm

  • ugh

    I get your sarcasm, just you are really abusing it at this point so it’s not even funny just sad.

    and no, she was at some event in germeny or something at the time I remember jj posted a pics of her and the day after josh posted that selfie.

    and if you think of it isn’t it a good idea to go with is sweater to show that they’re still together? I don’t believe it but it looks like a good move to do.

  • FYI

    You know what else that super mean Diane did, according to the sets of pictures taken this week? She took both of their cars, the silver and the black one, when they split up!
    @flora: The black car is a rental, it´s not Diane´s and not Josh´s.

    And the silver one is F-Cell, was given to Diane by Mercedes for promotion, it´s not hers.

  • flora

    @ugh: No, Diane wasn’t in Berlin when Josh posted that Whistler pic. If by “jj” you mean Just Jared, Diane’s pic history is really easy to review on this site. She was in Berlin on the 10th and 11th with Josh at the premieres of her two movies. On the 12th, they were both back in New York where she went to the Hugo Boss show and he met up with her later that night for the celebration dinner. On the 18th, Josh posted the pic in Whistler and on the 20th, Diane was at Gelson’s in his sweater. That’s the exact timeline, as evidenced by pictures on this very site.

    @FYI: Thanks, but unless you’d like to present us with the documentation stating that the cars are neither Josh or Diane’s, I’m gonna keep thinking you’re just guessing at that info and have no concrete knowledge about any of it. They’ve both been seen driving these cars for the past while. They were first seen with the silver one last year sometime maybe (not sure about the exact date), but they used to share a white one that they swapped for the silver one. They’ve had the black one for a bit longer if pictures are any indication.

  • FYI

    @flora: All vehicles Diane is driving in LA are either rentals or were given to her for promotion by Mercedes. The evidence is on the cars, just look closely.

  • flora

    I wouldn’t be able to tell what evidence you want me to find since I don’t know anything about MB. Are the license plates different? Not being sarcastic, I just really don’t know.

  • aydee

    I’m pretty sure they do own a black car. I’ve seen it on this site when they were loading groceries. And in other pics, too. Have to agree with Flora on this one. And about Diane being half way around the world while Josh was in Whistler – also incorrect. She was in L.A.

  • FYI

    @aydee: Diane was driving several different black cars in the last months, they looked the same but they were different cars, one´s rented at MB shop in Beverly Hills.