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Liam Neeson Voices Support for Horse Drawn Carriage Business

Liam Neeson Voices Support for Horse Drawn Carriage Business

Liam Neeson visits the Clinton Park Stables to speak out for the horse drawn carriage drivers on Sunday (March 9) in New York City.

The 61-year-old actor disagrees with Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s plans to ban the horse drawn carriage industry. The mayor believes it is inhumane to have the horses operating in a modern city like New York and would like to have the animals replaced with electric cars.

Liam calls the decision to ban the industry criminal. “This is an industry that’s been here since before Abraham Lincoln‘s first inauguration,” Liam said (via CBS News) “These horses are well cared for.”

“I know these guys. In the park for over 20 years, I see the joy that these tourists get,” Liam told ABC News. “I’m firm about the fact that we have to make this move.”

Here is what Mayor de Blasio said in a statement: “I respect Liam Neeson a lot. I’m a big fan of his work. But the fact is I’ve put forward a plan and a vision, and the people ratified it in a election, and that’s what mattered most. What we do want to do, and we’ve said this repeatedly, is work with the carriage operators to find a good path for them individually going forward. Other job opportunities for them. They would get first dibs on those job opportunities. We have to put together all the pieces.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK is the right decision in this debate?

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  • Living in a box

    What Mayor de Blasio means in ‘I’m scared the shi t of Liam Nesson!.”

  • Melissa

    Alright Liam! De blasio is an idiot. Those horses get killed/mistreated if they don’t work. Keep the tradition and protect the horses who get to retire to farms after a few years.

  • rochelle

    @Melissa: You must mean retire to the glue factory.

  • Jennifer

    Hey Liam, STFU, you’re Irish, go there and tell them what to do.
    Where were you when they were blowing up and murdering innocent people.
    You don’t want to go on the watch list as a militant, do you? I’m sure there is no way he want to go back to Northern Ireland and live.
    Thank goodness you did not play 007 Bond.

  • Amy

    I’m glad they’re not using the horses anymore. We should ban horse racing too.

  • Love The Shoes

    @Jennifer: Jennifer, YOU STFU! Learn history; IRISH IN AMERICA HISTORY and the fact there wouldn’t BE much of NY with them you stupid STUPID person. My goodness, the idiot brigade that storms this site makes coming here harder and harder. Just dolt filled dumb dumbs.

  • Sarah Ralston

    Liam is 100% correct. Those opposing the horses probably have never really touched one, felt its soft breath on their skin, fed them a carrot (Provided by the driver) or thrill of their calm power, clip-clopping along the road to the park, oblivious to the chaotic traffic around them (which can see them easily to avoid them, unlike pedestrians in bikes!). They are neither a bused or in ant greater danger than any other New Yorker-actually less danger, based on the statistics! Long may they serve the public!

  • Tam

    De Blasio is the type of mayor you get when the ill informed vote. He keeps saying “the rich have to pay their fair share” and the same old stupid crap that just pits people against each other. There is no “free stuff” from DeBlasio or Obama or anyone who keeps telling poor people they will make it right. All men are created equal but it does not mean all will finish equal. I mean, I read where they took an exit poll and 41% of the people polled said they voted DeBlasio because they were “charmed by his son’s afro”. Horrible, that is no reason to vote someone into office. I’m afraid these days a Kardashian would run for office and they might even win.

  • Sheri

    I agree with Liam. From what I’ve heard, these horses are treated better than some people … they get amazing medical care and attention and some of their owners/operators have been in the carriage business for 30+ years and it’s all they know. If this industry is eliminated, there will be a lot of people out of work who are in their 50s, 60s and 70s. How are they going to get jobs so quickly? I think it’s very selfish and self-serving of this mayor to be doing this – and I am an avid animal lover.

  • Al

    I live in New York City and I promise you they do NOT get treated well. I think there are enough videos out there of horses collapsing from the stress & anxiety they experience. The upper east side is chaos most of the time (in terms of traffic). Majority of people in the city are opposed to this industry – it’s only tourists who use the carriages. Horses belong on farms, not in the city.

  • Adrienne

    @Sarah Ralston: Not so oblivious. Do you know horses? They have extremely keen senses. The amount of stress these horses are put through is disgusting. The noise, the cluster, the hours, and all so they can be put back in a stall at night. Would you like it if you were restrained almost every second of your life from the time you were able to work? Not able to EVER run free? And the amount of accident these horses get into. Whether it’s the car driver or the carragie driver’s fault, the horse is always the victim. And it’s sad. that these horses have to be so miserable just for human entertainment. Horses don’t belong in the city. Period.

  • Pamela

    He’s so classy. :) LOVE his work! and was a BIG fan of Natasha.