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Vanessa Hudgens Steps Out for Sunday Yoga!

Vanessa Hudgens Steps Out for Sunday Yoga!

Vanessa Hudgens tries to keep a low profile as she hides her face behind her cell phone while heading back to her car on Sunday afternoon (March 9) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress carried her yoga mat after taking her weekly workout class.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Vanessa Hudgens

It was recently announced that Vanessa and Ashley Benson are nominated for Best Kiss for their screen-stealing kiss with co-star James Franco in Spring Breakers at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, which will be hosted by Conan O’Brien.

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday (April 13) at 7pm EST!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Soffe shorts and using a iPhone case.

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Are you sure you’re a grown woman with grown adult children? You sound more like an elementary school girl tormenting boys and putting them down by saying they enjoy making out with other boys. You’re just disrespectful for no reason.

@Senior: Yes I am. Reading is fundamental. I never, repeat never said anything close to what you just said. Read what I said again, slowly. Maybe when you grow up you will be able to understand what you read. I’m happy he found what he does well.
Where are the pictures of Vanessa dressed for a meeting?

@Nightwish: I would never blame Brenda OR her fans for the number of pics or for being her fans. NOR find hideous things to say about her, like she has ugly feet. Nor keep going to her posts to read it all and argue with everyone.

I take it senior is nightwish trying to mock me.

Ok I’ll read it again slowly.

“I said he would do fine as a drunken ass hole and he delivered. He found his forte. Couldn’t say he enjoys making out with Seth so he calls him a “God” smh. So much to admire (sarcasm).”

I understand that to be pretty disrespectful ma’am.

@maria: correct, babe, because you would be too busy doing it on tisdales, not brenda songs

@Senior: Just to interpret for you (as you obviously need small words) Every time the ex makes a movie he says how great making out with whoever (it doesn’t matter) that’s the way he sells movies. This time since his co-star was a man he couldn’t use his standard lines thus Seth became a God. You can’t be much of a fan if you didn’t know this about him.

@Jr: See? The dude called tina ‘maam’. I would never call her that. Maybe ‘auntie tina’, if she were nice and not so ridiculously enamored with this vanessa hudgens pseudo celeb person

Amazing how you already knew senior was a guy without any indication. Anyway Tina answered the question why don’t you.

@Jr: um… heres a clue, he calls himself ‘senior’?

If you think your comment was nice and respectful, then I suppose you are the one who needs a lesson in comprehension. I’ll write this in capital letters so you can fully comprehend it. YOU ARE ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS THAT EFRON IS EVER DISCUSSED ON THIS THREAD! But you enjoy these arguments, so you probably knew that already.

So I guess there’s no such thing as a girl who’s a senior in high school or college. Answer the question.

@Jr: what question? Ill say this though, if tina thinks zac found his forte with tam, id say hudgens found hers with sb as a dumb impressionable sIut needing 3 other girls and a big male lead to actually carry the film, and a role that keeps her mouth shut practically the entire film i might add, ie zero dialogue

Are you sure you’re a grown man in his 20′s? You sound more like an elementary school boy tormenting girls and putting gum in their hair. You’re just disrespectful for no reason.

@Jr: That sort of comparison isnt entirely fair. Its not all hudgrns fault why i vent, its tinas, zacfans and hatersucks. And jared too, for going overboard pimping hudgens here. I think i make some good points, frankly

So it’s everybody’s fault except yours. And you don’t make any points you just make vile, vicious, slanderous, uncalled for comments going on and on about how much you hate her. You blame everyone else but you sure do go out of your way to keep tabs on Vanessa. You follow her twitter, her Instagram, and watch her movies. You seek her out it’s not forced on you.

@Senior: No I’m not. Facts are facts how can telling the truth be disrespectful? I didn’t make him say those things, he did. He is the one who disrespected his relationship and his co stars with his comments, not me. Are you denying he said these things? I said he would do well in this role and he did. No big surprise. Not trying to be funny but is English your second language? Sorry I’m not arguing with you, it would be pointless. I wish him well.

Nightwish @ 03/11/2014 at 1:40 pm

@Jr: Not even! I dont watch her movies. I would never waste my time following her twitter and i am the least bit interested in her instagram pics so give it a rest

@tina: how would you even know what he did or did not say if he is suppose to be irrelevant to you. His fans did not come over here talking about that. I thought you did not want anything to do with him. He talks about how great it was making out with whoever in every movie? Really? How would you know all this about him if your not a fan and supposedly, don’t keep tabs on him?

@Pam: Sweetheart, he did that while IN his relationship with Vanessa as well. It’s his MO. One of the reasons I started to dislike him years ago.

@Nightwish: And I have not commented on a Tisdale post since she romped the beach with Efron and let him grope her in front of her then BF. Thought THAT deserved a diss.

@maria: whatever you say “sweetheart”. I’ve seen his interviews, haven’t heard him talk about how great it was for him to make out with whatever co star in the movie. How did you know what he said about Rogen. That was pretty recent… Like two or three days recent?

Then how would you know what she did or didn’t do in spring breakers of you didn’t watch it? How do you know what Vanessa puts things that Jared didn’t mention if you don’t follow it?

@Pam: it was tina who knew what he said about rogen. she says efron’s irrelevant to her but she brings him up constantly to bash him, and then follows up her insult by saying she wishes him well, but also doesn’t care about him at all. as you can see, she lies a lot.

@lol: yea, I noticed that, the bashing and then well wishes. It’s… odd.

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