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Vanessa Hudgens Steps Out for Sunday Yoga!

Vanessa Hudgens Steps Out for Sunday Yoga!

Vanessa Hudgens tries to keep a low profile as she hides her face behind her cell phone while heading back to her car on Sunday afternoon (March 9) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress carried her yoga mat after taking her weekly workout class.

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It was recently announced that Vanessa and Ashley Benson are nominated for Best Kiss for their screen-stealing kiss with co-star James Franco in Spring Breakers at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, which will be hosted by Conan O’Brien.

Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday (April 13) at 7pm EST!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Soffe shorts and using a iPhone case.

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@zacfan: Why? I would bang lohan if i had the chance. Way to go efron! Gettin some!

Haters Suck! @ 03/12/2014 at 11:17 pm

Your boyfriend would be good with that?

@tina: wat up tina? Cant answer my ? Do you realize youre totally obsessed with a mere celebrity to the point where its embarrassing? Does hudgens even qualifies as a celeb? To think how your kids talk about you with their friends. Maybe you are a joke between them. I would keep your obsession private if i were them cause it looks bad. Not only that, your hateful preoccupation with zac efron magnifies your sad cognitive plight astoundingly.

@Nightwish: I would say YOUR obsession with her is far more embarrassing. You post far more than we do, sit there and wait for her posts every day, ridicule each and every fan here, and all for someone not worth anything to you. Following her career and being supportive of her against all the crap she’s always gotten is not embarrassing. I follow other celebs, that I find worthwhile. Nothing embarrassing in the least about it. But you, are pathetic in your hatred.

@Nightwish: And if you would do Lohan, that tells me you are even more of a slime. With genital issues, for sure.

Lmao at zacfan responding to his/her own link, and tina and maria being the first ones to rush to click on it as soon as they see zac efron listed in the link. I thought he was completely irrelevant to you ladies? I guess not… just more lies from the liars.

Nightwish @ 03/13/2014 at 8:53 am

@maria: Coming from the lady who posts at the crack of dawn lol! The reason my dear is because you guys are so ridiculable. Bwteen tinas compulsive lying and zacfans juvenille antics, then throw in hatersucks doofusness and your irresistable impulse to rush to their defense and you have quite a clusterufck of nonsense going on. Makes sense. Hudgens made out to be a star on this site is pure tomfoolery

You’re a walking talking breathing definition of hypocrisy. I can’t believe your a boy. Your level of disrespect for women borders on the sociopathic. No woman with any shred of self esteem would ever consider being with you. Your mother must have failed you in teaching you how a gentlemen treats a lady. It’s a real shame.

”Graduating from High School Musical heartthrob to full-blown college douche, Zac Efron was meant to play the testosterone-charged frat superhero Teddy Sanders. Efron has never been funnier, and getting away from his “good guy” persona creates a completely embellished caricature that’s entirely too much fun to ignore, pairing nicely with his second-in-command played by Dave Franco – another young actor who pops his collar and leaves us in stitches. The chemistry between these two is highlighted by a scene I can only dream was improvised on set, recording Teddy and Pete’s genius reinventions of the phrase “bros before hos” – only to have Pete heartbroken later when Teddy doesn’t acknowledge the “bropology” that took place, ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT RHYMED! Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Jerrod Carmichael round out our alpha dogs, one a certifiable porn star and the other a hopeless pothead, but it’s Teddy and Pete who ultimately win us over through wicked epicness – that’s what the kids say these days, right?”

‘When I recently reviewed “That Awkward Moment,” I mentioned that I was unconvinced about Zac Efron so far as a performer, but that is no longer the case. He is genuinely hilarious in this film. they manage to give Efron’s character more depth than I expected’

Nightwish @ 03/13/2014 at 9:55 am

@Jr: wow. harsh. anything for hudgens, huh? funny how you take things so personally in her behalf. something obviously more than fandom is going on here, no?

”Neighbors works best because of this dynamic, in which we actually care about all of the characters. Rogen and Efron make an incredible comedic duo, and I’d love to see them paired up again in the future.I can’t wait for everyone to see Neighbors – it comes out May 9th, and I expect it to be a huge hit. ”

”I’m still laughing at jokes from last night’s SXSW premiere of Nicholas Stoller’s Neighbors, a movie so goddamn hilarious that I couldn’t catch my breath at times for the laughter. I already need to see it again because I missed so many lines that were obscured by the uproar rising from the audience. It’s a movie that just made me happy, the kind of comedy that I already know I’m going to own and watch over and over.”

”“Neighbors” is an unchecked riot that should go a long way toward selling antagonist Zac Efron as a credible adult actor”

”But it’s the eternally shirtless ex-teen idol Efron, surprisingly, who delivers the film’s most intriguing performance, crafting a dime-turning combination of brotherly earnestness and Mephistophelean sadism that will ring true to anyone who ever found themselves on the losing end of a wooden paddle.”

”Zac Efron gives one of his most credible and intriguing performances in this winningly stupid frat comedy.”

No. I just don’t understand people like you. People who feel the need to be so hateful, and need to make the most nasty and ugly comments possible for no reason. Why? There’s no reason for it and it’s completely uncalled for. I don’t understand hateful people like u and I doubt I ever will.

Haters Suck! @ 03/13/2014 at 10:25 am

So the people you like zac efron, a coke addicted, booze addicted douche with 2 stints in rehab. Kstew a home wrecking cheat who’s so “stoopid” she $crews a married man in broad daylight out in the open. And now Lindsay Lohan who’s name sends a cold shiver down everyone’s spine and you could fill 10 books with the caro she’s done. Those are the people who deserve praise but not vanessa. You’ve got some serious disturbing issues going on.

Hudgensfan @ 03/13/2014 at 10:51 am

Amazzzing how zacs career is diverging from nessas so differently, as in zacs is going up and nessas is going down. Hey wers all the talk about gs nowdays? awful quiet. Was it dat forgetfull??

Haters Suck! @ 03/13/2014 at 10:55 am

So zac is successful playing the no good out of control douchebag who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I would think so, I mean that’s pretty much who he already is and has been for years so he’s had a lot of practice. Didn’t even have to act for the part just had to be who he is.

@Jr: Quick question, why do you always single me out? lol calls you guys out on some very good issues. In some ways her/his points are more devastating to hudgens and you fans than what i say. You just have it out for me dont ya? Worry not. Nobody reads these hudgens posts anyways. Its just us here. You and hatersuck make me out to be the most evil person in the world and for what, pointing out that hudgens is way overexposed on jj? You want a scapegoat for your girls failures. Dont take out your frustrations on me. Hudgens is sufficiently compromising her career on her own. If she actually bothered to read some criticisms here, it might even improve her image and public perception. I am constantly giving advice about how she can stop being so annoying and quite possibly grow her fan base. Some thanks i get.

@Haters Suck!: ..and you my witless chum, you mean to tell me that if lohan pulled her mini up for you, you would make an excuse and bail? “my, look at the time”. Are you friggin high? This is lilo were talking about. She is stacked, and in her prime had a rockin bod that would give any guy in close proximity a powerful erection. i would be hitting that all night, sideways and upside down. If properly showered, i would.. nevermind, you get the point so dont act dude, especially considering the fact that taking a roll in the hay with lohan is lightyears better than your nightly sexscapades with rosie palm and her five sisters lulz

@Nightwish: Sorry but as I said I have a life. You on the other hand need something that I don’t feel the need to provide. Sorry you don’t have real friends but I won’t be the you use as a substitute.First you riled up the children but we both know they’re only the means to an end. You thought you were some intellectual superior playing with children but it burns your buns that some of us have been there, done that ,and wrote the book. What a sorry little man you are. How pitiful that your whole life is making silly little comments and taunting fans.
We don’t have to explain anything to you. We live COMPLETE lives. When you don’t see me comment for days it’s because l am living it. Sorry I’m not chained to these post as you are. You won’t get validation from me, so stop trying.

I don’t make you out to be the most evil person in the world you do that all by yourself. You’ve wished death on Vanessa Ive seen you do it. I’ve seen you say you hope she dies or is killed. How do you excuse and justify that to yourself? If I were to go to people on the street and show them the comments you’ve made without telling them who you were talking about just show them the things you say, I’d bet anything most would agree with me you are evil. And you’re the one that’s here all day everyday 24/7. You never miss a Vanessa post or a chance to put here down ever. You comment more then anyone here. And you don’t just hate Vanessa, you hate me, you hate maria, you hate Tina, you hate everyone who has one nice word to say about Vanessa. Again how do you justify that?

@Jr: OTHER people were saying they hope she d**s. Dont pin that crap on me. @tina: Sorry b!tchy, youll have to make your point using (preferably) zero delusional statements and a minimum of vitriol. You know nothing about me, my friends or how complete my life really is. and if anything, all this back and forth between us should benefit you somehow, for example make you a more talented arguer, less of a loner, the pitfalls of celeb worship, the importance of getting a phreaking life, stimulating ones brane, etc lol

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