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Who Won 'The Bachelor' 2014? Did Juan Pablo Choose Clare or Nikki?!

Who Won 'The Bachelor' 2014? Did Juan Pablo Choose Clare or Nikki?!


The eighteenth season of The Bachelor has just wrapped up and Juan Pablo Galavis has given out his final rose!

His final two women were hairstylist Clare Crawley and nurse Nikki Ferrell in a season full of controversy with Juan Pablo‘s anti-gay comments and the recent use of the word retard on Twitter.

In case you didn’t know, Juan Pablo‘s journey started as a contestant on the previous season of The Bachelorette, on which he was sent home by Desiree Hartsock in the early rounds of the show.

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After dumping her at the final rose ceremony, Clare told Juan Pablo that she “would never want my children having a father like you.” He had told her the last night he had seen her that he could see himself living in Sacramento with her and having children together. She felt disrespected that he would say those things if he wasn’t planning on choosing her. Once Clare walked away, Juan Pablo said to himself “I’m glad I didn’t pick her.”

When Nikki came to the rose ceremony, Juan Pablo told her that he does not want to let her go, but that he is not ready to propose. He asked her to accept his final rose, and she accepted.

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  • KC Native

    I’m disappointed in Nikki, she wanted the stars and she settled for a pebble. She liked him way more than he liked her. This guy is to self absorbed, if he cared he would have gotten to know the girls on a personal level rather than a physical one. The guy can’t make a commitment because he doesn’t really know what he wants.

  • Joni James

    @KC Native: I don’t understand what everyones (almost everyone)problem is!!Everybody DOES NOT fall in love in 4 months.Most of the time…. Love does take time.I’m all in for you Jaun Pablo.Take ur time,enjoy it and be sure….there are other people involved and he is having respect for them.Divorce especially with children is a TERRIBLE thing!!!

  • Joni James

    I don’t understand what everyone’s (almost everyone) problem is!!EVERYBODY does not fall in Love in 4 months.Most of the time…. Love does take time.I’m all in for you Jaun Pablo and Nikki.Take your time,enjoy it and let that moment happen when it’s suppose to.There are other people involved and he is having respect for them.DIVORCE especially with children is a terrible thing!! Surely you don’t want him to say he’s “In Love” when he’s not yet.You all would have a field day with that and you would like him even less.So you can’t have it both ways!

  • KC Native

    @Joni James: I do understand that most people, especially those who have fallen in love before, in 4 months. The problem is being in love with someone but they don’t reciprocate to the same level. Nikki stated SHE was in love with Juan Pablo, if she had come out and said she really cared for him but agreed she wasn’t sure that she was actually in love yet then I could understand. But when one person declares they love another, and the other simply states your special but I don’t know that I love you means they are in different stages. Its extremely risky for the one who has such strong feelings. I do hope Nikki doesn’t get her heart broken by putting it out there but not having Juan put his out there to.

  • Charlene wisniewski

    I think Juan Pablo was the most real bachelor they have had, and I think Chris Harrison was rude and inappropriate in the way he talked to Juan Pablo and the comments he made afterwards. The ridiculous way Chris kept intimating something was wrong with Juan because he didn’t fall in love in three or four months is ludicrous, as is borne out by all the “successes” The Bachelor has had leading to marriage. Frankly, I found Harrison so distasteful, especially the “shower” comment, that right now I’m considering finding a replacement for the show.

    Juan Pablo must have insulted Chris’s manhood for him to make such an ass out of himself. Maybe The Bachelor should clean house.

  • Blythe

    Juan Pablo publicly embarrassed Nikki and she played it off like it wasn’t a big deal. If a man cannot claim his love for you in front of others, there is no hope in the relationship. Her fake smiles and laughs said it all. Nikki was trying so hard to make it seem like everything was fine, but any woman knows that it definitely is not. God help her and God help Juan Pablo and his narcissism. Nikki is someone to truly pray for if she sticks by this man’ side. No relationship is perfect, but this “relationship” is a big sham.

  • Clare

    Wow, talking about turning the tables….Clare turned out to be strong and respected for the way she handled herself in the end, and Nikki turned out to be completely blind when it comes to this guy. He told Clare he wanted to f**k her, then turns around and gives Nikki the final rose a day later. There were so many red flags, and she’s in La La Land. He’s been photographed (and very chummy with) other women in the last few weeks, but she seems oblivious. Ha ha on her for being such a moron.

  • @Charlene wisniewski: Maybe you should just stop watching the show, since you obviously take it so seriously. Alot of it is made up!!! Surprise!!

  • Diana

    Worst ABC Bachelor Juan Pablo !! it so disappointing for viewers to see such disgusting disrespect to women by this so call most eligible bachelor. He just playing with the network to get free trips and finally say I like you a lot !,, wow… That is crazy… More crazy and disappointing is spineless Nikki. Excepts thus crazy I like you and excuse about her dad. Wow and. She is educated wow!!! Dumb as a door nail,,,

  • KC Native

    I do think Nikki saw this more as a competition with Clare than the fact she was giving up her self respect to win the affection of a player. I do agree that this show is staged and the fact is most people can’t fall in love in this type of situation where one partner holds all the cards in the game. I could never go on this show unless I just wanted publicity. I realize that guys I have dated were dating other women but the ironic part was when I started to also date around it would piss the other guy off and they saw it more like a competition rather than truly finding someone to love. I only watched this show because a fellow Kansas citian was in it, I won’t be watching it again. Love isn’t found on a TV show, its found living a life and being involved.

  • Veronica

    Wow. Nicki is going to settle for this?? He’s a player and has no intentions of marrying ANYBODY. I would have shoved that rose up his a**!

  • Eva

    Ok to all those people saying juan Pablo did the right thing by not proposing and being honest, thats not why 95% of america hates him! He doesnt have to love nikki, no one is forcing him to love her. Its the fact that he won’t admit that he doesn’t love her but rather talk in circles. He wants everything to be private yet you signed up for a show on primetime…What a genius! His language barrier defense was so overplayed. In one episode he said ” I’m, How you say, Happy? like please! He wasn’t in this for the right reasons and it showed!

  • Kammified

    Congratulations! Juan Pablo found a girl dumber and more shallow than himself. Nikki is a fool and too ditsy to know it. She WON, she WON, she WON! Psssst…..Nikki…JP is 1) a man, 2) an athlete 3) a player, 4) a total BSer. You are the flavor of the month and it wont last much longer than that. JP loves HIMSELF, period! Clare is the true winner and I hope she is the next Bachelorette!

  • Jenna

    Get a grip people. You guys do realize he has been divorced before and has a child. He does not have to get married yet, let him be. And why the hostility over him not telling her he loves her. So what if she said she loves him. Listen in every relationship one person loves the other more then the other loves them. So right now Niki loves him, ok. Why does he have to say it if he is not there yet. Everyone either wanted him to say he loves her which would have been a lie, or tell her that he does not love her and that would have been really mean. He did not lie, he did not hurt Nikki’s feelings so chill out. Most things are not a fairy tale and I am glad that this guy showed us that.

  • http://Twitter Mary

    I think Nikki is a beautiful young woman. She’s educated and smart but the way Juan Pablo treats her and she just lets him get away with it is not to smart. He doesn’t know what he wants and he’s not going to commit to anyone bc he’s a player and he doesn’t think about how he treats woman bc he’s so self absorbed. I think the best thing Nikki could do is WAKE UP and run as fast as she can. I think there is someone out there that would have respect for her and treat her like a lady not just a notch in his belt. Juan Pablo will use her but not commit to her.

  • http://Twitter Mary

    @Jenna: yes it’s true he’s been divorced and has a child but he knew this going into this…… If he was not ready to fall in love and find a woman who could possible be his wife he should of stayed home and not involve a woman in his life. I think Nikki deserve better than what he willing to give which is notting. Just saying

  • http://Twitter Mary

    @KC Native: I couldn’t agree with you more she needs to wake up.

  • http://Twitter Mary

    @KC Native: True,True,True

  • http://Twitter Mary

    @Blythe: I like what you had to say I hope Nikki doesn’t get hurt but I think she’s already feeling the pain. I don’t think Juan Pablo can stop thinking about his self long enough to consider someone else and there feelings

  • kelli

    it doesn’t matter who he picked because it won’t last anyway.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @: and u people complaining about Juan aren’t taking the show seriously? Please.

  • mary g

    I think Juan Pablo is sincere in someway with Nikki. He introduced her to his daughter, that was the giveaway that she was the one he was interested in. The reality of falling in love in four months is crazy. Fondnesss, not complete love. Trust and respect are earned. Nikki is young and still in fairytale stage of life. Primce charming syndrome and probably in love with thought of being in love or lust. She is also a model on the side besides nursing. Great publicity. I think he wants to leave the player side open for him. So if he declared he LOVES Nikki, his HONESTY slogan would not work if he still wants to persue other comtestants he may want to play with.

  • Toots

    @Mary: He’s never been married.

  • ‘ugonna”

    @Ugonna Wosu: As for “you people,” Chris was NOT the problem, JP was. Duh.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    No. Chris was the problem. He wad unprofessional. And as for Clare, she said that he said “I enjoy f—ing you”, not “I want to sleep with you”. That implies that she did sleep with him. I read that she went to his room, so if that’s true and if she did sleep with him, then how could she expect anything else? I’m not saying what he supposedly said is ok, but you can’t expect respect when you gave the whole cow for free instead of just the milk.

  • What an arrogant C unt

    This beady eyes uneducated self-centre rude disrespectful to women looser who is stil live in his mum Dad apartment with his daughter is a big ass looser… I would not date him even if he beg me with not just one but 2 dozen rosed.

  • starchy

    I dislike Juan Pablo but he is very misunderstood. He clearly did not understand the game of The Bachelor and was quite honest with Nikki, who obviously accepted he does not love her in the same way she “loves” him. How can she? She’s known him on a TV show for 2 months and then secretly, in two different cities, for another 2. This is nowhere near what love entails. It could not be and all the other Bachelors are lying if they say they “loved” their choice so soon in the show. One day you are confused about who to choose and then 2 days later you are 100% sure (Sean)? Really? I found Juan Pablo totally realistic. yes, he an arse, and a bad “Bachelor” – but thats because he didn’t give the fans and Harrison the happy ending they wanted and watched for.

  • Pawnee

    @KC Native: Ya think??? She talked about “winning,” and “I don’t want to lose this.” She showed her nasty side with Clare, and I think she wanted to win out over her. I never liked Nikki and her awful hair and clothes… she was phony and unemotional. She always gave everyone the answers they wanted to hear. Last night, she looked like a robot. Maybe she gets what she deserves.

  • Maria

    I couldn’t stand this Bachelor, but at least he didn’t fake love or propose for the sake of a reality show. Let’s see what happens now that they have time to be in a real relationship. I suspect Nikki will figure him out very quickly, and JP will forever be a dumb Romeo.

  • Duh

    @Ugonna Wosu: Because it’s a very vulgar thing to say, that’s why. I’m sure Nikki slept with him, too, maybe Andi. Chris was not the problem, JP was very difficult from the beginning.

  • Maria

    @Pawnee: And unfortunately, Clare used her prissy faced looks and body to entice him, and then cried foul when he decided she wasn’t it for him.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Duh: no, if she indeed slept with him, I don’t know where she would get off finding it vulgar. She sold herself short, and shouldn’t be surprised. Regardless of whether or not the other girls “did it too”, that doesn’t matter, imo.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Maria: exactly. And she was so offended, yet she was looking forward to winning the show. lol. The only reason she “stood up for herself” is cause she got dumped. Am I really supposed to applaud that?

    I also think its ridiculous to insist he declare his love for someone he doesn’t know.

  • ???

    @What an arrogant C unt: FYI: The “c” word is vulgar in the U.S., just like his comments to Clare…and learn how to spell.

  • LOL

    @Maria: ALL of the women did, dummy. You sound sexist.

  • Yuck

    @Ugonna Wosu: It’s VERY vulgar to say that to a woman…maybe you just have low self esteem.

  • MMM

    @Ugonna Wosu: She stood up for herself, because he lead her on, and she said that. Nikki is boring and phony, and looked like an idiot sitting with him last night. Good for Clare. Gee, he’s such a catch.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @MMM: no, she was waiting to win the Bachelor and get the guy up until then. Sorry.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @Yuck: not when she put herself in that position.

    And now you’re trying to talk about me? Really? Its not like I called you on being an idiot who can’t understand the concept of giving away the cow. I didn’t, until now that you insulted me. lol. Oh well.

  • Judithsr

    Interesting that we were promised a surprise from JP last night; suddenly, no surprise. Clearly, Juan Pablo was furious about the way he’s been depicted (the “honesty” of it all!!) and whatever his surprise was going to be, he reneged on it which infuriated Harrison. But what did the show expect from a proud South American? The producers of the show should have known better than to chose him in the first place.

  • Karol

    Gotta give them credit, no matter what. How many people have stood up at the end professed this love and they are now engaged and going to be happy forever. Only to find out forever maybe lasts a few months, once the camera’s and lights are off and gone so is that love. These two are real in a way, they don’t know where it will go but they want to take it to the next level on there own in there own way. Good luck looking forward to see what happens. Also as far as Clare she was pushing everything I thought she got was she deserved. Do I like the new bachelorette, time will tell, Juan Pablo you gave them what they wanted HIGH RATINGS.

  • KC Native

    You know the tabloids are gonna be watching him and her like hawks on their prey. Everyone is going to want to see if being “honest” was the real reason he was so quiet about the relationship. I do applaud Claire for sticking up for herself, the others that he rejected didn’t go off on him and tell them what they thought of him. They were still star struck with his latin good looks and charm. At least Claire saw him for who he was. He probably didn’t pick her because she didn’t sleep with him the night before. He obviously was attracted to her from the beginning. Sadly I think Nikki was so into the “competition” part that she let it blind her to the truth. Even after the fantasy dates all of them had red flags being thrown in their face, only Andi had the guts to say it to his face before she heard his narcissistic choice.

  • Bruce Pampel

    This is ridiculous. The only class people in this show have been Juan Pablo and Nikki. Claire was a playing bitch from the beginning and showed that at the end. Juan may be self absorbed but keeps to his guns and believes what he thinks and says. Finally someone who can say this show is ridiculous as how can go out with 27 people in 10 weeks and fall in love. How many of the previous couples are still together?
    He is doing what is best for him and his daughter, and I think that Nikki understands this and will work with this, after all that is her profession.
    The idiot of the show was the host, trying to put words into Juan s mouth, when Juan was trying to keep his private life to himself. Yes he did agree to be on the show and I totally agree that this commitment ended on the last show, so, if you did not see it, let them be as it is obvious that they are in love and this is a personal thing.

  • sailene

    This had to be one of the most arrogant bachelors I have ever watched. This guy was ugly no figure dressed ugly when taking them out, even when he went to meet their parents. Man were these your for real dumb blondes all of them even if they weren’t blond. How could they fall for such anu ugly moron.Clare at the end had enough smarts to walk away. had they all been smart they would have all walked away right at the start. Whya are women so stupid to go on these programs & be so humiliated, not very many of them were even decent to look at. I guess it is a proven factor there aren’t many decent & good looking men around when they let fools like him make them look like complete idiots.

  • Wang Piglo

    I couldn’t stand watching this b@stard on the Bachelor.
    Why isn’t he doing DWTS? That’s coz he’s a complete jerk!
    Isn’t he sign a contract with ABC? with free trips.. Free meals.. FREE EVRYTHING!!
    Nobody like this little close-eyed Idiot.
    It’s time to sink back to your mamacita and papa apartment you moron!!!
    Wang Piglo Worst bachelor ever!!!!!!

  • Mr Wu

    @Clare: Wow!!… I’m astounded by the accuracy of the insight people are expressing about these relationships … there must be something extra special about the coverage over there in the states. Australia’s franchise doesn’t have a ‘proposal’ event at the end of the show… why would you? You’re chasing 25 members of the opposite sex – on camera only – if you’re lucky for 2 maybe 3 one on one dates… get real.
    Chris Harrison is an arse, show some respect, not to burst your bubble Sean… if you chase the limelight, get married on camera, show up at every other televised Bachelor event, of course it wont end anytime soon… trust me we’ll tire of you. Seems to be a distinct lack of empathy and respect for diversity of character in people and an astonishing desire to judge on the word of some seemingly very insecure individuals.