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'Bachelor' Vets Slam Juan Pablo's Finale as 'Painful to Watch'

'Bachelor' Vets Slam Juan Pablo's Finale as 'Painful to Watch'

Juan Pablo Galavis‘ journey on The Bachelor came to an end last night and he picked Nikki Ferrell as his companion, though he did not propose to her and refused to say “I love you.”

The 32-year-old former soccer player has been vocal about how he is glad the show is over and even Instagrammed a photo with his lady love after the show saying, “We are FREE.”

“Don’t slap the hand that fed you,” last season’s winner Catherine Giudici said on the After the Finale Rose special. “The fact JP didn’t propose is so far down on the list of why this season ended so horribly. #TheBachelor.”

Catherine‘s new husband Sean Lowe added: “This is painful to watch. #TheBachelor. JP lives with his foot in his mouth. he tension is thick my friends.”

Sean later wrote: “My take on last night: I commend JP on not proposing if he isn’t ready. And he certainly shouldn’t feel pressured to say ‘I love you.’ Lastly, disrespecting the nicest guy in show business @chrisbharrison should be a crime. That’s my take. Wish them nothing but happiness. However, as the bachelor you can’t say I want to keep my feelings private. You owe it to the fans and network to open up. That’s the job.”

DO YOU THINK Juan Pablo Galavis deserves the title of “Worst Bachelor in History”?

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  • Ick

    They deserve each other.


    Big FF’n deal. The handsome manly dude probably has more than one love in his life. Good for him.

  • Dan

    Juan Pablo is in the top 3 for worst bachelor. In order: 1. The English guy who didn’t pick anyone. 2. The guy who picked one girl and then dumped her for another and 3. Juan Pablo.


    No.1; What? You have a problem with homosexuality?


    No.3; If Robert Pattinson was on The Bachelor he would have done the exact same thing. Put that pipe in your mouth and smoke it.

  • Scott

    I think Juan is annoying, and he has done a lot of shitty things to these women but one thing that I can respect him for is the ability for him to restrain from saying I love you when you know that’s all the world wants to hear from him and sticking to his morals and saying it when he feels like he is ready. Most people on the show kind of force the i love you, say it to multiple women, but JPG stuck to his guns and didn’t propose bc he didn’t feel ready. And Nikki is still with him. So obviously they are happy and she’s okay with the slow burn, REALISTIC progress of their relationship. It’s hard to believe you can truly fall in love with someone in 6 weeks in addition to getting down on one knee and proposing marriage. I’m sure this isn’t what the producers wanted but Juan did what he felt right.

    Now all the offensive comments, I do not condone, and can understand ABC’s frustration with JPG and kind of play into the media instead of sugarcoating him to make him seem like a better? guy then he is. But idk I applaud him. Also love Chris but Chris was not happy with JPG’s answers and Chris was not hiding his disdain towards JPG which is what made everything all the more awkward. JPG/Nikki are happy why not just leave them be and talk about their happiness instead of forcing JPG to tell Nikki that he loves her. His answers seemed fine to me, that he’s happy and this is where he’d like their relationship to begin and he’d like to do it privately bc of all the BAD public attention he’s receiving. Idk this whole season was really awful on all sides, and saint Chris even has a bit of a part to play in it IMO.

  • trisha

    He said he liked latin girls. The show did not make it diverse enough. If he had more options and variety to then it would be better. It was boring to watch and the show should be multicultural tired of seeing the same types of people on that show.

  • chris wolf

    @THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND: One man and one woman in a respectful devoted union is the only civilized and good way.

  • Lillian

    The whole show is a joke and has been for quite some time. Stopped watching that phony crap after Trista got married and stayed married. Those two were real and in love as 10 years prove it. All other episodes were designed to shock and get ratings. Can’t believe that stupid show is still on the air

  • Denise

    When has there ever been a marriage on this show next season have
    The wedding on the show. Get the marriage license and have the wedding on the last show .. Than see how many men want to be on. The
    Show .. This show is all about having sex and call it what it is the mating game! One wedding and we yet to see those two at home.. Last season.
    So give it up and comment now Juan and his son can go back
    Home. Did everyone a favor by not choosing anyone! Means that he wants nothing to do with the fallout of the show

  • http://yahoo sam

    No really defending JP but I believe part of his culture is the problem. I do not honestly feel he understands the process of what is going on and that he is being seen as arrogant, rude, and all of the ugly parts. Do I like what happened, NO!! I do not like how they were trying to get him to say words he didn’t feel and shame should go on the someone trying to push words on someone else. Now, Nikki I feel is a fool! To not realize that this man is not going to spend the rest of his life with her. If all he can say is that I really, really like you then and that he hasn’t thought more about the relationship and shows no more excitement than he did then she is a fool. I think that she is going along with this for the TV gig which is ridiculous. I feel they both should pay the network back for what ABC paid for them to go to ALL of those places, they both read the contracts.

  • Mrs. Gaston

    forget Juan Pablo – i cannot stand Chris Harrison! he’s beyond annoying!!

  • Funny

    I believe JP was set up by ABC and wanted him to fail. I say this because they were being pressured and sued for lack of diversity and they just picked anyone, a flunky. Therefore, if he fails then their hopes is that the cry for a minority bachelor will cease. A$sh@les.