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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Hold Hands on Romantic NYC Night!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Hold Hands on Romantic NYC Night!

Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux hold hands while enjoying a night on the town on Tuesday (March 11) in New York City’s Tribeca district.

Earlier in the day, the 45-year-old actress hid her beautiful face with a fedora while heading to an apartment building.

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The day before, Jennifer and Justin were spotted together after grabbing lunch at Barney’s in the Big Apple.

In case you didn’t know, Justin has been busy working on his upcoming show The Leftovers, which will eventually air on HBO.

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  • Hey, he looks good here

    He looks kinda cute here… refreshed.

  • They look awkward

    Something is off… they look awkward… how they are holding their hands with tension. Maybe it’s the paparazzi.

  • angelkim

    so beautiful couple.

  • allison

    They need to work on holding hands if they are going to keep up this.

  • Pants

    This is pathetic. Talk about pimping yourself out to the tabloids.

  • my guess

    My guess: They are doing trial separations and occasionally get together like this to see if they can work it out. She seems controlling and he doesn’t seem the type to be controlled. I think her career comes before anything in her life.

  • sarah

    GORGEOUS and so in Love. Cheers, wishing them the best

  • Funny

    Funny how an almost month old article resurface again this week and out of the blue Aniston outings are coming out of NY immediately after the rehash. She and her pr team set all this up to squash the breakup rumors and get old yella some press.

  • Jentheho

    It looks like he is leading his mother. One would think he would hold onto the woman he loves to protect her from the papz. Guess he wants to make sure the ratzi takes a picture of her ring. Hey paparazzi, look at the ring I brought for my mother.

  • fp

    awwww i missed these two!

  • Over it


  • redundant

    so fake

  • Weird

    @my guess: So agree! Not celebrating a b’day togehter? that’s at least a breakup, even if temp.

  • rachel

    poor theroux stuck with that old cow but at least you can take her money and run.

  • holly

    This just looks painful for them-they are just not that into each other.


    hahahahahah obsessed loons cant let go of Jennifer.

  • granny bag

    That granny hand bag again!

  • rhea

    She must have had her lips done again.

  • polly

    why does she always hide her face ?

  • http://Justjared Leticia

    Lucky Jen he is gorgeous look at those blue eyes and that sexy smile!:)

  • http://Justjared Leticia

    He is super cute with that sexy smile and hazel eyes

  • Kiki

    Jennifer aniston is not beautiful, her face is half man, half gorilla. You need glasses.

  • saarat

    Paps are stalking them
    Its obvious that JA and JH want to avoid paps as much as possible in their private life

    opposite to saint J and Kent Pitt with 6 kids

  • Lisa

    Justin looks hot!

  • WTH


    You nuts just can’t help yourself. There have been NO pictures of the JPs since Oscar. I guess they know how to go undercover. Funny how the paps know where they are all the time.

  • truth

    CAA is behind this joke….

  • yep

    Love Jen and Justin! New York must be cold. I really like Jen’ scarf pretty color.

  • yep

    Jennifer is beautiful! They both are looking good!!!!!!!

  • yep

    I love Jen’s hair color too!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Wow, so many new Jen-threads within a few days ! That´s a surprise !
    Jen and Justin are a beautiful romantic couple !
    I wish them the best, yep !
    @JBA, @Ethery: Thanks for your answers !
    God bless you 2.

  • Free at last!

    @rhea: @polly:
    Yeah why hiding her lips, chin and neck?
    Partial face lift? Is there anything like that?

  • Gina

    Why does Just Jared refuse to acknowledge the fact that Jennifer looks pregnant as hell. Your not breaking your ‘NO Kids Policy’ if the kid isn’t even born yet lol. Justin’s even holding her hand like he’s ‘guiding’ her the way you do a pregnant woman so she doesn’t fall.


    Secially last 9 years


    Secially last 9 years JP know HOW to go undercover

  • http://Justjared Gun

    You wish, this woman is forty-five peri-menopausal, the eggs can’t get plastic surgery.
    Last night in NYC the Temperature was in the fifties, lip injections, and under chin tuck, the reason for the big scarf.
    Poor Justin leading his mom around, but when you’re a Gigolo, it comes with the money.

  • sabrina

    They are a cute couple, but I think they are over.

  • Oh yeah

    That poor woman can’t catch a break for nothing. Everybody’s got an opinion on other people’s lives. Such vipers.

  • cc

    The odd way Justin is holding Jennifer’s hand reminds me of the odd way Tom Cruise used to hold Katie’s hand ….

  • Gina


    First of all, I don’t “wish” anything I’m simply observing. Second, do you not remember that Halle Berry got pregnant at 46 & Laura Linney at 49? Don’t play dumb with me, you know full well that rich people have the means to get pregnant late in life. Jen could simply be covering her chubby pregancy face like she’s trying to cover (albeit poorly) her baby bump.

  • sabrina


    Really? Jen is a master at PR. And how often do you see the JP’s? Not as often as Jen. She gives more interviews and her vacations tend to be very public in Baha because the paps know exactly when she is going to be there. If you’ve ever been to Baha you would know that there are tons of ways celebs can get privacy without the paps knowing where they are. Jen knows this perfectly well.

  • Neg

    I am so happy they are doing good in their relationship! Beautiful couple!!!

  • itsme

    Look who is leading grandma?

  • itsme

    he’s kinda cute.

  • GFW

    Know they’re just pictures and a brief snapshot caught unawares, but they look out of sync on all levels. He looks way happier than she does after such a long separation, but who knows. I’ll admit the way she has his hand and not he have her hand looks not only uncomfortable but forced, but a g a i n, it’s just a snapshot in time.

  • Maja Juhl

    They’re sooooo cute!

  • meiii

    love them!!! get married already …!

  • Miller

    Dear sweet Lord. do hens really believe that this perimenopausal woman is pregnant, when she was photographed a week or two ago with a flat stomach. And please spare me the “________________” (fill in the name of the forty-something actress that had a baby), these women had given birth before. Just stop for goodness sake, this fugug hag aint going to birth no babies. This busted b!tch smokes, drinks and bleaches her hair, and at her advanced age(for having a baby) she dont want to have a kid. Get over it the only thing coming out of this old skanks tw at is a tampon that she pulls out to sport fuc.

  • http://Justared Gun

    @Gina: You can have all the money in the world and still can’t pregnant.
    If you believe that trick want kids, I’ve a bridge to sell you, Brad realized what a self involved person he married, and could not wait to get with a woman that wanted kids.

  • Joy B Angie


    Yes, DRF, so many new Jen-threads within a few days !
    But I’m sure SH can do much more better
    and don’t force her to do things she doesn’t want to.
    * * * * *
    Anyway people care about Jen’s movies.
    Jen must use a talent sh has.
    That must be a center of news.
    * * * * *
    I didn’t answer on your philosophies
    about one popular occupation
    because my experience in this question
    is not too big,
    but I understand it’s social role :)
    * * * * *
    Have nice day, DRF, I hope we will read
    about Jen’s next great movie soon.

  • Quackquack

    Fake out. They look so not together.