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Kim Kardashian Steals Kylie Jenner's Bikini - Who Wore it Better?

Kim Kardashian Steals Kylie Jenner's Bikini - Who Wore it Better?

Kim Kardashian models a bikini that belongs to her younger sister Kylie Jenner in this new pic taken at the Versace Mansion on Wednesday (March 12) in Miami, Fla.

“Yep stole Kylie‘s bikini…she’s not getting it back,” the 33-year-old reality star captioned the photo on Instagram.

Kim, Kylie and their sister Khloe Kardashian were seen walking side by side while leaving Prime 112 restaurant earlier that day in Miami Beach.

The ladies were also seen shopping around town while their sister Kourtney Kardashian and her longtime love Scott Disick were seen leaving the Versace Mansion, where the family is staying.

Earlier in the day, Kim was seen standing on the balcony of the mansion to check out the sights.

FYI: Kim is wearing a Kardashian Kollection cropped turtleneck with a vintage Alaia dress and heels.

30+ pictures inside of the Kardashian Klan taking over Miami…

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kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 01
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 02
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 03
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 04
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 05
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 06
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 07
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 08
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 09
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 10
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 11
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 12
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 13
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 14
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 15
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 16
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 17
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 18
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 19
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 20
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 21
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 22
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 23
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 24
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 25
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 26
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 27
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 28
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 29
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 30
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 31
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 32
kim kardashian steals kylie jenners bikini 33

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  • khloe is my fav

    I only like Khloe and girl loookssss AMAZZZZZING! HOT HOT HOT

  • Leah

    I don’t think it would even fit if she gave it back to her so it’s best she keeps it.

  • Boring

    The stupidest family in the US (possibly the whole world) and proud of it! Wouldn’t have a problem if they kept to themselves and stopped breeding.

  • Jennay

    Kylie obviously.

  • Pete

    Kylie of course. She doesn’t look like a lazy ass.

  • Anita

    Now she’s even super jealous of her own sister… *sigh*

  • christine

    Are you seriously asking a question like that? Come on now, stop trying to encourage competition amongst women. A beautiful soul will find beauty everywhere. Stop spreading ugliness.

  • Amy


    Kim is very insecure so of course she is. She’s jealous of Kylie and Kendall’s youth too.

  • Kim Trashian Attacks Again

    Geez, what is this the second selfie of this no talent hack! Nobody wants to see your photoshopped ass! Also, the outfits they are wearing are hideous, especially Kim. I just hope this is the last season of these useless morons!

  • stella

    Khloe looks good.

  • Mary

    Wasn’t Kayne going to reign this crap in? She’s so cheap and insecure, and that’s never beautiful. It’s shocking that she has a child, but at least she spends no time with her.

  • StopIt

    Mutton dressed as lamb.

  • Ha

    Okay, though I don’t particularly like Kim… I’m actually getting sick and tired of seeing her everywhere (seriously, there’s not one day without a spread of her nowadays! and people encourage it by commenting a lot.); I mean what has she done to be relevant!? What is her fvcking claim to fame ffs!?! UGH. But anyway, I have to say that I think Kim wore that bikini better. I don’t like Kylie’s body shape. Even though she’s slim and pretty fit. She has no shape whatsoever. I prefer women with curves. So Kim wins this time. BUT! Stop it with her. Can we get a day off?!

  • Maria Lourdes

    Both need to hit the gym for different purposes

  • Dede

    Kim is a bit old to constantly be taking selfies. She should be taking care of her kid.

  • bona

    stop making STUPID (talentless) people famous!! (im looking at you, JJ)

  • Madison

    Kylie cause it actually fits her

  • Jaqueline Roberta

    Kim! of course

  • Living in a box

    Kim thinks she still have a 17 years old body.

  • marci

    Instead of showing how insecure she is by constantly paying attention to herself she needs to go home and pay attention to her baby, who is obviously not as important as her trip to Miami.

  • Red Head

    Who would want to wear it after where her nether regions have been?

  • Chrissy

    Just what I was thinking. Not only is it now stretched beyond all recognition, it needs to be burned before Kylie gets god knows what type of infection thanks to her sister! Wow, Kim sure is a delusional insecure twit! And who lends out bikini bottoms? It’s like sharing underwear

  • freya

    Either they are paying people to published what this useless Pseudo celebrity family are wearing to gain attention or that the stupid media thinks that what they wear each day will solve world hunger.

    And by the way judging with the selfie that Kim has it looks like she is suffering from Spina Bifida. and if she does nothing about it is sexy because it’s a congenital disease that makes you look like you have a tail.

  • Hannah

    I have to admit…though Kim looks like she is at peak physical fitness here…I do wonder if that bikini would be showing a hell of a lot of ass crack at the back…just by following the lines of the bikini and the curvature of her butt…they just don’t match!

  • Kaye

    But can we get to what’s really important and find out where that bikini top is from? Because damn

  • Rocky

    OMG! That’s like me wearing one of my sisters panties. GROSS! I don’t care how many times they wash that bottom piece, GROSS!!

  • Sarah

    Kylie is the least attractive of the sisters. Kendall is very pretty and her height is great for the catwalk. Kylie should never have had that picture taken of her next to that statue because they have the same bodies. Not a good choice for that photo.

  • Marla

    That can not be the same bikini! There is no way Kim could fit her booty in her sisters bottoms.

  • tsd

    Funny, people complain about Kim being famous for nothing (outside of a sex tape and being friends with Paris Hilton), and I will grant it’s a valid complaint, but somehow Kylie’s let off the hook here. She is famous for even less of nothing since no one would know her if it wasn’t for Kim.

    Still as to the answer to the question, I like slender women with curves more than slender women without them so Kim gets the nod here.

  • meg

    Okay so my problem is that Kims boobs are way to too perfect after having a kid. I know when I was pregnant mines were great when nursing but she seems to be all over so I doubt she is nursing. Her nose is different for sure I watched the show when it first came out five years ago she def doesn’t look the same. I don’t care if you get plastic surgery most people would do it in a heart beat. But a lot of young girls look up to her believing she is natural.

  • Katrina Wells

    Poor Kim, she’s getting desperate because she’s realizing in “Hollywood eyes” she’s old!!! And jealous that it’s all about her younger sisters now. How pathetic that the only way Kim thinks she can be relevant is to show-off her body to the world.

  • smiles

    I’ll let you know who wore it best in approx. two years

  • Amy

    omg now its for sure that jared is being paid to post about this “ladies” the only post that is missing is the one with kim taking a dump, seriosly jared we dont care about this people.

  • Tom

    Are you kidding?! Kylie looks amazing in that bikini. Kim looks like she’s going to explode.

  • Jessie

    Kim lives for these types of comparisons. It’s all about her ego.

  • Janie

    I’m not saying I like Kim nor am I saying it looks good on her, but I LOVE her pink turtleneck outfit. The actual outfit. So cute.

  • KTrash

    Gross!! Kim is so jealous that she would wear someone else’s bikini bottom! DISGUSTING!!!! Neither of them look good. Sorry, but Kylie is not cute at all! Kendall took all the beauty! Now that girl is drop dead gorgeous!

  • david

    Realistically Kim yes of course the hottest..but she gets too much people hate her..huhu..that the things..but honestly Kim kardashian.. well Kylie still looking good..

  • anna

    Kim of course..her sister has a really weird, it’s not gross at all if it’s and my friends always borrow bikinis from each other if someone forgot hers

  • Teresa

    Ugh … Seriously! Buy your own bikini; you have enough money! Who wears somebody else bikini? Kim kardTRASHian!

  • I hate this family

    Wonder how much $$$ she got paid for this? This family is nothing but TRASH. They will do anything for a little attention, pathetic group of losers with too much money and no education. Kim will do anything for a quick buck, look at her sex tape, playboy, being a paid excort, wearing see through clothing, millions of selfies … Anything for attention and a buck! Sad, this is how she was raised and how Kris Jenner is raising the two younger girls. $$$ is the most important thing. No education needed, take your top off! Sadly the young girls of today look up to them and this stuff like this is cool. I don’t know about you bit I don’t want my daughters making a sexy tape for money and posing in playboy and taking their clothes off for a quick buck. Different morals and priorities.

  • justsayin

    Kim looks so much better. Kim fills it out better than Kylie. Khloe still looks like a transvestite. Sure her body is coming along(yours would too with lipo). I still can’t believe people didn’t put Khloe through the ringer when she lied about her marriage for 2yrs(saying it was perfect when it wasn’t) and that she couldn’t get pregnant when she actually could. Kris Jenner is a magician because her pr machine distracted us by putting out a skinnier Khloman and people forgot about her lies. I hope Kanye takes Kim away from the clutches of her greedy family who’ve used Kim’s fame for their own selfish selves. No Kim-no mansions, fancy cars, tv show, clothing&beauty line, modeling career,private jets top contacts, etc

  • Casee

    She must people are idiots…everyone knows that she photoshops virtually everything on her Instagram. When will this talentless creature go away and take family with her.

  • Debbie

    Who cares? This family is so dysfunctional it’s pathetic.

  • Raymond

    In fact,‭ ‬the‭ ‬33‭ ‬years old did not hesitate to say that she was jealous of what has been owned by her sister’s anatomy. See more 24 PHOTOS of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian reveals their Bikini shapes in Miami on or

  • Silicon Farts

    Hi Kim Delusional Kunt!!

  • mary allen

    less than a week before Kim steals Kylie Jenner’s swimsuit and shows off her big but Kloe puts out a video of her wrestleing and pinning Kylie Jenner to the floor. I think the Kardashians are trying to bully Kylie Jenner