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Rooney Mara Cast as Tiger Lily in 'Pan' Movie!

Rooney Mara Cast as Tiger Lily in 'Pan' Movie!

Rooney Mara has just joined the cast of the highly anticipated upcoming film Pan to play the role of Tiger Lily, Variety reports!

The 28-year-old actress will join previously announced actors Hugh Jackman and Garrett Hedlund, who will play Blackbeard and Hook, respectively.

Tiger Lily is the princess of a group of inhabitants living on the island of Neverland, where the story takes place.

No other casting has yet to be revealed for the film. We can’t wait!

Pan will be released next year on July 17, 2015.

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  • Observer

    Isn’t Tiger Lily supposed to be Native American?

  • Emanuel

    Really Warner Brothers? Was it THAT difficult to actually cast a Native American?

  • ok

    Now you know this is a shame..when there are many Native American actresses who are beautiful and talented to play this role….

  • What???

    I thought Tiger Lily was supposed to be ethnic?

  • Isabel

    @Observer: That’s always been my understanding. Disappointing.

  • Jessica

    Very disappointing. What an insult to the talented Native American actresses. I hope this “Pan” movie BOMBS like The Lone Ranger.

  • leah

    ridiculous rooney mara is a good actress but not a tiger lily ! such a mythic character transformed into – this ?

  • Emily

    This is disgusting. Tiger Lily is meant to be Native American, and there are several wonderfully talented Native American actresses out there who can’t get cast as anything other than ‘ethnic’ roles. Why do studios insist on taking away their few chances to actually gain acclaim?

  • Kirsten

    Yes, because she looks just like Tiger-Lily. How embarrassing in this day and age.

  • amanda

    Maybe they’re changing her to a native neverlander? Otherwise the backlash will be fierce

  • Yuck

    Wow. That is TERRIBLE. She looks like such a priss faced snob. I can not stand her.

  • ugh

    They would never cast Lupita Nyong’o as Wendy so why is this ok? Hollywood fvckery – –again!

  • ugh

    @amanda: Doesn’t matter because the character is still NA.
    They would still have to put her in ‘brown face’ because tiger lily has brown skin and isn’t white at all.

  • Canadian

    This is terrible. There are plenty of wonderfully talented, gorgeous actresses out there who are ACTUALLY Native American. Tiger Lily is absolutely supposed to be a Native American. Why in the world would they cast Rooney Mara to play this role? I have nothing against her as an actress, but as stated above she will definitely need ‘brown face’ to play this role. Hollywood needs to wake up. I will not be seeing this movie.

  • Cate

    I can’t imagine Rooney in this role but I guess she really wants to work with Joe Wright.

    This is a re-imagining origin story and if the script is the same one I’ve read Tiger Lily and her people aren’t native in the Native American sense. This version is different to the JM Barrie and Disney version that most people are familiar with.

  • asiaklynn

    “Inhabitants”, the Peter Pan that I watched/read Tiger Lily was Native American. Hasn’t Hollywood learned that “white-washing” does not work i.e. Last Airbender. I’m sure there are plenty of Native American actresses that would have killed for this job. Did they even try to look? Honestly, they could have even picked one of the Native American actresses from the Twilight movies if they were looking for a familiar face…geez.

  • Guest

    I’m a big fan of Rooney Mara and I’m happy for her but this is so wrong. Disappointed in Hollywood’s blatant racism. All white cast, what a surprise /sarcasm

  • Living in a box

    Well didn’t not expect that.

  • Jessica

    You guys should all be posting your comments on the site where the producers and directors actually go to:

    Then hopefully they will see their choice was as horrible and racist as it is.

  • Maybe it’s not Hollywood

    You know what is more messed up than the casting of this role the comments above. Do you know why? Most of the people screaming outrage over this casting choice for TigerLily either are not Native American themselves ( like I am actually) or could not name two Native American actresses of appropriate age for this role if given only a on the spot chance to answer and some people commenting couldn’t name any at all. You act outraged yet probably watch many movies each year new and classic where the “right” person wasn’t cast into a role. If you were being honest with yourself. Those behind films don’t pick girls like Rooney Mara in an attempt to offend anyone they pick someone like her in an attempt to make a movie successful so maybe the viewing public and those screaming outrage in the comments above should consider they are creating the supply and demand system for this kind of casting. Honestly it doesn’t offend me that she is playing the role at all. What was offensive…. the Disney animated Peter Pan……any one remember this song from the film… So I would say Hollywood has come pretty far after reading that below.
    Why does he ask you, “How?”
    Why does he ask you, “How?”
    Once the Injun didn’t know
    All the things that he know now
    But the Injun, he sure learn a lot
    And it’s all from asking, “How?”
    Hana Mana Ganda
    Hana Mana Ganda
    We translate for you
    Hana means what mana means
    And ganda means that too
    When did he first say, “Ugh!”
    When did he first say,
    In the Injun book it say
    When the first brave married squaw
    He gave out with a big ugh
    When he saw his Mother-in-Law
    What made the red man red?
    What made the red man red?
    Let’s go back a million years
    To the very first Injun prince
    He kissed a maid and start to blush
    And we’ve all been blushin’ since
    You’ve got it from the headman
    The real true story of the red man
    No matter what’s been written or said

  • Real NDN

    see the drunk laying over there? He was at the pow wow last night and protesting a miscast NDN….

  • Jessica

    @Maybe it’s not Hollywood: I completely disagree with you except the dialogue from the original Peter Pan movie as you have quoted. I am a Native American actress and if you go to IMDB there is a list with over 100 talented Native American women all within the same age range as Rooney Mara. I am within that age range and audition on a regular basis with MANY Native American actors. So it has nothing to do with there being any lack of finding an actress of the proper ethnicity to play the role. I agree that the dialogue in the original Peter Pan movie is awful. However an opportunity for a Native American to be cast in this new movie would have been a great chance for an actor to help break the stereotypes of a “dumb Injun” and play a character with heroism instead of some cliche sidekick. How will we ever break the stereotypes with our people if we are not even given chances to do so? It’s weird as a fellow Native American that you would defend a white washing casting choice. And as a matter of fact, I do have an opinion about other casting choices as well. Working in the industry and in the casting director’s room, I see the politics surrounding casting choices all the time and almost 90% of the casting choices has NOTHING to do with them being a “better actor”. Even the “REAL NDN” who commented said something about “a drunk”. Even he is a victim to his own upbringing and views of how society views him and his culture. As Native people we need to change not only society’s image of Native American people, but also how we “think” society views us as well.

  • Real NDN

    Oh, wait, now he’s awake he wants to fight along with Jessica…

  • K

    Please sign the petition and let WB know how you truly feel. Thank you so much.

  • Al


    Oh Jesus, really? A petition? Who gives a f*ck, it’s a movie!

  • Rita


    They’re not publishing any comments that criticize the casting choice apparently.