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Alexander Skarsgard Keeps His 'Tarzan' Body in Shape with a Trip to the Gym!

Alexander Skarsgard Keeps His 'Tarzan' Body in Shape with a Trip to the Gym!

Alexander Skarsgard keeps his head low and his hood up as he arrives at his gym on Thursday (March 13) in Los Angeles.

Looks like the 37-year-old True Blood hottie is keeping in tip top shape for his upcoming live-action 3D movie Tarzan, which will also star Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Mark your calendars, Tarzan is set to hit theaters on July 1, 2016!

We know you’ll need your Alexander fix way before 2016 – so you can catch him on the seventh and final season of True Blood this summer!

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alexander skarsgard keeps his tarzan body in shape with a trip to the gym 01
alexander skarsgard keeps his tarzan body in shape with a trip to the gym 02
alexander skarsgard keeps his tarzan body in shape with a trip to the gym 03
alexander skarsgard keeps his tarzan body in shape with a trip to the gym 04
alexander skarsgard keeps his tarzan body in shape with a trip to the gym 05
alexander skarsgard keeps his tarzan body in shape with a trip to the gym 06
alexander skarsgard keeps his tarzan body in shape with a trip to the gym 07

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  • Madeleine

    Looking good!

  • karine
  • sexy pants

    Whom ever wrote this post gets no points for orginalnity cause Duh! But He is so fit and fine right now though this hot SOB with his hot man stuff and cute feet. He has lovely feet and hands his man bits are very swoon worthy. But Boo on you Alexander Skarsgard Booo that he didn’t call me over to help him lift (I really mean distract him from his work -out or lifting weighs) weighs I would give him another work out though.

    I adore him but is it flip flop season? I can never tell with him because his body has no idea of the weather but Bless him for showing some skin and feet with his fine self.

  • sexy pants

    Lawd and baby jesus he is so fine tho. So fine even thouh he is in a moderate gym attire I know what’s under there and Its too much. Those South pole pics are pretty much burned into my membrane Can not Unseen not like I want too.

    It’s just no right that he is walking around place, the world and this gym without me though Not right at all. Boo Hiss on you Skarsgard. I might weep into everything I own. Might

  • Billie

    Oh yeah. I see the feet!

  • Slinky the Cat

    Awww! Lookit dem cute lil…um…big feetses! I was just thinking to myself that some Gym!Skars pics would be so lovely right about now, and whaddaya know? Poof! Here they are. It’s so unfair though. He’s walking around looking like all THAT and even his toes are cute. Seriously, dude. Who does that? Criminally unfair.

  • chelle

    He has such pretty feet! Is there anything on this man that isn’t perfect???? Hubby is giving me major side eye….He so jealous….. LOL!!!

  • ladybug

    @sexy pants: Is it flip flop season? Well in LA today it was ‘only’ 70. However, if he were actually leaving the gym, as the pics via characteristicallyexuberant seem to indicate, he may have just worn them straight from the post workout shower..

    And I believe these are first known gym related pics we’ve seen of him in two years.

  • sexy pants


    I figure as much Ladybug but I have been watching the skars for some times now and his body doesn’t moderate/regulate temperate like regular folks LoL! I would watch the people around him to know if it is hot or cold but bless him he is adorable most of time I can’t hate on him even though I can think of some reasons.

    But when you are this hot who needs extra layers.

  • H

    Yeah we now your gonna lie about dating costar margrat Robin when u start tarzen , just like bosworth days

  • ladybug

    @sexy pants: “his body doesn’t moderate/regulate temperate like regular folks LoL! ”
    No, it doesn’t! This is a man who wears black jeans and t-shirts to Coachella, when the temps are in the 100s.

  • Chrissy

    Good to see him back safe and sound after his trip to Europe. Looking great as usual. Am sure he’s not so happy to see the paps though!

  • Caryyn

    @H: Actually he never commented one way or the other about Bosworth or anyone else. He keeps his private life private unlike te Kartrashians and most other Hollywood types. I love his acting and quirky personality, but truly admire his reticence in these times where it seems like everyone shares everything.

  • Ha

    so fvcking hot

  • Eh?

    Who is Margrat Robin?

  • Cafélady

    He is definitely NOT amused about the pap’s, that’s for sure…but I can’t blame him that.

    Flip-Flop season: …well, he only has to walk from his car to the gym and back – so not really a problem with wearing only flip-flops, even with lower temperatures, I think.

    @ladybug: #8 I can’t agree here, that this would be the first gym related pics, since two years – because I believe, he was already papped once after the gym recently. JJ hasn’t connected the pics exactly with a gym visit – but he wore almost the same outfit like in this new pics here (aside of the shoes; sneakers instead of flip-flops) – so I presume he also came back from the gym there…

  • Gabriella Wright (I)

    Is the hot French chick in trueblood Eric’s love Intrest how many scenes did she have ? It doest look like that many just the 1?

    Gabriella Wright ‏@LadyGwright  Feb 11
    Loved working with the #trueblood family … Inspiring world to be part of. @HBO @TrueBloodHBO thankyou !!

  • BJ

    LMAO at the sexy feet fantasies! Whatever floats your boat!

  • Ladybug’s Stalker Details


    God, you sound crazy as f**k as usual. Pouring over every single detail of this man’s life, including trying to track and hypothesize about his movements at the gym. Are you not at all embarrassed about your behavior? Even a tiny bit? Are you really so lacking in self-awareness that you don’t know how crazy you sound when you say things like “he might have worn those shorts straight from the post workout shower”? My guess is that you know, but you don’t care so long as you’re posting among other equally insane stans.

  • Flipflops

    I myyyy the only sexier on him…would be me :P

  • Flipflops

    ..thing…I meant to say thing..before sexier..swoon..:P!!

  • smile

    here we go

  • Billie

    No foot fantasy. Just like nice feet. My husband has size 13 feet. Nice ones also, until he accidentally steps on my size 7 foot.


    @ladybug: @Cafélady:
    After the fiasco of the pics from inside the gym he was not papped there for a long time. Maybe he changed locations for a while.

  • something nice
  • sexy pants

    Aww Lainey she writes like she is still in the cafeteria staring at all the cool kids while eating lunch alone. As for Tarzan I have said it before it has potential to be great or really bad and seeing that people love to compare things and people I keep reading and seeing Joel name pop up all the time I saw Robocop while it had heart it fail in what it was meant to do this is the problem with remakes it will 99.9% of the time fail especially if it is a new remake meaning within my lifetime Hollywood don’t give you time to miss sh!t before they f-k with it and thus f-k it up.

    Now listen stans i am going to school you on the HW marketing scheme meaning they here to make money when you actor crosses over to HW films. HW objective is to make money off your actor they are not European films they dont care about the sunsets and how it changes your life if it does changes your life while making moeny it’s a win-win for everyone.

    So in saying that here is this:
    lesson 1 in HW money market aka instant cash aka Remakes which is realy what it’s all about.

    Robocop had a following had fan-base but it’s translation in cash was not much so this remake Failed

    Battleship not a franchise no following translation in cash Win made money so there is no comparsing really but it doesn’t stop stans from going cray.

    Tarzan has a following some might be dead though has potential for creating a new fan-base its translation in cash Awaiting release

    Joel was destined to fail with Robocop it was too fresh in people memory bank for them them to accept the black suit Robocop. Seriously WTF was that suit was NOT feeling it meaning I already went in the theatre with whatever feelings. It’s like changing Batman suit into Purple or Spiderman in yellow you don’t f-k with what already works, especially if it is essential to the character. GOD! They should have kept it Silver upgrade it to 2014 if they like, and they should have kept the violence it was more 99.9% heart and 1% action they should have balance it out. if you are going to remake something so fresh in people mind you have to listen what they have to say and adjust accordingly or don’t touch it. But of corse HW is greedy they saw $$$ and they wanted in on it. This is why they fail Robocop is an action movie why did they turn it into a all drama.

    This of course is not Joel fault he is an actor that does what is asked of him but he is being pigeon hole he is become the action star which is fine if that is what he wants the suits already have him label as such from his snabba cash films and the more of these roles he takes the less lately he will be able to break from it and less likely people will care to see him in anything other than that. The struggle will be real.

    Which leads to The Skarsgard he is smart enough to have foresight in the fickle nature of HW and like the tortoise and the Hare story he is taking his time to get to the finish line being the star right now doesn’t mean you will be the star in 10-15 years remember that kids it’s not called flavour of the month for nothing.

    Tarzan is ancient as dirt in HW terms it has not been remakes since dinosaurs roam the earth Film wise not tv wise mind you different beasts FYI it could be great while enlisting many to the films of past and the books of past so it could very well work in Alexander favour but of course it boils own to good script, editing and actors and direction.

    They are friends Joel and Alexander, now his brothers are getting in on the game they all have their goals for themselves and different talents and flares. I hope they all achieve it what they want. I like them all wish them all well in this fickle job they have chosen to be in.

    I hope everyone is up to speed and stop being children when they are in an adult world because it uselesss with he is more talented and better than the other BS they are all talented and good but they all offer different things even if you are Conjoined twins you offer something different but what you must remember they all came to HW which means they are all here for the fame and money if they want to be artist for their art they can go make European films because all HW care about is the $$$$ and how one can help them make it Comprende!

    Ok have a great weekend!

    But sometimes HW has to deal with a force that brings it own and HW has to deal with what the people want and give it to them money or not.

  • sexy pants

    Oh forget to write in my Alexander Skarsgard will still be around in 10-15 years essay was… that he was not the lead in Battleship he was in there for like 30 mins he wasn’t carrying the movie. The one who was carrying the movie couldn’t not in that or his other ones personally I lke Kitsch but he is more of a supporting act than a lead sucks for him but its true.

    I see Kitsch more as a TV actor than a movie actor if he does movies it should be more support.


    What fiasco?

  • sexy pants

    Since we are talking HW where is Hidden? Why hasn’t it been release yet? As I sit here I am pretty sure it is 1000% better than anthing the makers of Parnormal Activities has/had shat out now and since. I loathe Parnornal films so much, useless films and yet it comes out yearly now it seems. But it pretty much shows you that HW needs immediate cleansing of great proportions because whom ever green light some projects needs to get fired.

    WB needs to release it into the Theatre and make that money I know they will because it seem to be different from the handycam crap/ such to be horror shat that is pushed in the cinema. Ugh couldn’t tell when last I have seen a really damn good horror/ thriller movie.

    If I were them I would give it a September release date right after the Giver movie that is like free press for them since Alexander will be fresh in the minds of movie goers and just before the Halloween shat/slasher films that will be out in October/November.

    HW needs to get with the programme they didn’t want to make Veronica Mars but there are alot of people that wanted to see and they did or will and it’s making money. Same with 12 Years a slave their idea of what sells is as outdated as Commodore 64 we don’t use that no more.

    So for what ever reason WB is holding Hidden, hidden they need to bright it out to light and in the Cinemas because more people will want to see than how they think.

  • C

    I think what mean is the stalk of some woman in 2012 (hope i am correct with the year) when he was trying to work out as he always did in the gym he used to be and many pictures inside the gym were taken,

  • sexy pants

    haha I forgot to add this beauty because I SEE NO LIES IN THIS VIDEO

    DEAD! I love their clips they are awesome.

    Robocop as chessy and cliche as it was is a cult classic and if you are going to f-k with a cult classic you have to do way better than what was brought to us. I know Joel couldn’t say any better than he did because they already paid him and if he ever wanted to work on over produced movies again he had to read the cue cards but honestly Joel were you really pleased with it since he said he was a stan of the Old Robocop I will ask if if I ever see him. (truth telling)

  • Caryn

    @C: It was probably the troll that is often on here spewing bitterness and hatred towards him. LOL.


    first of all i would like to honestly and very kindly advise you to seek somekind of therapy because you are reaally obsessed with Alexander Skarsgard. You are in here dominating all his posts. like a real troll spewing all kinds of venomus stuff, thats nobody’s concern. I know there are other trolls too, but really you are really obsessed in a serious problematic way. It appears you have some obvious delusions about yourself, and no you are not funny.

    second of all. its people like you who will likely make Mr. Skarsgard very rightly so, to never reveal who he is seeing/dating out of concern for his and his girlfriends safety.

    thirdly mr. Skarsgard can and will take on any role he may like, for whatever reason he may like, which means that you shouldnt even be criticizing /speculating on tarzan because, it is his final say if he is up for that project or not. On that note, he will make a fantabulous tarzan if he does, because he has all the talent and skills.

    Lastly , please do seek help. I honestly and very kindheartidly advise you to do back off ! from these posts and get some help. For your own good.


    @sexy pants and all your other alters/voices in here. Please get help. nobody cares about what you say. Just let it go.

  • sexy pants


    LMFAO look who is super pressed on a Saturday. “Honestly and kindly B*tch please! Who are you idiots REALLY! I never address anyone in my post but you sure too it upon yourself like I even care about you and your feelings. Please look up dominate because you obviously have no idea of what it means. Better than that do you know what a general statement is which is what I had done.

    I will post here all I want when you have full complete control of the internet let me know how that turns out until then be QUITE because I don’t join you loser with finding why he is at this new gym or why he is wearing flip flops or when he will get hook up with this and that or the other or whatever you all choose to get obsesses with I don’t play with losers and yes that means you so don’t you worry you sad little head about me as for these voice you speak of are you sure it isn’t the ones in your head it seems to be something you are familar with.

    As for someone who doesn’t care about what I have to say you sure look like you DO! Sad little thing on the interweb has no one to play with. I am not here for you and I am sure could give a F-k if you like or find what I have to say funny I said what I need to say.

  • sexy pants

    “thirdly mr. Skarsgard can and will take on any role he may like, for whatever reason he may like, which means that you shouldnt even be criticizing /speculating on tarzan because, it is his final say if he is up for that project or not. On that note, he will make a fantabulous tarzan if he does, because he has all the talent and skills.”

    Just wanted to point out that reading and comprehending is not your top skill from all my posts you still didn’t get it. Did You! But I bet that is the story of your life good luck with being you though.

    “It appears you have some obvious delusions about yourself, and no you are not funny.”

    Lastly yes x 1000 I do believe I am supper, super, and again super dupper Awesome! Yes I do. (Those dare delsuions about myslef and i bet you didn’t find that funny huh! Your last) Stay Pressed tho!


    NO. I am sorry i dont care about what you say. or your posts and your awful grammar. it bothers me to come in here and see your personal bitterness spread all over AS posts. i am here because i like AS and there are other genuine fans in here who like him, who fancy him, who daydream about him and theres nothing wrong with that. fans who want to see him more in movies, who dont comment about his personal life or work and are not innapropriate. These are good fans. Why not, he is hot, he is young he is talented, some of us here genuinely admire him, or playfully wish we were in his bed. We are not mean headed or spewing the kind of venomus information in here, you are so bitter, you over done yourself in here. look at you, you need to get a real life. but first you really need therapy asap!! Shutting off your pc may actually work wonders on you.


    lol..when i have full on complete control of the internet?? whooooo….watch out for that one ;)

  • sexy pants


    Ugh deep sigh god you’re not very bright huh Venom Wow! Bitterness well you sure got me pegged (not really but ok if you think so who am I to come between crazy and insanity) I stan for Skarsgard without a super cap but you people always want to put yourselves on top so fine.

    I sure as hell ain’t gonna spend no more time on you and dumba$$ you bigger better dumber sadder and all that good stuff more than me I hope your star shines so bright in the sky that it blinds everyone.

    I am pretty much done with whatever this is suppose to be or your intentions are YOUR COMPREHENSION SKILL IS – - – 0 and just I am so bitter and venomous (as you keep telling me) I am just going to keep posting and if you don’t like that well that sucks for you now don’t it.

  • sexy pants


    @38 Gawd you must have been held back in alot of classes huh! Wow just Wow!

  • C

    Maybe,who knows.I remember know that the woman was a very special case.


    ok. @38 i was mocking you!! but i dont think you got it, sorry.. i apologize because i trully do hope you get help and i will pray for you.


    He could have had the 50 shades of grey, that was his role and loads of people would have wanted to see him in it….but then there are crazies like you around..talking crap about his leading lady and being pathologically jealous..


    Maybe you should let it go now it’s clear she done talking to you.

  • x

    Lots of sexy pants here..

  • louie

    Just read on IMDB that Alexanders Tarzan movie has estimated budget of 90 million dollars .Pheew, not bad. WB is really going big time for this movie. This is probably his big chance. If it (flip)flops, he can retire as a very wealthy man.

  • Top dollar for Alex

    How much are they paying Alex for tarzen being the star if it’s got a 90 mil budget ? Which also includes Sam l Jackson Christopher waltz and c lister trying to climb to a list margot robbie ? I carnt believe they casted her . It should have been Jennifer lawrance as Jane


    @C: I was indeed speaking of the woman who had male friends inside the gym sending her pics from their phones she would post on the net. They were also giving her reports of him in the men’s shower and locker room.

  • His choice

    He’s a darling, no matter what. Whatever his choice. Just saying….

  • Swoon

    I really love AS, but I have to say I get disgusted when I see some of the comments on here, some of you ladies really do need to take a step back . He is not your property or your boyfriend! Of course we all dream he was, but the fact of the matter is, he is a single man in HW, he is allowed to date whoever he wants, stop hating on any woman who ever comes into contact with him and cut him some slack for goodness sake!
    I love him, I love his interviews, and I will see any movie he stars in, but I draw the line at stalking his every move and speculating about what outfit he wore at what time of the day. That is way overboard. And yes he gorgeous and sexy, and like another poster said, it’s all fine and good to daydream about him and say he’s sexy but some people on here just get so vulgar that it’s disrespectful (you want to climb him like a tree, you want to sit on his face etc…) that it is just disrespectful. Would you women want a man to talk about you in that way? You can admire him and his sexiness without being vulgar and disrespectful.