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Jennifer Lopez: 'I Luh Ya Papi' Video is Basically the Best Throwback Thursday Ever!

Jennifer Lopez: 'I Luh Ya Papi' Video is Basically the Best Throwback Thursday Ever!

There are still a few hours left for Throwback Thursday and we think that Jennifer Lopez basically just beat everybody else’s attempts at the best throwback with her new music video for “I Luh Ya Papi”!

The 44-year-old entertainer debuted her new music video featuring French Montana during tonight’s episode of American Idol.

The video features J.Lo doing some throwbacks to her most famous looks in the past, including her On the 6 album artwork, her “I’m Real” music video, her infamous Grammys dress, and more!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing multiple Charles Albert cuffs. She is wearing DITA Eyewear sunglasses and Gucci sunglasses in the video.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer Lopez’s music video for “I Luh Ya Papi”?

Jennifer Lopez – “I Luh Ya Papi” Video
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  • ??

    Really? Is she putting that song out there?! Must be a joke….

  • Sandra

    Awful! What a joke!

  • sammies

    wait is that guy paul thomas anderson? director of boogie nights and the master? i hope not.

  • Luiza

    Well, she is way to pretty for a 44 yrs old.

  • Lainey

    One word GARBAGE ! She should be embarrassed withe the crap she’s coming out with lately.The only one happy with this is probably her gay BF.He must have been in wonderland with all that men in the video.

  • truth

    Song is flop, video – cheap and boring. Even Miley these days more entertaining than JLO. lol

  • Ava

    Seriously I don’t know who’s worse Beyonce or JLO … they’re both so desperate to show their sexy… We get it !! your both the sexiest bit*hes ever made! Know go take off her spanx pantyhose and underwear with glitter and fake hair and go make some real music instead this crap.

  • Annabelle

    @Ava Both JLO and Beyoncé are hot though so why not? At least they have curves to show off, if you should be complaining this about should be Miley Cyrus. She is just traumatizing us with hers nobody wants to see that. Let me look this good by the time I’m 31 or 44 I’d be showing off my body all the damn time I want!
    All in all I love JLO but this song is going to flop so hard.

  • Rainier

    You all are hating… the video is amazing, I love how she did the throw back! she looks hawt!!! better than Miley and Copyonce

    I Luh Ya Mami !!!!!!

  • Ava

    @ Annabelle is all allusion , Even with all their narcissism spending all their time and money to look good… Both need those spanx pantyhose to pull it off , one thing about Miley and Rihanna they don’t wear nude body/spanx or close shots using body doubles and good lighting, wigs and weaves …. Anyone one can look good.. So what’s the point…. 20 years old guys aren’t looking at then, when their hotter younger women… So why don’t they worry about making good music, both have no hits in the top 10 …they’re as delusional like Kim Kardasian..with her half naked photoshopped selfie’s thinking their sexy When it’s just pathetic.!!

  • Over

    When you’re throwbacking your old looks and moves, it’s time to retire.

  • Elena

    It’s so bad it’s almost embarrassing lol! Does she really think this will help her comeback? And let me guess, she will perform it on AI soon

  • Sam

    Please can’t stand Miley , but to compare her body , which is amazing… But.. But too skinny , that’s what all short , big hip , big thighs and fat a$$’s say to make themselves feel good., especially when then need 10 inch heels to not look like fat little midgets .

  • jess

    @Rainier: but beyonce can sing this Rican Whore is impossible

  • andrea

    so basically she copied eminem’s concept for the monster video

  • pan86

    OMG This video is soooo HOT and funny! Love it!
    The song btw is sooooo catchy! Stuck in my head all day! I LUH YA PAPI!!!! :)

  • anna

    Sorry to break it to you but Rihanna definitely wears wigs, weaves, and all that good stuff. What’s wrong with wearing them anyway?

    P.S Beyoncé’s “Drunk in love” peaked at #2 on the hot 100, so what the hell are you talking about.. At the end of the day none of the artist’s want to be sexy like you, they want to be sexy like them. So chill out and let them be.

  • calm down

    That’s your preference though. Some people think Miley really is too skinny and has bones for an a$$. You’re saying Bey and J.Lo are too curvy, I beg to differ. Its all a matter of opinion. That’s the beauty of it all.

  • amnda

    love her but this is so desperate.

    She name drops Miley in the song.
    Shes acting way too young.

    She may be aging gracefully, but she’s not gracefully realizing her age.

    Not saying she has to be grandma, but she needs to evolve into a woman and stop trying so hard.

  • Nope..

    this is so sad… she thinks she still in her 20′s… I’m not saying she looks bad, she does have a GREAT BODY, but she’s trying waaaaaay too hard.
    I’m not a Jlo fan but she has more talent than rihanna and miley together..
    AND Y’ALL B1TCHES NEED TO STOP HATING ON BEYONCÉ!!! she has nothing to do with this other H0ES

  • http://yahoo Brownrylicious

    I Really do not see why you peeps are mad. It is a fun song, and a fun video. Jlo had always loved to dress like this. This isn’t raunchy compared to Beyoncé and Miley. Some skimpy clothing and some decent clothing. Yea she looks really young here but is there anything wrong with feeling young? I would be glad to look this good in my 40s. it will help if you don’t attach too much emotion to the video lest you get a heart ache. if you don’t like Jlo stay away from her videos and quit ranting. pffft!

  • She Stinks!

    Trash from the queen of trash, it is to be expected. She looks foolish and way too old for this type of song and video. As always, she can’t sing, rap or dance. Untalented on all counts. Are the boys in this video going to be adopted by JHO? This is so embarrassing, its actually funny. JHO doesn’t get it!


    This is clearly a fun song with fund video. I really find it very funny and very well done. The song is really addictive acutally..I did not like it at first, but it really grows on you. And it is really original and new – I had not heard something like this before.
    I think she is doing the right thing and you guys need to relax a bit and not take everything so seriously.

  • Faboh

    Funny how all the ugly woman are hating right now. You say it’s degrading to woman than here ya’ll Bouchey bitches send hate mail. Go do some squats bitches. Must be tough being half jlo’s age and she leaves ya’ll looking old. Stop hating & spread the love. Spmy mami look good & y’all hating know it! Peace.

  • Cindy

    Cute song and she looks FABULOUS! But I gotta say she kinda looks ridiculous cause it’s so not age appropriate. Totally understand trying to stay relevant and keep up but sometimes it’s good to bow out gracefully or find your niche for real! Still love ya Jenny from the Block.

  • charliefan

    Those sexy yacht boys are wearing Charlie by Matthew Zink!! Check it out…

  • Toutoumonde Monde

    Of course she looks good, who wouldn’t with all the $$$ she spends on her looks THE SONG IS HIDEOUS! Please people! Is so silly, as a Latina I feel embarrassed that she will come with such a stupid song just to show some butt. I will love her to keep being a successful business woman and spare the world from garbage like this

  • Toutoumonde Monde

    @amnda: Very we’ll said. Yes she looks fine but she is getting very DESPERATE to stay relevant. She is pretty and successful, the butt showing (something she didn’t do when she started) is now her presentation card. To me is a mystery why people continue glorifying and spending money on her movies and CDs … He clothing line is ok though.

  • Mario JLo

    JLo is simply the queen, is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. QUEEN!!!

  • Eve

    Oh GAWD this is crap, but unfortunately my ass is surrounded by people that are probably going to be playing this from their car bocinas at 3 in the morning:(

  • Janire

    Eh… well… she couldn’t do better or…? I would say ‘not bad’ but not the case… wtf xD

  • miapocca

    -Miley does have a better singing voice then JLO OR RIRI

    -Rihanna appeal is mainly in her sexy trashy will do anything naked antics

    –JHO is gettofab and gets around..she wants to do something she finds a way even with a “somewhat” talent

    JLO barely gets by with her diva stuff , its a carefully calculated image to keep her in the limelight, dont please compare her with those who can actually sing….and hate Miley as you can, even even stripped off her antics, her voice is MORE THAN GOOD

    -the public asked for the antics the muscians who give you these antics show up at #1, so really if you can get your teenagers to stop worshipping those antics, these celebs will actually fall back on real talent. But this is the age of non talented hos from Tigers woods hos to the kardahsians everyone won the lottery when it became apparent that the public loves trash

  • Brazilian Girl

    She looks as beautiful as always! I Luh Ya Mami!!

  • Rita

    What? Miley plays in another higher league than her. JLo, seems to become so embarrassing… i mean, your a mother?! What the heck, stop acting like a jerk… she better should act.

  • R.G.

    Bunch of Jelous girls on here. She looks fantastic and she sounds better than ever. Big hit for the summer. The catch phrase has been around but due to this video and song she most definitely coined it better than ever and believe you me, everyone will be saying “I luh ya Papi” Damm she can get down. BTW she is poking fun at her own ethnicity and she does it so well, only she can do this. But she, as a business woman knows exactly what she is doing to get your attention. Cha Ching!! Good for her! Now please go home to your men and tell them “I luh ya Papi” LMAO!!!!


    I am sick of that pic of Goldie’s been there for weeks! Get rid of it JJ………..UGH.

  • Muggs

    This song is brutal. It’s unfortunate earworm quality is akin to that of the Macarena – pure torture. I wonder how she’ll pull it off on AI next week – performing in front of a bunch of kids who can sing way better than her but to whom she is a judge. At least she looks incredible and can dance – there’s always that.


    She is talented, sensual, beautiful, self-made women

    Video with ironi

  • Original

    Nobody said being on the block would be easy.

  • annie

    Beyonce at #2??? which chart?? shes either eben going down the charts or is at the same position on the charts. ive seen no charts where shes at #2. highly doubt shell even make it there.

  • Aoede

    Video is cute, she’s so pretty, but the song is horrible. She needs to stop trying to make singing happen. JLo is the Jack of all trades, master of none.

  • Elena

    @Toutoumonde Monde:
    But people DON’T spend money on her music and movies! Her last three singles flopped and this one is terrible too – her last movie failed.

  • PIA

    I love this song!!!!!!!! JLO IS A BAD BITCH…….

  • PIA

    @??: HATER

  • PIA


  • manny

    terrible song and lyrics