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Keith Urban Says Nicole Kidman & Their Girls Love 'Let It Go'!

Keith Urban Says Nicole Kidman & Their Girls Love 'Let It Go'!

Keith Urban heads out of RivaBella restaurant after having dinner with friends on Wednesday evening (March 12) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 46-year-old singer taped a live performance episode of his show American Idol earlier evening. The theme of the night was Songs from the Cinema and a contestant named Majesty Rose decided to sing the song “Let It Go” from the Oscar-winning film Frozen.

“Right now, my wife [Nicole Kidman] and our daughters are watching this at home and I know that they love that song. Sunday Rose is our daughter by the way, along with FeFe,” he said.

When Ryan Seacrest asked which character from Frozen the kids like best, Keith said “I don’t know, they just love that song. Right now our daughter is screaming at the television I’m sure.” So cute!!!

10+ pictures inside of Keith Urban leaving the restaurant…

Just Jared on Facebook
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 01
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 02
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 03
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 04
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 05
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 06
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 07
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 08
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 09
keith urban says nicole kidman loves let it go 10

Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • Lilly

    Love Keith Urban! He is such a great dad and husband. He has such a soft spot for his wife and children and wears his emotions on his sleeve.

  • Me3

    Would have liked to see the whole car! Wonder what it is?

  • 1urbanfan27

    Another fancy car… MY sweet Keith… :)

  • sheila

    Keith does love his fancy cars and his sweet wife and daughters. He deserves the happiness and success he is currently enjoying with them

  • 1urbanfan27


    Keith enjoys lots of things…And lots of people… :)

  • leslie

    Ah, 1urbanfan27, still at it I see. It’s been 9 years, let’s move on.

  • Um

    He certainly doesn’t enjoy deranged fanatics but that’s the small price of fame. Thankfully, he can avoid them in his daily life.

  • Um

    If and I mean a big IF — you were any part of his life, you wouldn’t need to follow and post on internet boards. But that is too much logic for you I’m sure. I just don’t understand why you try to convince the other readers here of your relationship. Whatever. Dream and post on if that’s what gets you through your day. Not a single person believes you.

  • Noma

    The hair. Let it grow. Not a good look. Either cut the front, or let the back grow.

  • Noma

    Would like to see a looser shirt too. Those tshirts look like they’d fit his daughter. Such a good looking man who would benefit from a stylist.

  • Tina

    I’m not liking any contestant this year. Poor choices for top 12. I want to like the show, but the talent just isn’t there.

  • Sally

    Keith does cherish his wife and daughters and you are correct 1urbanfan27 he has many friends and family he enjoys. But you are not one of them. You are the crazy stalker he avoids at all costs. It’s been 9 yrs and his love for his wife and children and his marriage is getting stronger everyday.

  • Ellen

    The show is taped?!

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Sally: And YOU have NO idea what you are talking about…And that hasn’t changed either…

  • 1urbanfan27

    @Um: I don’t care what you believe…The person who knows…Is the person who counts… :)

  • kelly

    Him and nicole are a gross couple. Hate keith and hate nicole also.

  • Lioness

    I love Keith’s hair! He looks just like any normal guy! I hope he doesn’t grow it back out. It suits him. I love how he loves being a husband and father. I’ve been a fan of Keith’s a long time and it thrills me to see him so happy and with a family! He is so beautiful inside and out! Also very talented.

  • Lioness


    Hate is a very awful word Kelly! I sure hope you really don’t mean you hate anyone. Very sad.

  • sheila

    Celebrities who have mistresses provide them with secret cellphones, etc so they don’t have to talk to them on public message boards. How’s that working for you 1urbanfan27? lol

  • Sally

    1urbanfan27 you’ve been saying the same thing for years. What we know is Keith loves his family and looks at you as nothing but a nuisance.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    I’m one of Keith’s biggest fans, and saying that, I hate seeing him look so ‘down’ in these photos. I’ve seen him annoyed at the paps before, but these are different. He looks almost sad. Maybe it’s my imagination, I hope so.

  • Consider the source

    If you’ve been on Just Jared long enough you know there’s one nobody who thinks she’s in a relationship with Keith. There’s also a couple of nobodies who say he’s gay. They all came from that putrid E! Online message board that thankfully was deleted. They never bothered to get their stories straight on what they think is real. That alone is why nobody believes them.

  • joanie

    Why does Keith have money in his hand? And why does he have a black eye? As for the hair, I have to agree with Noma, chop off the long bangs and it would look much better.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    @Consider the source:

    27′s been posting her feelings for Keith since the old CMT message board, which was discontinued also. She just cares for Keith very strongly; whether she knew him back in his player days is anyone’s guess. She used to write him sweet messages daily on the old board, sometimes a poem or old song. I’m a softie, and really felt her pain.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    He seems to be waiting for his car, so that’s probably a tip for the car valet.

  • Consider the source

    @Lizzie: Sorry but that’s just creepy. She might have left sweet messages at CMT but what she has said and continues to say other places is quite another. It’s intentional deception and backhanded comments about his wife. Why would you feel pain for someone like that? It’s closing in on a decade. She needs to move on and if she can’t see that she’s mentally ill.

  • What a sweet couple

    Keith and his male “friend” seem very close. Very unusual for two men to stand in such close proximity while waiting for their car.

  • http://comcast Joni

    Come on THE CRAZY ONE: he is standing close to some guy ?? Make up your mind is he a womanizer or is he gay ?? I will tell you what he is, he is a handsome guy married to a beautiful movie star Nicole Kidman and has two beautiful daughters with and he couldn’t be happier. Sorry to disappoint you THE CRAZY ONE !!!

  • Lioness

    @What a sweet couple:

    I stand close to my girlfriend and give her a hug when we have met for dinner and I’m a woman. I have (girl) friends that meet every month to dine out and we all hug each other goodbye or hello! There is always someone who is going to say something ridiculous on these boards. Grow up. As for urbanfan27….I’ve seen her post for many years and I believe she is harmless. Maybe that’s all she has to live for…memories.

  • old CMT member

    @Lioness: She’s a blowhard attention-seeker. You would think after getting dismissed on Keith’s fansite, other message boards, and fellow NIcole Kidman haters, she’d quit posting if what she said had any truth to it. The best thing is to ignore her from the
    get go and post on topic.

    Keith Urban ‏@KeithUrban
    If you listen very closely, you can hear my two daughters screaming #LetItGo at the top of their lungs!!! #Frozen #idolKU – KU

  • Brian

    Just look at the photos. Keith Urban is a fag.

  • maclen

    Well, based on the first photo…where the dude appears to have his arm behind orb…he may simply be “leading” orb out of the restaurant. Based on a few shots with orb’s “sleepy” eyes…he may have gotten a little “buzzed” that night…trying to “drown away the sorrows” of Idol’s disastrous ratings. As to that bruise under orb’s left eye…yes…no doubt an adverse reaction to a recent botox or filler procedure. That…or orb is a sloppy eater and smeared gravy all over his face and just didnt wipe his face well enough. Again, the sloppiness no doubt in part to downing a few cold ones…or a bottle of jack daniels. As they say…”when the cats away…

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    @What a sweet couple:

    Two men are standing, looking in the same direction for the valet to bring the car. Considering there are people coming out of the restaurant behind them, the man with Keith has probably moved up in order not to block anyone. But that’s just logic, and you don’t want to here it.

  • Oh dear

    Very touchy feely photos of Urban and his male companion.

  • Nice try @Lizzie

    Heterosexual men simply DO NOT STAND THAT CLOSE TOGETHER while waiting for the valet.

  • tan

    Why Keith so gay in public ?

  • lol

    @maclen: maclen…another blowhard attention-seeker and The Crazy One, posters 34-36. Just call them Dumb and Dumber.

  • Carolyn

    I really enjoy seeing Keith on Idol. I think all three judges are doing a good job and giving valuable feedback to the contestants. Keith’s knowledge and love of music as well as his kindness and enthusiasm shine through each week. In these pictures he just looks tired to me.
    He should be with the schedule he keeps. He is one busy man.

  • x

    You would be tired too Carolyn, if you had to live the life of deception Keith does. Fake relationships can be so exhausting.

  • Not buying it

    Little old Urban looks like a hobbit in that car.

  • maclen


    The orb truly revealed he is NOT qualified to judge “quality singing”…when he “guaranteed” Emily Piriz that she WOULD be returning the following week. After her performance orb said, “I loved it, Emily!”. And when she was voted to the bottom of the group…orb decided NOT to save piriz. Evidently, the weasel in orb decided to dump his “guarantee’ to her after the votes had her last. Orb’s “advice” has a shelf life of when the public votes him wrong.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    @Nice try @Lizzie:

    I don’t know nor care to know where you live, but in my area, to see two men standing close to each other is normal. March Madness starts this week, and I can guarantee there’ll be many heterosexual men standing and leaning together discussing the teams.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie


    In all of your foolish comments, this takes the cake. Keith liked Emily’s performance and thought she was a lock, as did JLo and Harry. As far as her not getting a ‘save’, it has to be a unanimous vote. Keith, in all probability, did vote to save her, but one of the other’s didn’t.

    You know this obsession with Keith isn’t normal, and you might want to take this little quote seriously: “My obsession used to be my protector, but now it has taken me prisoner”.

  • Lioness


    It was also said to Emily that the choice to not save her was not unanimous! You sound like a real winner! Your post makes no sense and very childish! Don’t care to further read the obnoxious post some of you post here!

  • Nice try @Lizzie

    @Lizzie: only homosexual men stand THAT close together.

  • Oh dear

    . he looks like a woman
    . He cries like a woman
    . He is married to a lesbian
    . He weeps over a gay marriage ceremony
    . He shares NYE kiss with a man

  • Emily

    @Oh dear: Tomorrow morning after you’ve played watchdog on this thread all night The Urbans will still be a happy family and you will still be bitter and alone.

  • Oh dear

    @Emily: that doesn’t make sense because the Urban’s are not a real family.

  • curious

    Why would Kidman and the PR girls be watching American Idol when nobody else is?

  • bahahaha

    So nice to hear the nanny allowed little Sunday Roast and FeFe to stay up and watch Idol.

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