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Kim Kardashian Greets Her Fans Bright & Early Before Departing Miami!

Kim Kardashian Greets Her Fans Bright & Early Before Departing Miami!

Kim Kardashian leads the way in front of her sisters Khloe and Kourtney as they leave the Versace Mansion early Thursday morning (March 13) in Miami, Fla.

The 33-year-old reality star stopped to talk to some fans who had been waiting outside the mansion to meet her before she left. The girls gave Kim a note and appeared to be so excited to meet her!

“We out Miami!!!!” Kim tweeted, as she and her sisters were en route to the airport.

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe were in town to open their new Dash store location – the gals looked gorgeous at the event!

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian and her sisters leaving Miami…

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kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 01
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 02
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 03
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 04
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 05
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 06
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 07
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 08
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 09
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 10
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 11
kim kardashian greets lucky fans camped out to meet her 12

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  • lisa

    She looks gorgeous. That little girl about to cry is so cute

  • Amy


    It’s sad that young girls think it’s okay to look up to a Porn Star.

  • fran

    That little girl about to cry is hoping she doesn’t catch any diseases from Kim.

  • bebe

    Kim is here, Kim is there. Where she should be is at home taking care of her child instead of passing her around to the nanny, grandma or any other adult who just happens to be visiting. She is one sorry excuse for a mother.

  • Linda

    LOL @ Fran. This woman is so stupid & useless. She is the product of at least 10 plastic surgeries. No talent, no skills, no education, no brain. I liked that sidewalk block I saw on someone’s blog the other day. It said “stop making people famous for no reason.”

  • remember da truth

    You people do realize that just because you don’t see her holding her baby in a picture it doesn’t mean she’s neglected her and never with her? A picture is a few seconds of a whole day…..

    And people who say that she is famous for her sex tape are fools just repeating what someone else says. LOTS of people have sex tapes and don’t have a show that has lasted for 7 + years with spinoffs, multiple stores, clothing lines, perfumes, and personal appearances. She’s famous for her show and the family as personalities. They have been involved in fashion and business since they were teens, and that’s what got them started.

  • sos

    The tape is what got them started. This is a family of mostly high school graduates who are living off of Kim’s notoriety. Enjoy the show while you can because its ratings are tanking, and whoever spends a dime on any of their hooker clothes or other products is a fool.

  • Mylene – Montreal

    SO SAD to see this little girl cry like that for a women who DON’T CARE !!!!! She don’t care a seconde ! i’m so frustrate ! WHY PEOPLE ? WHY ????

  • Mylene – Montreal

    and WHERE IS iGNORI ????

  • Mylene – Montreal

    @remember da truth: People like u make this world a big trash can … This people make girl load they credit card for look like them .. thonk at plastic surgery for look like them ……. don’t tell me what i need to thing about them …

  • Wrong!

    @remember da truth:

    Yes, they were comfortably rich before due to daddy’s profession as a high profile attorney and the OJ case that made him more famous but ultimately it was their daughter Kim who started hanging out with the first skanky, no talant, rich ho Paris Hilton and then Kim decided she wanted to up skank her with the public release of her disgusting sex tape that is what made the Kardashian’s an unfortunate household name thanks to satan’s home girl, pimp mama Kris.

    So yes,this family is nothing more than rich trash who profited off the back of their daughter/sister’s porn tape. Therefore, no talent and definitely no personality.

  • kelly

    Who would buy there clothes line. Can see her boobs in that shirt. Why to tight. Women stay home at take care of your kids. don’t hand them out to your nanny’s or to grandma.

  • Wrong!

    These words were blanked out: the first sk@nky and she wanted to up sk@nk

  • PritZ

    Kim has sexy feet ;)

  • James

    I don’t care who she is, what she does, how she raise her kid, who she has relationship with… She doesn’t harm anyone so I can only wish her happiness. No hate, no love. That’s the exact relationship we should have with all these “famous”people.

  • Mylene – Montreal

    @remember da truth: Women who respect them self never going to buy the Kardashian shit .. NEVER !!!! This is life for U ? if you think of selling his personality is so hypocritical … I’m sad for u

  • Mylene – Montreal

    Women who comment here are not all fat, ugly and boring. I’M NOT ! i like gossip but i like intelligent people. And i see a lot of celebrity who have ethic in life.

  • Mylene – Montreal

    @PritZ: i’m agree with you .. she have beautiful feet … that’s all

  • Mylene – Montreal

    and again .. WHERE is this poor iGNORI ???

  • Mylene – Montreal

    i’m not a mom, but i remember when my sister in law have my niece (her first child) .. She left the home for romantic week-end with my brother when the baby have 5 months i thinks … she left 2 days and she feel so : i miss my baby !!!!!! I don’t say mom need to stay at home … NO ! .. Probably the mother here understand what i say

  • Amy

    @remember da truth:

    Kim Kardashian = Jenna Jameson

  • sara


  • Bigmex

    @James: If you had children who looked up to a porn star i think you would care, you are most likely a gay man posting which really doesn’t count for much !

  • NickyAngel

    Fans of Keeping up with the Kardashians or the sex tape?

  • remember da truth

    I’m just saying you bitter, hate-filled people who can’t spell need to take a look at what you’re so angry about….. LOTS of people have sex tapes. She was in a 3-year relationship, it wasn’t porn. And no one would have given a crap about it if she weren’t already known as a stylist and red carpet staple in LA. She and her sisters already had a boutique before the show started, and the show started right around the same time the sex tape was distributed.
    Did Paris Hilton have a show last seven years? Her sex tape debuted at the same time as HER show. Pam Anderson’s sitcom tanked. There are as many sex tapes out there as there are celebs, but no one else has maintained the public’s interest like this.
    You might not like it, and I might not think it’s as respectable as what other women are doing, but you can’t deny that there is something there beyond curves and a sex tape. They are businesspeople, and have learned how to build an empire from being personalities on TV.
    If you think it’s just a sex tape, then why don’t you try it and see? You’re obviously so envious that she’s made a fortune that you it’s consuming you.

  • remember da truth

    By the way, if you are all so eaten up thinking that a long ago sex tape built her fame and kept it going, then you must have seen it and everyone you know seen it. Hypocrites much? Have any of you ever had your ex reveal something embarrassing about you?

    Her mother didn’t distribute it. They sued and tried to block it. She at first tried to deny it existed. It was Ray J who was trying to make money off of it. She didn’t have it and didn’t shop it around — HE DID to get even with her for breaking up with him. When it was obvious she wouldn’t be able to block it and it was going to get out because Ray J leaked parts of it onto the internet, and she was ALREADY famous enough to have interest in it, that’s when she said, okay, then pay me for it. She took a settlement from Vivid, who distributed it.

    It would have died, along with her show, and every other pseudo-celeb’s reality show, regardless of sex tapes or Playboy posings, but there is more there. She is a savvy business person. She’s never been in trouble with the law, done drugs, gotten into nasty Twitter feuds, been seen drunk or pantyless at a club. All she’s done is work on building a brand, like Cindy Crawford did, and Bethenny Frankel did, using TV as a launching pad to draw attention to her boutique, and then branching out from there.
    If you don’t like her, fine, find her trashy and uncouth, fine. But don’t fool yourselves that anyone with a sex tape could have done what she’s done and made it last all this time and only growing.