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Bradley Cooper Has a Major Bruise on His Arm

Bradley Cooper Has a Major Bruise on His Arm

Bradley Cooper enjoys the warm weather by taking a ride around town on his motorcycle on Thursday afternoon (March 13) in Los Angeles.

The 39-year-old displayed a major bruise on his upper left arm. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself too badly, Bradley!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bradley Cooper

This is the first time we have spotted Bradley since the Oscars earlier this month.

Bradley‘s girlfriend Suki Waterhouse was seen out and about in London that same day attending a party with her model pal Cara Delevingne.

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bradley cooper zooms around los angeles motorcycle 02
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bradley cooper zooms around los angeles motorcycle 04

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  • supernatural

    I think it is the staff of Bradley or Bradley himself has close bcoopandthescoop.

    He does not like that kind of stuff, and it is very strict about his photos, it does not mean that we have his photo wallpaper, so for the forum is the same.

    For his accident, these are things that happen, whether at work or on the motorcycle.

    I did not think to hear from as early Bradley, he knows that having so many news every 5 minutes, it started to annoy us.

    it’s weird to see Suki in London doing the party, and Bradley in Los Angeles for a film, where normally you said she had a role. Bradley said he would sometimes slapping with Suki, but I do not think it is because of that, he has an arm injury.

  • Drake

    Gloria clearly gave him a whopping for choosing his beard over his mother to sit next to at the oscars. Odd JJ post stories of them same day but in two different side of the country. Contract coming to end.

  • Over

    He looks rotound these days. He loves his food.

  • supernatural


    he makes a film about a guy who is not skinny

  • Hannah

    I read that Bradley Cooper is putting on added weight for his next picture. It will probably be easy for him to take it off, since he is working out and gaining the weight with muscle. I wonder what happened to cause that nasty bruise on his arm?

  • supernatural


    it should be in the hospital, that’s why we had no news.

  • bradlyhotlynak

    naked bradly so hot

  • over rated

    Bradley can’t act. He is gaining weight to win to win an oscar he will not win. He wants to works with famous directors to win. His acting in American Hustle was cringe worthy.

  • Jazz

    How has this mediocre closet case ever become a star

  • Hello

    It’s a pretty big bruise. It could be interesting to know how it’s happened.
    It’s rare that he rides his motorcycle without his leather jacket and his gloves.

  • DJ

    @Hello: Yeah, that is a pretty nasty bruise. I hope he’s going to be ok. Maybe I’m seeing things, but it looks like there is also a mark on one of his knuckles on his right hand. I’m surprised to see him riding without all of his other gear too.

  • fiona

    Bradley is putting weight on for a role he’s proved his acting skills time and time again he may not be everyone s cup of tea (i <3 him) but i wonder what has happened rare for him not to be in proper biker gear

  • Hambone Derek

    Told ya before, we like it rough. LOL

  • Bradley Creeper

    Bradley Creeper. I don’t want people to blame Clint Eastwood when movie flops. Bradley is a douche pedophile who cannot carry a movie.


    He’s gay gay gay. Be proud & clean your closet Cooper

  • Polly

    Happy to see that Bradley’s still alive after all these days without any news from him. It’s the first time I see him driving his motorcycle without his leather clothes…

    Does someone know why the board Bcoopandthescoop has closed ?

  • Bradley’s Closet Says…

    @TRAVOLTA: You Know Nothing. Bradley has a clean peen.

  • Shantee

    @Polly: they didn’t close the board, they selected some names, deleted others users, blocked some IP’s and surprise they changed the name Scoop. They (Hypocrites seg76 and Chris BBlocked) think they’re smart. If you didn’t receive the new link can’t access

  • Bradlifer

    Bradley what happend to your hand??

  • Maggie

    @Bradlifer: Arm bruises! wild sex with his boyfriend! Is Botom queen BCoop

    @Drake: isn’t a secret in Hollywood. Bradley loves men. Beard contract is normal for actors. His PR team is working extra hours for his “leading man” status.

  • Dolly

    Movie news: Sienna Miller is going to play Brad’s wife in American Sniper. Figured I’d post this here since the other thread got out of hand.

  • Huh

    @Dolly: Thanks. It’s not like any of us know how to type his name into google.

  • Huh

    @Dolly: As you can see from #22, this thread won’t be any better. Can you imagine, the highlight of the trolls’ day is to go on a gossip board and use another poster’s name to post inane drivel. Pathetic. The casting of Sienna Miller worries me. She is not a good actress. Kate Mara would’ve been a much better choice. Have a great weekend!

  • wedding?

    i see a new article about suki on the wedding. and she say yes, if someone talk wedding

  • Polly

    @Shantee: I was suspected that. They probably keep the 10 regular posters that fit the “editorial line” of the board. I think it’s an error and that the board will dy slowly after that.

    I hope Eastwood knows what he is doing with Sienna Miller. I never saw her acting. For me, she’s only “famous” for being Jude Law”s girlfriend and her picture on the magazines. What do you think of her ?

  • supernatural

    They are my thread if you agree, every people are welcoming!
    For Sienna Miller, i don’t know because i see just one movie about her : Gi Joe, that’s all.

  • Bradlifer is this new pics??? Lol she called the paps and putted on make up and got all dressed up for her pics and the pics are even photoshoped look at her nose and everything. Lol lol

  • Bradlifer

    They really look like photoshots for some company, they even know what mark her coat is from. And all that make up and styling…. It all looks wierd…she looks so different from two days ago….where is she headed??

  • supernatural

    I think she goes to Los Angeles for a few days, I make this for a magazine. My niece who is a model took pictures at the airport for his book

  • Bradlifer

    @supernatural: la?? My guess new york.

  • Dolly

    @Bradlifer: She looks like she went to the airport from an event, or is going to an event when she gets off the plane. Maybe she put on sweats after checking her bags;)

  • Bradlifer

    @Dolly: there was no event she was at yesterday so My guess if you are right is that she is going to an event when she gets off the plane where Ever that is. She dressed up and even fixed her hair and got her pics taken, and the photographer even botherd photshoping her nose and everything.

  • Bradlifer

    @Dolly: there was no event she was at yesterday so My guess if you are right is that she is going to an event when she gets off the plane where Ever that is. She dressed up and even fixed her hair and got her pics taken, and the photographer even botherd photshoping her nose and everything

  • Bradlifer

    We Will see where she is going. But My guess is ny for a Job.

  • L

    Wonder if Suki will be talking to the sunday newspapers, in the gossip column, like she usually does

  • Bradlifer

    @L: why wouldnt she, it is her job. Lol.

  • LOL

    LOL At those pics of Suki. Perfect make-up and a neat little neck scarf! She looks like a team of people dressed her. LOL

  • Bradlifer

    @LOL: I know LOL, it is screaming hay i called the paps and got dressed and showed up for my latest pics I even bothered brushing my hair (!). But where is she off to??

  • LOL

    DM has the pics up now so you know it was a staged photo- op. LOL

  • Take a Hike

    Few weeks ago there was a interview with her and she said she was taking a week off in March to go hiking in Austria. Don’t know if it was a crap story. A week off from work? Hahaha

  • Bradlifer

    @LOL: LOL Even they say she looked like she had help getting dressed. HAHAHHAH

  • LOL

    They make a point to say it’s a Burberry coat so I wonder if Burberry dressed her . They know how she looks when she dresses herself and wanted their coat to look good in the pics. LOL

  • Bradlifer

    It looks like DM is wrong about the time off these photos. They say it was friday but she was in London all day yesterday posting things and working…this is from this morning…

  • DJ

    @Dolly: Thanks for posting that. Sienna Miller usually doesn’t do movies that I want to see. I pretty much only know her because of her on and off relationship with Jude Law. Wasn’t she cheating on him with Daniel Craig or something like that? I believe she had an affair with actor Balthazar Getty when he was still married.

  • Dolly

    @DJ: I haven’t seen much of her stuff either. And yeah, she did hook up with Balthazar Getty when he was married. Her personal life has overshadowed the work that she has done. I honestly don’t know how talented she is.

  • Hello

    I have not seen any of Sienna Miller movies either but I remember having read this article last year about her being one of H. Weinstein “girls” in the past.
    The fifth and sixth paragraphs are interesting to read. Does that not remind us someone who has the same kind of journey since one year?
    I wonder if we can add the name of SW on that list :-)

  • Dolly

    @Hello:I’m sure glad your here to post old articles and explain them to me. How could I think for myself?

  • Suedehead

    Finally a nice outfit! But it does look staged…

    And as for Sienna I am really surprised. I hope Eastwood won’t regret it, cause this is a really odd choice to make. Even Jaimie would have been much better!

  • Fiona

    Sienna Miller is on the rise again. She has a role in Foxcatcher which is sure to be a big awards movie this year.

  • Huh

    What would we do without Hello and Dolly being our personal google news???? I know DJ would never learn anything.