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Cam Gigandet's Penis Comes to Life in 'Bad Johnson' Trailer!

Cam Gigandet's Penis Comes to Life in 'Bad Johnson' Trailer!

Cam Gigandet gets quite the shirtless surprise while in bed with a woman in the new trailer for his upcoming film Bad Johnson!

The 31-year-old actor stars in the movie as Rich, a charismatic womanizer who receives his comeuppance after his penis mysteriously leaves his body and takes human form.

Jamie Chung and Nick Thune also star in the film, which will hit VOD on April 1. The movie is also set to arrive in theaters on May 2, so be sure to check it out!

In case you missed it, check out Cam shirtless in his boxer-briefs on the new poster for the flick.

Cam Gigandet’s Penis Comes to Life in ‘Bad Johnson’ Trailer!

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14 Responses to “Cam Gigandet's Penis Comes to Life in 'Bad Johnson' Trailer!”

  1. 1
    Whatever!!! Says:

    WHY would this movie ever be made? Who would finance a movie starring someone no one knows, with a plot that does not exist? If this movie makes $8 I’d be surprised.

  2. 2
    Stupid plot Says:

    I mean really a movie where the main plot is a *****??? America had hit bottom for sure. I guess movie executives had ran out of ideas or they do not have brains I mean literally they are brainless, not one once of intelligence, not one neurone function on their brains.

  3. 3
    Mrs. Gaston Says:


  4. 4
    Traveller Says:

    I disagree with comments…from the trailer this looks inventive and great fun…sorry to see this go straight to DVD. Traveller

  5. 5
    Hot Dumb Italian Mike! Says:

    Wait, could this be my biography??!

  6. 6
    British Latin American Says:

    I love his mouth in that pic.

  7. 7
    Starkid Says:

    Try a little bit harder next time you blatantly plagiarize something

  8. 8
    Starkid Supporter Says:

    This movie is plagiarism! A theater company already wrote and produced an original play called Me and My ****!!!! If you guys haven’t seen it I encourage you to go look up the play and their channel (Team Starkid) on YouTube and see for yourself that this whole movie is a stolen idea. Also the original title for this movie was going to be Me and My *****, sound familiar? Please support Team Starkid in makings sure that this crime does not go unnoticed!

  9. 9
    Stupid Hollywood Says:

    Hollywood ALWAYS has to plagiarize something!! They copied a theater company’s show. It has the same story line and same idea. Its a stupid movie. The Starkid show will always be better.

  10. 10
    Rachel Says:

    This is a ripoff of TeamStarkid’s “Me and My ****” which has been out for 5+ years now. Nice try though.

  11. 11
    Rebecca Says:

    *cough* plagerism *cough*

  12. 12
    Nope Says:

    @*****-comes-to-life-in-bad-johnson-trailer/comment-page-1/#comment-28600941" rel="nofollow">Traveller:
    Don’t bother, we all know it’s a stolen concept.

  13. 13
    Tobin Smith Says:

    Blatant rip-off of the musical Me and My **** by theatre company Team Starkid, can be viewed here

  14. 14
    jeez Says:

    man he is desperate for a movie since he agreed on doing that o.O

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