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Adriana Lima Blows Kisses on the Brazil Foundation Gala 2014 Red Carpet

Adriana Lima Blows Kisses on the Brazil Foundation Gala 2014 Red Carpet

Adriana Lima brightens up the room in pink as she arrives at the 2014 Brazil Foundation Gala held at the Perez Art Museum Miami on Saturday (March 15) in Miami, Fla.

The 32-year-old supermodel stepped out to help generate and invest resources in civil society organizations that are developing and transforming social realities in Brazil.

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“A little color goes a long way. Love, Adriana,” she recently wrote on Facebook, along with a photo of her in a bright yellow bra. Check it out below!

Earlier in the month, Adriana showed off her long legs while grabbing a bite to eat.

10+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima at the 2014 Brazil Foundation Gala

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adriana lima blows kisses brazil foundation gala 2014 01
adriana lima blows kisses brazil foundation gala 2014 02
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adriana lima blows kisses brazil foundation gala 2014 04
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Credit: John Parra; Photos: Getty, Facebook
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  • Ally


  • Omg

    Wow. Just wow. The dress is super. She is honestly special.

  • mirandbar

    Blowing kisses at a charity gala, wow….does she think this is cheesy VS? probably since thats the only thing shes known her whole career. overrated panty model.

  • chipmunnnkk

    She looks like a cheap pageant lady as always.

  • Jolie

    Someone make her go away. I thought her career would be finished by now but she is still here. Maybe I find her off putting because my boyfriend is obsessed with her.

  • Adriana

    Goodness gracious! The dress is simply sublime and het body is iperfect! I can’t wait to see what she did with Vogue and coca cola. Something big no doubt.


    Decisions decisions. Do I shoot my first adult film on Adriana’s yacht out of Miami, or do I do her on Michael Savage’s twin VOLVO cabin criuser tied up on the west coast in Marin County? Heck. Why not load up both of the boats with an ensemble cast of under-aged teenagers and see what happens when the two sailor dog boats run into each other in CAPTAIN RON meets THE LIFE AQUATIC?

  • Adriana

    @chipmunnnkk: haha…sorry perfection is written all over this look.

  • Maria

    There was always something I never liked about her. She’s obviously got a great body, but she has a witchy face with cat eyes. Just not soft and pretty, b*tchy actually. And she rarely smiles. She smirks and just wants to look overly sexy all the time. IDK. She just annoys me.


    No.4; But it gets worse. Here are a couple of really nice takes from Gisele’s screen test auditions for The Fat Spy: II, Lose The Wait, at:

  • Yep

    I can’t take any grown person who blows kisses for the camera even a little seriously. The worst thing is that we have to listen to her self-empowerment drivel. Just pose if you absolutely must okay? You’re better not heard.

  • gdg

    @Adriana: she doesnt work with the big Vogue’s so no…

    @Yep: you should see her atrocious spelling on her instagram…

  • LOL

    @Maria: LOL so ignorant. Miranda proves you can be the biggest b*tch with a cutesy soft fat cheeked fat girls face. Dont let her indented pock mark dimples fool you. Just because Adriana looks more expensive & b*tchy than her dont be jealous.

  • overrated

    Shes SO overrated. She cant model to save her life outside of panty modeling and I only think her skin tone with dark hair and eyes are attractive. She has a big pig nose,crooked teeth and small eyes with fat wide cheeks. Meh. If you have dark hair and light eyes youre automatically “beautiful”, so funny.

  • sheesh

    She’s going to break her back, she is posing so hard.
    Looks like she thinks this is the VS runway, and not a charity event.
    She’s so thirsty for attention.

  • no

    She looks ridiculous.

  • Amy

    The posters above: Miranda Skeleton and G.isele Huge Nose and Horseface fans! lol

  • @17

    Well, I’m a Doutzen fan, and I think that she looks ridiculous too.
    Blowing kisses and posing like she is in a lingerie commercial instead if at a charity event is ok in your eyes? Pathetic, blind fans.

  • jj

    I can’t stand her. I agree with a comment further up that she looks b*tchy all the time. Plus, why does she constantly have to stand that way, sticking her butt out? Can she stand straight or does she have scoliosis?! I guess I’ll never understand, because I’m not a man. haha

  • @13

    It’s NOT Miranda fans posting nasty comments.

    You just assumed it was as YOU always post hateful comments about Miranda.

    The poster is a Doutzen fan!

    As a Miranda fan I have nothing negative to say about Adriana as I’m not interested in her but I would never be nasty about another successful model. That is just beyond childish & immature.

  • Adriana

    @gdg: vogue Spain is the most widely read edition of vogue and coke is….. well, COKE. Don’t be jealous just because Miranda can’t bag a top notch job like Adriana.

  • @21

    And Rebok is well, Rebok.
    And H&M is well, H&M.
    And the numbers of readers has nothing to do with a magazine’s prestige. Vogue Italia, France and (for now) US, are the ones that signify a model’s importance in the fashion industry. Very few commercial models are ever featured in their pages.
    Someone asked before why you feel so threatened by Miranda and other models. You’ve attacked both Gisele and Miranda in this thread, with no one ever mentioning their name. That proves that you really do understand how Adriana will never be seen as a HF model. She will always be known as a panty model. Sorry. But that’s just how it is.

  • So

    Sorry but H&M can be landed by any and every model, so scratch that. Can’t even believe you’re using that as a bragging point. Are things that bad? And Reebok? Well I think that’s good at least. She has Clear too which is really good as well. I’ll give her that, but shop style and the rest of the commercial junk she does? They are just atrocity. What about high fashion campaigns? I guess high fashion doesn’t want her. Adriana on the other hand has been balancing hf and commercial. When will Miranda? And continue pretending Miranda fans are innocent

  • Jess

    Just a thought, maybe she’s blowing a kiss because the photographers screamed at her “Blow us a kiss! Blow us a kiss!”, as they often do. I think she looks nice, though, yes, over posing a little. She IS a model, posing in nice clothes is kind of what she does for a living. I don’t think that’s any reason to attack her personality like she’s some terrible person. lighten up guys.

  • @23

    Really? Any model? Were you saying that when Doutzen was working for them? And what about Mango? Can any model work for them, too? Better let Gisele in on that little nugget of stupidity.
    And blaming the photographers? That had to be one of the lamest excuses that I have ever heard. LOL.
    BTW, fashion models who model “nice clothes” know better than to stick out their rear like the are posing for a bikini shoot.
    You fans are so desperate and blind.

  • Ha

    So stunning<3

  • Tyla

    She is a stunner for sure! Urgh, every time I see a VS model I feel like a need a spray tan, haha.

  • what

    @Amy: Sorry Amy… Gisele’s fans don’t need to do it. You know Gisele is better than any other model, right? And Miranda.. You can hate her, but she is very popular now and she is better than Adriana Panty Model.
    I hate Adriana because she is talentless and she is a LIAR. She is a chain smoker.
    Blowing kisses? WTF? Is she retarded?
    @So: “H&M can be landed by any and every model.” You are wrong. It IS important. Alessandra wasn’t good enough. Alessandra ONLY posed for the catalog.

  • elsa

    @Jolie: She’s married with two kids what do you mean boyfriend

  • elsa

    @Maria: I’ve seen her interviews and she is allways goofy and smiling onlike the other VS angels who allways try to look sexy

  • elsa

    @what: She only popular because of orlanda it’s funny that the one year Adriana is pregnant it turns out it’s the first time Miranda earns more than her

  • elsa

    @overrated: Overrated realy she’s so gorgeous her face is perfect I wonder what you like. I doubt your prettier than her so by insulting her looks your really insulting yourself

  • Fool

    Miranda is a haggard downgrading famewhor. I’m so glad almost all her contracts were not renewed by the brands. Let her go rot in her sea of d-list jobs. Adriana for sure will continue getting work and great ones at that. Miranda will say yes to any job to make ends meet. If you want to win a Miranda v someone arguement, sink to models in her level, you know, Bar Rafaeli and co.

  • @33

    Wow. Desperate much?
    You only insult other models because you know that your fave is nothing but a panty model with no fashion future. That’s why she is clinging to VS. No one wants her.
    While Miranda and other models are creating their own brands, Adriana is embarrassing herself on the red carpet.
    But keep dreaming. But no matter how much you insult other models, they are the ones walking the HF runways in Paris, and creating their own companies.
    Adriana is gorgeous, but she is getting too old for VS. She would move on it she had any self respect.

  • @the fool

    You Adriana fans do nothing but attack other models, then whine when someone posts the truth about Adriana.

  • Adriana

    @@33: lol you call adriana a panty model, but at least she’s a high class, world famous lingerie model working for one of the biggest companies in the world, and she’s had this contract in an iron grip for more than a decade. Did u see the lingerie brand Miranda is working for now? It’s a low rent, low budget brand. 1000 feet beneath VS. Haha.
    Oh btw, Adriana is on the cover of Interview Germany. Lol

  • @36

    Wow. Pretty hilarious that you are bragging about her having to stay with VS even into her thirties.
    And you think that Interview magazine is also something to brag about????

  • Elf/

    @@36: I think it’s pretty incredible that she can hold a contract for that long, and still remain the highest paid VS girl for years and still giving the younger girls a run for their money. Yep an ADRIANA FAN can brag about that, because it entails professionalism , and star power with public demand. Lol at you trying ridicule interview magazine….haha pathetic much? And I wasn’t bragging about it, I was putting across how void your claims are that VS is all she does? Of course your claims are always filled with bitter lies but it’s always nice to make a fool outta u. Now, can we talk about Miranda’s body of work? I mean her career has been sorrowfully stagnant. Has she run out of tacky Asain brands to endorse? Poor boo boo, high fashion wil call on her when they need a model to be in a nude editorial.

  • @38

    Rebok, H&M, Swarovski, and Michael Kors (since she just did a photo shoot for him) are “Asian brands”.
    Hmmmm. Never would have guessed that.
    See how STUPID Adriana’s fans are? And xenophobic?
    Guess that we should stop laughing at them. It’s not nice to laugh at the mentally impaired.

  • Elf/

    Oooh, after a 100 years MK is coming to her rescue. Congratulations! Now u all should pray he was sympathetic enough to give her the main campaign. And I see you’re still clinging on to Swarovski, yea? H&M= models playground, so pleeease. Reebok, yea ok. Lol, concentrating on famewhoring until that VS contract slipped through her finger was her biggest mistakes. Now all those tv show appearances can’t be afforded. Even Ale has effienctly used herVSangel status to metamorphise. And she’s still using it. Ale being the smart she is knows modeling doesn’t last so she’s enjoying and taking advantage of every bit of it. Look at her now. Rising! Miranda=sinking ship, ticking time bomb.her 15 minutes almost exceeded. Everyone projects they’ve shot and waiting to come out are better than Miranda’s. Btw, which no name, struggling, desperate show did she walk at fashion week? Bye stay pressed.

  • @40

    Sonia Rykiel is a no name???
    You just love to wallow in your fashion ignorance, don’t you.
    And I bet that you think that a bridge brand like Donna Karan is HF.
    Ale and Miranda are doing fine. It was pretty stupid of you to admit that even though modeling doesn’t last forever, Adriana has NOTHING to fall back on. Is she as dense and stupid as her fans?
    Thought so.

  • Fool

    Sonia WHO? Lmao. Putting the B- list designer in the same comment as Donna Karan is embarrassment. I mean, we all know fashion isn’t in Miranda’s favor but to do a show like that? That’s beneath even her. True signs of her dying status in fashion. Only haggard fashion work. Of all the designers!!!!! Adriana, also known as the 5th or 6th (can’t remember exactly) richest model in modeling history has plenty to fall back on. Hahahahs

  • @42

    The other posters are right. You are completely ignorant when it comes to fashion.
    Maybe step away from kissing Adriana’s aging rear end, and go check out some fashion blogs. Maybe then you wouldn’t sound like such an idiot.

  • Elf/

    I’m sorry but Sonia called is not an A list designer. This is coming from a person who follows fashion. The red blooded blue chip designers are there. Just because you are a Miranda fan and she walked the show this season doesn’t make the brand any less mediocre. But then again not many top notch designers have the appetite for Miranda’s famewhoring attitude and freakishly aging 15-year old look

  • @44

    Oh please. You don’t follow fasion. Sonia Rykiel is a well established, highly respected HF line.
    Next you’ll be claiming that DKNY is HF.
    But you’re on the right thread for a famewhore.
    Adriana is a pro. Posting pics of her children online, inviting paps to watch her work out, and sticking out her a$$ on a red carpet for a charity and blowing kisses.
    Look at meeeeeee!!!!!!
    So stupid.

  • Fool

    Since you don’t know the difference between Donna Karan New York and dkny, it’s safe to say you’re the pretentious one here. Pretty laughable. Give up, Sonia is established but it can’t hold a candle to Donna Karan. Stop with the self embarrassment

  • @46

    Donna Karan IS DKNY!
    I’m starting to actually feel sorry for you now.

  • Fool

    You’re a clown. DKYN and Donna Karan New York are the same thing? You’re stupid right? You have cemented your status as a joke. I mean that’s like saying Miu Miu and Prada are the same just because it’s owned by the same person. Lol why do you think there are different campaigns for DKYN and Danna Karan New York RESPECTIVELY EVERY BLESSED SEASON???!!! Like this season, Adriana got Donna Karan New York whilst Cara and Jourdan got DKNY. Please take this time to educate yourself. I can definitely see you are naturally stupid like that. lol u most definitely know about fashion! You’re probably the same Miranda lunatic who professed shop style was a luxury brand/website. I see you’re as misguided about fashion as Miranda that’s why she ended up in the bottom of the barrel in fashion.

  • Elf/

    @Fool: looooooooool. Thanks for your eloquence.THE END!!!!

  • Elf/

    @Fool: you know what they say, common sense is not common. Let them duel in denial. Lol and the commercial queen has scored escada fragrance. Lets wait and see how they will claim escada fragrance is so prestigious and difficult to book. Bar Rafaeli did escada fragrance