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Katie Holmes Poses with Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World!

Katie Holmes Poses with Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World!

Katie Holmes leans on Minnie Mouse while spending her day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort on Sunday (March 16) in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The week before, the 35-year-old actress was spotted doing some shopping in New York City’s SoHo district.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

“I send my love to the families and friends affected by the explosion and fire in Harlem today. My prayers are with you,” she recently tweeted.

Also pictured: Tina Fey posing with Sweetums from The Muppets. In case you didn’t know, Tina stars in the upcoming film Muppets Most Wanted!

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47 Responses to “Katie Holmes Poses with Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World!”

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  1. 1
    Katie Homely Says:

    Hi, It’s me Katie Ho here. Please Please don’t google Katie Holmes Herpes. I don’t want anyone to know what I really look like without a ton of coverup or photoshop.

  2. 2
    RDVF123 Says:

    Wait, she wrote she is praying? So she believes in God again? So she left the Catholics for CO$ and now goes back to the other money hungry church and says she prays? Make up your mind. Pick a religion and go with it, Kate(oops Katie). lol
    She would have looked ok here if not for the too short shorts on her fat legs but at least it’s progress from her other fashion disasters.

  3. 3
    chris Says:

    she’s holding Minnie up because she fell asleep from boredom

  4. 4
    Sean Says:

    Going back to TV is a good idea for her but not in the role she is currently trying to make happen. She should just get a role as a house wife on some random sitcom for the easy money. She can’t act too well and just isn’t sexy or funny to be a lead in anything to have to carry the show. Just get a steady job in a sitcom as supporting role and be done with it. It will end the embarrassment of her chasing after so many different careers that don’t work out. She isn’t ugly but just has no sex appeal or charisma. Bland, vanilla, whatever you want to call it.

  5. 5

    Minnie Mouse meets Bubble Up in An Education, for sure.
    Is it ok to say this here?

  6. 6

    No.4; Apparently you never cruise the fake image *** sites. Where all the loney guys out there rate her as the second or third hottest MILF in the world right now. Is it ok to say epic ” hard on ” on this web site?

  7. 7
    lol what? Says:

    are you saying Katie looks like a man here? I mean she isn’t curvy or sexy but not manly either.
    As David Stern, the man whose spurious largesse has to be effaced, Peter Sarsgaard achieves an extraordinary effect. David ought to be creepy, pure and simple. He is a kind of pedophile, a man who likes to “be romantic” with girls. He wants to call the girls “Minnie,” and he wants the girls to call him “Bubble-Up.”

  8. 8

    OOPS. Sorry about the above 6-500 time-stamp reference. I never think about such stuff; hope you do not either.

  9. 9

    No.7; I have no idea what you are talking about. And yes, I do like teenagers.

  10. 10
    K-Flop's Drama Says:

    “(Melissa) George will play Margot Worth Cole, a beautiful woman whose power, style and intellect command attention the instant she enters a room. Margot has been a member of high society for years — and her social status is threatened by her imminent divorce from billionaire Anderson Cole (Oded Fehr). She has a romantic history with Philip (Rufus Sewell) and considers him her only equal in a world of inferiors.

    Katie Holmes is set as Ann, a well-bred woman who is described as Audrey Hepburn-esque. She and her husband run a philanthropic foundation that helps bring clean water to African villages. Childless, she thinks she’d like to raise a family, but she can’t get her philanthropic husband to settle down in one spot for very long. Meanwhile, socialite couple Margot and Philip make a bet to reveal the lie of true love by destroying Ann’s perfect marriage.”

    George and Sewell, yes, I can see it being good. But with K-Flop, won’t go past pilot.

    K-Flop doesn’t have the acting chops (believability) to hold her own against George and/or Sewell.

  11. 11
    Nathan Says:

    Katie looks adorable here cute face. love the red lips. and the short shorts are really hot on her long sexy legs. she has such great skin too. Love you Katie!!

  12. 12
    Ionela Says:

    @THE ALONE RANGER: Sure she has a few of the “looney” types but they aren’t enough to keep her ratings (tv) or ticket sales(movies) up. I can see how she would be popular with the looney crowd or geekish type. They like average or homely. Makes it seem attainable for them since they couldn’t get a hot girl type. She is not a threat so they think they can approach her.

  13. 13
    Dare to be Honest Says:

    @K-Flop’s Drama: Who’s to say she can’t hone her acting skills with lessons?

  14. 14
    TO: DTBH Says:

    I bet she could, but do you think she is willing to admit she can use lessons? Maybe.

  15. 15
    Alex Says:


  16. 16
    Nathan Says:

    @K-Flop’s Drama:

    Are you kidding?? Katie Holmes is the only reason the show will make it. She is a huge A-list star and No offence to Rufus Sewell and Melissa George but i have never heard of either of them.

    Without katie the show is nothing and anyone who has watched Katie’s movie’s knows that she is a very good actress with mega star power. she always steals any scene she is in all eyes are on her.

    Even Joshua Jackson said years ago in an interview that if you do a scene with Katie Holmes and don’t give it your all she will completely over power you. Josh praised her acting skills and so did everyone else until the TomKat backlash killed her career.

  17. 17
    K-Flop's Drama Says:


    Dawson’s Creek ended over 10 yrs ago.

    What’s she done since to show that she can convincingly portray any character other than teen coming of age Joey Potter?


  18. 18
    annie Says:

    Like the hair like that, with bangs, and there is a full shot of her in shorts

    and sandals, elsewhere, love this look.
    I’m only going to say that Rufus Sewell is Scorpio…Katie has Venus/Uranus in Scorpio.
    This is going to be one hot TV series.
    And if we all sighed over Josh and Katie, and their mutual chemistry, and liking for each other, well this pairing is going to set the screen on fire, as time goes on, especially if they start playing games in the series , which I read is going to happen.

  19. 19
    Anne-Briggitte Says:

    #17 You said:
    “Without katie the show is nothing and anyone who has watched Katie’s movie’s knows that she is a very good actress with mega star power. she always steals any scene she is in all eyes are on her.” and ” did everyone else until the TomKat backlash killed her career.”

    so are you saying all the critics are just out to get her since Tom? Please, if anything most try to side with her in the press and root for her but when it comes to acting she gets ripped to shreds for a reason. Mega star power? That is funny. What has she been in that’s been a hit? DC was on the WB channel and was cute for preteens/teens but that was it. She is a cute girl and especially when she was younger but please don’t make her out to be some great actress. Lot’s of people come and go in this business and if it wasn’t for TomKat she would have probably exited stage left a few years ago already. I am still laughing at your Star power comment.

  20. 20
    K-Flop's Drama Says:


    Also, her ex-husband is A-list. K-Flop not so much.

    A-list means funding (production, investors) and talent (directors, actors) jump at the opportunity to work with him/her.

    Saying it’s so doesn’t mean it is.

  21. 21
    55vineyard Says:

    Love Disneyland, my late husband used to take me there every year for my birthday in early May.

  22. 22
    TweetTweet Says:

    I just checked twitter because I was curious to see where she stands in relation to other celebrities. Katie Holmes has only 82Thousand followers. That might sound like a lot to some but not when you consider Connor Cruise isn’t even famous but only a dj and has over 16thousand followers, even he can get a 4th of what she can after six or so years being majorly exposed. To compare I looked at Jessica Alba who is featured alot on this site but is not as popular worldwide as she was in 2004ish. She still has over 7MILLION followers (about the same as Jessica Simpson who also saw her best about a decade ago). I know twitter isn’t everything but it shows something. If you consider most of her fans from Dawson days are in the age group that are online and have IG or twitter you would think she would have more if she was a “Star”. I also just went to check Tom’s twitter and although his is not run by him but rather just a page about him it still has 4.4 million and it’s not even him tweeting. Same with Leo Dicaprio but his has over 9mil for a page run by his team and not himself. Courtney Cox who is also just on tv has 628thousand. Cox is on a new show but even with her fans from “friends” it’s not enough to make her A-list again. Again I am not trying to say Twitter followers mean everything but it is a snapshot into who is HOT and popular worldwide and who is not. I don’t think she has the star power to make things happen on her own.Not enough people will turn in just to see Katie Holmes like they might Leo D or even a few more for Courtney Cox. If this show goes to series(and from what I understand that is still a big if) then she has to really shine to make it work. Not saying it is impossible but it sure isn’t a given at this point. I do think if she took classes in the meantime and tried to sharpen her skills it might really help her and maybe she won’t rely on the same tactics that the critics always nailed her for. Side note:JustJared has 600k followers and he is just a blogger. Alyssa Milano (does she even work anymore?) has 2.6 million and I doubt she could even carry a show on her own anymore(key word anymore- she had a few hits years ago).

  23. 23
    Mary Says:

    You do realize that Katie has only been on twitter for a few months. Most of the people you mentioned have had accounts for years. Of course she’s not going to have as many followers.

  24. 24
    TweetTweet Says:

    That is a factor but once it’s announced a star is on twitter their fans usually flock to the page and follow it. You get the bulk in the beginning and then it can grow. I think Leo Messi got a million on the first weekend he was on instagram but of course he is on a different planet with fame now. I still think 82k is very low for a “star”. You can go through some of Jared’s list of who he follows and compare. Some I think “Who are these people” or “Oh are they even famous anymore” and I look at their list and they have 1/2 a mil or more sometimes. I just don’t think Katie is a huge draw on her own right now.

  25. 25
    annie Says:

    Can’t agree, in 2005 she had Batman and Thank You for Smoking come out.
    Whatever you might think, she still had those 2 successful movies come out.
    During her marriage she spent a lot of time on Toms movie sets, whose movies take months and months to complete, that’s documented all over the place
    She was pregnant for 9 months, and had to cancel a project with Dennis Quaid filming in New Orleans, took one year off, which very few actresses do.
    I liked her in The Kennedys. The Romantics not so much, but it still opened to 45,000 in 2 cinemas, which is a lot, if you compare other movies. Don’t know what happened there, it’s a strange one.
    As for some of the I ndie movies, look at a lot of other actresses her age, not much success there.
    I’m only giving an example here, not knocking anyone, but until M Williams won best supporting actress, and after, her career was much less than Katies, and only after her win , that she played opposite leading actors like De Capprio, and Ryan Gossling, and her movie Deception with Hugh Jackson failed badly
    Katie had the lead in Don’t be Afraid of the Dark, and has the lead in Mania Days, Miss Meadows, so I think she’s still well thought of.
    I think she accepted to go back to TV, because she lives in NY, Suri goes to school in NY, and the series is made in NY. With film making there are different locations you have to go to for months on end , so that’s out of the way. For the last month on The Giver, she was coming and going back to. South Africa.
    Maybe she’s not Alist, nor does she , or has ever made out to be one.
    She’s not at every social event out like some other actresses, making out that they are really relevant in the scheme of things.
    Some of you say that TC bought her roles, well they are divorced, she’s still getting roles, people are still interested, at least now they can’t talk about her marriage, scientology, or her daughters clothes, because that’s all you used to talk about anyway.
    Sorry , but you are too critical, and on a lot occasions you people are quite wrong about things.

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