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Celebrities React to Major 4.4 Earthquake in Los Angeles - Read All the Tweets Here!

Celebrities React to Major 4.4 Earthquake in Los Angeles - Read All the Tweets Here!

It seems like all of Los Angeles was woken up early Monday morning (March 17) at around 6:25am to a major earthquake that shook some people out of bed!

If you follow people that live out on the west coast, it is very likely that your Twitter feed was bombarded with a ton of tweets from shocked people and we’re bringing you all the notes here.

According to reports, the earthquake measured a 4.4 and happened in Encino.

There was also a major 6.7 earthquake that happened in Chile late last night, though it does not look like there was any connection between the two.

DID YOU FEEL the earthquake in Los Angeles?

Click inside to read what celebrities are saying about the earthquake…

Kim Kardashian: “Earthquake was scary? Were all ok though! Anyone else feel it?”

Kendall Jenner: “Earthquakes with Kris Jenner: she makes you run outside at 6am in your running shoes to wait for the after shock. I’m sorry but how do you run from an earthquake mom?”

Nicki Minaj: “That was the scariest earthquake this lil New York girl ever experienced in Cali. Unbelievable this time. This earthquake just made me re-evaluate my entire life. lol. I swear it felt like the entire house was picked up n thrown down the block.”

Dianna Agron: “Not going to lie. That woke me up & that scared the shit out of me. Can’t say I’ve never felt an earthquake anymore… I also find it funny I thought to check twitter to make sure it WAS an earthquake, not the world coming to an end. Half kidding…half not.”

Jessica Alba: “Ugh… Hate waking up that way -still shook”

Evan Rachel Wood: “Earthshake!! My house shook like when the jet engine falls on donnie darko. Grabbed my baby and hid under a doorway till it was over… There are going to be so many amazing “thats what she said” joke opportunities today.”

LeAnn Rimes: “HOLY HELL we just had an earthquake! #shaking”

Lucy Hale: “Natures alarm clock for me: earthquake.”

Emma Roberts: “That was crazy is everyone ok?”

Kelly Osbourne: “That earth quake just scared the shit out of me!!!!”

Busy Philipps: “Birdie just said about the earthquake, “it actually might just be leprechauns.” Amazing.”

Christina Applegate: “Nice wake up earth! Geez”

Elizabeth Banks: “Earthquake! I leapt out bed to check on the kids. They slept right through it, and couldn’t have cared less.”

Emile Hirsch: “A lot of guys in LA just got credit for being much better in the sack than they deserve credit for. #earthquake”

Emmy Rossum: “Holy earth quake”

Jenna Dewan: “Ok la that earthquake was scary. No more please!”

Bella Thorne: “EARTHQUAKE….”

Kaley Cuoco: “That was way too scary…”

Ellen Page: “Woah!!!”

Julianne Hough: “Holy earthquake!!!!!! Omg!!!!!”

Derek Hough: “Wow !!! Just felt a huge earth Quake . Shook me almost off the bed . No joke”

Sarah Hyland: “That was a very scary earthquake. Barkley won’t come out from under the bed :(”

Alyssa Milano: “Hmmm. Explaining why the earth is moving to a two year old is not so easy. We are safe. I hope you guys are too. #earthquake”

Paris Hilton: “OMG! Did anyone just feel that Earthquake? So scary, woke me up out of an already scary nightmare. I hate earthquakes. :(”

Ashley Benson: “OMG. Biggest earthquake I’ve ever felt”

Keegan Allen: “Twitter- first news on pretty big earthquakes”

Krysten Ritter: “Oh my god that earthquake just scared the shit out of me! My heart is racing! Whoa dude”

Mandy Moore: “Good morning earthquake! Geeez Louise!”

Harry Shum, Jr.: “Earthquake.”

Jon Cryer: That was a big one. Everyone okay out there? #earthquake”

John Gallagher, Jr.: “Dunno what was scarier, the earthquake or the high pitched noise I emitted as it woke me up.”

Alex Newell: “OMG that earthquake literally woke up up from my sleep!!! #terrifying”

Francia Raisa: “Well that woke me up. Haven’t felt an earthquake that big in a long time”

Maria Menounos: “#earthquake #la @joebigtime1 thought something hit my house! I hope everyone’s ok!”

Eli Roth: “So wait, the morning I get to Chile there’s an earthquake in Los Angeles? Are people running out of their houses naked? Indulge me here.”

Holland Roden: “That’s the first earthquake I FELT. Yup….weird….”

Melissa Joan Hart: “That quake felt eerily like northridge. Everyone ok?? I’m trembling.”

Cameron Monaghan: “Who needs an alarm clock when you’ve got earthquakes.”

Rainn Wilson: “Earthquake!”

Scott Porter: “Mornings like this have me immediately wanting to move back to Austin, TX. Being shaken awake is not fun. That was only a 4.4?!? #Earthquake”

Jennifer Stone: “Well just felt my very first earthquake. That was terrifying.”

Damian McGinty: “All jokes aside, that was a big earthquake.”

Josh Gad: “Okay, that was intense. Just shook me out of bed. #earthquake”

Gregg Sulkin: “Erm. Okay. That was an insanely scary earthquake.”

Julie Benz: “Jolted awake….. Yikes! #earthquake”

Garcelle Beauvais: “Just felt a strong #earthquake anyone else in Cali feel it”

Alexandra Daddario: “Earthquake”

Kelly Hu: “Whoa! Good morning!! That was a big one! Haven’t felt an earthquake on LA in a long time.”

Shaun Robinson: “MAJOR EARTHQUAKE IN LA!!!!”

Keke Palmer: “Earthquake!! Scary 😣🙈!!”

Redfoo: “Earthquake?”

Alexander DeLeon: “HOLY EARTHQUAKE. that as terrifying. :( woke me up out of a dead sleep. haven’t been that scared in a long time.”

Pia Toscano: “Scariest thing i have ever experienced in my life..”

Simon Curtis: “Well that was fucking terrifying #earthquake”


Dana Brunetti: “Just woke to a shaking house. First earthquake I’ve ever experienced.”

Tyler Oakley: “Holy shit that LA earthquake woke me up and gave me a fright. All my alcohol was rattling. EARTH SLAYKE.”

Italia Ricci: “Holy shit.”

Billy Eichner: “Um, I did NOT like that. #earthquake”

Matt Lanter: “Holy friggin earthquake”

Rachael Taylor: “Oh good morning EARTHQUAKE #LosAngeles creepy”

Dan Bucatinsky: “Earthquake!!!!!!”

Danneel Harris Ackles: “Well I’m up now!!!! Earthquake!;-)”

River Viiperi: “HOLLY FUCKING SHIT‼️ EARTHQUAKE ‼️ that was one hell of a shake to wake upto at 6.30AM 😱😱”

JoJo: “Definitely the first major earthquake I’ve felt. Being from the east coast, that was foreign and weird AF.”

Cher Lloyd: “Just experienced my first earthquake here in LA. Shit my pants!”

Cecily Strong: “Finally got my first earthquake. Michael is guessing 5.3 on Andy Richter scale, but we are really not experts. His first guess was “demons”

Matt Prokop: “Thank you earthquake, but I am going back to bed now.”

Cara Santana: “Holy shit. Waking up to an earthquake is no joke.”

Brad Goreski: “Holy earthquake! So scary. Our house just rumbled really hard.”

Sean Kingston: “Just witnessed my 1st Earthquake ever living in LA… Can’t like lie it felt like I was on a roller coaster :) don’t know if that’s good or”

Shenae Grimes: “Officially ready to move back to Canada. That earthquake still has me shaking.”

Nathan Followill: “Nothing like an earthquake to start your morning off. That was crazy scary and I think I need a new pair of underwear.”

Lori Loughlin: “Finally figured out what will get my teenagers out of bed quickly on a Monday… EARTHQUAKE! 4.7 magnitude.”

Amber Rose: “That earthquake just woke up our whole house. We’re ok hope everyone is good too. That was big. Well, it felt big.”

Dove Cameron: “Well, no coffee needed this morning. Or for the next three days as my adrenal glands recover. #BrokenThingsEverywhere”

Scott Foley: “Safe. All good. Thanks. Big enuf to wake and shake but not too bad.”

Trevor Donovan: “What’s that!! An earthquake? YES! RUN! ..WAIT!.. before you get to safety you gotta write on twitter…. EARTHQUAKE!”

Christa Miller: “Happy St Patrick’s Day! Earthquake in LA started the day with a bang. I am definitely awake-”

Tiffany Thornton: “WOW biggest earthquake I’ve ever felt in my ten years of living in LA. Pretty scary. Thank u Lord for protecting our little family”

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  • Jay

    Typically Paris Hilton has to ask the idiotic question!

  • JoannaFunk

    I should say that the only two names I even recognize is Paris Hilton and LeeAnne Rimes…….LOL

  • Sophia

    @JoannaFunk: so you mainly watch reality tv?

  • lol

    @JoannaFunk: than you must have been living under a rock, welome my friend

  • OK

    Have to say it was scary as all get out. Thought it was much stronger the shaking was so bad.

  • Muzza

    @JoannaFunk: god how is it possible you don’t know who most of them are. People who actually make a contribution to society and the arts ,. Instead you know of a socialite and a home wrecker – not saying much about your choice of entertainment

  • Rames

    And apparently right now Chile is experiencing aftershocks of 4-5 magnitude ..

  • mel

    Emile Hirsch had the best one

  • Ummm

    Major?? 4.7? The epicenter must have been right under L.A. for it to feel that strong. BTW, Paris Hilton’s boyfriend sounds like a real class act.

  • ladybug

    @Ummm: It was in Westwood, so yes, pretty close to all the celebs.

    But no, a 4.4 (not 4.7) quake isn’t major:
    Class Magnitude
    Great 8 or more
    Major 7 – 7.9
    Strong 6 – 6.9
    Moderate 5 – 5.9
    Light 4 – 4.9
    Minor 3 -3.9

  • Ummm

    @ladybug: I used to live and L.A. and other parts of CA and experienced MANY of them.

  • lawrence

    Live in San Jose and didn’t feel a thing, hope no one was hurt.

  • Roman

    OMG, this post is so lame. :/

  • Courwes

    There is something sad about society that when an earthquake happens the first thing these people do is grab their phone so they can tweet about it.

  • Cali

    @lawrence: Not strong enough to feel in Northern Cal. It was only a 4.7.

  • lol wut?

    LOL, who the HELL are all of those people? I only recognize one name!!
    Wow, talk about the D List/

    Who cares?

  • Living in a box

    Do these celebrities realize that Los Angeles have an active volcano?

  • Lucy

    4.7 and their sh*t their pants???? hahaha. I’ve been in a 8.8 in Chile, that was terrifying

  • merve

    Oh, come on, get over yourselves! We have earthquakes in the magnitude of 7.4 here in Istanbul, Turkey.

    4.7 is nothing. Don’t make a big deal out of it.

  • Joan

    Celebrities? Seriously, this list looks like the future cast list for “Dancing with the Stars”.

  • Kemcco1955

    You know, there was a 4-something earthquake in south Carolina/ Georgia a few weeks ago and a 6.7 in Chile yesterday.

  • Leah

    OMG That was nothing! I lived in Santiago, Chile, and people don’t even get out of bed with a 5.0 earthquake! So don’t be so dramatic about it. Funny to see people’s reaction…

  • boom

    Rebel Wilson: “aww….fell out of bed”

  • ram mohan

    4.4 that was scarry.reminds me of sunami at my place@Joan:

  • Susan

    Did Paris Hilton honestly just ask if anyone felt the earthquake?!?! Wow!!!

  • hitme

    Paris’ next sentences were hilarious.

  • Tyla

    Haha, loved the tweets from Emile Hirsch and Trevor Donovan. And why does Paris Hilton sound like a 12 year old in her tweet?

  • Joneblaze

    Emile H had the best tweet hahaha

  • Rose

    hahahhaa so true! in Chile, earthquakes of that magnitude happen every day!

  • Warren

    You call that an earthquake? Not Major at all.

  • whoe

    NO ONE mentioned what Bruce Willis’s wife said, Emma Heming:
    Emma Heming Willis ‏@EmmaHeming · 8h
    Now that was frightening. A 4.7 earthquake. Of all the days for my husband to be out of town :(

  • MMays

    Major earthquake? I think 4′s are considered light.

  • /tefalopezp Esteff

    That is not an erthquake!!.. i don’t know why people makes such a big deal for a 4.4 “earthquake” I’m from Chile and i was in the Real earthquake of 2010 and that was a scary thing! C’mon people man up!!, and the one that happened recently was not an earthquake either, it was big, but still not an earthquake…

  • MG

    @Esteff: relax man , people are allowed to voice their opinions and concerns. Most have probably never experienced earthquakes so a 4.4 is a big deal for them. I’m from chile too but I’m not about to go around asking everyone to shut the f**k up and “man up” just let them have this ok? F**k!

  • Grayson

    @Esteff: Los Angeles experienced a 4.4 and made a big deal about it .. you Esteff see a celebrity and make a big deal about that but you won’t see LA telling you to man up just because they’re used to it

  • Dirty Harry

    @Grayson: good point

  • http://@gigi_cocteau jeana

    It was pretty scary this morning. Check out Gitte Meldgaard’s instagram to see the aftermath in the desert. Insane!

  • Sarah

    OMG! People can be so dramatic. 4.4!!! hahahaha A big one is 8.9 and see how half city has been destroyed, that’s an earthquake.!!!

  • lara

    4.4 ???
    LOL it wont even called earthquake

  • gwensExcuses

    Thank God LeAnn is ok! My world would be empty without her!!

  • m(aka gwen impostor)

    Thank God that I am so obsessed with Gwen that I am going through all the old threads on this site and making hate posts about Gwen.

    Eddie was upset because LeAnn was ok he was hoping that the earthquake would kill Leann! My world would be empty without my obsession with Gwen!!

  • m(aka gwen impostor)

    I am so obsessed with Gwen that I am in the Leann thread using her name to make posts…………………check it out