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Kim Kardashian Checks on Dash Store Condition After Major Earthquake!

Kim Kardashian Checks on Dash Store Condition After Major Earthquake!

Kim Kardashian shows off her curvaceous body in a form-fitting white dress while arriving at Dash on Melrose on Monday (March 17) in West Hollywood, Calif.

“Earthquake was scary? Were all ok though! Anyone else feel it?” the 33-year-old reality star tweeted earlier in the day about the 4.4 earthquake that rocked parts of L.A.

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Over the weekend, Kim was seen grabbing some grub with her sister Kendall Jenner at favorite Joan’s on Third.

10+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian drops by the Dash store…

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kim kardashian checks on dash store 01
kim kardashian checks on dash store 02
kim kardashian checks on dash store 03
kim kardashian checks on dash store 04
kim kardashian checks on dash store 05
kim kardashian checks on dash store 06
kim kardashian checks on dash store 07
kim kardashian checks on dash store 08
kim kardashian checks on dash store 09
kim kardashian checks on dash store 10
kim kardashian checks on dash store 11
kim kardashian checks on dash store 12
kim kardashian checks on dash store 13

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  • Mary

    Her butt looks smaller than just last week. Either she pads it sometimes but not others, or she’s slowly starting to get the crap removed. And then she’ll call it “weight loss.”

  • billie jean

    People say she doesn’t work for a living but her and her two sisters have been selling clothes and running a store for years. They built up a business. She started with one store and she has a business with her sisters, and still people trash her when the one who is really trash is Paris Hilton who is a pig.

  • Brenda

    Another Kartrashian photo op. As if Kim actually cares about Dash. Who shops there anyway?! Exactly.

  • Debra

    “Were all ok though”!!! No Kim it should be We’re all ok though”

  • dolly

    @#4 – I agree. Also, how can she ask if anyone else felt the earthquake?? If you were awake and breathing this morning you felt the earthquake; she really is dumb.

  • Warren

    I think she fell down and that was where the earthquake began. Good thing it really wasn’t a major quake.

  • dolly

    Her asking if anyone else felt the earthquake this morning shows just how stupid she is; yes, Kim, everyone in Los Angeles this morning felt the earthquake, not just you. Once again she acts as if the world revolves around her.

  • mcwitch

    She just needed an excuse to have her pic taken again. I’m sure she doesn’t spend time at her clothes stores, she has people who run them. I suppose a phone call doesn’t get her more publicity????

  • Onna

    @billie jean:

    Everyone knows about their crappy fashion line at sears and perfumes… nobody says she “doesn’t work for a living” but that she’s famous for nothing. Just a sex tape… she’s gross.

  • Kelly


  • Kelly

    Didn’t”t from behind how big her butt is. Prombley was big as her boobs. Why does she wear tight clothes? She doesn’t”t look good in them.

  • Rocky

    I’m no fan, but the outfit would have looked so much better if it weren’t so skin tight.

  • Rocky

    @billie jean:

    The older sister and the younger sister really worked the original Dash store. After the ‘sex’ tape, the store became famous, as all this insignificant family did.

  • Kimsize

    Why do paparazzi always picture her horrendous ASS?

  • tick

    Too bad she didn’t croak in the earthquake,. I know I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’m just the only one brave enough to say it. She is such a useless waste of space. No class, no talent, no skills, no education. Famous for nothing. You can’t even call her a mother. The nanny looks after North 24/7. Kim never even looks at the kid because she takes after Kanye. There are thousands of people in the state of California with actual talent who are much more newsworthy than this piece of gutter trash.

  • Devra

    Please stop posting on this cow. She is not news worhty.
    Thanks and please🙏

  • Rocky


    I’m no fan, but to wish someone dead shows how much of a ‘gutter rat’ YOU are. I wish they’d go away and find a place where we wouldn’t hear from any of them ever again, but I sure as hell wouldn’t wish anyone dead!

  • Rocky


    ITAWU. Skin tight clothes are just awful on her. She’s got an ugly behind to start with and making it stand out more is just gross. Like I said before, the outfit would have looked much better if it weren’t so damn skin tight.

  • @ billie jean

    Do you really think that she works at a Dash store? The sisters started it, she pretends to have some association with it and makes appearances once in awhile.

  • 3 Blind Mice

    Kim looks Great in white , not many can pull this off like Kim :)

  • clara

    Yeah, all of a sudden she’s become a structural engineer who knows where to look re the store’s condition as a result of the earthquake; hahahaha!! I agree with #8 – this faux concern is all for show. She has loads of staff who could just as well check things out but, of course, she has to show up at the store all dressed up for yet another media photo op.

  • abby

    Major?! From where?? Ive been awake since 4 am and didnt feel shit! Jared ur ppl really exagerate the truth

  • millybridal uk

    All in all,her style is good.

  • Truthteller305

    @billie jean: ummm no Paris Hilton has 44 clothing stores around the world, a billion dollar perfume empire, an amazing dj and recording artist, who ACTUALLY released an album, not some flop single like kim kuntrashian. kim the parasite just copied Paris and her flawless self, paris already did reality tv, and had a documentary done about her. Kim is just a copycat , lookup the song copycat – skream ft. kelis, it’s all about kim hunty.

  • lisafamily12

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  • meme

    she lost another 15 pounds recently! you can see it in her waist and shoulders. Ive seen her in person, met her in January! She is so freaking tiny in person.. pictures don’t do justice! She’s so petite! I’m 5’5 and I felt like I towered over her! and her ass looks more proportioned in person trust me, YES I totally looked haha

    and KHLOE is soooo tall and skinny! I’m a size 6 and I think she’s smaller than me!

  • Observation

    Curvy, AKA, fat.

  • Observation


    Who knew Pais Hilton posts here?

  • Diedre

    No Kim, nobody else felt it…just you. So glad you’re okay. We’d hate to lose a national treasure such as yourself.

  • xxxxxooooo

    kim…kanye…and… lovely…xxxxxoooo….they just act like themselves….i rekon they are top stuff….xxxxoooo….

  • Sushi

    To all the haters here. Please get a life and grow up. It’s pathetic how obsessed you are with Kim. Not even her hardcore fans are not as obsessed as you are. You should all think about what you’re doing. BULLYING. And you don’t even realize how dumb YOU sound. All you can do is judging her. I mean if you don’t like her then please tell me why you’re looking at pictures of her? Why do you take time out of your day to hate on her? Does this make YOU happy? If yes then I feel really sorry for you. Your life must be pretty sad. In the end Kim is and will always be better than you ;)

  • gg

    @#31 – If you think Kim is and always will be better than me, think again. I’m not self-absorbed and greedy like Kim, I don’t wear hooker clothes, two sizes too small like Kim, I don’t have useless and uneducated family members like Kim and I certainly don’t have, nor would I want, a street-thug boyfriend who’s now on court-ordered probation.

  • aranka paul

    To folks who claim that Kim is tiny in person, I say “are you kidding me?”. No, no, no, this woman is not tiny, Ellen Page is tiny, Emma Watson is tiny, not this woman. I have seen her in the City (NY) and trust me I am not blind. I am not saying she is gigantic (that I reserve for her younger sister Khloe), but she is not small. Her behind alone must weight eighty pounds, not to mention her chest. Did you all hear that Beyonce doesn’t really want to attend her wedding for fear of appearing on the Kardashian trashy show. I don’t blame her, who would want to participate in that circus, and circus it will be. Her fiance is ordered to take anger management classes, who would have ever thought that that mild mannered civilized human being (can you smell the sarcasm) is capable of bad temper episodez. These two trash bags are getting married in Paris, why? because LA is not good enough for them.

  • Amy


    She’s a PORN STAR. Kim isn’t better than anyone; she’s trash.