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Scarlett Johansson & Chris Evans Take Paris By Storm with 'Captain America 2'!

Scarlett Johansson & Chris Evans Take Paris By Storm with 'Captain America 2'!

Scarlett Johansson is smokin’ red while attending the premiere of her highly anticipated flick Captain America: The Winter Soldier held at Le Grand Rex on Monday (March 17) in Paris, France.

The 29-year-old pregnant actress was joined by her co-stars Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson to promote the movie, which hits theaters in the country on April 2.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Scarlett Johansson

Over the weekend, Scarlett and Chris were seen making separate departures at LAX Airport.

FYI: Scarlett is wearing Michael Kors, Schutz shoes, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

10+ pictures inside of Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans attending the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Paris premiere…

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  • Nina

    For someone who’s “pregnant”, she is very slim and curvy.

  • whatevera

    I can’t stand her wouldn’t be seeing this movie. Greedy vapid woman

  • whatevera

    Can’t stand her wouldn’t be seeing this movie. Greedy vapid woman

  • whatevera

    Sorry for the double post feel bad that she is in this movie with Chris. It’s called Captain Amercia. He didn’t need her in it, her Black Widow sucks.

  • sodastream

    Oh look what is in the background as sponsor Sodastream. Is Woody Alleen hiding in the background as well. Disgusting woman. She is gross she and her ugly elf troll french dude. Stay in France go away.


    Scarlett’s Providential Rev.12 baby timing means that it is high time to have another look at She’s Having A Baby; filmed in Chicago of course.

  • nohansson

    no more of her please

  • looool

    Oh look the narrow minded trolls are out lool Where’s Chris Evans’s complaint that he didn’t want Johansson in the film, oh yeh nowhere lool

    Chris Evans: ‘My favorite scenes are the ones with Scarlett.’

    Chris Evans: ‘Outside of the movie, Scarlett and I have known each other for a long time. We just constantly make jokes about how many movies we’ve made together. So it’s very effortless. We get along very well, and I think that shows on screen.’

    Oh and Blanchett, Cruz, Hall, Mcadams, Keaton are all disgusting human beings – Why should Johansson or any of these women be dragged into Allens’s personal life

    Simple and dimwitted minded people forget that Mia Farrow also SUPPORTS Roman Polanski (and everyone knows about his life)

  • Cate

    Sponsored by Soda Stream of course. Scarlett loves money. She will shill for anything. Dropping a charity to line her already full pockets and showing her ignorance and selfishness in the process. Greedy, greedy woman.

  • nooo coco baby

    i cant believe colin firth will be in his next film :’(

  • looool


    Seriously! Why dont you actually read the whole back story between Sodastream and Oxfam – Both Johansson and Sodastream havent done anything wrong – read the actual part before commenting like that.

    Like the fact that Sodastream not only employs both Israels and palestinians people but actually pays them equal amount of wage in the time when two countries are in war – theyre actually doing something right by giving employment to palestinians when at this time its hard for them to have!

    Why dont people look at Oxfam more closely and see that theyre not a such an innocent and philanthropic charity. – Make sure to look at Oxfam’s senior and head management.

  • ya learn sumthin new everyday

    i had no idea scarlett actually had fans and supporters

  • cruel world

    it’s tough to watch people defend scarlett johansson

  • sodastream


    Have you ever read Chris Interviews he is also a mess. But she is greedy and just here for all the cash she fill in her pockets she cares for noone other than herself.

    Woody Alleen is a disease and most actors are show they act like they care with their fancy dinners but it really boils down to them.

  • sodastream


    They said the same thing about the apartheid in Africa with the blacks getting housekeeping jobs from the white and the likes, lucky them that someone is paying them while country goes to hell along with their rights. You need to read and inform yourself.

    Sodastream is s**t along with SJ

  • looool


    Yet you comment on a forum with the name ‘Sodastream’

    You comment by attacking actors with your biased opinions and no actual or no reason of liking – i.e greedy and pocketing money but in fact Johansson like any American or any human being gives back as well as Chris Evans. You say she only cares about herself – but where is the actual reasoning for that – she never has been malicious.

    Think about this when the whole Sodastream controversy occurred – how come every media outlet supported Johansson – look really close into Oxfam – they are far from innocent and especially on their use on funds.

    Your comments as whole just points and boils down to the whole Allen controversy and attacking Johansson as if she has anything to do it – the whole Allen drama is a upsetting case but no one knows the full truth (Even Johansson or any actors who worked with Allen) other than Dylan and Woody.

    Its baffling reading negative comments in the Johansson section without any trace of facts or true reasoning – why don’t people actually look at both sides of the argument and then comment, so they don’t make themselves look idiotic.

    Its more baffling people actually attack Johansson because of the fact she actually speaks out and gives an opinion from her side (when she is questioned)

    Oh and ‘Have you ever read Chris Interviews he is also a mess’

    I think you meant ‘Have you watched interviews of Chris’ – yes i have and i find him to be sweet, funny and him being goofy. :)

  • Observer

    @looool: Hi moron, that is not true. They have NOT emplyed palestinians, it was a propaganda video where they were told to ACT infront of the cameras, they were paid to ACT like everything was ok and they were working there under good working rules but they were NOT.
    You are an idiot sheep who believes every propaganda Israel and big brother America tells you.

  • looool

    @sodastream: ]

    But how is that anything to do with Johansson.

    You sound like you actually read they whole sodastream controversy from an tabloid and one sided outlet – why dont you look up and read from both sides – you’ll find sodastream are not bad company and Oxfam are not an innocent charity.

    ‘Sodastream is s**t’ – Yes, the same company in a war torn countries actually pays equal payments to its all employers (Israels and Palestinians) They are so sh*t and bad that in fact their Palestinians employers supported and backed them for giving them employment equally when at this time any other Israeli-ans company would have shown them the door. -_-

    Please be more open minded.

  • blinditem

    Imagine someone invades you, takes your land illegally, builds on it with the big bucks going into the invader’s pocket. If you can honestly say, hand on heart it’s fine with you and you’d be happy to be in that situation then …you are either a little dim or not very honest. She let her greed get the better of her. She claims Oxfam were being political….so is she by accepting the job from Sodastream. Have a fair idea which she would be on 70 odd years ago…defo not the resistance.

  • Observer

    @looool: Lies, lies and more lies.

  • looool


    Really? You think as whole Israel is a bad country along with America – there was no such thing a propoganda video IF the company pinpointed their records that they do employ both Israel people and Palestinians – if there wasnt then were is the outcry from the western or Even the eastern media outlets – oh yeh because there are none! Even the Palestinians media gave and twittered an out pour of support to Johansson and Sodastream.

    Sodastream havent done anything wrong nor illegal other than giving equal employment and wages.

    By calling me an idiot or an moron – shows that your logic on the whole controversy – be more open minded.

  • looool


    But why dont you look at the fact the Sodastream company is GIVING BACK … they EMPLOY Palestinians with equal employment and wages! You might as well just say that its Sodastreams fault that both countries are in war!

  • looool


    But where are the Lies that I have commented and i only started the facts taken from both sides of the media (from both western and eastern media outlets)

    you cant even give a cohesive comment but but 5 words :/

  • sodastream


    You are a greedy idiot self absorb twat like Scarlett. Enough of your nonsense educate yourself and stop fighting for a celebrity who could care less about you and your defense.

    She is around just to get paid she is milking I am hot but have brains (crap) while she can. SHE COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHO IS GETTING ABUSE, RAPED OR INVADED WHERE IS MY CHECK THAT IS ALL SHE CARES ABOUT.

  • looool


    Man, i dont even care that you just attacked me in your comment but this whole comment of yours just reeks of full hatred and sounding like your trying to avenge something that Johansson did was awful (which she didn’t – look and read both arguments)

    And judging from the overpowering of your caps lock – it looks like your being misjudged and biased yet again – how do you know she doesn’t care.

    And also judging from the top half of your comment it looks like you lost your cool and couldn’t mind the fact that someone like me is actually telling you there’s both side of arguments which are considerable and worth reading but you taken the other side of being blind and ignorant – and not considering Johansson’s reasoning.

    How about you educating yourself and that is by a) considering Johansson’s side of the story and b) and looking into sodastream who are not a bad company with their equality.

    We live in a world where people are wanting peace and calmness and fairness from both sides of war. Sodastream which is just merely a company that is in west bank but actually gives and does that! – they forming both Israels and Palestinians to work together (equally) in a tranquil and fair environment – And yet they are getting attack for this :/

  • looool


    But what Nonsense – the fact that im actually telling the truth based from the facts from the western and eastern media and pointing out where your wrong simply by showing there’s two sides of the argument BUT for some reason you cant handle this.

    Why don’t you argue back properly and cohesively without the attacking or the caps lock?

  • don’t believe the hype

    @looool: There is no equal pay for equal rights in the West Bank. The Isralei govt. was suppose to pass a law for Palestinian workers by Jan.1st and it never happened. The governments poor excuse was they ran out of time. It’s all propaganda! The United States has a continuing opposition regarding illegal settlements and goods in the West Bank. It makes me sad to hear you idolize this actress whose morals have left the building. She reveals herself by the company she keeps and by what she says in interviews. Not good.

  • Melissa

    she looks gorgeous

  • seriously!

    WOW … Is this the right place for this ? A gossip blog which deals with movies and entertainment ? .. I really don’t care about all the politics behind Sodastream and Oxfam . I kinda like her as an actor so all this brouhaha about these companies have zero to do with me watching , and be entertain at a movie theatre . So yeah .. i’ll definitely watch this one !! ….you guys go ahead and keep on arguing about something that most likely you will not change . More power to you all !!

  • Will

    @ seriously
    You exactly sound like I imagine a typical Scarlet fan, dumb, careless and vapid. BTW, as always Scarlet looks like a Russian hooker, why am I not surprised?

  • Hypocritical

    I just like her. She is a good actress, maybe not an Oscar-winning actress but a good one. People nowadays seems to know celebrities and their thoughts or private life very well, although they never meet them. It’s disgusting. I wish Scarlett the best.

  • Funny

    On a lighter note, Blake wore an almost exact suit (also Micheal Kors) 2 years ago

  • LOL

    Despite SacrJo’s fake pretensions of intellectual might, the Guardian interviewer clearly though she was misinformed and slighly stupid in his write up

  • rofl

    @Funny: Blake wore it better and you’ll never see her hanging out with Polanski, pimping for Allen or sucking up to soda stream. Marvel needs to whack the widow.

  • Gemma Froster

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