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Scarlett Johansson: Dylan Farrow's Essay on Woody Allen Was 'Irresponsible'

Scarlett Johansson: Dylan Farrow's Essay on Woody Allen Was 'Irresponsible'

Scarlett Johansson has responded to the open letter that Dylan Farrow wrote about her father Woody Allen and calls her actions “irresponsible.”

In the letter, Dylan asked the 29-year-old actress “what if it had been you?” as she has worked with the famous director on several movies.

“I think it’s irresponsible to take a bunch of actors that will have a Google alert on and to suddenly throw their name into a situation that none of us could possibly knowingly comment on,” Scarlett told the Guardian. “That just feels irresponsible to me.”

“I don’t know anything about it. It would be ridiculous for me to make any kind of assumption one way or the other,” she added when asked if the scandal had any affect on her relationship with Woody.

“I’m unaware that there’s been a backlash. I think he’ll continue to know what he knows about the situation, and I’m sure the other people involved have their own experience with it,” Scarlett continued. “It’s not like this is somebody that’s been prosecuted and found guilty of something, and you can then go, ‘I don’t support this lifestyle or whatever.’ I mean, it’s all guesswork.”

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105 Responses to “Scarlett Johansson: Dylan Farrow's Essay on Woody Allen Was 'Irresponsible'”

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  1. 1
    amber Says:

    She should shut up.

  2. 2
    Sienna Says:

    Lest us hope that no one molest her soon to be born child.

  3. 3
    Mark Says:


  4. 4
    lillian Says:

    She isn’t very bright this one.

  5. 5
    RED Says:

    Scarlet needs a good slap in her face!

  6. 6
    Mark Says:

    + THIS WHOLE THING WAS ON THE INTERNET WHEN ‘Blue Jasmine’ WAS Critically Acclaimed And Getting OSCAR BUZZ .. -_-

  7. 7
    Mkhay Says:

    What did you expect her to say. Why would she comment on it if she has no clue what happened?

  8. 8
    go go Says:

    She sure got your attention didnt she?

  9. 9
    Alaric Says:

    Darn you scarlet! why did she bring that up! now dylan is gonna talk again and this crap is going to continue.

  10. 10
    Cara Says:

    I kind of agree with her.

    The actors were not there when the molestation occured nor do they know the truth about the gritty details. She didn’t need to bring hollywood into her letter. She could have just written it about him and alluded to hollywood instead of giving names.

  11. 11
    Ally Says:

    Funny how MEDIA is able to MANIPULATE people.
    1. GUARDIAN asked her a question – she answered.
    2. she doesn’t know any facts about this situation, so she’s been honest

  12. 12
    Jenni Wildflower Says:

    A lot has been public for over 20 years about this story and Woody Allen. For Scarlett or anyone to claim ignorance is dishonest. She has the same access to the story as we do. She has the same responsibilty to make an informed opinion, not act like she cannot read.

    The only way to begin to take sex abuse seriously is for victims to name names, call people out. No one wanst to support Mel Gibson right? But I guess prejudice is “worse” than raping (Polanski did) or being inappropriate (a judge’s finding) with a small child (like Allen with Dylan)?

    HW lauding Allen and Polanski and others shows that more calling out needs to be done. This is a social justice issue.

  13. 13
    kami Says:

    this super unintelligent woman who thinks she’s so smart should just keep her mouth shut. every time she tires to sound profound, she come off sounding more stupid.

  14. 14
    Mark Says:

    @Ally , THANK U!!

  15. 15
    bold Says:

    She’s right. Dylan had no point name-dropping her up in her essay. It was just a way to get more attention. Scarlett is not responsible for what happened to her. She wasn’t there and let’s not forget Woody was never proven guilty of those charges. He’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law whether you self-righteous witch hunters like it or not.

  16. 16
    Shells Says:

    She’s right – but Just Jared should be careful how you phrase this. She didn’t call Dylan Farrow irresponsible for writing an essay or stating her story. She’s just saying it’s not fair to include her and other actors who can’t possibly know or say anything worthwhile, who need to shut up instead of voicing ill-informed opinions. Can’t blame her there.

  17. 17
    Ally Says:

    @Shells: yep – I think JJ wanted some attention at that point ;)

  18. 18
    Jasi Says:

    One fking jew sticking up for another despite a horrible misdeed-what a shocker. If this were woody harrelsons adopted daughter making the claim, you. Think scarlett would be around him singing this toon? Wake up to jew hollywood people.

  19. 19
    Mary Says:

    Funny how centuries of established jurisprudence can be swept away by the idea that “everyone knows” he’s guilty. People calling for this guy’s head on the basis of what we think we know about this case are deeply frightening to me. The original claim was Allen fingered her. But when they examined her, she was completely intact with no damage. She was lying then to appease her bitter mother and she’s lying now for the same reason. She stirred up those allegations to get her 15 minutes, certainly not to get any kind of closure.

  20. 20
    Jasi Says:

    @Mary: Wow you have it all figured out. Stop any proceedings, let dylan know she is completely delusional, and allen is a total saint. Oops, i mean rabbi

  21. 21
    Scarlett Letter Says:

    Scarlett, there’s a reason why you’re an actress and your commentary is a great indication of that fact. What I’m saying is….you’re dumb. It’s okay, Scarlett. A lot of your peers are dumb too. It’s because you are physically attractive – that’s why you are famous. I’m sure you think you’re a good actress, considering the award winning films like all the Marvel, VERY ORIGINAL MOVIES, and of course, my personal favorite, He’s Just Not That Into Me. When your looks go, so will you my dear. Good luck with clinging on to that relevance.

  22. 22
    enough Says:

    First of all, Woody Allen was never charged with, let alone convicted of child abuse. Without knowing the individuals personally I find it more than a little hard to believe that Soon-Yi would have lived with Allen if she had seriously believed that he molested her little sister.
    I also find the fact that Mia Farrow, Roman Farrow and Dylan Farrow are all engaging in what is obviously a coordinated campaign against Allen many years after the alleged incident occurred more than a little suspect.
    How can so many people assume Allen to be guilty without any concrete evidence of misconduct? An open allegation letter – no matter how horrifying – is not evidence. It’s one person’s account of what happened.

  23. 23
    Alaia Says:

    She never said the essay was irresponsible. She said name dropping her was. Christ, can’t you people read?

  24. 24
    B Says:


    a lot of victims either suffer or force themselves to fall in love with their abusers.

  25. 25
    Girl Is Fake Says:

    “The actress [Scarlett] also responded to questions about the controversy over her role as a spokesperson for SodaStream, which caused her tow step down as ambassador for Oxfam. SodaStream owns a factory in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Oxfam opposes such businesses on the grounds that they are illegal. When Oxfam reached out to the actress regarding her role as a SodaStream sponsor, she opted to resign from the charity.”

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