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Halle Berry Cut from 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Movie?

Halle Berry Cut from 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' Movie?

Halle Berry is all smiles while getting to work on the set of her new CBS drama series Extant on Monday afternoon (March 17) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actress was joined on set that day by her co-stars Goran Visnjic and Pierce Gagnon.

Rumor has it that Halle has been cut from her upcoming movie X-Men: Days of Future Past, in which she returns as her beloved character Storm. Her role was reduced while filming because of her pregnancy, but now the question is if she’s in the movie at all.

“She only has one line in the whole movie,” a source told the New York Daily News. “They’re not telling her until the movie comes out.”

We will have to wait and see if any of these rumors are true!

25+ pictures inside of Halle Berry on the set of Extant

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halle berry gets to work on extant 01
halle berry gets to work on extant 02
halle berry gets to work on extant 03
halle berry gets to work on extant 04
halle berry gets to work on extant 05
halle berry gets to work on extant 06
halle berry gets to work on extant 07
halle berry gets to work on extant 08
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  • Yawn

    she is an obnoxious self-loathed white d*ck eater. :(

  • Ugh

    Behind much? This rumor was already debunked by the director yesterday.

  • AsianFanatic

    She’s too old anyway Zoe Kravitz is best for the part.

  • Me34

    They’ll do her a favor (the movie will be one big cameo). There are some good actors involved in this, it would’ve been great if they weren’t.

  • just me

    Maybe if she wasn’t so nasty about the paps taking pictures of her kids things would have worked out for her. She really need to show her kids and be so hard on the paps for taking pics. Like when Kristen bell mention about the paps taking pics are celebrities kids pics. Both shouldn’t worry about other celebrities kids. Just theirs. And it make it hard for them to get anything. Kristen didn’t mention that her movie flop at the boxoffice, Instead are being 2 million it was 1 million jared. Halle has a bad reputation pissing people off with her mouth and the things she say. So halle mention that !

  • eternalozzie

    She ruined X3 with her diva attitude so the less we see of her in this movie the better. They killed off the 2 leaders of the X-men so she could be the star … not cool.

  • tick

    Thank God. I hate that woman. She is a drama queen in more ways than one. Winning that Oscar turned her into a total b**ch. Her ex Gabriel is better off without her. She is also having problems with her new husband. Leopards can’t change their spots. Halle is the reason I didn’t go to Cloud Atlas even though I read the book. She is pushing 50 anyway. I hope that Lupita girl doesn’t turn into another Halle. Heaven help us.

  • carla

    I think everything are rumors!!! about her marriage, film blah, blah, blah!!!!
    And she likes that and after all she will appear with husband and full scenes on x-men film!!!! Her son and daughter can not apear so …. and she’s laughing and adoring all of this!
    She still is considering one of the greastest actress in hollywood and doing what every big names are doing – TV!

  • just saying

    That not Halle wedding Ring .

  • niagirl

    Look at all the shaders on here. Tsk tsk tsk people.

  • guest

    @carla: Yes Halle is an attention whore. Guess OM is becoming one too and getting paid to do it. They have to do this so folks will go to watch their shows and see their movies. Who knows what their REAL marital status is? Or status of her XMen role? Or will Lupita replace her as Storm? LOL

    @just saying: Yes UR right

  • Halle ‘s real ring set
  • carla

    I rally can’t understand all this “show”about her ring! you don’t need a ring to be merrier and a ring it doesn’t mean that you are merry! all those pictures are about her work, she’s playing a married woman! why should she use her real ring????????

    I still think that she and Olivier are enjoying all of this!!!! and he’s always with good mood, so…. laughing of rumors!

  • Eli-7

    @carla: Probably. wink wink

    My understanding is that Brit tabloid has been on the rumor wagon since day 1 doing updates every chance they get. They were dumb enough to think she was wearing her ring on the set and driving what looked her car or a car similar to hers in LA or on the set.

  • Eli-7

    @Eli-7: they are being creative in keeping themselves/her self amused –since she can’t totally pimp her kids to stay relevant anymore….LOL

  • Stan

    Jared you should do more research before posting stuff. Bryan Singer already tweeted that this is false. She hasn’t been cut out. Stupid people and dumb rumors

  • susan001

    Angie is one pimping her kids out, hallie does not..

  • carla

    Halle Berry will NOT have her scenes cut down in X-Men: Days Of Future Past insists director after claims Storm was turned into a cameo

    Read more:
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  • carla


    I agree!!! And since she get pregnant she advices about her performance! They made some changes and she had to adapt to her condition!
    About her marriage… I think the same! they had small roles during her pregnancy, now they both working and no more free time! or no kids to take pictures! so we have Olivier with his baguette and Halle on set! But split rumors is good, after all they must be on front pages!

  • msirene

    I think it’s so cute how Ms. Berry is looking at her co-star, and salivating at the mouth, while looking at him. (top row picture #5 on the right). She seems to be saying, “I’m going to get you, too.”

    By the way, the wedding band that she’s wearing doesn’t appear to be the one that OM gave her. Perhaps she chose to use a different one for the movie.

    Watch out, Goran Visnjic, because it seems that Ms. Berry always seems to end up romancing her co workers. (ex. Wesley Snipes, Michael Ealey, Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez, etc.). I wonder if that’s what’s upsetting Mr. Martinez…….

    You go, Ms. Berry!

  • just saying

    @ susan001 Halle better keep her kids in LA. The Minute she step out of LA with them the PAPS will take picture of them just to get revenge on her. As for Angle and Brad their don’t have to pimp their kids their rolling in cash and Angie does good work and can act unlike someone we all know. Angie don’t called the Paps and let them know where she will be and then called the police for them.

  • mike


  • Shelbethegreat

    @carla: You tell’em Carla, Halle is doing great. And Olivier ain’t doing bad either, he will play General Santa Ana in the new History Channel mini series Texas Rising, sure to be a hit. The lies won’t stop these two.