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Mick Jagger Releases Statement About Girlfriend L'Wren Scott's Death: 'I Will Never Forget Her'

Mick Jagger Releases Statement About Girlfriend L'Wren Scott's Death: 'I Will Never Forget Her'

Mick Jagger has taken to Facebook to make a statement about the tragic death of his longtime love, designer L’Wren Scott.

“I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this tragic way. We spent many wonderful years together and had made a great life for ourselves. She had great presence and her talent was much admired, not least by me. I have been touched by the tributes that people have paid to her, and also the personal messages of support that I have received. I will never forget her, Mick,” the 70-year-old Rolling Stones band member wrote.

In light of L’Wren‘s death, the Rolling Stones cancelled the Wednesday night launch of their Australian tour.

In case you missed the reports, L’Wren was found dead, hanging in her apartment on Monday morning (March 17). Our continued thoughts go out to L’Wren‘s loved ones.

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21 Responses to “Mick Jagger Releases Statement About Girlfriend L'Wren Scott's Death: 'I Will Never Forget Her'”

  1. 1
    Rocky Says:

    So sad. So very sad.

  2. 2
    Love The Shoes Says:

    Always got the strong; very strong impression that he really had found in her a great relationship and his once notorious roving eye now stayed focused on only her. I saw a pic of he, she and Bianca Jagger all smiling and friendly and it kind of clinched the opinion I had formed that Mick and L’Wren were solid. So sad.

  3. 3
    Shamu Says:

    He’ll forget her with the next leggy model or any of the other women he’s had during this relationship.

  4. 4
    kel Says:

    I agree^. Very sad.

  5. 5
    Elisabeth Says:

    Maybe he was about to break up with her. That’s why he says “I’ll never forget her”. He feels kind of guilty.

  6. 6
    Rocky Says:

    No will ever know why unless she left a note, and there was no talk about a note. A coworker’s friend’s son killed himself and no one ever knew why? He was always happy and hanging out with friends, had a great girlfriend, but whatever he had inside him he never shared with anyone. He was only 21 years old.

  7. 7
    Frenchy Says:

    Can’t believe it. To me she seemed to have had it all, a great life..very pretty,.discovered by Bruce Weber, rose to fame as a Chanel model in Paris when it was the heyday of models, had great personal style that was admired so much that she became an in demand Hollywood stylist and eventually a designer w/until her own (until recently) thriving business. Anna Wintour said she never met an American woman like L’Wren ever..Her manners, demeanor, the way she put others first…very sad.

  8. 8
    redwine11 Says:

    I read that she was deep in debt with her fashion business and was too embarassed to ask for help. Too bad. We all have our failures in life.

  9. 9
    italian girl Says:

    It is always sad when you hear such a bad news! Also when this happened to other famous actors…

    Life is so beautiful and it’s only one, for this reason nobody should think of doing such bad things with his own life.
    Probably she was a very sad woman…who knows

  10. 10
    scooter Says:

    @Shamu: Yep. I thought that too. His words are not really warm.
    I will never forget her (who????).
    Easily said if there is no bound.

  11. 11
    scallywag Says:

    Could it get any worse, a name brand designer to stars, but secretly a commercial flop in financial ruin, linked to one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, and yet more lonely, wounded, forced to look the other way, as Mick Jagger cheated and tended to her hands off….. but smile back happy for the cameras, forced to play the unbearable role of perfect, glamorous life.

    Of course the biggest question is had things had come to a head in recent weeks between L’Wren and Mick and had the pair just broken up or had a major falling out….? Was that what in the end pushed L’Wren Scott past the point of no return….?

  12. 12
    The Eternal Cad Says:

    She had issues sure, but I am sure they were made worse by her relationship with the insensitive cheating cad that is Jagger.
    I hope he realizes that his selfish ways have contributed to the death and life taking of a person he was supposed to care a great deal about.
    Men like him think with such tunnel vision and exclusively according to their own needs.
    Intelligent creative and brilliant women should take this as a word of warning avoid these types of men, they will destroy you and feel nothing deep down.
    Mick Jagger has provided lip service to this because he has to keep up appearances. I doubt he really loved this woman at all, and she finally realized it.
    It is sad, that she ended up investing in a man who’s best years have past and he has spread so much of himself around that he is a dried up husk on the inside and out, who is no longer virile and dignified but very much the old ugly fool, who hopefully will die alone as penance for such a selfish life and it will be deserved.

  13. 13
    rIp Says:

    Jerry Hall: “I feel sorry for Mick,” she said. “Sexual promiscuity just LEADS TO CHAOS and you have to clear it up. I wish he’d find happiness, but I’m not churning inside about it.”

  14. 14
    COWARD Says:

    I think anyone who takes their own life is a complete coward. I don’t care how bad you are feeling, get yourself some help. She had plenty of friends and Mick certainly had money to help her out with. So now she found the cowardly way to solve all of her problems and has left behind nothing but pain and grief for those who loved and cared about her.

  15. 15
    drama Says:

    look at that…how nice….he will never forget her…..thats nice…she had a nice shape face.

  16. 16
    Sharon Says:

    You dont know what she is thinking! L’Wren Scott could have other issues in her life. Maybe Mick Jagger couldnt help her. Jagger made it clear he was still with L’ Wren Scott and was happy being together. You dont know what happen behind close doors. When Mick got the news about his girlfriend death. Jagger look crush in the pictures that was taken as soon as he fond out about L’ Wren death. How would you feel if you was famous & the paps taking your picture. Right after you fond out your love one is dead. No respect were you cant grieve without being watch every second.

  17. 17
    Duh, Mick! Says:

    We will not forget her either. MJ could have said something about her beauty as a person and how deeply he loved her, her wonderful accomplishments to life, etc….. but he did not.

  18. 18
    Jack Meoff Says:

    I think L’Wren Scott took a look a Mick Jagger’s face and said “Oh my God, I was kissing that?” Then she killed herself. Makes sense to me!!

  19. 19
    Jack Meoff Says:

    @Shamu: I think L’Wren Scott took a look a Mick Jagger’s face and said “Oh my God, I was kissing that?” Then she killed herself. Makes sense to me!!

  20. 20
    Joe GoldDigger Says:

    Not too sound rude or to minimize the value of ALL human life, but this is the consequence of being a gold digger. I mean she went all in on trying to gold dig her way into a rock start, rich and fabulous life style and failed. You reap what you sew as the saying goes.


  21. 21
    Kate Says:


    As a survivor of a suicide attempt it may be difficult for you, an observer to comprehend the sheer pain and hopelessness that comes with deep depression. It is a “silencing of oneself” emotionally, an unrelenting thought pattern of pain that becomes unbearable. I am fortunate that my
    husband got me to the hospital in time. Depression is a real illness, not a character flaw as you imply.

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