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Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia

Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia

Gerard Butler keeps himself hydrated with water while out and about on Wednesday (March 19) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor was joined by a male pal, while taking some pics on his cell phone.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

A few weeks ago, Gerard was spotted grabbing a bite to eat in Bondi Beach.

It was recently reported that Gerard crashed a bachelorette party in Australia.

“We thought it was a stripper, because it was a hen’s party. But then we saw [Gerard] standing on the boat. We all just started screaming,” Dragana Ogorelica, a close pal of the bride, shared.

She added, “His accent, oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. You couldn’t understand him half the time, but you didn’t care because it was just gorgeous.”

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677 Responses to “Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia”

  1. 1
    Mrs. Gaston Says:

    i really don’t get what women see in this guy. his accent isn’t gorgeous and neither is he.

  2. 2
    cupcake Says:

    Omg first one. It’s about time a new thread. Looking good.

  3. 3
    cupcake Says:

    Okay maybe second.

  4. 4
    Embla Says:

    I wanted to be first. Groan. :0)))))) He looks like he’s desperate to fit in somewhere. :-) And that same tired old search pose again. Boring! :-))

  5. 5
    Tasty Says:
    “Catherine still heavy breathing after Touching Gerard Butler, naughty wife! — with Catherine Lyttle at Sydney Cove Oyster Bar.”

  6. 6
    Tasty Says:

    original source

  7. 7
    Ducky Says: The Scot was on board the boat Maja Nogic and her pals had hired as he had reportedly used it to look at properties on Rushcutter’s Bay before the party began.
    Wonder if he is looking to buy or rent. A beachfront property! That would be lovely and a nice income property as well. Hope he buys.
    Heard that HTTYD is going to be a trilogy. Will Stoick fall in love with Valka?

  8. 8
    Night Says:

    Does gerry believe in ghosts?

  9. 9
    Ducky Says:

    @Tasty: Loved the comments Tasty.

  10. 10
    Molly Says:

    Gorgeous !!!!

  11. 11
    5 Says:

    gerry should be careful with point break i hope he won’t get hurt. it would break my heart. How long will the shoot will be? 6 months?

  12. 12
    Nice Beautiful Guy Says:

    Gerard is Blessed. It is obvious, so clear that people who have nothing good to say are unhappy…..with themselves.

    Happy he has a blessed comfortable life. Thank you God. We all pray for such.

  13. 13
    5 Says:

    @Nice Beautiful Guy: i hope he will remain the fun, healthy man he is. why do you think certain people are blessed and others not? pain and bad luck happens to good people.

  14. 14
    Gerard Butler Says:

    i don’t have love

  15. 15
    Nicole Says:

    So many good pics. Enter Gerard Butler

  16. 16
    Nicole Says:

    You’re amazing, Gerry!

  17. 17
    brian cardozo Says:


  18. 18
    Debbie Says:

    @Gerard Butler: Maybe she passed you up. You even said that she might have come and gone but maybe she will come back. I think that you should just slow down so that certain someone might have a chance. What do you think? Have fun in Australia and keep out of trouble. Winky winky lol And me would I like to spend a night alone with you? Yeah, but just talking, you need people that want to help with some things but sex is not the answer. Email me if you ever want to talk and want a friend who isn’t out there for the glamour.


  19. 19
    Found a girl for GB....sort of Says:

    This is rumoured to be Clooney’s new girlfriend:
    She is absolutely stunning and is one of the lawyers working on the Julian Assange case. Totally Gerry’s type and Gerry was a lawyer too!
    Why can’t this woman be into Gerry? LOL!
    Keep searching Gerry, but as she’s from England, you should come home!

  20. 20
    Found a girl for GB....sort of Says:

    But until he finds the one, Sydney has some very lovely ladies just lounging around:

  21. 21
    Eagle Eyes Says:

    Please tell me she is not for real. Does she ACTUALLY think Ger is gonna read this?

    @Found a girl for GB….sort of
    I have to question whether or not this girl is even into guys since everywhere she is seen, she has her LIVE IN trainer with her who is also a woman? Maybe its me, but this seems to me to have RED FLAGS waving all over the place. Seriously, who needs a live in trainer?

  22. 22
    Ducky Says:

    @5: ” why do you think certain people are blessed and others not? pain and bad luck happens to good people.”
    IMO it isn’t whether you are lucky or haven’t suffered pain but the way a person handles what they are given to deal with in life. Take Abella, for instance. She suffered so much as did her parents. The heartache of losing two children must be the worst pain in the world and yet they see themselves as blessed to have had both children for just a little while.
    Then there was a boy who was ridiculed for his speech defect. He learned to overcome what surgery couldn’t and turn it into humour, charm and wit. He deals with the profound disappointments he has had, the abandonment and loss, into something good and calls himself blessed, even when today there are some who mock his speech. He remains sensitive, and compassion is part of his life. AND so we feel blessed in return for having known the man…….especially that smile.

  23. 23
    Embla Says:

    Do you really like my moniker this much?
    Not got enough imagination to come up with your own?
    #4 is not me.

  24. 24
    Can she cook? Says:

    @Eagle Eyes: If she’ll walk the dog, I’ll take the live in trainer.

  25. 25
    Ducky Says:

    @Nicole: Thanks Nicole. Do you think he sends those selfies home to mum?
    Knew it wasn’t you Embla. Not your way.

  26. 26
    Higher level accomplished Says:

    @Night: maybe not ghosts but the spirit world! noticed it too in the picture! opening up to higher levels of awareness in his search for the one!

  27. 27
    Found a girl for GB....sort of Says:

    @Higher level accomplished:
    Wishful thinking.

  28. 28
    Embla Says:

    Thanks Ducky. :-)
    BTW, your post #22, is really good. How you explained it is just so true.
    Do you think he is going to wear a beard as Set, since it seems to grow longer?

  29. 29
    JS Says:

    @Night:”Does gerry believe in ghosts?”

    Scotland is said to be one of the most haunted places on earth and the Celts are very sensitive to that sort of thing so I think he does.

  30. 30
    JS Says:

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky, very good post, well said.

  31. 31
    Ducky Says:

  32. 32
    Ducky Says:

    Hey Embla and JS Good to see you two tonight/today lol.
    Interesting about the ghosts. Not terribly fond of the idea though.
    I don’t know about the beard Embla. I like the “Sydney scruff” but not so thick. Just scruffy enough to be able to see his face and not detract from his eyes. Does that make sense?
    Will he wear a mask in GoE and will his hair be red? Should all be so interesting. Wonder if we will get a sneak look? I think I mentioned before how much I love movie bloopers and hope they do something like that or maybe in the way of The wrath of gods as was done for Beowulf. That would be great!

  33. 33
    Not so Says:

    Actually, the list for haunted places is much longer for other countries in world, especially in South America.
    Ireland and England both have more reports of haunted places than Scotland.
    And I don’t understand what you mean by “Celts are very sensitive to that sort of thing”. What do you mean?
    Do Celts have special vision to see ghosts more clearly? LOL!

  34. 34
    JS Says:

    @Ducky: “I don’t know about the beard Embla.”

    I have to admit that I don’t find it very attractive.

  35. 35
    ??? Says:

    @Not so: That poster always makes outrageous claims about Scots. She claims to know everything about Scots and Celts and they have powers of all kinds that the rest of us simply don’t have. They’re superhumans and the rest of us are just blood, flesh and bone.


  36. 36
    JS Says:

    @Not so: “And I don’t understand what you mean by “Celts are very sensitive to that sort of thing”. What do you mean?”

    Well apparently some people are more likely to feel the presence of spirits, and also to see them, and I’ve read that the Celtic peoples, Scots, Welsh, Irish, Manx, Cornish and Bretons, are in this category.

  37. 37
    JS Says:

    @???: I claim no such thing and have not made such stupid remarks.

  38. 38
    Not so Says:

    As someone who dabbles in spectrology, I can tell you that you’re a little off base. No group, ethnicity, race, country or creed of people are more likely than others to feel the presence of ghosts. Celts aren’t special in that regard any more than Mayans are. It’s like saying Irish Catholics feel the presence of God more than Argentinian Catholics.
    Make sense?
    Just wanted to clear that up for you : )

  39. 39
    Nicole Says:

  40. 40
    Ducky Says:

    Well said, JS. Very good post.

  41. 41
    Mystic Meg Says:

    I was told by someone who was very into the paranormal that the Celts do have an ability to connect with spirits more than many other people. Also, JS didn’t say Scotland was the most haunted place in the world, she said it was ONE of the most haunted.

  42. 42
    just a thought Says:

    New thread, nice look. enjoy the sight seeing. We love seeing this sight : )

  43. 43
    Not so Says:

    @Mystic Meg: Whoever told you that unfortunately misinformed you. It’s not the case at all.
    There is no distinction between a person’s ability to connect with spirits and where they are born or what race they are born into.
    What you are saying is simply not true.
    Also, Scotland, as a country is not haunted, so you need to reword how you’re writing things. There are haunted sites IN Scotland, which JS is right about, that Scotland, along with about thirty other countries is of one of the most haunted in the world.

  44. 44
    ghosts? really? Says:

    next topic please…

  45. 45
    Renting or leasing Says:

    So the caveman is now up for renting or leasing for a day! HA!

  46. 46
    go go Says:

    Saw the 300 sequel and really missed him in it, glad for the flashbacks of him, but this other guy was ok but not as fun and quirky as Gerard is to watch, he was brilliant in 1st one

  47. 47
    eye roll Says:

    There is no such thing as ghosts, you frickin’ morons. It’s 2014. It’s time to join the age of reason.

  48. 48
    JS Says:

    @Ducky: Good post. Well said. Thanks for posting.

  49. 49
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    The Celtic community can own clairvoyant and can be highly intuitive as well.
    Have a book at home, a famous one whose name escapes me, where people of all classes of life in the United Kingdom speak to seeing, hearing and feeling fairies. Now keep in mind not all fairies are like Disney portrays. Cool subject. Too bad it has to take place in a toxic waste dump. *sighs*

  50. 50
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    I don’t see the book here, but can give title later…
    I mean the Land of Nod, which I call Scotland, and the England itself has produced some of the most amazing authors (as well as other countries across the pond) so why not? They could be angels or spirits of the dark world too. Who knows?
    It’s a matter of belief. Why some people don’t even believe in love saying it is all biology nothing more. A deep need to procreate or something. It’s up for grabs… all of it.

  51. 51
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    Sorry, can own clairvoyant abilities.* Also ghosts can be unsettled souls.

  52. 52
    Ducky Says:

    Good post. Thanks for posting.

  53. 53
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    Don’t see Set with a beard as all depictions are him in a ‘dog’ type mask. Tan and holding some sort of weapon. He does have reddish hair though, which he could be trying to get used to. It seems more bronze than usual to me. Think the beard is just plain laziness or being ‘off’ and relaxing. Set, God of Chaos, is a very dark character. Who is loves chaos? Although some folks will create drama for the sake of drama, but most people prefer a calmer of chaos. This is a juicy role! He’s going to love this project!!
    That said, I just think I decoded Gerry’s downtime dress code:
    Waist up = man/grown-up.
    Waist down = big kid/adventurous.
    (slinking away)
    Fact. I’m not afraid of no ghost.

  54. 54
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    From Russell’s Twitter account:
    “Back stage at the Vatican” seriously.
    Is Noah a movie anyone here is interested in seeing? Think the special effects are going to be good. Rusty never fails, love Jennifer, and it’s backed by the big wigs of Hollywood. Hope it’s a hit for him. He’s back to being the main star.
    Found this quote about Russell:
    Russell is the type of actor who cracks open his chest and lets you stare right into his heart.
    ~Paul Haggis
    Actually saw/see Gerry as someone with the same ability too.
    Do over:
    Waist up = man/business career mogul
    Fact. I’m not afraid of no bullies.

  55. 55
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Ducky: Hi Dycky girl, I have to admit I don’t like this scruffy beard either, it’s just too much! I love his “a few days unshaven” look but this is starting to look like the beard Joaquin Phoenix had a few years ago lol.

  56. 56
    Kali Orexi Says:

    @Kali Orexi: Sorry Ducky for the typo :|

  57. 57
    Interstellar Says:

    Well of course he did!

  58. 58
    santamariavargas Says:

    Why does this guy always look like a total slob?

  59. 59
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    What I see is his his two personalities.
    Top half: wisdom, maturity, professional.
    Bottom half: playful, relaxed, casual.
    There is a saying, “The less their is of the man, the more he needs the clothes.”
    Think he dresses to blend? A transparency of sorts? A way not to stand out? Only his chaperones/herders often are a wee more pulled together.
    Gerry has a truly laid-back disshelved look that has been a trademark for awhile. Seems on his personal downtime he chooses comfort over style yet remains current and not in what I call “baby clothes.” On his career’s ‘on’ time he wisely chooses style over comfort when promoting and touring.

  60. 60
    Setinmyways Says:

    @Mrs. Gaston:
    “i really don’t get what women see in this guy. his accent isn’t gorgeous and neither is he.”
    LOLOL! For someone who apparently doesn’t like the guy, you sure were quick to be the first one to post on his thread!

  61. 61
    Ducky Says:

    Post #40 and #52 isn’t me and doubt that #48 is JS
    @Kali Orexi: Very happy to see you here girl. About time you showed up. Missed you.
    Oh good grief, I hope it doesn’t get that bad, but it seems he does need more than a bit of grooming in that department. Maybe he thinks he can go incognito? Shall we tell him it won’t work?
    Few of the pics he looks a little pissed off at the paps. Hope they aren’t stalking him because of the hen party and trying to get another scoop. I suspect he will be fair game from here on out.
    Keep posting Kali.

  62. 62
    jimmy mack Says:

    What’s going on with Butler? what’s new?

  63. 63
    Monicker stealer Says:

    @JS: #48

  64. 64
    Monicker stealer Says:

    @Ducky: #52

  65. 65
    Ducky Says:

    @@Ducky: Thank you, that was very nice to let me know. Not to much I can do about it but appreciate you. #1762 [old thread]

  66. 66
    Ducky Says:

    @just a thought:

  67. 67
    Grammar Nazi Says:

    @🎶 GFW 🎶:

    “Fact. I’m not afraid of no bullies.”

    Double negative. Grammar is your friend.

  68. 68
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    You forgot… Fact. I’m not afraid of no ghosts.
    Grammar has never been my friend. I’ve created a new style of talking/writing that gets got or don’t and it don’t mind me no never mind never way.
    Fact. I’m not afraid of no hexes or spells either. Such alternative counter solutions exist to rid us of them, and they work.
    Hey, has the “Grammar Nazi” anything to add to the conversation or just poke fun supremely smug and falsely secure by your anonymity?
    I kind of like my dress shirt thinking waist up and kid forever thinking waste down. Thought that kind of ingenious of me.

  69. 69
    Just take the criticism Says:

    @🎶 GFW 🎶:
    Your grammar and spelling is off on occasion. Just take the criticism ffs and stop launching into paragraph’s worth of responses about what and why people post here.

  70. 70
    Grammar Nazi Says:

    @🎶 GFW 🎶:

    Actually, I don’t give a sh*t either way…I thought it was funny as h*ll. I hope the cramps go away, PMS is such a drag.

  71. 71
    Bravo Says:

    @Just take the criticism: @Grammar Nazi: The two of you made my day.

  72. 72
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    I don’t have no PMS any more. I just turned 60 years old so don’t have any youth left even though I look like Grace Kelly.

    I’m not afraid of no liver spots.

  73. 73
    Grammar Vader Says:

    @🎶 GFW 🎶:

    I find your lack of grammar disturbing. “breathes in”

  74. 74
    Best post in this thread.... Says:

    @Grammar Vader:

  75. 75
    LOSERS Says:

    Wow, you morons will find any little thing you can huh? Goes to show you how sad your lives really are. All of you need to either go out for a walk or eat a box of donuts, whichever will help you the most with your insecurities. Losers.

  76. 76
    🎶 GFW 🎶 Says:

    @Best post in this thread….: Not really. Not funny at all. Mine above it, #72, is much funnier because it’s true.

  77. 77
    What's worse than... Says:

    @LOSERS: Losers?
    Taking the time to comment on “losers”.
    Go away troll.

  78. 78
    Grammar Vader Says:


    I was hoping your diatribe would be longer. I have a good ten minutes of life to waste. Don’t fail me again.

  79. 79

    @🎶 GFW 🎶: Post 72

  80. 80

    @Grammar Vader:

  81. 81
    You're right--moniker jacked Says:


  82. 82
    gera Says:

  83. 83
    Biggest Loser Here Says:

    @What’s worse than…:

  84. 84
    Grammar Yoda Says:

    Take a joke, she can not….A true Jedi’s strength is in their humor.

  85. 85
    What's worse than... Says:

    @Grammar Yoda: HAHA! These are great!

  86. 86
    Grammar Yoda Says:

    @What’s worse than…:

  87. 87
    What's worse than... Says:

    @Grammar Yoda: Thanks for the links. It’s very funny! Good to have a laugh after all the ghost talk.

  88. 88

    @Grammar Yoda:

  89. 89
    What's worse than... Says:

    You were sooooooo bored that you had to take the time and read her posts and respond. LOL!
    Stop complaining. At least fans are joking around instead of attacking each other.

  90. 90
    Woman-child Definition Says:

    A woman-child is similar to what many call the man-child or “manbaby”.
    - A woman-child is a female who is over the age of 25, who still lives and thinks as though she is a juvenile.
    - A grown woman who is very immature is therefore considered a woman-child.
    - Woman-children are good at concealing themselves amongst society. They seem normal at first but throw fits not long after getting to know them better.
    - A woman-child is a grown woman who acts like a baby. If she doesn’t get her way, she becomes crabby and unable to work or live with. Thinks she’s always right. Can be angered and upset by anything.
    - A woman-child is an adult female who still possesses psychological traits of a child. Traits include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    + whining
    + pettiness
    + trying to pass the blame for their own underdeveloped judgement
    + not “stepping up to the plate” when it’s their role to
    + secretly still finds 3rd grade humor amusing
    + is able to connect with her children, but only as another child, not as a mother
    + not to mention an overall insecurity in who she is as a woman, from which similar traits sprout

  91. 91
    Grammar Yoda Says:


    “You like the little green thing, don’t you?”

  92. 92
    You're right--moniker jacked Says:

    @MONIKER STEALER: Post 76 too

  93. 93
    Woman-child Definition Says:

    - The woman-child, if married, is often found married to Type A man (usually firstborn or only child in their own family) who reluctantly yet aptly takes up the slack for the aforementioned woman-child.
    - This woman-child will often attempt to augment their lack in maturity and/or compete with peers with material possessions such as:
    - High-end designer clothing & accessories & bling
    - Top of the line, state of the art, home or office space
    - Boast of staff to handle mediocre chores, pets, even children
    - The very latest electronic gadgets (iPad2, digital video camera, iPhone6, etc.) to impress peers with.

  94. 94
    Grammar PoPo Says:

    I say I say I say I know you know that I know you know I’m right. Butler isn’t all that and a bag of chips. And he can’t act. Here’s a spot of real acting. Thank you, John Cazale, for a great movie memory.

  95. 95
    Grammar Yoda Says:

    @Grammar PoPo:

    Issues, you have….Professional help, you should seek.

  96. 96
    Master Yo Says:

    GFW, you are more interesting than Butler. That’s why you get more attention than he does, even here, even negative.
    I am sure you agree? LOL

  97. 97
    Grammar PoPo Says:

    @Grammar Yoda: I’m a gangsta and I no it. fite me! yolo!

  98. 98
    Grammar Yoda Says:

    @Grammar PoPo:

    Yoda does not fight children. Go home to your mother, you should.

  99. 99
    What would you do? Says:

    If you were a successful designer but for some reason got yourself in 6 million in debt, your boyfriend Jagger was cheating on you and you knew it all along, is that worth taking your life?
    For money? for someone who didn’t love or respect you? I think not imo
    Wouldn’t you want to stick around and see how the story ends instead of ending it?

  100. 100
    Your question is kind of sick Says:

    @What would you do?:
    Suicide is very complicated and the people that commit suicide are in utter despair.
    Your question is kind of sick and shows that you don’t understand the first thing about depression. Of course a person of a healthy mind would never commit suicide NO MATTER what things are happening in their lives. But that’s not the case here. You’re talking about a person that has issues.
    NO ONE commits suicide because it’s the easy way out.

  101. 101
    ditto Says:

    @Your question is kind of sick: l’wren scott was in pain and couldn’t find her way out of the darkness. she wasn’t thinking about life beyond her problems, because she couldn’t see beyond them.

  102. 102
    People's lives Says:

    are not talking points. Especially on a gossip site. God rest her soul.

  103. 103
    What would you do? Says:

    @Your question is kind of sick: No, it isn’t a sick question. It is a question for discussion since the nonsense posted on the last few pages is nothing but nonsense. Your opinion matters, not to call a question sick who inquires. Shame on you. I have an understanding and you are cruel.

  104. 104
    Your question is kind of sick Says:

    @People’s lives: Completely agree with you. Especially when posters are saying things like her partner was cheating on her.
    Really? Gossiping about her already and she’s not even dead for a week. Sick.
    Let the poor woman rest in peace.

  105. 105
    What would you do? Says:

    @People’s lives: And you discuss gerard’s life, his most personal comings and goings without blinking. Is his being alive any less cruel than someone that is dead and feels nothing than what happens here because he is alive? Now that is sick. You should rethink that answer.

  106. 106
    Your question is kind of sick Says:

    @What would you do?:
    Gerard can, and has defended himself. How do you know that poster says anything but positive things about Gerry?
    L’wren isn’t here to defend herself, but you think it’s okay to say that the man she loves was betraying her?
    Just drop it already.

  107. 107
    People's lives Says:

    @What would you do?:

    Sick? Disrespect for the dead is sick. It’s a picture of your inherent disrespect for others using your crass bs to elevate yourself. Completely pathetic, insecure, disgusting and absolutely offensive.
    But you are so much of “nothing”, I won’t comment further.

  108. 108
    Truther Says:

    Hey, St Gerard has issues, too. He’s talked about his depression in the past and said there was a time he acted recklessly and didn’t care if he lived or died. It happens to a lot of people more than anyone knows. It’s good to talk about it, it might prevent someone else from taking the death plunge. Stop being board nazis and let people post their hearts out on whatever.

  109. 109
    Singing to the choir Says: You are so right.
    It happens to a lot of people more than anyone knows.

  110. 110
    People's lives Says:

    If anyone wants to talk depression and suicide, go right ahead. Leave people, gossip, and speculation out of it. Have some respect.

  111. 111
    Discussion here Says:

  112. 112
    jimmy mack Says:

    i hope gerard has fought his own depression.

  113. 113
    Truther Says:

    @People’s lives: I strongly resent your barking orders to the people who post here. We don’t need your steenkeeeng rules. Leave people alone. It’s not your board. Last time I looked, it belonged to Jared. There’s no censorship here unless he decides it, not you.

  114. 114
    EM? Says:

    Bacherorette?????? surely it’s a hen party. Where do they get these stupid names?

  115. 115
    Truther Says:

    @jimmy mack: I hope so, too. He acts all giddy and happy a lot of the time and I hope that’s how he really is. Lots of people hide their pain from the world.

  116. 116
    People's lives Says:


    SOMEONE RESPONDED TO ME. And you can just ignore me, loser. PLUS, I think the link for the actual story is posted so, WHY ARE YOU DICTATING ANYTHING TO ME?

  117. 117
    Go and say that to Carlos Says:

    @eye roll:

    The resident ghost at Eilean Donan Castle and to the curator there.

    To the ghost of Ann Boleyn at Hampton Court.

    To the ghosts of the slain MacDonalds at Glencoe,

  118. 118
    Truther Says:

    @People’s lives: I’m telling you to back off. Since you’re obviously too dense to get it, Jared didn’t die and appoint you board Nazi at this site. You don’t get to make the rules. We can post whatever, whenever, and however we want. Freedom!!!!!!!!

    Freedom, not stupid rules, is all that matters.

  119. 119
    lolita Says:

    @Ducky: Ducky, that was one of the best posts I ever read about Gerry and so true. Thanks for posting it.

  120. 120
    People's lives Says:


    LOL Weren’t you the one that said…”If you don’t like what someone posts, just ignore them?” I don’t make rules, I express my opinions. I never said you couldn’t, I said respect the people who you are wanting to discuss which includes the person these threads are about. But hey, if that’s your game….go right ahead. If freedom means YOU can be disrespectful and others can’t well, wallow in it. Ignore me, Loverboy.

  121. 121
    why now? Says:

    Madalina has posted a video Gerard made of her at ESPN. You can clearly hear Gerard’s voice coaching her.

  122. 122
    Why not? Says:

    @why now?:

    Better late than never. :)

  123. 123
    What would you do? Says:

    @People’s lives:

    “if anyone wants to talk depression and suicide, go right ahead. Leave people, gossip, and speculation out of it. Have some respect.”
    I rest my case. You respect the dead but what did you say about me who is very much alive.
    “It’s a picture of your inherent disrespect for others using your crass bs to elevate yourself. Completely pathetic, insecure, disgusting and absolutely offensive.
    But you are so much of “nothing”,
    I am nothing. Won’t soon forget that comment. God bless you too.

  124. 124
    Because she's a mental case Says:

    @why now?:

  125. 125
    Why not? Says:

    @What would you do?:

    Well, I am sorry I hurt your feelings, I was angry. But then again, you know, when you expose your emotions to an “Any name, any post” gossip site, one has to expect confusion, hurt feelings, and problematic responses. I am sorry to have hurt your feelings. But I took down every insult, lie, and deception I’ve come across to date – that would a huge notebook I would have with some people. I can take abuse, but I can’t take hypocrisy.

  126. 126
    WHO CARES?????? Says:

    @why now?:

  127. 127
    I wonder-- Says:

    @why now?: –what she’s up to. Weirdness! Does she still have it bad for Gerry?

  128. 128
    jimmy mack Says:

    @I wonder–: didn’t they break up months ago?

  129. 129
    nutjob Says:

    Still trying to rile up the Butler and Fassy fans. She is unemployed, immature and bored. Ignore the Romanian nutjob.

  130. 130
    nutjob Says:

    @jimmy mack: yep and he’s having a great time in Australia without that annoying ball and chain.

  131. 131
    jimmy mack Says:

    @nutjob: i don’t like her, she’s had her whole face redone , that’s gross.

  132. 132
    Point Break! Says:

    @Found a girl for GB….sort of:

    She’s over 22.

  133. 133
    Machine Says:

    i saw him once on chelsea lately and she was saying that he had to come down in the sense that he was the kind of guy who sleeps around and cheats. he was saying that he was tempted to touch an 18 year old’s legs. i mean the guy is in his 40S. what’s up with men who don’t want to grow old and want to date kiddies?

  134. 134
    Machine Says:

    @Point Break!: he just doesn’t want to grow old.

  135. 135
    Oh Please Says:

    @Machine: Her mother was there, she had a tatto she wanted him to see. Try again later gerry hater.

  136. 136
    I wonder-- Says:

    –if he ever gave up the club life if he’d meet a decent girl.

  137. 137
    @Machine Says:

    it’s all men you hate, right? it’s not just gerry. they scare you don’t they? you’re an old maid man hater.

  138. 138
    Unbelievable Says:

    It’s absolutely unbelievable.

    Yes, I go for the younger dudes.

  139. 139
    Point Break! Says:


    Too late, look at his pictures up there, he has major wrinkles, it’s actually kinda shocking.

  140. 140
    Not so Says:

    @Machine:” i saw him once on chelsea lately and she was saying that he had to come down in the sense that he was the kind of guy who sleeps around and cheats.”

    She didn’t say that.

  141. 141
    Machine Says:

    @@Machine: no, i don’t hate men. And I’m not old. but you seem to have issues with ageing. just like gerry.

  142. 142
    Machine Says:

    @Not so: she was insinuating that he had to come down with women because he sleeps around a lot.

  143. 143
    well... Says:

    @I wonder–: “Does she still have it bad for Gerry?”

    No, just for his wallet.

  144. 144
    Doesn't make sense Says:

    @Machine: What do you mean “he has to come down with women.”?

  145. 145
    Not so Says:

    @Machine: He has said that most of the stories about him are not true.

  146. 146
    Doesn't matter Says:


    Maybe there’s an innate disdain for women there. He can be hurtful.

  147. 147
    Oh Please Says:

    @Machine: She’s a comedian for petes sake. She makes comments all the time that are off the wall. That’s why she’s popular.
    BTW When did gerry say he had problems with ageing?
    Even though he said he gets a facial now and again and takes better care of himself.
    What is your problem? It is his profession. woo woo woo. Doubt there is a loss of sleep over his wrinkles. Learn to love him for who he is. He won’t change because you don’t like him or think he should.
    Seems your trying very hard to dish dirt. If it seems that I don’t like you, you are right.

  148. 148
    Machine Says:

    @Doesn’t make sense: he has to take it easy instead of running after every women like they are a piece of meat.

  149. 149
    Oh Please Says:

    @Machine: A piece of meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get lost troll.

  150. 150
    Machine Says:

    @Oh Please: he’s a man, and he’s superficial. he’s worst than a woman when it comes to looks.

  151. 151
    Machine Says:

    gerry is always unfaithful. no woman will ever trust him.

  152. 152
    People's lives Says:


    That’s harsh.

  153. 153
    Machine Says:

    Gerry is a manwhOOOre

  154. 154
    Oh Please Says:

    @Machine: First go back to school and learn to spell, then post the link or shut tf up. BTW I didn’t know you knew him. Find that hard to believe that he travels in your circles.

  155. 155
    Machine Says:

    @People’s lives: yeah well, respect is important. he doesn’t have any. How can someone trust you if you do things behind their backs? I think it’s better if he remains single.

  156. 156
    People's lives Says:


    You know, he can be aggravating but he actually does come across trustworthy.

  157. 157
    Oh Please Says:

    @Machine: AHHHH a maddy fan. That all for me folks.

  158. 158
    People's lives Says:


    It amazes me how people feel they can make these judgment calls for other people.

  159. 159
    Machine Says:

    @People’s lives: not in a romantic relationship

  160. 160
    @Machine Says:

    where is any mention of aging in my response? i called you an old maid which is not necessarily old just has no man and never will because of your man hating vibe.
    i am exposing you as a gerry hater who is trying very hard to turn others against him based on silly talk show antics or his skin now for cripes sake as if he has any control over that!
    Machine as a moniker fits you well b/c you come off robotic

  161. 161
    Machine Says:

    @People’s lives: ca you actually think gerry can be faithful if he gets married?

  162. 162
    People's lives Says:


    Eh Whatever.

  163. 163
    People's lives Says:


    Gerry is a perfectionist. If he gets married, my guess he’s going to work at being the best. At least so he can criticize those ******** the marriage process up. But yes, I feel he can.

  164. 164
    Machine Says:

    @People’s lives: you see, i’m right!

  165. 165
    People's lives Says:

    @Oh Please:

    Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to show your dislike for me. lol

  166. 166
    People's lives Says:


    I’m disagreeing with you from a professional standpoint of Mr. Butler’s character. I’m sorry but you are the weakest link, goodbye.

  167. 167
    Oh Please Says:

    @People’s lives: I didn’t post to you. You must be mistaken
    However, our little machine is none other than a very mad maddy.. Checking us out again for reaction to her little video. Guess she wasn’t happy with no reaction. Boo hoo.

  168. 168
    People's lives Says:

    @Oh Please:

    LOL Yeah, you’re right. Sorry for the confusion. I saw the link and didn’t even click it.
    Sad really.

  169. 169
    Machine Says:

    @Oh Please: hahha , no! i’m not her, i think her face is plastic and nasty. but maybe you are proving the point that he is a cheater;

  170. 170
    Bella Says:

    I don’t think he’s trustworthy either. shaking my head……

  171. 171
    Machine Says:

    @Oh Please: i didn’t see the video, what does gerry say?

  172. 172
    People's lives Says:


    Not posting as BELLA this time…But I’m flattered you know me Moniker wise…

  173. 173
    èèèèèèè Says:

    gerry I love you.

  174. 174
    Bella Says:

    @People’s lives: Knew it was you but most of us here know you better as Blowfly. Same puffed up ego with no brain…you’re too obvious. And too bossy. You really should reconsider before telling others how to live and think. It’s our choice, not yours, don’t you think?

  175. 175
    People's lives Says:


    This is really just a sad story of a smart southern girl falling for the oldest trick in the book. One that I berate myself over and over again for being that stupid. See, it’s hard to hear accents in message type. I haven’t told anyone how to live and think but I wish back in December someone yanked my laptop from me and beat into plastic bits.

  176. 176
    People's lives Says:

    You see –

    I am currently talking to the 11 circuit Federal court over misuse with a LARGE NON Profit corporation that is actively taking advantage of Military vets.

    In 2012, I whistle”blew” a large regional bank that was trying to cause another housing bubble to active influence the elections that year and that company ended up before the Senate ways and means committee and had to pay a large fine.

    In 2010, I helped bring awareness to A public school system illegally cheating the people of that city.

    So yes, I should have known better….and there’s nothing you can say to make me feel any worse about me than I already feel about me.

  177. 177
    Just want to say Says:

    BRAVO Madi for hitting back on FB. You tell em girl!

  178. 178
    Pinatubo Says:

    @Just want to say: She rocks!

  179. 179
    Dummy Says:

    @Just want to say:

  180. 180
    Fassgrinder Says:

    Guess what? I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell. I gotta have more cowbell, baby!

  181. 181

    @Just want to say:

  182. 182
    Susie Says:

    @why now?: Can’t see the video via your link.

  183. 183
    èèèèèèè Says:

    what does she say in it? what does gerard say i n it?

  184. 184
    why now? Says:

    The link is working fine for me. It’s on Madalina’s instagram account. If you can’t access her account, I don’t know how to help. This is the link to her IG, the video is her first post:

  185. 185
    j Says:

    @Ducky. Sorry getting back to you so late but I wanted to thank you for the cup cake shirt I Love It.

  186. 186
    why now? Says:

    She’s on the set of ESPN pretending to co-host Sportscenter with Stan Verrett (the real anchor of the show). Gerry is taking video of the whole thing, he’s also coaching MG on what to say, Madalina makes a mess of it, and Gerry cracks up laughing.
    (There’s a scene from PFK that takes place at ESPN and Stan is in the movie.)

  187. 187
    why now? Says:

    This is the scene from PFK, of Gerry on Sportscenter with Stan.

  188. 188
    Ducky Says:

    @j: Ha, just glad you found it girl. I couldn’t remember where I saw it and by the time I did, there was a new thread. Thought it went nicely with your “crazy” post.

  189. 189
    èèèèèèè Says:

    @why now?: i don’t think he was in love with her

  190. 190
    Susie Says:

    @why now?: You are logged in. You have an account. That is why the link works for you.

  191. 191
    Point Break Says:


    Because she has no one new to freeload anymore. She really is dumb. Kinda pathetic, because so self absorbed. Gerry doesn’t need it, her body is the best thing about her and the most replaceable.

  192. 192
    Ducky Says:

    Lolita, Thank you. Hope you are doing well. Heard you might get more snow. Hang in there dear heart. They arrested Punxsutawney Phil for excessive winter and failure to do right. I know it’s small consolation.
    Fromoz, Listening to Tony Abbott and when Perth was mentioned I really perked up. Australia has been on the news all day long to say nothing of gerry, lunch, gym, hen’s party, Stones concert cancelled etc. Hope all is well down under.

  193. 193
    Just want to say Says:

    BRAVO Madi! Your semi nud1e and nast4 pics on your fb keeps you relevant as the tru3 wh09r that you r!

  194. 194
    why now? Says:

    Wrong. I’m not logged in. I don’t have an instagram account.

  195. 195
    Bee Says:

    Why do you say that?

  196. 196
    Picture Gerry Says:

    @why now?:
    Gerry must have a LOT of photos and videos of Madalina. He was always taking pictures of her. I wonder how many naughty photographs he has of her for his own private collection.

  197. 197
    Point Break Says:


    Easy, he cheated on her, she used him. She misses going to parties he took her to. She thought she could trap Fassbender. Fail. I hope Gerry finds a nice girl in Oz. One that actually cares for him and not only what she can get.

  198. 198
    What??????? Says:

    Michael Fassbender dumps Madalina and within a week she’s posting ancient videos that Gerry took of her?
    There is no other other word to describe this idiot. She is so desperate for attention that she’s searching out any and all evidence of a past relationship with Gerry. She knows that his fans bite. And we have, on nearly all occasions.
    She has no respect for herself. None. Get a life girl!
    Did anyone spot the comments left by horny men? They love how shy and down to earth she is, while being stuck in a goddess’ body. Yawn.
    Seen the act. And it’s boring.
    How did Gerry stand to be around this girl for nearly two years? Is he that stupid?

  199. 199
    Urk Says:

    @Point Break: She is taunting him on her intagram. It is as if she thinks she has a hold on him. He is stupid if he hits that again.

  200. 200
    What??????? Says:

    @Point Break:
    You don’t actually think she’s trying to go after Gerry again, do you?
    I think she’s trying to get attention from fans because the men are leaving in droves.
    There is no reason to post a private video like that. None. And almost a year after it was taken? She is so predictable, it’s funny.
    By the way, I doubt Gerry will meet anyone for keeps in Australia. He’s focused on work. He might sample the local talent, but he’s there to work, not get distracted by another woman.

  201. 201
    What??????? Says:

    “He is stupid if he hits that again”.
    I wouldn’t say stupid, I’d say it would be career suicide. What self respecting man would date her AFTER Fassy had his way too? But, one has to wonder, what self-respecting man couldn’t see through her lies for nearly two years?

  202. 202
    Urk Says:

    @What???????: She has a amateur photographer taking erot1c pics of her on some island and she is sending messages of love lost and good times with butler via espn video.

  203. 203
    What??????? Says:

    @Urk: Well, if he takes another bite of the poisoned apple, may it all crash down on his head. I don’t think it would end well.
    It’s disturbing to think what kind of a hold she had on him if he goes back to her. Or, was Gerry actually really in love with the girl?

  204. 204
    Point Break Says:


    What’s gross is she physically has barely recovered from an obvious miscarriage with another man only 2 months ago and is posting stuff about the ex. It’s just gross.

  205. 205
    What??????? Says:

    @Point Break:
    The miscarriage is just rumor. I’m not buying it. But I agree with you that it’s gross.
    The video was probably taken on her phone so she had access it for a long time. She’s getting nothing from Fassy fans now, because there’s not much there to gossip about, but with Gerry’s fans, she’s got nearly two years of intimate pictures and details she can be releasing, making sure that none of them forget who she was in his life.
    Outside of her looks, what attracted Gerry to this idiot? I guess she’s got the shy girl act down.

  206. 206
    Urk Says:

    @What???????: suspicions were he thought he was in love until his family gave him a reality check. Then he just strung her along for another 6 months or so. I do think she is taunting him and trying to stir up more fans also. No, he is not that stupid. But he did take her to an Oscar party. Dumb move. Later, He must have noted the scandle she created with Fassbender.

    It is crazy to think she was his “gf” or longest “relationship” in a while. And he made sure he announced he had gf. It is something he never did before. But in Fassbender’s case she was made out as the throw away, controversial escort and fame seeker that she truly is. I really question Butler’s character for his pathetic rendition of a relationship.

  207. 207
    Point Break Says:

    He was strung out at the time. And he had that disastrous affair with a married woman just before. Maybe she made him feel good about himself whether she was sincere or not. IMO, she’s completely a manipulator. Maybe he thinks he deserves someone that lies to him like his father did. To an abused child mistreatment is normal.

  208. 208
    Urk Says:

    @Point Break: He was not abused by his dad!!! He left his mother and his family. Gerry said he enjoyed his time with his dad when he was much older until his death.

  209. 209
    Jade Says:

    It’s all staged, faked, just like her relationship with him. Not sure why he needed a fake relationship because there was no love there on his part. She got her publicity and he got what I don’t know. Maybe he got a bit of image of him as having a gf for a short time. I think the whole thing was a fraud and again, hard to believe he would let someone make that decision for him, like PV of Italy. The whole thing reeks of a desperate plot for what I don’t know. And now we’re supposed to think she’s pining away for him and lonely?

  210. 210
    What??????? Says:

    @Point Break:
    Both of you raise interesting points. As a fan, it makes me so mad that he couldn’t see this woman for who she was. And if there was any doubt about her character, this ESPN video, just revealed her true, dark colors.
    I think she’s posting it now because the would have hit the fan if Gerry found out she posted it when they were together. Now that she’s got no man to get her attention, she’ll use the leftovers of the relationship to get herself noticed again.
    I don’t know what was going through his mind when he took her public. He gushed about her, so he must have cared at some point. I think in the haze of his own problems, she must have represented what he thought he wanted. That stunning, leggy brunette he’s been chasing for years with a heart of gold. It must have hurt him deeply to find out that her heart was elsewhere. Not interested in him, but his fame.

  211. 211
    Point Break Says:


    To me neglect and abandonment is abusive.

  212. 212
    HH Says:

    IF he has been as you said “That stunning, leggy brunette he’s been chasing for years with a heart of gold.”, please explain Jeannia R. who was 5’1″.
    And as far as why he was with MG? Simple explanation was blackmail. Take a look of those pictures back in July 2011 of Gerry with PV and see how upset Ger looked. The ball started rolling for this “relationship” way back then

  213. 213
    What??????? Says:

    @HH: Ah, “leggy” doesn’t always mean tall. Selena Gomez is only 5’5 and she’s got very long legs for her body.
    And you’ve named ONE woman who’s short and she was around 5’6, not 5’1. Gerry likes tall women. He’s said it several times in interviews.
    If he was being blackmailed, why did he gush about her on Stern. That interview wasn’t forced at all. He was into her at one point.

  214. 214
    Urk Says:

    @Jade: he announced on Stern she is the prettiest woman he had ever seen. He wanted her outside to match her inside. If a woman is attractive or the man’s ideal physical type, he stay in his cerebral cortexes initially. The place of intellilect. These kind of men date and display beautiful women to feel envy from their male friends. They have no reason to shift into their limbic brains and emotionally connect. When men are jerks and women are shallow, they’re stuck in their cerebral cortexes also. They tend forgive a beautiful but shallow woman more easily, allowing her to be more shallow. Then, This leads to the slow shift into their limbic brains creating a warped sense of emotional reality. But at that point, it is the allusion the men are emotionally vested in.

  215. 215
    Urk Says:

    @HH: Blackmail? No. The ball for PV and the Ro was rolling since 2011. The first time she met Gerry, she knew who to know, text and what charity to connect with to get his interest. She was a plant placed by PV. Win-win?

  216. 216
    Susie Says:

    @What???????: and @Urk: I think it is nuf said about that miserable past topic.

  217. 217
    What??????? Says:

    @Urk: So do you think Gerry can change, or has he changed already? Or will he pick the pretty but dumb women forever?
    I agree with you, he gushed about her on Stern and I think enjoyed how much Stern was praising him for dating her. I know if he settles down, she’ll probably be a MG clone, but I hope she’s there because she wants to be with Gerry, not his fame.

  218. 218
    Urk Says:

    @Susie: I am done. Good nite.

  219. 219
    Kris Says:

    This is an unmoderated board and people can discuss whatever the h/ell they want.

  220. 220
    Kris Says:

    The trouble is any woman pursuing a career in modeling or the entertainment industry (as most models eventually do), will want access to Gerry’s fame and contacts. Gerry’s perpetual attraction to models means he’ll have a tough time finding a woman “who wants to be with Gerry, not his fame”. JMO

  221. 221
    Jade Says:

    Whatever’s going on with MG makes me think she is still in the picture or just faking it. It’s just freaking surreal. I thought they were long over and both moved on. I don’t think she’s been with Fassbender for ages since mid Jan. Those two didn’t even spend Valentine’s together and they are surely finished by now.

    Looks like MG is trying to get Gerry back. I hope not!

  222. 222
    Thors Day Says:

    @Kris: This is an unmoderated board and people can discuss whatever the h/ell they want.
    That’s right it is and Susie can say whatever the hell she pleases too. And she has a very good point. There is nothing that hasn’t been said before and you are just feeding mg ego going over the same rubbish that has been covered a million times. And I can say whatever I want too.

  223. 223
    Kris Says:

    @Thors Day:
    Fine, if b/iching at people makes you so happy, go ahead!
    I’m just saying it’s not going to stop people from talking about MG, so it seems like a big waste of time to me! :D

  224. 224
    Honey Says:

    Not to worry all. Remember her film with Jude Law opens in the U.S. the first week in April. This is just an opening salvo for the films PR. Ignore it. Be prepared for her to use all that time and exposure with Gerry to her own gain. You will not be seeing a classy young woman, that’s only an act, by a very bad actress. A pox on her.

  225. 225
    Kris Says:

    “Looks like MG is trying to get Gerry back. I hope not!”
    I agree with you. I think Madalina is trying to worm her way back into Gerard’s life. I hope it doesn’t work, but Gerry has shown some very bad judgement where she’s concerned, so I won’t be surprised if she pops up in his life again. :(

  226. 226
    Jade Says:

    @Honey: I didn’t know it was in theaters soon. Yours is the best explanation and thanks for mentioning it. I think you’re right. She’s out for pr for the film even if it’s namedropping an ex lover. I really think he’s moved on and is way past done with her and we probably have nothing to fear.

    To Kris: I hope he’s not paying attention. She did say they were still friends but he’s way far away from her physically too so I am sure there’s nothing to this now.

  227. 227
    Thors Day Says:

    @Kris: You’re right talking about mg is a big waste of time. You still know nothing and never will and when the day is over you still won’t know any more than you did yesterday. Be together, won’t be together, dumb, smart blah blah blah. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  228. 228
    Don't you know Says:

    @What???????: “It’s disturbing to think what kind of a hold she had on him if he goes back to her.”

    People are saying that she is into witchcraft and put a spell on GB and that he went to a priest for an exorcism when they split.

  229. 229
    What??????? Says:

    @Don’t you know: That is ridiculous LOL!
    She’s not into witchcraft and spells don’t exist.

  230. 230
    What??????? Says:

    @Don’t you know: That is ridiculous LOL!
    She’s not into witchcraft and spells don’t exist.

  231. 231
    Don't you know Says:

    @Jade: “She did say they were still friends”

    Given the fact that she is a pathological liar can we really believe that?

  232. 232
    What??????? Says:

    @Jade: Wasn’t the comment on her Facebook where she said that they were still friends, removed? I don’t know for sure, but the parting gift of the Maldives seems like they parted on good terms. They may not even have been together by then. She said seven months ago they broke up. That would have been June, before Romania too.
    Who knows. She lies a lot.

  233. 233
    Lala Says:

    @What???????: Don’t dismiss this. There are spells and more than one person has spoken about MGs fascination with the black arts. Remember she is of gypsy stock and they certainly do believe in spells.

  234. 234
    What??????? Says:

    Sorry, but to me it’s complete BS. If you want to believe it, then I guess we have to agree to disagree on that one. No hard feelings : )
    Their relationship was strange, especially how little time they spent together, but IMO, there were no spells involved, just misguided feelings.

  235. 235
    Don't you know Says:

    @What???????: She has posted things on her fb about witchcraft and some of her model “friends” have mentioned her dabbling in the occult.

  236. 236
    What??????? Says:

    @Don’t you know: And what people are saying that Gerry went to a priest? People on JJ? That doesn’t count.

  237. 237
    Embla Says:

    For witchcraft/voodoo to “work”, the person submitted to it has to believe in it too. It`s a kind of placebo effect.

  238. 238
    Embla Says:
    New pic.

  239. 239
    Jade Says:

    @What???????: See, that goes back to my thinking their whole fling was staged. It never felt real, always seemed as if it was a semishow for cameras. They went to that KKC benefit in LA and didn’t even leave in the same car. How weird is that? When she went to Asia and Thailand, she brought her friend Esme. That’s weird too. Why would her friend go along if MG was going with her then-boyfriend? So many questions.

    My theory is that they never were together at all. Just for show.

  240. 240
    Kris Says:

    It doesn’t matter how far apart they are geographically as long as GB has internet access he can see her posts just like we can. I think PR for “Dom Hemingway” is a very good point, though! The new season of “Borgia” will premiere not long after, as well. She’s going to be a very busy bee trying to get her love life in the press as much as she can!

  241. 241
    What??????? Says:

    Wait? Esme was in Thailand with only Gerry and Maddy. I thought a group of them went together. Esme was there with her boyfriend too. A couple’s trip.

  242. 242
    Proof Says:

    @Don’t you know:

    He looked aged and sunken when she was around.
    He would say one thing and do another (Hogmanay)
    His films did not do well and lost parts. Slim appearance on OHF (did well – only he and Eckhardt toured, she was not around)
    Helooked aged and sunken – known proof when someone has done something to a person
    Rift caused among a good family.

    Now – looks good blessed and healthy. So much work and films. Family getting along and happy.

    People know what she did. People know her.

    Did Fassbender win his Oscar?

  243. 243
    What??????? Says:

    Thanks for the new pic Embla. He’s going to have to change gyms. Everyone knows he goes to George St. now.

  244. 244
    Jade Says:

    @What???????: Sorry I missed this comment from you. I believe she said in a printed interview that she and him were still friends. It may have been in that interview that came out in the fall that was done months prior to that. The one where she said they had problems and worked it out and were still friends. Later on, I assumed they had already ended it but parted as friends. I don’t think she posted that on her fb.

  245. 245
    Proof Says:

    @Embla: Good pic – Compare that photo to when she was around. Now he looks like 2011 right before the vultures arrived.

    Enuf said. She was pure bad luck.

    Enuf said. Photos of then and now say plenty.

    Enuf said. Stop riling up stories.

  246. 246
    What??????? Says:

    “I don’t think she posted that on her fb.”.
    Someone on the Fassy thread took a screen shot of her Facebook post where she took a selfie with a man, whose face was mostly covered. It looked a lot like Gerry and someone in the comments section even asked her if it was. She replied, no, and that they broke up seven months before, but remained friends. On closer inspection, the nose of the man in the photo was definitely Fassy, not Gerry.
    She then removed the post.
    I don’t have a link but it might be somewhere in the Fassy thread.
    And someone on the Fassy threads also took a screen shot of an instagram photo of one of Fassy’s ex GFs, where beneath the photo, Maddie, under her own instagram account, had “liked” the picture. She was stalking Fassy’s exes. Strange.

  247. 247
    Jade Says:

    @What???????: Here’s a link to her “friends” comment but I think this one is a compilation of other interviews etc but it’s in there.

  248. 248
    What??????? Says:

    @Jade: Thanks for the link.
    I don’t trust much that comes out of her mouth. She’s been caught lying so many times. I guess we’ll never know if they are still friends, or friends with benefits. If she shows up in Australia, then I’ll be shocked, but we’ll at least know more.

  249. 249
    A Woman Says:




  250. 250
    it is true Says:

    “And what people are saying that Gerry went to a priest?”
    HA… And not only …. He was forced to undergo rite of exorcism…

  251. 251
    Kris Says:

    Madalina also gave an interview at the end of June where she said she and Gerry were back together and dating again, after having been “estranged” during the spring. You can’t believe what she says in interviews because she contradicts herself something terrible.

  252. 252
    Events Says:

    stayed away. she was trying to catch up with him to do it again. Toronto – no 300 buttttttt Fassbender was there……black art

  253. 253
    Jade Says:

    @What???????: Not only her weird post of that ESPN thing but she also posted that pic of her a s s e n d and legs. Gerry is an a s s and leg man, he’s said that a few times before. I don’t think I”ve ever seen her posting a back end pic of herself so that’s suspect too.

    Maybe they’re all FWBs. Maybe she’s still checking out AB and LD too hahahaha.

  254. 254
    FassOscarBender Says:

    She did wear creepy black clothes with Fassy. That man got nominated for an Oscar. Did he win? No. Wonder if he would have dropped the w.h@.r. In time if he would have won. If he is not with her, he probably got a clue and thought of his Oscar loss? Lost my Oscar – B.:.c.h. Gotta go.

  255. 255
    What??????? Says:

    I agree, the backend photo is suspect. Gerry is known for loving long, long, long legs on a woman and he’ll take a great as a secondary prize LOL! We all know that Mada, physically, is Gerry’s dream girl, so maybe she is trying lure him back. I’m a Scorpio and the stars do talk about an old flame returning this year. Mine did, but it was on good terms.
    And with Gerry’s recent comments that his one and only “princess” may be someone from his past, also raises eyebrows, I think.

  256. 256
    Willing and Ready Says:

    Gerard has a live in piece during movies to be hot and ready for him. She was it for OHF. Maybe she is auditioning to be his GOE live in piece. She wants a free trip to Australia.

  257. 257
    Is it me or... Says:

    Has she had her nose done again. Would explain why she dropped out of sight and didn’t post anything.

  258. 258
    hugo boss, legs and heels Says:

    @Jade: in the hugo boss post fashion show interview, he was asked by a female journalist what he thought about the lack of heels in the show, and gerry replied that he definitely saw heels and that he thought it was funny that he focused on the heels and the journalist didn’t. yep. he sure does focus on the legs.

  259. 259
    hugo boss, legs and heels Says:

    @Jade: in the hugo boss post fashion show interview, he was asked by a female journalist what he thought about the lack of heels in the show, and gerry replied that he definitely saw heels and that he thought it was funny that he focused on the heels and the journalist didn’t. yep. he sure does focus on the legs.

  260. 260
    Kris Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all these new beach pics have been photoshopped, as well. Miranda Kerr, among others, has been caught photoshopping her pics on her instagram. I’m sure MG does it.

  261. 261
    The Truth - Life Is A Journey Says:

    @What???????: There was more than her……that’s what people do not know. It’s code. People and her may think its her. There were others before her and deep. not like either.

    July was important.
    December was important.

    She interfered with all that. Hmmm? What did Madi do? Why did he not work for Madi? Madi used the arts that’s why.

    He should be married now.

    He met his wife. Foolishness interfered.

    She is on the rise. He wants to be forgiven. Will she take him back?

    Where was he for the holidays? Answer – In love.

    Trying to reconcile.

    —— seer

  262. 262
    Jade Says:

    @What???????: Yes, I think we should always be suspicious where she’s concerned. Nothing she does shocks me. It’s weird how many games she plays. She’s not smart enough to know “yet” but men don’t like being played. She’ll learn if she hasn’t already.

  263. 263
    Jade Says:

    @Kris: True. It was def confusing.

  264. 264
    @Proof Says:

    @Proof: “He looked aged and sunken when she was around.
    He would say one thing and do another (Hogmanay)
    His films did not do well and lost parts. Slim appearance on OHF (did well – only he and Eckhardt toured, she was not around)
    Helooked aged and sunken – known proof when someone has done something to a person
    Rift caused among a good family.
    Now – looks good blessed and healthy. So much work and films. Family getting along and happy.
    People know what she did. People know her.”
    It certainly looks like she put some kind of spell on him and way back last year there were posts to that effect. Fassy also looked terrible when he was with her and some of his fans were saying the same thing.
    I think she is evil. Anyone who tells as as many lies as she does, including claiming her father was dead, is a bad person.

  265. 265
    Not her Says:

    @What???????: “And with Gerry’s recent comments that his one and only “princess” may be someone from his past, also raises eyebrows, I think.”

    This is mad Maddie at her best. She has read what GB said is playing her childish and immature games to make people think he was speaking about her. When GB spoke about someone from his past he meant the far distant past, not last year.

  266. 266
    I think Says:

    @What???????: “Someone on the Fassy thread took a screen shot of her Facebook post where she took a selfie with a man, whose face was mostly covered. It looked a lot like Gerry and someone in the comments section even asked her if it was. She replied, no, and that they broke up seven months before, but remained friends. On closer inspection, the nose of the man in the photo was definitely Fassy, not Gerry.”

    I don’t think it’s MF either. Look at her, that’s a young picture and definitely not taken while she was with MF as she has looked all of her real age (35) lately. It’s an old picture and she playing games again.

  267. 267
    it is true Says:

    @Not her: “And with Gerry’s recent comments that his one and only “princess” may be someone from his past, also raises eyebrows, I think.”
    He is very regretted saying it, it’s just stupid. He was not thinking….

  268. 268
    Sassafras Says:

    She played her games and disgusted Fassbender and HW. Jude Law and cast are keeping their distance. Butler will not jeopardize his career to hook-up with her. That is all she is good for. A great one night. He took her to a Buddhist temple. Opposite of the occult. If she is into that stuff, it is not something Butler would be interested in.

  269. 269
    Sassafras Says:

    @The Truth – Life Is A Journey: Seer? Is that twin flame s($&@ back for more nonsense.

    The only thing that makes sense is it is definitely not the Ro he considered his girl that got away.

  270. 270
    Sassafras Says:

    @it is true: Why is he never thinking? He seems to be always unintentionally toying with his audience. He is not mindful off the camara so it trickles into his interviews. He has to learn to edit his statements and keep the focus on the work. If they ask about his love life, why can’t he just give some generic and respectful statement about the subject and move on? All the crazies come out to play when he is cryptic.

  271. 271
    Proof Says:

    What I saw was hideously childish footage of how immature and ill-suited his EX is for acting or promoting herself!! All that horrible footage does is painfully highlight how unprofessional and insecure his EX is.
    Any casting director who saw that appallingly ridiculous bit wouldn’t even consider his EX in a non speaking walk on extra!!

  272. 272
    Motives Says:

    @it is true: Maybe he regrets it. Maybe because the cray cray Ro is taunting him. I read somewhere some in the know poster stated she placed pictures on fb and instagram before the Oscars to taunt . And It works for her as the attention seeking fool she is.

  273. 273
    Motives Says:

    @Proof: A little over the top.

    She can get bit parts for her looks. She fooled her men. Type casting her as a prost1tute is easy. That is what she can only do well.

  274. 274
    Proof Says:

    Good point. Any promotions of Dom Hemingway fail to mention her at all. Jude isn’t immune to what is said about his co-stars on the Internet so is being wise to distance Butler’s EX. Jude Law is a big star whose films do well. He is no fool with enough scandal of his own in his background.
    When will his self-promoting talentless twat EX ever learn to stop using people like she does? If his EX keeps on his EX will only make it worse for herself.
    Good, bad or indifferent Just Jared gets a cursory glance so she better reconnect with her “modeling” agency if she still has one.
    Fassbender wasn’t a fool. At least he caught on much faster than the Scot. Score one for Ireland!!

  275. 275
    phannie fiction Says:

    @Not her:
    “When GB spoke about someone from his past he meant the far distant past, not last year.”

    Oh stop. You’re just as bad as Madalina with your lies. You have NO IDEA who he meant and don’t pretend that you do. P-iss off.

  276. 276
    Proof Says:

    Maybe so.
    Yes, of course you’re right!! Their IS always the coveted role of prost1tute all actresses fight over.

  277. 277
    Proof Says:

    I think his EX posted the video primarily to remind everyone and Gerry how much his EX has on him? Whether she does or not?
    His EX loser girlfriend who cant find any work on her own to keep her busy after failing with another star could be using silly innocent footage as an extortionist plot to get more hush money from his camp perhaps?
    Does anyone think Gerry curses the day he met his EX?

  278. 278
    Sassafras Says:

    @phannie fiction: His cryptic and flirtatious style of speaking has kept these threads going for years! Have you heard other bachelor 40 and up actors speak like this? Clooney, Pitt, depp all keep it on the low when interviewers pose those types of questions. “Deep like” translates to “lust”. “princess from the past” translates to ” crazies should chase me down some more. “

  279. 279
    Motives Says:

    @Proof: Yes. But I think he can squish her like Fassbender did if it becomes a problem.

  280. 280
    Proof Says:

    I totally agree. It DID become a problem with Fassbender. Boy, oh, BOY! No one deserves what Butler’s EX did to him. How STUPID can a woman be??
    On second thought I most likely gave the twat EX an idea!! LOL Kinda not funny though. :(

  281. 281
    The Truth - Life Is A Journey Says:

    Substance – being there longer than the Pinkett-Smiths

    His woman.

    —- seer

  282. 282
    Proof Says:

    Guess I have a twin. Have at it. Will change moniker. Do understand your words.

  283. 283
    Just a fan Says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments. Whenever the media focuses on gb a little to much, the hen party made big headlines, the upcoming filming of goe, she always trumps it to get the subject off of him and back to her. Unfortunately you all fall for it and give her all and more attention. I can’t tell you to stop talking about her, but what you are doing to gb is so sad and feel bad for the way the dialogue is going for his sake. I could care less about her and her manipulating this thread, just feeling really rotten for him. She did it again and don’t ever call her stupid or dumb. She knows exactly what she is doing and you are helping her and feeding into it just like she knew you would.
    There is something dark and sinister about her latest photos imo. That is enough for me and wish it was enough for you all

  284. 284
    just because Says:

    @What???????: Just because you don’t believe in dark witchcraft and spells doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The devil helps those who want to delve into the dark magics – in order to bring false hope – you know snare you.

  285. 285
    Proof2 Says:

    Never open this persons photo. It breathes negativity.

    She really has no importance everyone. It’s lame.

  286. 286
    Keyvani's Kathryn Says:

    Whatever she’s doing it’s exciting for a change. I get tired of having no news about him. At least this is good for laughs don’t you think. My lug won’t be impressed. He still likes sixty year old hags like me.

  287. 287
    Nice mixture of pictures Says:

  288. 288
    Throw back thursday Says:

  289. 289
    captain Says:

    I just don’t understand why gerry was attracted to her, she had a boob job and her whole face done; lip injections, nose job, face lift , how can he be attracted to a plastic surgeon’s work? i thought gerry was a natural guy.

  290. 290
    CNNdoesntgetit Says:

    CNN has gone bat$hit crazy over this stupid jetliner story. It’s on 24/7. How embarrassing for the once great news network. They no longer report “the real news” which is that Obama and his sick cabal are killing the economy with Obamacare and by the continuing hemorrhaging of jobs nationwide. Fewer people working means chaos. You can’t feed and shelter everyone when 1/3 of the people aren’t contributing in any way whatsoever.

    America and its media have died, sadly. There’s nothing left that’s great anymore except great sorrow by anyone who loves this country. I miss American pride and American grit. We used to be able to build and to create and Obama has stifled all of that.

  291. 291
    Yeppers Says:

    Attraction is hard thing to define and understand. One thing we know is that he loves tall women with long legs. Maddie has legs for days. And she’s also got dark skin that he loves as well. I don’t think guys notice the plastic surgery part as much as women. To us, it’s obvious that she’s filled her face to brim, but I doubt guys see it that way.
    They are programmed to like big lips, big busts and so on.
    It’s been said time and time again about Maddie. That it’s pointless asking why Gerry finds her attractive. That’s his type.

  292. 292
    Go away now, thanks. Says:

    @CNNdoesntgetit: you hate obama so much that you’re posting your views on a gossip site? ummm, do you have for brains or are you just trolling?

  293. 293
    Throw back thursday Says:

  294. 294
    Throw back thursday Says:

    click to enlarge above photo

  295. 295
    Great Article Says:

    Amazing article
    Wish Fassbender could read this and take note!
    Especially these quotes
    “I learned as Men, we must realize that ONE woman who holds us down and stays by our side, after we cheat on her, lie to her, hurt her, use her and disrespect her over & over & over, she is NOT loyal. She is WEAK. She is poisonous. She will hold back your growth as a Man. Don’t be fooled & think a girl telling you what you want to hear is loyalty.”
    “I don’t need to have sex with every beautiful woman I meet to prove how much of a “man” I am. My loyalty, monogamy, spirituality & mental maturity proves that.”

  296. 296
    captain Says:

    @Yeppers: well in that sense i find gerry very superficial. he only finds cliches to be nice and worth his attention. this guy will never be able to love normally.

  297. 297
    Yeppers Says:

    He is nearly 45 years old, and has had beautiful models throw themselves at him for over ten years now, so I wouldn’t say that he’s superficial as much as spoilt for choice. There is nothing wrong with dating beautiful women as long as they are there to love him, not his fame.
    Maybe he doesn’t give average looking girls a chance because standing behind her, there is a line of stunning women. Maybe he’s hoping that one of those stunning women is his “princess”?

  298. 298
    Motives Says:

    @Just a fan: ” Whenever the media focuses on gb a little to much”
    …she becomes the center of topic on jj. (as you stated)

    It is driven by her. This Ro w;()( should not be even mentioned anymore.

  299. 299
    captain Says:

    @Yeppers: are you serious?

  300. 300
    Yeppers Says:

    What about?

  301. 301
    captain Says:

    @Yeppers: that’s such a silly thing to say, as if some people were more valuable than others, models are not necessereily beautiful. what’s up with the average statement. then he will never find love, people grow old and stuff. that’s so mean for people are that’s on the surface. gerry is not a model himself. honestly i think it’s a horrible thing to think.

  302. 302
    People's lives Says:

    @Great Article:

    Very deep.

  303. 303
    Yeppers Says:

    @captain: I’m speaking in general terms. When I say models, I mean, tall, thin with strong facial features. I agree with you, not every model is pretty. I thought his ex Laurie was stunning, but everyone here said she had a “man face”. IMO, she was the prettiest. But that’s just my opinion. If you look at the fan photos he takes, with what I would call “average” women (as general term), most of them are very pretty, but not what I would call models. There is a distinction.
    Vanessa Hudgens is beautiful IMO, but again, not model material.
    I think you missed my point. Gerry is attracted to tall, thin, and leggy women, most of which have been models. That’s his type. It doesn’t mean everyone else thinks they are pretty. Look at how many people thought Madalina was ugly and Gerry called her the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life.
    Hope I explained myself better this time : )

  304. 304
    People's lives Says:

    Sometimes, every now and then, a loud mouthed woman needs a man brave enough to tell her to shut the hell up and sit down. :)

  305. 305
    captain Says:

    @Yeppers: yeah but people say it like that. doesn’t mean they think it. what is tall for him? like 6 foot women? he likes giants? like Poeple who are 5 foot 7 are midgets to him? in what world does he live in? i think people who are stuck on a type are usually not interested in anybody. and it’s quite the opposite of what he looks like he’s very white, big scottish guy, weird.

  306. 306
    Yeppers Says:

    @captain: I can’t give you an exact measurement of the height he prefers but most models are around 5’10. Maddie is close to, or right on 6 foot. So yeah, he likes very tall women.
    On Piers Morgan he specifically said “tall, darker skinned, dark hair”. So whatever that means. But if a 6’2 guy says tall, I would guess 5’9 might be too short for him. Who knows?
    I can’t judge him for having a type, because we all have types. And a lot of men in the UK love darker women. Look at Fassbender, all of his exes are black or darker skinned, including Maddie.

  307. 307
    Yeppers = 1st LOL Says:


  308. 308
    captain Says:

    @Yeppers: the opposite of who they are. what’s your type?

  309. 309
    same type for years and years Says:

    @captain: the few women he spent months with have all looked the same. laurie, jasmine, maddie. fans don’t want to accept that he has a type and most of his short white fans aren’t it.
    that’s the truth. even when the words come right out of his mouth, they say, when he finds the one she will look different. no she won’t.

  310. 310
    Yeppers Says:

    @Yeppers = 1st LOL:
    I’m tall, so I guess I tend to go for taller guys, although I have dated a guy that was shorter than me. It wasn’t that bad tbh. My current is tall (6’4) and very pale lol! I guess opposites do attract.

  311. 311
    Yeppers Says:

    And what’s your type. Gerry? : )

  312. 312
    Placescs Says:

    @same type for years and years: what if he falls for a woman who is not dark skinned and 6 foot 6 tall?

  313. 313
    Captain Says:

    @Yeppers: I have different types of guys. usually it’s a connection i cannot explain that is beyond physical.

  314. 314
    Yeppers Says:

    @Placescs: LOL! He’ll go into a fit.
    For guys it’s different though. My brother is over 6’2 and his wife is barely 5 foot. He may like tall women, but if he loves someone, how tall she is won’t matter JMO. Like I said, I like tall guys too, but I’ve dated shorter than me because I really liked him.

  315. 315
    Yeppers Says:

    That’s because you’re not superficial : )
    Who knows. Maybe his one and only is a midget?

  316. 316
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “‘… so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.’” Isaiah 55:11

  317. 317
    And here she is Says:

    @Yeppers: Yeppers loves bringing the attention back to her.

  318. 318
    Yeppers Says:

    @And here she is: LOL! Just skip my posts if you don’t like them. Thanks. Bye.

  319. 319
    CattleCall Says:

    There is no One. I cannot see butler settle until he is a old dirty geezer and almost done with hollywood. He will probably not have kids or maybe one which the woman will mostly rear. Come on. How often did he hang out with his pug?

  320. 320
    And here she is Says:

    @Yeppers: You are obsessed. Run! You are probably her. Bringing the attention back again.

  321. 321

    @And here she is:

  322. 322
    And here she is Says:

    This is her normal game. Talks about herself and then calls posters trolls.

  323. 323

    @Yeppers: Keeping yourself in the limelight again?

  324. 324
    Yeppers Says:

    What the hell is going on here? I’m not the troll alert poster. But I guess, thanks for being a fan? Not sure what to say to a poster who focuses on me more than Gerry.
    Thanks very much? See you next time?

  325. 325
    Ignore the troll Says:


  326. 326
    Yeppers Says:

    Okay this is crazy. I’m out of here. This is why the regulars are leaving. They get picked on and harassed for no reason. I said and did nothing to offend other posters.

  327. 327
    POUI Says:

    That ex girlfriend of his is an ugly twit. she’s had so much plastic surgery her face is all plastic and muppet looking. strange biaaatcchhh

  328. 328
    Yeppers Says:

    I can’t give you an exact measurement of the height he prefers but the ones that s4ck and blow and on her knees. So yeah, he deep likes easy women.
    On Piers Morgan he specifically said “tall, darker skinned, dark hair”., I would guess 5’9 is too short. But a 4 footer would do just fine. Since there are None at a legal age, the Ro w$&@$$ could do. But he runs the other way at the sight of her because she bites. That would be a problem. No likely bitey.

  329. 329
    Yeppers Says:

    Okay this is crazy. I’m out of here. This is why the regulars are leaving. They get picked on and harassed for no reason. I said and did nothing to offend other posters except keep bringing up the woman’s name, stats, physical look and Butler’s preferences to her. I love her. Wait, I deep like her!

  330. 330
    TROLL Says:


  331. 331
    Yeppers Says:

    Maybe he doesn’t give average looking girls a chance because standing behind her, there is a line of stunning and very stupid women who will want the fame and wealth. Maybe he’s hoping that one of those stunning women is his “princess” for a movie shoot like that great person last year. True keeper.

  332. 332
    TROLL Says:


  333. 333
    TROLL Says:


  334. 334
    POUI Says:

    gerard likes ugly fake women, just like him. gerard is an addict loser

  335. 335
    Only Real Trolls are.... Says:

    Obsessed with other posters and steal their monikers. Impersonating them because they are jealous.

  336. 336
    Got it! Says:

    She resurfaces and disappears becauseThe Ro w$&@ is really a oomph loompa in denial who needs stretch on a rack every now and then.

  337. 337
    +1 Says:

    @Only Real Trolls are….: it’s obvious who the moniker stealers are.

  338. 338
    Yeppers = 1st LOL Says:

    Not wrong.
    You are doing the same thing she did.
    She went on nauseously about type and the dumped one then when cornered for bringing topic back to the dumped one cries foul so splits.. you know for the “gym” or needs to “study” as it is still early out west where you are from, right?

  339. 339
    Got it! Says:

    @Only Real Trolls are….: Always implying posters are jealous when backed into the corner also. Omg, it jumped from Fassy’s threads back to here. It is so sick and predictable.

  340. 340
    Out of here Says:

    Want to thank Bella, Firefly=People’s lives= yeppers, nutcase captain and all the rest of you trolls for making me see what a dump you have made of Gerard Butler thread. Gargage for days on end, witless, stupid posts that is an embarrassment to him. And you wonder why people don’t hang around. Wonder no more. You accomplished what you set out to do. It’s all yours, carry on.

  341. 341
    People's lives Says:

    UM no

    I only posted 2 times today. Not any of the garbage that went on up there. Assuming that Butler has to be confined to a type and can’t make his own decisions was an unfortunate mistake you made. Some diehard fans won’t tolerate that.

  342. 342
    Good riddance no Name Says:

    @Out of here
    Owning no name nor sticking to any is the #1 reason most have departed all credibility or accountability is null and void.
    #2 reason is trolls wishing to live in the past bringing up someone long gone.
    #3 is Gerard never lived up to your idealistic expectations so haters want to win them over to join the Bash Club.

  343. 343
    CNNdoesntgetit Says:

    @Go away now, thanks.: Actually, I’m in the media biz and I’m appalled at the threats the Obama admin has made via the DOJ vs the media. The DOJ has threatened all media with retribution and legal action should the media report any of the bad Obama news lately.

    That means full censorship via the Dictator King Obama.

    But I guess you seem to be okay with that. You simply don’t want to know or hear or face the truth, which is that there’s mass corruption and fraud coming out of the White House.

    No media service except FoxNews (to a point) will cover anything like the massive scandals such as IRS and the Benghazi “arms to Syria via Libya” coverup.

    Just keep your head in the sand, fine by me.

  344. 344
    He didn't mean it Says:

    @Yeppers: “Look at how many people thought Madalina was ugly and Gerry called her the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his life.”

    Bet he had his fingers crossed when he said it.

  345. 345
    MJ Says:

    Gerry fix… “Law Abiding Citizen” is on!!! *woot!* 😃

  346. 346
    Truth Says:

    @CNNdoesntgetit: I want to hear it all. Only intellegent conversation left.

  347. 347
    it came and left Says:

    We hope! It’s pattern is to talk about itself a couple of posts in a positive light. Get upset when others do not agree. Get called out. Call someone a TROLL. Get more angry.Call all posters jealous and disappear till it resurfaces again.

  348. 348
    Grammar Nazi Says:


    “Intelligent”. Thank you for shopping at Walmart today. Come back soon! :)

  349. 349
    Priyanka Choprah Says:


    MG recycled what she read he said about Priyanka when he met her at the inauguration of Atlantis in Dubaï in November of 2008. Gerry never said that of MG. On Stern he never named her, not once. Stern didn’t even name her.

  350. 350
    it came and left Says:

    Go back to the Fassy thread and shoot for 12,000 posts.

  351. 351
    Truth Says:

    Thanks, English is not my first language. I love walmart too.

  352. 352
    it came and left Says:

    @Priyanka Choprah: it can’t go away.

  353. 353
    it came and left Says:

    It can’t spell. The woman’s last name is “Chopra” .

  354. 354
    it came and left Says:

    It can’t spell. The woman’s last name is “Chopra” .

  355. 355
    Grammar Nazi Says:


    LOL :)

  356. 356
    Grammar Nazi Says:

    @it came and left:

    You are making ME laugh this time.

  357. 357
    Clapping! Says:

    @same type for years and years: So very true.

  358. 358
    it came and left Says:

    What is it talking about? It salivates over her 5.7 million twitter followers.

  359. 359
    Evil Jungle Princess Says:

    @it came and left: It’s already here and enjoying itself immensely.

  360. 360
    tanya Says:

    @Priyanka Choprah: “MG recycled what she read he said about Priyanka when he met her at the inauguration of Atlantis in Dubaï in November of 2008.”

    She does that all the time. She claimed to have spent Christmas at Gbs family home and that his mom and her had become the best of friends and called and texted each other all the time. That was story that had appeared about Jenifer Aniston and GBs mom. The bit about Christmas she added to the story.

  361. 361
    Anyone will do Says:

    GB will sleep with anyone, but he only parades the model ones. The man did Kola Boof for heaven’s sake. The most recent girl he hit on was pretty but not beautiful, pretty average really and not curvy or really thin like the models.

  362. 362
    Evil Jungle Princess Says:

    @Anyone will do: He’ll sleep with anyone but a fangirl. I think he purposely avoids fangirls at all costs. They aren’t going to be at the private bashes because only models and other celebs are in attendance. He’s not approachable and not a normal man. He only looks for extreme physical appearance first. He doesn’t do average, not that I can see. Sleeping with someone doesn’t mean dating them. He’s too embarrassed to be seen with most he’s slept with (like Brandi).

  363. 363
    Xxxxx Says:

    @Evil Jungle Princess: gerard is getting old and does not have the most beautiful face. models starve themselves and look like girafes. because of his new status he believes that he is above other people. boy will he fall on his a$$ once they are done with him.

  364. 364
    Evil Jungle Princess Says:

    True, cuz it looks like he’s only looking for a trophy gf. One to show off and let his friends and frenemies know, “look what I’m shagging”. He has no intention of staying with anyone no matter how beautiful they are or whatever. He just won’t show off an average looking woman. Never.

  365. 365
    Sassy Says:

    Bella=firefly=yeppers… These names are all the same female who is desperately in love with GB. Don’t mistake a fling with true love, however, Bella.
    GB has the amazing ability to make females feel like they are the one true princess but in reality, GB just cannot be with just one. …. Some people just are not cut out for marriage. I do not believe that GB will ever be able to find his one true love because he cannot fully commit. This is not his intention; it’s just the way he is wired.
    Yes GB has a type but there are many many beautiful women in this world who are his type. Bella is his type.
    Advice: be happy with your 6’4″ significant other and 4 kids. Focus yiur attention on them. You are blessed to have them.

  366. 366
    77 Says:

    @Sassy: you’re out of it. I bet your bible is a chick flick.

  367. 367
    Yes she will! Says:

    @same type for years and years:

    He can have a type for fooling around but most men do not marry the type of women they can fool around with.

  368. 368
    77 Says:

    @Evil Jungle Princess: you’re stupid.and don’t forget you’re getting older.

  369. 369
    77 Says:

    @Yes she will!: thy usually marry their real type meaning someone they find beautiful. fooling around goes for the ****** looking girls;

  370. 370
    Bella Says:


    Ok. I don’t know why I keep getting singled out, but I will lay it all out there for everyone. I have never met GB in person. I have met friends of his. I only met him in passing online and we struck up a crazy friendship. I have posted as “Bella”, “People’s Lives”, “Oh yeah”, and “Grammar Nazi, Vader, and Yoda” (That makes me crack up as I type it) I never “assumed” a relationship..only a really hilarious friendship that I’d lost track of until the middle of Feb when I was notified of computer issues. I’ll not delve through that again.
    Since I am a gal lost in the real world and not the Hollywood world, let me give you my perspective – you can’t expect people to find computer interaction a basis for a relationship. I think it can be confused since some people click communicating, but the only way I’d ever agree to date anyone is if I’d met them in real life. You can love a friend online, but you cannot relate romantically. This I found out from a PREVIOUS experience I had.
    The attention I received at first was sweet and it came from sweet people. The negative attention I received came from some hauntingly disturbed people with some having fatal attraction issues to GB that he should continue to be concerned about.
    The only way anything would “work” with me and GB is if I met him and we clicked. And I have my own fiery temper as you all see. My father is undergoing cancer surgery, I am bogged in a federal court case, and to be honest, I don’t think I am “hot” enough for him.
    I don’t have a husband nor 4 kids. Don’t know where that came from. GB is still my friend and I wish him well.

  371. 371
    Bella Says:

    But to that one WORTHLESS AUTOTUNED B*TCH who desperately needs to be committed and a 72 hour thorazin drop….Quit this NONSENSE…You are making yourself to look absolutely NUTS! You are going to snap in real life and it will not end well.

  372. 372
    Bella Says:

    So it sounds better to be involved in a federal court case instead of my smalltime civl court case in my small town. WTF I just like to lie about everything. No one can figure out who I am and of course I’m not friends with him he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him but I like to make things up even more just to let everyone know I’m a real gal. A gal.

  373. 373
    Bella (The real one) Says:


    Please. The state Superior court judge told me that. And if you have a problem with my honesty, ignore my post, please. And it’s still in my hometown. Let’s let Bella go in peace.

  374. 374
    Bella (The real one) Says:


    AND make no mistake…I am a woman. One that can handle herself if she needs to. Remember that.

  375. 375
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    I’m the most annoying poster here. Remember that.

  376. 376
    Bella (The real one, no really Says:

    @Bella (The real one):

    Issues, pal….serious issues.

  377. 377
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    No, Choprah is the Indian version of Oprah. He would love her except she eats too many huge bowls of garlic smashed spuds every day and he won’t do chunky.

  378. 378
    Bella (The real one, no really Says:

    @Bella (The real one):

    Marilyn Monroe said that if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at mah BEST…Ah ain’t no chunk.

  379. 379
    Yes she will! Says:


    No they don’t. I know many guys who were into tall blondes with blue eyes who fell in love with short brunettes. When a man wants something serious, he doesn’t fall in love with the looks only.

  380. 380
    fromoz Says:

  381. 381
    Ducky Says:

    @fromoz: Hi ozzie, Sooo good to see a familiar face. Thanks so much for the article. So the dispute goes on. Wonder if Apr.3 will bring some results. You would think that those who put up the grant would step up to the plate and help to get the deal done. Maybe they are? Crap. What a mess. Poor Alex is going to have a nervous breakdown if this doesn’t fly.
    Don’t know if you saw my post after listening to Tony Abbott last night. Busy times out on the water. It must be pretty rough. Hope you are doing okay. Still our “go to girl”. Ducky

  382. 382
    fromoz Says:

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky. At least the 1st sentence of the article says that filming has started. Something to hang our hat on. Been catching up with comments, so did see your comment regarding our P.M. I guess you saw him speaking in relation to the possible sighting of the missing plane wreckage off W.A. coastline ? This must be a nightmare for family waiting on solid news. I feel for them. As for G.B. news, we’re getting little bits here & there. I especially liked him gatecrashing the hens party. They were such happy photos & he’s a good sport. Cheers Ducky. :-)

  383. 383
    Nicole Says:

    Joseph Saad feeling proud
    Yesterday at 1:31pm ·
    Training leg day WITH Gerard Butler! He had the same routine and we were swapping sets… HOLY ****!
    Joseph Saad I didn’t recognize him for like 3/4 of the workout aha! initially i told him just hold on a minute i’m using that machine, he was all apologetic and we had a laugh about it. Seems just any other normal guy, down to earth.
    Joyce Baltah On a scale of 1 to 10…how hot is he in really life?
    Joseph Saad A solid 8!

  384. 384
    Nicole Says:

  385. 385
    Karen Says:

    I want to be in Sydney. He looks great. I think he is work more on the chest he’ll have no shirt and that skirt that Egyptian’s wore. Be still my heart all I can do is close my eyes and see him like that ymmmmmm.

  386. 386
    Nicole Says:

  387. 387
    Nicole Says:

  388. 388
    Embla Says:

    Thanks Nicole. Great pics there.
    They need to resolve that dispute real quick!
    BTW: Nice to see you all. :-)

  389. 389
    . Says:


  390. 390
    fromoz Says:

    @Embla: Hi there, nice to see you posting too. Nicole is bringing us some great pics. Makes me laugh, as G.B. seems to have found a new favourite pair of cargo shorts. Camouflage…hmmmmm…we can still see you. Cheers Embla :-)

  391. 391
    Tilly Says:

    Thanks Nicole. He really looks like he’s struggling with the heat down there. Or is it all those beautiful women on his arm? lol!

  392. 392
    Not so Says:

    @Anyone will do: “The man did Kola Boof for heaven’s sake.”

    No he didn’t. They had lunch a couple of times and not alone either, there were other people present.

  393. 393
    Not so Says:

    @Evil Jungle Princess: “He’s not approachable and not a normal man.”

    He’s probably one of the most approachable actors you could meet and is most certainly normal.

  394. 394
    Nicole Says:

    alexandra lee

    @GerardButler thank you for making my son super happy!

  395. 395
    Nicole Says:

    pix is from L.A.

  396. 396
    Nicole Says:


    @GerardButler Hi Gerry “buy yourself a knock on lamp” 😂 enjoy Sydney! Ps. Loved the satchel

  397. 397
    leila Says:

    @Not so: “No he didn’t. They had lunch a couple of times and not alone either, there were other people present.”

    Don’t you realize that he only has to be seen talking to a woman and some have it that he’s having sex with them so having lunch is almost a torrid affair.

  398. 398
    leila Says:

    @Anyone will do: “The most recent girl he hit on was pretty but not beautiful, pretty average really and not curvy or really thin like the models.”


  399. 399
    No need to lie. Says:

    @Not so:
    Actually, Kola herself said that she slept with Gerry. It wasn’t a sighting or a lunch date. Kola said he loved her long legs.
    The “Not so” poster always makes things up to defend Gerry. Why does he need to be protected against sleeping with a woman?
    Let me guess? Kola is lying. The same way Brandi G lied?
    Gerry’s exes are his own business. So what if he slept with Kola?

  400. 400
    No need to lie. Says:

    Audio of Kola talking about Gerry:

  401. 401
    thank you Says:

    @No need to lie.: the audio is new to me, but this was settled a few years ago on jj anyway. and that poster who uses different monikers is batshi.t crazy in love with gerry and makes up garbage to suit her gerry fantasies. she’s the one that started that rumor about maddie throwing a tantrum in the london store because gerry didn’t buy her more things. she repeats it all the time, even though there is no evidence of this ever happening at all. none. she uses one or two sentence responses. easy to spot. either she doesn’t know much about gerry or she’s lying. kola’s voice is nice btw. thanks for that link.

  402. 402
    No need to lie. Says:

    @thank you:
    I don’t know who that poster is but she lies a lot. The only thing I heard about a shop and MG was a Facebook post by someone, in Europe or it could have been here that said Gerry came in the store and referred to MG as his “Victoria Secret” looking girlfriend and said that she was nice. The opposite of what was said here!
    But you know what’s like around these parts, MG put a spell on him or she was pimped out Pascal. It couldn’t have been that they liked each other right? LOL!

  403. 403
    thank you Says:

    @No need to lie.: dont even get me started on the witchcraft c.rap that they were discussing a few pages ago. good luck to his next girlfriend because she’s going to get ripped apart by these loons.

  404. 404
    Embla Says:

    @No need to lie.:
    Thanks for sharing.
    A long interview to sit through, but atleast she gave him good references! :-D

  405. 405
    Embla Says:
    New pic.

  406. 406
    No need to lie. Says:

    You’re welcome!
    And are we at all surprised by what she said? ; )

  407. 407
    Embla Says:

    @No need to lie.:
    He he. No. Not really. :-P

  408. 408
    Actually Says:

    @thank you: “she’s the one that started that rumor about maddie throwing a tantrum in the london store because gerry didn’t buy her more things.”

    it was a tweet from one of the store staff that first mentioned it.

  409. 409
    Actually Says:

    @No need to lie.: ” Kola herself said that she slept with Gerry.”

    Obviously another ta rt like Brandi who has no discretion. Also, one very ugly woman.

  410. 410
    No need to lie. Says:

    Um, Gerry had to apologise to his school crush Julie Morrison after basically implying that she was the “easy” girl in school after he went on Jimmy Kimmel.
    So Gerry is also a “ta rt”, as you say, for naming someone?
    And what you said about Kola is cruel. You are a mean person and say horrible things about anyone that has been with Gerry. Shame on you.
    You must have a lot of insecurities because you do nothing but attack all of Gerry’s exes.

  411. 411
    She sure is ugleee Says:

    @Actually: “Also, one very ugly woman.”

    True. He must have been on drugs at the time like he was with Brandi.

  412. 412
    It came back again Says:

    @Actually: No need to lie and thank you

    are are the same. It came back to lie that it is good. It is demeaning all his others to its likeness. It is a filthy and lying thing. Happy to have facts. Thanks.

  413. 413
    Lying Says:

    @Actually: The lying poster is the dog from Ro. Mixing it up. Making all his other hook ups look worse than her. The store staff member did tweet her bad behavior. She is a w($)) who wants fame. His family gave her the thumbs down. she does call paps for when she is with famous men. Gave Fassy hell. Had to silence her. Sleeps her way up and down. Anyone supporting the narcissistic brat is her alternate personality.

  414. 414
    Ugly inside Says:

    Kola Boof is not a nice person. She has a massive chip on her shoulder and thinks the whole world is against her. She can be really cruel and nasty when she speaks to people and let’s not forget that she was once the lover of Osama bin Laden and supported his terrorist movement.

  415. 415
    No need to lie Says:

    Ok. We all know who that poster is and she lies a lot. The only thing I heard about a shop and MG is in Europe she is a paid escort or it could have been here that said Gerry came in the store and referred to MG as his “Victoria Secret” wanna be plastic looking girlfriend and said that she was nasty in bed.

  416. 416
    More ugly inside Says:

    But the Ro wh)$&$ is a devil worshipper.. She has a massive chip on her shoulder and thinks the whole world is about her. She can be really cruel and nasty when she speaks to people and let’s not forget that she was once the lover of Pascal bin Laden and supported his hollywood mafia movement.

  417. 417
    Suzi Says:

    @No need to lie: “Gerry came in the store and referred to MG as his “Victoria Secret” wanna be plastic looking girlfriend and said that she was nasty in bed.”

    I’ve never heard this story and I don’t believe it. Gerry is not a nasty person and there is no way he would make a comment like that about her in public.
    The story about the London store indecent has appeared on various sites and not just here.

  418. 418
    THE REAL No need to lie. Says:

    @No need to lie:
    The troll is going to keep stealing my moniker, so I guess it’s my turn?
    I won’t be using “No need to lie” again.
    #407 is obviously not me. The troll changed the last sentence.
    Wow! She really does have a big problem with any woman that’s touched Gerry.
    Not healthy for a fan to be that obsessed.

  419. 419
    Ugly inside Says:

    @More ugly inside: Can’t you write your own posts instead of stealing other peoples?

  420. 420
    THE REAL No need to lie. Says:

    Gerry never said that. It’s the troll. Just ignore most of the suspect comments this morning. It’s out to make trouble.

  421. 421
    It came back Says:

    @Suzi: Yes you are correct. It is back to talk bout itself in a positive light. It talks to itself. It will start calling everyone here liars and jealous soon. It will use many monikers to pat itself on the back. It calls others trolls when backed into a corner. Thank you for calling it out.

  422. 422
    It came back Says:

    @Suzi: Yes you are correct. It is back to talk bout itself in a positive light. It talks to itself. It will start calling everyone here liars and jealous soon. It will use many monikers to pat itself on the back. It hates Gerry because Gerry only sleeps with beautiful women and hates his fans.

  423. 423
    Now say TROLL Says:

    @THE REAL No need to lie.:

    Oh also post we are all jealous.

  424. 424
    Now say TROLL Says:


  425. 425
    Now say TROLL Says:

    @THE REAL No need to lie.:

  426. 426
    Nicole Says:

    User Actions
     Follow

    Gerard Butler @sydney

  427. 427
    So funny Says:

    @It came back again: Lol! I think we all know who is plasticilina. Any moniker that tries to redeem her. She wants to be an “it” girl and you made her so! :-)

  428. 428
    Stardust Says:

    @Nicole: He has bulked up for this role. He was a lot skinnier when he was surfing. I wonder if it is putting stress on his body to transform like that. I did not think we was interested in bulking up that much after 300.

  429. 429
    H00t Says:

    Oh hello Gerry very hot friend.

  430. 430
    Nicole Says:

  431. 431
    Stardust Says:

    @H00t: Oh yeah. The guy next to him is cute!

  432. 432
    Nicole Says:

    Look who crashed our dinner!

  433. 433
    Stardust Says:

    He is having a smorgasbord of beauties for dinner.

  434. 434
    Away Says:

    @No need to lie.: You are obsessed to defame him and anyone associated with him. Other posters are correct. We pretty much ignore your nonsensical puffed up pages that come around. Do You actually think you can improve your prostulina rep here? Or do you need a fix? Or are you that lonely?

  435. 435
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    If all these exes are taking the time to fight and get GB’s attention, dang, He is Nat King Cole unforgettable. What the heck did he do to these gals? Maybe he’s got it going on….*shrugs* lol

  436. 436
    saoirse Says:

    It’s like GB is the new spokesman for ‘Babes-R-Us’. You gotta love it. He’s like honey to the bees, that one. So charming! And so hot, hot, hot these days.

  437. 437
    Bella (The real one) Says:


    LOL ….That’s so true…that’s gotta be some sweet honey.

  438. 438
    saoirse Says:

    @Bella (The real one): Indeed. Probably tupelo honey. Lol

  439. 439
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    @saoirse: Let them go mad with jealousy. Not just any gal can handle Tupelo honey. LOL Too addictive ;)

  440. 440
    Daas Says:

    Different flowers, different honey’s, manuka, clover, rata, honey is good! Aussie honey is some of the best, medicinal wise.

  441. 441
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    Well, it’s the one that’s handy. lol

  442. 442
    Ahem Says:

    Moles have interpretations and insight to personalities. A mole at the left side of the nose gives bad results. Those who have them involves in prostitution.

  443. 443
    Daas Says:

    Moley can come from welding and oxy-acetylene cutting, cutting coolants and petrochemicals.

  444. 444
    Daas Says:

    yes, and handling asbestos, and also mining.

  445. 445
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    Boy, you are so silly. Well, I guess I am lucky mine is on the right.

  446. 446
    Daas Says:

    Egyptians have nice baubles, lots of races have shown them since on their women.

  447. 447
    Bella (The real one) Says:


    Is that so?????? Must be some special women.

  448. 448
    Give it a break Bella Says:

    When not are you here? Don’t you work? Have anything else to do but hang out on gossip site?
    What’s the obsession with a complete stranger to you known to treat women irresponsibly to a point it is no longer cool to be called a fan of his?!?
    If you claim to have a man of your own or so why the need for blinders, pink-tinted glasses to mentally lust for another?
    Your man. He does not satisfy you?

  449. 449
    A thought Says:

    @She sure is ugleee: “True. He must have been on drugs at the time like he was with Brandi.”

    Perhaps she had a bag over her head

  450. 450
    Give it a break Bella Says:

    Perhaps she wore neon flashing “easy lay” and he jumped it? Perhaps it is just one more thing he regrets that has made him uncool to be a fan of?

  451. 451
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    LOL Bats in the bellfry…

  452. 452
    Give it a break Bella Says:

    LOL Fool stuck to keyboard…

  453. 453
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    @Give it a break Bella:

    After the way you’ve carried on like a straight jacket candidate on the last few pages and threads, going nuts is more of a vacation.

    It’s lunchtime at work…and no you can’t have my sandwich…The nurse will bring your food. :)

  454. 454
    I agree Says:

    @A thought:

    She looks like the bride of Frankenstein.

  455. 455
    Give it a break Bella Says:

    @Bella (The real one):
    More T.M.I. Bella. Please take a break. Will you be here all day again? And all night? All weekend again? Have you no job? No responsibilities? Florida “housewife” perhaps?
    Do you think Gerry admires people on here that much?

  456. 456
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    @Give it a break Bella:

    I bet you get excited when the nurse brings you all in for arts and crafts, huh? Be careful with the elmers glue it can be potent.

  457. 457
    Give it a break Bella Says:

    “pages” Bella? No, I just got here to see you STILL here??
    Lunchtime at work? O, really? You signed on early, after leaving late, and looks like posting is your “work.”
    How does your man let you down you need to lust after an on-line personality?
    You should talk to him about your needs he does not fulfill.

  458. 458
    Ahem Says:

    Moles on the left buttock represent poverty. The person leads a deprived life.Moles any where on the genitals represent excessive desire for sex. Such persons generally will have many many a paramour.

  459. 459
    Ahem Says:

    @Ahem: Tan on your right side, not on your left.

  460. 460
    So funny Says:

    @Ahem: Someone removes a mole after they read here.

  461. 461
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    @Give it a break Bella:

    That’s hilarious coming from you, you couldn’t satisfy 2 at the same time. And no, there isn’t a man right now for me. Know anyone you can hook a girlfriend up? LOL

  462. 462
    just to say Says:

    @“thank you: dont even get me started on the witchcraft c.rap that they were discussing a few pages ago.”

    Obviously you do not know anything about witchcraft and spells or you wouldn’t speak likes that.

  463. 463
    Bella (The real one) Says:


    Moles are moles. That’s it. Finito LOL

  464. 464
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    Popsicle sticks, Elmers glue and cotton balls….we’ll makes itty bitty planes….NO FIGHTING!

  465. 465
    Her assistant said otherwise. Says:

    @Not so:

  466. 466
    ????? Says:

    @Her assistant said otherwise.: Who’s assistant said what?

  467. 467
    You need to have an account Says:


    to see it and I don’t so I can’t see the picture.

  468. 468
    Really? Says:


    Funny! I used to have one which I had removed and never once felt like being a prostitute! Always worked hard in a decent job to make a living!

  469. 469
    Beauty & the Beast Says:

    You don’t need to be beautiful to be good in bed. Just saying!

    Kola Boof doesn’t have a pretty face but her body is not so shabby. She’d have to have something that some powerful men wanted her as a mistress.

  470. 470
    Her assistant said otherwise. Says:


    Kola Boof’s.

  471. 471
    Bella as a sock Says:

    @Beauty & the Beast:
    Yes, Bella as a sock, it is a mutilated unfeeling clitor_is which allows her to go buck-wild with men who will use her for that but never allow her inside their hearts, only a sterile hotel bed.

  472. 472
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    @Bella as a sock:

    OOOH, now the nasty comes out…No man uses me and since I am not going to drop lower than any person who discusses intimate female parts – especially ones they KNOW nothing about…I will remind you and others who is being discussed and how unfair that is to that person. But I do notice that SOME people change up the rules to their benefit. What you do to others comes back to haunt you. Your “spell” you put on yourself, so to speak.
    Much love.

  473. 473
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    And please, after that heart has just shown me what’s inside, it’s appears dead and lifeless. I’m better off not being in it.

  474. 474
    ????? Says:

    @Her assistant said otherwise.: Well, what did she say?

  475. 475
    Give it a break Bella Says:

    Bella, that poster said nothing nasty just the truth.
    You must be really new to being a fan of Gerry’s to not know the intimate details about Kola, the woman he slept with, the world knows as she is a survivor of mutilation common in her homeland. Why don’t you admit the poster is you to promote the sexy you while not using your own name? You are so transparent!
    What rules?

  476. 476
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    @Give it a break Bella:

    Who the F*ck is Kola? I’ve never heard of her.

  477. 477

    @Bella (The real one):

  478. 478
    ????? Says:

    @Give it a break Bella: If you are inferring that I’m Bella then you are wrong. I’m asking what her assistant is supposed to have said.

  479. 479


    Let the rabid wolves have you .

  480. 480
    I'll tell you. Says:

    @Bella (The real one): “Who the F*ck is Kola? I’ve never heard of her.”

    She’s a horrible person who hates everything and everyone and is a former mistress of bin laden, that alone tells you the kind of person she is.

  481. 481
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    @I’ll tell you.:

    I don’t MOTHERF*CKING know anything about her. I’ve never posted sh*t about her. But that didn’t stop you from getting mean, did it? You never think about the consequences of what you say, do you? If it’s the right person or not it doesn’t matter, does it? Really? How can a woman live with a man who they’ll never know if he’ll lose his temper and turn on them? THAT’s THE BIG PROBLEM, PAL.

  482. 482
    ????? Says:

    Is someone going to tell me what her assistant said?

  483. 483
    I'll tell you. Says:

    @Bella (The real one): “I’ve never posted sh*t about her. But that didn’t stop you from getting mean, did it? You never think about the consequences of what you say, do you?”

    What are you talking about? You asked who she was and I told you, what was mean about that?

  484. 484

    @Bella (The real one):

  485. 485
    Bella (The real one) Says:

    @I’ll tell you.:

    I’m not an idiot. Don’t insult me with your game of – “Copping out and diverting so I won’t admit what I did to have to apologize”. I am so hot right now I could punch out a grandma. I need to cool down…and buddy this nay take a few days.

    Hey, everyone, Bella’s gone…He ran me off. Send all your thank you baskets to Australia.

  486. 486
    I'll tell you. Says:

    @Bella (The real one): You are not worth bothering about. You are accusing me of things I haven’t done.

  487. 487
    nasty horrible person alert Says:

    @Bella (The real one):

  488. 488
    ????? Says:

    I take it the assistant didn’t say anything, just another poster taking sh/t.

  489. 489
    Got that right Says:

    @NUTCASE ALERT: Isn’t that the truth. So sick of looking at page after page of her name and nothing worthwhile. Rather jj shut it down.

  490. 490
    BITE ME Says:

    @Got that right:

    You all are talking me still…,I thought I was unimportant.

  491. 491
    BITE ME Says:

    @Got that right:

    You all are talking about me still…,I thought I was unimportant.

  492. 492
    Got that right Says:

    Why don’t you exchange your emails and you can accuse each other all day long. This is a gerard butler thread not your personal web site.

  493. 493
    The nuns video Says:
    Take a break from your snark and shite and watch the video above. Then get a life.

  494. 494
    As a ? Says:

    @Really?: “Funny! I used to have one which I had removed and never once felt like being a prostitute! Always worked hard in a decent job to make a living…”

    as a prostitute.

  495. 495
    Got that right Says:

    @Bella (The real one):

  496. 496
    Bella Says:

    @Got that right:

    LOL Whatever…..

  497. 497
    I'll tell you Says:

    Just like the Ro slutalina
    She’s a horrible person who hates everything and everyone and is a former mistress of pascal bin laden, that alone tells you the kind of person she is.

  498. 498
    I'll tell you Says:

    You must be really new to being a fan of Gerry’s to not know the intimate details about slutalina, the woman he slept with, the world knows as she is a survivor of mutilation common in her Ro homeland. She is a spy and a manipulator.

  499. 499
    Bella Says:

    @I’ll tell you:

    I’ll tell you…there’s just some things about people I don’t give a f*ck to know…LIKE ALL THE WOMEN HE’S BANGED. I find it a bit personal. I mean, I wouldn’t want him knowing all the men I’ve rocked…the small number maybe unimpressive, but I do have a sense “It’s none of my d*mn business.

  500. 500
    Say TROLL Says:


  501. 501
    Like Says:

    @Bella: I deep like you Bella.

  502. 502
    Like Says:

    I wouldn’t tick off Bella.

  503. 503
    Bella Says:


    No…I want to be mad.

  504. 504
    Sock Says:

    Plasticalina as a sock, it is a mutilated unfeeling clitor_is which allows her to go buck-wild with men who will use her for that but never allow her inside their hearts, only a sterile hotel bed.

  505. 505
    Bella Says:


    I understand you hate these wh*res that get on here and f*ck around starting rumors…It would piss me off too…But don’t you think there are times that saying nothing is more beneficial? Do you want them to know they can get a rise out of you. I mean, just like you found out about me?

  506. 506
    Bella Says:


    I’m not mad anymore.

  507. 507
    Bella Says:

    But don’t you think there are times that saying nothing is more beneficial?

  508. 508
    Bella Says:


    I know, that’s what I said up there.

  509. 509
    This place is toxic Says:

    There aren’t many legitimate posts left anymore. As the weeks go by, the moniker stealer is getting worse and worse. I know we shouldn’t get mad at a person who is obviously unstable, but it does make me sad that one person could ruin the experience for so many others.
    Every thread gets the same treatment. A few pages in, and good posters start getting picked on and harassed.
    I pray for this sick person. She must be in a lot of pain to lash out at strangers like she does.

  510. 510
    Keyvani's Kathryn Says:

    If he had a girlfriend now it would make him more interesting. As is, there’s not much going on and he’s already filming so news is going to be hard to find for next few months. There’s nothing to talk about, really.

  511. 511
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:11-12

  512. 512

    @Keyvani’s Kathryn:

  513. 513
    Keyvani's Kathryn Says:

    @ANNOYING IDIOT: Your moniker describes you to a T.

  514. 514
    ITAWY Says:

    @This place is toxic: gerry’s threads are now just a competition to see who can hurt the other person’s feelings more.

  515. 515
    Ducky Says:

    @God Bless yoou all!: Good to see you and happy TGIF. Hope you are doing well. Saw your post a while back and was so good to hear from you.
    Saw this on the news and since there isn’t to much going on with the main man, thought I would post this. Have tissues handy. Ducky

  516. 516
    Sock Says:

    @Bella: Remember that plasticilina comes to mix the pot and push his old news or his exes on the board as something more sinister than her. She hopes people believe her lies. She spends pages patting herself on the back. She is a liar and predictable. Anyone who humors her with any response wastes another page of her egocentric responses. it is pitiful to watch.

  517. 517
    Bella Says:


    Yes, it is pitiful to watch. But there are 2 evil entities present that want a piece of GB. I will remember not to engage them.

  518. 518
    Sock Says:

    @Bella: I agree with you.

  519. 519
    Her assistant said otherwise. Says:


    Here, read it. Her assistant even wrote a blog about it.

  520. 520
    Truther Says:

    @Sock: No, she doesn’t come here. This is another lie started by idiotic phannies like yourself. She’s never been here posting, not that I can see. She probably does read the site but she isn’t posting. Have you read the way she writes on her fb pages? I’ve seen no one posting with that form of weird English and poor grammar. It’s surprising because most Europeans learn how to speak and write English properly. Just because you hate 99% of the people posting here doesn’t mean she’s one of them.

  521. 521
    Her assistant said otherwise. Says:

    @Bella as a sock:

    What has your comment to do with me? I was just replying to the person who said Kola Boof is ugly.

  522. 522
    Really? Says:

    @As a ?:

    As a secretary, moron! Working 9 to 5 to type out documents and having to do overtime with extra salary just not to get fired.

    You’re probably the prostitute!

  523. 523
    Oh Please! Says:

    @Her assistant said otherwise.: This is supposed to be the proof that they had sex? It’s the assistant just assuming things like many who come on here. ” He told me they definitely looked to be at least having a sexual fling”
    That is not evidence, it’s supposition and would never stand up in court.

  524. 524
    Her assistant said otherwise. Says:

    @Oh Please!:

    Don’t shoot the messenger! This is what her assistant said in her blog. Maybe she saw more but unless she had pictures (which could also not be used in court and would actually place said assistant in hot water), nobody can prove they did have sex. I was only stating that her assistant hinted something happened. I never said I could prove that she saw them do it.

    I don’t care if they did or not have sex as it doesn’t change anything to my life. It’s their business. Why would you want concrete proof they did? What will it change to your life if they did do it?

  525. 525
    Truther Says:

    Yes, by all means. Gerard is a chaste and virginal middleaged man who’s never had a lusty thought or touched anyone but himself in a se xu al way. Eyeroll.

  526. 526
    Agree Says:

    @Oh Please!: Very true, and I don’t believe anything happened. I know that Kola gives the impression in the interview that they had sex but I don’t believe it because she says “he’s big” but GB himself has said that he is not big so I think she’s not being truthful.

  527. 527
    Piss off arsehole Says:


  528. 528
    Embla Says:

    That`s a very touching story Ducky. Thanks for sharing.
    Reading this reminded me of Stephen Kings book, Dr. Sleep.
    “A 2007 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found one cat could identify people who were dying of a terminal illness at a nursing home.

    Oscar the cat appeared to ‘predict’ a patient’s death by sitting next to their bed and keeping a vigil there until they died, which was usually a few hours later.

    If he was forced out of the patient’s room he would become distressed and would continue to meow outside the door, researchers noted.”
    Anyone read it? There was a cat exactly like this in it.

  529. 529
    Truther Says:

    @Piss off arsehole: Ooh lookie loo! You must be one of the Friday night “alone and dateless” gang!

    LMAOOOOOOOOOO I’m headed out for a big bash with my friends, and ipad’s not welcome. You should think about getting a life away from this drivel.

    TTFN beeches.

  530. 530
    HI PIA! Says:


  531. 531
    Bella Says:

    Sometimes it doesn’t just talk. It screams. :)

  532. 532
    Bella Says:


    Sometimes you just have to laugh. :)

  533. 533
    Gerard says Says:

    @Agree He is long and but thin, and never felt inadequate in the boys locker room according to Men’s Journal and the many other times he has discussed his *****, including on Howard Stern.

  534. 534
    just a thought Says:

    For those of you just starting to follow Gerry, this Kola Boof rear’s her ugly and I do mean ugly head every now and then her claim to fame is going to bed with every man in the news. When you listen to the tape you’ll hear her bring in Mike Tyson she can never stay one man with out bringing in another that was falling down running after her. Gerry admitted many times he has been into “the twirl” and a lot of his ladies have been beautiful – Kola is a wana be. At least with Brandi once he found out who she was he admitted it, was angry yes because he never wants the ladies to look bad – he seems to care less what people think of him. But not Kola, I’m sure he met her and goofy Gerry over plays to all women (that’s he get in trouble) but Let me see Naomi C Kola B who would you pick and he has admitted to Naomi. Duh I know who I’ld pick. But then she may throw a phone but boy would it be worth it.

  535. 535
    just a thought Says:

    sorry it’s the swirl, not twirl

  536. 536
    GFW Says:

    @Gerard says: There was a fan who said she met him and slept with him and he was girthy in her words. Long and thick, un cut. I’m getting moist thinking of it. Blushing.

  537. 537
    Anastasia Beaverhausen Says:


    Thanks for making me run to the mirror and look for a mole in those areas. “Made you look!”.

    Hi everyone, I hope all is well. As Autumn says “Stay sane”, and I will add “And sweet and humorous”.


  538. 538
    Bella Says:

    I take an offense to even bringing it up. Just because someone is a celebrity, no one deserves to be picked apart about their body. I’m sure many fans have thought about it, but really, can girls scream about men being insensitive while trying “woman handle” or expose a man? I know some men think it’s hot but lets call a spade a spade and be fair all round.
    I have nice breasts but I wouldn’t want all the men in the world talking about them. Only a special man.

  539. 539
    Ducky Says:

    @Embla: Hey girl, I thought it was a touching story too. I read the NEMJ story about the cat as well. Gives “animal instinct” a whole new meaning. Never read a steven king book in my life Embla. You know me, if I can’t get through “Shattered” sitting down, for sure not SK. Have you seen Shattered or Butterfly on a Wheel? Hope you are doing well and thanks so much for all your posts. Ducky

  540. 540
    curious Says:

    @just a thought: Koka Boof just married a white Jewish man named Applebaum. She claims black men don’t like her and have it in for her. She looks somewhat like an older version of Laurie Cholewa. Maybe Gerry likes that look and goes for women who remind him of others from his past.

  541. 541
    Oweoweo Says:

    @GFW: His peen is girthy, his fans ain’t worthy. Oweoweo.

  542. 542
    Amazon Says:

    @just a thought: If I read it right, Boof wasn’t rearing her ugly head, it was a few posters who resurrected her right here. All this was back in 2006. 2006 people. Digging a little deep for dirt aren’t we.

  543. 543
    Point Break! Says:

    @just a thought:

    I listened to a bit here and there. She actually says Gerry was a very skilled lover but not loving. She said white men are just as good and endowed and that that white men aren’t is a myth. I didn’t find anything she said objectionable really. Just confirms to me that Gerry isn’t gay and he is a player, and we all know this deep down.

  544. 544
    Nicole Says:

    Searock Bar
    I know its blurry and so not in focus. But see the man walking in the middle wearing long khaki pants?? That was GERARD BUTLER!!! The funny thing was when he stood only 3 meters away, standing face to face towards me, the only thing i could do was freezing! When i finally can move my hands to take photo of him, he already turned his back on me and ran away since people start noticed him and start chase him like crazy!

  545. 545
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    Thanks, ducky! That is so heartbreaking. I believe animals can sense things about people and know who the good guys are. And thank you for the link to the jig saw puzzles. I’m hooked! Take care and God bless you.

  546. 546
    Nicole Says:

    What a hunk!

  547. 547
    Gerry's new girl? Says:

    She looks like his type
    I wonder if they exchanged numbers.

  548. 548
    Probably too old Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?:

    Though she’s hotter than the ex, looks more natural too. I think the guy on the left, the hunk, could be her BF. She’s 27.

  549. 549
    Probably too old Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?:

    Seems she has somebody. Looks like the guy in the picture.

  550. 550
    Nicole Says:

    Gerry happy! Very beautiful girls in Sydney…

  551. 551
    Gerry's new girl? Says:

    @Probably too old:
    She’s got fake and not prettier than Gerry. But still his type. She looks happy with her man. He’s hot too.
    @ Nicole. Yes I’m noticing how beautiful the girls in Australia are. He won’t want to come home.

  552. 552
    Gerry's new girl? Says:

    *not prettier than MG, not Gerry ; P

  553. 553
    JS Says:

    @Ducky: Lovely picture Ducky, very touching, thanks for posting it.

  554. 554
    Goodness me Says:

    @curious: “Koka Boof just married a white Jewish man named Applebaum. She claims black men don’t like her and have it in for her.”

    She’s always claiming someone doesn’t like her, she has one huge chip on her shoulder.

  555. 555
    Probably too old Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?:

    Yes prettier than MG. MG is too fake. This girl at least looks a bit more natural. MG was better before the plastic surgery.

  556. 556
    Gerry's new girl? Says:

    @Probably too old:
    Matter of opinion. I respect yours, but I can’t agree. I actually think MG was pretty before and after she altered her lips and cheeks. This girl does have a more natural face though, you’re right about that.

  557. 557
    Can I ask? Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?:” I wonder if they exchanged numbers.”

    Where did he meet her?

  558. 558
    Gerry's new girl? Says:

    @Can I ask?:
    I don’t know. She’s one of the models in that photo at # 546. She’s got a boyfriend, so numbers would have been exchanged. The girl on the far right is very cute too. I’m getting jealous! The girls are very pretty in Australia. I thought Miranda Kerr was the only one : (

  559. 559
    Gerry's new girl? Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?:
    *numbers would NOT have been exchanged. It’s too early!

  560. 560
    For Goodness Sake Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?: Another example of he just has to be seen with a woman and the next thing people here have them as a couple. This place is beyond belief.

  561. 561
    Noriko Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?: O get off your phannie perch. If he likes her, there’s no time like the present. As we all know, if he’s hot for someone, he’ll fly to Milan and chase her down if he wants to. Stop defending him. He’s a man and he goes after what or who he wants when he wants to.

  562. 562
    Gerry's new girl? Says:

    @For Goodness Sake:
    Calm down! “For Goodness Sake”, it’s gossip site! And if this place is beyond belief, why stay?

  563. 563
    Wrong Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?: Because For Goodness sake has just as much right to voice her opinion as you do. Right? Right. And she is right imo and you aren’t the thread boss.

  564. 564
    Embla Says:

    Yes. I`ve seen Shattered. Twice. Can`t exactly remember when, the first time, but it was also shown on the TV here just a few weeks ago.
    I liked it. It was a nice movie.
    He he. Remember beeing “banned” from opening my mouth when wathing movies in the future, the first time I saw it. Halfway through the film, I made a wild guess, and it happened to be the case. (It was just one of those lucky shots, but it did make me feel very proud at the moment). :-D

  565. 565
    Gerry's new girl? Says:

    I didn’t say she can’t voice her opinion, I asked her a question.
    Did you even read my post? Don’t answer that, it’s obvious that you didn’t.

  566. 566
    Noriko Says:

    Dominique is a beautiful girl but her photos are as suggestive if not more than MG’s were. Some are nearly ******. And her tatas are silicone. Wonder how much work she’s had done to her face? Telling you that most of these models have had things done since they are looking for perfection. She’s still very attractive. Gerry should be going after her for real.

  567. 567

    @Gerry’s new girl?:

  568. 568
    Stop picking on posters! Says:

    @BORING IDIOT ALERT: can’t this thread go ONE page without someone harassing another poster???? just stop!

  569. 569
    GET LOST!!! Says:

    @Stop picking on posters!:

  570. 570
    Stop picking on posters! Says:

    @GET LOST!!!: you’re not the thread boss and i will stay here as long as i like. stop picking on people.

  571. 571
    GET LOST!!! Says:

    @Stop picking on posters!: YOU are NOT the thread boss so STOP telling ME what to do!!!! I’ll say WHATEVER I WANT!! GET LOST!!!!

  572. 572
    Stop picking on posters! Says:

    @GET LOST!!!: fine. if you feel the best use of your time is to attack and harass everyone on this thread, then go ahead. there’s no reasoning with trolls, i guess.

  573. 573
    0000000 Says:

    Looks like Bella and her socks Blowfly etc have returned.

  574. 574
    Nicole Says:

    Patrick Wright

    Madam butterfly on the harbour was fun tonight said high to gerard butler, he said high back, cool

  575. 575
    It is back again Says:

    @Noriko: Suggestive photos than the thing? We all believe that? Lol. Hello “it”

    It is comparing as better. It cannot stay away. It is trying to make itself less nasty.

  576. 576
    It is back again Says:

    Nasty, dirty it thing. Always bring itself into conversation. Cheap and gross. Like mold and mildew. Alway come back.

  577. 577
    Bonnie Says:

    “Dominique is a beautiful girl but her photos are as suggestive if not more than MG’s were. ”

    Nope the personal trainer does not do hard core p04n like the Ro trash.

  578. 578
    Nicole Says:

    Can’t believe Gerard Butler has popped into my hair dressers for a hair cut on his way to Gleneagles😱😍

  579. 579
    Nicole Says:

    Mike @Pharaaoh · 29m

    i was hangin with vin diesel and gerard butler today.. there making a movie together soon folks

  580. 580
    Nicole Says:

    Incredible pictures: Opera Australia’s Madama Butterfly lights up Sydney Harbour

  581. 581
    Nicole Says:

    Bondi Icebergs

  582. 582
    Nicole Says:

  583. 583
    Embla Says:

    Thanks Nicole! :-)
    “i was hangin with vin diesel and gerard butler today.. there making a movie together soon folks”
    One more hint about that Kane and Lynch movie…
    Gerry is a very busy guy at the moment. Guess this one is next, after finishing GoE, Point Break and LhF.

  584. 584
    @Nicole Says:

    Why’d you bother changing your name, CGE? It’s nice that you’re such a phannie that you still bother posting links for a couple of psychos, a troll and three phannies who think this is their personal blog. What a waste of time.

  585. 585
    Probably too old Says:

    @Gerry’s new girl?:

    If you re-read my comment, I did say MG was prettier before the plastic surgery. I don’t know who told her she should go and have all of that done but she should fire them.

    She didn’t need to do anything to her face but getting implants for her breasts wasn’t a bad move as before she was practically flat chested.

  586. 586
    Deena Says:

    @just a thought: I don’t believe that Gerard had sex with Kola Boof. Looking like a drag queen isn’t the only thing she has in common with mad Maddie, They are both pathological liars. Boof claims to have slept with a long list of well known men and it’s obvious she just makes up one story after another.

  587. 587
    Tina Says:

    @GFW: “There was a fan who said she met him and slept with him and he was girthy in her words.”

    Another stupid girl telling lies to try to impress her friends.

  588. 588
    Not GFW Says:

    Post #536 is not her but bully stalkers. GFW would never say such a thing.

  589. 589
    aha Says:

    he’s never going to be with a normal and nice girl. get over it peeps, he’s ruined by models for life.

  590. 590
    Snarky Says:

    @@Nicole: Don’t know about anybody else but I have no idea what this nut case is talking about. Shouldn’t you be thanking Nicole or Embla for posting news? I thought that’s why we are here.
    And I think we could drop the subject of who Gerard boinked or didn’t 9 years ago. By the sound of it, half of you were still in training pants. Of course that is my rightful opinion before you all curse me out.
    Lighten up people. It’s a gossip site not a hanging.

  591. 591
    Snarky Says:

    @aha: Models are not normal? Then what are they? Aliens among us? Some were blessed with better looks than others, some are well educated and get paid a handsome sum and some will never make it in a world of high competiton. Not a profession for the meek. Models work darn hard and put up with a lot of crap and struggle to maintain their looks. You are a woman, don’t be so hard on your gender.

  592. 592
    aha Says:

    @Snarky: how can they be in training pants 9 years ago when it’s clear they’re old enough to be wearing DEPENDS now? nothing but a gang of old broads here.

  593. 593
    Guys get over models Says:


    They’re neither better or worst than regular women. Models get dumped just like the rest of us but with them it happens more publicly.

  594. 594
    Snarky Says:

    @aha:” If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. ”
    A little poetic license from the Merchant of Venice, just think model.
    Never knew anyone that was ruined by a model for life. You know, free will and choice and all that stuff.
    Feel free to think that models are the devil’s spawn. Might want to rethink the stairmaster though.

  595. 595
    Guys get over models Says:


    Thanks for calling us 30-40-year old old broad! I guess you can include yourself in the group too!

    What is young for you? Somebody in diapers learning to walk?

  596. 596
    Snarky Says:

    @aha: Until you come up with an original thought process, I will believe that you are nothing more than a teen without motivation or job inclined to be nothing more than someone who rags on others to build your sorry self esteem. Trust me honey, you will feel much better about yourself thinking better thoughts than what you have posted thus far. Depends on jj are helpful in catching the shite that goes on here of late. Never knock your elders who have been around the block a time or two.

  597. 597
    aha Says:

    @Snarky: I’m not knockin my elders, just saying he’s not interested in your wrinkly old a.s.s.e.s. and who can blame him when he likes teens and fit toned young chicks. don’t you have a cryptkeeper waiting for you now?

  598. 598
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “And I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. I want to do what is right, but I can’t. I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway. . . . I love God’s law with all my heart. But there is another power within me that is at war with my mind. This power makes me a slave to the sin that is still within me. Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death? Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord.” – (Romans 7:18-19, 22-25

  599. 599
    Snarky Says:

    @aha: And he would never be interested in anyone without depth of feeling either. That certainly wasn’t your original thought now was it.
    “he’s never going to be with a normal and nice girl. get over it peeps, he’s ruined by models for life.”
    I rest my case and done with you. You are a nasty, unhappy piece of work,

  600. 600
    Project Much? Says:

    ONLY a super obsessed fan who’s disappointed that they will never have Gerry for themselves talks like you. NO ONE of a sound mind wastes their time attacking fans of a celebrity for the sake of it.
    You’re transparent and everyone can see through your lame fangirl disappointment about Gerry.
    Direct it at him or his mailbox. M’kay?

  601. 601
    Guys get over models Says:


    Good! I don’t like divos, high maintenance guys who would throw a fit at helping me with the dishes. I only like him as an actor. I prefer real men to celluloid ones. Btw my ass is not yet wobbly. Wobbly asses happen on models too for being too skinny, not eating the right food to keep their skin in good condition. Look at pictures of models/actresses and most of them have cellulite even worse than regular women might have and they get it younger too.

  602. 602
    Stairmaster Says:

    @Guys get over models:” most of them have cellulite even worse than regular women might have and they get it younger too.”
    Oh I don’t think so but good try. Sitting at a computer sure doesn’t help

  603. 603
    Guys get over models Says:


    Hon! Invest in Star Magazine from time to time and you’ll see pictures of 20-something models/actresses with cellulite! Everybody has cellulite. You probably sit all day at a computer so you probably have cellulite and you need more to be on the stairmaster all day long to avoid cellulite as you also need to avoid drinking which most models do, smoking, doing pot and binging on food and then going to throw up.

    One tip: don’t watch The Ugly Truth too often! The guy who inspired the character of Mike Chadway is so full of B.S. he can’t keep a woman in real life!

  604. 604
    Guys get over models Says:


    Here hon a picture of Kate Moss, one of the skinniest models out there. You,d think she had no celluite! Well think again!

    Just Google models with cellulite and you’d be surprised at how young some of them are.

  605. 605
    Guys get over models Says:


    Here’s a young model with cellulite and no photoshop for once to cover it! Models get their pictures retouched all the time so people like you won’t see they’re not perfect.

  606. 606
    Guys get over models Says:


    This one even proves my point that if you don’t eat properly, starve yourself, the cellulie will be even worse even if you’re a young model.

    Bet they need a lot of retouching to hide that mess.

  607. 607
    PIA PIA PIA! Says:



  608. 608
    PIA PIA PIA! Says:




  609. 609
    100% WRONG^^^ Says:

    @ posts 607 & 608
    1. Stop yelling.
    2. CantGetEnough needs to be left out of this completely.
    3. What is you point anyway? Who cares?

  610. 610
    Embla Says:
    New pic.
    Oh, I do envy the Australians right now. Summer, and being able to dine outside.

  611. 611
    PIA PIA PIA! Says:


  612. 612
    Embla Says:
    Interesting article about Point Break.

  613. 613
    Sorry not interesting Says:

    Why? Gerard who?

  614. 614
    You,re boring Says:

    @Sorry not interesting:

  615. 615
    lolita Says:

    @Embla: Thanks Embla for the pic and the news. It would be great to have a meal outdoors, can’t wait for the warm weather to set in. Someone posted he got a hair cut, it looks shorter. His arms look beefier in that shirt too.

  616. 616
    Embla Says:

    Hi Lolita.
    Yeah, I was wondering about that haircut too. It somehow looked a bit shorter or different at first. But the pic was posted about 20 hours ago, and I think that haircut post is newer.
    Anyway, he`s looking great! :-D

  617. 617
    lolita Says:

    @Embla: It is good to see that we are getting a lot of pics and news about him. The good looking guy sitting with him with the beard, is he a stunt double? He kind of looks like one of the guys he took to see the 300 flick.

  618. 618
    PIA PIA PIA! Says:


  619. 619
    Embla Says:

    “The good looking guy sitting with him with the beard, is he a stunt double”
    Hm, could be. You never know.
    True, all those pics and newsbits are great, but what I really would like is some more interviews, preferable live footage. ;-)
    But we`ll probably have to wait for that for quite some time still.

  620. 620
    lolita Says:

    @Embla: it would be great to see him in costume too. Has there been any news about any of the other actors arrival yet, do you know?

  621. 621
    A question Says:

    @lolita: “The good looking guy sitting with him with the beard, is he a stunt double?”

    What picture is that?

  622. 622
    lolita Says:

    @A question: I think it is somewhere on this thread, where he took the stunt crew to see Rise of the 300 or what ever it is called. I’ll look back and see if I can find the post number for you.

  623. 623
    Point Break Says:

    @Guys get over models:

    That is what human beings look like. The 20th century was the start of the media and the utter absurdity of poor real women needing to live up to freaking paintings and photoshop. No one can live up to these standards. The only people W/O cellulite are athletes, and fitness instructors and other people that excessive for hours a day. usually it’s because money is involved. Most of us aren’t healthy enough. even some 16 YO athletic girl died of a heart attack at a half marathon recently. I’m tired of impossible standards we are forced to live up to by a handful of media moguls and ad agencies.

  624. 624
    Point Break Says:

    @PIA PIA PIA!:

    How does anything excuse you from being an filthy stalking pervert? I’d seriously shoot you if I knew who you were. You’re a colossal pain int he @ZZ, and the one you are stalking isn’t.

  625. 625
    Gerard Butler Says:

    my ex-girlfriend Rosie came to Oscar

  626. 626
    A question Says:

    @lolita: Thanks for that, I thought it was just posted.

  627. 627
    UGH!!! Says:

    @Gerard Butler: Only a sl ut dresses like that.

  628. 628
    Embla Says:

    I think I read a news article about Nikolaj arriving Sydney a while ago. Not long after Gerry.
    Bet they`re all there by now. It won`t be long before starting shooting.
    But I have to get off now. Back to watching “Vikings season 2″
    See you later, Lolita. :-)

  629. 629
    PIA PIA PIA! Says:


  630. 630
    Point Break Says:

    @PIA PIA PIA!:

    Yes, and you’re a stalker. PIG.

  631. 631
    lolita Says:

    @A question: It is in the last thread, page 59 post 1452. Nicole found it. It looks like the same guy to me.

  632. 632
    lolita Says:

    @Embla: Good night and enjoy the Vikings.

  633. 633
    Get a clue! Says:

    @PIA PIA PIA!: As you can probably tell from the responses, no one gives a flying f.uck about your obsession with this Pia person. Maybe she kicked you in the p.ussy and you’re still mad. Maybe you’ve seen a photo of her and she’s prettier than you and you’re still mad. Maybe you have too much time on your hands at the institution.
    I don’t know for sure, but it’s probably got to do with some sort of jealousy.
    But the one thing that we all know for sure, is that no one here cares. Embla is a great poster and loved by many of us : )

  634. 634
    Point Break Says:

    @Get a clue!:

    Yes, Stalker get lost…

  635. 635
    HI PIA! Says:


  636. 636
    Point Break Says:

    You’re an idiot

  637. 637
    Get Real Says:

    @Get a clue!: This assho/le isnt going after Embla. She is targeting CGE and thinks Embla and CGE are the same person. I’ve been here for over a year and it’s obvious that CGE and Embla are two different people. Embla doesn’t even live in the US. I’m very friendly with CGE over at WO and her name is not Pia. Not even close. Flag the assho/les posts as much as you can.

  638. 638
    Point Break Says:

    @HI PIA!:

    The farthest east I’ve been is Indiana. I guess if you live there there’s good reason for me to avoid it. I have enough morons int he South to deal with. I guess ignernt is better than nuts after all.

  639. 639
    lolita Says:

    @Get Real: Please tell CGE that she is missed by posters who appreciated all she did to bring news and pics of Gerry.

  640. 640
    HI PIA! Says:


  641. 641
    Point Break Says:

    @Get Real:

    What people should do is gather every single irrelevant post this idiot has ever posted on Gerry’s boards for the last three years stalking whomever it is, and report that. the same above nonsensical stupid rambling idiotic post for hundreds of posts on dozens of Gerry threads for years and years. That is what wouldn’t look very appealing, like JJ doesn’t have the whole record and the IP of the loser. Who’d take anyone with millions of harassing posts seriously?

    PIA stalker, just go the **** AWAY, and never ever ever ever come back ever. The universe will thank you, move on. Loser with no life.

  642. 642
    Point Break Says:

    @HI PIA!:

    I’m from Texas.

    And no one wants you. You don’t matter, you are irrelevant. Your posts are like fecal matter smeared on the wall. You’re worthless and your posts or arbitrary, worthless shi*tty nonsense no one cares about.

    I’m sure you’ll post another pointless irrelevant non interesting stupid self centered stalking post, but no one cares and you are still irrelevant and ridiculous.

  643. 643
    Dianne Says:

    I don’t have any nice people at my site, nothing but a bunch of gnarly old p u s s i e s who whine all the time about everything. Mostly that they can’t have Butler.

  644. 644
    Point Break Says:


    Kick all them off the site and start over. Why even have a site? You hate Gerry. I like him, don’t think I can have him and it’s okay. He doesn’t owe me anything but a good performance for my money.

    Obviously he appeals to tons of people.

  645. 645
    Get Real Says:

    @lolita: I will tell her. I know she’ll appreciate it.

  646. 646
    Dianne Says:

    @Point Break: I don’t hate him, I’m disillusioned with him. He’s not who I thought he was. He’s shallow and superficial and frankly, he’s a crashing bore lately. I wasn’t happy with his choice of gf when he hooked up with MG but at least he was more watchable because he never had a public gf before. Now he’s reverted to fashion shows and chasing 16 year olds on his smartphone. And wearing his childish beads, hoping to stave off his aging.

  647. 647
    Get Real Says:

    @Point Break: This lunatic is so obsessed that it thinks everyone is CGE. LOL

  648. 648
    Point Break Says:


    I don’t care about the beads, i think they mean something to him. I think he got them from the children when he did MGP, that seems to be when he started wearing them.

    I do think he’s just not the gleeful person he shows himself to be and yes he does chase young girls but so do all of his actor friends, and that’s what rich powerful men do and have always done. IMO he is hiding some sad truth about himself. He’s not gay.

    I think he can’t have kids. It is sad not to pass all that gorgeousness on. He would have knocked someone up by now with how many randoms he’s had, but it’s not happened. Lawsuits can’t be hidden. When he’s not “on” there is some sadness in his eyes.

    No beautiful young girl will hang around for long when they want to get serious. Seems like he doesn’t last more than a year or so. He dumped MG when she was starting to talk about kids. I think he obviously loves children. He’s so tender with kids, like the Liberian little toddlers and sweet to the little cancer girl, and to his nieces. What if that is what he really wants and can’t have?

  649. 649
    Point Break Says:

    @Get Real:

    What difference does it make? Why is anyone supposed to care what the stalker thinks about who anyone is or isn’t? I mean can we just set back and look at how dumb this is to an average person? This stalker follows an imaginary person around on some actor’s boards for YEARS accusing all kinds of random posters of being someone when it has NOTHING to do with the subject matter and no one cares at all. it’s not germane to the subject at all.

  650. 650
    Fake Dianne Says:


    The real one is not even webmistress anymore at WO. She retired.

  651. 651
    BMorningstar Says:

    @Point Break: No baby coz he gay with Fred his mate. His baby batter not going to fem eggs, only males and this why he have none no kids and never will. He gay always be gay no go around this.

  652. 652
    Point Break Says:


    Whatever. Gay men can and do have kids. Ever heard of NPH? Just because you’re a shallow bathhouse dwelling self absorbed dweeb, doesn’t mean all gay men are. Quit projecting already.

  653. 653
    Nicole Says:

    Scott Dawkins

    Thrilled to have @GerardButler at @OperaAustralia Madama Butterfly #OperaHarbour #GerardButler Pic – Jason Corroto

  654. 654
    Point Break Says:

    What a beautiful photo that is. Thank you Nicole.

  655. 655
    Ducky Says:

    @Embla: Feeling a bit foolish Embla. I ddn’t realize that Point Break would be released in 2015 ahead of GoE. Doesn’t seem that the PB remake is going to be so much like the first but a lot more dangerous. The “charming and fearless” was a nice touch in that article. Thank you.

  656. 656
    Nicole Says:

  657. 657
    Wrong Says:

    @Point Break: “He dumped MG when she was starting to talk about kids.”

    He dumped her because of her lies and childish behavior.

  658. 658
    Liar alert Says:

    @Dianne: #646

  659. 659
    JS Says:

    Someone has a big mouth and it wasn’t me.

  660. 660
    Embla Says:

    @Get a clue!:
    Wow. Lots of action going on.
    Thank you so much Get a clue. It was very nice of you to say that. :-)
    Hi Point Break, I really liked your post #648. Maybe you`re on to something. Of course it`s just speculations, but anyway..
    Ducky, I`m beginning to look forwards to the movie Point Break, even if I was a bit sceptical in the beginning. It looks like it`s aiming to be a bit different than the first one.
    Great pics Nicole. Thanks. Keep up the good work!
    BTW: Nice to see you all! :-)

  661. 661
    opinions are like.... Says:


    Wow! You are a very sad excuse for an ex-fan. Why don’t you just go away from Gerry Land if he is not your thing anymore. But instead you come here and bash him over and over. That’s a bit psychotic.
    He isn’t the super hero you believed him to be so he’s shallow and superficial?? Tsk tsk. He’s a bore; I kind of like that about him now. He’s acting more his age. YOU didn’t approve of MG. What, are you his mommy?
    And who would you approve of?
    And there you go with your imagination; he’s texting 16 yr olds. Of course he isn’t and you know it!
    The beads are a bit much, but he likes them. YOu must despise Johnny Depp and the likes.
    I hope you can get over Gerard Butler and move on with your life.

  662. 662
    lolita Says:

    He went to see Madame Butterfly and he took along a group of friends with him. That is one of my favorite operas next to the Phantom. It is a sad story, but a beautiful one. Her heartbreak can be felt even though I had to read the subtitles to know what was being said. He looks so good in the pic from that evening. Glad to see he is enjoying some social time.

  663. 663
    Nicole Says:

    Actor Gerard Butler falls for the charms of Madama Butterfly

  664. 664
    lolita Says:

    @Nicole: Thanks Nicole for the link.

  665. 665
    Kids Says:

    IF you can’t have kids, and you want them, adopt!

  666. 666
    Autumn Says:

    Happy Sunday All! He looks like he’s having some fun, soaking up the Aussie Sun, getting ready for work again. Good for him. Madame Butterfly what a beautiful opera – I cry every time! He looks great – I like the manliness of the longer hair, the beard, and he’s so darn nonchalant about it all with his clothes – he must have packed light. The flip side of that is that he does clean up well when need be – those navy Armani suits back in the day. Yum! I just wish he didn’t dye the hair – I happen to like the grey strands – very sexy and speaks to his age of 44.

    GB’s a big flirt – he’s a Scot – like I’ve said before Scots are flirts from the cradle to the grave.

    Have a great week all!
    Stay safe, sane, happy and healthy!

  667. 667
    Notgayjustsad Says:

    @Point Break: “I do think he’s just not the gleeful person he shows himself to be and yes he does chase young girls but so do all of his actor friends, and that’s what rich powerful men do and have always done. IMO he is hiding some sad truth about himself. He’s not gay.
    I think he can’t have kids. It is sad not to pass all that gorgeousness on. He would have knocked someone up by now with how many randoms he’s had, but it’s not happened. Lawsuits can’t be hidden. When he’s not “on” there is some sadness in his eyes.”

    Good insight. This is how he seems to me also.

  668. 668
    Imag Says:

    Great festival, ‘all the fun of the fair’, likes it like a candle!

  669. 669
    Ducky Says:

    I did not know there was a Butler Society that has met quite frequently over the years at Kilkenny castle in Ireland. Watch for the Butler portrait.

  670. 670
    Ducky Says:

    The surname Butler is Norman in origin, and once meant ‘wine steward’. The name was then extended to denote the chief servant of a household and amongst the nobility a high ranking officer concerned only nominally with the supply of wine. In Ireland the most prominent Butler family is descended from Theobald Fitzwalter who was created Chief Butler of Ireland by Henry II. His descendants became the Earls and later the Dukes of Ormond. Up to the end of the seventeenth century the Butlers were one of the most powerful Anglo-Norman dynasties sharing effective control of Ireland with their great rivals the Fitzgeralds.

    The Butler Society

  671. 671
    Monicker stealer Says:


  672. 672
    Look Says:

    @Point Break: “I think he can’t have kids. It is sad not to pass all that gorgeousness on. He would have knocked someone up by now with how many randoms he’s had,”

    You know nothing about him especially his sex life. How do you know he has had a lot of randoms?

  673. 673
    God Bless yoou all! Says:

    “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” – Romans 8:28

  674. 674
    Exactly Says:

    @Look: Few words and right to the point.

  675. 675
    You tell em girl! Says:


  676. 676
    Embla Says:
    New thread

  677. 677
    Nermeen Sheta Says:

    @Gerard Butler: have no love !! That is a terrible thought because if you are a person with a good heart one way or another God will find you and help find your way and your true love too , so if you are good I believe that it is only a matter of time until you find your true love , so do your best in being a good person no matter what and you know that is greater than love , and at the end you will see , by God you will , as I already saw ;)
    P.S A person with a good heart would never let go of God the one who create hearts and so God will never let go of him .. & Than by God you will have nothing to worry about while you are with the one who create the universe .. While you are with god ,

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