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Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia

Gerard Butler Crashes a Bachelorette Party in Australia

Gerard Butler keeps himself hydrated with water while out and about on Wednesday (March 19) in Sydney, Australia.

The 44-year-old Scottish actor was joined by a male pal, while taking some pics on his cell phone.

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A few weeks ago, Gerard was spotted grabbing a bite to eat in Bondi Beach.

It was recently reported that Gerard crashed a bachelorette party in Australia.

“We thought it was a stripper, because it was a hen’s party. But then we saw [Gerard] standing on the boat. We all just started screaming,” Dragana Ogorelica, a close pal of the bride, shared.

She added, “His accent, oh my goodness, it was so beautiful. You couldn’t understand him half the time, but you didn’t care because it was just gorgeous.”

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  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    Sorry, can own clairvoyant abilities.* Also ghosts can be unsettled souls.

  • Ducky

    Good post. Thanks for posting.

  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    Don’t see Set with a beard as all depictions are him in a ‘dog’ type mask. Tan and holding some sort of weapon. He does have reddish hair though, which he could be trying to get used to. It seems more bronze than usual to me. Think the beard is just plain laziness or being ‘off’ and relaxing. Set, God of Chaos, is a very dark character. Who is loves chaos? Although some folks will create drama for the sake of drama, but most people prefer a calmer of chaos. This is a juicy role! He’s going to love this project!!
    That said, I just think I decoded Gerry’s downtime dress code:
    Waist up = man/grown-up.
    Waist down = big kid/adventurous.
    (slinking away)
    Fact. I’m not afraid of no ghost.

  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    From Russell’s Twitter account:
    “Back stage at the Vatican” seriously.
    Is Noah a movie anyone here is interested in seeing? Think the special effects are going to be good. Rusty never fails, love Jennifer, and it’s backed by the big wigs of Hollywood. Hope it’s a hit for him. He’s back to being the main star.
    Found this quote about Russell:
    Russell is the type of actor who cracks open his chest and lets you stare right into his heart.
    ~Paul Haggis
    Actually saw/see Gerry as someone with the same ability too.
    Do over:
    Waist up = man/business career mogul
    Fact. I’m not afraid of no bullies.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Ducky: Hi Dycky girl, I have to admit I don’t like this scruffy beard either, it’s just too much! I love his “a few days unshaven” look but this is starting to look like the beard Joaquin Phoenix had a few years ago lol.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Kali Orexi: Sorry Ducky for the typo :|

  • Interstellar

    Well of course he did!

  • santamariavargas

    Why does this guy always look like a total slob?

  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    What I see is his his two personalities.
    Top half: wisdom, maturity, professional.
    Bottom half: playful, relaxed, casual.
    There is a saying, “The less their is of the man, the more he needs the clothes.”
    Think he dresses to blend? A transparency of sorts? A way not to stand out? Only his chaperones/herders often are a wee more pulled together.
    Gerry has a truly laid-back disshelved look that has been a trademark for awhile. Seems on his personal downtime he chooses comfort over style yet remains current and not in what I call “baby clothes.” On his career’s ‘on’ time he wisely chooses style over comfort when promoting and touring.

  • Setinmyways

    @Mrs. Gaston:
    “i really don’t get what women see in this guy. his accent isn’t gorgeous and neither is he.”
    LOLOL! For someone who apparently doesn’t like the guy, you sure were quick to be the first one to post on his thread!

  • Ducky

    Post #40 and #52 isn’t me and doubt that #48 is JS
    @Kali Orexi: Very happy to see you here girl. About time you showed up. Missed you.
    Oh good grief, I hope it doesn’t get that bad, but it seems he does need more than a bit of grooming in that department. Maybe he thinks he can go incognito? Shall we tell him it won’t work?
    Few of the pics he looks a little pissed off at the paps. Hope they aren’t stalking him because of the hen party and trying to get another scoop. I suspect he will be fair game from here on out.
    Keep posting Kali.

  • jimmy mack

    What’s going on with Butler? what’s new?

  • Monicker stealer

    @JS: #48

  • Monicker stealer

    @Ducky: #52

  • Ducky

    @@Ducky: Thank you, that was very nice to let me know. Not to much I can do about it but appreciate you. #1762 [old thread]

  • Ducky
  • Grammar Nazi

    @🎶 GFW 🎶:

    “Fact. I’m not afraid of no bullies.”

    Double negative. Grammar is your friend.

  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    You forgot… Fact. I’m not afraid of no ghosts.
    Grammar has never been my friend. I’ve created a new style of talking/writing that gets got or don’t and it don’t mind me no never mind never way.
    Fact. I’m not afraid of no hexes or spells either. Such alternative counter solutions exist to rid us of them, and they work.
    Hey, has the “Grammar Nazi” anything to add to the conversation or just poke fun supremely smug and falsely secure by your anonymity?
    I kind of like my dress shirt thinking waist up and kid forever thinking waste down. Thought that kind of ingenious of me.

  • Just take the criticism

    @🎶 GFW 🎶:
    Your grammar and spelling is off on occasion. Just take the criticism ffs and stop launching into paragraph’s worth of responses about what and why people post here.

  • Grammar Nazi

    @🎶 GFW 🎶:

    Actually, I don’t give a sh*t either way…I thought it was funny as h*ll. I hope the cramps go away, PMS is such a drag.

  • Bravo

    @Just take the criticism: @Grammar Nazi: The two of you made my day.

  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    I don’t have no PMS any more. I just turned 60 years old so don’t have any youth left even though I look like Grace Kelly.

    I’m not afraid of no liver spots.

  • Grammar Vader

    @🎶 GFW 🎶:

    I find your lack of grammar disturbing. “breathes in”

  • Best post in this thread….

    Wow, you morons will find any little thing you can huh? Goes to show you how sad your lives really are. All of you need to either go out for a walk or eat a box of donuts, whichever will help you the most with your insecurities. Losers.

  • 🎶 GFW 🎶

    @Best post in this thread….: Not really. Not funny at all. Mine above it, #72, is much funnier because it’s true.

  • What’s worse than…

    @LOSERS: Losers?
    Taking the time to comment on “losers”.
    Go away troll.

  • Grammar Vader


    I was hoping your diatribe would be longer. I have a good ten minutes of life to waste. Don’t fail me again.


    @🎶 GFW 🎶: Post 72

  • You’re right–moniker jacked
  • gera
  • Biggest Loser Here
  • Grammar Yoda

    Take a joke, she can not….A true Jedi’s strength is in their humor.

  • What’s worse than…

    @Grammar Yoda: HAHA! These are great!

  • Grammar Yoda
  • What’s worse than…

    @Grammar Yoda: Thanks for the links. It’s very funny! Good to have a laugh after all the ghost talk.

  • What’s worse than…

    You were sooooooo bored that you had to take the time and read her posts and respond. LOL!
    Stop complaining. At least fans are joking around instead of attacking each other.

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    + not to mention an overall insecurity in who she is as a woman, from which similar traits sprout

  • Grammar Yoda


    “You like the little green thing, don’t you?”

  • You’re right–moniker jacked

    @MONIKER STEALER: Post 76 too

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    - The very latest electronic gadgets (iPad2, digital video camera, iPhone6, etc.) to impress peers with.

  • Grammar PoPo

    I say I say I say I know you know that I know you know I’m right. Butler isn’t all that and a bag of chips. And he can’t act. Here’s a spot of real acting. Thank you, John Cazale, for a great movie memory.

  • Grammar Yoda

    @Grammar PoPo:

    Issues, you have….Professional help, you should seek.

  • Master Yo

    GFW, you are more interesting than Butler. That’s why you get more attention than he does, even here, even negative.
    I am sure you agree? LOL

  • Grammar PoPo

    @Grammar Yoda: I’m a gangsta and I no it. fite me! yolo!

  • Grammar Yoda

    @Grammar PoPo:

    Yoda does not fight children. Go home to your mother, you should.

  • What would you do?

    If you were a successful designer but for some reason got yourself in 6 million in debt, your boyfriend Jagger was cheating on you and you knew it all along, is that worth taking your life?
    For money? for someone who didn’t love or respect you? I think not imo
    Wouldn’t you want to stick around and see how the story ends instead of ending it?

  • Your question is kind of sick

    @What would you do?:
    Suicide is very complicated and the people that commit suicide are in utter despair.
    Your question is kind of sick and shows that you don’t understand the first thing about depression. Of course a person of a healthy mind would never commit suicide NO MATTER what things are happening in their lives. But that’s not the case here. You’re talking about a person that has issues.
    NO ONE commits suicide because it’s the easy way out.

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