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Katie Holmes & Meryl Streep: 'The Giver' Trailer First Look - Watch Now!

Katie Holmes & Meryl Streep: 'The Giver' Trailer First Look - Watch Now!

Check out Meryl Streep and Katie Holmes in this brand new first look trailer at The Giver.

Alexander Skarsgard, Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush, Cameron Monaghan, Jeff Bridges, and Taylor Swift also star in the film which tells the story of the beloved children’s novel.

Here’s a synopsis of the flick: In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the “real” world.

Be sure to check out The Giver, in theaters on August 15!

Katie Holmes & Meryl Streep: ‘The Giver’ Trailer First Look

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  • flop flop flop

    where is K-flop when you need her?
    This will be along list in Katie’s resume of her flops or at least roles where she was the embarrassment to the movie. Meryl is usually great of course but she can’t always save a movie.

  • frida

    I’ve been waiting years for thi movie!

  • bimplebean

    That trailer told me NOTHING about what the movie was about. :-(

  • Katie stinks as actress

    #3 that is probably on purpose if the movie su!ks. They are in hopes people will go just because Streep has a part in it.

  • http://HOPE_Q894 HOPE94Q8


  • Mary

    “Beloved” children’s novel? Ugh – more like super depressing, although an award winner for the writing itself. I don’t think the book will translate well into a movie, and no one here inspires me to go see it, especially if Alex is barely in it. I love Jeff Bridges, but this movie just seems stinky.

  • Raven

    “in a world without…choice, a young boy is chosen” who writes this crap?

  • Caryn

    I’ll go see it for skarsgard, Streep and Bridges. Katie is so not in their acting range with her limited abilities. Haven’t read the book, but maybe she plays a robotic mom which would be just about the upper range of her talent and skill.

  • Living in box

    Even Taylor Swift is not been show in this trailer, it’s already make me feel lose hope for this movie.

  • Lala

    Gimme more ALEX!!!

  • Roberta

    She was in 2 cenes in this tralier and both of them she had the same facial expression. Acting is really not for her. I love Meryl Streep, but based on this trailer, I’ll pass on this one.

  • Starv

    Looks like they changed around the story quite a bit. THe boy is supposed to be much younger. Anyway this was a good book and the film looks interesting. Katie HOlme is the mother and she doesn’t have a major role in the book. Everyone except for the giver and the receiver are supposed to be robotic anyway, so dont’ call her out for supposed bad acting in this respect.

  • KHo the train wreck

    You expect her to smirk a la Bell’s Palsy?

  • K-Flop -

    The Giver trailer comments as they relate to K-Flop:

    1. K-Flop has the same blank stare as she did in “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” –

    ***Streep is be able to emote with just a look in the trailer, but I guess to be fair it is Meryl Streep.

    2. K-Flop has no speaking parts in this initial trailer. I guess I’ll hold my final opinion until later after more footage and an extended trailer has been released.

    3. K-Flop’s name is not listed in this trailer.

    There is nothing suggesting any significant K-Flop presence in this film (I understand her character has a limited role in the book) so I think The Giver will succeed or fail with little if any credit to K-Flop.

    With little involvement from K-Flop in The Giver I don’t think it will be possible to gauge her acting ‘talents’. It’s not like she’ll be a scene stealer and blow everyone away with just a look or her presence.

  • Nathan

    See did you guys notice that in all the articles about this new The Giver trailer on the inter-net have Katie Holmes name FIRST and she’s not even the lead. It’s because she is the star here she is A-list. her name attracts people.

    Oh and she looks beautiful in the trailer. Love you Katie!

  • Question?

    Does she have any lines or does she just stare the whole time?

  • annie

    Katie probably has a bigger role. She was in South Africa for a while, unlike Taylor Swift who seemed to have gone home after a couple of weeks.
    But it is interesting that Katie is in a couple of scenes in the trailer.
    You people so under estimate her, that’s good in a way
    Anyway the movie looks good, and probably will do well.
    Everyone was complaining about Jack Reacher, but I think Tom was great as Reacher, the role suited him regardless of what people were complaining about.
    For me , can’t wait for Miss Meadows , it looks a bit quirky and fun!

  • Meg

    I knew it! With those vacant eyes, she needed something dark and twisted

  • Meg

    @Question?: She draws ticket buyers. If she were smart she would be majorly getting INTENSE coaching less while she has our attention

  • Original

    Intriguing and compelling twist to a story as to be lesser expectations and speak of sustaining.

  • K-Flop – Always Knew BS

    Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang Close Fashion Line

    “It’s a 5-year-old business that they always knew was going to end,” Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, a publicist for the actress, said Thursday.

    —Really? Why the fashion presentations and pushing the line in the media if this is true. The clothes showed mediocre effort anyway, but interviews with Jeanne and K-Flop presented the opposite attitude of “its going to end” anyway.

    “They still remain good friends,” Sloane-Zelnick said. “The timing was due to the fact that they have other projects in their lives right now and they live on separate coasts. And this is what they always planned.”

    – They both always had side jobs, Jeanne styling celebrities for fashion shoots and events and K-Flop – Dead Accounts, Mania Days, Miss Meadows, Bobbi Brown, Alterna, Magazine pics & interviews, all of which started Oct-Nov 2012.

    The reason? Closing down Holmes & Yang was “in the works,” Sloane-Zelnick said. “They have different lives now.”

    O K, they have different lives “now”, but they sound like the same lives as before. Yeah, the gossip about tension and disagreement between Jeanne and K-Flop early when the news linked about H & Y closing is is closer to the truth. K-Flop has the weakest PR, not even worthy of side-eyes. Sloane-Zelnick gets a C for effort on this statement.

    “Nowadays, Yang is busy “styling major people in LA,” the publicist said, and Holmes is in a movie about a school teacher, “Miss Meadows,” that will premiere next month at the 13th annual Tribeca Film Festival. In addition, the “Dawson’s Creek” actress plans a return to TV in a starring role, in an ABC pilot for a drama about a New York City socialite.”

    Nothing we didn’t already know prior to this PR statement.

    link if interested –

  • Karis

    Katie probably couldn’t afford the clothing line without Tom’s money. Especially since the line was so expensive and people weren’t buying the clothes. L’Wren Scott’s clothes were very expensive and look how her line wasn’t making any money. Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes seem to be much more affordable and prices everybody can afford.

  • PR BS

    K-flop that is straight PR BS. You don’t start a line planning for it to end especially in 5 short years. Liars. Anyone with an ounce of common sense will see through that lie.

  • annie

    Looks like they have already started filming the series.
    As for Holmes/ Yang, K and J live in different cities, and Katie is busy with other things. If the series goes ahead, that’s a full time job. There will also be promotional appearances ,and she does have a lot of stuff going on
    Maybe the plan was to give it a 5 yr time frame, nobody knows that wasn’t the original idea to begin with. Then again maybe they are smarter, and knew when to close up shop, before losing too much money.
    A lot of designers struggle to keep afloat, look at
    l ‘Wren Scott, her business went down, and so many stars wore her clothes, at big events.
    Maybe stars don’t even buy the clothes, they just get given them for the occasion.
    I liked a lot of H/Y, especially their jackets and coats, but very very expensive.
    I bought the same dress, in Target for $89 , that they sold for $ 1,600, too much.
    But you do get the impression from her interviews , not just now, but way before, she’s not afraid to try things, even if they don’t work out, because she believes, that you are supposed to experience things, to get to where you are meant to go, in life.
    Seeing my interest in astrology, and unusual things, I kinda get where she’s coming from, just found it interesting that she said it , in that way.

  • Nadine

    You might know this but just wasn’t sure from your comment since you used the word series, but it’s not known yet if this pilot will go to series. So right now they are filming the pilot to try and get the show picked up.

  • annie

    @ Nadine
    Sorry, yes they are probably filming the pilot, but at least they have started on it, which is great.

  • cry for kflop

    Move over Katie Holmes! Kate Upton replaces actress as the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics

  • carli

    @27 Not good. The fashion line goes bust and now this all in a month. Not looking good for 2014. Will anyone be talking about Holmes in 2015? I think it rides on this tv show if floats or not.
    I highly doubt the Y&H was only meant to go 5 years. What’s the point since it takes several years to get a company going and a household name if it’s going to fly in the first place.

  • BeBe

    I don’t see what the big deal is. Most of these cosmetic companies change faces every couple of years. People are just desperate to spin everything she does into a failure. The fact that Bobbi Brown chose Katie as their first celebrity spokesperson ever is pretty cool.

  • A question

    Im very curious which aspects is not failure to k-flop?

  • To Bebe

    I am not sure how long all of them last but it’s longer then one year. I have heard of 2-5 year contracts but I don’t know what the norm is but I think longer then one year. Maybe it was a trail basis to see if it was a good fit.

  • To Bebe

    That was meant to be TRIAL. Spelling error.

  • BeBe

    I’m not sure what you mean. As I said companies change faces all the time. Is Nicole Kidman a failure because she no longer reps Chanel? Drew Barrymoore was the face of Covergirl for a while and now she’s not. Is that a failure?

  • BeBe

    @To Bebe: Sure most celebrity contracts with companies last longer than 1 year, but Bobbi Brown has never used celebrities before. To even get a 1 year deal was a pretty big coup. I guess we’ll see how long Kate Upton lasts.

  • cry for k-flop

    @To Bebe:
    Its said a 3-year contract .
    to BeBe
    Nicole & Drew finished their contract, you are changing a concept secretly.

  • To Bebe

    The point was it was only a year she was with BB so it seems short. Maybe someone can do research to see how long she signed for and if it was only a year or if the contract ended early for some reason.
    Yes, companies change who they use but the point was the contracts are usually at least a few years. I have not heard of just a one year contract. I am not saying it’s impossible but I have not seen it.
    The daily mail said “just over a year” seems odd that a contract would end ‘just over a year” (most end yearly not months) or not two so I wonder if it was cancelled but either way one year does seem short.

  • BeBe

    And how do you know that Katie didn’t finish her contract? When she signed on it was announced that she got 3 million. It was never revealed how many years. Perhaps you are confusing the money with years.

  • To 35

    @cry for k-flop: Where did it say Katie’s contract was suppose to be 3 years?

  • BeBe

    @To Bebe:
    Since they never had a celebrity spokesperson before Katie, I don’t find it hard to believe that her contract was only for 1 year. Anyway, this conversation is going around in circles and getting silly. So I’m done.

  • cry for k-flop

    @To 35:
    saw it in some fashion forum in 2012, i remember 3m in 3 years.
    3m for 1 year is the price of a b-list at least, not for a z-list.

  • To Bebe

    this says it was meant to be a multi year deal

    So surely if it was ended then she didn’t get all the money either.

  • K-Flop – Marginal

    “While Holmes, Brown and executives from the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., which owns the brand, declined comment on details of Holmes’ contract with the brand, industry sources estimated the actress is being paid between $2 million and $3 million over the course of a multiyear deal.”

    Who knows what the actual terms were, point now is she is no longer the face.

    K-Flop = Marginal

  • Spin Doctors

    Every place written about it when it came out said it was for several years so the fact that it ended just at one year implies the contract was not completed. I am sure we will hear a spin version as to why but might never know the whole truth. For Holmes side it’s sure not like she is so busy that she can’t handle being the face which requires very little time so there must be another reason. I also doubt she would want to turn down so much extra money.

  • K-Flop – Jeanne Y Gig

    Jeanne didn’t miss a step and continues with her side gig, which is now her main gig.

    Shawl collars are expected to be a big trend for men this season, says celebrity stylist Jeanne Yang who partnered with Gillette for the Oscars.

    “What you’re seeing are not the extremes of each decade but rather the most classic, clean, perfect silhouettes,” Yang says. “These are pictures that will live forever, so you don’t want to take any crazy fashion risks. People want to have something they know will look amazing and that they’ll feel comfortable with.”

    All’s well that ends well. ☺

  • annie

    I think the whole how much money and how long for , working for Bobbi Brown was just speculation, nobody actually knows, the people who wrote the articles all just speculated about everything, without knowing any facts, just like us.
    I think the BB Katie pics were beautiful, her video clips for BB were beautiful, and looks classy.
    The dark hair , hazel eyes, work really well, Katie scrubs up really good.
    Kate Upton is a chesty pretty blue eyed blonde, and let’s be honest it’s all about the chest, but they can’t sell that aspect. The pic of her standing next to Bobbi Brown in a white shirt and pants, was not a good one, if it was meant to be natural.
    Now because I’m a big fan of Katies, does not mean that I don’t think she makes mistakes because I think she does.
    If you look back at pics of Katie before BB , her make up was actually much nicer, applied nicer, the colouring was nicer, whoever did her makeup then really did it well, and it was noted in various articles.
    Since hooking up with BB , Katie ”looked made up”, too much blusher on her cheeks, for one, that’s what always struck me.
    Secondly, I think that if you are a face for something, then you have to wear that face all the time, and she just does her own thing most of the time, you can see it.
    She puts make up on when she goes out, and not always either.
    For me, would never have strands of grey hair, my mum doesn’t have grey hair, or my sister, or my 80 yr old grandmother.
    I feel she’s wrong in that, she’s too young, she’s in a very visual job, and appearances are everything, paticularly if you are selling something, like hair products.
    Yes when she goes out her hair is luminous,coloured and nice, but most of the time she puts it up, and since she doesn’t seem to like doing too many events, that’s all you seem to see. Don’t agree with that.
    However saying that, a few people always used to say, me included, that she seemed to be a jack of all trades, and master of none, instead of concentrating on one thing, she was all over the place, movies , tv, theatre, endorsements, fashion label, maybe that’s why she is saying she just wants to concentrate on her acting.
    This new agent of hers is young, he seems to be getting things for her, he could be advising her, that she’s too all over the place.
    Someone a while back suggested that if her fashion line was cheaper it probably would have done well, I agree.
    Here in Aus, many top designers have gone under, others have started their own lines of housewares and clothes in Target, and other more affordable stores, and do well.
    The thing with Katie is, the big Leo influence Moon Jupiter and ascendant in Leo, in her chart would not want her to start small.
    When she dreams, she dreams big, believe me …. this actually is not good for her, when you blend that with the laid back Sun Neptune in optimistic, Sag, it can lead to a few disappointments, along the way.

    At the people who went on about her shoes a few days ago Heidi Klum is wearing them as well , only in black, and she’s 40.
    Anyway that’s little my contribution for the day!

  • Cari

    I agree with you totally. When you accept an endorsement you should show off the product, Katie did not. Jolie constantly carried her LV bags, Kidman her Omega watches, Aniston her smart water. Those who represent make up lines generally look made up. Either Katie doesn’t understand marketing or she doesn’t care. She represents a make up and hair product line and as their “face” in order to sell the illusion the products make you beautiful she needs to wear them and have clean, styled hair at all times.

    None of us really know what Tom did or did not give her during the divorce. I suspect since he fought so hard to give Nicole nothing, he gave Katie only what he had to. She can’t be making much on the indies she does and because of all the fails I don’t believe she is in a position to command big salaries. Her fashion line was probably in the red, tho not as bad as LWrenn. Endorsements are probably the only way she personally can get a chunk of money (and of course percentages go to her agent and taxes). Aside from child support, not sure if Tom pays for body guards and school for Suri, I imagine she isn’t making all that much to support living in a $12k/month apt. And a lifestyle of shopping etc. if she doesn’t start throwing her heart into something she could find herself back in Toledo.

  • annie

    However, saying that, there may be a new Katie on the horizon.
    If anyone can link , the following…
    WWD Alison Pataki’s Tales of History, there is a great pic of Katie with Alison P, her hair and outfit are really cool, something very different which I like very much.
    The article was very interesting also


    Hi Cari,
    Having a small endorsement or two is not spreading yourself too thin especially for someone like Katie who isn’t THAT busy or rich that she should be tuning away from a contract that isn’t finished. As you said even Jolie did LV and she has 6 kids, is A-list and going all over the world for her charity interest. Also it helps you to be “out there” and in the face of the public so I agree with much of what was said but not that part. I just don’t see an agent telling a client that and especially if the contract was not honored.
    I think the contract was probably longer then a year and it is terminated but we don’t know why yet.All the articles at the time seemed to say that and no one disputed the money or the timeframe. If it was only a year they would have said so then so it didn’t look like it does now, (like it is not finished). Maybe they had a disagreement? Maybe there will be hints in the press in days to come? Is it possible there was a clause in the contract about wearing the product and doing the part to represent it that Katie did not fulfill ? Most of those sort of celebrity contracts do have stipulations written in.Or maybe there was a dispute about money and it got ugly? Could be a few things.

  • annie

    There were more than a few hints at that meeting, that Katie maybe in for the role of The Traitors Wife, about Benedict Arnold, and her part in it.
    The author of the book seems to want Katie to play her. H Weinstein was there, apparently 33 producers are after it.

  • annie

    @ IT LFT
    I think Katie has more money than people give her credit, but I think Tom pays 44,000 a month for Suri, sure that’s what I read, so that takes care of Suri.
    BB didn’t always do her make up, for photoshoots and stuff either, I’m sure it wasn’t in Elle, altho Alterna got a plug. Maybe they wanted to be used in her movies as well. I guess you can understand that
    As you said it could have been lots of things.
    Still think the promotion pics of Katie for every season for BB are stunning, except for the last one, really didn’t like it, and it looked nothing like her at all, maybe Katie didn’t like it either, some said it was the worst pic of her.
    But as Bebe said… Katie was the first celeb ever for BB, and BB always said how she loved her naturalness, and how stunning she was when makeup was applied, so I guess really that’s what it’s all about, because people do know how makeup helps, we all know, all the women of the world know. Personally I don’t think that not wearing her makeup everyday was the issue.
    BB was there for H/Y , they advertised the cosmetic brand in a big way, the models were all made up by BB, gift boxes, and stuff.
    Something happened I think!