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Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Direction in Behind the Scenes Photos from 'Wolf of Wall Street' (Exclusive)

Leonardo DiCaprio Gets Direction in Behind the Scenes Photos from 'Wolf of Wall Street' (Exclusive)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie discuss a scene with their director Martin Scorsese in these never before seen behind the scenes images from the set of The Wolf of Wall Street, provided exclusively to

The film was a global hit, bringing in over $375 million at the worldwide box office and getting nominated for five Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor.

The Wolf of Wall Street hits Blu-ray and DVD on March 25 and will feature a behind the scenes examination of Marty‘s take on the story, Jordan Belfort’s life, and character portrayals and improvisations. The movie is currently available on Digital HD as well!

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leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street behind the scenes 01
leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street behind the scenes 02
leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street behind the scenes 03
leonardo dicaprio wolf of wall street behind the scenes 04

Photos: Paramount Pictures
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    I just found out that one of the producer in Wolf Of Wall Streets is step son to Malaysia’s prime minister. The missing plane country.

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  • Favorite “fake” pose
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    Hi Leonie!!! Good to hear from you again. Hope your studies went well!

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    @Whut: They want to leave. I was a fan of Tom (I love sports) but since he married Gisele she’s been very vocal. There have been lots of romours that his team mates don’t like her 😏

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    @Whut: Probably he finally got mad at her and threatened her with a divorce if she wouldn’t move to Boston.

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    Gisele seems really crazy and controlling and is hella pretentious I wonder how Leo dealt with her, No wonder he doesn’t have any real relationships after that, he had to deal with her and he’s like nopeee I’m done with this shizz LMFAOOO. Good luck to Tom

  • Leo fixing Margot’s hair
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    @eddie: Tom threatening Gisele? LOL can’t even imagine that. Tom and Gisele are for life, they’ve got kids now. Considering how rich and powerful Gisele is, i’d put up with her too… but at the same time it seems like I wouldn’t be able to relax if I were married to Gisele so I dunno….

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    @Glad Leo isn’t with her: oh “rumors” you do know there are photos of Gisele & tom laughing with his teammates at her house in costa rica right? or photos being invited to his teammates weddings? not to mention half of them follow Gisele on instagram…including wes welker and his wife….not to mention toms sports agent follows Gisele on instagram and she does him. (he is in the video with her dancing to rihanna.) sorry but “rumors” can always be proven wrong. Dont see how her making mass bucks from her real estate endeavors has anything to do with Leo…

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    Boston suits Gisele, crappy trashy place, unbearable to listen to (that accent…), feels claustrophobic to me maybe that’s how tom feels

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    @Leo fixing Margot’s hair: OK we get it with this gif!!! Nothings happening between, accept it already

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    @sugarbaby: you mean Bar? Gisele is the only ex who his mama even kept in contact with years after their breakup. Sent baby shower gifts to her. Shes also always spoke fondly of Leo post breakup. (Bar is the one who has shown disrespect towards him).

  • New Kate interview

    Who Does Kate Winslet Choose: Leonardo DiCaprio or Theo James?

  • Leo fixing Margot’s hair

    @Give up the fairytale:
    Chill the f-ck out I posted it because that poster requested it.

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    @Glad Leo isn’t with her: I think nobody likes Gisele at first but I guess if you get to know her enough you see that she’s a smart and strong woman. She’s still stupid about being so vocal but she’s very successful and that didn’t just fall into her lap

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    @New Kate interview: Kate chose Ned Rocknroll over Leo so…