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Contestant's Lucky Guess on 'Wheel of Fortune' is Incredible - Watch the Clip Here!

Contestant's Lucky Guess on 'Wheel of Fortune' is Incredible - Watch the Clip Here!

If there’s one video you watch today, it’s GOTTA be this one!

Contestant Emil stood with host Pat Sajak during Wheel of Fortune‘s final round and the board was virtually impossible – a three word phrase with only 2 letters filled in.

Well you won’t believe what happened next – Emil, out of nowhere, guessed it completely right to win $45,000! Congratulations, Emil – that was nuts!

Pat and hostess Vanna White looked completely stunned.

“Tonight’s “Wheel of Fortune” features most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show. No kidding.” Pat tweeted out after the show. We totally believe it!

Check out the video of the amazing win below.

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  • Taylor

    That is amazing! Congrats

  • SenorPlaid

    Completely staged.

  • Me3



  • Guest

    I watched that last night…completely amazed! What a lucky guess!

  • Kelly

    That is pretty awesome and I love his reaction – put a smile on my face!

  • Randal


  • chill out

    @Randal: well..maybe that’s what first came to his mind?! Be more positive and be happy for some lucky people man, then maybe the world ain’t so grey anymore to you.

  • Bbb

    @chill out:

    Just being real. No way was this not fixed. Who would follow the word new with baby…. No way.

  • http://yahoo Lizzie

    I don’t believe it would have been that blatant if staged. Maybe it was mental telepathy.


    No.8 at 1:25; The above Asian man appeared to me in a dream Wednesday night. He had one of those blankets draped over him, like the airlines give people on long flights.

  • Joelle

    Is he Asia, If so, this could be real because you know Asians can read minds. lol. I agree no one would think of baby after New. Then he said new baby again? Yeah, staged. They probably wanted him to win.

  • Yay for him!

    @SenorPlaid: This show is not staged. Number One, it’s FATE. When you watch these shows, sometimes you see that certain people are just meant to win. Seriously, sometimes one person completely dominates and wins every puzzle. Other people land on bankrupts or guess the puzzle down enough so that when the lucky individual gets his or her turn again, more letters are on the board and he wins. Not everything in life is a coincidence. Number Two, when the player took out the common letters (I believe they are RSTLN) and the letters and the vowel he chose, it narrowed t down the possible letters considerably. I’m sure he’s a very smart guy who quickly determined a high probability of letter Bs in the puzzle, and he just took a wild guess, also probably thinking of the types of phrases WOF uses. I have no doubt he also probably studied phrases before he went on the show. It all worked out, and it was GREAT!

  • Yay for him!

    @SenorPlaid: It’s called FATE. The show is not staged. Not everything is a coincidence in life. He was meant to win. Many times one player will completely dominate and win every puzzle. The other contestants land on bankrupt again and again or they place all the needed letters in the puzzle and lose turns until the lucky person gets his chance with most of the letters on the board — and he wins it. Also, I’m sure this player a smart guy who possibly studied phrases before going on the show. After seeing that most of the usual letters were not in the puzzle (I believe RSTLN) and the letters he chose also weren’t there, it left a higher probability of there being Bs in the puzzle. He took his shot and he guessed right. It was great!

  • Copycat

    @Joelle: You stole that name “Joelle” from “someone.” You’re not unique. Sorry.

  • Effy

    I’ve been to game shows (which were totally staged) and this looks real to me. His reaction looks completely normal and natural compared to those on a staged show. Seriously, they either appear medium-happy or way too ecstatic.

  • Joelle

    Copycat @ 03/20/2014 at 3:43 pm #14

    Yeah from my Aunt Joellen, I was named after her, leaving the ‘n’ off of course. I was too young to steal back then, so my Mom did it. What has that to do with the cost of rice in China? Don’t be sorry, just stop being a dunce. You didn’t even use your moniker, so what does that say about you?
    @Effy @ 03/20/2014 at 4:05 pm

    You’re probably right, but I can’t put it past changing the letters to go with his answer. That kind of thing is computer generated and can be easily done in a few seconds. More power to him in any case.


    No.16; You sound a lot like the moronic host of late night Ground Zero radio out of Portland, Oregon. Google ‘Clyde Lewis’ if you doubt me.

  • michelle

    I would have said it was fake except I watched the whole show last night and he was able to guess most of the puzzles with very few letters. I have no idea how he got that one, but he got others all night that only had a few letters filled in so it made sense. he said he took the first letter that appeared on the board after A and started to work with it and that is how he used the B. but buggy? super lucky

  • Copycat

    @Joelle: Just so you know, don’t believe you Not a coincidence that only one person was ever on this board with the name, and then suddenly you popped up with it too. Applaud your attempt, tho.

  • babs

    pat sajak is too cool`/ i mean really- after all these years