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Eva Mendes Designed Her Own Prom Dress & The Inspiration Was Epic

Eva Mendes Designed Her Own Prom Dress & The Inspiration Was Epic

Eva Mendes attends the Eva Mendes for New York & Company Spring Launch Event held at the Los Cerritos Mall on Wednesday (March 19) in Cerritos, Calif.

The 40-year-old actress recently chatted with her People about designing her own prom dress back in high school and the inspiration for it was super cool!

“It actually wasn’t that bad! Considering it was early ’90s and I styled it after the red dress that [Julia Roberts] wears in Pretty Woman,” Eva said. “I saw it when I was in ninth grade, and I held on to the image of her in that red dress … in the four years I didn’t deviate from my love of that dress. I just made a short – and what I thought was a cooler – version of that. Looking back, I could have done a lot worse!”

FYI: Eva is wearing an Eva Mendes for New York & Company dress and carrying an M2Malletier clutch.

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  • Nancy

    I was there and she was sooooo nice. What a beautiful woman. Seemed so down to earth and was just sooo nice.

  • Clara

    It was a great evening and I met the most classy and beautiful woman in Hollywood. Have a picture to prove it. I was number 48. She was so nice helping people up and down from the platform she was on. Wow. I couldn’t believe how nice she was. She asked our names and thanked us for being there. It was crazy. What a night. Thank you Eva. PS love, love your clothing line

  • Seriously?

    So she was a 16 year old freshman, nice!

  • Carmen

    OMG, who would have thought shed be so nice. She always looks so serious when the paparazzi get her. Then again, I guess I would be pissed if people took my picture whenever they wanted to. Beautiful, beautiful lady. Had a blast.

  • Haha

    OK these first two posters sound like Eva herself/her PR team. OMG, she was nice at an offical event?! NO WAY! Thats her job, moron.

  • Fake

    LMAO who is making these fake sounding posts.

  • Isabella

    OMG, OMG, OMG, I Was there. I met the beautiful Eva Mendes yesterday. Do you know how awesome that was? She is so nice and even more beautiful in person. I still can’t believe it. It’s like a dream. Thank you NY & company, I don’t think I would have ever had this chance if she didn’t have a clothing line. Thank you God

  • Jojo

    Eva and her PR team working overtime in these comments. I’m dying laughing! Please, try and sound a little faker.

  • Frank

    Looks like a Cuban man in full drag.

  • Hmmm

    “Nancy”, “Carmen”, “Clara”, and “Isabella” are definitely the same poster. Why do I have the feeling their real name is “Eva”?

  • Marie

    @Fake: why would you say they are fake? I was there too and it was a very nice event. She looked beautiful. The first 75 people got a picture with her. It was an exciting thing for us her fans. The only compliant, we had to wait for a long time to get our picture. They printed them there and that took forever, ugh

  • case75

    her designs are so DULL and repetitive. nothing about them stands out. this will very quickly shut down.

  • Steve

    Wow!!!! Hot!!!!

  • Lisa

    @case75: Yeah, not my style, but the woman is gorgeous. Best of luck to her.

  • StuANDpid

    @Jojo: Really? So all her fans there last night were fake too, right? You are something else. Hater. I was there and it was such a great event. Guess I’m fake too, huh? Guess this picture I have with Eva is fake too? Hmm, then my coworkers shouldn’t be jealous cause it’s all fake. Dumb ass!!

  • Olly


    Yipee, you meant a talentless C-Lister who’s turned to a crappy designing career because she no longer has an acting career.

  • Cate


    Yeah, I could have sworn this was the same exact dress she wore the other day. Too bland.

  • Hmm2

    Why do I feel the haters are the same person? They always seem to say the same thing. Hmmm?? Some old flame of Eva? Someone she wronged? Poor thing. Still hurt while life goes on for her. Wah!! Wah!! Lmao!!!!

  • Laura

    Jared, your titles are getting ridiculously over the top.

  • StuANDpid

    Thats your opinion and I’m fine with that. Won’t take away from how much I like her and the great time I had yesterday. Just because some people may not like her, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have fans who comment and express their feelings/experience. @Cate:

  • NotFake

    @Fake: Do you know how many people were there? She has fans, not everyone feels like you apparently do. Funny though, don’t like her, yet you read up on HER and comment. Hmmm. Never can understand that. I don’t like someone, I don’t waste my time reading up on them, let alone comment. PS I wasn’t there but sounds like a lot of her fans were.

  • Peter


  • SeriousProblem

    @Seriously?: Seriously, you have a problem. Always writing negative comments. Why would you even read up on her if you don’t like her? You’ve like read every story on her and commented. Crazy. Get a life you pathetic being

  • ManInDrag

    @Frank: Oh Frank, why do you always write this exact same comment and change your name? You don’t think she’s pretty, we get it. It’s just so stupid that you always do this. People that read these comments know its written by the same person everytime. Why so hateful? I’m sorry Mommy & Daddy didn’t love you enough when you were young. And I’m even more sorry that you will never be with anyone that is more beautiful than this man in drag. #funkycoldmedina

  • Wally

    Gorgeous woman

  • Ew


    Yeah I love mannish botox filled women too <3

  • Flop

    She has NO style (can you think of anything other than floral prints?) and her line will quickly flop. She’s probably going to LOSE money from this, not gain any. That’s the only reason why she’s doing this because she’s not getting any acting roles anymore so she’s certainly not making any money there.

  • Stella

    @Flop: i love how you hate her yet know her line so well. Lmao!!!! #contridiction Bahahahahahahahaha.

  • Flop


    Uh I don’t , but it’s the only thing I ever see her in when pictures of her on this site are posted. Run along now.

  • EwwYou

    @Ew: Like the plastic one you sleep with every night???

  • ManInDrag

    @Flop: Ah, someone else that didn’t get enough love from Mommy and Daddy and has to comment on someone he hates. BooHoo. What would you care if she lost money? Does she pay your bills? God I wish she would stoop down to your level and actually read this so she could laugh all the way to the bank!!! Because as a real fan, I do know she has four other endorsement deals. Yep, definitely a flop. Dumb ass

  • Stella

    Wow, really? Why do haters even bother to read about her and comment. We all know they have some interest in her to do so. But I don’t know, I have this gut feeling that the “haters” is the same person. I read a lot of comments about a lot of actors and these “haters” seems a little too personal. Hmm?

  • Mary

    @Stella: i feel the same way. The digs are too personal. Someone knows/knew her and something happened there. It’s the same comments for every story. Unlike the other stories, people hate, but it’s just different here. Like the comment “she looks like a Cuban man in full drag” is posted on every story. Now tell me that’s not personal? I usually don’t comment, just read for entertainment, but you’re on to something Stella. Look it up for yourself people and wait for another story to see it pop up again. Scary, creepy and proof of how mentally unstable some people can really be. Yikes

  • Tyla

    Ok, so we have established that she has fans. Just not THAT many. Cool it.

  • Just passing through.

    Wow. Reading through these comments it just seems her fans are bigger bullies than the haters. Hmm…

    I don’t usually comment. I don’t know her personally so I can’t judge her on her character but what don’t care for is what I know of in interviews. She recently did interviews where she said it was hard to get more serious roles because of her looks. Look I get it, you’re sick of just being known as the hot girl and want to be taken seriously. Fair enough. But she felt the need to make herself ugly to get the part in Place Beyond The Pines. So, maybe unintentionally, makes it seem like she thinks she’s prettier than all these actresses getting the roles that are winning them awards. For example, Jessica Chastain who got Zero Dark Thirty when it’s known that Eva auditioned for the role. Personally, I don’t think she’s that great of an actress but that’s just my opinion. But furthermore, she got the role in Place Beyond the Pines which I’m sure she though would change her career because, you know, look at all the recognition Michelle Williams got. Michelle’s performance got her an oscar nod. While Eva didn’t get that she did get nominated for other awards…and didn’t bother showing up to the awards show.

    I won’t talk about the stories of her being a diva to people cause that’s what ever, but if she’s as down to earth as her fans say she is, maybe she shouldn’t complain about not getting better roles because she’s too beautiful or sexy. Other actresses like Angelina and Charlize have no problem and they’re stunning and talented.

    Now fans tell me I’m a hater and that my mommy and daddy must not have loved me, or that I’m a scorned lover because that makes you so clever and smart and better than me. :)

  • Chris

    @Mary: Ok, at first I thought you guys were crazy, but then I looked into it and you guys are right. Also noticed that anytime someone had something nice to say about Eva, “they” would quickly come back and say it was a fake post written by her family or PR or even Eva herself. Comments like that not left on Kardashian stories, and apparently they’re like the most hated family onTV. Havent yet read a post where they accuse them of writing their own post. Sounds like a personal vendetta to me too. Especially when everyone knows every celebrity has fans AND haters. So of course you’re gonna get love comments and hate comments. Some fans even go beyond just defending a celebrity, like they personally knew them or something. Crazy. This is creepy. One question for Stella and Mary. Are you guys in the law enforcement field? Like detective work? Just curious

  • Nettie

    @Just passing through.: Im an Eva fan and respect your opinion. Besides, you werent hating, just expressing your opinion. There is a difference. After reading some posts, I do think however that someone, or a few people are managing the hate post. I read other actor comments and usually is a simple hate one ( or a lot of simple hate ones in some cases).Here its deeper than that. And so many of the same exact post. Just doesn’t fit.

  • Sue


  • Eric

    Stunning woman

  • Riley

    Some crazy stuff, but have to give it to them. Sounds so true. Probably some heart she broke back in high school. I feel for you man. I’d be devastated to, but damn, let it go

  • Riley

    @Just passing through.: Bigger bullies? R u for real? Have you read wht some (one) hater writes? We’re defending someone we admire. You don’t have to, but she does have a vwey large fan base. If she didn’t, they wouldn’t offer her all these endorsement deals. I love you Eva. You’re a beautiful woman and the important people in Hollywood know it, so I laugh at the face of some haters!! Hahahahahaha

  • Violet

    I have heard about her supposed negative behaviour towards others, people not in the industry. Whether it’s true or not, I can’t say for sure. Never met her. But if Ryan has spend almost 3 years with her, I really hope she’s nice.

  • Liz

    Beautiful woman. Just love her clothing line. The fit really flatters my body. This is really a great collection. I wasn’t able to go Wednesday, but I heard it was a great success . Yay Eva

  • Naia

    @Tyla: Apparently you weren’t there Wednesday night. Tremendous success wiyh a tremendous amount of fans.

  • Isa

    She looks older in this dress …

  • Akindele Agboola

    I love Eva Mendes and can we really hook up somehow

  • Stacy

    Much success with your clothing line Eva. You’re beautiful

  • Natalie

    @Violet: I have heard that about almost every celebrity. We will never know if its true because we don’t know them personally. I know they are entitled to having a bad day here and there just like we are. I love her and I think she is beautiful. Have to go check out her clothing line. It has great reviews.

  • Paris

    Class written all over her!!

  • Mary

    @Chris: As a matter of fact I am. My husband is a criminal pyschologist and he says that repeated comment about looking like a full man in drag, comes from a gay man. Heterosexual people usually say they look like a man in drag, and leave the “full” out. Crazy, wonder what happened there? Hmm