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Amber Heard Is Feeling Blue Without Johnny Depp in NYC!

Amber Heard Is Feeling Blue Without Johnny Depp in NYC!

Amber Heard adds a shade of blue to her ensemble while arriving at her hotel on Friday (March 21) in New York City.

A few weeks ago, the 27-year-old actress was honored at the 2014 Texas Film Awards and decided to take her fiance Johnny Depp as her date.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Amber Heard

Amber and Johnny reportedly celebrated their engagement with close friends and family at The Carondelet House in downtown L.A., according to Us Weekly.

10+ pictures inside of Amber Heard heading to her hotel in the Big Apple…

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  • A

    Johnny is in NY city too.

  • Okay

    Is she really? Are you sure? She’s feeling blue? REALLY. JUST JARED GET NEW WRITERS. What is this bullshit? This is embarrassing, just stop.

  • Me

    What a coincidence, her fiancee Johnny Depp is in NYC too…
    These teo can’t be apart for a day now?

  • Lala

    Johnny was photographed yesterday also in new york. Jared just change your headline, it’s kinda silly

  • @

    wonder what they are doing in the city? it’s Johnny doing some promotional work for Transcendence? Or are they there because she’s doing some new photoshoot? or maybe they are just tourist

  • None of my biz

    Okay, I know it’s none of my business, but this is my opinion. She is crazy to marry him, in his state of mind right now. He appears unstable, and is still recovering from his “divorce.” He may be going through a mid-life crisis, as well. Run, Amber, Run! Don’t complain later when you’re heartbroken and miserable.

  • @noneofmybiz

    @None of my biz: LOL! he looks more than recovered from his “divorce” if you ask me. Didn’t you see his pictures in NYC? he looked handsome and so smily…he doesn’t look unstable, suffering, depressed, nor crisis, not at all he looks happy and so gorgeous

  • JDF

    @None of my biz: Do you even know what the hell you are talking about? What state of mind? Do you think you know him? How and when did he ever look unstable ? He is so far from being unstable and what divorce are you talking about? He moved on from his previous miserable relationship ages ago and is very happy and full of life and love. He was just photographed looking fresh and gorgeous yesterday in NY. Mid-life crisis my A$$.

    She actually knows him since 5 years and they have been together for years, she’d be crazy not to marry him.

    Shut up and don’t talk **** about ppl that you know nothing about. It’s really none of your business.

  • Kate

    Johnny is actually in NYC too.

  • Fercat

    #6 Devorce? That was 29 years ago.

  • Oh Please!

    Seriously does anyone see this really lasting? How long has he been separated from Vanessa? I too am inclined to believe he’s experiencing a mid life crisis..and eager to prove he’s still got it. I don’t think Amber is going to become some big box office draw as an actress no matter what she won at from Texas Film Award..and that will eventually be a cause of friction. Her wanting to be the next Angelina and not being in any hits…She thinks doors will open for her because of Depp. They will but she is just a mediocre actress who won’t rise above in the sea of talented actresses out there.

  • Denise

    @Fercat: exactly it was 31 years ago haha.

    I’m happy for them. They are so cute together. and Johnny looks so much better with his dark hair now again :D

  • Mandy

    @Oh Please!: Oh please shut up! And to answer your question, Yes! Why do you care about whether they will last or not? Why don’t you just wish them happiness and mind your own business? You obviously don’t know much about them. They have been together since 3 years and he was over with Vanessa way before that. He’s not having a mid life crisis or anything he’s just happy and in love, is that hard to understand?? He doesn’t need to prove that he’s still got it because judging by his recent pictures, he’s still very much got it and is looking better than ever and millions of girls would kill to be with him. Amber is only with him because she loves him, she refused to talk about him and their relationship and he is also not getting her any projects at all, she’s still doing the kind of movies she did before dating him. They won’t break up anytime soon and there will be no friction.
    Wonder why did this “friction” not happen already since they’ve been together for 3 years and her “plans” to be the “next Angelina Jolie” didn’t took off yet!

    Please don’t assume things about people that you know nothing about.

  • Sherry

    Why do people talk about her career, as if that’s a reason to love someone, and want to have them in your life? Is he supposed to pick someone’s acting credentials as a reason to like them? I know very little about Amber, and that’s fine, it’s not any of my business. Johnny is a very good in interesting actor and I’ve enjoyed his films for years. If he marries Amber, that’s fine. It’s their business.

  • @13

    @Mandy: This is a PUBLIC gossip site! If you can’t take it that people have different opinions then maybe you shouldn’t come here! What gives you the right to tell someone to shut up?

  • You’re right!

    @JDF: They have known each other and have been together for much longer than the public acknowledges!
    She used to be his mistress!

  • herta

    ¿is she pregnant ?

  • None of my biz

    @JDF: Why are you so mad? Everyone has the right to an opinion. From our bird’s eye view, he doesn’t look and act as nice as he did as when he was with Vanessa. I used to really like the guy, but lately, he honestly doesn’t seem like the same guy. Please calm down. Are you president of the Johhnny Depp fan club?

  • AB

    It’s kind of silly when your readers know more than you. But probably he looked to good to post these photos. I’m disappointed in you, JJ.

  • @noneofmybiz

    @None of my biz: as nice as when he was with Vanessa? you mean being as drunk and bloated and looking unhappy as he was when he was with Vanessa? I don’t miss that Johnny!

  • AB

    One thing – he was with Vanessa for 13 years, at the beginning they looked great and happy, at the end – miserable.

  • brenda


  • jeez

    @brenda: JJ is one of Amber’s contacts! Why would they want to criticize Johnny?
    They probably just didn’t/couldn’t buy the pictures!

  • JDF

    @None of my biz: Doesn’t seem as look and act as nice as he was with Vanessa? Now that’s hilarious! He was so miserable and unhappy with her in their last years and he used to drink a lot but now he doesn’t. He’s healthier and happier now and if you actually knew anything at all you would notice this. He used to flip the paps off when he was with Vanessa, does that make him nicer?

  • JDF

    @None of my biz: I’m so mad because you are so stupid and everything you say does not make sense.

  • Lucas

    I was her fan. She is showing that she isn’t who she claimed to be.
    I like people who are genuinely unconventional and I thought Amber was so. She is not.
    She is a farce.
    Did you ever see a photo of her showing “unintentionally” her engagement ring?
    Depressing, embarrassing for her fans to see this kind of pic.

  • Alex

    Amber should wear green, green by envy that she always felt for Johnny and Vanessa.
    Envy is a bad thing, destroys people and relationships

  • Brian

    @Alex: Indee. Amber is a homewrecker

  • Didy

    C’mon, Johnny is there with her, she’s just feeling cold. I think a texan girl doesn’t like cold very much.

  • brenda

    @23 jezz..Really?..’ I thought that it was Brangelina ‘s contacts!…JJ always posts things about them..ALL THE TIME

  • Didy

    @Alex: Are you kidding me? Amber has no reason to envy Vanessa at all (on the contrary…)! Amber has Johnny’s heart since five years ago, and she did not need to get pregnant to make him to be with her!

  • None of my biz

    @JDF: Don’t be mad. It’s not meant to provoke you. It’s just an opinion. I know him as much as you do. None of us know these celebrities except for what they want us to see/know. I loved him in Chocolat, Neverland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and many more of his movies. And in interviews, he seems so sober, sweet and a gentleman. Like the behind the scenes, in Chocolat, etc. But now, he seems “different.” That’s just my opinion. Please take a chill pill. He’s a great actor and that’s all that really matters, beyond my insignificant opinion.

  • Alex

    Vanessa got the best of Johnny and Amber have the pieces left over from Johnny after she had destroyed his life.

  • JDF

    @Alex: Not really. He got the best of her and not the opposite. Amber’s got the best Johnny. She’s got the best of him and she actually made his life better after Vanessa “destroyed” it.

  • Lou

    A woman in the doubtful morality according to what we know about her. She hangs the head by shame certainly, for the evil which she has already made and for the misdeeds to Johnny whom she still plans to make. Among others to monopolize his fortune and to take advantage of his fame, her who had it none before meeting him ! She is not even attractive ! Very ordinary and without any talent Amber Heard!

  • Dom

    Amber is a poison in the heart of Johnny. He aged of 10 years since they are together and all his films since make flops. He will become ruined with her!

  • Lilas

    One play the nice little girl ! Are not Tasia and Amber supposed splitted on the 18 june 2013 ?

  • Lilas

    And it looks as Amber has a drink too !

  • Lea

    Vulgar and shabby and without morality !