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Keith Urban Weighs In On the Young Ages of This Season's 'American Idol' Contestants

Keith Urban Weighs In On the Young Ages of This Season's 'American Idol' Contestants

Keith Urban is quite easy on the eyes as he steps out of his car at LAX Airport on Thursday evening (March 20) in Los Angeles.

The 46-year-old entertainer just weighed in on the general young age of this season’s top ten contestants on American Idol.

“The environment they’re in is not Little League, but the environments these guys and girls have come from, in many cases, is Little League,” Keith told USA Today. “We’re in the odd spot of having to figure out how to give them guidance when they’ve done this quantum leap from tiny little towns in America to the stage in Hollywood in front of millions of people.”

“We’re trying to make them artists who can make a record, find an audience, get on radio, put together a tour and have a long-term career. They’re all at different stages of digesting what that is and what it takes,” Keith added.

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70 Responses to “Keith Urban Weighs In On the Young Ages of This Season's 'American Idol' Contestants”

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  1. 1
    maclen Says:

    Yeah, JLo is making excuses for why this group of singers are so lackluster…

    “In an interview on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Jennifer Lopez tells Ellen DeGeneres that Season 13′s crop of “American Idol” contestants were “thrown to the sharks too early,” and that’s why the live shows have been so lackluster.”

    …and as the writer of this article points out…WHOSE fault is that? Despite the “PR” facade that this “new” group of judges is the best EVER…they are in fact subpar talents…and as I pointed out in the past…”hasbeens” who are simply too superficial and mediocre to judge “musical talent.” JLo “lip syncing” her performance tells you HER commitment to the job she was “given”…judging other’s “live performances” is an empty promise. Orb and JLO are the “frick and frack” of empty platitudes….and this season’s viewers and this batch of lackluster performers are a testiment to that fact.

  2. 2
    Lioness Says:

    I don’t care who wins! I watch Idol just to see Keith Urban! He’s an awesome live entertainer and can play the heck out of a guitar!
    Maclen….you stress too much over a TV show! I do agree that JLo’s performance last night was hideous and so are her outfits.

  3. 3
    Keith Urban Says:

    Is SO gay!

  4. 4
    Ella Says:

    He’s a total girl. He is so gay my gaydar actually broke.

  5. 5
    maclen Says:

    Believe me…I do not “stress” over a tv show. As a HUGE fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000…I live by the lines in the theme song…

    sing along…

    “If your wondering how he eats and breathes, and other science facts…then repeat to yourself it’s just a show…I should really just relax.
    For Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  6. 6
    maclen Says:

    Yes…hard to tell at this point…if this recent PR push by orb for Idol…what with his laughable “philosophy” of being an Idol judge…or this “cultivate the youthful and fragile talent… and what not…whether it is to actually attempt to salvage this very debacle of a season. Or is it just to lay the “ground work” …to grease his way back onto the show next season…if it returns next year? One would assume that JLo would not be returning if another season follows…seeing how she’s sold a pilot to star in on NBC I believe. But surely, if she COULD get another $17mil out of Fox she would no doubt return. But orb…what’s he got? After the show ends…he’s off on his “marathon” of touring I suppose. SImply…paraphrasing…”working harder…not smarter.”

  7. 7
    Joni Says:

    There are seven comments made so far. All but two are made by the same person known as THE CRAZY ONE, maclan and about 20 other names she uses. She cannot make up her mind, Keith is gay or a womanizer, depends on which gray mood she’s in. Nicole and Keith’s marriage fake, one lie right after another. I watch American Idol also because I am a big fan of J Lo and Keith. Keith has a great wife and daughters and he adores them. This just drives THE CRAZY ONE wild when anything nice is said about The Urban Family. Good Night The Crazy One, hope you don’t dream about The Urbans all night.

  8. 8
    Mareille Says:

    The USA Today interview is fantadtic. Read it in its entirety. Keith shows so much understanding. It’s why he’s a great judge and a.great artist.

  9. 9
    Cari Says:

    Sorry but whether you or others like it or not Urban is still one of the top C&W acts out there with millions of fans and dozens of hits and awards.

  10. 10
    maclen Says:


    Well, if he has “millions of fans”…why has his album only sold about 300k in the past 6 months? His “remaining” fans seem to still look at orb with eyes from 2005….and want to believe he is still relevant because he can perform on award shows and play on national tv. Those “performances” are for promotion…they are not “achievements’ in and of themselves…they are to try to get people to buy their albums and go to their live shows. Your “opinion” that he is still a “top act” is just that…an opinion….backed up by nothing else. Meanwhile, my “opinion” he has become irrelevant is backed up with facts, stats and numbers…that show he is in serious decline.

  11. 11
    Sheri Says:

    I adore Keith Urban and have been a major fan for 10 years … but he really needs to grow out his hair again. This new haircut is awful – even though he is still gorgeous :)

  12. 12
    Joni Says:

    @ Sheri. Agree with you 100 percent, but I am sure he won’t read any comments from JJ.

  13. 13
    Patricia Says:

    @ maclan and other fifty names you use. I’ll bet Keith should thank you for keeping track of his financial status on albums sold etc. If it is true, I doubt it, sounds like he is still making money. I just read Keith’s net worth 45 million and Keith and Nicoles net worth combined 170 million. I think you should quit worrying about Keith’s album sales and how many attended his concerts and work on your own mental status. You have a real problem.

  14. 14
    Carolyn Says:

    I love seeing Keith on American Idol twice a week. You can tell how much he’s enjoying it as you watch. He loves touring, too, especially now that he’s got lots of new music. I can’t see the purpose of some people coming here to criticize him all the time. He certainly has more talent and accomplishments than they’ll ever have. Yet they look down their noses and belittle him like they’re some kind of high and mighty judges whose opinions matter. You’d think they’d have something better to do with their lives.

  15. 15
    Patricia Says:

    I think you call it Big Time Jealousy, some people cannot stand someone that is as talented and successful as Keith. Most of these mean and thoughtless remarks are made by one person using multiple names. There aren’t that many deranged people around.

  16. 16
    Rachael Says:

    OMG. Keith is so hot. !!!!

  17. 17
    maclen Says:

    It’s interesting how fans on this site charge the critics of orb or kidman as making baseless and unsubstantiated “lies and slander” bordering on “psychosis”…about “people they DONT even know.” Yet these same fans have no qualms about making baseless and unsubstantiated comments about the critics. Believe me…I KNOW more about orb’s and kidman’s “personal life”…because they releases alot of that info in talk shows and magazine interviews …radio interviews…than any fan on this board KNOWS about MY “personal life” other than what I have commented on in online public forums. And two facts I’ve basically revealed is that I am a big fan of The Beatles…and most recently, MST3K. The “theories” of my gender and identity have been pretty hilarious. But then….ONLY critics make up “unsubstantiated” lies and stories, right?

  18. 18
    @maclen Says:

    Well, you sound like a prissy old man to me. What a massive grudge you hold against Keith and Nicole. It’s ridiculous. I doubt that you’ve even been to a live Urban concert. We don’t have to know your personal life to know what kind of person you are. That comes across loud and clear in your posts. Narcissist. Needs attention. Back peddles to cover up lies. Has delusions of grandeur. Manipulative. Egocentric. Long winded. Sarcastic. No sense of shame. You’ve revealed your character, and it’s a pretty ugly picture.

  19. 19
    Wooo Says:

    Urban is such a girl. Perfect for Nicole.

  20. 20
    Keep up the good work Says:

    @@maclen:I disagree. maclen would make a great journalist because maclen displays the following journalistic traits: determined, inquisitive, accurate, Intelligent, realistic, Informative, insightful, well read, perceptive.

    And to be a good journalist, you need to:

    Be a SKEPTIC – A good journalist is one who doesn’t take things on face value. Press releases or information given to them from people pushing for a certain agenda is only a starting point for a good journalist. Good journalists question sources and are always prepared to dig around until they get facts they are satisfied with.

  21. 21
    Behind The Curtain Says:

    @Keep up the good work: No , journalists look for THE FACTS, not facts they are satisfied with. You call yourself a skeptic but sorry, you’re just liars.

    At the cuckoo board the liars have been posting all week Nicole hasn’t made a statement regarding L’Wren Scott’s death. She made one on the 18th.

    Nicole Kidman: I went and lit a candle for my beautiful friend L’Wren this morning. 22 years of friendship and love. I will miss her dreadfully but may she rest in peace. The world will not be the same without you. Love, Nic xx

    Tara aka x aka hitnrun put out this lie -” youneverknow, shes not commenting on Scott’s death because she doesn’t want that story to upstage the Connor Cruise article which her PR team is keeping in the news. ”

    Also, you’ll see the skeptics claim Nicole is hiding out to heal from plastic surgery. Her 150th b00b job if you count how many times they’ve said that’s what was going on.

    Maclen the liar posted ” My thought was she is hiding out…she hasnt been snapped out in public since March 3rd…was for some touch up facial procedures…who knows…maybe even a upgrade of breast implant. I havent noticed if she has yet surfaced in public anywhere.”

    However, go to twitter where anybody can search or fansites where tweets and photos are reposted and you’ll find sightings/pics of Nicole at home in Nashville over the past few weeks at the following: with Keith at their usual Starbucks, with Keith outside of Whole Foods, with Keith at the Franklin guitar show, with Faith at her music class, picking up the girls at ballet, with Keith at the Green Hills Mall, with the family at Cheekwood, with Keith eating at Pinewood Social, and today at the Hall of Fame Songwriter Sessions.

    J Graigory @JGraigory · 5h @countrymusichof after incredible Songwriter Session by @shanemcanally & @ohmyjoshosborne! @NicoleKidman @KeithUrban

    Liz Moriondo @lizmoriondo Got 2c @shanemcanally play his hits 2day while @KeithUrban sat bhind me w Nicole singing harmony #onlyinnashville #blessed w/@TreyStokes03

    Skeptics are liars. Mary and Tara, you’ll never pull one over on anybody.

  22. 22
    Not so SOLID after all Says:

    Isn’t is astonishing how there is not a single TWITTER SIGHTING or PHOTO of Nicole with Connor and Bella is the past 8 years. We see Nicole papped out and about with her trainer, shopping etc. but not a single TWITTER SIGHTING or PHOTO of Connor, Bella and mom.

  23. 23
    maclen Says:

    @Keep up the good work:

    Thanks for the compliment. Yes, the most important quality for an investigative journalist is “skepticism.” Do not take what people say… with an “agenda” to push…at face value. In politics it is VERY important…in the “entertainment” biz it is simply a novel hobby. What goes on in here though…is “opinion commentary.” Fans come on here and say,

    “OMG. Keith is so hot. !!!!”

    …that is opinion. Some may agree, others will disagree. Again, the fans here will simply offer their opinion…while I will offer an opinion based on information that I have read or looked into. For instance…I will say,

    “orb’s career is in trouble because his cd sales are in drastic decline.”

    …and I will reference the Roughstock website that posts country album sales direct from Soundscan…that show he has only sold about 300k cds in the past 7 months. And usually, a “fan” response to my opinion based on the sales info…will be…

    “Cd sales dont matter…he has millions of fans!”

    …again, all opinion and not one iota of info or source to back it up. Clearly my comments rile up the here….because clearly there is a truth to them based on actual stats and numbers which reveal that fact. Which also explain their vitriol towards them.

  24. 24
    Joni Says:

    Come on THE CRAZZZZZY ONE, we know every negative remark made on this site are all from you. What in the hell is wrong with you, oh that’s right, I forgot, your crazy !!!!

  25. 25
    Behind The Curtain Says:

    Lie more and deflect. Pretend they weren’t caught red-handed being intentionally deceitful. What’s success for everyone else cannot apply for The Urbans. That’s all the skeptics know how to do.

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