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Kim Kardashian Covers 'Vogue' with Kanye West: 'Dream Come True'!

Kim Kardashian Covers 'Vogue' with Kanye West: 'Dream Come True'!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West look like they’re about ready for their wedding on the cover of Vogue magazine’s April 2014 issue.

“This is such a dream come true!!! Thank you @VogueMagazine for this cover! O M GGGGGG!!! I can’t even breath! 🙌🙏 ” the 33-year-old reality star tweeted, including a link to the cover.

Kim and Kanye also brought along their adorable baby daughter North West for the shoot – she’s featured in a video with mom and dad. North West is so cute!

There had been much talk about if Kim would ever cover Vogue magazine – I guess we have the answer now!

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Bigger cover inside…

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Credit: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue
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  • chelle

    Voiced my opinion at Vogue… Not that it will do any good


    This just lets everyone know that morals, character, talent, and values went out the window! Vogue puts this mediocre loud mouth ugly mentally ill rapper with his p o r n o g r a p h i c, no talent, ugly, stupid, worthless human being on the cover? Everyone is selling out!!!! Anna Wintour needs to eat so she can have enough nutrients to remember what she said! Why are they on the cover? Sickening! All of the people who have talent, amazing character, would never sell their a s s for a dollar bill, who still keep their values are ignored! This w h o r e is celebrated and not just by Vogue….everyday people are obsessed with this idiot!

  • Marianne

    And I just lost a lot of respect for Vogue.

  • Paula

    I hope this is the worst selling Vogue edition in history. I know I won’t be buying it.

  • Janelle

    Didn’t get a solo cover cause its all about him not her. So sad. I ive this marriage a year tops.

  • perdida

    I think the hate on this board is shameful to them. Why do you get so angry. What I know about Kim K is that her & her sisters went into business with their own store in L.A. long ago. They have always worked for a living and being interested in fashion is important if you sell clothes. Kanye has been into fashion for years and years, too.
    They own clothing stores all over and they work. Kim was stupid to make that tape. I don’t think she is the same kind of person she was when that happened. Kanye has been working at his music for years and has been successful. Maybe you don’t like them or their personalities. Fine. Walk on by. But you really have some problems if you are so hateful you need to actively campaign against them like you want to destroy them. They have a life. Maybe you need to get one too.

  • bahahahahaha

    ROFLOLOLOL kanye had to be in the cover with kim, anna wouldnt have ever let kim take the cover by herself. oh well, kimmy’s dream came true and vogue is going to $hit

  • Carla

    What’s vogues email?

    Pls people do not BUY this issue.

    This has to stop.

    What a bad decision, these two are trash
    Just gross

    Boycott vogue

  • OMG

    Readers need to boycott this issue. Certainly the serious fashionistas aren’t happy about these two losers on the cover.

  • Carla

    Who even thinks this girl is attractive? Look at that plastic face.
    This is pathetic. America just keeps lowering their standards. Now vogue is forever tarnished

  • What!!

    This is a AWFUL!! Anna Wintour has lost and needs to be fired!! How are you going to allow this tramp and her bully on the cover of VOGUE??!! I mean what has she done that she is deserving of this other than spread legs for West and poop out a child! I emailed Vogue how disappointed I am in them and told them they are no more than a tabloid and fashion is no longer the game!

    Anna Wintour should burned in the name of fashion and true supermodels!

  • Carla

    Can anyone say Vogue just became a tabloid?
    I’m outraged

  • jen

    oh vogue lol and what is it with the hashtag?

    can’t deny that north is a wee cutie though

  • Kelli

    How nice of Kanye to buy her a vogue cover! Kimmy K. . Giving hope to porn stars all over the world that one day. . they to can become a vogue cover girl.

  • atlst

    Her tweet is wrong – she’s so stupid she doesn’t even know the difference between “breathe” and “breath.”

  • Finally the light of day!

    The only way to get on the cover is to Have Kanye with her.. Never alone! Again holding her stomach as if baby 2 is on the way! Why
    Anna would you do this why not wait fir the real wedding.. Exclusive!


  • arwa

    I’m amazed how much people are “upset” and really can act against something as silly as a cover for x magazine. But when a teenage killed or raped. Or a brave soldier talks about crimes are happening in the army and got 35 years in person for tilling the truth. They just don’t care. Well, you deserve the missed up world you live in.

  • cala

    Boycott Vogue and Anna Wintour for this. The only thing worse would be a Paris Hilton issue.

  • Shamu

    Hear that? It’s the sound of people calling Vogue and unsubscribing.

  • That’s Right

    If you subscribe I suggest either sending this issue back or make a video burning it and post it to Vogue’s Facebook page.

    Unfortunately, this is going to garner much press but I hope the press makes for disappointing sales to the tune of more than what Kanye paid Vogue to counter the potential sales lost due to him and his trashian being on the cover.

  • Serene

    Boycott Vogue! Cancel your subscription! Don’t buy this issue!

  • Chic

    Wow. She looks lovely and serene. He looks happy. I think they are a happy little family unit when you strip away all the trappings. At the of the day, they are people and it’s terrible to call someone worthless. She works on her family clothing labels and licensing deals. You don’t make millions doing absolutely nothing. She didn’t come from money. She made money. Certainly not from “her” sex tape it was RayJ’s. He sold it. She didn’t. She was never in possession of it. He put that tape out because he was struggling to ramp up his singing career. She was not even in the industry at the time. She was his ex-girlfriend who got put out there, so to speak. She turned infamy into fame. That is extermely difficult. Ask Angelina Jolie. She stole someone’s husband (after years of dubious behavior) and when they finally get married (after several kids together) it will be her THIRD marriage. But it can be done. It has been done. Kim K. West just Vogue’d.

  • LOL @ all this people are mad

    Its so funny how mad you all are because of a Vogue cover. LOOOOOL. You could put all this energy in much more important things and much better too. You all should feel ashamed.

  • cala

    Boycott this disgusting cover and Anna Wintour. This is not about fashion it’s about dollar signs. The only thing worse would be a Paris Hilton issue


    I hope this leads to Anna Wintour’s downfall

  • Ava

    Last time I ever buy a Vogue mag…what does a gross rapper and a reality star / ho have to do with a supposedly classy style mag.. Anna Wintour is a old has been sell out.

  • ynt

    @#29 – you’re smarter than Kim. She said “breath” not “breathe” in her tweet, but you knew the correct term. Vogue’s idea to feature these two idiots will hopefully backfire, and become one of their worst selling magazines ever.

  • scallywag

    Of course the more conspicuous question, especially over at ‘Conde Nasty’ is by succumbing to the mundane and downtrodden is whether the journal’s pedigree by intimation has taken a major tumbling down the aspirational blocks or whether the outlet felt compelled to relent in the hope of remaining tabloid relevant as the media world all round has to reinvent itself given our society’s vigilant absorption of the trite and banal?

    Never mind pimp momma Kris Jenner has sent out her feelers too…

  • ynt

    @#72 – Angie didn’t steal anyone’s husband. Brad left because he wanted kids and Jen didn’t, and she still doesn’t.

  • karine
  • Dee

    Annnnnnnnnd I just lost respect for Anna Wintour!

  • Amy


    Wrong. You can’t sell a sex tape without permission from both parties. Kim gave her permission and made money off the sex tape just like Paris Hilton did.

  • Mylene – Montreal … e-mail for your comment .. i hope u will be a LOT to do !!!! tell me if u do !

  • Mylene – Montreal

    Vogue magazine is an institution. It is the Chanel Magazines. Vogue should have standards when it is time to present figures on the cover page. Kim Kardashian is a woman who began her career with a pornographic film. Pornography is an industry that does not respect women and sends a negative role model for young adolescents. I will never buy your magazine. RIP Vogue Magazine.

  • perdida


    Thank you for saying that. I feel the same way.

  • Sad day for style

    No more vogue for me. It used to stand for elegance and grace and style. Nuff said.

  • Sad day for style


    I never had respect for that nitwit.

    I have *GASP! HORRORS!!!* CURLY HAIR. I am a pariah.

  • Amy

    Email Conde Nast also and let them know you won’t buy another copy of Vogue as long as Anna Wintour is the editor in chief:

  • gross

    vile. there is just something so vile about these people. not the baby of course but those parents ugh

  • LM

    I pick hairy under pit Madonna than this trash.

  • Mylene – Montreal

    @LOL @ all this people are mad: ok so we are more than 100 persons just mad ? …..

  • Trinity

    That baby is so adorable!!!

  • maisy RL

    if you email conde nast, or vogue, they’ll still see it as a good decision because they’re getting a reaction from people. even if it is negative. don’t bother to email them. just don’t buy vogue anymore…or buy into the idea that vogue stands for high end fashion. shame on them for stooping to this level. who will they put on the cover next? pamela anderson? sasha grey?….snooki?!

  • Tami

    Hope this becomes the worst selling. Shame on Anna!! That baby is beautiful though but she never looks at her parents when they hold her. Never makes eye contact. She’s looking for her real mommy, the nanny!!! Shame

  • kami

    vogue just reached gutter level by posting a kartrashian on the cover. kanye must have paid the a bundle of money to get this cover.

  • Yeah

    Go to to the “contact” section and leave a comment. Let them know that this isn’t cool to have them on the cover.

  • Q

    When is Farrah Abraham getting her cover?

  • essie

    wow Vogue must be going thru hard times to put them on the cover… Kanye and Kim have fans and will buy anything with them on it… so Vogue must be really needing the money

  • Tyla

    I don’t get the controversy. It’s a magazine cover. There will be more in the future and America’s Vogue lost it’s sheen a long time ago. So who cares.

  • me

    the more they hate them the more famous and rich they will be