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Russell Crowe Gets Called Out by Giuliana Rancic as Most Awkward Interview Ever

Russell Crowe Gets Called Out by Giuliana Rancic as Most Awkward Interview Ever

Russell Crowe walks the carpet at the premiere of his new movie Noah on Thursday (March 20) at the Cinepolis Lagoon Theatre in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 49-year-old actor was recently called out by E! News host Giuliana Rancic for being her most awkward interview ever.

“[He] was so mean to me,” Giuliana said on Watch What Happens Live. “I had been at E! for a year, and I literally was like, ‘I’m gonna go easy because he’s pretty tough.’ And so I said, ‘So are you excited to be here tonight, your big movie premiere?’ and he goes, ‘I’m contractually obligated to be here, what’s your next question?’”

Here’s how the interview continued: “I go, ‘Um, you know, isn’t this so wonderful seeing all the fans?’ And he goes, ‘That’s your second question? One, two, you’re through,’ and he walked away.”

Giuliana Rancic’s Shocking Story About Russell Crowe

10+ pictures inside of Russell Crowe on the red carpet…

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Credit: Raphael Dias; Photos: Getty
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  • Domino

    This guy is such a dbag. He always is so rude.

  • Julia

    He is fat, ugly, rude, hasn’t been nominated for a Oscar for a while and was awful in his latest blockbusters. He is not the star he thinks he is. He wasn’t even the first option to play Noah.

  • Ashley

    LOL…Rude of him but funny…

  • ana

    Oh please, she sucks and thinks she is sooooo important.

  • GFW

    The problem with questions and men is you need to be prepared for truth as their answer.
    Granted it appears he could have played along but he wouldn’t be true to himself. I think he would rather be disliked for being himself, then liked for faking it.
    Another option exists for these red carpet journalists is to have better prepared questions the engage his mind. He’s quick. And he’s smart.

  • mel

    Yeah he has been known to have a bit of a temper… BUT being asked the same questions 100 times over must get really irritating so it’s no wonder some actors snap! Doesn’t matter if it’s your job, I bet nobody reading this can say they’ve never had a job/experience where they get annoyed and say the wrong thing in the heat of the moment.

  • Fercat

    Coming form someone from Fashion Police, can’t blame the guy on this one.

    Crowe has mellowed down quite a bit though.

  • Elisabeth

    her questions were stupid and cliche’
    she was lucky he spoke to her at all

  • Joe

    I’m surprised her interview didn’t include her talking about her health problems, like ALWAYS…

  • stella

    I love him, especially for this.

  • Joam

    lol is she a real journalist???? yes he is not to polite but he is funny!

  • L

    thank god he’s a good actor. that guy is butt ugly and has temper tantrums like he’s 3.

  • roronette

    That was funny!

  • Sophia

    No matter how succesful or talented you are, nothing EVER gives you the right to be an as*hole. There are better actors out there anyway.

  • GetAName

    I’m convinced it was awkward for him too. Cause…her questions were stupid and some kind of boring. But it was a ‘lil bit funny, too xD

    He’s a great actor and he has charisma!

  • Sam

    A movie star is a person who makes movies….nothing more. He got caught up in his own self importance. Now he is old, fat and ugly. Karma strikes again!

  • Xoxo

    Is she sure, I mean she does not eat much
    And we all know how that can affect the brain
    She sooooo desperately want to be skinny
    It’s gross

  • HipHaHa

    Considering she’s an idiot. Who cares what she says. She needs a meal cause she looks unhealthy and hungry and obviously clueless in the mental category.

  • Harley

    He’s a douchebag, always has been. He is aging poorly and will find fewer roles, already happening. He needs to wise up.

  • talia

    interview with crowe would have been less awkward if she actually asked him about the film and his role instead of asking if he was excited and about the fans.

  • Rocky

    Russell is a tough inteview. I’ve seen him do some interviews where he actually has fun with the interviewer. She’s a complete negative when it comes to interviewing and he’s definitely not into people who don’t know what they’re doing. She should never have tried to interview him in the first place. She did NOT do her homework.

  • Looselipz

    If you saw her on Bravo Andy’s WWHL you’d be frightened at how anorexic she is. That should have been the topic, not her diss of the disgusting Mel Gibson not even worth mentioning. This chick is repulsive and in huge denial.

  • Gina

    Good for him! She’s horrible, she kisses up to celebs than mock them on fashion police. She’s two faced and she acts like she’s on their level, like who the hell cares about her? She is a reporter, she’s not their bestie, like she’s insinuating.


    She is just horrible , with veeery limited intellectual abilities
    I feel sorry about all talented with intellect actors be puch to respond to any stupid questions

  • toby

    she should ask him questions about the movie and not how excited he was

  • groundcontrol

    Why is anyone justifying his rudeness? Plenty of actors go through these meaningless red carpet interviews without being so nasty. It’s the nature of the beast.
    It’s not like he was on Meet the Press and ready to talk about some important topic.

  • Oh Yah!

    @groundcontrol: You got that RIGHT! We all deal with situations that are uncomfortable, unpleasant, etc. But if you are a good character, you try to be a light in the world, and not darkness. He should have thought that maybe Giuliana was a little intimidated or scared to talk to him. He could have done the nice thing and put her at ease by making the interview something positive. Instead, he CHOSE to be mean and nasty! Shame on Crowe! Unclassy behavior.

  • Cate

    @groundcontrol: Exactly. It’s part of his job to attend premieres and answer these type of questions. All actors have to and instead of being nasty he should have just sucked it up and behaved in a classy and polite manner. This was at a movie premiere where the questions tend to be pretty inane and generic anyway as it isn’t the environment for in-depth questions. There’s no excuse for his bratty behaviour but it’s known that he is spoilt with a horrible attitude.

  • Natalie


    She is truly a skank — all of those Fashion Police are!

  • Sparkle

    He’s like the mel gibson of australia! Ungrateful fatman. Boo!


    el no fue grocero,ya que en todo momento a pesar de sus respuestas el se esta riendo,el lo que debio de haber hecho,es ni mirarle a esa cabeza de huevo,lo mas parecido a et

  • http://comcast Patricia

    She is on Fashion Police and someone hurt her feelings ???? Whaaaaa !!

  • Nala

    If Russell Crowe wasn’t a talented actor, he wouldn’t be getting away with these shenanigans.

  • Tata

    Nice answers, Russell! All she was interested in was glamour – cool premier, a lot of fans! no a word about the meaning of the movie, what is the movie about! Cinema is an art, guys! it’s about touching your soul and changing your personality. And not about pop corn!!!

  • GFW

    Hope the movie is a huge success!
    I see Son of God is now down to one showing at my local theater. Dag, not enough of a draw to get it to stick around until Easter? Wow, guess I’ll miss it. See it on Netflix or Amazon.

  • GFW

    Whoa, I just watched the video. The dykhead host had to drag it down to sexual frustration? Eh? He like ends with, “Is he seeing anybody?” WTF? Really?
    I have to admit she looks like somebody else now. Overly made up. She’s skeletal. How is that attractive? *shivers*

  • Lena

    @Oh Yah!:

    Exactly. I mean, you can justify a doctor coming out of an 8 hour horrendous stressful surgery where s/he has been up to his/her knees in blood 4 hours, and the patient flatlining twice on the table, with him/her having to get him out of death more than once, and then being approached by the family and snapping at the family because s/he’s simply exhausted. But doctors in this situation take care to have proper bedside manner and answer the questions without snapping at the family.

    But these actor guys make millions of dollars for doing nothing really important in the world. If you think about it, movies don’t save lives or do anything really that’s necessary in the world. These guys are made to entertain us and that’s it. Yet ironically, these guys are the ones that have the attitudes above all else and think they are more important than anybody else.

    So you wonder how on earth we’ve created the situation where these people do basically nothing to contribute to the world of any significant importance or do anything that has anything to do with life or death situations, yet they have the worst characters, the worst morality, the worst tempers, worst treatment of women, and they snap at people, and everybody still loves them. It’s absolutely insanity to me. I’m glad she called him out on it. Poor baby…having to answer a few questions. What?

    Ticked off because she didn’t have to offer Russell a carton of smokes and a bottle of whiskey to trade for his precious 2 minutes of time?


  • Bogue

    There’s no story here. Everyone knows Crowe is rude, obnoxious, and bad tempered. He thinks he’s really no-crap but there’s a fine line between being authentic and plain bad tempered. He needs a big detox and to lay off the beer and heavy meat diet.

  • Elena

    Go Russell!!! Your’e the best


    Yuck, boycott this movie


    DO not FORget MY NAAAaaame

  • TS

    Inane questions, what does she expect?

  • mugadoon

    Does anyone really give a crap what Rancic thinks? She’s the most USELESS celebrity “journalist” ever. Not to mention, hideously ugly and stupid. You ask Russell Crowe stupid questions, and he is going to respond to your idiocy. Did I mention she is HIDEOUSLY ugly and stupid? I have no idea how she managed to get on TV.