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This Nun SLAYS an Alicia Keys' Song on 'The Voice Italy' -- You Must Watch This Video!!!

This Nun SLAYS an Alicia Keys' Song on 'The Voice Italy' -- You Must Watch This Video!!!

This video might be the best thing you see all week – a nun auditioned for The Voice Italy with the Alicia Keys song “No One” and she absolutely slays it!

Sister Cristina Scuccia got all four judges to turn their chairs around and their reactions are absolutely priceless when they realize a nun was singing. What is just as fun to watch is the reaction of the nuns supporting her backstage.

The U.S. version of The Voice is currently in the battle rounds so make sure to watch every Monday and Tuesday night at 8/7c on NBC.

This Nun SLAYS an Alicia Keys’ Song on ‘The Voice Italy’
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  • Tara

    Aww they’re so cute!!

  • Janire

    The faces are priceless! :D

  • Lily

    She’s great! After the performance, judge Raffaella Carrà asks her: “How did you end up on The Voice?” And she replies: “I have a gift and I’m giving it to you.”

    I’m so happy that she shows that catholics are cool and nive person, just like everyone. Good people with nice hearts. Go, girl!

  • Drake

    That’s was horrible. Italy have bad taste.

  • s

    UM…NO. she was way over singing that. it’s kind of funny, because if she was on the us version i think only one or max two judges would actually turn their chairs. i’m sorry, but her voice isn’t pleasant.


    wow Americans say that Italians have bad taste? ahahhaha very comic from the creator of Sister Act .. and anyway the world is changing and the Church too… we did not, and you are convinced that you are a country of bigots: D the country who are shocked by boobs and ass show and then sells weapons to the market …. OMG so funny and hypocritical..God bless Suor Cristina and U……anyway….and the writer is an atheist but some nonsense can not be read… :P

  • The Truth
    Better bigots than fascists. And Italians do not have style. They are nasty, oily, hairy, sub-humans.

  • emily

    there are moments when she sounds kinda like Cyndi Lauper , still it’s weird and pleasant to see a nun having fun

  • Eleonora

    @The Truth: @The Truth: I think you shouldn’t say something like that, I’m Italian and I’m not fascist, like the most part of Italians aren’t. If Italians don’t have style tell me why we have Armani, Valentino, Prada, Dolce&Gabbana and tell me why we have Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan. Italy is a beautiful country and I’m proud of it. You are just ignorant telling that italians are nasty, oily, hairy, sub-humans.

  • BrendaStar

    Sister Christina has a heavenly voice and smile. Very well done, and best of luck to her. Italy has given so much to civilization and the world. Please Ignore the bigots that posted here. Sometimes freedom of speech is wasted on the unworthy.

  • Tyla

    Ok I’ll be honest. My mom played me the video without showing it to me, so I could only hear it and I didn’t really like her voice. It’s not smooth. Don’t get me wrong, there are some lovely parts! And she’s a beautiful human being, but after hearing the Alicia Keys version so much, I was disappointed. After my mom turned the computer around to show me the woman singing, I felt really bad for not liking it! Lol.

  • laura

    Thank you for your kind words! After all, I mean, people come from all around the world to Italy and think it’s the most beautiful place ever, so I’m convinced that people as racist and ignorant as the person who commented earlier are just a very small part.

  • Lea

    Yes, people are lining up to visit Italy so they can be falsely accused and imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit. Everyone hates the sh!thole that is Italy. You all are worse that Portugal, Greece and Spain combined. Get the F out of the EU.

  • ultimateshak
  • Leo

    @Lea: Oh really? We are one of the six countries that FOUNDED Europe, why the hell should we leave it? Because of assholes like you?

  • Camilla


    Everyone hates Italy? Seriously? Why? I’m italian and I’m aware of the many pros and cons of my Country.. nobody is perfect and we definitely aren’t. What about you? What about your Country? Are you?
    Please be polite, and don’t be racist.

  • Me

    @The Truth: You’re one stupid human-being!

  • Me

    @Lea: Just shut the f***k don’t know sh*t!

  • caxiboy

    italy rock…

  • Lillias

    @Lea: You sound as if you could be English, the nation that hates “johnny foreigner”, well just remember that England has one of the most corrupt police forces in the world. Just remember all the bad publicity they have had lately regarding cover ups, Hillsborough, plebgate etc and cases of people being killed by the police, like the the man shot dead for carrying a table leg that the policeman thought was a gun. Or the guy who died after a policemen pushed him and he banged his head.

  • I agree with you

    @Lillias: The English hate anyone who is not English and think they are superior to other nations.

  • ho

    The Nun is really cool!

  • Lexie

    @s: Well I guess any Nun singing any pop song would stand out. I agree, her voice was unpleasant.

  • Anita

    I love how she put her own little twist on it. I listened to it without watching and her voice was very impressive. The fact that she is a nun just makes it all more interesting. Whether she wins or not doesn’t even matter, she just really gave us all a beautiful and very entertaining performance. Bless her.

  • Tina

    @Lillias: English police are scum.

  • lilk

    This shiteous site is full of dement shithead ameretards lol

  • Like you


  • http://facebook hantos

    i really, really, really love her voice and her energy in performing this song. the best part is when she said that “I have a gift and I’m giving it to you.”. wow! what a girl. she have guts, dude! wish they broadcast it in my home country, sure they love it too. good luck sister!