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Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Hold Hands Amid More Pregnancy Rumors

Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Hold Hands Amid More Pregnancy Rumors

Mila Kunis and fiance Ashton Kutcher hold hands while going out to eat lunch at Sweet Butter Kitchen on Saturday afternoon (March 22) in Studio City, Calif.

The engaged couple has been the subject of pregnancy rumors for the past couple months and now the reports have gone even further to say that they are expecting twins. We’ll have to wait and see if any of this is true or just bogus news!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Mila Kunis

Ashton was seen out and about that morning heading to a business meeting.

FYI: Mila is wearing AG jeans, Yosi Samra boots, and a top by Superdry.

10+ pictures inside of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher out for lunch…

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  • OK

    Congrats to them I guess, but so sad how now a days , it seems the only way , most people get a ring on their finger is by getting pregnant ….

  • OK

    @OK: AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! These Hollywood couples only get “engage” because their expecting a child

  • Misscutiepie
  • Madison

    wow twins? i wonder what Ashton is going to do about that

  • joy

    Ashton talked with Mila’s parents last December about him and Mila marrying I don’t think Mila is already pregnant by then. They had plans to marry but the divorce with Demi was only finalized last November.

  • gilmore


    Well, it’s not the 1800s. So what if she was pregnant before they got married? They’re committed and capable of taking care of a child, that-s all that matters.

  • Madison

    @gilmore: I am just saying my personal view and opinion, and how I bet she only got a ring because she was knock up just like Christina, Scarlet, Ashely & Jessica Simpson, Olivia wilde, and so many more

  • Tiana

    @gilmore: Exactly I could not agree more, there are people who are married and had kids there is nothing wrong w/ that at all and still got a divorce and worse. As long that they care about each other and love one another that should only matter.

  • krifkrik

    @gilmore: I’m sorry I forgot that people were allowed to have their own opinion. Some people think it’s wrong and some don’t mind, but which ever people are allowed to believe what they want. Even though getting married first is more responsible because having children should be thought as a big decision you have them for 18 years so you need to make sure you want children it’s a commitment just like marriage.

  • snapcracklepop

    I REALLY liked the 2nd paragraph. I am so tired of sites that have fake gossip for hits. So, I appreciate the way this post was written with the update on the circulating rumors- without claiming them to be facts.

    If she is pregnant or gets pregnant in the future, I will be very happy for them. I think he’s wanted to have children and be a father for a long time.

  • mariec

    @Madison: Olivia, Scarlett, and Mila if she is indeed pregnant, all got engaged prior to getting pregnant. It’s 2014. A woman doesn’t have to be officially married to be pregnant or have a child. Your logic really is that of the antiquated 1800s.

  • krifkrik

    @mariec: Just shut up. She is allowed to believe what she wants don’t tell her that her logic is from the 1800s it’s not. Surprise that some people don’t have the same beliefs as you. I know shocking.

  • Mac

    I love these 2 together! I hope they last.

  • truth

    @krifkrik: So because they don’t believe what you believe they need to shut up? Got it, nothing like having a healthy double standard.

  • gilmore


    But it’s a piece of paper. How does a piece of paper make things more official then they already are?And tbh, you’re being quite hypocritical with your arguments. Saying you’re allowed to have your opinion, but at same breath claiming ‘marriage is the proper way’ is a huge oxymoron.

  • krifkrik

    @truth: I told them to shut up because they were judging her views. If they had come on and said that they understood her views however, didn’t believe them I would have been fine. But to accuse someone of having dated views just because they don’t believe in your views is ridiculous. Also telling her to shut up wasn’t instilling double standards because I didn’t judge her view I simply said it because she was because she was talking down on another persons views. Unlike many people today I don’t judge just because someone doesn’t agree with me.

  • krifkrik

    @gilmore: Isn’t it funny that I have a child and I’m not married yet? I simply said that because looking back at it I had wished that I had gotten married first because it really is a difficult decision to raise a child. I now spoke down on her opinion however, I just brought in some of my experience to show how sometimes married is right first. Not always do you have to get married first though, some people do and others don’t it’s not that big of a deal.

  • krifkrik

    @krifkrik: *Marriage.

  • wos

    @Mac: Once a cheater always a cheated…. She is do dann old….Old then the cheater ex-wife DEMI MOORE. Demi looks great!

  • Demi

    They should get married, have kids and move far away out of hollywood, isn’t that what they want, please roll me another one. Worst hollywood couple, sooo phony.

  • Tyler

    Mila got pregnant to trap Ashton into marriage. She thinks that will make him stay with her.

  • Nick

    @Demi: I agree. They set up a lot of the ‘candid’ shots. Both love the fame.

  • Zz

    @gilmore: Don’t be so upset that some of us still have values and morals.

  • Not Good

    Bad for the marriage if she’s pregnant. Because a man always feels OBLIGATED to marry. Don’t you want a man who truly desires to marry you because you are the sunshine of his life and he wants to spend every waking day with you? Never seem to get that when you get pregnant first, and many of those bun-in-the-oven marriages, especially if they are new, fall by the wayside quickly. The adjustment romantic period of being a newlywed never happens. It’s filled with sickness and backaches. The baby then comes and romance is dead.

  • Not Good

    @gilmore: It’s much more than a “piece of paper.” Halle Berry was saying that nuttiness when she was with her last beau and had a daughter with him. She basically swore she would never marry again….. However, she turned right around and got married again to her husband. Why’d she do that if marriage is just “a piece of paper?”

  • say what

    @wos: You have got to be kidding. Mila is beautiful and Demi lost her looks after about her 200th surgery. She is a botox mess.

  • say what

    @Nick: And this was is even more nonsense. They are tracked by paps constantly. Even park outside the home. Neither needs the attention. Take the hate somewhere else.

  • Nick

    @say what: Don’t be so childish and star-struck. It is not hate- just comments on the way Hollywood stars run their business- it is all about creating a buzz!

  • Happy22


    To ZZ and Krikrik get a grip and krik you calm the heck down and go somewhere, gilmore and marieic didn’t tell no one to shut up though. What you said in response at 4:44 was all you had to say in the first place so if you caught feelings about it then that’s YOUR fault. You took that to another level, little nasty behind lol smh..

  • mila

    @say what:Mila looks sooooo Old compared to Demi…

  • suh

    Her eyes are covered by all S H I T.

  • wow

    Could it be unhealthy babies???????????

  • Ally

    @Madison: Wow Madison did God die and appoint you as judge. Whoa. Just shut the heck up. Maybe it was a plan. None of your buisness biotch.

  • Ally

    @mila: Get glasses. Mila is gorgeous and looks much younger as she should. Demi is awesome also but boy you need to get new glasses. You blind/

  • Ally

    @OK: Lie, what a crock. Angelina never got a ring….. Gene simmons wife had two kids grown and in college before marriage. People do not have to get married. It is a choice. Both could afford these babies or baby on their own. Good grief.

  • Brooke D

    @Madison: Scarlet was engaged months before she even got pregnant. What are you talking about?

  • Pickpick

    …so, because she’s wearing a baggy shirt she’s pregnant with twins? Seriously, the tabs have Jen Aniston pregnant every month and how many kids has she had? Until they make a statement, I won’t believe it.