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Leonardo DiCaprio: The Love of Kate Winslet's Life!

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Love of Kate Winslet's Life!

Leonardo DiCaprio has a crowd of pals surrounding him as he makes his way to a yacht boarding area on Sunday afternoon (March 23) in St. Barts.

The 39-year-old actor, who was accompanied by a mystery blonde, has not been seen out and about since the 2014 Oscars, where he lost the coveted Best Actor trophy to Matthew McConaughey.

Recently, Leo‘s frequent co-star Kate Winslet had to answer the question: Leo or her Divergent co-star Theo James.

Leo is my love of my life, how could you possibly even ask me that question! If I said Theo over Leo, he would never let me stay the night at his house ever again. And we can’t have that because that’s where I stay,” Kate told PopSugar. We love it!

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3,415 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: The Love of Kate Winslet's Life!”

  1. 1
    The life of Leo Says:

    Yachts, parties and plenty of women

  2. 2
    @Leokas Says:

  3. 3
    Escorts?!?!?!LOL Says:

    hahahahaha!!! For realz!! lol

  4. 4
    bliss Says:

    take it easy jared those are not escorts the blonde is his friend’s wife and the other one is the GF of another firend ( im too sure about the names )

  5. 5
    Where is Toy? Says:

    Somebody has Leo in google alerts?

  6. 6
    Kate Batey Says:

    If Leo ever gets married I hope she stop saying that sh*t because that would be really inappropriate to his wife! In other news…If Leo ever gets married…hahahahahahahahahahaha!

  7. 7
    Leo's Fan Girl Says:

    Love you Leo!

  8. 8
    Seven Says:

    escorts? lol interesting word choice.

    Kate seems so thirsty at times.

    BTW, Toni is with Leo in St Barts

  9. 9
    Ok Says:

    Good to see a new thread. Why does Leo wear his hat so much? Lol, he might get separation anxiety when he takes it off.
    Let’s try to keep the trolling down on this thread, please.

  10. 10
    So Says:

    Is he retired for good?

  11. 11
    IrishCurse Says:

    The Aviator = about a rich *******
    The Great Gatsby = about a rich *******
    The Wolf of Wall = about a rich *******

    Where does he get his inspiration?

  12. 12
    Lapdog Says:

    @Seven: What else she could she be doing? Working? She works two days and complains of being already exhausted.

  13. 13
    Metcafe Says:

    I wonder if Leo and Toni are going through hard times??? Almost like a last vacation before the break-up.. She’s not even in the picture. It could be the last vacation before the official break up like when Jenifer Anniston and Brad Pitt went on a beautiful Caribbean vacation and then they broke up shortly after that when they came back to the states…hmmm…Everyone was saying how they looked so happy together at the time…lol

  14. 14
    @10 Says:

    @So: looks like it…

  15. 15
    IrishCurse Says:

    @IrishCurse: a$$hole

  16. 16
    same clothes? Says:

    Does change his clothes like once a month? I swear he was wearing this for all of March?!?!?! Or is it just me??? He doesn’t look yatchy,…he looks like he’s walking in the streets of NY. He’s so bored he doesn’t even bored to get dressed up and be happy about his “vacation”. Its just another day for Leo vacation or no vacation…

  17. 17
    But Says:

    @Metcafe: They have been on vacation since the beginning of the relationship.

  18. 18
    Yippee! Says:

    I spot a different hat?

  19. 19
    oscar has spoken Says:

    I think its hilarious how Toni isn’t in the pics…lol But his friends wife or whatever managed to get next to leo. That seems to happen more often than not… I wonder if Leo doesn’t get tired of being a joke in basically every area of his life.

  20. 20
    HAHAHA Says:

    @oscar has spoken: At least she has her INSTAGRAM to tell us how often, where and whe she’s with Leo. ;)

  21. 21
    THE COOLER Says:

    No.19 at 3:26; Big wow. Leo is a swinger…

  22. 22
    F-ck off Leo Says:

    Leonardo DiCaprio has a crowd of escorts surrounding him as he makes his way to a yacht boarding area

    Yuck, I was eating. JJ great job ruining the heartwarming quote from Kate with this trashy news!!!!

  23. 23
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @oscar has spoken:
    It always amazes me that they are rarely photographed together.

  24. 24
    F-ck off Leo Says:

    @same clothes?: “He’s so bored he doesn’t even bored to get dressed up and be happy about his “vacation”. Its just another day for Leo vacation or no vacation…”

    This +1000000000000000000000000

  25. 25
    Amy Says:

    @F-ck off Leo:

    LOL. They’re taking about his friends but the wording is funny.

  26. 26
    @HAHAHA Says:

    LOL! It`s not like anyone other than the JJ people care about that either.
    Escorts? Quite an interesting choice of word! lol

  27. 27
    @oscar has spoken Says:

    Maybe your life would be a joke too if you got so much media exposure. Can we please see your facebook or twitter, please include a link.

  28. 28
    Leokas Says:

    Sorry Kate, I’m the love of Leo’s life! Leokas 4 life <3

  29. 29
    um.... Says:

    is this how he is working on environmental projects while taking a break?

  30. 30
    @oscar has spoken Says:

    There are many celebs with a lot of media exposure without a life that`s really a joke. That`s just another excuse

  31. 31
    sugarbaby Says:

    I don’t know why ppl are surprised by Leo’s behaviour. He does the same crap over and over again. PR relationships, yachts, clubbing etccc. He is who he plays onscreen. He is no Dalai Lama. He is full of hypocrisy, everything he says is a lie. He will never change. Give up y’all. He does not deserve any better, especially a good woman. He has all the perks he would ever want. I wonder if Toni cares about this, just want the publicity.

  32. 32
    F-ck off Leo Says:

    @sugarbaby: “He does not deserve any better, especially a good woman. ”

    This +100000000000000000000000000

    Imma give up on Leo after this post unless he does something else. I’m not rootin for him anymore.

  33. 33
    sugarbaby Says:

    @F-ck off Leo: People don’t want to admit it that he is the epitome of a rich guy who does whatever he pleases. People always hate on rich ppl for being self absorbed and having an easy life. Leo is this. He is the best at it. He is the person that all ppl love to hate. The fan girls will never be able to admit it. Is it because he is too dreamy, he is Jack Dawson? They need to let go, like Rose in Titanic. I’m done with ppl who look over his actions because he is good looking. If he is such a good person, why doesn’t he use most of his money to help the world and enviro? Why does he use yachts? Why does he use young women and disrespect them? Why does he put up an act when he’s with his peers? Why does he play the same games as other celebs. And ppl hate on Kimye… HA, Leo is just like them, but worse, bc ppl don’t see it, he keeps it private. He is an embarrassment.

  34. 34
    oscar has spoken Says:

    If it wasn’t for Toni’s instagram people would be wondering if they’re actually in a relationship half the

  35. 35
    Leo looking @ the ground Says:

    Leo is looking at the ground in the top pic because he’s wondering “What the fcuk happened in my life?”

  36. 36
    Has she deleted her account??? Says:

  37. 37
    Has Toni deleted her account? Says:

  38. 38
    Meanwhile Says:

    Meanwhile Andy Garfield is teaching autistic kids how to surf, AnnE Hathaway who has received lots of hate is stepping out into the sunshine with her hubby and living her life, George Clooney has found a beautiful lawyer he can be proud to parade around…..

    Bottom line, lots of people who have much less than Leo are able to do more….

  39. 39
    Toni stinky feet Says:

    @Has Toni deleted her account?: @Has Toni deleted her account?: Unfortunately no, Toni and her stinky feet and still here. How else would she be relevant? She needs Leo to get far in life.

  40. 40
    HAHAHA Says:

    Toni already tagging another Leo’s pal

  41. 41
    Thanks JJ Says:

    His official steady escort, which is the barely legal German T-bone, is surely among his entourage. She’s been on his heels wherever he’s been vacationning for the last year.

  42. 42
    F-ck off Leo Says:

    @sugarbaby: Yup yup yup yes to everything you said. Especially this:

    “Leo is just like them, but worse, bc ppl don’t see it, he keeps it private. He is an embarrassment.”

    Leo is a LIAR he is lying straight to people’s faces its disgusting. he talks so much about what is wrong with society blah blah when what’s wrong is delusional manipulators like him. He’s so smug I bet he secretly likes getting away with lying to people, why else would he do it for so long. Thank god more and more people are starting to see the real Leo. His “gentleman” persona is all an act, I seriously rejoiced that he lost the Oscar thank god we didn’t have to hear another smug overly rehearsed speech about Wall Sh-t. Yuck yuck yuck he’s a gross guy I don’t want to see his face anymore STAY AWAY from the spotlight forever Leo nobody will miss you. We’re moving onto bigger and better things your time to become an adult has passed.

  43. 43
    @HAHAHA Says:

    Yep, just like Erin. Remember how Erin tagged Chuck’s wife, Tobey’s wife, Ethan Suplee and even Kevin C. Same pattern all over again. LOL!

  44. 44
    Leo Tarantino Says:

    @Toni stinky feet: Leo likes Toni’s stinky bigfoot feet the smell reminds him of animals in the jungle when he sucks on Toni’s toes he considers this ENVIRONMENTALISM!!!!

  45. 45
    Toni stinky feet Says:

    @Leo Tarantino: LMFAOO! It’s not like he does anything else for the enviro like he claims. Do yachts help? I bet Quentin is rolling over wanting some of her stinky feet !

  46. 46
    Toni Montana Says:

    He knows a think or 2 about hiding in the public to look good. Leo take note!
    Tony Montana: You’re not good. You just know how to hide, how to lie. Me, I don’t have that problem. Me, I always tell the truth. Even when I lie. So say good night to the bad guy! Come on.

  47. 47
    Has Toni deleted her account? Says:

    What’s her statigram then? ?
    B.t.w her google profile has gotten more facts and more people are searching her making her more popular…. The Leo effect

  48. 48
    #### Says:

    I think it’s funny how she hashtags the “Caribbean” and not specifically “stbarths.” Does she think that people don’t know she’s with Leo and his friends especially when she’s posting pics of her with Leo’s friend’s gfs???

    However she’ll hashtag st.. Barths when she’s there’s working. LOL

  49. 49
    Smokey Says:

    He’s rich and your a ****. and you tell bad jokes that the rest of us have already heard.

  50. 50
    Hollaback girl Says:

    @####: She hashtag the place after his other friends do it or after the paparazzi reveal the place.

  51. 51
    Dumb butt Says:

    @HAHAHA: She could have said the same without her stupid hashtag.

  52. 52
    Maddie Says:

    Toni is with him, she posted some pics in her twitter account :-)

  53. 53
    Can't Get No Satisfaction Leo Says:

    We don’t hate Leo at all. In fact, we’ll watch his movies, but only if the movie is good. The fact that Leo is the star does not make us watch the film. Been saying it for a while: Leonardo is RUINED. He was a cute young man, but whenever I see him NOT at an event, he just looks like a BUM. His posture is horrible. He dresses shabbily. He’s not physically fit and he smokes. When people do a lot of stuff they shouldn’t be doing, many times other people can tell. DiCaprio always looks like he doesn’t care, and that happens when you don’t live a life you’re proud of. There is no way dating a different beautiful model every year has given him ANY satisfaction. He probably wonders what is wrong with him or why he can’t be like other men and be content with what he gets. He has never committed to a woman because he simply CANNOT do it! The way he lives will never bring him peace. His thinking needs to change.

  54. 54
    Maddie Says:

    Toni is with him, she posted some pics in her twitter acount

  55. 55
    @#42 Says:

    Can you clarify what he is lying about? What is he manipulating? Has he lied to you? Why are you so delusional about Leo?( his lifestyle is no secret) What really wrong with society is people like you. All you do is complain and make rude comments. Looks like you have some major issues, you need therapy to deal with your life. If you say you don’t care about Leo why do you relentlessly keep up with what he is doing. Please take your own advice used in your comment name and do like wise.

  56. 56
    shoes Says:,default,pd.html he should try on some different colors:)

  57. 57
    ?? Says:

    His main escort is not pictured or mentioned?

  58. 58
    Can't Get No Satisfaction Leo Says:

    @@#42: First off, I’m not #42, but I have to say that you are right about Leo… He’s certainly not lying about who he is. He’s putting it all out there for everyone to see what he is truly about. As he grows older and if he does not change, I’ll bet his women will continue to be very young in age, because only young women who have time to lose and are more carefree would want a man like him. Any woman approaching his age knows better or has learned from other painful experiences.

  59. 59
    Can't Get No Satisfaction Leo Says:

    @sugarbaby: What sux most is that right now, Leo DiCaprio doesn’t deserve a good woman, but he can still get one. You see men like him all the time living wild all their lives until their bodies break down, AND THEN they realize they need help or a live-in nurse. Some lovely, sweet-natured, nurturing woman is always right there for the taking. Many women often feel worthless without a man to take care of.

  60. 60
    LOL Says:

    @Maddie: Yes Toni, we know you are in St Barts LOL

  61. 61
    Wait Says:

    So the reason everyone hates these pictures is because a group of his friends are with him about to go on a yacht? That’s such a big deal? And because he’s looking at the ground in a single photo it means he is bored and wants to kill himself?

  62. 62
    @61 Says:

    @Wait: Yes!
    After all, this is a Leo post on JJ!

  63. 63
    observer Says:

    @Wait: stop being a drama queen nobody said Leo wanted to kill him self but I think his has no satisfaction at the moment and it shows. Only Leo can change Leo otherwise he will continue to garner the same results doing the same things…

  64. 64
    @Maddie Says:

    This is like an old record. The gf (just like Erin used to do) is posting pictures of her vacay along with Leo’s entourage. Yawn. What else is new?

  65. 65
    Wait Says:

    Thing is you guys literally say this about every single of Leo that surfaces. Same sh-t. He’s depressed, he’s pathetic, he wants to kill himself, he is ashamed, etc etc based off what? Pictures of him walking taken by the paparazzi? You can analyze his whole life and everything he feels based on photos of him walking with other friends? Apparently he has to have a huge grin on his face at all times 24/7 wherever he is but funny thing is even if he did smile people on here would still say he is borderline suicidal and wants to jump off that yacht and kill himself for the crime of dating a beautiful model.

  66. 66
    Leo Says:

    You can tell he’s not happy with his life. Poor Leo, but then again, I don’t feel sorry for him so…No poor Leo..

  67. 67
    Wait Says:


  68. 68
    Leo Says:

    Leo looks like he’s about to fall down! lol

  69. 69
    Wait Says:

    I’m sure he takes comfort that strangers obsess and analyze his life so much and apparently know more things about him than he knows about himself.

  70. 70
    Fiddy Says:

    Wow Leo is going to be Forty this year. Will he still be in the clubs?!? Probably…Seems so sad that someone with seemingly so much potential beyond acting is wasting away his life…He could actually be out there helping people…He doesn’t seem truly passionate about the environment. What a waste…

  71. 71
    GFW Says:

    He’s a manbaby and will never grow up. No need to, right? Right.

  72. 72
    o Says:

    Another PR pic on Toni’s Instgram

  73. 73
    observer Says:

    @Wait: people keep on saying the same things because he keeps doing the same sh*t. And unfortunately its the truth…Only like 2 loonies said he would kill himself so stop with the kill yourself talk. Most people aren’t saying that…lol

  74. 74
    observer Says:

    @Can’t Get No Satisfaction Leo: I agree, he doesn’t deserve a good woman. He deserves Toni! He deserves exactly what he’s getting! lol

  75. 75
    breakdown Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo had some kinda breakdown before he got better… It happens… I’m here for the show.. : ) It looks like he’s on the verge of breaking down IMO

  76. 76
    Sick Says:

    I don’t know what’s sadder. The people who wished Irmelin would die soon or the people who want Leo to suffer a breakdown or have depression when he hasn’t done sh*t to them.

  77. 77
    HAHAHA Says:


  78. 78
    sugarbaby Says:

    @Can’t Get No Satisfaction Leo: LMFAO, so thats how Leo’s life will end up. He’ll be so sick and old that a nurse, who is paid to take care of ppl, will his only female companion. No much diff from his life right now, LOL! No good woman can ever put up with a guy like this, she’ll kill herself. If Leo wants to be a kid for the rest of his life, so let him be. He is lucky that he lives a life where that is possible, all that wealth, power and success.

  79. 79
    LMAO Says:

    @HAHAHA: Beautiful posing???? LMAO

  80. 80
    Oh FFS Says:

    The butthurt, desperate, vile. and lonely ex Leo stans need to get over that fact Leo is dating Toni and go get laid and find boyfriends of their own. Its not this healthy to obsess over a man and who he dates and f-cks THIS MUCH. You people are no better then that crazy Andrea looney.

  81. 81
    #Try #Hard Says:

    @HAHAHA: Define Ass-kissing.

  82. 82
    GFW Says:

    Why would he be on the verge of a breakdown? From what?

  83. 83
    Yuck Says:

    Toni Garrn is a disease infecting everyone.

  84. 84
    @Oh FFS Says:

    And you should get over the JJ posters and what they write about. Is it healthy to obsess over comments?

  85. 85
    poor leo Says:

    Not going to happen. He has the remedy for breakdowns. More Vacations!

  86. 86
    @80 Says:

    @Oh FFS: +50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  87. 87
    Oh FFS Says:

    @@Oh FFS:
    Because I literally can go nowhere else to talk about Leo with intelligent and balanced discussions. It literally is only one side of the extreme. BZ people who see Leo as flawfree and a God and they adore his girlfriends or JJ where they want to burn his girlfriends alive on fire and wish for horrible things to happen to him and act like he is Satan. I’m more in the middle. But when 90% on here are the same negative sh-t be it about Toni, Leo, his mother, his friends, his co stars, etc it becomes so unbearable to read and I have every damn right to call the posters out on here for it especially if this is a place where we are supposed to express our opinions. So there’s that.

  88. 88
    @above Says:

    @Oh FFS: so leave! Bye! lol

  89. 89
    What? Says:

    @@above: He/she doesn’t have to leave! You don’t own this place and you don’t own Leo!

  90. 90
    Mia Says:

    Poor Leo has become the Susan Lucci (All My Children) of the Oscars. How many times has she been nominated for a Daytime Emmy & lost?

  91. 91
    Angel Says:

    I hope he feels stifled some more by his boredom. More than ever before! : )

  92. 92
    Oh FFS Says:

    Appreciate your response but I expected either no genuine responses or just snarky responses like that instead of someone just really addressing what I said and trying to consider it.

  93. 93
    Thirsty Toni Says:

    Beautiful Posing?? Toni is a kiss a$$, using Lukas as an official hint on her where abouts…now is tagging him?.He’s still not following her IG! go Lukas !!

  94. 94
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Oh FFS: Hi! This can be a great place to talk about Leo. Unfortunately, since he currently isn’t working on anything, nor appear he has anyrhing in the near future, there isn’t anything to talk about. I know he is supposed to be doing an environmental project, his words, but I am beginning to think that might not happen. :( Hopefully after this ‘vacation’ he might actually do something. Although, with Coachella right around the corner, I somehow, doubt it.

  95. 95
    Margot ig Says:

  96. 96
    Oh FFS Says:

    I think the environmental project will happen after he is done vacationing. He mentioned it more than once and sounded serious about it, plus he looks like he is in no rush to do another movie again, which I don’t really blame him for. And even though he has only been tweeting he recently raised a lot of money for another charity which is nothing to scoff about, plus he recently attended that meeting for Mark Ruffalo’s environmental project thingy so there’s some interest still there at the least.

  97. 97
    Oh FFS Says:

    @Margot ig:
    Cue the people calling her a famewh0re and desperate for posting this loool

  98. 98
    Personally Says:

    @Oh FFS: I think it had to hurt Leonardo DiCaprio to not get an Oscar this time. He loves being an actor. If you hear him talk, acting is his “main squeeze,” definitely not a woman. He has worked with the incredible director Cameron and multiple times in big-budget movies with Marty. Yet, someone like MM (whose career has not been nearly as illustrious as Leo’s) won instead. I say “Ouchy Mama!”

  99. 99
    la S. Says:

    salvation will come by woman

  100. 100
    Oh FFS Says:

    He mentioned how worn out he was during the Django Unchained promo in early 2013 from acting in his latest movies back to back and wanted to take a break, which was a year before this year’s Oscars. But believe what you want I’m not really interested in this Leo vs Matthew competition.

  101. 101
    Margot ig Says:

    Comment: karoly97
    you should post pictures
    off your tits (That was Toni)?lol

  102. 102
    Why is margot important? Says:

    She’s not a girlfriend or a close friend of Leo. They did a movie together. Did you do this with his ex co-stars? What about with Kate? She’s a friend and was a co-star twice! Whatever! Margots fans are so obvious! I mean go on her thread!

  103. 103
    @102 Says:

    @Why is margot important?: That’s what I’m trying to figure out!
    When is the Margot thing going to be over? She did great in WOWS, but it’s over so what’s with the constant updating and random info?

  104. 104
    Really? Says:

    Is that first picture Toni posted not identical to one posted on the thread last night of Bar doing the same damn thing. Then someone asks Toni this morning to post more scenery pictures and wala. And put Lukas in it to boot after posters went on and on about him not follwing her back and maybe not liking her. Girl is f*cking with us!

  105. 105
    Why is margot important? Says:

    @@102: Yeah! I thought she was good in wows and was a fan from neighbours. But with all this obsession it’s like “ok, well, they did a movie together, now get over it” no hate or disrespect to her it’s just like why are you bringing up irrelevant and unimportant things?

  106. 106
    @102 Says:

    @Why is margot important?:
    The people who post Margot on here aren’t actually fans. They post about her constantly and deliberately so she can get trashed on here or to compare her to Toni but that’s it. I have a feeling they do it so they even out the hate she gets to the hate Toni gets. Majority of Leo fans other places like her a lot except this place which is why they post bout her on here.

  107. 107
    @102 Says:

    OMFG, thats kinda weird.
    I wouldn’t be shocked if she read JJ and evil laughed at all of our comments.

  108. 108
    Personally Says:

    @Oh FFS: I’m not either. I’m sure there are no “ill feelings” between the two actors anyway. But I do think that Leo’s body of work is more impressive, and it just seems like his luck hasn’t been good when Oscar season comes around. I think considering how much he loves movies and acting, he REALLY wants at least one Oscar award. I hope his chance comes again.

  109. 109
    Aviciiz Says:

    I wonder why he only dates blondes. First, I thought it was a joke but now it’s getting serious. Does he want to exchange the b*tchy blondie fame with brunettes?

  110. 110
    @102 Says:

    Also I find it interesting this only happened with Margot. No Leo fans GAF about Carey Mulligan or Kerry Washington,lol.

  111. 111
    Why is margot important? Says:

    @@102: Agree. But I think the reson. Why some people don’t like her here is because people constantly post random stuff bait her. And what other websites?

  112. 112
    Why is margot important? Says:

    @@102: Yeah! Just Margot!

  113. 113
    @Aviciiz Says:

    I think he prefers brunettes in general but dates blondes as his official girlfriends.. He’s even dated WOC and brunettes before and even actresses but they never got attention from the media.

  114. 114
    #102 Says:

    The same mental case is losing their shiiit over a Margot posting again you can talk amy adams, cate blanchett , zodiac crap ,and about Kim K ‘s vogue cover for over 2 pages but you constantly bittchh about Margot ?? Get Fuuuckk Out of here!!

  115. 115
    @110 Says:

    @@102: Because some can’t let go of the fantasy stories of Leo and Margot hooking up! They want it to be true, so they can turn around and talk about her like one of his girlfriends!

  116. 116
    Amy Says:


    I like Kerry Washington but she’s married and pregnant.

  117. 117
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Oh GFS: dont get me wrong! I would love to see him do a project. You are right, he has mentioned it several times, so hopefully he will actually do it. But let’s face it, Leo has often said things, but then nothing happens.
    The reason I first noticed Leo was for his work with endangered species – tigers specifically. I was really happy to see him attend Mark’s event and I hope he will get more involved. I think it will be a step in the right direction. It’s great his Foundation is dispersing the money he raised from the auction last year. So far, the grants they have handed out have been excellent!

  118. 118
    Aviciiz Says:

    @113 LOL Yeah! You’re killing me

  119. 119
    @111 Says:

    @Why is margot important?:
    Twitter, Tumblr, BZ, ONTD, etc Leo fans from what I’ve gathered all like Margot a lot. And I’m just talking about the teenage Leo fangirls, but the ones who are also older like in their mid 20s and actually follow his career and have watched his work with Scorsese too. Its hard to find but there are a lot of actual educated Leo stans out there in the Twitter/Tumblr world, its just hard to find in the midst of the Leo fangirls who lust over Jack Dawson.
    And I think some people just find her overexposed a bit which is why she gets hate on here. Also she’s a newcomer and is totally new to the Hollywood scene which at the same time causes more interest in her, not just from Leo fans. She went from starring in Australia soaps to getting a major role in a Scorsese film opposite one of the biggest stars in the world.

  120. 120
    @Aviciiz Says:

    huh? I’m not joking..he has actually dated black women and brunettes and actresses (at least in the 90s) but the only ones who ever received attention or were his official girlfriends were he has always hooked up with random brunettes over the years..

  121. 121
    @Oh FFS Says:

    You’re wrong, all leo’s exe’s have move on, gisele, erin and even BAR all them have boyfriends now so there is nothing their fans have to do in leo’s threads, despite they are leo fans ofc… I think people dislike Toni because of, well her special behaviour and yes because she’s Leo’s current model-girlfriend… give her some time, when leo dumps her she will obv change that behavour – hopefully no more posts on instagram with leo’s friends- and people here on JJ will not give a **** about her anymore…

  122. 122
    Aviciiz Says:

    @@Aviciiz: if he didnt make them official then they weren’t gf huh. Why do you care so much?

  123. 123
    Why is margot important? Says:

    @@111: Yeah I was a fan but she has become overexposed, which she wouldn’t be to people just finding out about her, bier to someone who’s watched her for years she’s becoming overexposed and it’s a becoming more irritating.

  124. 124
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Except did make it official with Kidada Jones by stepping out with her too
    and yet the media barely reported about it, which causes me to believe a large part of that is due to racism. The only gf from the 90s of Leo people remember is Kristen Zang but I just found out he dated Liv Tyler in the 90s too.

  125. 125
    Aviciiz Says:

    Isn’t Margot a french name? wtf?

  126. 126
    Zzzzzz Says:

    #117 is for Oh FFS. My phone auto corrected! Sorry!

  127. 127
    Honestly Says:

    No one cares about TELATUBBIE looking Carey Mullegan…just sayin

  128. 128
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Also don’t forget his thing with Naomi Campbell, apparently Mariah Carey(wtf?), and also interestingly the woman who slashed his face was also a WOC. Also I’m not sure if he dated this woman but this popped up
    So this myth he is only attracted to blondes is a total lie, he just chooses them as the official girlfriend

  129. 129
    Question Says:

    How do you want to see Leo? (for example happy or miserable, vacationing or making a movie)

    I want him to be happy doing whatever he wishes.

  130. 130
    @@Aviciiz Says:

    Can’t forget this woman either!

  131. 131
    @Honestly Says:

    LMAOF! Telatubbie Carey !

  132. 132
    WHAAAT Says:

    I wasn’t aware Leo dated Kidada Jones ????

  133. 133
    Aviciiz Says:

    @@Aviciiz: Ok, so media follows him as he follows media but only making blondies his official gfs.

  134. 134
    @130 Says:

    @@@Aviciiz: So you want every random hook-up with a non-blonde to be reported?
    No one even knows if he and the girl in the picture hooked-up or if it was just a club thing

  135. 135
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Still notice how anytime he’s spotted with a blonde it was always such a huge deal and make headlines on gossip sites but when he was spotted with a WOC no one really made much of it. You gotta admit it has to be due to racism.

  136. 136
    @Aviciiz Says:

    But how come anytime he is seen standing next to a blonde people say they hooked up? Why couldn’t it be the same with a WOC?

  137. 137
    Aviciiz Says:

    @@134: I dont care. He can/should date whoever he wants to.

  138. 138
    Toni's IG comment Says:

    verasgd: He is One of the
    best friend of Leo ! She
    is with Leo there ! After
    his orgy with 10 girls on
    a Yacht ! Toni is now
    Turn ! Tony if you had
    Respect of yourself you
    would not accept his
    Open relationship !  

  139. 139
    Aviciiz Says:

    Way too many b*tches around I suppose.

  140. 140
    @130 Says:

    @@Aviciiz: I think it’s a combination of his reputation and media bias! When it comes to black actors and artists in general, the “urban” media normally does the reporting on them Very rarely do they get main stream coverage, like Lupita did this past awards season.
    When he was younger his relationships (or hook-ups) with non-blondes were covered, but media coverage has grown since then, and Leo has become even more reclusive.
    And he really doesn’t even “claim” the blonde ones. After hanging out for a while, we all come to the conclusion that that’s his new girlfriend.

  141. 141
    @Toni`s IG comment Says:

    `Toni is now Turn!’ What does it mean?

  142. 142
    Really? Says:

  143. 143
    Toni's IG comment Says:

    Don’t know whay she meant?
    jamjamro #luci   4min

  144. 144
    bet Says:

    Kate you’re sixteen years too old for Leo, he trade in models at twenty-four, guess RocknRoll is not getting the job done.
    Plus three kids, three different fathers, even without the age problem, no way Leo is going there.
    You discovered that RocknRoll is not rolling in the dough, but is just an employee of his uncle.

  145. 145
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Thats messed up then. Do you agree with the theory he only dates blondes to keep up an image but likes all kinds of women? I know people say if he dated a WOC there would be no backlash since racism is over and blah blah, but really its not. Our world is still racist more than ever. Did you guys see the backlash Gosling got for dating Eve Mendes and the hate she got from his fangirls?

  146. 146
    @130 Says:

    @@Aviciiz: I may sound naïve, but I would hope Leo is one of the few in Hollyweird who doesn’t think in terms of color. I think he has a type/ideal for what he wants in a girlfriend, but then I think he’s game for hooking up with any type!
    I would buy that he is overly concerned about his image if he actually claimed the girls, but I guess I just give him the benefit of the doubt and say he just has a type. lol

  147. 147
    sugarbaby Says:

    Wow margot already has so many followers and its just been one day! Go Margot! She doesn’t need to tag in Leo’s ppl like Toni HA! Toni and the rest are on to us!

  148. 148
    Amy Says:


    I don’t think our world is more racist. I think a lot of older people are more racist than most young people.

    If these model relationships are for PR I’m not sure what the reasoning is behind it. You’d have to ask Ken Sunshine.

  149. 149
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Here he is leaving with another black woman a couple years ago
    Our world is definitely still racist. We’ve come a long way, but you can’t deny the hardships WOC and POC in general have to face especially in Hollywood and how the rest of the world reacts to them. Case in point, whenever a black actor is mentioned as part of casting for a franchise of sorts like the young actress who played Rue in Hunger Games or Michael B. Jordan who is recently announced to pay the Human Torch there are always a bunch of racist f*cks on the internet making a big scene :(

  150. 150
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Thanks for replying. I think he likes all kinds of woman, I just find it odd his official girlfriends at least from the Media has always been blondes but his hookups have always been with brunettes or WOC. I really do think it has to do with backlash and maintaining an image sometimes. His fling with Blake Lively already got a lot of media exposure as it did, but imagine if she happened to be mixed or not white?

  151. 151
    LOL Says:

    Desperate Black Women. Convinced everyone is secretly in love with you.
    If so why is it so many famous black guys ignore their own and marry white women. Especially in Europe

  152. 152
    Amy Says:


    Hollywood is hard for anyone who isn’t a white male. They’re the ones running the studios for the most part. Things are changing though but it will take time.

    And just because some people are racists, it doesn’t mean that the majority of people are. It’s probably the same person posting under different names most of the time. Either way it’s better to ignore them (don’t feed the trolls)

  153. 153
    @149 Says:

    @@Aviciiz: That was in 2010

  154. 154
    @130 Says:

    @@Aviciiz: There definitely is a media bias, but Leo is such a huge star that I think anyone he dates would be a big deal. It’s like someone like Rihanna, everyone cares about who she’s linked to, and I think the same applies to Leo. But he makes more of an effort to hide his personal life.

    But would the media like it if he were with a woman of color, LOL, that’s a whole different issue! LOL

  155. 155
    F-ck off Says:

    Racist @sshole! You deserve to be flagged for that. Shame on JJ for their stupid flagging options not working because you deserve it big time.

  156. 156
    @ignorant Says:

    @LOL: How in Europe? Why ate you singling out Europe? Have you been to America??

  157. 157
    @ignorant Says:

    @F-ck off: I know! Lol is the biggest rasist!

  158. 158
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Thanks will do that from now on! See just right now, I am ignoring LOL’s comment from above.

  159. 159
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Only 4 years ago. Not too long ago. I did say it was from a couple years ago.

  160. 160
    Shut Up! Says:

    @LOL: People are actually having a decent conversation and here you come with your stupidity! Go away idiot!!

  161. 161
    @Aviciiz Says:

    Good comparison with Rihanna. There are some stars the media just doesn’t care about and who they date as much but thats not true with Leo LOL! The bigger the star you are the more fascination there is, especially if you aren’t already married and have a playboy rep.
    Do you personally think the media and fans would be scathing if Leo did end up getting with a WOC? Cus that would be awful :( I mean if it happened to Ryan Gosling..

  162. 162
    LOL Says:

    Plot twist I’m black!

  163. 163
    LOL Says:

    God please we are overweight black women and most men ignore us while white guys love Asian chicks. We need these forums. Leo hear our prayer validate us by letting you or any other famous blue eyed white guy pump and dump us or look in our direction. Amen!

  164. 164
    Amy Says:


    You’re always going to have a few people who hate interracial couples but I think most of Leo’s fans just want him to be happy.

  165. 165
    @130 Says:

    @@Aviciiz: I actually notice Leo has a lot of fans who are poc (I’m black btw), so I don’t think it would be controversial. Like Amy said, the world is changing and if an actor like Fassbender doesn’t seem to get flack for dating woc, then I don’t see why there would be some outrage with Leo. I think people still want to see Gosling with Rachel, and because Eva is older and gives off ***** vibes, people are hard on them.

    It would be interesting to see the comments from some of his fan girls though. They cross the line already with a lot of the language used, so I could only imagine how that would be for some of his die hards.

  166. 166
    LOL Says:

    I just want Leo to like me. It’s not my fault I’m an ugly cow

  167. 167
    Olive Says:

    What about woman who are dark olive and look a light skin black person. Do you think they’d be classed as one?sith brown eyes and black hair?

  168. 168
    Luxurious life!? Says:

  169. 169
    She comments on others Says:

    So…l. I found these. The first one is from Gerard butlers, then I saw someone copy the rest from Bradley cooper or someone, I can’t remember. But I can’t believe it.
    # 13 Zzzzzz @ 03/23/2014 at 9:34 pm
    He looks old, that beard ages him so much.
    @reply | flag this

    #46 Zzzzzz @ 03/14/2014 at 5:55 pm
    @Hannah come over to Leonardo DiCaprio site and ask HaHa12 that.

    #49 Zzzzzz @ 03/14/2014 at 6:19 pm
    @Hannah don’t listen to also… you need to kiss her ass a little bit. Don’t worry shes all bark no bite.

    #23 Zzzzzz @ 02/21/2014 at 9:02 pm
    @@18 my least favourites are ####, Lilly, and also… My favourite is HaHa12 we have great conversations.

  170. 170
    She comments on others Says:

    I forgot to minus the @flag thing. I think second pretending to be Zzzzzz

  171. 171
    She comments on others Says:


  172. 172
    She comments on others Says:

    Someone commented back to Zzzzzz on the Gerard Butler thread. They don’t like her..

    # 14 NO way @ 03/23/2014 at 9:37 pm
    He hardly looks in his 40′s.
    @reply | flag this

  173. 173
    WTF Says:

    @She comments on others:
    That’s so creepy??? Why does everyone have it out for Zzzzz so damn bad???

  174. 174
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @She comments on others: hi! Definitely not me. I have never even read a Gerard thread or made a comment on Bradley’s. So someone is pretending to be me on other threads? LOL! That’s silly!

  175. 175
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Luxurious life!?: Hi! Thanks for posting the article. How sad what people will do to keep up appearances. Re models and clubs: that does not surprise me. I read somewhere that Leo’s friend Richie, co-owner of 1Oak, knows all the models and they always are around him.

  176. 176
    @104 Says:

    @Really?: fcuking with us..fcuk now but we will see who gets the last fcuk! : )

  177. 177

    @@102: “When is the Margot thing going to be over? She did great in WOWS, but it’s over so what’s with the constant updating and random info?”



  178. 178
    Yuckerz Says:

    Kate I love you too much please stay away from Leo!!!!! Leave him in the dust don’t visit him anymore he has STDs and smelly breath, his entourage are douches they’ll just chase you away. Dump Leo like Blake Lively did ahahahahahahahahaha

  179. 179
    MARGGLE Says:

    “Margots fans are so obvious! I mean go on her thread!”


  180. 180
    Yuckerz Says:

    Kate throw away the JM necklace Leo gave you Jen only wants the publicity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. 181
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @WTF: Hi! Thanks for your words. Personally, I find it very funny that someone would pretend to be me on another thread. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but if it makes them happy!

  182. 182
    Slurp Says:


  183. 183
    Slurp Says:

    Margot and Christoph Waltz’s sex tape will be soooo hot omg!!!! She went from Neighbors to this RAWK N ROLLLLL

  184. 184
    Slurp Says:


  185. 185
    Slurp Says:


  186. 186
    @162 Says:

    @LOL: your lungs maybe…
    We have a black president so anything is possible! : )
    As to Leo dating a black person,…if some fans get…??? LOL Let them be outraged, let them cry, wobble on the floor like babies.. Hate does horrible things to the human body. Only hurting themselves. I have a feeling Leo will end up with someone that isn’t his type. Its going to be fun.

  187. 187
    Awww Says:

    No more Cate Blanchett bashing? Dat had me in tears last night

  188. 188
    Slurp Says:

    MARGOAT kissed Orlando Bland at the GGs afterparty to make Leo jealous but Leo was too busy eating a pig in a blanket to notice SNIFF SNIFF TRAGIC LOVERS

  189. 189
    Mullicute Says:

    No one bashes Carey Mullicute because she’s genuinely nice and sweet and a great actress who stays out of the spotlight. We know she’s too good for Leo and I hope she was never exposed to Leo’s nasty orgies while filming down under.

  190. 190
    Wish upon a starrrrr Says:

    If Leo and Margot won’t work out then I want Leo to date Emma Thompson

  191. 191
    @Luxurious Life Says:

    That person who used to date Mick Jagger is a transexual. The guy has been transformed into a pack of pastic surgeries.
    Jagger is repulsive.

  192. 192
    @191 Says:

    It was posted because of the way her lifestyle is described and it has nothing to do with Jagger or his gf.

  193. 193
    To Kate Says:

    Kate forget Leo he’s not the same guy he was last time you saw him he’s become an empty shell since the start of 2013 omg and PLEASE don’t marry Leo when you’re 80 years old just leave his nasty ass to his maids

  194. 194
    true Says:

    His threads will change a lot when his relationship with Toni end up. First thing that will happen, people will immediatelly love Toni because she’s no longer with Leo, so she’s already a better person only for that. The problem for people here is not Leo’s girflriends but it’s Leo himself, they think he’s some horrible human being because his women are supermodels, because his movies go so well in the box office, because he’s so talented, I guess that’s all great reasons to hate someone, oh yes!

    It makes other people angry when someone live their lives the way they want, not following rules of society, like marriage for example. I’am not saying it’s a better or worse life, but it’s his choice, not yours and that should not be anyone business. Only his professional life is public, his personal life is public by consequence of his sucess as an actor but that’s not his fault, it’s just part of being famous and should not allow people to make such ridiculous judgements about him. His not selling his personal life and you can’t accuse him of that since he rarely say something about it, he’s just on media when he needs to promote his movies. He’s very commited about his career at a high level, he takes it very seriously and he truly loves his work, that should be more respected and admired, not the same old crap about his girlfriends and personal life.

  195. 195
    happy Says:

    @true: I agree the problem isn’t with the girlfriends but with Leo himself, however I dont think the regulars or fans who come here (I’m disregarding the trolls) think he is a horrible human for dating supermodels, they just think its a bit odd that his official girlfriends all look so similar and are so young and seem to put up with being disrespected for a little bit of fame. I also think that people would be less judgemantal of him and his life if he just looked happy, I think people are just dissapointed that he has a life that affords him the ability to do almost anything he wants yet he almost always looks sad (not just talking about smiling in photos – more the look in his eyes). I dont think it makes people angry, just dissapointed

  196. 196
    peepee Says:

    poor leo

  197. 197
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi! Hope you’re doing great! Just watched Mud. Great film! I like the story and the direction was wonderful. I thought all the actors did a great job. Tye was amazing! He really was the star of the film. Jacob reminded me of River Phoenix. I would love to see Leo star or co-star in a small film like this. I think it would be really good for him, almost like returning to his roots! He started off in small films like this and it would be nice to see him come back to them.
    Off to sleep. Have a nice day! Talk to you later! ;)

  198. 198
    Let's put it to rest Says:

    Margot followed Leo around to those parties and Leo let her tag along to be polite. As for whether or not they slept together I could see it going either way. It makes sense that Leo would agree to a very loose relationship of f-cking (only when convenient for him) but I feel like Margot would not put up with that. Leo was spotted out clubbing several times while filming WOWs, this would’ve only hurt Margot’s image if she became linked to him making her look like another doormat beard. This and the fact that I feel like Margot would not be sexually attracted to Leo tell me that their relationship was very friendly and nothing more.

    In fact it probably would’ve been weirder if they weren’t linked at all – this would probably only happen if they really did not get along but it seems like they genuinely got along as coworkers so naturally romantic insinuations come about whenever Leo displays any sort of affection to females since he’s so private.

    The only non-Australian source that published Leo/Margot stories was the NY Post (stories could’ve been bought by Margot’s team) and one of their stories about Leo and Margot spending New Years eve together was proven to be completely false. They were literally spotted in separate continents and tweets/sightings from clubbers and even the airline pilot who flew DiCaprio did not mention Margot at all.

    It came to a point where once the rumors started, every blond spotted next to Leo was identified as Margot even though it clearly was not her. And when Margot actually was next to Leo she was not identified properly. lol.

    Leo’s rep (who usually stays quiet on Leo’s love life since nobody buys it anyways. Even some Blake items were denied by Blake’s rep, not Leo’s) denied the rumors which were all from an Aussie camp and written in a suspiciously Australian embellished dialect hmm I suspect Margot has got an aggressive PR team behind her, and even just being linked with DiCaprio (no evidence required) would give her some buzz and inspire the fangirls who thirst for Leo’s soulmate so badly they’ll praise the next new girl then tear her down eventually.

    All in all, it makes more sense that Margot’s team were just trying to create buzz for their client (which is their job). I’m not accusing her of being a famewh*re but its clear that she and Leo could’ve become a couple and brought more attention to the film. But amongst the romantic rumors Leo was seen clubbing amongst his homebros + Jonah + always a gaggle of girls… I think Leo was just living it up after finally being free of Erin and finally being able to make his passion project.

  199. 199
    Muahahahahahaha Says:

    @true: “First thing that will happen, people will immediatelly love Toni because she’s no longer with Leo, so she’s already a better person only for that. ” try again Toni stand.

    Bar isnt with leo and ppl still hate her because she was a famewhore JUTS LIKE TONI IS ACTING.

  200. 200
    Example Says:

    Here’s an actual JJ comment from the Gatsby premiere, just an example of the lengths people will go to to link DiCaprio with romance:

    Is it just me of Leo is relishously gazing at Carey here?
    What a lovely couple they make.

  201. 201
    Yo Says:

    I guess the next few pictures will be with Toni to show that he’s traveling with her.

  202. 202
    @true Says:

    It is so true. After it ends with Toni, whenever because that may happen in awhile from now, people will hate the next girlfriend even more and pretend they actually respect Toni or find ways to praise her. They did the sane with Erin. She got lots of verbal abuse but once Toni came in the picture and became more hated people praise Erin now and forget about the names she used to be called like Borington.

  203. 203
    ??? Says:

    @Ok: you’ll never get rid of the trolls as they have nothing else to do poor souls !

  204. 204
    ??? Says:

    you’ll never get rid of people complaining about the trolls as they have nothing else to do poor souls !

  205. 205
    My opinion Says:

    If   Leo had a beautiful girlfriend with a successful career and a little more older, I think the most of fans (no trolls) would accept and respect her. Ever body would be happy for him. like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

  206. 206
    My opinion Says:

    Leo can live his life however he pleases. He’s not harming anyone and us being fans does not give us the right to sanction or judge his private life cause we are bored. If we don’t like it follow someone else. There are many other actors out there to follow. Leo’s is not trying to be Brad Pitt, Brad Cooper or Dominc Cooper. He is his own person

  207. 207
    Sweettart Says:

    Angelina Jolie is a homewrecking wh*re who help break up a marriage why do some people look up to her and praise her? Please!

  208. 208
    #### Says:

  209. 209
    shhhhhh go back to sleep Leo Says:

    If we all just stopped being fans of Leo. Moved on from him…would that make him happy. If people ignored his movies and him along with them for another actor would that make him happy. If he went to luxurious establishments and wasn’t given special treatment and consideration for being famous and only got what his money paid for would he be happy. If he lost his fame and women in general ignored his usual advances would he be happy. If he was just one of us a regular guy would that make him happy. If the earth is struck by a meteor and blocks out the sun for a time and there is no television/movies and people burn their money to stay warm because it is worthless paper and celebrity is just a forgotten word would Leo be happy then.

  210. 210
    @#### Says:

    Good PR for Lukas with his movie coming out on April 18 with Johnny Depp

  211. 211
    Sweettart Says:

    Seems like the media is watching Toni’s instagram more often ..and now Lukas’s he could change it back to private.. oh boy

  212. 212
    #### Says:


    I was wondering how long it was going to take for one of the gossip rags to publish the article! LOL

  213. 213
    @My opinion Says:

    Leo is a public figure and we can post an opinion about him on a public board regardless if it’s positive or negative. You should just accept that this is how it works and stop complaining about the comments all the time. The same way you think people should stop follow him maybe you should stop following comments about him.

  214. 214
    Sweettart Says:

    @####: You think Leo told Toni to hide..because it s funny how she’s not pictured getting on with the rest? I know she was lurking! lol

  215. 215
    -_-_- Says:

    JJ had a post on Leo on vacation and no mention of Toni. The next article is full of her IG photos. I wonder how they got the idea to use those photos since DailyMail hasn’t really posted anything from her account before.

  216. 216
    @215 Says:

    Maybe someone didn’t get what she felt she was due!

  217. 217
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Too funny!
    The gossip rags are now looking at IG to come up with a story.

  218. 218
    Yo Says:

    @####: Credits to: Toni Garrn.

  219. 219
    also... Says:

    The funny thing is that even by using her IG photos there’s not a photo of her with Leo anywhere.
    It’s interesting how those IG photos popped up in the DailyMail article. Someone needed some exposure????
    Also I read the article and it was again funny to read that ‘the actor has taken time out from his film schedule to enjoy a holiday in the Caribbean with his closest friends’. What film schedule????

  220. 220
    #### Says:

    I agree with the past few comments. Maybe toni didn’t like the fact that JJ’s article focused on Leo being in st. Barths and Kate’s love for him! No mention of toni anywhere…..yet again! LOL

  221. 221
    #### Says:


    If they knew cameras were there, he might have had her hide so they were seen together.

  222. 222
    So Says:

    Lukas IG became public 3 days ago and gossip sites are already using his pictures?

  223. 223
    also... Says:

    @####: If I see this here on JJ I wouldn’t have said anything since Jared often uses social media accounts in his posts. But this DailyMail article is different. I don’t think I have ever seen them using IG photos like this. And this is the only way to put Toni there.
    Photo source: Toni Garrn herself

  224. 224
    #### Says:


    I agree. That’s why I said I don’t think she liked the fact that JJ posted photos of Leo in st. Barths but the article was about Kate’s love for Leo and nothing about toni. LOL

  225. 225
    #### Says:


    Typo * weren’t seen together

  226. 226
    also... Says:

    @####: Yes, it definitely seems like it. He is the celebrity not her ( according to her recent interview ) but she sure wants some spotlight!
    A comment from the DM article:
    linzmarie83, Clinton Township, United States, 9 minutes ago
    When will Leo wake up and realize these models are only using him to become high profile? She’s loving the fact that she can brag on her instagram. He needs to find someone who loves him for who he is, not his fame.

  227. 227
    Thirsty Toni IG Says: (The name fits perfectly) she’s milking it

  228. 228
    @213 Says:

    And people can say also nice things about him on a public board, only they get called troll for that. Maybe you can also ignore the positive ones

  229. 229
    No chemistry... Says:

    Have these two every traveled alone together? He’s always with friends and her.. Talk about romanitic… This will be over by summer, and everyone will forget the name Toni Gaarn

  230. 230
    @#### Says:

    The DM article uses IG photos of a LOT of celebs esp models like Miranda Kerr. Sometimes they even use old photos to write on a story to fill their pages. They’ve actually done it to Leo before with Helly Nahmad when he was charged

  231. 231
    @My opinion Says:

    @228: That’s what I said: People can post their opinion regardless if it’s negative or positive or as you said nice things. So why would I need to ignore the positive ones?

  232. 232
    also... Says:

    @ @####: But this is the first time they used Lukas and Toni’s? Worked out really well for them!

  233. 233
    #### Says:


    I doubt Lukas leaked his own IG. That doesn’t seem to be his style. My guess is they saw the pic of him on Toni’s IG and went looking for his IG maybe to verify? Just a guess….

  234. 234
    also... Says:

    @####: Lukas is a very old staple in Leo’s life so him leaking the photo(s) is unlikely I agree. I don’t read DM on a regular basis so I haven’t really seen them using IG but if they do… my bad. How lucky ( for Toni ) that they just happened to find hers now so they could place her with Leo in the Caribbean.

  235. 235
    #### Says:


    It has to just kill her that after almost a year of being with leo, she’s generally still considered unimportant. I mean she has spent a lot of time being with him on his vacations, in LA/NYC when he’s there, putting her career on hold to follow him, etc. but she’s no closer to getting really good publicity out of it.

  236. 236
    Yo Says:

    @####: I agree. If now they are tracking his account is because of Toni.

  237. 237
    BAR 2.0 Says:

    Bar used to calls the paps. Toni use her IG

  238. 238
    also... Says:

    @####: I know! As it was said in an article a couple of months ago she is ignored by the media and it doesn’t matter how long they have been dating it’s not changing. I don’t buy this ‘my bf is the star not me’ thing. Saying that after the Berlin Film Festival where she was soaking up the attention. What she didn’t and still hasn’t realized is that being linked to Leo is beyond cliche now and it’s just simply not interesting. Just another interchangeable girl in the line. And this JJ article about Leo on vacation and him being the love of Kate’s life … No mention of her or her IG.

  239. 239
    @also Says:

    @also…: What film schedule????

    Well, you know, they had to say sooooommmeeethinnnnggg?!?!? lol

  240. 240
    @237 Says:

    @BAR 2.0: Leo calls the paps when it suits him too. In fact during the short rebound/relationship with Erin there was a relatively large ratio of clear cut pics of Leo and Erin biking, in empty restaurants and few with Irmelin and Dave (and as Lainey said Leo did not hide his face or dumpster dive with a towel in any of them)

  241. 241
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @Thirsty Toni IG:
    Yes, but she’s also being paid by Nars to promote their products, one by modeling but probably also through social media. It probably makes Nars happy if she has more hits on her IG/Twitter. She’s done this with other products as well.

  242. 242
    My opinion Says:

    Tony just wants publicity .Sad true. Everyone knows, but Leo knows? he is definitely not a naive man.

  243. 243
    BAR 2.0 Says:

    @@237: My point is how many times he has been caught at the airport since he broke up with Bar? Almost none. Only when he has a public event to attend or premiere.

  244. 244
    #### Says:


    Well it obviously looks like since she wasn’t mentioned in the JJ article, it was leaked to the daily mail that she was there in st. Barths too.

  245. 245
    also... Says:

    @####: I also tend to believe that her IG was leaked to DM and she does want attention.
    @My opinion: I’m sure he does. He is not stupid. She knows the girls want the perks and attention and I return he gets willing girlfriends who let him do whatever he wants to do. Havibg relationships based on that doesn’t help him to be happy.
    @Bar 2.0: I agree. IG is Toni’s thing. Erin was a rebound so the world had to see him moving on from Blake so there were photo ops. He doesn’t have it with Toni so she uses IG.

  246. 246
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I am sure gossip sites track people’s IGs. They probably also track other gossip sites’ comments sections. Think about how many times it’s been said on here that Toni leaves hints on her IG to let people know she is with Leo. The Daily Mail article all but says that. Even though she is not in any of the pap shots, she is with him because she posted pics to her IG.
    It’s good for her and for the gossip sites – a win/win.

  247. 247
    "schedule" Says:

    @@also: ahahah same lame excuses from the team who couldn’t even line up his excuse for snubbing australia’s gatsby premiere with baz’s explanation as to why leo wasn’t there

  248. 248
    @243 Says:

    @BAR 2.0: Good point about the airport. I never thought of that

  249. 249
    What Says:

    ‘Protecting our planet’s oceans and the marine species that call it home is one of the most pressing sustainability crises facing humanity today,’ DiCaprio said.’

    Uh…….. says the guy who is guzzling fuel into the ocean with his yachts?!?!?!?!?!?!

  250. 250
    also... Says:

    @What: LOL! I don’t even pick up on things like that anymore.

  251. 251
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: so if they track her if how come this is the first time they used her IG photos? And sorry but I find it hard to believe DM would follow comments on JJ or other sites for info.

  252. 252
    Phony Says:

    Toni is the girl who claims she ‘don’t go to events’ funny since Leo doesnt invite her to many but still she was at the Berlin festival walking many red carpets for no apparent reason.

  253. 253
    ahahahahah Says:

    @Phony: lololol I’ll never forget her showing up to the Grand Budapest Hotel premiere dressed like she was the star of the movie while the actual cast looked awful

  254. 254
    Amy Says:

    I found this last night:

    It’s not verified but I thought it might be Bradley’s because Willie Garson welcomed him to Twitter.

  255. 255
    also... Says:

    LOL! What’s going on? Kevin and Lukas go public on IG, Bradley joins twitter? Guys pushing 40 trying to appeal to the youth?

  256. 256
    @Amy Says:

    If its not verified I doubt its real. Anyone can set up a fake account and its possible the Grason guy (or his people) did not know

  257. 257
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Just Jared has used her Instagram pics on at least one occasion and referenced doing so in the article.
    I think it’s wise for gossip sites to see what stories the competition is running, which stories are getting the most comments and what people are saying. IMO they all check each other out. What’s the point of running a story if no one is interested?

  258. 258
    Yippee Says:

    Cant wait for Leo’s instagram account. With all the selfies and videos off his premieres.

  259. 259
    o Says:

    Sticking your toes out is gross. Gross people.

  260. 260
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    @Blacksharpie: As if Toni and her people had nothing to do with all those pictures. ;)

  261. 261
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Yet they haven’t used her IG before. And you said other sites read comments and I doubt that. Checking out Jarrd’s post is one thing or just simply buying the same photos and posting about it without checking out the competition. Sorry but it’s very convenient that her IG debuted on DM just now.

  262. 262
    lol Says:

    @Yippee: That’s something I never want to see. Actually I think we have seen more of him than we should. Learn more about the real Leo with his weird tastes and his gangsta rapper alter egos. Please dont! I feel it would be even more embarrassing to watch than it already is. lol

  263. 263
    Ok Says:

    Can anyone see this comment?

  264. 264
    Ok Says:

    An it’s posting. Mu posts have not been posting today and the last two I think. Has anyone else had this problem?

  265. 265
    lol Says:

    @Ok: Yes!

  266. 266
    My opinion Says:

    Tony should take advantage of all this publicity to work more and make a name, she is obviously not very smart after all. When Leo dump her, she just disappear like another Bar

  267. 267
    My opinion Says:

    losing valuable years of her life in a relationship with no future.

  268. 268
    Huh? Says:

    @lol: Just a thought. Maybe Leo is not the smart man all assume that he is. Yes, he knows about the film industry but what else? Maybe that’s why he is so insecure and he is scared of hang out with people outside the business?

  269. 269
    LEOFAN Says:

    yeah that wired that toni isnt in the pics,maybe toni and leo had a fight than she left go home to NYC or she had another job to go, leo looked sad in the pics?

  270. 270
    hahahahaha Says:

    @LEOFAN: She is there in St Barts. Plus Leo always looks sad on his vacations.

  271. 271
    LEOFAN Says:

    yeah but if toni is there, should would have been in the pics with him thought. again, i think they had a fight maybe why she isnt with him, just my guess.

  272. 272
    lol Says:

    @My opinion: The funny thing is she seems to be going in reverse. Toni worked A LOT more for high fashion brand and covers pre Leo. Her Fashion Spot Forum was one of the busiest of the young models and she was always the Fashion Week e.t.c. She still gets the occasional cover but since Leo, I dunno if its him or Toni’s mother, she appears to work a lot less

  273. 273
    LEOFAN Says:

    i think toni is on her way back to NYC, my guess again.

  274. 274
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I think the IG pic of Lucas was her way of saying she was on a boat with Leo and friends. It’s probably the same boat they were boarding in the JJ pics. The JJ pics are grainy. The photographer was probably pretty far away or was using a low quality camera. I don’t think anyone knew they were being photographed but … Who knows?

  275. 275
    LEOFAN Says:

    i saw toni on the boat with her feet but was that pic taken this past weekend? the photos with leo and his friends taken today?

  276. 276
    LEOFAN Says:

    pic of toni feet and leo with his friends, were at the taken at same day. but i find still wired that toni wasnt in the pics with leo with friends, idk

  277. 277
    My opinion Says:

    yeah maybe she is rejecting any job, just to be available when Leo wants to see her. pretty sad. She understand that “no drama” means.

  278. 278
    Yes Leo right away!! Says:

    @My opinion: well Leo did say he likes a girl with no drama!

  279. 279
    LEOFAN Says:

    i think leo and toni must have a open relationship!!!!!!!

  280. 280
    My opinion Says:

    A@Yes Leo right away!!: @Yes Leo right away!!: A perfect couple after all!!! LOL.

  281. 281
    They both are working less Says:

    Leo still has not signed up for another movie and seems to have nothing lined up for awhile. Toni works less too. They both are spending a lot more time together too..

  282. 282
    The real prize Says:

    Can’t wait for Leo to win his overdue MTV award for best shirtless performance! Jen Aniston was a bit overrated IMO, Leo deserves this no matter what. I hope he brings Irmelin to the ceremony <3 proud momma

  283. 283
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Oh wow The Daily Mail was able to do a bit of research and put two and two together …. they have a tendency of not doing their research but they know what’s up this time around. Thanks Oxford.

    Even someone on BZ commenting on how the DM put TGs IG pics and the “pap” pics together to determine that she was in St Barts with him.

  284. 284
    Kate looks 43 Says:

    Kate has aged so much since Revelutionary Road she wrinkles a and crows feet around her eyes now they really noticable…she does not 38?? I guess living a fast life is bound to age you… Its amazing how Amy Adams looks so much younger and she has fair skin as well . Perhaps smoking also be a factor!!

  285. 285
    hm.. Says:

    @@237: but why would he call the papz???
    What would he gain from doing something like this?

  286. 286
    @Kate looks 43 Says:

    Having three kids may have to do with it too and her divorce from Sam. Kate looks like she stresses out easily, that can age you a lot.

  287. 287
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Oh, now it matters what Ocford on bz has to say? DailyFail is not well known for doing research or being able to put two and two together ( see how they refer to Leo taking a break from his filming schedule which is nonexistent at this point ) so a little help must have been given them to do the math. If they follow hir IG account how come they couldn’t connects the dots earlier? She has been doing this for a while.

  288. 288
    Random comment? Says:

    @Kate looks 43: Kate’s had more kids than Amy and yeah she smokes like a chimney. She’s always looked older than her age but is much more expressive than Xanax Adams. Can’t really compare the two… Naturally Kate’s face is worn out. She is a happy woman who laughs and smiles constantly and is comfortable with the “consequences” (laugh lines… not a big deal). Amy is too boring to have laughing fits.

  289. 289
    Kate looks 43 Says:

    Not bashing her by the way! Love her work.. but Im just shocked that she looks so much older than some of her peers such as Jen Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Beckinsal, Drew Barrymore Eva Mendes.. etc jmo

  290. 290
    Random comment? Says:

    @Kate looks 43: She’s always looked much older than her age. I love her with Leo but she looked like his mom in Titanic.

  291. 291
    also... Says:

    I think Kate looks just fine as a mother of three at her age. People are different with different genes so comparing her to others is not necessarily fair.

  292. 292
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Let’s just agree to disagree on this. I just think there is a reason why TG posts personal pics on a public forum. That’s all.

  293. 293
    HAHA12 Says:

    @The real prize:
    Love Leo but he is nothing to write about shirtless LOL!

  294. 294
    HAHA12 Says:

    Glad you enjoyed Mud. That young actor Tye Sheridan has a great future ahead of him, and he also reminded me of River Phoenix too. I’d like to see Leo work with the director of it or star in a movie similar to it, it would be a nice change for him and as you said would help him get back to his roots.

    Re Kate- I think she still is a very attractive woman but she has always looked older than her age. Not in a bad way, she has just always been more mature looking. I’m pretty sure she quit smoking since she just gave birth but yeah her and Leo were big smokers and it really aged them both a lot more. There are actresses around her age who look younger than her but I don’t think they have as many kids as she does plus Kate has a very expressive face and moves it a lot which could be another reason for the wrinkles.

  295. 295
    The real prize Says:

    @HAHA12: Leo was delivering a much more raw and gritty performance of the shirtless man with his rippling beer belly, splotchy spray on tan and fuzzy treasure trail. So brave and real of him to completely embody the scum of America with his torso, he deserves this award. However I fear that Zac Efron’s promise of accepting his award shirtless may edge Leo out of the race. I truly hope Leo gets his time to shine with this one.

  296. 296
    Kate looks 43 Says:

    Why take offense its just a general opinion..just like saying Amy Adams is boring..which i understand ..but comparing Kate is not something out of the ordinary she’s only 38 this is not old..but it was just an observation ..

  297. 297
    #### Says:

    @They both are working less:

    IMO I think that’s why they are still together. Leo’s got nothing going on right now and Toni is willing to put her career on hold to hang out with him. Eventually it will get old for him but right now it’s a convenient relationship for him while he figures out his next move.

  298. 298
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Yeah, there’s definitely a reason for that and why she started doing that after she started dating Leo and why there are always hints in her posts.
    I do t wanna fight, we disagree and whatever people on BZ think belongs to BZ.

  299. 299
    HAHA12 Says:

    @The real prize:
    LOL. I want Leo to win either Best Male performance since he won previously for The Aviator which would keep the trend going. Either that or Best Onscreen Duo with Jonah. Or Best WTF moment when he’s crazy on the quaaludes. Best Shirtless Performance to beer belly Leo would be weird as f*ck.

  300. 300
    Monkey want banana Says:

    @####: Also Lukas looks miserable in the DM pic… Leo must be neglecting him

  301. 301
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Kate looks 43:
    Amy Adams looks still so young for her age. She turns 40 this Summer but she really hasn’t aged since Catch Me If You Can.

  302. 302
    LEOFAN Says:

    i think leo not giving toni any attention and want whole world know that she is leo girlfriend herself not leo and why she is bored taking these personal pics, maybe she does it when leo drunk!? i know leo get mad when she take pics because leo doesnt want public knows where he is but toni runied it by pics.

  303. 303
    also... Says:

    @They both are working less: Leo’s break was announced quite a while ago so it’s no surprise. Toni slowed down recently and I think it’s because she wants to be available for Leo.
    What #### said is so true. Probably that’s what keeps them together for now.

  304. 304
    lol Says:

    @####: Well, like her die hard fans disappointed by her lack of work say “She is enjoying it while she can. lol

  305. 305
    Leo back on top Says:

    I have a feeling WOWS will sweep the MTV awards but they still won’t advertise this on the DVD cover LOL does anyone know if Scorsese is nominated? ahaaah can’t wait to see this circus live

  306. 306
    LEOFAN Says:

    leo gonna dump toni if she keep taking pics whenever she is with leo. leo is a very private,

  307. 307
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Leo back on top:
    I wouldn’t even be shocked if WOWS won Best Movie of the Year LOL. Its only real competition would be Catching Fire but WOWS seems like such a MTV choice.

  308. 308
    lol Says:

    JMO I think this break doesnt have to do with “being exhausted” and is more because he feels disappointed the lack of recognition about his work.

  309. 309
    HAHA12 Says:

    Also does everyone agree Margot is likely to win Best Newcomer? Lupita isn’t nominated in that category for some odd reason.

  310. 310
    Leo back on top Says:

    @HAHA12: LOL I don’t think Leo and Marty wanted their target audience to be teens who have no knowledge of the stock market or its 2008 crash ahahaahaha Sorry but if WOWS wins the MTV for best movie (which I think it will) then it’s a joke for both the movie and other movies nominated.

  311. 311
    Kate looks 43 Says:

    @HAHA12 : Yeah She looks amazing ..she’s a pretty low key girl to have a Leo sun she has to have some Virgo in her chart .. probally because she’s on the leo- virgo cusp :)

  312. 312
    Leo back on top Says:

    @lol: He will get the recognition he deserves at the prestigious MTV awards!!!! The screaming and tweeting crowd will revitalize him.

  313. 313
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Leo back on top:
    Lool the teens who watched it likely missed the point of it but the MTV generation loves movies like that. The Scarface and GoodFellas type. They rewarded Pulp Fiction Best Movie of the Year in the 1995 ceremony and both those movies have the same type of audience so I wouldn’t be shocked if it wins. But yeah if it wins Best Movie then that means Leo would win the award since he produced it LOL

  314. 314
    But Says:

    @LEOFAN: She has been taking pictures since the beginning. And although His other gfs were also addicted to social networks, only with Toni there have beenso many leaks on instagram.

  315. 315
    HAHA12 Says:

    But he still won a Golden Globe and Critics Choice Award, not an Oscar but its not like he went completely empty handed. I get the sense he is starting to lose passion for acting especially since he put so much energy and time into Wolf and who knows how many more energetic performances he can keep giving like that. He said he wants his next project to really catch his eye and excite him this time and looks like nothing has so far.

  316. 316
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I agree. A movie or environmental project would keep him busy and fill up his time. I think she is someone to spend time with and to bring along on his many vacations. Most of his friends and his mom too have someone they bring along on trips. He would be the odd person out if he didn’t bring someone.

  317. 317
    They both are working less Says:

    @ also and ####

    But I think Leo does not want to sign up for another movie still, deliberately….which means him and Toni will be together even longer..

    I wouldn’t be shocked if he still doesn’t sign up for a movie during the Summer now.

  318. 318
    @But Says:

    @But: Because she is the girlfriend more ignored by the media.

  319. 319
    My opinion Says:

    I think Leo feels exhausted from work, and he think resting will feel better, but no! opposite happens!!! with more free time he can think more about his empty life. Then he returns to work. Only spins in circles

  320. 320
    Kate looks 43 Says:

    Margot looks older than 23 ?At least 28 .. but im sure Im not the first to say this ..Toni looks more 25 than 21! I doubt if Leo will attend the MTV awards I could be wrong.

  321. 321
    Leo back on top Says:

    @HAHA12: LOL@ them awarding Pulp Fiction when that film is clearly for adults familiar with the LA underground/gangster scene. I guess the kids just liked the coolness factor, but at the same time it seems like movies like Pulp or Wolf are not meant for teens, it seems odd to put them in competition with films like Catchng Fire (not saying its bad but its clearly has a different audience).

  322. 322
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Kate looks 43:
    I think if Jonah attends, then so will Leo.

  323. 323
    Leo back on top Says:

    @Kate looks 43: I think he’ll only attend because WOWS has a huge chance of winning tons of awards and he would have to record like 5 webcam acceptance videos which would be awkward LOL but who knows his “schedule” might be too full… we’ll see

  324. 324
    also... Says:

    @They both are not working: he signed up for another movie with Jonah recently. I doubt it’s deliberate. It takes him time to join new projects. Your comment kinda sounded like he is deliberately doing this so he can spend more time with Toni. I don’t think that’s the case with him but that’s definitely the case with Toni.
    @lol: Lack of recognition for his work? I think he gets a lot of recognition for his work but he didn’t get the Oscar. But I don’t think that means lack of recognition.

  325. 325
    @HAHA12 Says:

    @HAHA12: Hopefully he isnt going to pull a Jim Carey show on stage crying because he didnt win the Oscar.

  326. 326
    tumble Says:

    oooo baby cant wait to see margot suckin leo’s d*ckie on the red carpet and in the plastic seats!!!! GLAMOUR~~

  327. 327
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Leo back on top:
    I agree. If you noticed MTV recently has been nominating more adult and rated R “Oscary” movies ever since the Twilight saga ended. Movies like 12 Years A Slave and Dallas Buyers Club and American Hustle(I don’t think many teens even liked this, it seems something adults would enjoy more) got nominations among the likes of Catching Fire and The Hobbit. It looks pretty awkward since those 2 movies have more younger fanbases.

  328. 328
    tumble Says:

    Margot was snubbed for most annoying PR team!!!!!! >:0

  329. 329
    Standing Ovation Says:

    For Leo and his MTV awards. Toni is going to be his date.

  330. 330
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Leo back on top:
    The ceremony isn’t until April 13th so who knows what will become of his “schedule” til then :p But LOL I’m starting to think he may just attend especially if he wins. Actually he probably will win at least something since he received the most nominations of any actor there and I’m pretty sure MTV tells the actors ahead of time if they won or not.

  331. 331
    #### Says:


    I totally agree with this statement. I don’t think this break has anything to do with him still being exhausted from filming WOWS. He’s had more than enough vacations to get over his exhaustion. It’s definitely disappointment after putting so much energy into campaigning/promoting and as everyone keeps saying this movie was his “baby.” Hopefully he’ll find his mojo soon. It’s a bit frustrating watching him just go from place to place with nothing going on especially when it doesn’t look like he’s enjoying himself.

  332. 332
    Please lord Says:

    Leo’s gonna have a breakdown any minute. What if it happened at the MTV awards?? AHAHAHHHAHA

  333. 333
    Standing Ovation Says:

    He will thank Lukas and Jonah in his speech.

  334. 334
    HAHA12 Says:

    I don’t think he would do that LOL

  335. 335
    Leo back on top Says:

    @Standing Ovation: And he will thank Toni for being his morning alarm clock ;)

  336. 336
    Standing Ovation Says:

    Bradley will be the presenter of the award and will give him a warm, big and long hug.

  337. 337
    Leo pulling a Jim Says:

  338. 338
    Leo back on top Says:

    @HAHA12: Yeah I think they know who’s winning before hand (since Leo already had his award in his acceptance vids for Aviator and Departed). I think they try to strike a deal to get certain celebs to show up in exchange for awards, not saying that Leo does this but they probably really want him to come so they nominated him everywhere. And I don’t think Steve McQueen and the likes would bother to show up LOL MTV probably told the grannies and grandpas to stay home.

  339. 339
    Right on Time Says:

    We all knew he was going to go on a vacation after the Oscar ceremony whether he won or lost. Well, I knew it, I don’t know about everyone else. That’s what he does. Something BIG happens in his life, or not so big in this case, he goes on a vacation to celebrate it or unwind.
    If he had won the Oscar you better believe this vacation would have been much much sooner! LOL
    But because he lost, this little vacation took a little longer to manifest.
    This is a vacation to soothe his wounds. Meaning he’s not really into it. Its like a “everything is gonna be alright” vacation.
    So now what is he gonna do after this vacation? Go on another vacation?!?! lol
    I would also like to point out that these vacation does the opposite of revitalizing him. They actually drain his energy. If Leo goes on another vacation after this one he will look the same or worse but never better.
    Its like he’s doing everything just to occupy the time in his life from the boredom. He needs to look within. Once he realizes the answers or not on the outside, and in endless vacations and with clubbing and his gf or even his job he will be better for it.
    This is a great time for Leo if you look at the bigger picture. I just think he must be so bored right about now. lol
    I can’t imagine how he feels now, all that money and he’s so restless.
    It will be so interesting what he does next life wise cause he’s looking rather lifeless now.
    I mean is he seriously going to spend this year clubbing again?!?! That’s what 2013 was for! But what will 2014 be about?! So this is my read on Leo. He can run from life lesson but he can’t hide. Life will catch up with you sooner or later forcing you to make a choice and this is what Leo is going through now. Life is basically telling him to take a sh*t or get of the pot.

  340. 340
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Leo back on top:
    LMFAO dead! And I’m in agreement with you, last year I doubt Bradley Cooper would of showed up if he didn’t already know he was winning Best Male Performance. I’m going to lol so hard if Amy Adams shows up to this. I doubt any of the big stars like JLaw will show up so they need Leo there.

  341. 341
    Leo back on top Says:

    @Leo pulling a Jim: LMFAO Leo will show up smoking (an e-cig of course) and hunched over with sadness but for Leo it won’t be an act

  342. 342
    Leo's MTV speeches Says:
    wow so long ago

  343. 343
    Rising star!!! Says:

    Leo’s eyeballs will be facing the direction of margot while she’s on the stage OMFG HE’S IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. 344
    Standing Ovation Says:

    The winner is Leo D cap

  345. 345
    also... Says:

    @####: I agree with how you said it. I don’t agree with the part that says lack of recognition though. I think he was definitely recognized but not to the fullest extent. It must have been tiring to do 3 movies in a row but you are right. He had enough time already to recover.
    This is so cute ( except for the first photo and his hair )

  346. 346
    #### Says:

    @They both are working less:

    Well I’m going to think positive and hope that he gets tired of this rut he’s in and throws his hat back into the acting ring or he decides to throw himself into some environmental projects! :-)

  347. 347
    HAHA12 Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I love how they’re still friends after all these years.

  348. 348
    Leo back on top Says:

    @HAHA12: I feel like Jlaw is much more suited to his kind of venue than any of the bigger a-listers but yeah I can see her not showing up due to her busy schedule (its funny that she has an actual schedule, unlike Leo, but Leo will be the one to show up for this crap LOL). I wonder if Lupita will show up then? I don’t know all the nominees so it’ll be interesting to see if like… half the a-listers nominated show up and the rest are filler LOL. And yea I can’t picture Amy Adams showing up at all, who is her competition? Is Cate Blanchett nominated?? Lolololollllllll

  349. 349
    Adorable Says:

    @also…: *sniffle* It’s so cute how well they’re suited for each other, even down to their height and age. Leo looks manlier next to a woman who doesn’t tower over him lol.

  350. 350
    Not going Says:

    Leo will not be going to the MTV movie awards.

  351. 351
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Leo back on top:
    Lol Amy has been everywhere this awards season it was sorta a dig at her but I kinda doubt she’d go too. I can see Sandra Bullock attending of the big stars and that’s it LOL. They desperately need Leo there otherwise they will be star-less. For some reason I don’t see Lupita attending but maybe she could, since she was nominated. I see just now Jonah was nominated for multiple awards too also for This Is The End so I’m starting to think Leonah will be making an exclusive appearance together LOL.

  352. 352
    @#### Says:

    Lets hope he throws his actual hat in the washing machine uggghh :)

  353. 353
    #### Says:

    @Right on Time:

    Nicely said. I agree with most of what you said. These vacations do not make him happy and he needs to look within. I hope he does it sooner rather than later. Like I said, he needs to find his mojo again, i.e., find a film, work on an environmental project, etc. I would hate to see 2014 be more of the same of 2013. :-(

  354. 354
    Stinky Hat Says:

    @@####: Leo pays people to wash his clothes in the river its more eco friendly. while he’s waiting he smokes a cigar on his yacht

  355. 355
    #### Says:


    LOL I wonder if he ever washes those damn boat shoes he wears all over the place or does he just have lots of the same shoes in the same colors??? Maybe the same for his newsboy caps??? :-)

  356. 356
    Question Says:

    Was Gatsby nominated for anything at the MTV awards cause that seems like their kind of movie

  357. 357
    Lilly Says:

    Toni will sit in between Leo and Margot at the MTV Awards

  358. 358
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    Me go to the MTV awards …Haah! Not if they paid me!

  359. 359
    Bitach Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says:
    They didn’t even nominate yo ass!

    • Amy Adams — “American Hustle”
    • Jennifer Aniston — “We’re the Millers”
    • Sandra Bullock — “Gravity”
    • Jennifer Lawrence — “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”
    • Lupita Nyong’o — “12 Years a Slave”

  360. 360
    WTF Says:

    @Lilly: They nominated Jen Aniston over Blanchett??? LOL what about Meryl or Emma Thompson… or any actress really ahhahahahhh

  361. 361
    Amy Says:


    Maybe he needs to get in touch with his spirituality. I noticed he was wearing Buddhist prayer beads at one of his appearances for WOWS. He should take a trip to Tibet and meet with the Dalai Lama.

  362. 362
    Amy Says:


    I know. Wow, Jen really has a lot of friends in Hollywood. She’s a TV actress and should go back to that.

  363. 363
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    @Bitach: Yeah all those girls were raised in trailer parks.. they fit perfectly .. smh

  364. 364
    SHAMballa Says:

    @Amy: He was just wearing that bracelet because he’s gay. Leo doesn’t know anything about fashion or culture.

  365. 365
    @Amy Says:

    @Amy: Are there any clubs in the Tibet ?

  366. 366
    @Cate Blanchett Say Says:

    Your such a snobby biittchh ! LOL keepit comin.. ;)

  367. 367
    Caption this Says:

    LOLZ she looks so stiff when she kisses him

  368. 368
    Blanchett's MTV Speech Says:

    Jen Aniston will star in anything, I loved your performance Jenny, felt like I was watching it until the end of time. I dedicate this popcorn shaped piece of poo to Phlip Seymor Hoffman although I don’t know how he would feel about that. Just gotta take attention away from the Woody fiasco.

  369. 369
    Leo Says:

    @Caption this: Leo looks delicious.

  370. 370
    Nonono Says:

    @Caption this: YUCK her back!!! there’s a reason why you don’t wear those backless dresses if you’re not athletic or OVER 40!!!!! Leo didn’t want to touch that waterfall of fatty tissue, he still hasn’t forgiven Blanch for winning an Oscar for “his” film

  371. 371
    HAHA12 Says:

    The recent Blanchett bashing is random but hilarious LOL. And I like her

  372. 372
    @Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    @caption this: It was like kissing nephew uhhhh!

  373. 373
    wtf Says:

    @Amy: meeting the Dalai Lama wont do you any good if you’re not willing to change the person that you are on the inside.

  374. 374
    #### Says:


    LMAO!!!! :-)

  375. 375
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    @Nonono:Excuse me but just like your precious Kate I have had 3 children..and they all have the same father (coughs)

  376. 376
    @Cate Blanchettsay Says:


  377. 377
    Natalie Wood Says:

    I wish to see Leo with someone as lovely as she was

  378. 378
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    So is that Margot girl going to the MTV awards ? She’s going to be disappointed that she won’t be the only bad actress there..

  379. 379
    RIP Says:

    Prime Minister of Malaysia just confirmed that MH370 ended in the Southern Indian Ocean. No one on board survived the crash.

  380. 380
    @RIP Says:

    @RIP: OMG so sad!

  381. 381
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    I told Julia Roberts to suck it!

  382. 382
    Toni Says:

    My favorite word: Schadenfreude

  383. 383
    also... Says:

    @RIP: That’s is incredibly sad! RIP

  384. 384
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    @Toni: who’s Toni?????

  385. 385
    Comments LOL Says:

  386. 386
    Toni Says:

  387. 387
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Is that David Bowie.??..hmm

  388. 388
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    All those comparing me to Tila Swinton can suck it!

  389. 389
    @Natalie Wood Says:

    I hope you’re kidding….!!!???!!!
    Forget about Leo being interested in a woman with substance, class and talent. And a brunette???? No way!

  390. 390
    @Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Are you a jealous ugly girl behind your computer.??..hmm

  391. 391
    Natalie Wood Says:

    @@Natalie Wood:
    i know i know but she was such a beautiful woman and her death was so sad. and she was such a sweet woman as well. i wish leo could be with a woman like her if he opened his mind and heart and tried giving real love a shot. personally if he looked happy with toni i wouldnt be saying this but i cant bear to see leo look so sad and bored even when he is surrounded by people anymore.

  392. 392
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Cate blanchett role playing get a clue!

  393. 393
    Toni's IG Says:

    I don’t know if that comment was posted before bc I didn’t read the last 12 pages now.

    He is One of the best friend of Leo ! She is with Leo there ! After his orgy with 10 girls on a Yacht ! Toni is now Turn ! Tony if you had Respect of yourself you would not accept his Open relationship !

    BTW she lets us know that she is with Leo’s best friend, maybe she wants to prove that the relationship is serious with Leo?

  394. 394
    #391 Says:

    @Natalie Wood: You do know Natalie Wood was wildly promiscuous starlet and slept with almost all of her co stars. She had a relationship with Frank Sinatra while underage for one and was notoriously bithcy to some of her co-stars especially on West Side Story. People have such a false impression of old Hollywood cause there were no blogs then

  395. 395
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    I get the feeling I am the celebrity version of @also…

  396. 396
    @cateblanchettsays Says:

    Bahhahahahahahaahahhaaahhaaaahaha!!! so wrong!

  397. 397
    also... Says:

    @Toni’s IG: That comment was posted over the weekend. Who knows if there’s any truth to it?
    Lukas… If that’s what she thinks she is dumber than I tought. His girlfriends being around his family and close friends is standard so it doesn’t really mean anything. Maybe for her…

  398. 398
    also... Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says: What’s your problem? Trying to be funny? By the way it’s Tilda Swinton, genius.

  399. 399
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    @also: It was just a joke and i know how to spell it .. why so sensitive ?? its just a parody!

  400. 400
    also... Says:

    @399: what’s funny for you is not necessarily funny for everyone else.

  401. 401
    OM Says:

    the Dalai Lama does not live in Tibet he fled to India decades ago to form an exile Tibetan government

  402. 402
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    Are you upset about the comment about you?? are you upset about the all other comments?? just curious

  403. 403
    also... Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says: The one about me and sorry but I didn’t find it funny.

  404. 404
    @cateblanchettsays Says:

    I think also… got offended at your comment towards her. But besides that I thought your
    comments were sarcastic more than insulting. She might not forgive you though :)

  405. 405
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    ok also… im sorry hope you can accept .. ???

  406. 406
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    So where is Pillsberry dough boy Jonah I need him to sweep my driveway..

  407. 407
    MTV Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: ahahahahahahaha

  408. 408
    MTV Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: I think Blanchie’s whipped husband takes enough care of the driveway and Blanchett mansion. Pillbury Hillboy can bake goodies for the kids.

  409. 409
    Jonah Says:

    @Cate Blanchett: Sweep ya own driveway you stuck up pompous biiatchhh!

  410. 410
    So Says:

    So… was it Leo or Toni’s camp that bought that DailyFail article? “Leo deserves a vacation”…. not even Irmelin herself thinks this anymore

  411. 411
    Sound familiar anyone? Says:

    I caught that show on E! last night The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and it was as if I was seeing what it might be like to be in Leo’s crew. The cast went to Vegas on a private jet ($40,000), ate at Nobu in a private room with private chef ($1,000) and partied at 10 Oak ($30,000 in drinks). All the while talking about IG and the importance of selfies. These adults not kids spend millions on bags, designer clothes, private yoga/spinning classes, vacations and more vacations and lunching. Sound familiar?

  412. 412
    Attension JJ posters Says:

    Omg saw on my IG news alert that TONI IS NOW FOLLOWING ——NINA AGDAL’s IG account LMAO! this is not a puppets Dance! ;)

  413. 413
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi! Just got back from seeing Grand Budapest. OMG! So funny! Adrien Brody and Willem Dafoe were hysterical. Well, the whole cast was, but the two of them – LOL! Also, the scene where Dmitri discovers the painting missing – the whole audience was laughing! Great movie!
    re the DM story: I have to agree with most of the posters that it was really weird how all those IG photos were used.
    Off to workout! Will be back later! ;)

  414. 414
    Newcomer Says:

    Hello everybody! I hope you are all fine!

    A report from E! about their holidays in St Barths. It seems they left Sunday night after the yacht excursion (“DiCaprio, Garrn and the others departed the tropical local Sunday night”).

    I spot a few mistakes:
    -”DiCaprio and Garrn were snapped getting off a yacht with their group in St. Barts on Sunday”: Toni is not the blonde girl pictured with him (same pic as here).
    -”the gang, who arrived to St. Barts Friday night”: They didn’t arrive Friday night but Wednesday night according to Lukas’ IG.

  415. 415
    Ok Says:

    ‘One-sided relationship3 minutes ago+1replyreport
    I find it interesting how all of his girlfriends revolve their lives around Leo. HIs friends, his vacations, his interests, following him all over the world. It’s all about him.’ basically what everyone’s been saying. It’s becoming more and more obvious and lots are calling him up on other sites.

  416. 416
    #### Says:


    I love Willem Dafoe!!! Do you know that after one of his movies, I wrote to him at his address in NYC (it was actually in the phone book!!!) and he sent me back an autographed photograph!!! And not just a reproduction but an actual autographed photograph! It was awesome!!! Have it to this day! :-)

  417. 417
    #### Says:


    Leo and Toni may have arrived later than Lukas and Tobey though. When was that weird art video posted? Wednesday or Thursday???

  418. 418
    Yo Says:

    @Toni’s IG: All details courtesy of Toni Garrn IG.

  419. 419
    #### Says:

    @Attension JJ posters:

    WOW….how to even respond to that bit of news! LMAO

  420. 420
    PR TEAM Says:

    Another PR article full of “close sources”.

  421. 421
    #### Says:


    So finally went to the doc today regarding my leg. It’s my sciatic nerve. I guess I’ve oever-extended it. I had no pain until she pushed on the damn thing! LOL

    Still working out but she’s got me on anti-inflammatories and I’ve got to see my neuro. Hoping that the anti-inflammatories work though and will need nothing further like x-rays, PT, etc.! :-)

  422. 422
    Toni Says:

    This girl is really desperate for attention. Now every articles focuses on her and her Instagram.

  423. 423
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: According to her IG, the art video was posted on Wednesday afternoon. She posted a pic from St Barths on Friday afternoon (“toughest part of the day…”). They could have arrived later of course. But they wrote that “the gang” had arrived on Friday and at least Lukas and Tobey were there Wednesday. But it’s just a detail.

    @Ok: I didn’t read the comments. Thanks! I think it is obvious to more and more people that they (girlfriends) do as he says and not the contrary. When she left LA for Miami (after the Palm Springs getaway), he stayed in LA to party and then went to NYC just to go clubbing and a few days after, she rejoined him in NYC. He could have accompanied her in Miami as he had nothing to do except clubbing but he spent these days (and nights!) with friends in LA and NYC.
    The most liked comments on the Daily Mail are implying (maybe not seriously but they just wanted to make a joke) she is the third wheel in his relationship with Lukas. I don’t believe he is gay at all but it seems nobody takes him seriously anymore when it comes to his private life. And like Zzzzzz and others, I also think it is strange that they suddenly found her IG account and came to the conclusion she was there. There are plenty of times where they wrote an article about Leo, saying they had not been seen together since this or that day but if they had watched her account at the time, they would have known they had actually seen each other after this or that date. And suddenly, they found her account! I think it is a bit suspicious as they are not really the best at “investigating”. And jmo, but Toni is really hinting more and more. Like that “caribbean” hashtag just after Lukas wrote “Caribbean night”. I may be too far fetched but the last time she went to St Barths, she wrote she was in St Barths.

  424. 424
    @Toni Says:

    @Toni: And you’re giving it to her!

  425. 425
    Newcomer Says:

    And LOL about her following Nina Agdal account!

  426. 426
    Amy Says:

    Poor Kevin. First he couldn’t come on the trip and now this:

  427. 427
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Checking in again while my personal chef is cooking my beef stroganoff…

  428. 428
    #### Says:


    Good points regarding the other DM articles. She hints a lot when they are on a vacation somewhere. Like she did with Aspen and Cabo.

  429. 429
    Bar 2.0 Says:

    People thought she was innocent or naive like Erin but quickly she is proving being Bar Refaeli. All she wants it’s to get attention.

  430. 430
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Im sure dough boy Jonah is somewhere wimpering over Leo, while gorging on ham sandwiches and beer! uhhhh

  431. 431
    #420 Says:

    I can understand that the question is Why?

  432. 432
    Flash News Says:

    Toni is following Django on IG.

  433. 433
    Flash News Says:

    Toni is going to start following Cecilia “Cessi” Garcia on IG

  434. 434
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Good points, and I find it strange how they suddenly ‘found’ her account also. I do agree with her hinting, she’s getting at it even more. I wonder what him and his (real) friends thought of the instagram photos being used. Although they do use other celebrity’s accounts, it is defiantly weird that they’ve just found her account and her pictures which link her into the article.
    The relationship is one sided and out of convenience.

  435. 435
    Ok Says:

    Toni’s following Ninas account. *facepalm*

  436. 436
    Ariel Says:

    What was the point of going to St Bart from Wed-Sun! Absolutely nothing…Hope Leo had the time of his life!! On to the next meaningless vacation! I think he should just rent/buy a boat and go from country to country…and then when he’s done he can go to space! Then go from planet to planet to cure his boredom! : )

  437. 437
    The Love Boat Says:

  438. 438
    Ariel Says:

    @The Love Boat: interesting…that doesn’t look like Toni…that girl looks like she as shape and Toni is basically a toothpick and has shorter hair unless she put in a weave?? Also I think T-Bone is paler… Is that St Barts??? Maybe its his friends wife…Once again she’s not pictured with Leo…

  439. 439
    The Love Boat Says:

  440. 440
    @Ariel Says:

    Omg its Bar, its the crazy Bar stan who reposts old pics of them whenever Bar is mentioned.

  441. 441
    The Love Boat Says:

  442. 442
    Amy Says:

    @The Love Boat:

    No wonder Leo doesn’t commit to these women. They all seem really clingy.

  443. 443
    Ariel Says:

    @@Ariel: oh haha Thanks. No wonder!

  444. 444
    The Love Boat Says:

  445. 445
    The Love Boat Says:

  446. 446
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  447. 447
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  448. 448
    Attension JJ poster Says:

    It looks like Toni unfollowed Nina for some reason.. ? unless Nina blocked her?? LOL

  449. 449
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  450. 450
    The Real Love Boat Says:×567/19730_1.jpg

  451. 451
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  452. 452
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  453. 453
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  454. 454
    Nooooooo Says:

    @Attension JJ poster: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  455. 455
    Actual Loveboat Says:

  456. 456
    lol Says:

    I understand you trying to stop that loser pic spamming stan still not over Leo cheating on and dumping Barf so publicly, but your response is also bogging down the thread.

  457. 457
    Actual Loveboat Says:

  458. 458
    Actual Loveboat Says:

  459. 459
    Cute Says:

  460. 460
    Actual Loveboat Says:

  461. 461
    Actual Loveboat Says:

  462. 462
    Actual Loveboat Says:×0-1.jpg

  463. 463
    Hot LoveBoat Says:

  464. 464
    Actual Loveboat Says:

  465. 465
    Bleo Says:

  466. 466
    Hot LoveBoat Says:

  467. 467
    Bleo Says:

  468. 468
    The Dud Boat Says:

  469. 469
    Truest love Says:

  470. 470
    Bleo Says:

  471. 471
    Truest love Says:

  472. 472
    Truest love Says:

  473. 473
    Truest love Says:

  474. 474
    PEOPLE Says:


  475. 475
    Truest love Says:

  476. 476
    Truest love Says:

  477. 477
    Bleo Says:

  478. 478
    Ariel Says:

    @Attension JJ poster: lol

  479. 479
    Truest love Says:

  480. 480
    Bleo Says:

  481. 481
    Truest love Says:

  482. 482
    Bleo Says:

  483. 483
    Hot LoveBoat Says:

  484. 484
    Truest love Says:

  485. 485
    Truest love Says:

  486. 486
    @482 Says:

    @Bleo: Love Leo’s cheeky smile there

  487. 487
    Truest love Says:

  488. 488
    Bleo Says:

  489. 489
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Uhhh Jonah looks like a ****** in that pic .. get control of yourself fangirl!

  490. 490
    Truest love Says:

  491. 491
    Truest love Says:

  492. 492
    Bleo Says:

  493. 493
    Hot LoveBoat Says:

  494. 494
    WTF Says:


  495. 495
    The Love Boat Says:

  496. 496
    Good Bye Leo Says:

  497. 497

  498. 498

  499. 499
    @496 Says:

    Something Bar will never have

  500. 500
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  501. 501
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    @true love fo sho: Over my dead body!!

  502. 502
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  503. 503
    @500 Says:

    Aw. Leo and Gisele were qt.

  504. 504
    Margot IG Says:

    Toni 2.0 milking WOWS

  505. 505
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  506. 506
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  507. 507
    The Real Love Boat Says:

  508. 508
    Good Bye Leo Says:

  509. 509
    @496, @508 Says:

    something Bar will never have!!

  510. 510
    Cate Blanchett says Says: Kate and Cate she copied my dress color..

  511. 511
    lol Says:

    Toni did NOT follow Nina, not yesterday, not today, NEVER. Stop lying and fooling people. Not everyone here is stupid to believe your bs.

  512. 512
    Come to mama Leo Says:

  513. 513
    Come to mama Leo Says:,267

  514. 514
    Come to mama Leo Says:

  515. 515
    Amy Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says:

    I don’t get why Kate Winslet keeps her hair blond. I thought she looked much better as a red head.

  516. 516
    Come to mama Leo Says:

  517. 517
    Come to mama Leo Says:

  518. 518
    poor leo Says:

    He’s already thinking about his next vacations for this weekend wishing begin today.

  519. 519
    Honest question Says:

    Do you really think Leo is depressed?

  520. 520
    Cate Blanchett says Says: This is when Leo’s condoms fell out ! uhhh!

  521. 521
    @Honest question Says:

    listen to your opinion first

  522. 522
    @Cate Blanchettsays Says:


  523. 523
    Honest question Says:

    @@Honest question:
    What do u mean

  524. 524
    Newcomer Says:

    Did they find it on Toni’s IG? LOL

  525. 525
    poor leo Says:

    He’s so bored that is considering joining the Boy Scouts Field trips

  526. 526
    Ok Says:

    When people spam I end up not reading people’s posts.

  527. 527
    LOL Says:

    ‘He’s so bored that is considering joining the Boy Scouts Field trips’

  528. 528
    Cate Blanchett says Says: Why does Penelope Cruz’s son look like Leo and is named Leonardo??

  529. 529
    OK WE GET IT Says:


  530. 530
    @cateblanchettsays Says:

    I dont think he’s Leo ‘s son but why is he named Leonardo??

  531. 531
    @Ponpiri Says:

    Ponpiri posted about Leo on ONTD!

    I appreciate your comments Ponpiri!

  532. 532
    The truth Says:

    @@Ponpiri: “This has lasted way longer than I expected ngl.”

    And I don’t see it ending anytime soon so get used to it JJ posters!!!!

  533. 533
    @@ponpiri Says:

    I wish she commented here more but I don’t blame her.
    Anyways props to her respectful stanning over at ONTD where most of her Leo posts are always filled with hate, Oscar jokes, or young Leo gifs. People complain about JJ but at least our comments have some variety from time to time!

  534. 534
    But Says:

    What is ponpiri?

  535. 535
    @@ponpiri Says:

    She comments here sometimes as ponpon but she mostly posts on ONTD and posts all Leo news there.

  536. 536
    Lukas IG Says:

    Lukas started following @saule916 she looks like model?? but still not following

  537. 537
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hi lady! That is so cool about Willem, but somehow, I’m not surprised! I’ve always thought he’s an amazing actor, that isn’t used enough. He, and Adrian Brody, are hysterical in Grand Budapest. I woukd go see it if you have a chance.
    Re you nerve: I know it’s tough, but you have to let it rest! That is the only way it’s going to heal. Also, you don’t want to be on anti-inflammatory meds for any length of time.

  538. 538
    Damn Says:

    Brad being dumped by Suki??????? What if Leo got dumped by Toni? HAHAHAHA

  539. 539
    City for the Week Says:

    New york or LA?

  540. 540
    A fair comment from DM Says:

    This man is a top rate pro in his field..& yet he conveys to me to be privately quite lonely & unsettled with his self….I really wish that he does find inner fulfillment & a meaningful connection with a partner who makes him smile…he sincerely deserves that as payment for all the hours of enjoyment he has given millions of us…transporting us into other world of magic through his films…

  541. 541
    Different Says:

    Suki is just a beard for Bradley. Toni and Leo, despite their weird way of showing it, actually like each other I think.

  542. 542
    @541 Says:

    @Different: Yep!

  543. 543
    Amy Says:

    @Honest question:

    I do think he’s unhappy. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’s depressed but he looks sad and bored a lot.

  544. 544
    Zzzzzz Says:

    #537 typo: *your nerve:

  545. 545
    Amy Says:

    @Lukas IG:

    Lukas only follows Leo rejects that are willing to sleep with him. ;)

  546. 546
    Cate Blanchet says Says:

    Oh god suki . saw her at the Oscars my lawd!

  547. 547
    Bradley and Leo? Says:

    I’m convinced Bradley is gay or maybe bi and his relationship with Leo just looks so close and affectionate. Wonder if they’ve ever fooled around or hooked up.

  548. 548
    HAHAHA Says:

    @Amy: And still has Toni Garrn kissing his ass. ;)

  549. 549
    Amy Says:

    @Cate Blanchet says:

    I wonder how Toni felt watching the Oscars on TV when the camera panned over to Bradley and Suki.

  550. 550
    Glitter Says:

    @A fair comment from DM: YUP. And the more objective people on JJ have been saying this for years. I have no say in his life so he can date who he wants but something about him just seems so sad. I don’t envy his life at all. The only thing enviable about celebrities and stars is the fact that their bills are paid. But like we found out with L’Wen Scott all that glitters isn’t gold. Just because someone’s life SEEMS cool, doesn’t mean everything is peachy keen.

  551. 551
    @Lukas IG Says:

    @Lukas IG: And you bet these are 18 years old models. How Leo and his posse members like it.

  552. 552
    Bradley and Leo? Says:

    @@Lukas IG:
    Its common in Hollywood. Joaquin is dating a 19 year old, Bradley said he would never date Jennifer Lawrence because he’s old enough to be her father then he dates Suki who’s 2 years younger, so far Margot Robbie has been paired up with men only twice her age in movies, etc. And same with Jennifer Lawrence, only 23 but playing the lovers of Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale.

  553. 553
    Amy Says:

    @Bradley and Leo?:

    My theory is that Bradley had a crush on Jennifer but she rejected him because she still had feelings for Nicholas. I feel like he dated Suki at the beginning to make her jealous. This is JMO.

  554. 554
    ENOUGH Says:

    @Bradley and Leo?: Joaquin is still with that child???….. vom

  555. 555
    #### Says:


    Looks like anyone can record it.

  556. 556
    Cate Blanchet says Says:

    @Amy: She was probally delighted to see her fellow playmate!

  557. 557
    Bradley and Leo? Says:

    Joaquin has a thing for younger girls. 19 is his youngest but before her he dated Sophie Sumner who was 23 and he was 38.

  558. 558
    Bradley and Leo? Says:

    He looks happy around Suki but it looks like an act. Like its set up. For awhile I thought him and Jennifer had a thing but that seems to have passed now, they look just like good friends and that’s it.

  559. 559
    Or Says:

    Leo hitting on Jennifer Lawrence and following her everywhere and after being rejected multiple times and being mocked by the press, he ordered a girlfriends from the VS catalogue packaged to Cannes.

  560. 560
    Bradley and Leo? Says:

    Doubtful. He was flirting with her because she wqw the talk of the town and the new It girl in Hollyweird, everyone wanted to talk to her. I can’t imagine them dating, at all.

  561. 561
    Amy Says:


    I actually think Jennifer would be good for Leo but I don’t think he’s her type.

  562. 562
    #### Says:


    I’ll have to catch grand Budapest.

    I know! It’s so hard though! I’m on a roll at the gym! LOL

  563. 563
    Cate Blanchet says Says:

    If Leo was smart he should helped court Marty and a couple and then he would have been the sugarbaby! Marty’s stepson

  564. 564
    Amy Says:

    @Cate Blanchet says:

    LOL. Marty is married and has a daughter. Nice try though…

  565. 565
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: Yes, I know everybody can record it but I was saying it as a joke. It made me laugh that the same day that they “discover” her IG account, they also publish something about one of the last things she posted (this art video). I know it is just a coincidence but I found it funny.

  566. 566
    mmm Says:

    I seriously can’t wait for Silence… finally a Scorsese movie with adults

  567. 567
    Worth reposting Says:

    true @ 03/24/2014 at 1:32 am
    His threads will change a lot when his relationship with Toni end up. First thing that will happen, people will immediatelly love Toni because she’s no longer with Leo, so she’s already a better person only for that. The problem for people here is not Leo’s girflriends but it’s Leo himself, they think he’s some horrible human being because his women are supermodels, because his movies go so well in the box office, because he’s so talented, I guess that’s all great reasons to hate someone, oh yes!
    It makes other people angry when someone live their lives the way they want, not following rules of society, like marriage for example. I’am not saying it’s a better or worse life, but it’s his choice, not yours and that should not be anyone business. Only his professional life is public, his personal life is public by consequence of his sucess as an actor but that’s not his fault, it’s just part of being famous and should not allow people to make such ridiculous judgements about him. His not selling his personal life and you can’t accuse him of that since he rarely say something about it, he’s just on media when he needs to promote his movies. He’s very commited about his career at a high level, he takes it very seriously and he truly loves his work, that should be more respected and admired, not the same old crap about his girlfriends and personal life.

  568. 568
    Not worth reposting Says:

    @Worth reposting: This comment is too naive

  569. 569
    Worth reposting Says:

    @Not worth reposting:
    It’s also true and a different voice of opinion than the usual groupthink mentality on here. Truth is Leo owes us nothing, and to obsess over who he dates so much is kind of stupid Like he gives a sh*t what we think and we have no right to say who he should date and who he shouldn’t. Its not like he’s just a brother or sibling to us, he’s a total stranger none of us will ever know. So why care so much about his life?

  570. 570
    @568 Says:

    @Not worth reposting: LMAO!!!!

  571. 571
    Dave's a perv Says:

    Ok so someone I know on IG set up a fake Toni garrn private account and she said DAVE wants to follow.. I swear i’am not making this up why would he want to follow ?? a private account ..especially Toni’s ?

  572. 572
    Worth reposting Says:

    Clearly I’m missing the joke here. How is her comment naive, and how are we not naive for following the life of an American actor who is also a playboy and constantly expecting him to date some classy woman who is a doctor or something with kids? Aren’t we the naive ones for following his life so much when the majority get bored or disappointed with it constantly? It makes us look stupid.

  573. 573
    a question Says:

    @Worth reposting: Just a question, do you think that when people get into acting they dont know that if they are sucessful they will be famous and need to deal with that. Every job has its down sides, and if people can not deal with the down side then choose another career.

  574. 574
    Worth reposting Says:

    @a question:
    I never said anything about not dealing with fame. Fame comes with a price. I just don’t understand the extreme fixation and obsession on specifically Leo and his girlfriends. And why some are so personally invested in who he dates.

  575. 575
    Newcomer Says:

    I found a tweet in French:

    She says her mother works for some VIP service and will be busy helping Leo tomorrow. The girl who tweeted is in the French Alps and she says her mother works at an airport (I don’t know which one though) in another tweet so maybe he is going to France again. She also says she is going to Dubai in a month and that it won’t be too expensive as her mother works at the airport so my guess would be that she is working at Paris airport but I am not sure.

  576. 576
    Not worth reposting Says:

    @Worth reposting: Its comments like these that incite the Leo “haters” even more. The truth is that they’re not haters but just looking at the closer details and trying to piece together what’s happening under the surface because he is visibly unhappy.

    The comment is not well thought out and a little defensive so naturally the haters will attack.

    For example:
    “they think he’s some horrible human being because his women are supermodels, because his movies go so well in the box office,”

    This is a typical defensive Leo fangirl response to anyone who criticizes Leo. So deliberately choosing to date young girls (and clearly for their looks) just so he can control their every move makes Leo someone worth envying?

    “It makes other people angry when someone live their lives the way they want”
    I don’t know if being bored out of his mind just going through the motions of useless vacation after useless vacation and empty sex is the way Leo wants to live his life. Of course no one knows whats in his head but I feel like he genuinely wants to have a family and work on his passion for the environment but he doesn’t do these things. There is a blockage somewhere and right now he is not where he wants to be, just go watch the Charlie Rose interview where he could not even answer Charlie’s question of “is this the best time of your life?”

    ” He’s very commited about his career at a high level”
    On the surface it seems this way but look at how he did barely any promo for Gatsby (then the infamous australia snub) and even Django but brought the campaign from hell for WOWS. I think his commitment varies on his personal mood and he tends to get his way since he’s so powerful. That is not professional behavior. Everything about his “serious actor” demeanor is merely on the surface, even down to his rehearsed and morally correct interview answers.

  577. 577
    a question Says:

    @Worth reposting: have to say dont understand the people with ‘extreme’ fixations either but it could have something to do with how similar they all are – but just a guess

  578. 578
    Dave = cannot be trusted Says:

    @Dave’s a perv: I swear Dave has watched Toni and Leo have sex LOL

  579. 579
    Worth reposting Says:

    @Not worth reposting:
    You forget he barely promoted Django Unchained because he was shooting WOWS at the time. And WOWS was his passion project so I don’t see the problem with him campaigning for it since he worked several years to get it made.

  580. 580
    @dave's a perv Says:

    I do think Dave has a crush on Toni.. which is creepy,he could be her grandfather ,but following a private account is bizarre and seems a little too anxious considering it’s most likely fake.

  581. 581
    Worth reposting Says:

    And I don’t know, either way it doesn’t seem like Leo can win with you guys. Anything he does gets criticized here and right down to his dating life by the media but you all talk like he remains unscathed when he’s been the target for Oscar jokes and being desperate for an Oscar by the media too. He’s not perfect and he makes mistakes but it seems his stans or fangirls expect him to be perfect and are constantly trying to change things about him which is not fair to him.

  582. 582
    Not worth reposting Says:

    @Worth reposting: Fair enough but the job of an actor doesn’t end once filming has ended, promotion is as much a part of the job as standing in front of the camera. The actor belongs to the production company in this case and they are an employee, not a freelance artist. This to me stands as a bit of evidence as to why Leo was overlooked for the Best Supporting actor nom, his behavior was unprofessional and he could’ve easily rearranged his schedule but instead he chose to neglect his group and go play special snowflake stealing all the thunder at his own Django premieres. Is there an actual reason as to why his filming of WOWS had to clash with the Django promo?

  583. 583
    #### Says:


    Oh I got what you were saying but remember when the video was first posted and posters were commenting that you’re not allowed to record art? That’s what I was commenting about. :-)

  584. 584
    Not worth reposting Says:

    @Worth reposting: Why do you care so much what others think? Go on other Leo sites where they praise him constantly if he “can’t win” here, although I see lots of the criticisms as being fair and grounded in evidence. Personally, I don’t see any reason to defend Leo at this point and this is coming from a long time fan (since Aviator days). He’s lost the charm and earnestness he had back then, that is undeniable. If you’re going to ask me why I am here I am keeping an eye on him to see if he changes.

  585. 585
    Worth reposting Says:

    @Not worth reposting:
    You’re just making assumptions at this point. He was shooting WOWS right after he finished Django Unchained and had no time to campaign or promote it nearly as much as Waltz and the other actors did. He showed up from the WOWS set when he attended the Django premiere which explains why he looked so tan and then he headed back to set after the premiere ended. You can go on about how selfish he was being and I’d argue he was selfish during Gatsby promo but your reaching with Django Unchained. And no, he wasn’t overlooked because of “unprofessional behavior” even though he didn’t even do anything unprofessional. He was overlook because people like Waltz’s performance better. Simple as that.

  586. 586
    Worth reposting Says:

    @Not worth reposting:
    Because its annoying how you can’t even say nice things about him anymore or ever give him credit without being attacked on here or being told your opinion is wrong. Just because you think he is a bad person and deserves no love or whatever doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same. You can sit here all you want hoping he will turn into some changed “improved” man that impresses you but you’re just going to keep continue being disappointed in the long run.

  587. 587
    Help Says:

    @Newcomer: HELP Leo oooh lala! Feed him chocolate dipped croissants and carry him around Paris on a stretcher! OUR KING

  588. 588
    Not worth reposting Says:

    @Worth reposting: He gets enough praise and compliments and they’re all pretty much the same, we’re just cutting to the chase with our comments. And you will continue being disappointed if you come here to see fangirls kissing Leo’s ass and turning a blind eye to what’s right in front of our faces.

  589. 589
    Help Says:

    Spray Leo’s stinky hat with some body spray OOH LALA GLAMOUR

  590. 590
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: Ah OK! I didn’t understand it the right way then. My bad :)

  591. 591
    Worth reposting Says:

    @Not worth reposting:
    What is so horrible about him, tell me? His personal life is not squeaky clean but it never has been ever since the 90s and he is far from the only Hollywood actor to be a playboy and like dating younger women. And there are even far worse people than him in Hollywood. And I could care less about who he dates or f-cks because its his LIFE and as long as he has consent I am not going to shame him. You people just have too many standards you want him to reach and no matter what he does will still continue to complain about him.

  592. 592
    Worth reposting Says:

    And he gets far more hate than compliments these days so I don’t know what you mean. Maybe pre 2011 he was praised constantly, but not anymore. He is very divisive.

  593. 593
    Intuition Says:

    @Not worth reposting: very very good points. You hit the nail on the head. Bravo. As a person that can tune into Leo I’m impressed that some of his fans can tune into the same things I get or maybe its just that obvious!? LOL Whatever it is some of you guys really nailed down Leo’s problem. He does have a blockage but like so many others have said the only person that can clear it, is himself. I hope he does soon. Its great to read comments on the daily mail cause you get an outside opinion.

  594. 594
    #592 Says:

    Yea not buying this talk that Leo is loved everywhere. Before he used to be but that love peaked Inception era. Hes more popular now but not as loved. Ive seen him get some brutal trashing many dif places whether it is about his looks, his bloat face, his oscar desperation, his modelizing, his personality, etc etc.

  595. 595
    french girl Says:

    Je pense que Leo a juste besoin d’un bon projet pour l’empêcher de l’être ennuyé et puis si il est inspiré par quelque chose qui a vraiment excité. Il pouvait sentir plus créatif . :)

  596. 596
    Comment from ONTD Says:

    “the way people talk about leo’s girlfriends is gross and dehumanizing. toni’s lovely and fun and certainly not stupid”

  597. 597
    Newcomer Says:

    @french girl: Ça sent le Google translate tout ça, non?

  598. 598
    The next step Says:

    Leo needs plastic surgery on his pancake face he should get some blueberries put into his flesh

  599. 599
    Not really acting Says:

    Leo stays away from pretty boy roles because even he knows he’s ugly now ahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaha

  600. 600
    . Says:


  601. 601
    HAHA12 Says:

    Wasn’t Ralph Fiennes also hilarious? Who knew such a serious actor like him could be so effortlessly funny. I could rewatch it right now because it went by so fast when I watched it in the cinema. Wes Anderson is the best, I want Leo to work with him. It’d be so funny. :)
    Goodnight, its pretty late over here.

  602. 602
    french girl Says:

    J’avais l’habitude de penser que Bar a été conçu pour Leo parce qu’elle a un nom italien et a des cheveux blonds yeux bleus j’étais totalement faux, elle est peu profonde et gâté et toni n’est pas très différent..

  603. 603
    @Dave = can not be trusted Says:

    How can you say that he watched them have sex , unless you watched too or someone told you and that’s only hearsay? Unless he set up a cam somewhere? More or less where is the proof?

  604. 604
    Not really acting Says:

    @HAHA12: Leo’s screaming and screeching will drown out Wes Anderson’s British folk soundtrack, not acceptable. Leo fidgets too much like a schoolgirl in his acting, Anderson likes having old fashioned and graceful adults in his films

  605. 605
    french girl Says:


  606. 606
    Not really acting Says:

    Tobey Maguire is more suited for Wes Anderson than Leo at least Tobey can stand still (more like he can’t move his face but you know..). I know/hope Wes doesn’t ever hire Tobey but i’d rather he hire Tobe before Leo

  607. 607
    @The Next Step Says:

    Please do not solicit advice for Leo. Hop off is the step you need to take.

  608. 608
    The truth Says:

    Leo wants to get a boob job for Lukas

  609. 609
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: OMG! He was fabulous! Everyone one! I actually might have to go see it again. I know there were times when I didn’t hear everything because people were laughing. I would love to see Leo in one of his films – even in a supporting role – a la Willem or Adrian.
    Good night! ;)

  610. 610
    Zzzzzz Says:

    FYI – I was watching Castle on ABC and they made a reference to Wolf of Wallstreet! (maybe person was killed cause he had money tape to his chest like WOWS)

  611. 611
    Zzzzzz Says:

    They also did a small homage, granted it was weak, to Leo’s character. The scene has a head of the wall street brokerage firm giving a rally speech to his brokers where he offers a million dollars to the first person to steal a client from a rival firm, then they start pounding the table. They also make reference to drug usage. Pretty funny!

  612. 612
    Not worth reposting Says:

    @Worth reposting: Extremely rich, powerful man dates younger powerless women… for their looks and youth and discards at will. What does that does that say to you?

  613. 613
    HAHA12 Says:

    That’s pretty funny! I noticed WOWS has been spoofed/referenced a lot of places from its trailer to the humming scene and the quaaludes scene. Its already made kind of a splash in pop culture which is pretty cool. The blu ray releases today.

  614. 614
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi! What the heck are you doing up?! Please tell me you don’t have to wake up that early to go to work! LOL! It is pretty cool how they do refer to WOWS. Leo should be happy and proud!
    Off to bed! ;)

  615. 615
    Or Says:

    @Bradley and Leo?: Like also some could not imagine Leo dating Blake?

  616. 616
    happy Says:

    Leo’s fans aren’t really dissapointed by his behavior, just that his behavior doesn’t seem to make him happy. All his fans want is to see him happy.

  617. 617
    Jet set Life Says:

    Eco friendly guy spend his weekends YACHTING in St Barts

  618. 618
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL unfortunately I had to wake up extra early to catch up on my work, school related. I didn’t get much sleep but I took a long nap yesterday so I didn’t need it as much. Goodnight or good morning over there :)

  619. 619
    lol Says:

    @Newcomer: Well we know he cant be in one place anymore. lol Yesterday was #Caribbean, today can be #France ,tomorrow the freaking #moon

  620. 620
    zola Says:

    @Jet set Life: how many endangered species and their habitats / ecosystems have you made a significant contribution to saving in your life time so far?

  621. 621
    zola Says:

    @Jet set Life: If you had the change to go yaching in St Barts would you go? I would go.

  622. 622
    This Boy's Life Says:

    Weekend getaway now is becoming weekly getaways. Whatever it takes to keep him entertained.

  623. 623
    His money, his life Says:

    If I had the money and could afford to not work I’d spend it going on vacations and trips with my boyfriend(in his case girlfriend) and friends too.

  624. 624
    Hope he continues vacationing Says:

    Just so ppl here can continue staying mad.

  625. 625
    o Says:


  626. 626
    Not really Says:

    He contradicts himself but he still has done a lot for more the environment than most celebrities have. He doesn’t pretend to be interested in the environment for publicity, he has always been interested in it since he was a little boy. He DOES care about the environment otherwise I doubt he would donate to charities dedicated to protecting animals and their habitats so much or make that environmental documentary, but because of the lifestyle he lives(a luxurious one) he will never be fully committed unless he quits his lifestyle.

  627. 627
    @zola Says:

    What does it matter? She is not a public advocate of these causes while being a hypocrite about it. Maybe she didn’t do anything but at least she doesn’t contradict herself with her actions on a regular basis.
    It’s not about the money or chance to do it. It’s about him being a hypocrite.

  628. 628
    Instead of Says:

    Instead of jet setting around the world with his bimbo girl friend and his timorous friends every other week, why doesn’t he spend his time jet setting around the world visiting endangered animal habitats and places instead of just tweeting??? Oh I know the bimbo gf is more enjoyable to him because he’s a fake environmentalist and also no ac in these places…He would actually have to break a sweat. We can’t have Leonidas sweating…

  629. 629
    @628 Says:

    @Instead of: I do think Leo cares about the environment I just don’t think he cares about it THAT MUCH anymore. I think when he was younger he cared more. I wouldn’t call him an environmentalist. he’s more like an environtweeter.

  630. 630
    also... Says:

    I don`t know what to think about him and his environmentalism anymore. At this point it seems like just a cause he supports for PR or something. If he talks the talk he should walk the walk as well. He did a lot for this cause but it`s overshadowed by his hypocrisy.

  631. 631
    Because Says:

    @Instead of: Because he can do what he wants with his time and money!

  632. 632
    Cuz Says:

    @Hope he continues vacationing: That is the Leo you love. Hypocrite and shallow.

  633. 633
    @also Says:

    Do you ever say anything nice about Leo since you claim to be a fan. Always negative negative! :(

  634. 634
    ... Says:

    @Because: yep and he’s all the sadder for it, it seems : ( Leo was right…Money can’t buy happiness! : (

  635. 635
    also... Says:

    @ @also: Do you ever obsess over anyone else here or you are fixating only on me or what I have to say? Always bothering me, always, always… :(

  636. 636
    Because Says:

    @: What’s sad is that people (complete strangers) think they have a right to live his life for him and judge him based on solely what’s on the surface!

  637. 637
    Look what you did! Says:

    @@also: You made also… sad!

    Bless you!

  638. 638
    @Because Says:

    @Because: that’s life, everybody judges everybody (friends, family, coworkers, strangers…)

  639. 639
    Energy Says:

    I hope at least he’s getting something for him. He is giving a lot, since is a very generous person but seems like everyone is always enjoying more and look happier than him.

  640. 640
    also... Says:

    @Look what you did!: Who said I was sad? Mind your own business!
    @Because: Well, in that case all gossip sites and celebrity culture must be a pain for you to deal with yet you are here reading it.

  641. 641
    Because Says:

    @also…: I’m a fan of Leo, but that doesn’t mean I own him! There’s a different level of investment that some of his “fans” seem to have in his life. And like another poster said, you are one who seem to not like anything about him! All you want to talk about are his girlfriends!

    But I wasn’t even talking to you, so like you told another poster, mind your business hypocrite!

  642. 642
    the Soulmate says... Says:

    When the children of the world are plagued with disease from all the GMO soy and corn products in the food supply. I am talking literally all food! Then maybe people will stand up and do more about it! Going strictly organic is expensive! Animals are harvested by the millions to support the demand for meat raised like crops not creatures. Everytime you take a bite you are put at risk. The air quality is getting worse and worse meanwhile the forests of trees are still being chopped down and pollutants from factories continually being pumped into the atmosphere. Don’t even get me started on the scary shortage of drinkable water on this planet. And even though the technology to turn salt water into fresh is available guess who owns it. The cigarette companies! You know some states practically pay you to put solar panels on your house. Look into it. Soon we will be paying for air and water just to stay alive all the while being forced to eat garbage food. What a great future indeed…

  643. 643
    jiop Says:

    sad leo

  644. 644
    also... Says:

    @Because: you don’t own him? JJ posters don’t own him either. They have an opinion about him and that’s it. It’s not your business what I think about him and all I want to talk about is his girlfriend? So it wasn’t me who talked about his environmentalism just now? Or before talking about his movies and stuff like that? Let me guess you managed to skip those comments.
    I simply responded to your comment unlike Look what you did! who was just trying to be funny and make fun of me ( off topic response )? If you are so sensitive you should avoid public forums since people here do respond to comments that weren’t addressed to them. What exactly makes me a hypocrite in this situation?

  645. 645
    Why not? Says:

    Be disappointed is OK, be optimistic is Ok. Cant finding a middle ground rather than fight all the time?

  646. 646
    the Soulmate says... Says:

    Also the oil companies…are future isn’t being protected. Greed has taken over the world. Makes you want to run out and get married and have kids doesn’t it…

  647. 647
    Because Says:

    @also…: Yeah whatever, your own stupid rules don’t apply to you! You can’t even keep up with how ridiculous you are.
    I wasn’t talking to you and this isn’t about Toni so butt out!

  648. 648
    also... Says:

    It’s so funny how there have been numerous articles about Leo and how he comes off as a hypocrite, several people said the same thing in this thread but as soon as I say it the thread turns into the same old circus. 😏

  649. 649
    AND Says:

    Where is Mr. Fredricksen now? NY, LA, France, Paradise Falls?

  650. 650
    also... Says:

    @because: FU! This is a public thread and I responded to your comment. Boo hoo! Tough to handle, huh? ‘Its not about Toni’? I can talk about whatever I want so deal with it! 😉

  651. 651
    #637 Says:

    Defending also! Now she’s taking out on you. I swear the woman has a chip on her shoulder..

  652. 652
    @also... Says:

    If you’d stop responding to every person who try to bothers you eventually they will get tired. Just try it. Please!

  653. 653
    Because Says:

    @also…: You’re an idiot and it’s a waste of time even talking to you!
    You told someone, on this same PUBLIC thread that something was none of their business! And now you turn around and say the exact opposite?
    I wasn’t even talking to you in the first place because it’s a waste of time! You’re too immature to have a decent conversation because all you want to do is name call anytime someone disagrees with you!
    Have fun with your emoticons you immature little brat!
    Deal with the fact that most people here can’t stand your ass.

  654. 654
    also... Says:

    @Because: Yes, I told someone to mind her own business because she was off topic and only posted to bother me trying to make fun of me. It was an off topic remark unlike in your case when I responded to your comment on Leo and JJ thread. There’s a difference.
    This is a public forum so what does it matter who you were talking to? Anyone can respond and if you are too immature to handle that maybe you shouldn’t post.
    Oh, now you are someone who can talk for ‘most people here’? Post your own opinion, honey. 😉

  655. 655
    Learning from real soulmate Says:

    Sailing catamaran is an eco-friendly way to cruise! Leo will try that from now on and everyone will be happy and proud of him.

  656. 656
    @the siulmate says Says:

    Bless your comments!! Its really worth it reading insightful and important messages like the ones you posted here. i hope this will raise some’s much needed.Oh and i agree with everything you said.
    I’m happy that a poster like you posted in these gossip threads.
    hope u stick around! Xoxo

  657. 657
    @the soulmate says Says:


  658. 658
    @also... Says:

    @also…: now she is going to write another post and then you other one to her, when it is easier to ignore. I tell you sincerely.

  659. 659
    lol Says:

    @Because: Well Said

  660. 660
    also... Says:

    @ @also: Well, I’m done.

  661. 661
    lol Says:

    @lol: Not Me!

  662. 662
    Toni's next Instagram Says:

    Being Leo

  663. 663
    Everyone to the #Caribbean Says:

  664. 664
    #662 Says:


  665. 665
    Huh? Says:

    I wonder if any of Leo’s friends ever lurks in these forums?

  666. 666
    Toni IG likes Says: And she designing jean no thanks! :)

  667. 667
    Toni IG Says: Little T-bone doesn’t have anything to hint about back to the one self promoting!

  668. 668
    Pose Says:

    Open mouth. more .. perfect!

  669. 669
    @Toni IG Says:

    No hints? Leo must be somewhere in some boring city, sitting looking at the window while the lapdog plays with her cell phone excited waiting the next vacations.

  670. 670
    also... Says:

    Dave made his account private.
    Toni looks scary on these new photos. 3 work photos in a row? The model buried inside is making a comeback?

  671. 671
    lol Says:

    @also…: Dailymail had an impact. Nobody wants to look like a attention-seeking. Too late for Toni, She already looks like one lol

  672. 672
    Hmm Says:

    However beyond the Instagram “leaks”, someone most likely their team (her, his) is giving the details for the Pr article. What they did, how, who were at what time. Not everything was taken from the public accounts.

  673. 673
    #### Says:


    Did he? I’m able to access it.

    Funny how Lukas stopped posting pics 5 days ago and then when Toni arrives in the “Caribbean,” she clicking away posting pics of Leo’s friends and his friend’s girlfriends on her IG! LOL

    I know she’s just 21 and Leo has opened up a whole new world for her but she just tries way too hard. She should really consider getting back to work and working on prolonging her career.

  674. 674
    Hmm Says:

    @####: Are you following him?

  675. 675
    also... Says:

    @####: I don’t follow him and his account says it’s private.
    @Hmm: That’s true but in this case there wasn’t much info about this trip. He was pictured arriving to that place with a bunch of people. It was the IG accounts that put Lukas and Toni there.

  676. 676
    #### Says:


    Yes. I must have followed him a while ago. I try not to look at the IGs anymore unless someone posts something on these threads so today was the first time I’d looked in a while!!! LOL

  677. 677
    lol Says:

    @####: And since then she dont stop hashtagging #caribbean lol

  678. 678
    @658 Says:

    @@also…: How could she ignore something she started in the first place?

  679. 679
    hehe Says:

    Funny how even if Toni’s team bought that DM article and gave the pics so Toni could get an article of her own… they still mentioned Kate’s cute quote even though that had it’s own article LOL

  680. 680
    Amy Says:


    I don’t think so. Maybe Ken Sunshine’s employees.

  681. 681
    Amy Says:


    The problem with Toni’s pictures is nothing is going on in her eyes. This is why she’s not a top model.

  682. 682
    also... Says:

    @ @658:

  683. 683
    HAHAHA Says:

    @Amy: Toni looks like a dead fish

  684. 684
    also... Says:

    @ @658: Are you trying to start it all over again? Everyone moved on already.
    @Amy: I don’t know what it is. Maybe I don’t get high fashion but her makeup and everything … just scary and creepy. But it’s so true what you said about her eyes! Completely blank.

  685. 685
    Leo hypocrite Says:

    Leo may be a hypocrite, but so are the majority of posters here. If Toni doesn’t post pictures on her IG it means Leo is controlling her and she’s following his rules, but when she posts a lot of pictures it just means she’s desperate and trying too hard? What do you want from her?

  686. 686
    Amy Says:


    It’s a goth look they’re going for. Right now the 90s is hot again so they’re doing punk/goth a lot.

    But the best model’s can show emotion with their eyes. She just looks like she’s staring into the camera.

  687. 687
    @Amy Says:

    @Amy: Too many selfies

  688. 688
    Ok Says:

    You guys can criticize Toni all you want but she’s still getting jobs and has been since a young age. She has exactly the kind of the body and face needed for the job, why nitpick? She’s successful, there’s no doubt about that.

  689. 689
    Amy Says:


    I think she’s good for runway and her face shape is good for pictures, she just needs to emote.

    The other problem she has is she doesn’t have any unique facial features which is important in fashion modeling.

  690. 690
    also... Says:

    @Amy: Yeah, her eyes are always so lifeless.

  691. 691
    @Ok Says:

    @Ok: You’ve seen the models these days. Now anyone can be a model.

  692. 692
    Ok Says:

    @Amy: Maybe she’s just following the directions of her photographer, the focus is meant to be on clothes and story, not individuality or personality. Her face seems plain but in reality she’s classically very beautiful. I don’t think she intends to be a celebrity model famous for their personality, she wants to be a print and runway model and she’s perfect for that job.

  693. 693
    Toni Says:

    She is beautiful but not good model.

  694. 694
    Toni Says:

    She’s at least a better model than Bar and Erin.

  695. 695
    @Ok Says:

    @Ok: She has the same expression since 2008

  696. 696
    Amy Says:


    I don’t have anything against Toni. I’m pretty much indifferent to her. My comments are more about fashion modeling.

    Take for example a model like Lindsey Wixson. She gets a lot of campaigns and is recognized for her lips. She stands out in a crowd. That was the point I was trying to make.

  697. 697
    Ok Says:

    @Toni: More like she is perfect to be a model but not outstandingly beautiful.

  698. 698
    @Amy Says:

    @Amy: She stands out in a crowd since May 2013.

  699. 699
    Jokes Says:

    Just watched the fashion show where Adam’s bride to be joked about having a choice with Leo. It was a joke, she wasn’t being serious. Lol people see a small clip and not the full part.

  700. 700
    Ok Says:

    @Ok: Wow why have you taken my name?!?!? Use your own!

  701. 701
    Ok Says:

    @@Ok@Amy: That’s not me.

  702. 702
    @toni Says:

    Bar is not that great either but she’s a swimsuit model totally different kind of model !

  703. 703
    @toni Says:

    @Ok you always defend Toni so im guessing you really look up to her for whay ever reason??

  704. 704
    Question Says:

    I have a question for you guys, since you seem to know everything about Leo’s life you might know how to asnwer this.

    What if he gets married with Toni Garrn?

  705. 705
    @Ok Says:

    @Ok :you always defend Toni so im guessing you really look up to her for whay ever reason??

  706. 706
    @Question Says:

    What if you get off the drugs. :)

  707. 707
    Toni's Cousin Says: Someone said this is Toni’s cousin..they kind of have similar eyes!

  708. 708
    You tell me Says:

    @Question: He will look even happier than he looks now? Or more sleepwalker, sad and hunched?

  709. 709
    HAHAHA Says:

    @Toni’s Cousin: dead fish cousin

  710. 710
    Toni's Cousin Says: With Blonde hair definately :)

  711. 711
    Toni's next Instagram Says:

    No vacation yet meantime I draw Leo. #ohhhh #so #artsy

  712. 712
    @toni's cousin Says:

    Omg same dead stare,saw her IG its more tolerable! ;)

  713. 713
    Toni's next Instagram Says:

    Playing in Leo’s closet #bored #nextgetawayhurry #up

  714. 714
    Toni's cousin Says: Is she making fun of Toni??? LOL #cousins

  715. 715
    Ok Says:

    @@toni: What? Those comments were not me….

  716. 716
    Blacksharpie Says:

    According to tweets posted on BZ Leo is in Switzerland.

  717. 717
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Switzerland? Wasn’t he there for a quick trip right after the GG? Maybe some business thing?

  718. 718
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Tag Heuer?

  719. 719
    Belfort Says:

    @also…: Dropping off some ca$h!

  720. 720
    Toto Says:

    @Blacksharpie: He should seriously drop his Tag Heuer contract its just embarrassing. Everyone wears Rolexes

  721. 721
    Ok Says:

    @Blacksharpie: What’s he doing there?

  722. 722
    Newcomer Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I was about to post that if the girl who tweeted yesterday about her mother welcoming him at an airport was not lying, it would probably be more Geneva than Paris (my initial thoughts) because I have just realised that this girl and her mother actually live in the French Alps, which are very close to Geneva and not Paris. At first, I thought she was just there on holidays. So I was mistaken. Maybe he is there for Tag Heuer like you say. For those of you who have seen WOWS, I hope there was no Qualuudes and no Hilfe in the plane LOL

  723. 723
    Lindor Says:

    Leo’s gonna lick some fine Swiss chocolate off Toni’s body. Remember Toni’s interview where she said not a day goes by where she doesn’t eat chocolate? Leo makes her dreams come true

  724. 724
    .. Says:


  725. 725
    .. Says:


  726. 726
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Leonard in Switzerland for what ..? guess he’s looking for models..

  727. 727
    livin da dream! Says:

    He went to Switz to buy another goddamnn bubble jacket

  728. 728
    HAHA12 Says:

    Leo is in Switzerland? Rings a bell..

  729. 729
    Love is Real Says:

    Finally hanging with Toni’s family. Celebrating her grandma’s birthday.

  730. 730
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Love is Real:
    Just curious but how do you know its Toni’s grandma’s birthday? o.e

  731. 731
    Newcomer Says:

    @HAHA12: LMFAO!

  732. 732
    euuuuugh Says:

    @HAHA12: I thnk this is how Leo bangs Toni… it looks like the way he was dry humping her at his birthday concert

  733. 733
    HAHAHA Says:

    Hiding his money from Toni and Dave in Swiss Banks.

  734. 734
    CANT BE... Says:

    Leo traveling for work.. is possible?

  735. 735
    ridiculous life Says:

    Another vacation in Switzerland? More skiing?!? LOL I wonder if Lukas is with him???

  736. 736
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL eww that’s gross

  737. 737
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12: She doesn’t know anything. She is just making things up and posts her fairly tales with poor toni. I was actually curious how long it’s gonna take for one of them to show up with a story like this.

  738. 738
    HAHA12 Says:

    @CANT BE…: ]
    If it is…that would be pretty surprising.

  739. 739
    HAHA12 Says:

    Oh I know she’s a troll. I just figure she’s a Toni fan and would likely know if it was her grandma’s birthday or not.

  740. 740
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Love is real: You should really seek therapy…

  741. 741
    ridiculous life Says:

    @Love is Real: that will never happen! LOL Keep dreaming…and you know he always has his male buddies with him! : )

  742. 742
    Mr Fredricksen Says:

    Leo should tie thousands of helium balloons to his favorite house (or club) and flies away to everywhere in the wolrd with his favorite lapdogs in tow

  743. 743
    poor toni Says:

    @Love is Real: ignore the haters lol they just can’t face the idea that leo would do anything for toni even though he’s already met his mother and he’s clearly romantically involved with her. whether or not they’re visiting her granny we’ll probably never know but we all know for sure that they’re still together and will probably be together for a while :) I don’t get the feeling that leo runs away from toni like he did with erin. I think they like each other

  744. 744
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    I think i will hire Lukas for my pool boy..since he’s always cleaning up Leonard’s shiitt!

  745. 745
    poor toni Says:

    don’t forget that leo and toni made out in front of irmelin’ face ya’ll, both under the towel in Ibiza and on valentines day. their love didn’t fade despite all the work leo was doing during awards season and now that he’s got lots of time off they’ll only grow closer

  746. 746
    also... Says:

    @HAHA12: Even if she is a Toni fan based on comments from her and poor toni it’s obvious they don’t know anything. This is their way of annoying regulars.

  747. 747
    @poor toni Says:

    preach girl! theyre still indenial that theyre still together. its almost been a year now!

  748. 748
    Cate Biiichettt Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says: Cate you look like a skinned Australian lizard!

  749. 749
    Toni's cousin IG Says: Selfie’s run in the family ;)

  750. 750
    @@poor toni Says:

    @@poor toni: He was 5 years with bar #love so real

  751. 751
    @poor toni Says:

    @@@poor toni:
    yet they took multiple breaks in their 5 year relationship. so far leo and toni havent.

  752. 752
    poor toni Says:

    @@@poor toni: with bar he was following a strict contract (probably to improve his image after the Gisele breakup and to look strong while Gisele only moved onto better things) and he was being blackmailed. he hated bar and her mother, and they were exploiting him. its not the same situation with toni. this is a real relationship, he has no need for pr and he sticks with toni when he could be clubbing every night. there is a mutual love growing between them and toni is much more accomplished than bar.

  753. 753
    also... Says:

    @ @poor toni: Who is in denial about th being together? Everyone knows that they are still together. What are you talking about?
    @HAHA12: Wasn’t he in Switzerland right after the GG for a quick trip? I think that must have been work since Toni stayed in LA and he was back in no time.

  754. 754
    Just me Says:

    @poor toni: really ? a five year contract with someone he hated ? and I’m sure his relationship with bar didn’t improve his image on contrary. Oh and Toni exploites him a lot, a woman who loves and respects her partner, a partner who said that nothing is more important this his privacy, will never post any pics, tweet.. about him

  755. 755
    @Just me Says:

    I think he only dated Bar as a rebound to get over Gisele. But I don’t think he cared for Bar much. Toni is no rebound and has lasted longer than all of us predicted so far.

  756. 756
    @@poor toni Says:

    @@poor toni: How you can know? With Bar and Gisele he just had an announced break but we know they broke up more than that.

    It is impossible to know unless you are them how many off and on they had.

  757. 757
    also... Says:

    Bar was a rebound? For 5 years? Really? No breakup / on-off so far with Toni? Something was going on around Christmas and there was no on/off thing with Erin until the breakup.

  758. 758
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @@Just me:
    That was a long rebound?! Lol

  759. 759
    @poor toni Says:

    @@@poor toni:
    my point is they were still on and off, both bar and gisele. so far he has spent every major holiday with toni and they have taken no breaks or split.

  760. 760
    @Just me Says:

    I meant Bar was originally a rebound from Gisele and as a way to get over her. They lasted for awhile and throughout their duration in the relationship but I don’t think he cared for her much.

  761. 761
    Just me Says:

    @@Just me: I also think he didn’t have strong feelings for Bar but he didn’t hate her ( who date someone he hates ?) and yes she was a rebound. For me, his relationship with Toni can last a few years, but it’s not love for life, just a relationship for not being alone, nothing more, nothing less.

  762. 762
    poor toni Says:

    bar was just for his image after the Gisele fiasco and yet Gisele still came out on top. goes to show that dating from the heart will always prevail pr relationships in the long run. pr will only bring ugly truths to the surface. but what’s happening with toni is not pr otherwise we would get pics of them walking down the street like we did with bar. the pic of leo and toni holding hands was never publicized – they have lots of romantic moments like this that we never hear about. they are keeping to themselves and leo likes that kind of relationship

  763. 763
    @Just me Says:

    @Just me:
    Unpopular opinion but I see Leo and Toni lasting for a couple more years. I think they like each other but it wont be enough for them to ever get married or anything.

  764. 764
    @poor toni Says:

    Every stand think her idol is more special and Leo loves her more than the others. Anyone recall the Erin stand that invaded leo’s threads?

  765. 765
    also... Says:

    Bar was for image. Oh, boy! What else is coming? Bar was for image since Bar was such an exceptional girl with her draft dodging and dumb remarks. It really helped Leo’s image! LOL and the JJ posters are in denial! SMH

  766. 766
    poor toni Says:

    @Just me: the opposite of what you say is true. toni does not exploit him at all, otherwise she would call the paps everytime they go out but we never see them together and then people make fun of toni saying they’re not dating when in reality toni respects leo’s privacy. leo and toni have a relationship going on non stop behind the scenes, and it’s leo’s team that arranges occasional articles and photo ops to clean up leo’s image. now that the awards are done we haven’t heard from either of them, they’ve spent every second together and toni could easily call the paps but she doesn’t. they’ve stayed quiet and you have to commend toni for respecting leo. toni has her own career and found success without leo’s help because she fits the bill of an actress.

  767. 767
    also... Says:

    @ @poor toni #764: 👍 So true! But poor toni & co seem to be the most persistent ones so far! lol

  768. 768
    @Just me Says:

    Bar technically WAS for an image, so to speak. His rep was not as mocked as it is now back then and it actually made all the guys envy him, because Bar got a lot of attention from the guys and it was more like, “Look at Leo. He went from Gisele to Bar the hottie. He’s not bummed at all about Tom and Gisele!” At least that was the angle of their relationship. To show Leo got over Gisele and didn’t need her.

  769. 769
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: he got caught in a sh-t contract and lots of blackmail. of course he didn’t know she was a horrible person when he first met her, he was too busy looking at her irmelin like face and swimsuit body. she put on her best show for him and leo was really vulnerable after the split with Gisele. I think it hurt him really deeply, all those years spent with bar were just him trying to heal. bar’s true colors started to show later on in their “relationship” leo couldn’t control the way she was so in love with the spotlight.

  770. 770
    @poor toni Says:

    Anyone recall the love for Blake and then when she DUMPED HIM they said that she was an opportunist who only “use” Leo and she was the bad of the picture. Even though he was cheating on her.

  771. 771
    poor toni Says:

    @poor toni: woops I meant to say fits the bill of a model** lol. I like toni but even I don’t think she would make a good actress.

  772. 772
    o Says:

    Completely unbelievable “official girlfriend” relationship. Looks worse. GAY

  773. 773
    @Just me Says:

    @@poor toni:
    People were suspect of Blake because she was announced to be with Ryan Reynolds only weeks later after it ended with Leo and then to quickly marry him. People think it was a PR relationship because Blake had Green Latern out that year which eventually flopped.

  774. 774
    also... Says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this convo is getting beyond ridiculous? What some Toni stans post is just surreal….

  775. 775
    poor toni Says:

    @@poor toni: blake was just waiting for ryan Reynolds to finalize his divorce. there’s no doubt that blake called the paps when she was with leo for promo yet i think leo actually wanted to date blake for real but she quickly saw how crappy he treats his public gfs and wouldn’t put up with that (he cheated on her constantly and made her fly out to Australia on her own birthday, wtf?). and look at how quickly blake and ryan got married after her split with leo, they were already involved with each other since green lantern. blake loved ryan and wanted to meet leonardo dicaprio. look at the pics that people keep pulling up to show leo was happy with her – she looked absolutely miserable! lol she’s a completely different person with ryan and i’m happy for her because they just seem to fit. they’re still together, blake got away just like Gisele.

  776. 776
    o Says:

    @poor toni: never

  777. 777
    @Just me Says:

    @poor toni:
    Blake looked like a happy high school girlfriend with Leo. Your rewriting history saying she looked miserable around him. Agree on generally everything else but he was only caught with that Polish model when he was with Blake. I don’t remember him constantly cheating like he did with Bar.

  778. 778
    @Just me Says:

    Or should have I mentioned Toni to the end of that too ha-ha

  779. 779
    o Says:


  780. 780
    Mama's boy Says:

    Leo is on a contract with Toni of I dont want to be single when I turn forty

  781. 781
    poor toni Says:

    @@Just me: she was a happy high school girlfriend in the beginning because she was with leonardo dicaprio. look a their later pictures and compare them with her behavior with ryan Reynolds. even at her height of happiness with leo it doesn’t compare to the pics of her with ryan. with blake and leo I see them as great friends like leo and Cameron diaz for example. with blake and ryan I feel like they’re a genuine romantic couple. he cheated a ton in Australia, blake definitely discovered something when she flew into Australia to see him on her own birthday. during their last pics together they looked miserable, probably due to the nude pic scandal and blake seeing leo for who he truly was.

  782. 782
    poor toni Says:

    @@Just me: and you may not have seen the pics of them walking together in europe with leo walking several steps ahead of blake like he did with bar and blake not looking happy about that. these were never released because they did not fit with the fairytale coming from blake’s camp.

  783. 783
    @poor toni Says:

    DENIAL- Some talk about Bar and Blake with leo and dont realize they also describe some attitudes of Toni.

    But we are going to wait patiently when suddenly they change opinion about her. Typical

  784. 784
    @Just me Says:

    @poor toni:
    These pics were published the day of the nude picture scandal and many JJ posters said it looked like he was comforting her
    And he went on his womanizing spree in Australia after it ended with Blake. He was with Blake before Gatsby started filming. Once again your getting the facts wrong.

  785. 785
    Bet Says:

    poor toni was also fan of Blake ;) Not anymore.

  786. 786
    poor toni Says:

    @@Just me: he didn’t want to be with bar at all so he cheated non stop. he wanted to be with blake but for whatever reason he couldn’t help himself in Australia (there’s no doubt in my mind that blake’s fantasy of leo was ruined when she saw his womanizing ways). he adored Gisele but cheated on her as well, I think he’s got his own issues when it comes to that.

  787. 787
    @Just me Says:

    @poor toni:
    But have we ever seen Leo do this willingly with Toni in front of the papz?

    I don’t want to even compare papz pics of Leo and Blake and Leo with Toni on the basis of which couple looked more ‘miserable’ for your sake

  788. 788
    @Just me Says:

    @poor toni:
    Could say the same for Toni. I’m sure in her fantasy he’s Jack Dawson (at least thats what her friends hope) and yet he has had cheating rumors and clubbed with other girls nonstop too. But Toni still chooses to be with him.

  789. 789
    lol Says:

    @also…: NO. lol

  790. 790
    #### Says:


    I don’t even get involved with these conversations anymore. LOL

  791. 791
    lol Says:

    Once you start this ex girlfriend obsession don’t complain when the pic spamming starts

  792. 792
    poor toni Says:

    @@Just me: you’re ignoring a lot of the photos where blake looks unhappy next to leo. I think its simply this: she liked leo as a friend but for a romantic partner she wanted a man, not a boy. leo’s behavior is like a boy. when he “comforts” her as you say he doesn’t even hold her. his most affectionate display is holding hands, like a young schoolboy. once she was free of leo she was making out with ryan in the train station and she seemed unphased. you cant compare leo and blake with leo and toni because blake plays the paparazzi game and toni does not. even her pics with ryan are from paps she called but she seems more into ryan than she does with leo.

  793. 793
    poor toni Says:

    I feel like toni and leo fit just like blake and ryan. say whatever you want about the two but they are naturally low key and that’s why we don’t see them as much. leo is still being disrespectful by not bringing toni onto the red carpets but for once this relationship doesn’t seem like a rebound or image set up, and that’s a step in the right direction.

  794. 794
    o Says:

    @@Just me: CONTRACT

  795. 795
    @Just me Says:

    @poor toni:
    There was a pic of them making out on the street on Twitter but it was blurry. I’d take that then Leo only making out with Toni in public when he’s drunk off his ass. And Leo flaunted his happiness with Blake, while the opposite could be said about Toni. Also, he was not embarrassed to be seen with Blake like he is with Toni. So there’s that. Done here.

  796. 796
    @Just me Says:

    @poor toni:
    He never took Erin or Bar to any red carpet award shows and he was with Bar for 5 years. The only girlfriend he has and probably will ever take to an award show is still Gisele. Why would he take Toni?

  797. 797
    From BZ Says:

    Thanks for the tweets. Toni’s mom and her boyfriend lives in Switzerland, maybe it’s Tag Heure related but if Toni is with him I bet they’ll visit her mom and BF…

  798. 798
    poor toni Says:

    @@Just me: “flaunted happiness” = blake called the paps. he is not embarrassed of toni they are just low key. we are both arguing on extreme sides and we’ll never see eye to eye. I don’t want to keep arguing. leo obviously likes toni and he obviously likes blake. what happened with blake was that she wanted something different for herself. toni is young and has her own agenda, that doesn’t make her evil. are you going to ignore the non-blurry pics of leo and toni making out in the open in Ibiza? or hiding under a towel in front of his mom? or their valentine’s date? or holding hands in the streets and this not being publicized when it could really raise toni’s status? leo and toni are a real couple, just accept it, it will make it easier. or are you going to bring up another blake story when they are long done by now

  799. 799
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: You are not the only one! And all of this started because somebody said he was there to celebrate Toni’s grandma’s birthday. He is in Geneva, Switzerland, her family is from Hamburg, Germany, we don’t know if this is actually her grandma’s birthday and we don’t know either if she is there with him. But that was enough to start the non-sense LOL.

    The woman who tweeted that she saw him in Geneva (and that the hotel staff seemed to be very happy to see him as well) is a journalist for Elle Magazine but she said nothing about who was with him.

    Somebody knows if him being there could have a link with the Formula E business? I know he was supposed to go to England in May for that but some Formula E cars were recently unveiled at a motor show in Geneva. And when I searched for more concerning Leo and Formula E, I found this tweet that I don’t really understand, but it mentioned Geneva as well:

  800. 800
    ccc Says:

    lnjlnklb jvkh

  801. 801
    poor toni Says:

    @@Just me: he hated bar, erin was just for rebound purposes but that backfired. I think the only reason he didn’t bring toni was because he is now a laughing stock because of his dating habits and bringing his mom was a way to counter that. also this awards season needed to be as clean as possible because it was the year of wows. explain him partying with toni after every awards ceremony and bringing her to that dinner with scorsese. he did the best he could for this relationship amongst all the nasty rumors and toni understood.

  802. 802
    Leo meeting Toni's mom? Says:

    Sounds likely since her mom is living in Switzerland according to BZ..

  803. 803
    @poor toni Says:

    You are so full of s_it. You think all those pap pics of Toni and Leo in Ibiza or BS love stories in NY Daily News were not fed by PR or the paps were not called? Even after Leo had been caught with Nina Agdal, Kat Torres, the brunette in Miami, blondes in nightclubs e.t.c Yep that’s real love, LOL
    Leo has another doormat who will cling on and Toni is a fool.

  804. 804
    Clue Says:

    Who cares? Leo can step aside…new hotty: Theo James.

  805. 805
    Leo meeting Toni's mom? Says:

    @poor toni:
    It wouldn’t have been good to bring Toni to the GG’s. That supermodel joke would of stung her bad.

  806. 806
    Newcomer Says:

    @From BZ: In a very recent interview, Toni said that her mother’s boyfriend lives here (I think it is Zurich) but she didn’t say that her mother was living there as well.

    It’s in German but it was translated in English in her BZ page I think.

  807. 807
    poor toni Says:

    @Leo meeting Toni’s mom?: exactly

  808. 808
    Thanks fools! Says:

    Thanks “poor toni” an other Toni stan idiots for keeping your name.Now I know which comments to skip and which to read like Also, ####, Newcomer, Haha12, ya know the sensible ones that know it wont last. Makes for a shorter read! Bye!: )

  809. 809
    Awww Says:

    They are traveling together again.

  810. 810
    poor toni Says:

    @@poor toni: those are merely rumors coming from outside sources trying to capitalize on leo’s fame. is it a concidence that nina got her sports illustrated cover right after being seen with leo? she used him more than toni does. you can keep going on and on about her being a doormat but she is not erin. she is a strong girl and proper model. also leo doesn’t neglect toni when they’re in the same city and toni isn’t a rebound. toni has had many opportunities to raise her status by calling paps or spill details about leo in an interview but she truly respects him.

  811. 811
    LOL Says:

    @Awww: You mean They and in Leo and his male friends!! I’m sure Lukas is with them Yeah THEY always travel with Leo and sometimes Toni is there and sometimes she sint! lol Nobody even know if these tweets are know how tweets are…

  812. 812
    Leo meeting Toni's mom? Says:

    Either multiple tweets mention he is in Switzerland and thats the place Toni’s mother just so happens to live in…

  813. 813
    Leo meeting Toni's mom? Says:

    Either way

  814. 814
    810 Says:

    @poor toni: aawww that’s so sweet, too bad Leo doesn’t respect her : )

  815. 815
    also... Says:

    @####: I know! It`s ridiculous! They make things up and drool over their creations! You don`t know why he is there, you don`t know who he is with but the drool squad is here. When I saw that Bar was PR I said enough! LOL! Let the kids play while they can! lol

  816. 816
    poor toni Says:

    people threw a fit when toni showed a sliver of leo in her IG vid or when she takes pics of her own vacations. they don’t realize how lucky we are that toni isn’t calling the paps and releasing full sized pics of them side by side at resorts, restaurants etc. leo has found someone to respect him. if he didn’t like the way toni behaved on social media he would ask her to stop or dump her.

  817. 817
    Crazy ASS Says:

    How everything starts with a crazy stand delusion and then somehow becomes a fact. LOL

    Like some crazy Toni’ stand mentioned that he wanst really eyeing Karlie Kloss at the VS after party, and was probably Toni because she was sitting next to her.

  818. 818
    also... Says:

    @LOL: These little girls are here to annoy us. You don`t know why Leo is there or if Toni is there at all. He had a trip to Switzerland not so long ago so it could easily be business. Nobody knows for sure if her mother lives there… they are doing this to entertain themselves.

  819. 819
    Its not stand.. Says:

    @Crazy ASS:
    the term is called STAN!!!

  820. 820
    also... Says:

    @Crazy ASS: LOL! I can`t even count the made up things they have posted here. How they are engaged and Toni is going with him to the Oscars…etc. It`s not even worth responding! They have absolutely NOTHING for a fact to drool over so they make things up. Like we did in kindergarten. lol

  821. 821
    Ugh Says:

    @poor toni: Go back to Bellazon General Discussion thread.

  822. 822
    Aw Says:

    The Toni bashers are getting defensive now because there’s a possibility they’re on their way to meet with his mom. Deny, deny, deny as usual!

  823. 823
    poor toni Says:

    @810: yeah he doesn’t respect her at all that’s why he’s still in a relationship with her. he has no reason to be with her yet he stays with her. everyone is trying to distort the physical evidence of leo and toni and they forget that there is much more going on beneath the surface. they are still together after all this time, that is a fact and it clearly bothers people for whatever reason.

  824. 824
    poor toni Says:

    @Aw: absolutely.

  825. 825
    Sweet times Says:

    How many time Leo spend with Bar and her dad?

  826. 826
    also... Says:

    @Aw: Yeah, it`s a possibility not a fact unlike the Toni stans are presenting it. Without facts there`s nothing to deny… You don`t even know if Toni is there or not.

  827. 827
    poor toni Says:

    “also…” is the one who denies the leo/toni situation the most. she’s got issues with anyone who opposes her, don’t take her seriously. talk to her and she’ll play the victim and blame you. everyone else can see and accept what’s right in front of their eyes.

  828. 828
    But Says:

    He didnt met Toni’s mom in the French Alps?

  829. 829
    poor toni Says:

    every time leo and toni are together, also…. comes up with far fetched excuses as to why toni isn’t with him. and then she accuses toni fans of being far fetched when the evidence of the relationship always comes through in the end lol

  830. 830
    Aw Says:

    @poor toni:
    also… and most posters here like #### and lol just really hate Toni so they will do anything to downplay their relationship or make fun of them as much as possible but these are the same people who kept saying she wouldn’t last by the Fall so..

  831. 831
    poor toni Says:

    omg I don`t even know how many times I made a fool of myself on these threads. It was so embarrassing when Leo didn`t take Toni to the Oscars even though I kept telling people she will be there for sure. And the engagement? I said they are engaged and Leo is ready to propose and obviously it didn`t happen. i`m so dumb and I know everyone is laughing at me but I just can`t stop. there`s not a photo or sighting of them actually together for such a long time so I have to keep posting my dreams about them.

  832. 832
    poor toni Says:

    also… is now going to accuse me of stalking her

  833. 833
    Aw Says:

    And so if Toni was there with him, what would the excuse this time?

  834. 834
    Newcomer Says:

    FACTS: He was seen in Geneva, Western Switzerland, by a journalist which didn’t mention who he was with but said he was in a hotel. Toni’s mother’s boyfriend lives in Zurich, which is in another part of Switzerland. And suddenly, it means he is on his way to meet Toni’s mother (who he has already met in NY and Courchevel by the way) even if this is not the same city and we are not even sure if she is there with him??? Suddenly a supposition becomes a fact???

    Also, of course, when Leo was caught cheating on Bar and Blake, this is the truth according to Toni’s stans but when Leo is caught cheating on Toni, this is just a rumour. Leo stayed with Bar because he hated her but Leo stays with Toni because he loves her. Trolls could at least be a bit logical when they argue.

    And now, can we actually speak about Leo or nobody here is interested in him at all???

    Rant over but enough is enough.

  835. 835
    lol Says:

    What a mess!! We cant wait for the hashtags? lol

  836. 836
    poor toni Says:

    @but: No, Leo met Bar`s mom in her home country, Israel twice actually. has he ever been to Germany to visit toni? of course he hasn`t.
    deep down i know that she is just entertainment for him and nothing serious. I want him to marry her even though it`s such a dumb idea. Leo marrying someone he has no respect for?

  837. 837
    poor toni Says:

    oh, im gonna pretend I`m an adult and try to make jokes about posters. im dumb enough to do that. everyone is already laughing at me so why not? why not give them one more reason to make fun of me? hahaha

  838. 838
    poor toni Says:

    @Aw: just look at #826 for also…’s argument as to why toni isn’t with him… which is just speculation and makes absolutely no sense. if toni’s mom and grandma are in Switzerland I imagine toni would like to be there as well.

  839. 839
    THANK YOU! Says:


  840. 840
    Even Says:

    If Leo **** must be for Toni.

  841. 841
    poor toni Says:

    but of course I don`t know. I know nothing I just make things up. when someone proves me wrong it doesn`t make sense. that`s the best thing I can say because i have no proof or facts. just my fantasies. it`s embarrassing but what can i do if i`m so dumb? is toni there? I don`t know. is he in the right city? no. doesn`t matter. ken and barbie …. sorry toni and leo are getting married. hehehe

  842. 842
    poor toni haters Says:

    gotta change my name since it seems like my impostor (# 831 836 837) just got out of school. i stand by my posts and don’t see any reason to deny leo and toni’s relationship.

  843. 843
    poor toni haters Says:

    i don’t use jj as a personal diary. 841 is another fake

  844. 844
    poor toni haters Says:

    what does it matter if I change my name? all the dumb things i post will give me away in a second. the best i could do is add one more word to my screen name. lol how tricky am I? It`s impossible to copy. hehehe

  845. 845
    poor toni Says:

    Toni loves Leo’s farts and since she spend all day behind his ass she can smell it all day.

  846. 846
    poor toni haters Says:

    I use JJ to leave out my dreams and all the fairy tales I keep reading. of course nothing i post has anything to do with reality but who cares? i love making a fool of myself.

  847. 847
    poor toni Says:

    Toni loves Leo’s ****$ and since she spend all day behind his a$$ she can smell it all day.

  848. 848
    poor toni (real) Says:

    @Newcomer: leo was being blackmailed with bar. it’s not the same situation and he’s a diferent person now. after splitting with Gisele he was very vulnerable and moody. blake split with leo for a reason, i believe it was a combination of ryan becoming available and also leo revealing his true colors. what about him being spotted with the polish model? even if they didn’t have sex he was still playing the field. leo does stay with toni because he likes her. if he didn’t like her he would not stay with her. it sounds inconsistent but you can’t compare his relationships, they were all started for different reasons. but with toni it was started out of genuine attraction and became stable, this can’t be denied.

  849. 849
    Not Unrelated Says:

  850. 850
    poor toni ( real ) Says:

    @Newcomer: Don’t pay attention to me. nothing I post makes sense. I’m just here because nobody wants to play with me or listen to my delusions. well let’s be honest nobody here cares about me either. hehehe

  851. 851
    hmm Says:

    David Ward just set his instagram account to private?

  852. 852
    #### Says:


    Why are posters talking about Leo meeting her mom? Don’t they know he’s already met her??? Geez….ridiculous!

  853. 853
    #### Says:


    And to poor toni….no one denies their relationship on here. There is obviously a difference in opinion as to how serious this relationship is.

  854. 854
    toni idiots Says:

    They’re more here to annoy jj posters than anything else. They know this isn’t going anywhere so annoying jj posters is all that they have. What do you think is gonna happen in the end?? Seriously!? lol And they know… : )

  855. 855
    Another day another divorce Says:

  856. 856
    I don't know!! Says:

  857. 857
    @855 Says:

    Geez why do these people even bother. Stay Single Leo!

  858. 858
    @856 Says:

    @I don’t know!!:
    34. He will never win an Oscar.

  859. 859
    also... Says:

    @hmm: Yes, he did earlier today.
    @####: Beats me! He already met her mother, he is not in the same city where she allegedly lives… It’s just made up to beat boredom I guess.
    @toni idiots: 👍👍👍
    @Another day…: Well, I can’t say I’m surprised. There has been speculation about this for a long time.

  860. 860
    You c Says:

    Im off subject but did you see this?

  861. 861
    Which Leo character are you Says:

  862. 862
    Ok Says:

    @Another day another divorce: Even though I’m not a fan of them individually. I always liked how they tried to keep there marriage private, unlike other couples. Ten years is like a lifetime in Hollywood.

  863. 863
    HA! Says:

    @also you do realize Zurich and Geneva are only a few hours away from eachother and that is by train? they could have flown into geneva just for a layover. you really think all these times hes been in switzerland have all been for Tag Hueyer? he has not had any pictures results come in since the last other too sightings, so I doubt that why he was in switzerland before.

  864. 864
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: 👏👏 thank you, agreed!

  865. 865
    HAHA12 Says:

    I took this two times and got Jay Gatsby the first time then Romeo the second. Damn lol.

  866. 866
    HAHA12 Says:

    Sorry meant to reply to post #861 my phone is acting weird.

  867. 867
    Ok Says:

    This is what I got @Which Leo character are you@HAHA12

    Which Leonardo DiCaprio Character Are You?

    You got: Dominick Cobb, Inception

    Wait, are you actually dreaming? NOPE. You’re one of the chillest, most badass, unforgettable characters in contemporary film. You’re thoughtful, intelligent, and insanely driven. You inspire those around you to reach their highest potential. You have a strong love of all things nostalgic, but when you’re living in the moment, you’re basically unforgettable.

  868. 868
    also... Says:

    @HA!: Yes, I’m aware. I posted a fact. He was seen in Geneva and not Zurich. Are we going to start to analyze what are the possibilities? It’s gonna take a long time because we could come up with a lots of things that they COULD do. Did I say it’s impossible that he is heading to Zurich? No. I simply used the fact ( if a twitter sighting is a fact – I always need more than one sighting to be sure about his whereabouts ). That’s it.
    Last time he was in Switzerland – what do you know … in the same city, Geneva – was without Toni so it is possible it’s business ( not necessarily Tag Heuer ). Why don’t we wait for more instead of speculating?

  869. 869
    HAHA12 Says:

    This description fits my personality more idk why I got Romeo and Gatsby lmfao.

  870. 870
    also... Says:

    @HA!: PS: Are you even sure Toni is with him? And before you say anything yes it’s very possible that she is there. But do you know it for a fact? I’m simply waiting for more actual info than just guessing. ;)

  871. 871
    Ok Says:

    @HAHA12: Haha! Did you see when Ellen took the celebrity presenter quiz? She got Chelsey Handler instead of herself. Lol

  872. 872
    HAHA12 Says:

    Haha thats funny. She doesn’t strike me as a Chelsea Handler type.

  873. 873
    Amy Says:

    I got this off of Vanity Fair:

  874. 874
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: Speaking about Ellen, it seems Twitter is deleting tweets and they deleted her Oscar selfie :( Some were joking Leo deleted it as he is jealous he is not in the picture lol

  875. 875
    Ok Says:

    @HAHA12: Same!
    @Newcomer: Lol! Or Obama because they broke his record :-D

  876. 876
    Lainey Says:

    No Leo after Oscars?
    Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange, went out for dinner last night in LA with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, his best friend Leonardo DiCaprio is in St Barts. He was seen there on Sunday with several friends and Toni Garrn, who is not pictured in this photo set.

    How come Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange, wasn’t invited? Maybe it was a scheduling issue. But why wouldn’t Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, Leo, and Brange move his commitments around so he could be with his beloved?

    Don’t worry. It’s not over. They’re supposed to work on another movie together soon. And perhaps that’s kind of the point in Leo’s mind. I’ll get to Jonah Hill, 2X Oscar nominee and friend of Marty, my, and Brange when I’m on set with him. Because I know he’ll be waiting. That’s the thing though – isn’t everyone in Leo’s life just waiting for Leo? Isn’t that what it means to be friends with Leo? Isn’t that what I means to be Lukas Haas? I’ve seen it play out in action right in front of me. Lukas, lingering, silently supporting, while Leo does all the living.

  877. 877
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: Yes, Obama has a good reason to be jealous as well ;)

    A bit off topic but somebody on BZ said that this girl Hailee’s IG was now private so I checked if it was true but it’s still public. Now she has a new target: Jared Leto! She posted several pics from his house as well, including one where you can see him. True famewh*re! I may be wrong but I seriously think she is more an escort than a model. It seems she plans on going to Coachella so she may see all Leo’s gang there lol.

  878. 878
    ??? Says:


  879. 879
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: I think she’s one of those girls that gets invited to all the party’s because she’s pretty and will go. They need the ratio to have more women/girls there. I know many people who’ve been invited places because either know someone who knows someone, or because they’re pretty. Remember someone saying that the party Leo was at there was like five females to one guy.

  880. 880
    "Five females to one guy" Says:

    @Ok: YUCK and Leo has the nerve to tell everyone else what’s wrong with society

  881. 881
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: I don’t think she is very pretty, but I see what you mean. She dresses all hot and sexy and they want that type of girls. In nightclubs, it is often like that. They let all the girls (or nearly all of them) in but are way more careful about the guys. What seems strange to me is the fact that Lukas for instance (and he is probably not the only one) is following her on IG and she is posting pics with him and they are interacting on social media… It seems she is just not invited to be “there” but she actually gets to know them more. This is why I said she looks more like an escort but I may be wrong.

  882. 882
    Newcomer Says:

    @???: I don’t think it’s him. She seems to have stayed in LA and one week ago, he was in NYC.

  883. 883
    Newcomer Says:

    @Lainey: “That’s the thing though – isn’t everyone in Leo’s life just waiting for Leo? Isn’t that what it means to be friends with Leo? Isn’t that what I means to be Lukas Haas? I’ve seen it play out in action right in front of me. Lukas, lingering, silently supporting, while Leo does all the living.”

    I know she hates Leo and could have exaggerated everything but if it is true, poor Lukas :(

  884. 884
    Lukas IG Says:

    all that begging and a$$kissing paid off lukas is following Toni on what a thirsty biiiitchhhh! invasion of the body snatchers ..smh

  885. 885
    also... Says:

    @Lukas IG: That took a while. I mean Lukas has had this account for a while even if it was private. Now he is following her?

  886. 886

    So we can finally see you smile :’)

  887. 887
    @886 Says:

    @LEO FIND YOUR ANGIE: Brad kinda looks like Leo there…. weird lol

  888. 888
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: I see her as a famewh0re who only wants to be associated with celebs then gossips about them to her friends, and brags on social media. I see what you mean, and by pretty I meant that sort of hot girl that is the typical one nightstand (not meaning to be rude).
    @“Five females to one guy”: Yeah!

  889. 889
    Lukas IG Says:

    @also:yep Toni probally kept begging i knew when she tagged him she was trying to get him to follow , she just started following him as soon as it became public..she is so desperate im sure he didt want to because if he did he would have followed.. Kevin not following so im sure she will beg until he does.. eyeroll*

  890. 890
    Gwyneth Says:

    Honestly I could see Leo getting divorced if he got married, even to a great woman. He’s so restless. I think he knows this as well.

  891. 891
    Gwyneth Says:

    @Lukas IG: Lukas is just jealous of Toni. He looked miserable in those Caribbean yacht pics and Toni is probably getting the job of ring bearer at Dave’s wedding to Irmelin. Lukas will have to sit in the corner and eat cake by himself while Leo and Toni slow dance under the stars~~~~

  892. 892
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: I totally agree :)

  893. 893
    @Gwyneth Says:

    but in the end it`s gonna be Lukas who stays in his life for good, not Toni. As usual it`s gonna be Lukas no matter what`s going on now.

  894. 894
    @Gwyneth Says:

    Lukas is not jealous of toni, he knows that she is temporary girlfriend. because it he don’t follows her IG. He feels sorry for her, like the other friends of Leo.

  895. 895
    Lukas stop Says:

    Lukas followed Toni a hour ago.. and now he just liked the beautiful poser pic ..?? RIP to Lukas’s MIND..smh

  896. 896
    @Lukas stop Says:

    well I think toni and her low profile to stay for a while. I hope not too long

  897. 897
    Newcomer Says:

    @Lukas stop: Maybe they are in a nightclub in Geneva and Leo is doing all the living like Lainey said, and Lukas is silently supporting, liking pics on IG ;)

  898. 898
    Sister Wives Says:

    @Lukas stop: Why wouldn’t Lukas follow Toni on instagram?

  899. 899
    @sisterwives Says:

    You mean why would he!!

  900. 900
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    I don’t know what everyone is talking about but I don’t see Leo’s acting in this as anything special or maybe its just me. Not my kinda movie, I just wanted to watch it to see what the big deal is. Still watching it on Netflix…lol So far its what I expected it to be. Jonah Hill is the best thing in Wolf. Spoiler Alert!! Just watched the part where he jerked off in front of everyone. That fool is crazy. Leo…snoooozzzzzz…. I might have to fast forward! lol BRB Good lord this movie is making me loose brain cells..

  901. 901
    Confirmation!!! Says:

    She and her girlfriends found him at a club in Vegas recently. Danced in front of his booth and eventually caught his eye. He sent over the bodyguard, they were invited to join, and soon everyone ended up in his suite, even though he’s supposed to have a sexy steady. On this night however he was playing single.

    First he asked his evening’s target to give him a massage. She obliged. Eventually they ended up alone in his room. Making out turned to sex. He used a condom and went through the conventional motions. Highly unimaginative and even a little… gross?

    Apparently our superstar superstud releases the most unpleasant sound effects. Grunts and groans and straight up no rhythm pounding, making it clear that without a cinematographer and a world class director, he isn’t exactly the undercover loverboy we all believed he was.

    Like, no moves whatsoever.

    Needless to say, his lame technique wasn’t getting him anywhere, so in relief he asked her to fondle his boys instead. By boys I mean balls. A gorgeous, willing girl in his bed, game for anything… and in the end he could only finish in his own hand in front of her.

  902. 902
    I can't stop laughing Says:

  903. 903
    mmm Says:

    @Watching Wolf Now: I agree with you, he kept alot of his usual mannerisms and even exaggerated them and pretty much shouted and bulged his eyeballs throughout the whole thing. But watch out for the rabid fangirls, still, don’t let them get to you. Let me know what you think of the film once you’ve finished it.

  904. 904
    @Mama's Boy Says:

    So your calling Toni an alleged escort. And how do you suspect this is true, have you seen the contract? And has the contract been notorized? otherwise it means nothing? I don’t have law degree , but is this valid?

  905. 905
    @Truest love Says:

    Don’t hold your breath!

  906. 906
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    Leo should have worked out before he took off all his clothes…

  907. 907
    mmm Says:

    @Watching Wolf Now: his body looked like a jelly bean with twig legs

  908. 908
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    Leo has dancing potential.. one for Leo…lol

  909. 909
    @901 Says:

    @Confirmation!!!: How old is this?

  910. 910
    @Confirmation Says:

    Did you have a good time? And did you have to finish yourself off?

  911. 911
    Confirmation!!! Says:

    @@901: It’s from 2008 while he was still dating Bar but rumors about his behavior in bed being disappointing have persisted over the years.

  912. 912
    @901 Says:

    @Confirmation!!!: Lol… So do you think he thinks he’s better than he actually is, because he’s always surrounded by women and appears to be a manwhore.

  913. 913
    Confirmation!!! Says:

    @@Confirmation: I didn’t write the story! lol

  914. 914
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    At the candle scene…I can just imagine how Leo cleaned and waxed down there so that people wouldn’t talk about him!! He was probably in the shower for days….lol Not impressed with the candle scene. God I feel like an 80 year old woman! lol I think frat boys will love this movie…

  915. 915
    Confirmation!!! Says:

    @@901: Yeah I can see him definitely over estimating himself and overdoing the sex the same way he goes overboard in his acting. Maybe he prefers one night stands because they have no expectations and he can just use the excuse that he was drunk out of his mind? I suspect he may also be gay or at least bi, all those years of having sex and no passion or improvement… it’s just too suspicious. He’s got a creepy taste for the drunk and inexperienced crowd and I think we all know why.

  916. 916
    Confirmation!!! Says:

    He also grunts loudly in his movie sex scenes and stiffly pounds the girls’ delicate hipbones like a neanderthal….I swear he probably had to be suspended from cables in the ceiling while filming the Gatsby sex scene otherwise he would’ve killed little Carey Mulligan with the weight of his beer belly

  917. 917
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    @mmm: sure : )

  918. 918
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    Someone needs to tell Leo that shouting more doesn’t mean better acting..

  919. 919
    CRAP Says:



  920. 920
    @901 Says:

    @Confirmation!!!: lol… well I don’t think he’s gay, but I do find it weird that he allegedly cheats all the time if his skills in the bedroom are subpar!

    But then he does kind of remind me of a young immature boy, so that would make sense.

  921. 921
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    @mmm: LOL staaawwwp…

  922. 922
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    Calm Down Leo…lol

  923. 923
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    @mmm: Oh god, I cant take it anymore…I’m just gonna fast forward to the scene where he’s crawling on the ground. This film is doing nothing for me personally, I feel like I’m losing brain cells. Its not moving in one way or the other. Not entertained in the least so whats the point..??
    We all like different things so nothing personal Just not my cup of tea. G’night yall

  924. 924
    Z Says:

    I haven’t posted here in years I think, but I see nothing really changed. Well, after all this years of bashing Leo don’t you think it’s becoming repetitive? I mean you don’t like how he looks, how he dresses, whom he dates, how he behaves, his movies, you don’t like absolutely nothing about him, what you are doing here? I don’t see what’s your motivation to be here year after year talking the same things over and over again. You complain that he’s looking old, fat, that’s he’s not even a good actor. I don’t understand how you call Leo a loser, a joke, make fun of him all the time and that to me only can mean that you find him not interesting at all, but than I ask to myself, if you find him so miserable what the hell you are doing here?
    I can only thing you are mad at him because he’s not doing what YOU want, but it’s his life and he’s a normal human being with a lot of flaws like everyone else, he’s not free to commit mistakes but he’s also not an evil person like you make him look with your nasty comments. I really don’t get all the hate, you could be frustated but that don’t make sense at all since he’s not related to anyone here as far as I know. Off course you can have your own opinion and this is a free forum but I feel like most people here are so disrespectful that’s even hard to take some comments, it’s mean, really bad.
    I don’t judge him because first of all I don’t know him enough, and mostly because I’am not perfect and I have my flaws just like him, just like everyone in the world. And as long as Leo didn’t done anything bad to society so I can’t be sensitive about his choices in life as if affected me. And I also keep thinking if you, the people behind the computers have such a perfect life and perfect personality that make you feel so entitled to judge Leo like this? I guess you must be most incridible human beings, seriously, no flaws at all.
    I don’t understand how you feel so annoyed by him because what he did? I mean, if you don’t like him you can simply ignore that he exists, if you don’t like him as an actor you can simply not watch his movies, it doens’t look that hard to me. This threads would look great even if they had just 5 comments but all making sense, not exacly what happens now.

  925. 925
    Wolf of Wall Street Says:

    I did enjoy the movie it was hysterical.

  926. 926
    Confirmation!!! Says:

    @Watching Wolf Now: No I agree with you completely, I felt nothing watching the film either. I disliked the characters of course but the depiction eventually became so in your face and contrived that I got pulled out of the movie knowing that everything was just fakery. I can see why lots of people loved DiCaprio in this but to me he was just way over the top to the point that it took all the energy away from the rest of the film. And I can see why others would enjoy this film as a whole but I think the majority of it’s fans completely misunderstood the point of it and that is a bit disturbing.

    I can admire that Scorsese and DiCaprio didn’t want to impose their opinions of the characters on the audience but I think their approach of just showing these events one after the other with no coherence or discipline backfired on them. I felt like I learned nothing new after watching the film even thought I had no knowledge of Belfort before this. I think the film exists solely in the hype of DiCaprio and the Scorsese brand, otherwise it really has no artistic merit and is not trying anything new.

    Just my opinion of course, I hope you were able to read this comment, probably not lol.

  927. 927
    @Z Says:

    I am a Leo fan and everyone that I ever talked to loves Leo and his movies he is an incredible human being.


  928. 928
    Zzzzzz Says:

    Fyi – BZ has a couple of tweets of Leo being back in NYC. If true, that was a short trip. But when he went there after the GG, he was only there for a day or two. Maybe it is for Tag.

  929. 929
    also... Says:

    @Zzzzz: There you go. Much ado about nothing. Just like after the GG a quick trip to Geneva.
    Toni just posted on IG from NYC.

  930. 930
    @Z Says:

    I wish JJ kept the like option back so I could like this post
    At first I wasn’t that interested to watch it and it took me awhile too but TWOWS was hilarious and so was Leo. He was loud and over the top because that was how Belfort was in real life and the role was a total caricature. Jonah was also hilarious and Margot killed it as a breakthrough performer. McConaughey and Dujardin owned their few scenes. Loved Rob Reiner and the rest of the cast too. Its flawed and could of had some sharper editing to avoid repetitivity but I’ve got no doubt it’ll be seen as another great Scorsese film in years to come.

    That subway scene is pretty brilliant
    So is that last shot, with the audience looking at Belfort mirroring us as a society. After Belfort gets out of jail people immediately attend his seminars to learn from the man and actually learn advice from him. As a society we put men like Belfort on a pedestal because they accomplished what most people want these days, to be totally rich and powerful and the “American Dream”. He didn’t even serve that much time in jail and got to live his life and go on about himself being worshiped because of this, and as a society we did nothing but sit back and admire him for this. Society never really punishes men like him, and that last shot is a symbol of it. Loved it.

  931. 931
    @930 Says:

    Thats a really interesting theory, I read that in several critics reviews. So the last shot doesn’t punish Belfort, but his audience(aka us) for letting him continue to live on and go about his life instead? That actually makes total sense. I remember thinking the ending and the subway scene had to have had some deeper context to them watching them in the theater but I didn’t quite realize their significance until I clicked that tumblr you posted. I should rewatch it soon now that its out. How convenient that both The King Of Comedy and WOWS released on blu ray yesterday.

  932. 932
    IG Says:

    Toni last night with Jude Law and some others.

  933. 933
    IG Says:

    It seems like a comment was deleted

  934. 934
    Shit Says:

    Toni is here to stay. And who knows how long. Maybe five years how he was with Gisele and Bar or maybe is so desperate almost 40 and with his midlife crisis he finally decides to get a trophy wife from the most obedient and available puppy he ever had.

  935. 935
    lalala Says:

    I spot Leo laughing in these pictures.

  936. 936
    also... Says:

    Wait a minute! I thought she was in Switzerland with Leo celebrating grandma’s birthday… Come on! I’m so confused! poor toni and Love Is Real are so reliable sources. I always believe them! I’m so disappointed! 😢

  937. 937
    lalala Says:

    Looks like they try to be in the same city and spend as much time together. With Erin, they were rarely together even in the same city.

  938. 938
    @lalala Says:

    Keep telling yourself that. Eventually someone might agree with you. After the failed Switzerland attempt that’s all you could come up with?

  939. 939
    Hmm Says:

    @lalala: Dont you think it’s easier to know for sure that Toni and Leo spend time together when she post constantly pictures of his houses, apartment, trips and everytime she is with Leo While Erin was relatively more discreet?

  940. 940
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    The Toni stans are almost as desperate as Toni herself.. Haha!

  941. 941
    Watching Wolf Now Says:

    @Confirmation!!!: yes I read it and I concur… Its like I didn’t laugh or cry or even get upset…I didn’t ANYTHING!! And it was just like on gimmick after the other.. I laughed like maybe two times in the beginning but that wasn’t even big laughs either I certainly didn’t learn anything new either that I didn’t know already. I try not to believe the hype about movies but because it was Leo I wanted to check it out. If it was another actor I wouldn’t even have bothered. But we all have different tastes.

    And in regards to Toni and not believing the hype she definitely isn’t going to last as long as Bar. The relationship shall be wrapping up now even if it goes past the one year mark its STILL on its last legs. This relationship has months or less to go, not years. 2014.

  942. 942
    also... Says:

    @Hmm: Exactly. Erin wasn`t addicted to social media while dating Leo unlike Toni who is like a live-in paparazzi as someone said earlier. They were very low key in NOLA while shooting Django but she was there a lot.
    @Cate Blanchett Says: What do you know? I totally agree! lol

  943. 943
    Ok Says:

    Who’s rushzimmerman? She tagged him

  944. 944
    also... Says:

    @Ok: I believe he is a photographer.

  945. 945
    Toni knows best Says:

    “The way to Leo’s heart is through Lukas”


  946. 946
    Ok Says:

    @also…: Ah ok :) When do you think Toni and Leo will be ending? They spend time with others, but they always look so awkward together.

  947. 947
    also... Says:

    @Ok: I think a couple of months tops. They do look awkward together and as usual … never alone.

  948. 948
    Recipe of Love Says:

    Leo is bored/doesnt work + Toni ‘s lazy/doesnt work = Spending time together/ more time being his girlfriend

  949. 949
    LOL Says:

    Robin Thicke in New York

  950. 950
    LOL Says:

    Tobey in NY

  951. 951
    poor leo Says:

    @LOL: More friends with him.

  952. 952
    also... Says:

    I guess Tobey joined his wife in NYC. She was there instead of the Caribbean for work.

  953. 953
    lapdog Says:

    @also…: Jennifer meyer loves her job and loves working unlike Toni

  954. 954
    also... Says:

    Leo at 1OAK last night????

  955. 955
    Rinse Repeat Says:

    @also…: wow that looks like a scene that played out exactly with those champagne bottles last year?!? wow

  956. 956
    LOL Says:

    @Rinse Repeat: Isnt Leo’s life repetitive? LOL

  957. 957
    also... Says:

    @Rinse Repeat: Yeah, it looked familiar to me as well. One comment says she/he can see Leo but I can’t… Not that it matters. Leo clubbing in NYC is not hard to believe.

  958. 958
    also... Says:

    @LOL: LOL It’s easier to count what’s not repetitive in his life.

  959. 959
    Boring Says:

    Doesn’t he get bored going to clubs over and over again ? What exactly is fun about clubbing ? Especially when you have a gf. Lol and some posters claim Leo likes the latest one .

  960. 960
    Rinse Repeat Says:

    I don’t understand how he doesn’t get tired of clubbing!? lol After awhile they play the same songs over and over and you begin to recognize the songs and its just not that fun anymore or exciting…

  961. 961
    poor leo Says:

    We cant ask him to get away from the only thing he knows and loves. Pals, Models, Clubs.

  962. 962
    Ok Says:

    @also…: And it’s weird that they’re not usually pictured together. I’d they do get pictured they’re never alone.

  963. 963
    #### Says:


    Clubbing??? Who knew??? LOL

    I almost feel bad for him at this point. I like the poster’s name “Rinse Repeat” and their comments because they are so true! How many times can you go to the same clubs, listen to the same songs, do the same things, over and over and over and over again…..something’s gotta give with him.

  964. 964
    lol Says:

    BLANCO ‏@BurnOurDough
    40yr Leonardo DiCaprio out here smashing 21yr old Toni Garnn , he sounds like my Uncle.

    wonder if at 1oak or that thing Toni posted about lol

  965. 965
    lol Says:


  966. 966
    #### Says:


    She must have met him at 1OAK. That other place didn’t look like the type of place you would smash! LOL

  967. 967
    also... Says:

    @####: It’s English… smashing means making out or what?

  968. 968
    also... Says:

    Never mind! Urban dictionary to the rescue. LOL The guy is in NYC but no other tweets from last night and where he was. maybe it was a reference to them dating / Leo smashing her?

  969. 969
    #### Says:


    No more like bumping and grinding…..probably like the video from his Kanye b-day concert! You know from that 1OAK video the champagne was flowing!!! LMAO

  970. 970
    Pepepee Says:

    @also…: Do you know how I can see that on statigram?

  971. 971
    #### Says:


    Who knows because he does mention his uncle….LOL

    Strange tweet!

  972. 972
    Blacksharpie Says:

    It’s interesting that she was seen at the “Queen of the Night” performance with Jude Law, esp. If Leo wasn’t with her?! Jude Law rivals Leo for womanizing.
    If also was with her, it just amazes me that they are almost never photographed together. Wouldn’t he be sitting next to her?

  973. 973
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Damn autocorrect!

    Meant to say ” if Leo is with her …”

  974. 974
    also... Says:

    @####: Yeah, I get the picture now… It is strange how the uncle was mentioned in that tweet. Unfortunately I still remember the bday video so my stomach is thoroughly sick again regardless if it was a tweet about them in general or if it was an actual sighting.
    @Blacksharpie: Maybe he flew to NYC late so he went to the club and met her there?

  975. 975
    #### Says:


    I agree. I think Also is right in that this tweet is not really clear and may not have been about a sighting but just a statement that 40 year old Leo is banging a 21 year old and this guy’s uncle is the same way???

    Like I said who knows…..she could have easily joined him at 1OAK but like you said no sightings of them together.

  976. 976
    also... Says:

    @####: It could be both the way it’s written. General or a sighting . Either way it’s a disturbing image.

  977. 977
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I took that comment to mean his uncle is a “Lounge Lizard” like Leo. Dating young women and buying champagne for everyone?!
    Maybe Leo goes to these clubs and buys all those bottles of champagne for the crowd. It gets the party going and it makes him feel like the king?!
    (It also helps his friend out who owns/promotes the club.)

  978. 978
    Ok Says:

    @lol: That sounds as awkward as his birthday videos….

  979. 979
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Lounge Lizard! LOL I forgot about that expression but I think you might be right.

  980. 980
    #### Says:


    Totally agree with you! LOL

    LMAO to “lounge lizard!!!” Haven’t heard that one in a long time!!! :-)

  981. 981
    Leave him alone Says:

    Its like a hivemind over here. People love getting off their sane jokes and complaints about him again and again. If his life is so boring/pathetic/disappointing to you then stop stalking and following him so much.

  982. 982
    Blacksharpie Says:

    This is from BZ, posted yesterday at 6pm. I don’t know how he was in Switzerland and then NY so quickly.

    T ‏@caccia299481 · 3m
    Pretty dope meeting @LeoDiCaprio today. Actually a chyll dude compared to every other celebrity

    Liz Lizama ‏@LizLizamaa · 1m
    @caccia299481 @LeoDiCaprio where?!

    T ‏@caccia299481 · 25s
    @LizLizamaa he’s lookin to buy the penthouse in the building I’m working in or some ****

  983. 983
    Ok Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Sounds right. Love the expression, lol. I’m getting lots of Gatsby vibes from him lately.

  984. 984
    f Says:

    @Leave him alone:

    You are absolutely right.

  985. 985
    also... Says:

    @Blacksharpie: After the GG he had a quick trip to Geneva and he was there for a very short period. Looks like it could have been a similar trip. They left the Caribbean on Sunday so he could have gone straight there…
    Buying a penthouse in NYC? I thought he already bought one ( and the apartment next to his current place )…

  986. 986
    @Leave him alone Says:

    Same applies to you and the comments posted here

  987. 987
    Ruby Says:

    @lapdog: Jen Meyer doesn’t have a job she has a rich daddy and hubby. Her jewelry is hideous and unoriginal

  988. 988
    Ruby Says:

    @Blacksharpie: This guy speaks like a 14 year old lol I guess these are the neighbors Leo likes to keep around

  989. 989
    @981 Says:

    @Leave him alone: +500000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  990. 990
    lol Says:

    @#### The guy says “Leo out here” so it is a sighting.

  991. 991
    @Ruby Says:

    @Ruby: I agree!! Nothing against Jen, but she has a rich daddy and she married rich!
    Her jewelry line is a vanity project/hobby!

  992. 992
    @lol Says:

    “Leonardo DiCaprio out here smashing 21yr old Toni Garnn , he sounds like my Uncle.”

    Yes, looks like a sighting to me.

  993. 993
    WHAT LOL Says:

    @also…: “BLANCO ‏@BurnOurDough
    40yr Leonardo DiCaprio out here smashing 21yr old Toni Garnn , he sounds like my Uncle.”

  994. 994
    poor toni Says:

    this is a gift for also…

    BLANCO ‏@BurnOurDough
    40yr Leonardo DiCaprio out here smashing 21yr old Toni Garnn , he sounds like my Uncle.

  995. 995
    denial Says:

    It’s a sighting but some here are in denial. I don’t see the point, I am sure they do more than that LOL.

  996. 996
    Leave him alone Says:

    I have a right to my opinion and maybe if these threads and posters didn’t complain and go on about the same $hit again and again I wouldn’t be making these comments right now. But I’m not the only one who feels this way so you will just have to deal not everyone feels the same as you.

  997. 997
    Question Says:

    Did Gatsby party as much as Leo?

  998. 998
    poor toni Says:

    the club sighting has both visual and audio evidence of leo and toni smashin… will “also…” still try to deny their relationship by arguing that there’s no scent mentioned?

  999. 999
    also... Says:

    @What lol: I have seen it, genius. What’s your point? Are you aware that I’m not the only on Edith my opinion?
    @poor toni: Really? After embarrassing yourself yet again you are here with more dumbness? I feel sorry for you! LOL what happened to grandma’s birthday in Switzwrland? Sorry, honey, I can’t take you seriously.

  1000. 1000
    @Leave him alone Says:


  1001. 1001
    @Leave him alone Says:

    You have the right to your opinion and so do the others. Other posters complain about Leo and you complain about them. Difference?

  1002. 1002
    dumbness? Says:

    @also…: really though?

  1003. 1003
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: Really? After embarrassing yourself yet again you are here with more dumbness? I feel sorry for you! LOL what happened to your rejoicing that he wasn’t in Switzerland when in reality he was smashing Toni in an NY club? Sorry, cookie, I can’t take you seriously.

  1004. 1004
    poor toni Says:

    here I am again making a complete ass out of myself. evidence? What evidence? I have nothing again just my dumb fantasies. I’m beyond pathetic. I’m not even surprised everyone is just laughing at me. hehehe

  1005. 1005
    @996 Says:

    @Leave him alone: I agree with you!!

  1006. 1006
    Damn Says:

    He’s always with Toni now. Looks like they’re getting closer. Really think she’s going to be around for awhile.

  1007. 1007
    Blacksharpie Says:

    I am not exactly sure what you mean by a “neighbor”. But I would think that the typical age for someone who frequents clubs is in their 20s. I took the comment to mean that Leo was the older guy that stands out in the crowd because of his age (like the tweeter’s Uncle). That’s why I used the term “lounge lizard”.
    I understand that Leo was very busy during WOWS promo/Oscar campaign Bhutto it’s over now. He needs to get back to work or find some project to do. His lifestyle is getting vapid and gross at this point. Hollywood moves fast. He has a great deal of influence and power but he could become irrelevant if he doesn’t get back in the game. I am half expecting there to be an article soon questioning what he is doing with his life. I think it’s been over a year since he’s actually worked on a movie set.

  1008. 1008
    poor toni Says:

    let me get my ken and Barbie dolls so I can reenact the dry humping. I will upload it to Instagram for evidence. hahaha that’s how disturbed I am.

  1009. 1009
    poor toni Says:

    is there anyone here who is dumber than i am? Yesterday I was drooling over Leo visiting Toni’s mom in Switzerland and today I’m here saying that Leo wasn’t even there and he was in NYC smashing Toni! hahaha
    I’m too stupid to keep up with my delusions. maybe mom is right and I should get back to the looney bin

  1010. 1010
    poor toni (real) Says:

    @poor toni: here is some evidence for the impostor

    BLANCO ‏@BurnOurDough
    40yr Leonardo DiCaprio out here smashing 21yr old Toni Garnn , he sounds like my Uncle.

  1011. 1011
    Newcomer Says:

    It was a quick trip to Switzerland. It seems he only stays a few hours.

    About the tweet, I think the wording is strange. The guy seems like a geek who doesn’t go out much and he doesn’t seem to be into fashion so when I read it first, I thought he had just read or heard about them dating and tweeting this, comparing him to his uncle. Why put their ages if they are just making out in front of you? Most people tweets “Leo and his model girlfriend/a young model/a blonde girl”…. It sounds strange that he would know her name as well. Except fashion addicts and Leo fans, nobody seems to know her. But then, I could be wrong and she could have been there (they are dating so it is not like I am denying she spends time with him and could have joined him) but the wording is strange if it was just a sighting.

    And the videos of Toni talking and dancing in front of Jude Law made me laugh. Her official womanizer was not there at the moment so she had to find another one lol.

    The video of 1Oak: I am not sure but there is a guy with grey cap and a blue shirt (we only see his back), close to other guys with caps, and girls are turned towards them, so maybe he is there but we don’t see his face so it is just a supposition.

  1012. 1012
    #### Says:


    Agree. I wasn’t saying she wasn’t there with Leo just that the tweet didn’t sound clear

  1013. 1013
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    Leo had two huge hits in 2013 release. He’s worked on a movie every single year since 2006 if you remember his movies that were supposed to release earlier than they did like Shutter Island which was slated for a 2009 release and the environmental documentary that released in 2007. He’ll be fine if he takes a break, the roles will always be there for him and there’s always a fear of being overexposed.

  1014. 1014
    poor toni ( real ) Says:

    it’s evidence because I want it to be an evidence. I wish I knew where this guy was last night. that would help me sell this as evidence hehehe
    maybe it was in Switzerland after Leo was indeed there to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday. gosh, in so stupid. I rather won’t say anything about my latest misfire. If I don’t talk about it then it didn’t happen. hehehe

  1015. 1015
    Newcomer Says:

    He was in Switzerland. There was a guy who saw him in NY at the airport boarding a Swiss airlines flight two days ago, a girl who said her mother was supposed to welcome him at the airport the day after (yesterday) and a journalist saw him in the streets of Geneva and had confirmation that it was him by the staff of the hotel where he was staying (maybe just for a photoshoot, business lunch…). So he went there but only for a few hours.

  1016. 1016
    poor toni ( real ) Says:

    Oh, sh^t. I just saw also’s comment that it could be a general statemt or an actual sighting and I’m here making fun of her for being in denial. seriously could I be any more stupid? I doubt. hahaha

  1017. 1017
    justaking, Says:

    is leo is a godfather to toby’s daughter ruby? i am sure they will me this week?

  1018. 1018
    justsaying... Says:

    is leo a godfather too toby’s daughter ruby??? sure that they will meet this week.

  1019. 1019
    justsaying... Says:

    sorry fot the double post, i thought i click the right name but i didnt whoop

  1020. 1020
    PUSSY lOVER Says:


  1021. 1021
    @also Says:

    What do you mean Urban? smash is a slang word not a urban thing ..Is that a black joke or something ?

  1022. 1022
    @1020 Says:

    How’d you get away with that title?!?!?!?! LOL

  1023. 1023
    Newcomer Says:

    I don’t know if Toni was there but there were young girls and Robin Thicke (very busy trying to wn Paula back it seems…):

    This girl had already tweeted in December about always ending at Leo’s table in 1Oak:

  1024. 1024
    Newcomer Says:

    Another sighting of Robin at 1Oak:

  1025. 1025
    LOL Says:

    Robin Thicke and Leo in the same city means clubbing for sure.

  1026. 1026
    Newcomer Says:

    @@also (#1021): I think she meant Urban Dictionary, a site where they explain plenty of slang words:

  1027. 1027
    also... Says:

    @ @also: Urban dictionary is for slang words. Why don’t you check it out?

  1028. 1028
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: That’s exactly what I said in comment #968. Urban dictionary

  1029. 1029
    PUSSY lOVER Says:

    Young model ***** was that the club with pimp daddy and everyone knows old dude was gonna be smashing her later that night.

  1030. 1030
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Can you post the link or name so I can get it on statigram since my Instagram isn’t working. (the one of Toni and Jude Law) :))

  1031. 1031
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: I didn’t check your comment again before posting mine and adding the website link. Sorry, I wasn’t implying who did or said anything wrong, don’t worry :)

  1032. 1032
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: This is the guy’s statigram:

    The last two videos he posted.

  1033. 1033
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I realized I didn`t word my comment to you properly. I meant to say that why was this persona having an issue with this because I said clearly in my earlier comment that I used urban dictionary. Thanks for helping to clarify it. :)

  1034. 1034
    PUSSY lOVER Says:

    No old man resists a young ***** if there is a chance to get one!

  1035. 1035
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Back to the `smashing` tweet. I agree. That`s what we said from the beginning that it`s not that clear. It could be an actual sighting or it could be just something in general. It`s not clear because there`s no context. Was he at the club or the other place where Toni was with Jude Law&co? It`s not denial it`s just an tweet that could go either way…

  1036. 1036
    PUSSY lOVER Says:

    Horny old man has an appetite for young *****

  1037. 1037
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Thanks. Lol, Jude Law looks into her. He attaully seems like a nice guy. I think Leo must of been there, but it’s weird if he was and she was left with what seemed a group of guys.

  1038. 1038
    Ok Says:

    @also…: I think they spend a lot of time together, not alone, but together with others. She must feel like a third wheel most of the time.

  1039. 1039
    also... Says:

    @Ok: Yeah, it does seem like they are together a lot but not alone. This is usual for Leo. If rumors were true Lively didn`t like that but it seems Toni doesn`t care. No wonder Leo never had a real relationship. He is barely alone with his girlfriends so it`s just like a big party for them all the time.

  1040. 1040
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: No problem ;)

    @Ok and also…: It is not impossible that Toni went to 1Oak after (even if it seems he invited girls, including one he already knows, at his table) but it doesn’t seem to me that Leo was there (at the show Rush Zimmerman filmed). I am not sure she would have been like that with Jude Law if Leo was around, not that she was doing anything scandalous but she always seems to have more fun and to be more relaxed when he is not around. She seems more “cautious” with Leo. Also, it seems he arrived late in NYC so maybe she joined him later or they spent the night separately. Of course this is just my opinion.

  1041. 1041
    PUSSY lOVER Says:

    Naive looking Young ***** likes flashing to seduce rich old man.

  1042. 1042
    Smashing. Says:

    This is when you and a woman/man have sex

    Guys slang for “OMG Leo is dating Toni Garrn” without saying specifically “He is f**cking Toni”

  1043. 1043
    Toni's a suck up Says:

    Is it just me or is Toni pretty chatty with Jude..never seen this with Leo ?She seems tipsy but i hope she didt talk jude ‘s ear off the whole night while Leo was MIA ..she really likes men who are old enough to be her father! smh

  1044. 1044
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: No, it’s not impossible. She could have gone to the club. To me it’s just the tweet… no real context. That’s all. Leo dry humping her while in a club ( possibly drunk ) is not unusual.

  1045. 1045
    Ok Says:

    @also…: Agreed!!
    @Newcomer: Yeah maybe. She does seem a bit tense when with Leo. I thought he’d be there because it looked like an event he’d be invited to, so I thought maybe she got invited by Leo. Who knows? But Jude and Toni looked like they were very good friends by that video, and I could see Leo getting jealous by it.

  1046. 1046
    karma Says:

    Leo is constantly surrounded by women and groupies, yet people are making a big deal out of Toni chatting with Jude Law?

  1047. 1047
    Toni's a suck up Says:

    Jude seemed actually into Toni more than Leo imo.. He was looking her in the eye! like ok said she was a little too chatty for him to be a stranger I have never even seen her talk to Lukas like that ?

  1048. 1048
    @Toni’s a suck up Says:

    @Toni’s a suck up: Same whe she was with Dave in Cabo.

  1049. 1049
    also... Says:

    @karma: I think one person brought that up not ‘people’.

  1050. 1050
    Newcomer Says:

    @karma: Like I said, she is doing nothing scandalous and even if she was, I wouldn’t criticize her for that after all the times where we heard about Leo chatting up/flirting/inviting girls at his table in clubs and probably cheating. I just said that I don’t think Leo was around because she seems relaxed, chatty here with Jude Law and like she is having fun and she always seems more tense, like Ok said, when Leo is around. So my guess would be that he was not there with her.

  1051. 1051
    Karma Says:

    @also…: I don’t need grammar lessons from someone who says “dumbness”!
    And if you paid attention it was brought up multiple times, by different people!

  1052. 1052
    Newcomer Says:

    Rush has posted two pictures of Toni, Jude and the group:

  1053. 1053
    Hmm Says:

    Although we dont know how Leo, Toni and his group are in a conversation if there is one, We can only judge by these miserable pictures focused on something else, looking boring without any interaction.

  1054. 1054
    LOL Says:

    Leo and Toni probably hang out later after the show n the Club. Where else can we find Leo? LOL

  1055. 1055
    also... Says:

    @Karma: it wasn’t me who used the word dumbness. Some troll used my name. Sorry I don’t wanna fight but with all fairness one person talked about Toni and Jude. I agree that it doesn’t look anything scandalous like leaving a club early in the morning with another model. Just talking but she does seem very relaxed.

  1056. 1056
    Thirsty Says:

    dosequisman Beach babe @toni_garrn last morning in Cabo

  1057. 1057
    Thirsty Says:

  1058. 1058
    Rush Says:

    you guys do know that Rush Zimmerman is a girl, right?

  1059. 1059
    karma Says:

    @also…: Fine!
    No fighting! Agree to disagree!!

  1060. 1060
    Rush Says:

    and you guys do realize when you doing an instagram video, you can stop, pause, continuet he vid? thats why it shows toni and jude talking so much, because she wanted to get shots of that. It doesn’t mean they were talking all over eachother all night.

  1061. 1061
    Newcomer Says:

    Just a detail but I spotted Richie Akive:

    He is in the middle of the golden champagne bottles, you see a small guy with glasses and a cap. But I still don’t see Leo and he is not the guy with the grey cap that I thought before. I guess he was hidden behind the bottles and the girls, close to Richie lol

  1062. 1062
    @newcomer Says:

    I still don’t see richie either? could you take a screenshot?

  1063. 1063
    Newcomer Says:

    @Rush: I thought she was a guy lol. I don’t know a lot about fashion photographers and most of them are guys so I didn’t even pay attention. Sorry then Rush :)

  1064. 1064
    @Rush Says:

    @Rush: Jude Law is a man with small *****.

  1065. 1065
    No clubbing girl Says:

    Can someone explain why the flares champagne?

  1066. 1066
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Based on the pics and video, I am surmising Leo wasn’t at the performance. I think they met up at 1Oak. The guy that tweeted said “Leo is here” and references TG so I think they were both at 1Oak.
    Also, I think Jude and TG may know each other. In the video it sounds like she is saying ” oh you weren’t there, right” or something like that. Perhaps he was at the Berlinale Film Festival ?

  1067. 1067
    Newcomer Says:

    @@newcomer: I could try to take a screenshot but I don’t know how to post it and it is very quick. Look at the two or three golden bottles who are to the left of the video and at one moment, his face appears in between the bottles, in the bakcground. It is very fast. I think we see him two or three times very quickly.

  1068. 1068
    No Says:

    Jude Law is a manwh-re. Brit trash and crap actor, he should thank his lucky stars he’s “good looking” I don’t agree but lots of others do apparently

  1069. 1069
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    They probably met at The Grand Budapest Hotel premiere that Toni attended in Berlin. Jude stars in that movie.

  1070. 1070
    also... Says:

    @Karma: Agreed. Just one more thing: I didn’t mean to give you a grammar lesson. I saw only one person mentioning it but apparently I was wrong! Sorry!

  1071. 1071
    Blacksharpie Says:

    @No clubbing girl:
    I think someone buys all that champagne at once and the club makes a show of it by parading the bottles around with the sparklers. It’s probably good for business. Wasn’t there a tweet that thanked Robin Thicke for the champagne? I thought it was Leo who bought the champagne but it must have been Robin. It probably makes them feel good to be able to buy all that champagne in a club for random people. Keep in mind Leo’s friend Richie Akiva, owns/promotes 1Oak. It helps create buzz in the club if champagne is waved around and offered to people.

  1072. 1072
    No Says:

    Tarantino the manchild called Jude Law a sh-tty brit actor who went to Hollyweird so he could be successful without acting talent ahahahhh

  1073. 1073
    No Says:

    Jude Law = garbage version of Ewan Mcgregor.

  1074. 1074
    Partygirl Says:

    Some of these comments are totally ridiculous. I think folks need to accept these sighting tweets at face value. If there is no picture, it may or may not have happened. By the way the date on the Switzerland tweet predates the trip to St. Barth’s, so why are we even discussing that now???
    Anywho, let’s be realistic,rich people in cities like NYC, Vegas, Miami, LA, etc. go out more than regular folks in general. A regular person might stay at home have a drink and listen to some music on their iPod. If you’re not working a 9 to 5, and have money why not have a late night drink with friends while listening to music played by the world”s best DJs.
    And let’s face it, promoters will offer free tickets to famous people to get press for their event. The fact that Jude Law and Toni were at the same table doesn’t mean they went there together. It is probably just VIP seating area. They may have even hoped she would bring Leo. By the way didn’t Jude Law use to cheat on his wife with Sienna Miller.

  1075. 1075
    Karma Says:

    @also…: It’s okay!

  1076. 1076
    @blacksharpie Says:

    what is the twitter that said leo is here at 1oak?

  1077. 1077
    No Says:

    Jude is still a crap actor with no good movies. Wes didn’t want him in his beautiful Budapest Hotel Jude just showed up and stood in front of the camera and gave a charming smile~~~~~ ACTING~~~~

  1078. 1078
    Cate Blanchetts says Says:

    For god sakes Jude don’t follow Toni on IG..uhhh

  1079. 1079
    Blacksharpie Says:

    You are probably right!
    I don’t think there is really anything going on between Jude Law and TG. It’s just funny that she is siting next to a notorious womanizer at a performance and she is also dating a notorious womanizer. Lol. It seems random that she and Jude Law would be together at the same performance. I guess these people all run in a tight circle.

  1080. 1080
    No Says:

    Cate Blanchett has no idea who Jude is he’s never been nominated for sh-t except worst husband of all time

  1081. 1081
    Blacksharpie Says:

    BLANCO ‏@BurnOurDough
    40yr Leonardo DiCaprio out here smashing 21yr old Toni Garnn , he sounds like my Uncle.

  1082. 1082
    Why the fuss? Says:

    Yea Leo will surely be jealous of Jude Law *snort* Toni sees and kisses tons of guys around her age, look at her IG. Toni is sticking with Leo, she’s just having a night out I bet Jude considers her boring as hell lol

  1083. 1083
    Deja Vu Wednesday Says:

    Sienna Miller And Leonardo DiCaprio Romantically Involved?

    Actress Sienna Miller was spotted last week in Los Angeles, seeking comfort in Leonardo DiCaprio’s arms, just two weeks after she made up with her ex-fianc�e, actor Jude Law.

    Miller, 24, was seen cozying up Wednesday night in the L.A.’s Mood Club to the Hollywood hunk, chatting and drinking for hours, looking completely oblivious to onlookers.

    One reveler told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Sienna was getting very cozy with him. They spent most of the night huddled in a corner. They looked like they were having a great time.”

    When they left the club, both Sienna and Leonardo made sure they would not be spotted together. The source added: “They both went to great lengths to make sure they were not photographed together.”

    Leonardo first split up with his girlfriend, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, before 2005. The on-and-off lovers later got back together and appeared in each others’ arms at the 2005 Oscars.

  1084. 1084
    Cate Blanchetts says Says:

    @No: Excuse me but I worked with that idiot in the Talented Mr. Ripley.. so suck it!

  1085. 1085
    @blacksharpie Says:

    I mean the one that says Leo is here at 1oak, I got the leo and toni one

  1086. 1086
    No Says:

    @Ok: Yeah Jude is definitely a nice guy when he’s in the mood for some cheap p-ssy. Too bad he’s not nice enough to improve his acting and not ruin every film he’s in. He’s a manwh-re only Cameron Diaz fell for him LOL

  1087. 1087
    No clubbing girl Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Thanks.

  1088. 1088
    also... Says:

    Is there an actual tweet that puts him in 1OAK? The IG video I posted tagged him but was there a tweet?

  1089. 1089
    Yep Says:

    I see that Robin is working hard to win back his wife.

  1090. 1090
    --------- Says:

    @Newcomer: Which video? The first or second?

  1091. 1091
    No Says:

    @Cate Blanchetts says: I’m pretty sure Cate didn’t even bother to talk to Poo Law or look in his direction. For once I wouldn’t mind hearing whatever snarky backstabbing comments she may have for Jude break the marriage Law

  1092. 1092
    Ok Says:

    @No: What a nice thing to say…. I’ve heard he’s a pleasant guy.

  1093. 1093
    Cate Blanchetts says Says:

    You people call him Jude but I call him Judy.. hah!

  1094. 1094
    ???? Says:

    Why is Cate Blanchett here?

  1095. 1095
    No Says:

    @Ok: Did you hear that from Cameron Diaz or his nanny? Anyone who is not a hussy young female can see that Jude Lawless is a poor man’s Ewan Mcgregor or James Mcavoy (it pains me to mention those two talented actors in the same breath as Poo Law) but because Jude has a following of minivan mommies we are subjected to his waxy face and smug grin much more.

  1096. 1096
    No Says:

    @Cate Blanchetts says: Judy Garland and Judy Law… Cate hates all Judy’s

  1097. 1097
    Cate Blanchetts says Says:

    I noticed little Toni is getting less comments on her IG lately ..she better step up her game take a duo selfie with Irmelin ..

  1098. 1098
    calvity Says:

    Jude Law was beautiful before his calvity.

  1099. 1099
    OT: Comments about Lainey Says:
    “Lainey’s stream-of-conscious-bullsh*t is infuriating.”

    “Idg how people can read her tbh… she’s like the female Perez, she sounds legit obsessed and crazy… like it’s not even just fun blogging, it’s way OTT”

    “she sounds psychotic. like i know we’re on a gossip site ourselves but ****, she’s so OTT in a bad way.”

    “mte. sometimes she can be not as grating and she is right about a good number of things but most of the time she is definiton of doing the most, reaching etc

    “Yeah and she’s a hypocrite
    Most bloggers are a$$holes but she pretends to care about race and feminism even tho she’s a huuuuuuge misogynist and self hating

  1100. 1100
    Newcomer Says:

    @also (#1088): I posted this on page 41 (comment #1023):

    I don’t know if Toni was there but there were young girls and Robin Thicke (very busy trying to wn Paula back it seems…):

    This girl had already tweeted in December about always ending at Leo’s table in 1Oak:


    And I also posted another sighting of Robin Thciek at 1Oak so I guess they were actually there.

    @————- (#1090): I said Rush Zimmerman posted two pictures (after the two videos she also posted) of Toni, Jude and the people who went at this event.

  1101. 1101
    Newcomer Says:

    *type Robin Thicke

  1102. 1102
    Meanwhile Says:

    Poor Barkhad… and how many times has Leo been in trouble (gambling, drugs, creepy sex) and yet still gotten away with it?

  1103. 1103
    @1102 Says:

    @Meanwhile: Leo has never been “in trouble” with any of these things!

  1104. 1104
    Meanwhile Says:

    @@1102: He’s been tangled with illegal gambling and very shady billionaires in the past. He’s literally got a head that’s blown up like a balloon from coke bloat (or extreme alcoholism) and yet he gets to roam free

  1105. 1105
    @1102 Says:

    @Meanwhile: All still rumors though…. never proven!
    He can’t be punished for what his friends and associates have been caught doing.

  1106. 1106
    HAHA12 Says:

    Do you at least admit how beautiful he was in The Talented Mr. Ripley? Probably the most gorgeous he’s looked in a movie, I legit could not get over his beauty the moment I first saw him.

  1107. 1107
    Meanwhile Says:

    @@1102: What is your theory on the expansion of his head? And actually he can be punished for being associated with shady people.

  1108. 1108
    Cate Blanchetts says Says:

    Im called a Lizard, but no one talks about precious Teletubby Mulligan! smh

  1109. 1109
    No Says:

    @HAHA12: Yuck he looks smarmy and smug. He loves himself too much.

  1110. 1110
    Daisy Says:

    Hahahahaha Cate Blanchett looks like a skinned Australian lizard for real. Carey looks like a melting turtle with her pinched mouth and saggy cheeks.

  1111. 1111
    HAHA12 Says:

    LOL how about here?
    I can’t resist. He was one of my first movie star crushes. I still think he looks pretty good but I miss his hair.

  1112. 1112
    @No Says:

    Looks like Jude and Toni make the perfect couple then :)

  1113. 1113
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Oh, so last night she ended up at his table again? Thanks.
    I don’t think I have seen this before.

  1114. 1114
    No Says:

    @HAHA12: Yeah sorry I’m not attracted to sunburnt peeling orange skin but I can understand why people find him attractive. He’s got a pretty face (to others) but to me his smug attitude and crap “acting” ruins it.

  1115. 1115
    @also... Says:

    it doesn’t say she was at his table again, the one where she says she made her way to his table is from december. the one from last night is the one that said she saw leo there and he said he liked her jacket.

  1116. 1116
    No Says:

    @@No: Yeah actually they suit each other lol two wh-res with nothing but their “good looks”. I wonder what went down between them at the Grand Budapest Hotel Premiere… I wonder if she even met Wes, her presence was so random lol

  1117. 1117
    ------ Says:

    @also…: Who? Catch me up. I’m on Rush’s account.

  1118. 1118
    Jacket Fetish Says:

    @@also…: wtf is with Leo and the jackets? He says he likes buying jackets but he always wears the ugly bubble one or the ugly blue windbreaker

  1119. 1119
    Ok Says:

    @HAHA12: That’s a good pic. He looks hot!

  1120. 1120
    Jude, Cate, & Leo Says:

    In Aviator!!!

  1121. 1121
    Yep Says:

    @Jacket Fetish: lmao

  1122. 1122
    @No Says:

    Give the guy some credit at least Jude doesn’t favor models ..I think Toni is not his type too gangly ! lol

  1123. 1123
    @1122 Says:

    He cheated on Sienna Miller with his NANNY…nuff said

  1124. 1124
    jackopio Says:

    Robin Thinke trying to win Paula back???Word of advice to him. Stop hanging out with Leo the modelizer stop clubbing, stop hanging out with young girls and lastly stop hanging out with Leo and then stop hanging out with Leo… That’s how he got into trouble the last time…

  1125. 1125
    No Says:

    @@No: Jude is worse than Leo cheating on his fiancé yuck and whoring around with c-list gullible women. If Jude were nice he would choose models because they have a tough skin from working in the harsh business of modeling but instead Jude choosing normal dumb girls and plays with their emotions. Poope Law.

  1126. 1126
    @jackopio Says:

    Oh please, Robin has been cheating on Paula for years and she’s been aware of it too. He’s been spotted cozying up with younger women at clubs Leo wasn’t even at so quit trying to blame Leo.

  1127. 1127
    No Says:

    @@1122: Yup. Gross waxy guy light his hair on fire and voila you have a nice decorative candle.

  1128. 1128
    Jude Law Says:

    He dated a lot of models : Sienna Miller (she was a model), Lily Cole, Alicia Rountree…and slept with Lindsay Lohan.

  1129. 1129
    @1127 Says:

    Also he was caught with the wannabee socialite Benicio Del Toro knocked up on a one night stand so yah.

  1130. 1130
    Truth Says:

    Fassbender’s character in 12yas was based on Jude Law

  1131. 1131
    @No Says:

    so your saying normal girls or non models are dumb ?i think your confused hun! dumb models get cheated on too ..

  1132. 1132
    so basically... Says:

    So, what I’m getting from all this endless discussion is that there are actually NO PICTURES of Leo and Toni together!?!? Just speculation. Ok, great. I don’t think we’re going to get many pictures of them together even tho they’re both not doing anything. Leo managed to go to St Bart and we got not even ONE picture of them together. Its gonna be hard to keep going like this…Poor Leo, can’t just walk down the street everyday and go biking and leave restaurants together and just be a normal couple with his ho. His life must be so hard. Poor Leo…poor…poor Leo… I guess he’s gonna be hiding as much as he can now, have all this free time and his ho aint doing anything. On the bright side he will get tired of her quicker! Over the next 2 months it will be interesting to see what happens!! : )

  1133. 1133
    No @ Jude Law the Glade Candle Says:

    @Jude Law: That just proves what a nasty wh-re he is. Lindsay Lohan?? Not even Leo wanted dat one

  1134. 1134
    Bike Ride Says:

    @so basically…: Don’t have pity on Leo he could pay for Barkhad’s braces but insead he chooses to buy champagne bottles for strangers.

  1135. 1135
    No Says:

    @@No: Sorry but girls who are charmed by Jude disobey the marriage Law are not too smart. He’s a gross catch and gross guy, he’s just very charming up front but it’s all a front to cover all the trash he’s got under the surface. There’s no smoke without fire and the guy is surrounded in a thick smog of wh-oror stories

  1136. 1136
    #### Says:

    Estelle Besnainou (@estelleb0704)
    3/26/14, 12:51 PM
    My mom casually saw Leonardo DiCaprio eat lunch in a restaurant in Geneva yesterday #WTF #OnceInALifeTime #hollysiht #nof-ckingway

  1137. 1137
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Marty’s wife is not that attractive and she seems rather biiitchyy but its not always the looks ..Leonard should know that !

  1138. 1138
    @Partygirl post #1074 Says:

    Bravo for your comment. If only more thought like you.

  1139. 1139
    Wal Marty Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says: Sry but Marty seems like the kind of guy who think women are only good for housework and children. The guy’s gotta take what he can get.

  1140. 1140
    Now that she's divorced Says:

    maybe Leo should try to get with Goop??

  1141. 1141
    lol Says:

    @Bike Ride: LMAO

  1142. 1142
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    No way Gwenyth is Toni in 20 years! uhhh!

  1143. 1143
    so basically... Says:

    @Bike Ride: LOL,
    I know right!??? lol

  1144. 1144
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Judy Dench wonderful actress but mehh.. No Judys!

  1145. 1145
    Why? Says:

    Why Is Cate Blanchett on this thread? Where is the other Kate? The nice one.

  1146. 1146
    Cate AND Kate Says:

    What do you think of Kate, Mrs. Blanchett?

  1147. 1147
    Cate AND Kate Says:

  1148. 1148
    Cate AND Kate Says:,katewinslet-dac7394b6dbdb202736a63534186290c_h.jpg

  1149. 1149
    Cate AND Kate Says:

  1150. 1150
    Aww Says:

    @Cate AND Kate: Awww what a cute picture (1146). They’re so similar in lots of ways, I think they have the same manager and their names rhyme and how weird is it that they’re wearing the same color dress lol.

  1151. 1151
    Math Says:

    @Why?: “The nice one” LOL I agree with that

    Cate Blanchett = normal Tilda Swinton
    Kate Winslet = normal Emma Thompson

  1152. 1152
    Not Sexy Says:

    Jude Law moves like the gay best friend and Toni’s got her dog collar on, nothing happened that night. Just another fulfilling adventure of sitting around doing nothing with the rich people (why is Jude Law rich again?…)

  1153. 1153
    So Far Says:

    Toni is happy and pleased with her first year as Leo’s girlfriend.

  1154. 1154
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Kate and I are not similar are you ok? smh

  1155. 1155
    No Says:

    @Wal Marty: No Scorsese’s “wife” IS a b*tch she looked so sour when the adorable Alfonso Cuaron won the Best Director Oscar. Did she actually think Marty had a chance against Cuaron or McQueen this year? lol racist b*tch hating on Mexicans but still snacking on Churros when she feels like it

  1156. 1156
    Cate AND Kate Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says:
    But ya look so happy to see her in all those pics! Just admit shes a better actress then you!!

  1157. 1157
    Aww Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says: Sorry Cate I know you like to think you’re one of a kind and better than everyone else but you’re eerily similar to the Winslet down to the names and manager lol. I will say you both have different strengths and weaknesses on screen but you’re both good actresses, just with different personas.

  1158. 1158
    ehehe Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says: yo Leo did not look happy when he read Cate Blanchett’s name at the Golden Globes. He looked like a lost puppy I choked on my dinner lol

  1159. 1159
    @1157 Says:

    @Aww: But Kate is cooler! Cate is a bit too pretentious and unrelatable!

  1160. 1160
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    @Cate AND Kate: :Have you been drinking the (poor toni) lemonade?? Get real!

  1161. 1161
    Aww Says:

    @@1157: I agree that Kate is a lot warmer on screen but I think Blanchett’s pretentiousness has resulted in her making better films. I prefer Kate but both are good actresses, just different.

  1162. 1162
    Just Jared Vs The People Says:

    Hate Leo
    Hate girlfriends
    Hate poster
    Hate psychics
    Hate Cate
    Hate Jude
    Hate George
    Hate Margot
    Hate Dave

  1163. 1163
    Cate AND Kate Says:

    I don’t think they really got along or ever were close on The Aviator set, at least that’s what the rumor is. Leo looked like he was closer with Kate Beckinsale instead of Blanchett.

  1164. 1164
    But Says:

    @Just Jared Vs The People:

    Cate is a snarky mean girl and she wants to work with Woody again
    Jude cheated on poor Sienna with a nanny… and is like Brad Pitt, always ruining nice movies
    George told Leo to have sex at age 6 and let him read porn as a kid
    Margot is a hustler but she’s fizzling out (thank god)
    Dave is clearly a hanger on and his interactions with Toni are not normal

  1165. 1165
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    I really think Kate is the aussie and I’m the english girl!

  1166. 1166
    LOL Says:

    Fair game on the others but Margot aint fizzling out, she’s just getting started and she can actually act unlike most of these bombshells who make a scene in Hollyweird.

  1167. 1167
    Blimey Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: ahahahaha even I thought Blanch was British for a long long time, guess she didn’t want to be associated with the land of brassy tanned outbackers. Sorry Blanch but the Brits have got good humor and wit in their blood. Stick to the Aussie tradition of raunchy and obnoxious snark.

  1168. 1168
    Blimey Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: Kate Winslet an Australian?! LOL She’s always as white as a Tylenol, I think she has untannable skin

  1169. 1169
    Cate AND Kate Says:

    Leo with another Kate, Kate Beckinsale.

  1170. 1170
    Cate AND Kate Says:

  1171. 1171
    But Says:

    @LOL: Ok. So do you still think everything posted on here is hate?

  1172. 1172
    Cate AND Kate Says:

  1173. 1173
    Cate AND Kate Says:

  1174. 1174
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    I’m a taurus Leonard’s a scorpio we are opposites! Even our moon signs are opposite

  1175. 1175
    Love Triangle Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: Cate was jealous of Leo she wanted to seduce Scorsese but Leo was always giving him a lap dance

  1176. 1176
    Actual Leo's news? Says:


  1177. 1177
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Cate AND Kate:
    I have to say Kate Beckinsale and Leo make a nice looking couple strictly speaking on a superficial level. She’s lovely! I noticed he looked a lot more comfortable around her than Cate Blanchett during The Aviator promo. I think he and Blanchett just simply didn’t form a bond or were ever close friends off set, not that they dislike each other or anything.

  1178. 1178
    @1176 Says:

    @Actual Leo’s news?: Who is Leo?

  1179. 1179
    Love is Real Says:

    @@1176: Toni Garrn’s boyfriend.

  1180. 1180
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    @HAHA12:what did you think of my Kate Hupburn performance??

  1181. 1181
    Waffle Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: That deserved a Razzie gurl. The Academy were just saying sorry for the Elizabeth snub.

  1182. 1182
    HAHA12 Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says:
    Sorry girl loved you in Blue Jasmine last year but I wasn’t a fan of your Hepburn! It’s been awhile since I’ve watched The Aviator but I can admit while I like you tried inheriting Hepburn’s unique mannerisms and mostly nailed them fairly well but I still wasn’t a fan. Let’s be real your Oscar win that year was a makeup as a result of not winning for Elizabeth anyway ;)

  1183. 1183
    poor toni Says:

    @@1176: Toni Garrn’s sugar daddy

  1184. 1184
    Veggie Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: Natalie Portman should have won for her performance in Closer.

  1185. 1185
    Waffle Says:

    Cate didn’t even thank Leo in her Oscar speech for The Aviator lol she knew that she was the real star of the movie was wink wink

  1186. 1186
    Newcomer Says:

    @Actual Leo’s news?

    Here is a tweet concerning Leo:

    I don’t know if this is true but does he plan on buying apartments and houses everywhere??? He was also seen yesterday in NYC visiting a penthouse he could buy.

  1187. 1187
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    Ok and Kate Beckinsale ‘s Ava Gardner was laughable! She lacked Ava’s fire.

  1188. 1188
    Waffle Says:

    I think Cate snorted a few rows in the ladies room during this ceremony…..

  1189. 1189
    @1187 Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: What about Gwen Stefani as Jean Harlow?

  1190. 1190
    HAHA12 Says:

    LMAO so true.
    Love how happy Cate looked for Marion. Also how cute was Marion’s speech? “Thank you life, thank you love!”

  1191. 1191
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: What’s with this place, Frenchtown? There were many tweets about him being there in the past. It’s somewhere in New Jersey…

  1192. 1192
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Hi Lady! How are you? Did you get caught up with your work/school?
    re Kate/Hepburn: I thought she did a good job. IMO, I thought she had her mannerism down.
    @Newcomer: Hi! I’m beginning to wonder if all these tweets are true! Although, he did sell his Malibu home recently and I believe you have to use the money to purchase another home or you will get hit with capital gain taxes. Not sure how long you have to purchase the home, but maybe that’s the reason he has been looking at property.

  1193. 1193
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    @@1187: Always thought Drew Barrymore was better for the role..

  1194. 1194
    Waffle Says:

    @HAHA12: Cate just didn’t want to lose to Ellen Page LOL Marion was great and Cate overreacted like a freak opening her endless black void of a mouth before the winner was even announced

  1195. 1195
    HAHA12 Says:

    Cate and Marion acted like BFF’s during that awards season!
    LOL Cate was pregnant that year which may explain why she was much more warmer and approachable!

  1196. 1196
    HAHA12 Says:

    Hey there! Thanks for asking. School has been stressful this week but after tomorrow ends everything will be better. Waiting for the weekend basically LOL. How are you?

  1197. 1197
    @Newcomer Says:


    1.- He is supremely bored and found a new hobby. Landlord
    2.- He wants a private place to invite the hookers. Secret password at the door.
    3.- He want to move away from Tom and Gisele who bought an apartment in the same building.
    4.- He wants to move all his friend to NY and not being alone.

  1198. 1198
    Waffle Says:

    @HAHA12: Cate just wanted another non threatening Amy Adams type to latch onto for some BFF PR shots

  1199. 1199
    lol Says:

    @also…: Now I’m waiting for #French #town lol

  1200. 1200
    HAHA12 Says:

    Aw I love Amy. She’s too sweet but I also think she has a secret bitchy side, just like Blanchett who used to act very proper and normal at these award shows until this awards season.

  1201. 1201
    poor leo Says:

    He’s taking the boredom to another level. Now he will move from house to house.

  1202. 1202
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    Marion sweet girl but she’s definately a french ditz. Her english has improved over the years!

  1203. 1203
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Thanks for the info on taxes and property! I didn’t know that. Maybe that’s why he is buying everywhere then.

  1204. 1204
    Why? Says:

    @Cate Blanchett Says: I’m glad finally you like some other actress than yourself

  1205. 1205
    also... Says:

    @lol: Oh, you are knocking on devil’s door! lol

  1206. 1206
    Cate Blanchett Says Says:

    @HAHA12: My biiitchy side is no secret darling!

  1207. 1207
    lol Says:

    @also…: Actually predicting the predictable. Leo buying house in Palm spring #roadtrippin lol

  1208. 1208
    Newcomer Says:

    It seems he spent a bit of time in Anguilla while in the Caribbean last week. Here are two pics of him at a dinner in a restaurant in Anguilla. We can also see Tobey and I spot Lukas in the first one. It seems he borrowed Steven Spielberg’s yacht:

  1209. 1209
    also... Says:

    @lol: True. If he bought it she will confirm it. I don’t know who exactly called her a ‘live-in paparazzi’ but it’s pretty accurate.

  1210. 1210
    Bestiez fo life Says:

  1211. 1211
    poor leo Says:

    @Newcomer: On the next trip will be ask the NASA a spacecraft to visit the moon.

  1212. 1212
    also... Says:

    1. He was spotted at several places in the Caribbean but not one only Leo&Toni sighting. Only Leo, Toni and the entourage.
    2. If I said I wasn`t jealous of this trip I would lie. It must have been a beautiful trip but on the other hand… is there anything else to him while not working? I mean if this article was from 5 or 10 years ago it would be exactly the same as it is today. Leo, actual gf and an entourage, vacation, yachts…

  1213. 1213
    also... Says:

    @lol: I guess more #roadtrippin is on the way since Coachella is just around the corner.

  1214. 1214
    #### Says:

    @poor leo:

    Well you know he’s supposed to take that trip into space sometime this year on Branson’s space plane.

    I wonder if Toni will somehow try to get herself a spot on that space plane! LOL

  1215. 1215
    also... Says:

    @####: That`s what we need… duckface from space.

  1216. 1216
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @HAHA12: Doing good! Actually have the day off – one of my bosses is out of town! My brother and niece were supposed to come into town this weekend for a volleyball tournament, but she hurt her knee so they’re not sure if they are going to be coming now :(
    What are you studying in school, if you don’t mind me asking? Totally understand if you don’t want to answer.
    re Leo and Robin: I hope they aren’t hanging out. Robin just gives me the complete douche vibe. I’m pretty sure the whole ‘open marriage’ was Robin’s idea. Say what you want about Leo’s dating habits, he’s not married with a small child.

  1217. 1217
    #### Says:


    LMAO…..that could be the name of a D movie on SciFi or something!!!!

    And showing this Saturday, the premiere of Duckface from Space, starring Toni Garrn!!! Look her first acting gig! :-)

  1218. 1218
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Tobey looks cute when he’s touching Leo’s head! What’s he doing exactly? I must say its weird that a lot of sites have suddenly started using her instagram. But the daily mail used lukas’s as well so I doubt Leo would get annoyed at Toni over it.

  1219. 1219
    HAHA12 Says:

    Oh no its fine! Right now I’m just juggling through different classes but I can’t say I’ve found something I’m really passionate about yet. I’d like to probably take a film class and that is what I want to study tho. Sucks about your niece! :/ Hope she feels better. It was snowing over here in Maryland while it must be hot as hell in LA LOL
    ITA with you about Robin. Gtg so I’ll talk to you another time.

  1220. 1220
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I don’t know if they are close friends or hanging out all the time but Leo was at Robin’s birthday after the Oscars in LA and it seems they were together in 1Oak last night in NYC. I don’t like Robin either. And I have the feeling all this talk in concerts about how he wants Paula back and all the flowers he sent her in front of paparazzi are just to try to give him a better image. Not that he doesn’t love Paula but I feel like he wanted everything, her and the young girls, she dumped him and now he is trying to save face. I hope Paula doesn’t take him back.

  1221. 1221
    Lilly Says:

    Helllooo 😊😊😊😊
    So Leo’s thinking of buying a new place? Cool xx
    @Bestiez fo life: That’s a sweet pic x
    Saw the daily mail use Toni’s and Lukas’s instagram. How could they find it all of a sudden? Anyway looks like they had a nice time in the Caribbean, I’d love to go there! 😍
    I’m sure we will get more news about him during Coachella.xxxx
    Has anyone watch Little miss sunshine- I love the movie and watched it today :) xoxo
    Hope you are all well ***

  1222. 1222
    Leo Says:

    I told you. Leo was on spielberg yacht introducing the new open-mouthy actress.

  1223. 1223
    #### Says:


    I’m pretty sure Robin and Leo have been friends for quite a while. Remember Leo was on that show when he was a kid with Robin’s dad, Alan Thicke. I don’t know how close they really are but they have probably known each other since they were kids.

  1224. 1224
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: I think the Daily Mail found Lukas’ IG after finding Toni’s IG. He had just made it public and she tagged him in a pic. I find it funny how the girl from Anguilla says she is saying now that she has seen him because she didn’t want to give clues to paps and to bother him, yet some of his entourage (including Toni) don’t seem to care about his privacy as much.

    About Tobey: I thought he had a glass in his hands and was like “cheers” or something like.

    @also…: Yes it is bit like one poster said today: Rinse and repeat lol.

  1225. 1225
    Game time Says:

    How old do you think the posters who are posting now, ages are?
    Poor Leo
    Cate Blanchett Says
    And more

  1226. 1226
    you guys are funny! Says:

    @also…: lol Duckface from space! LOL

  1227. 1227
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Newcomer: Agree! The person who really gets hurt, is their child. :(
    @HAHA12: Snowing! Yikes! It’s actually overcast right now. It was supposed to rain, but that hasn’t happened. I was a film/TV major. Got my degree and moved up to LA! One of my nieces is starting out in the biz. She has been working as a PA on a couple of films and doesn’t get how you can be working and suddenly, it’s over without any warning! I keep telling her it’s the nature of the beast, especially production.

  1228. 1228
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Yes! For some reason Leo must be lacking on his private life because his supposedly inner circle have no problem giving hints or posting things which are initentionaly hints.
    Oh ok! That makes more sense :-)
    @Lilly: I’ve watched that! Loved it!

  1229. 1229
    @Game time???? Says:

    @Game time: Enjoying free time between nappy poo? done with your coloring book?

  1230. 1230
    Game time Says:

    @also…: @Zzzzzz:
    How old do you think the posters who are posting now, ages are?
    Poor Leo
    Cate Blanchett Says
    And more

  1231. 1231
    Game time Says:

    @HAHA12: How old do you think the posters who are posting now, ages are?
    Poor Leo
    Cate Blanchett Says
    And more

  1232. 1232
    you guys are funny! Says:

    @Game time:I’m guessing younger that aging womanizing Leo forty year-old a**!!! : )

  1233. 1233
    Game time Says:

    @you guys are funny!: Probably!
    I won’t spam the thread but what do you think?
    How old do you think the posters who are posting now, ages are?
    Poor Leo
    Cate Blanchett Says
    And more

  1234. 1234
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: Oh yeah, I forgot about Leo being in that show with Robin’s father. It also seems they partied together while Leo was in London promoting WOWS. And in June, Robin was in a French TV show called “Le Petit Journal” and the host asked him if any of his famous friends (actors, singers…) had asked him for Emily’s phone number (the brunette in the Blurred Lines video). And he said that yes, some of them had asked, and more precisely one very famous friend had asked. And the host asked him if he could say his name and Robin said “no” and the guy said “is he married?” and Robin said “no, he is a very well known bachelor” or something like that (there was a translation so I am retranslating the translation lol) and the host was laughing and said “can I say a name?” and Robin said “no” while laughing and people on social media were all guessing Leo. And if I am not mistaken, while Robin was in Paris giving this interview, Leo was there as well and they partied together in Matignon night club (a famous Parisian hot spot). So it seems they may not be the closest friends but they get on well together and are good friends at least.

  1235. 1235
    you guys are funny! Says:

    @@Game time????: LOL Time for a juicy juice!

  1236. 1236
    @Game time Says:

    What are YOUR guesses?

  1237. 1237
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Lilly: Hi! I loved that movie! Another really good movie to watch is Welcome to the Dollhouse.

  1238. 1238
    Newcomer Says:

    @Zzzzzz: Poor little child :(

  1239. 1239
    you guys are funny! Says:

    @Game time: go away troll, nobody cares. This game is boring!! All I know is Leo is 40!! No one can top him! lol OMG he’s going to be 40!! in the club!! wow…

  1240. 1240
    also... Says:

    @####: Sounds like the perfectly suitable movie for her. Straight to DVD kind! lol
    @Newcomer: A bit like rinse and repeat? I would say exactly like rinse and repeat. I bet he had vacations like this with Gisele and Bar. Not with Erin since he worked on 3 movies while dating her even though there was an entourage trip to Hawaii.

  1241. 1241
    Next Ride Says:

  1242. 1242
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Sounds like Leo!

  1243. 1243
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: I think some are giving unintentional hints like they just want to say they are having fun at a great place but some others are probably doing it more intentionally, either to brag they are with Leo, like Richie at the Superbowl, or because they love the attention they are getting bya being part of Leo’s entourage like Toni. There were people saying she was hinting recently and I said it was probably just a coincidence but it turned out it was really hints so now, I think she is just doing it deliberately. Like the video of the dancing robot where she is filming a bit of Leo for instance.

  1244. 1244
    Nina fan Says:

    Happy Birthday Nina Agdal 22 .. :)

  1245. 1245
    Lilly Says:

    @Zzzzzz: I haven’t seen that but I’ve heard good things about it :) thanks for the recommendation 😃 xx

  1246. 1246
    #### Says:


    I couldn’t pass up making a joke about Duckface in Space!!! haha

  1247. 1247
    lol Says:

    @Nina fan: Congratulations on being officially too old for Leo lol

  1248. 1248
    @lol Says:

    @lol: LMAO!!!!

  1249. 1249
    Game time Says:

    I think….
    also…- late thirtys
    HaHa12- don’t know
    Zzzzzz- mid thirtys
    Ok- mid-late twentys
    Newcomer- don’t know
    ####- Kate thirtys
    Lol- 20′s?
    Poor Leo- don’t know
    Lilly- don’t know
    Cate Blanchett Says- mid thirtys
    Why?- don’t know
    Don’t get it- mid twentys
    Blacksharpie- either early 30′s or 20′s

  1250. 1250
    @Game time???? Says:

    @Game time: Nothing on Discovery Kids?

  1251. 1251
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: I do think Riche and Toni are the known intentional braggers/hinters. I dont think Lukas would risk it, and I don’t think Jen does it intentionally. What I noticed about the video with the robot was that she tilted the camera to get a little bit of him in, and I do think it was intentionally that she recorded him.

  1252. 1252
    Game time Says:

    @@Game time????: Huh? Are you going to participate?

  1253. 1253
    @Game time Says:

    @Game time: No. She wants to call you immature, while she picks on you!

  1254. 1254
    Game time Says:

    @@Game time: Lol, I was just going to put some fun into the thread! Do you want to have ago. I think it will be fun.

  1255. 1255
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: I agree with everything you said :)

    And some article about another famewh*re:

    I remember he had kicked her out from the J Edgar premier after party but it seems she is still trying!

  1256. 1256
    @Game time Says:

    @Game time: Okay!
    Here you go:

    HaHa12 early 20′s
    Zzzzzz mid 20′s (25-28)
    Ok 20′s
    Newcomer 20′s
    #### 30′s
    Lol mid 20′s
    Poor Leo early 30′s (?)
    Lilly 30′s
    Cate Blanchett Says mid 20′s
    Why? 20′s

  1257. 1257
    Just Jared vs The People Says:

    @Game time: Better Join their game. Mock Leo, Toni, Cate, Kate, Margot, Jude, George, Robin, Toni’s cousin, Dave, Irmelin.

  1258. 1258
    @@Game time Says:

    Game time early 10′s

  1259. 1259
    Game time Says:

    Next trip? Where and When.

  1260. 1260
    also... Says:

    @lol: That`s exactly what I wanted to say! LOL! Beware, Toni…. time is running out!

  1261. 1261
    #### Says:

    @Game time:

    That’s easy! Coachella!!! :-)

  1262. 1262
    also... Says:

    @####: Another game: what is he going to do for two weeks ( until Coachella starts )?

  1263. 1263
    lol Says:

    @also…: “Getaway” to New jersey? lol

  1264. 1264
    also... Says:

    @lol: After all it`s been 3 days ever since his last getaway ended… he must be getting ready for the new one. lol Until then… some clubs and galleries… the weather is getting good so probably bike rides

  1265. 1265
    Game time Says:

    Next friend tagged, next Leo’s friend followed, next hashtag

  1266. 1266
    lol Says:

    @also…: Must be already bored, Even had to visit a club. lol

  1267. 1267
    Game time Says:

    @@Game time: That’s good!!
    And to the person using my name, that’s a good idea for a game :-)

  1268. 1268
    lol Says:

    @Game time: Hailee Lautenbach? lol

  1269. 1269
    My Guess Says:

    @also…: clubbing I don’t think he will go on another trip! We can practically plan what he will do next the way he’s so predictable…

  1270. 1270
    also... Says:

    @lol: LOL! Right off the plane he needed entertainment so he went clubbing.
    Back to that article about Antigua I noticed how he knew who that woman was and knew about her site ( ). I thought it was some eco site or something… What was I thinking? It`s about beaches, luxury vacations and resorts.

  1271. 1271
    My Guess Says:

    If he does go on a bike ride I think he will go by himself… I don’t think he wants to go on any more bike rides with Toni. Just a feeling I get. He still doesn’t want to flaunt this “relationship”

  1272. 1272
    lol Says:

    Check this out! lol

    ♡Hailee♡ ‏@HaileeBoBaileee · Mar 18

  1273. 1273
    also... Says:

    @My Guess: And as long as he is in a “relationship” like that I think we can be sure it`s nothing serious.

  1274. 1274
    My Guess Says:

    @also…: lol

  1275. 1275
    beth Says:

    @lol: lol that girl is so pathetic.If she knows Leo why is she always posting creepy stalker shots of him when he isn’t looking? Lame

  1276. 1276
    Where's Waldo? Says:

    @lol: maybe he will go to Miami, hasn’t been there in awhile or who knows?? Middle America??! haha But I think he’ll stay in NY till Coachella and club art musems restaurant and maaaybe some biking : )

  1277. 1277
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: He didn’t know her. She was joking about what she would have loved to hear from him and then she said what he actually said to her:

    ” I managed to squeak…

    “I’m so sorry to do this. I know you’re on vacation and I hate to be that person. But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know this will never happen again.”

    With my best friend by my side, I felt better knowing that my vocal cords had not let me down. I continued…

    “It’s just that, I have to say that we are more than just your biggest fans. My friend and I have loved everything you’ve done since we were 15 years old, watching Basketball Diaries.”

    I suspect he has a soft spot for that movie. He had not looked at me until I mentioned it. He turned quickly, looking me square in the eyes…

    “I’m glad to hear that, Nori. I really love your work with I’m a big fan.”

    No, OK, he didn’t actually say that. His actual words…

    “I’m glad to hear it. That means a lot. Really, thanks so much for saying so. It’s great to meet you,” and he smiled.

    He smiled! At me! ”

    And actually, it seems other people at spotted him in Anguilla:

    David Geffen is a very rich businessman and movie producer who owns several yachts. Whether it was his or Spielberg’s yacht, it seems Leo never pays for anything lol

  1278. 1278
    also... Says:

    @lol: That was before their latest getaway but was this girl in NYC or someone sent her the photo? Weird…

  1279. 1279
    Umm Says:

    everbody talking about the DailyMail just happening to find Tonis instagram..are you stupid? they’ve known about tonis instagram for a while, because when she cut her hair they posted about it from her instagram, and when they posted about the kanye concert they posted the videos from her instagram. So no they didn’t just figure it out and start using it all of a sudden.

  1280. 1280
    Hmm Says:

    @lol: He was spotted at Goal with Kevin before traveling to NY last week.

  1281. 1281
    wow Says:

    @Where’s Waldo?: yucck, all white trash activities

  1282. 1282
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Oh, my bad! I totally misunderstood it! Thanks for the correction.

  1283. 1283
    @also... Says:

    the girl was joking, he didn’t actualy say that!

    on a nother thing the woman sitting next to him looks pretty tall, too tall to be the nikki friend i my guess is toni!

  1284. 1284
    Yo Leo Says:

    What is so great about yachts? I’ve been on one and all I felt was confined to a small space.

  1285. 1285
    This Boy's Life Says:

    @Newcomer: With everything he spent on houses and Dave, Vince and Lukas’s salary, he can save big bucks traveling with billionaires friends.

  1286. 1286
    Newcomer Says:

    @lol: It is weird if she is the one who took the pic. Why stalking him like that if she has spent time at his house? On March 18 (the day she posted the pic), I think he was in NYC and it seems she has stayed in LA so either she took this pic while he was in LA but she didn’t post it immediately or it was taken on March 18 in NYC and somebody sent it to her/she saw it on somebody’s account and reposted it. I can see “AL” so maybe it was taken at Goal sports bar in LA. It looks like this:

  1287. 1287
    Newcomer Says:

    @also… : No problem :)

  1288. 1288
    @1284 Says:

    @Yo Leo: People have different tastes and interests

  1289. 1289
    Yo Leo Says:

    @@1284: Not Leo he only has like 3 interests and one taste. Whats up with his club and real estate obsession too?

  1290. 1290
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: I don`t know why I thought it was in NYC. The weather is still pretty chilly here and he is wearing a vest so probably it was in LA.

  1291. 1291
    @Umm Says:

    @Umm: Yes Toni, whatever you say. Go and tell that lie to Leo. That you had nothing to do with it.

  1292. 1292
    Blind Item Says:

    If this didn’t say “Academy Award Winner” I would’ve guessed that this was Leo:

    “This former girlfriend of an A+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee says that she was made to watch the actor get serviced by other men.”

  1293. 1293
    Umm Says:

    @@umm I’m not toni, I was just point out how you guys were wrong.

  1294. 1294
    @1288 Says:

    @@1284: Leo’s: expenses and shallows. And that includes the pretty airhead models.

  1295. 1295
    @1284 Says:

    @Yo Leo: Real estate? Good investment, especially when you already have more money than you know what to do with

    Clubs? probably boredom. But Leo strikes me as an ADHD type who can’t sit still so this is probably a setting he’s comfortable in, plus he likes to drink!

  1296. 1296
    @1294 Says:

    Yup. Now get over it and find something else to whine about already

  1297. 1297
    beth Says:

    @Blind Item: I’ve never gotten a gay vibe from Leo never understood that gay rumour. Bradley Cooper? Maybe but Leo seems straight to me

  1298. 1298
    @1284 Says:

    @@1288: And you know they’re airheads because?

  1299. 1299
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: I get the feeling they are not as ‘close’ as she liked to make out. She probably knows people who know him.

  1300. 1300
    Blind Item Says:

    @beth: I’m thinking it’s either Cooper or Clooney. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo’s had a visit to the cockpit at some point, considering how sexually active he is. I don’t think he would make his “girlfriend” watch, though.

  1301. 1301
    @ @1284 Says:

    look at their instagram and interviews

  1302. 1302
    Hmm Says:

    @Ok: Her account is now private.

  1303. 1303
    Toni's agenda Says:

    Vlad is cute he won’t hide me like Leo.. he’s a billionare i will get more gifts and benefits with Vlad he I know he loves models i think he was flirting with me in Cabo i mean look at me! That cheapskape Leo doesn’t know a thing about romance ..

  1304. 1304
    also... Says:

    @Hmm: Whose account is private now? Hailee`s?

  1305. 1305
    @1284 Says:

    @@ @1284: Right, because you can get the full scope of a person’s character and intellect through instagram and a youtube video.

    I hope you don’t go through life making assumptions about people based solely on their physical appearance, that could be very dangerous!

  1306. 1306
    also... Says:

    @Toni`s agenda: But Vlad is not a famous movie star so I doubt she`s interested.

  1307. 1307
    @1300 Says:

    @Blind Item:
    To be honest I wouldnt be shocked if DiCap and BCoop fooled around sexually before. Their friendship is awfully close and looks a little suspect being caught on balconies together with no shirts, Leo caressing BCoop’s back, BCoop staring into Leo’s eyes like he’s the love of his life, etc…

  1308. 1308
    @Umm Says:

    Maybe fashion sites follows her account but I think the Daily Mail started doing it after this trip cough cough just after a brief assumption about Leo traveling with escorts, mainly focused on Kate’s love for Leo, no paps pictures of Toni to suggest she was also in the Caribbean with Leo. Only her Instagrams pictures. cough cough Actually It’s not that hard to figure out what happened.

  1309. 1309
    beth Says:

    @Blind Item: lol at “**** pit” nah I think Leo only gets down with the ladies. But yeah, Guiselle doesn’t seem like the type of woman that would put herself in that type of situation so I don’t think it’s him either

  1310. 1310
    @Umm Says:

    specifically the DailyMail has been using pics from her instagram and twitter for a long time.

  1311. 1311
    Hmm Says:

    @also…: Yeah!

    Now Dave and Hailee have their account marked private.

  1312. 1312
    Sugar babies Says:

    Suki really dumped Bradley? ROLF

  1313. 1313
    ... Says:

    Dave account isn’t private. What are you people talking about?!?

  1314. 1314
    @1300 Says:

    @Sugar babies:
    Hasn’t been confirmed yet, but I’m thinking its true. The BCoop stans are speculating and unsure over at his thread

  1315. 1315
    jkl Says:

    @@1300: sugar babies on notice…lol Break up season!

  1316. 1316
    also... Says:

    @…: it was private for a day or two and now it’s public again. I was just about to post a comment that he switched it back but he changed his quote and that explains why he did it.

  1317. 1317
    LOL!! Says:

    Look at these comments from that thread. That poster on here was right when they said theLeo stans having a bad rep on here. And I’d say its pretty deserved although embarrassing!!

    Huh @ 03/17/2014 at 3:35 pm
    @Dolly: She’s more than likely in LA. It’s just the utter ridiculousness around here proving which side is right. Skimming through the past few pages, people actually got into an argument over his gym pictures. Seriously?! Was the weather crappy where these people were and they had nothing better to do all weekend? This place is actually turning me off as a Bradley Cooper fan. I cancelled my preorder of American Hustle after the last round of name takeovers, pedophile, drug overdose talk. Even though I know he has nothing to do with it, I don’t feel enthusiastic about supporting an actor that has this level of batsh!t insane in his fandom.

    # 295 Dolly @ 03/17/2014 at 3:40 pm
    @Huh: I’ve been feeling the same way. I was going to watch American Hustle this weekend on On Demand and couldn’t stomach it. It could be worse though…we could be Leo fans. Have you ever ventured over to his threads? Speaking of batsh!t crazy. I tried reading one thread and never went back.

  1318. 1318
    Pot and the Kettle Says:

    @LOL!!: They callin’ others crazy when one of them cancelled their American Hustle order because of internet fans??

  1319. 1319
    OR Says:

    @LOL!!: They callin’ others crazy when one of them ordered American Hustle in the first place? ehhehehehehe

  1320. 1320
    The truth Says:

    @LOL!!: Brad is boring and straightforward as hell. He makes Leo look mysterious. That’s why the Leo threads are crazier.

  1321. 1321
    Sad but true Says:

    “It could be worse though…we could be Leo fans. Have you ever ventured over to his threads? Speaking of batsh!t crazy. I tried reading one thread and never went back.”

    LMBO. Truer words never spoken. I’m embarrassed to even post here sometimes.

  1322. 1322
    ... Says:

    @Sad but true: How are you embarrassed if the site is anonymous? uhh

  1323. 1323
    @Pot and the Kettle Says:

    LOL! Canceling a preordered movie because of fans? LOL And all the people who don’t like JJ Leo threads but they are always here.

  1324. 1324
    Sad but true Says:

    Because no matter what I comment I’m likely to be stereotyped as one of the crazy Leo stans who verbally abuse and trash his girlfriends while having an obsessive hold on his sex life thanks to JJ and Leo fans reputation on here and on the internet.

  1325. 1325
    ???? Says:


  1326. 1326
    Sad but true Says:

    @@Pot and the Kettle:
    Getting defensive, also…? Tell me, where were the lies in that person’s post? Have a little self awareness, please. Leo stans are bat$hit crazy on here and have been ever since the Bar days.

  1327. 1327
    Sad but true Says:

    Mind you I’m talking mostly about his diehard stans who act like they hate him on here.

  1328. 1328
    Ok Says:

    It’s weird I thought the Bradley page was crazier than the Leo thread…

  1329. 1329
    Ok Says:

    @LOL!!: I’m not a fan of the Bradley thread. I think we get a lot of trolls here but when I clicked on a Bradley thread people were going crazy, maybe it was just the thread u was on? ….,,

  1330. 1330
    Ok Says:

    Not u I mean I

  1331. 1331
    Sad but true Says:

    I’ve read a few Bradley threads. They have a lot of Suki/Bradley bashing and trolling too, but they’re like a PG 13 version compared to Leo’s threads.

  1332. 1332
    Ok Says:

    @Sad but true: Good point, I guess it’s because I’m up to date with Leo with following his thread and not much with Bradley, and for them vice averse.

  1333. 1333
    Leo threads are better Says:

    Crazy @ 03/26/2014 at 9:50 pm
    Has anyone been on the Leo thread? What posters do you think are crazy and which ones do you like?
    @reply | flag this
    # 947 Dolly @ 03/26/2014 at 9:51 pm
    @Suki PR: Get over yourself you freak!
    @reply | flag this
    # 948 DJ @ 03/26/2014 at 9:52 pm
    @Crazy: Depends. Do they like to answer questions?
    @reply | flag this
    # 949 Crazy @ 03/26/2014 at 9:55 pm
    @DJ: Yeah think so. why?
    @reply | flag this
    # 950 DJ @ 03/26/2014 at 9:57 pm
    @Crazy: I like to ask the questions and I’m not getting any good answers here anymore. <<<<<<<< … This person is a well known regular
    @reply | flag this

  1334. 1334
    ???? Says:

    @Sad but true: Bradley himself is PG 13 and Leo is NC 17

  1335. 1335
    Leo threads are better Says:

    DJ and Dolly are regulars.

  1336. 1336
    They R weird on Bradley thread Says:

    # 951 DJ @ 03/26/2014 at 10:01 pm
    @Crazy: BTW Leo don’t answer my question about the muscles in his pe#en! I need to know!
    @reply | flag this

  1337. 1337
    also... Says:

    @1326: Try again.

  1338. 1338
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok (#1299): Yes she likes to brag about her famous “friends” but it seems she barely knows them.

    A new sighting of Leo and Tobey today in NYC:

  1339. 1339
    who cares? Says:

    I guess this is what people talking about when Leo isn’t doing anything and has a gf????? People talking about who is crazier?! Don’t forget to add Leo to the craziness. Doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. I guess his fans take after him….smmf…

  1340. 1340
    ??? Says:

    @who cares?: And why are you here?

  1341. 1341
    Cosmos Says:

    @Newcomer: Must be nice to be Tobey Maguire… but at the same time the guy is barely B list and never acknowledged for his acting.

  1342. 1342
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Yep! And I wouldn’t see Leo a an hemp lattes sort if guy. So hes with Tobey? I think they have a sweet friendship.

  1343. 1343
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: I am not very familiar with hemp latte but from what I have just seen it is a vegan thing or something vegans like? Isn’t Tobey a vegan/vegetarian? Maybe Leo is trying new things (babysteps!)

  1344. 1344
    Love is Real Says:

    @Newcomer: He wants to share healthy lifestyle of his love Toni becoming vegan.

  1345. 1345
    Question Says:

    Do you guys think Leo and Toni have tried a.n.a.l. by this point?

  1346. 1346
    The Love Boat Says:

  1347. 1347
    @Question Says:

    @Question: She loves the cow position

  1348. 1348
    @1345 Says:

    @Question: I don’t think Leo is into that… I think he’s more conservative sexually than people would think!

  1349. 1349
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Think sol and lol! It would be nice to see him do something out of his comfort zone.

  1350. 1350
    who cares? Says:

    @????: I know right?! Her jewelry is so ugly! I don’t know who’s buying that shiiiit

  1351. 1351
    The Love Boat Says:×0-3.jpg

  1352. 1352
    The Love Boat Says:

  1353. 1353
    The Love Boat Says:×0-3.jpg

  1354. 1354
    who cares? Says:

    @???: ***** off heffer!!

  1355. 1355
    who cares? Says:

    f_u_ c_K off heffer!!

  1356. 1356
    @The Love Boat Says:

    @The Love Boat: Are you crying as you post these?

  1357. 1357
    #### Says:


    That must be a tobey thing since he’s the vegan. Hemp latte huh? LOL

  1358. 1358
    Fond Memories Says:

    Remember these posts?

    I seriously think they banged in a bathroom stall right before this. Look at the way Toni’s skirt is hitched and her messy hair. And it looks like Leo is making the “finger and hole” sign with his hands.

  1359. 1359
    @1358 Says:

    @Fond Memories: LOL
    There’s a reason his sweatshirt is tied around his waste!

  1360. 1360
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: come on! Leo trying out vegan things can’t come from anyone else other than Toni! It doesn’t matter that his best friend, Tobey is vegan. It’s all Toni. Like his interest in tennis is Toni’s effect regardless of the fact that Bar was/is into tennis. lol
    Actually Gwyneth Paltrow said she was inspired by Leo to stop eating meat. This story was all over the internet a while ago.

  1361. 1361
    Ok Says:

    @####: Probably. He seems to be around a few vegans. One of my friends makes an amazing a special vegan dish, I’ve heard her speak about Hemp Latte.
    Is Toni a Vegan? Didn’t someone say they saw her eating meat or something?

  1362. 1362
    Newcomer Says:

    @also…: LOL! I don’t even respond to them anymore, they are just trying to start a fight.

    @Fond Memories: Lukas Haas was in the same set of pics posted on JJ and also looked strange so I guess it’s more because they were a bit tipsy after the dinner.

  1363. 1363
    Fond Memories Says:

    @@1358: Yup, and it looks awful, only making his beer belly more obvious lol. He really did work up a sweat, didn’t he?

    … he’s still got a boner! LOL

  1364. 1364
    poor leo Says:

    He is so bored with his life that he is gonna try anything from anyone else lifes. Vegetarian food, jewelry design, use spielberg’s yacht, managing VS models career.

  1365. 1365
    Fond Memories Says:


    “Did Leo really betray me, paps?”
    - Poor poor Lukas

  1366. 1366
    @1358 Says:

    @Fond Memories: LMAO!!!!!

  1367. 1367
    @1359 Says:

    I think Leo and Erin banged at the beach

    Not even had time to put his shirt before the paparazzi caught them.

  1368. 1368
    HAteR!!!!111! Says:


  1369. 1369
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: I remember seeing those. Another time people thought they were alone but weren’t. Leo seems to be more affectionate when drunk/tipsy. What is he doing with his hands in the 1358 pic?

  1370. 1370
    @1367 Says:

    Remember these? in a hotel?

    I seriously think they banged right before this. Look at her messy hair. Sex hair!!

  1371. 1371
    Ok Says:

    @Fond Memories: Hahaha! Lukas’s face! :-)

  1372. 1372
    #### Says:


    I think tobeys been a vegan for quite a while. I think toni is a vegan too.

  1373. 1373
    Fond Memories Says:

    @ 1367 and 1370

    Seems like Leo’s got a thing for quickies at tourist resorts. I wonder if anything went down in the Versailles bathrooms?

    Poor Lukas, again.

  1374. 1374
    #### Says:

  1375. 1375
    Newcomer Says:

    A sighting (that was posted 1 hour ago) from yesterday night in a restaurant in NYC:

  1376. 1376
    Newcomer Says:

    @####: Ok you posted first lol!

  1377. 1377
    Ok Says:

    Just coming off, but read a I think NOW magazine with Sam Farris’s friend saying she (Sam) turned leo down for another guy (joey Essex). They went on to say she didn’t want to be with a ladies man, and this may be a time when he was in a relationship. But I don’t buy it, she doesn’t have much credibility, she’s been known for telling the press lies. Just wanted to say that incase you read it anywhere. :-) night everyone!

  1378. 1378
    Ok Says:

    I do think a lot of people claiming stuff that they’ve been together or he wanted to is just rubbish. I don’t believe the Kat Torries thing, she got caught out by the things she was saying. But I do think something went down with Nina, nothing a bunch of flowers couldn’t fix. Lol. Bye

  1379. 1379
    Ok Says:

    F.y.I I do think there is a lot that we dont know about, like how come there isn’t someone telling about sex with Gerard butler. He’s said he’s been worrying about that as he’s no angel.

  1380. 1380
    Ok Says:


  1381. 1381
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok: I remember that a girl named Sam (from a British reality TV show) said she met him while he was on holidays in Mallorca/Ibiza with Toni and that he invited her at his table and he told her he would give her advices about the media industry or something like that. Maybe it is the same girl?

    And about Kat Torres, she was obviously lying when she said they were dating but there are pics of him leaving a Cannes night club with her so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a one night stand.

  1382. 1382
    #### Says:


    You’re right about Sam and kat.

  1383. 1383
    Comment on Says:

    winnercalabrese Yesterday 0:58 am-2 reply report

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE DIALOGUE. TONI GARRN IS A PROSTITUTE WHO BELONGS IN JAIL FOR SOLICITING PROSTITUTION TO A MARRIED MAN. Leonardo Di Caprio (11-11-74) has a lifelong monogamous HOLY UNION of God’s creative will with Andrea Calabrese (11-14-74) to respect. We have Biblical Evidence that proves Leonardo and Andrea have God’s creative will. This means Leonardo and Andrea are husband and wife, according to the Bible Dictionary. Toni Garrn is chasing my husband around like the evil, wicked vampire that she is. She is bringing great distress to our entire family because the entertainment authorities (Ariel Emanuel and Sarah Hardwick Addington) haven’t thrown Toni Garrn in jail for prostitution as she should be.

  1384. 1384
    Comment on Says:

    winnercalabrese Yesterday 1:05 am-1 reply report

    E! Entertainment ought to be sued for suggesting that Leonardo Di Caprio is trying to murder more children by committing adultery on his wife: ANDREA, 11-14-74. Don’t any of you read the Bible? Don’t you know that the Bible says, 2 PETER 2:14″ that children will be murdered if a man commits adultery on his wife. Toni Garrn is a prostitute who belongs in jail for prostitution,

  1385. 1385
    Poor Leo Says:

    @Comment on
    Not just on JJ anymore, he attracts the thirsty/crazy/looney women everywhere.

  1386. 1386
    Poor Leo Says:

    His fangirls both on the internet and real life like this Andrea make me scared for Leo.

  1387. 1387
    o Says:

    @Comment on She is just a beard

  1388. 1388
    Toni's old tweets Says:

    @RealToniGarrnPancakes with sausage with chocolate with butter with eggs with syrup…!?!?really?? #imdefnotamerican (Toni is so stupid)

  1389. 1389
    Toni's old tweets Says:

    @RealToniGarrnThis kid thinks noone can see into his computerscreen #watchingporn His moms sitting across, me little behind #ups #airportlounge really?

  1390. 1390
    Ok Says:

    @Newcomer: Yeah a friend said that he got her number and sent a text to meet up but sam didn’t reply.
    She is from a reality t.v program called Towie (once Kate Middleton said she was a fan). A lot is probably scripted, and they used a lot of fake tan. She appered in the brtitish big brother house. But at the moment Sam has crones disease I think.

  1391. 1391
    throwbackthursday Says:

  1392. 1392
    Brave Girl Says:

    Toni’s shooting in Andrea’s house today!

  1393. 1393
    also... Says:

    Godparticlessyndrome is a regular commenter on her photos. Usually something about Leo.
    Toni working? That’s a surprise!

  1394. 1394
    #### Says:


    Shocking! LOL

  1395. 1395
    Aww Says:

    Hope she finished her work fast and hurry up to go home with Leo. These hours without smashing Toni must be a torture for him.

  1396. 1396
    Love is Real Says:

    @Aww: He loves her so he made love to her.

  1397. 1397
    Love is Real Says:

    And She’s practically living with him. And all the houses he is buying is to shared with her. Their love nest.

  1398. 1398
    also... Says:

    @Love Is Real: LOL! Is it a sure thing like Leo was going to take her to the Oscars, they are already engaged and Leo went to Switzerland to celebrate Toni’s grandmother’s birthday? 😏 You are such a reliable source! 😄

  1399. 1399
    LOL Says:

    @Love is Real: He is lusty and horny Not In love. Get Real!

  1400. 1400
    poor toni Says:

    @Love is Real: So sweet. Cant wait for them to make beautiful babies.

  1401. 1401
    poor toni Says:

    the babies are going to be beautiful and imaginary just like everything I post together with Love Is Real.

  1402. 1402
    Aww Says:

    Sure they have sex like bunnies. Hot, steamy, truly passionate sex everywhere they go. Food get cold while they are busy in the room.

  1403. 1403
    Baby's First Word Says:


  1404. 1404
    Baby's second Word Says:


  1405. 1405
    also... Says:

    Third word: models
    First sentence: Where is Lukas?

  1406. 1406
    Love is Real Says:

    They are becoming inseparable.

  1407. 1407
    Love Is Real Says:

    They are inseparable from Leo’s friends and family. Always together never alone.
    @Aww: And after that Leo immediately goes back to his friends and hangs out with them.

  1408. 1408
    Srsly Says:

    Leo’s pennis must be tired.

  1409. 1409
    All about Leo Says:

    It’s all about SEX.

  1410. 1410
    Love is Real Says:

    Leo is extending his break since Cannes. He want to spend all the time he can with his love Toni.

  1411. 1411
    Game time Says:

    Who is more annoying.

  1412. 1412
    Cate Blanchett says Says:

    Bland sex is a bore you Toni stans need mental evaluation..

  1413. 1413
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: and you keep trying to deny that leo and toni are spending time together wherever they go and making excuses as to why leo doesn’t like toni even though shes always with him? you are such a reliable source! 😄

  1414. 1414
    Baby's third word Says:


  1415. 1415
    Love Is Real Says:

    It doesn’t even matter that he announced this break before he met Toni. Now that he is dating her the break became about Toni.

  1416. 1416
    @poor toni Says:

    You keep trying to ship leo and tbone as a real couple … she’s fuccck buddy nothin more!!

  1417. 1417
    also... Says:

    @poor dummy: Quote when I denied that they are spending time together and list the excuses. And try again copying my sentence. Maybe next time the way you use it will make sense. LOL you post nothing but nonsense and your responses are weak. 😏

  1418. 1418
    katherine hepburn Says:

    @Cate Blanchett says: yo i’m pretty sure blanc ain’t having wild jungle sex with her crypt keeper husband LOL she seems like a real stick in the mud, can’t see her giving a bj unless there’s an Oscar on the horizon

  1419. 1419
    @poor toni Says:

    Since he has so much respect why does he hide her?

  1420. 1420
    poor toni Says:

    @@poor toni: you keep trying to deny their relationship… your f-ck buddy comments don’t make sense considering she’s approaching the 1 year mark and the last one to achieve that was bar. sit back and enjoy the ride, this year was just a prologue for their romance.

  1421. 1421
    poor toni Says:

    @@poor toni: leo has been getting lots of heat for his dating habits. I feel like he is embarrassed of the image of dating someone so young but he is genuinely attracted to toni and wants her as his partner. if he supposedly dislikes her so much why are they still together?

  1422. 1422
    poor toni Says:

    Leo and erin “broke up” (they were barely dating) because of “busy schedules”. leo has no reason to break up with toni right now, get used to this couple and stop trying to make up excuses as to why leo should dislike toni for her body, brains, face whatever. he obviously likes her.

  1423. 1423
    also... Says:

    @poor toni: Sure, sweetie, we will take your word for it. After all you were right when you predicted that Leo will take Toni to the Oscars and about Switzerland as well. LOL People take you so seriously here. 😏

  1424. 1424
    also... Says:

    I forgot to mention the engagent that was also a sure thing… according to you! 😉

  1425. 1425
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: and you predicted that leo and toni were already broken up 1000000000 times LOL not to mention you always trying to justify why they’re not together in sightings when they’re always together in reality. where were your excuses when that street sighting of leo and toni holding hands came up? people can’t take you seriously here because they know you’ll just start a fight.

  1426. 1426
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: I forgot to mention that leo hating toni is a sure thing… according to you! 😉

  1427. 1427
    Love IS Real Says:

    … even if it’s not more serious than the previous ones.
    The actor, whose famous exes include Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively, is enjoying getting to know Garrn. “I wouldn’t say it’s more serious than others in past, but they are fully together,” a DiCaprio source tells Us Weekly of the star’s relationship with the Victoria’s Secret stunner.

  1428. 1428
    poor toni Says:

    @Love IS Real: *sniff* fully together = the first step to something more. everyone’s gonna laugh at “they’re not more serious than others in the past” but they ignore the fact that leo is getting older and this partnership seems very stable, I cant see it ending anytime soon and I think the more time they spend together the more their love will grow

  1429. 1429
    #### Says:

    @poor toni:

    I don’t think anyone except the actual trolls have said that Leo hates Toni. They are dating right now but IMO this relationship is a relationship of convenience because right now Leo is doing nothing except partying and vacationing and Toni makes herself available for whatever Leo wants to do and whatever he invites her to do with him.

    Once Leo gets out of his funk and figures out his next move, let’s see where this relationship stands.

  1430. 1430
    Douche Says:

    Typical WOWS fan. Leo your movie is a failure if what you wanted was to warn people of Wall Street. Seems like the fans blindly idolize the behavior. This movie is TRASH

  1431. 1431
    not lukas Says:

    @Love IS Real: source = dave hahaaahhhaa

  1432. 1432
    also... Says:

    @poor dummy: That’s alm you’ve got copying my comments? Instead of outting all that effort to doing that why don’t you QUOTE when did I say that Leo hates Toni? It makes you look ( even ) dumber if you put out statements like that but you can’t prove it. Yet all gain making a fool of yourself, honey.
    @1428: And I’m the one with the excuses. LOL Everything you post backfires, sweetie. Why don’t you give it a rest?

  1433. 1433
    also... Says:

    Gee, what’s with my auto correct?
    *Thats all you’ve got? Copying my comments? Onstead of putting all the effort to doing that why don’t you QUOTE when did I say that Leo hates Toni?… Yet again making a fool of yourself…

  1434. 1434
    also... Says:

    @not lukas: From Dave? Really? Not more serious than the previous ones? That doesn’t sound like Dave to me.

  1435. 1435
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: why should I bother to do research when you’ll just accuse me of being your stalker LOL and you don’t need to say it outright, it’s clear that leo being interested in toni really really really bothers you for whatever reason. everyone who posts here (whether they say good or bad things about leo) will get attacked eventually. everyone ends up looking like a fool including you so why should I be afraid of anonymous internet comments

  1436. 1436
    poor toni Says:

    @####: I don’t fully agree but I respect your opinion because you made a rational argument unlike the trolls. it will be interesting to see what happens when leo gets back to work (I thought he was supposed to be doing environmental work right now but it looks like that’s not the case) but leo and toni were able to stay together during the hectic wows campaign and awards season. and toni doesn’t just sit around waiting for leo, she’s got a job of her own. I can see this relationship lasting for a while, jmo

  1437. 1437
    @poor toni Says:

    Keep up your “fairytales “For This Right Now” couple have typing on your mommy’s laptop Barbie Bimbo!

  1438. 1438
    Newcomer Says:

    @Ok (#1390): Thanks for the info!

    New non-dated sighting of Leo in LA:

  1439. 1439
    Ugh Says:

    These threads are such a pain to come on now. Can’t wait til Leo’s single and these threads will only reach 30 comments.

  1440. 1440
    also... Says:

    @poor dummy: More excuses… 😏 Prove what you claim, sweetie otherwise you are just a big fat liar. Don’t worry about being called a stalker. Put here the link to my comment in which I said that Leo hates Toni. Go ahead. Prove yourself instead of coming up with excuses.
    I guess there is just as much Oreos as you had about him taking her to the Oscars, getting engaged or the Switzerland thing. 😏

  1441. 1441
    poor toni=Bimbo Barbie Says:

    I so desperate that I have to keep telling myself that Leo is serious about T-bone ,I play with my Ken and Barbie pretending they are Leo and Toni.. im such a nutcase I can’t deal with the fact that Leo is just using Toni as a sex toy ..and he still flirts with other women .. while Toni ignores his behavior and posts stupid selfies of herself online, but I know they are meant to be together sniff*

  1442. 1442
    Ugh Says:

    Just drop this stupid argument already goddamn. poor toni is clearly a troll and you all still pay attention to her and Love Is Real. Just accept Leo is still dating Toni and hanging out with her almost every day despite how badly you want them to breakup so Leo can become a “changed man” and marry a woman you prefer in her 30s preferably a librarian and have 5 or 6 kids like Brad Pitt and never go out or have fun anywhere for the rest of his life because that’s how you think he should live.

  1443. 1443
    #### Says:

    @poor toni:

    Well if you recall it looked like there was trouble in paradise right before the WOWS premiere when Toni suddenly flew home. She was gone for a few weeks and then all of a sudden she was flying to meet up with him and his family and friends in Aspen/Cabo. I think because this relationship hasn’t been “officially” called a relationship by Leo or Toni’s PR, just because we speculate about them breaking up, there is never going to be an official announcement when they do even if it’s a short break.

    Regarding the awards season, IMO, Leo stayed with Toni and walked the straight and narrow because he was campaigning for the Oscar. If they had “broken up” during awards season, the media’s focus would have been on that and not him and WOWS.

    Definitely agree to disagree but although they spend a lot of time together while Leo’s doing nothing, Toni makes herself way too available for him and Leo doesn’t seem to be into those types of relationships at least not for long. I’m sure he’ll tolerate it for now while he’s chilling but I don’t think it will be the type of relationship that will last. Like I said, we’ll just have to wait and see once he gets busy with a project.

    I honestly believe that he treats her no different than he did Erin or Bar. I’m not saying he doesn’t like her or enjoy her company right now, but if there was something real there, it’d be obvious and right now Leo is doing the same thing he has done in the past just more of it because he has nothing better to do.

    The man looks bored out of his mind and totally unhappy. I really hope he finds something he wants to do soon. He’s depressing me! LOL

    Once again just all my opinion. :-)

  1444. 1444
    poor toni Says:

    @also…: if i could I would put together all your comments vehemently denying leo and toni are together whenever theres a sighting and then you disappearing when its proven to be true. why don’t you bring me some evidence as to why leo dislikes toni so much and shouldn’t be attracted to her. prove yourself instead of focusing on cheesy emoticons and having autocorrect errors in all your arguments.

  1445. 1445
    @#### Says:

    You’ve been saying they’d breakup soon for the past 9 months. Give it a break.

  1446. 1446
    poor toni Says:

    so its a sin for me to think that leo was going to bring toni to the Oscars? he hung out with her at the afterparty btw, and had no problem kissing her in full view after the GGs and even after that harsh tina fey joke. so it was unreasonable for me to assume he was going to meet her mom and grandma in Switzerland? wasn’t it her grandmother’s birthday? and how do you know he didn’t? lol you’re too hung up on those things

  1447. 1447
    @Ugh Says:

    What the fuucckk are you talking about are you the supervisor of the the thread ?? People can talk about what they want if you don’t like TOO BAD!

  1448. 1448
    #### Says:


    Oops….way too long! Just got on a role! :-(

  1449. 1449
    @poor toni Says:

    Because that’s what also… does. She can’t stand the fact Leo isn’t settled down already and married to a proper woman of her choosing since she apparently knows what’s best for him. She’s abused all of his girlfriends since Gisele and it won’t be any different with the next one. She denies Toni and Leo are together always because she hates Toni so much and wishes Leo wasn’t with her.

  1450. 1450
    Ugh Says:

    ACCEPT THAT LEO AND TONI ARE STILL TOGETHER AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIVES! Instead of having argument #123456 about them breaking up soon!

  1451. 1451
    @1442 Says:

    @Ugh: LMAO!!!

    I don’t think poor Toni is a troll though!

  1452. 1452
    Ugh Says:

    I dunno, she makes some good points at times but makes it hard to take her seriously. But I think she purposefully acts like that to piss people like also and the other Toni obsessives.

  1453. 1453
    @1442 Says:

    @Ugh: I used to think she was just messing with people here, but I give her the benefit of the doubt since she’s willing to argue over it! LOL

  1454. 1454
    @Ugh Says:

    Why dont you take your own advice and stop complaining about people who are NOT TALKING TO YOU!!

  1455. 1455
    Ugh Says:

    She makes good arguments some times but no on ever wants to admit she’s right because of their intense hatred for Toni.

  1456. 1456
    @1442 Says:

    @Ugh: I agree!! Most of the stuff she says is harmless, until she starts arguing with also… LOL.

    But she’s just speculating, just like the Toni haters. No one here really has any facts about their relationship!

  1457. 1457
    Ugh Says:

    Idgaf. People here act like they own the threads and can dictate any conversation they want, whether its ex gf wars or “Let’s obsess over Toni’s Instgram” so why can’t I complain about it. Especially when someone wants to talk about something different and they just get shut down or are accused of being from BZ or whatever. I can say whatever the hell I want and you can’t stop me.

  1458. 1458
    also... Says:

    @poor dummy: Still no link? Shocker? Now it’s denying that they are together? What happened? You dropped the charges of me saying Leo hates Toni? Lack of evidence? LOL! Keep making a fool of yourself and come up with pathetic excuses, delusions. Whatever makes you happy.

  1459. 1459
    Ugh Says:

    She is harmless. also just takes her bait and its hilarious to watch. Case in point, look at her post above.
    I just don’t understand how a celebrity couple can cause so much rage in people. You don’t know these people, and like they give af what strangers on a cheap gossip site think about their relationship.

  1460. 1460
    @1442 Says:

    @Ugh: Yep, I definitely agree!! They think she’s a troll, but they argue with her! It’s funny to me!!

    I don’t think everyone is ever going to like who Leo dates, but I don’t think any of them have been as bad as some make it out to be. Just young! Although I didn’t know Bar said some of the things she’s said until recently (about celebrities serving for the military, etc). LOL

  1461. 1461
    Love is Real Says:

    This relationship is real. No PR or rebound. Therefore he can be more private No need of photo op. All his relationships always begin hot, then finally cooling off and barely spend time with them. This has proved to be different. They are becoming more and more stronger. Sharing more of his life with her.

  1462. 1462
    Ugh Says:

    Bar was vapid and said idiotic things, and right after they broke up she trashed Leo on her Twitter. And she seemed really desperate for fame, at least Toni had a career before getting with Leo.
    But otherwise ia. I don’t understand the intense hatred for Toni, she seems silly but shes only a 21 yr old having fun but the way some talk about her on here is disgusting. Erin was innocent and seemed nice yet she got tons of bashing for literally no reason considering how Leo stans praise her now. Same with Blake. They just will never like any girl that dates Leo, ever. They will bash every single girlfriend he has, similarly like Bradley Cooper and his crazy stans.

  1463. 1463
    @1442 Says:

    @Ugh: Yeah, see I didn’t know any of the Bar stuff! The one time I paid attention to her was when she and Leo first started dating, and I did think she was beautiful. But from all the stupid stuff she’s said, I can’t even blame people for disliking her.

    The other girls since her seem pretty harmless. As long as Leo is happy it’s fine with me. I don’t see him keeping a girl around longer than he wants, so we’ll see how this one goes.

  1464. 1464
    Ugh Says:

    I thought she was pretty too until she opened her mouth. Rotfl, she is attractive but boring to me.
    And I don’t really know or care how long this relationships lasts tbf. I don’t care so much about who Leo dates, its not crime to date beautiful younger women and he’s not the only one in Hollywood who does it. Joaquin Phoenix is just as much of a womanizer/modelizer like Leo but he’s never called out of it. Like you said, as long as Leo is happy or fine with it then its fine with me.

  1465. 1465
    Love is Real Says:

    Toni is not the girl his people made an agreement to date him. He met her, liked her and persuaded her to become his girlfriend and later after knowing her better, he fell in love. Who cares if he is not public with her? He is great in private, with all those details, planning her birthday party at his house with her friends, taking her everywhere with him, make her feel like his house is her house, calling her and sending text all the time, devoting time to her, spending nights away from clubs to be with her, being so special and sweet on Valentine dinner. That is more special and meaningful to her. She’s a keeper. His mom and his friends adores her.

  1466. 1466
    @1442 Says:

    @Ugh: LMAO!! True!

  1467. 1467
    o Says:

    Did getting the cover of Sports Illustrated cause Nina Agdal to change?

  1468. 1468
    @Love is real Says:

    Keep convincing yourself its almost been a year since the Right Now couple have dated why are you trying to walk them down aisle.. Toni and is mentally 14 and is desperate for media attension ! Toni is no more than a groupie looking for her next meal ticket she does not respect Leo’s privacy if she did she would not post their vacations, and his house on IG ! She had a decent career but she is becoming a carbon copy of herself trying to fit into Leo’s world ,instead of living her least Bar had her own friends and did’t stalk Leo’s..friends . Toni likes the idea of being with a movie star and not the real person! But when he is finally gets bored of her!Thenshe will have snap back to reality..

  1469. 1469
    also... Says:

    @ @Love Is Real: LOL! You are making the same mistake I made earlier today ( mainly because I was bored ) by responding. Love Is Real and poor toni post what they want this to be not what it really is.

  1470. 1470
    @also Says:

    I know its just they are convinced Leo is so infatuated with Toni ..and its obvious he’s not..just sayin :)

  1471. 1471
    o Says:

    Not Nina Agda, then how about Hannah Ferguson?

  1472. 1472
    @@Love is Real Says:

    @@Love is real: you’re so angry about their relationship, how old are you mentally?

  1473. 1473
    also... Says:

    @ @also: LOL! Trust me I know that’s why I started responding earlier today but as I said it was a mistake. They are here to be annoying and if resond it works. I mean who would really mean all the stuff they post?

  1474. 1474
    Newcomer Says:

    If anybody is still interested in Leo, here is a new sighting of him and Tobey from one hour ago in NYC:

    It seems the one from LA I posted earlier is either old or inaccurate.

  1475. 1475
    Newcomer Says:

    Somebody said that Richie probably needs famous guys like Leo to promote his nightclubs. Here is one pic 1Oak Las Vegas’ official account has just posted:

    It seems it was from when he was at 1Oak LA after the Golden Globes this year.

  1476. 1476
    #### Says:


    The night of the GGs, the after after after paty was at 1OAK. I believe I read it was thrown by Diddy?

  1477. 1477
    also... Says:

    @####: Yes, that was after the GG. Those photos were posted on several websites so I guess it`s ok for him to repost it for PR.

  1478. 1478
    Amy Says:

    This is really funny:

  1479. 1479
    also... Says:

    @Amy: LOL! I saw that photo on instagram but I thought it was just a joke! He looks…interesting!

  1480. 1480
    The End ain't coming Says:

    Don’t get your hopes on Leo breaking up with Toni.

  1481. 1481
    Ybygbyvgyvgyvygvgygvyvgyygvgvy Says:

    @also…: What photo? Link?

  1482. 1482
    Love is Real Says:

    Even Lukas is delighted with Toni.

  1483. 1483
    Tobey Z-Lister Says:

    @Newcomer: WHAT does Leo see in Tobey seriously??? In all the interviews I’ve watched of Tobey he’s sooo boring and DUMB I’m not hating he’s not smart at all!!! If he were smart he would be a decent actor but he is AWFUL He didn’t even know Paul Rudd (one of his previous co-stars) played Nick Carraway in the past. Did he even do any work for his part in Gatsby because it seems like he just showed up half asleep waiting for shooting to end so he could have gourmet dinners with Leo at night.

  1484. 1484
    Tobey Z-Lister Says:

    I don’t buy that Baz Luhrmann wanted Tobey Maguire sooo badly for Gatsby if Baz was using his head he would’ve hired Wes Bentley who looks exactly like Tobey but can actually ACT. Baz just needed to pull all the strings he could to get Leo interested and that included letting Jay-Z be one of the PRODUCERS… CHRIST.

  1485. 1485
    @1480 Says:

    @The End ain’t coming: They coming for you!

  1486. 1486
    Amy Says:

    Why is someone picking on Tobey now? He’s a good actor and seems like a fun guy. I loved the behind the scenes video he shot for TGG.

  1487. 1487
    @1484 Says:

    @Tobey Z-Lister: I disagree! While I didn’t enjoy him as Spider Man, he was awesome in Cider House Rules, Sea Biscuit and Gatsby. Jmo Your childhood friends are your childhood friends.

  1488. 1488
    Tobey Says:

    He’s not the BEST actor and wasn’t very good in Gatsby but he was also just wrong for the role. Someone like Joseph Gordon Levitt would’ve been an improvement. He still owned the original two Spider Man movies(not the disastrous third one) and is a lot better in that role then Andrew Garfield. And the second actor in the running for his role in Gatsby was apparently Ben Affleck who is not a great actor himself really.

  1489. 1489
    1489 Says:

  1490. 1490
    Channeling a beaver? Says:

    @1489: Her face… wtf???? she looks scary and not in the tough way she thinks

  1491. 1491
    Called it Says:

    Knew the minute a Toni IG pic was posted people would start commenting after how dead this thread has been. Ahhh

  1492. 1492
    Newcomer Says:

    Possible sighting. She is in NYC but I don’t know if she means she is seeing Leo smoking right now or if she is watching a movie or a picture of him smoking:

  1493. 1493
    Wow Says:

    Toni looks soooo beautiful in the bottom pic!!

  1494. 1494
    also... Says:

    @Newcomer: Maybe his e-cig?
    @Channeling a beaver?: I agree. It just does t come off as she intended ( based on her comment ). Rough face.

  1495. 1495
    Tweet Says:

    @Newcomer: Leo should be blowing Matthew Mcconaughey

  1496. 1496
    2boring Says:

    Wish Leo would date someone interesting

  1497. 1497
    Leo Says:

    @2boring: I wish you knew what you were talking about!

  1498. 1498
    Clooney 2.0 Says:

    @2boring: Leo is not interesting himself. He’s dating at his own level.

  1499. 1499
    2boring Says:

    @Leo: hahaha

    @Clooney 2.0: true, I came on here for the first time last year when I saw Leo on a water jet board – I thought that looks fun this guy might be fun to check out every now and then – but he hasn’t done anything interesting since and just looks bored all the time

  1500. 1500
    @2boring Says:

    You are right. He is boring, his life is boring and his girlfriends are boring. He needs to spice up his life.

  1501. 1501
    2boring Says:

    @@2boring: Yeah my life is boring right now but I dont have a choice, its sad to see people who do have a choice throw it away

  1502. 1502
    Hmmm Says:

    Anyone got a guess as to who the source was that said Leo and Toni were definitely steady? Leo’s got a tight circle and right now he’s got no projects to promote, it seems odd that that statement just came out of nowhere.

  1503. 1503
    also... Says:

    @Hmmm: That Us Weekly quote is not new. It’s from summer when they were in Ibiza. I think it was kind of a confirmation that they are indeed dating ( at the beginning it wasn’t that obvious ) with the remark that it’s basically the same as the previous ones, not more serious. Probably a friend talk to Us Weekly.

  1504. 1504
    Hmmm Says:

    @also…: OOH sorry! lol, I guess it’s not a very good sign that I thought their relationship was only confirmed today ahahahah they always seemed kind of distant but I guess behind the scenes they’re really together. Any ideas on who the friend was?

  1505. 1505
    also... Says:

    @Hmmm: They still look distant and right at the beginning the source said it’s nothing more than his previous relationships. Has it ever happened with his previous girlfriends? No clue who the source could have been.

  1506. 1506
    Hmmm Says:

    @also…: I wonder what the source has to say about the relationship at this point. It’s lasted longer than I thought it would. I feel like this is more like his relationship with Gisele than it was with Bar. I know lots will disagree but this relationship doesn’t seem fake to me and the Bar one seemed so odd and fake.

  1507. 1507
    o Says:


  1508. 1508
    #### Says:


    The ultra music festival is this weekend in Miami. I wonder if he’ll go. I know there were sightings of him at it last year.

  1509. 1509
    Lemon Head Says:

    This poor beanie!! :(

  1510. 1510
    Amy Says:

    @Lemon Head:

    Where is this pic from? He looks tired.

  1511. 1511
    Lemon Head Says:

    @Amy: I don’t know… BZ say’s Montana? It’s supposedly a tbt pic from someone’s twitter

  1512. 1512
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Amy: HI! It actually looks like it was taken at the French Ski resort they were at in February. He was wearing a similar beanie.

  1513. 1513
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @Amy: Just read the tweet. Maybe it was from the ski trip he took with Erin?

  1514. 1514
    #### Says:

    @Lemon Head:

    If it was taken in Montana, it would have been after Xmas 2011 when he took erin to Montana with B-coop and Zoe Saldana and Justin timber lake and Jessica bile were also there at the lodge.

  1515. 1515
    Zzzzzz Says:

    @####: Hi! I agree. When I first looked at the photo, he is sitting next to a blonde. I thought it could be Toni, but after reading the actual tweet, which mentions Montana, I realized it was Erin (oops!) From the back, they look alike! LOL!

  1516. 1516
    Lemon Head Says:

    @####: I have no idea… I just read the person’s description from BZ on their twitter!
    It also said something about using the restroom next to Leo or something (idk)

  1517. 1517
    No difference Says:

    @Lemon Head: Could be eating with Erin At Montana, Could be eating with Toni At French Alps. What its exactly the same? miserable face, terrible companion and head too big for a beanie.

  1518. 1518
    X Says:

    I had a very bad dream today. I dreamed that Toni was pregnant by Leo. He was happy and flirted with the other girls. Oh sh*t! I hope that will not happen in reality! My God!

  1519. 1519
    tuti Says:

    @X: LOL…
    I think u should take sometime off of justjared.

  1520. 1520
    @X Says:

    don`t worry a nightmare is just a side effect of poor toni and Life Is Real comments

  1521. 1521
    haha Says:

    @No difference: omg some of you guys on JJ are so funny! LOL @ head too big for a beani! : )

  1522. 1522
    Reader Says:

    Toni isn’t going to get pregnant. As a matter of fact Leo will never “accidentally” get pregnant with anybody he sleeps with. There is a certain ebb and flow that Leo’s life path HAS to follow.
    Its literally not in the stars for an “accident baby” to happen and so out of the realm of possibilities at this point. It wouldn’t happen even if he was trying his hardest to. He might get pregnant with his soulmate if they want kids but with no one else. Not in this lifetime ever. So you guys can go ahead at laugh at people talking about this incredulous possibility. The possibility of Toni getting pregnant accidentally is the same as Lindsay Lohan becoming the next president in the 2016 elections. Never. They will most definitely break up though. That IS going to happen.

  1523. 1523
    how long is leo's list??? Says:

    Fr: HoffPost@

    On March 27, Mariah Carey’s special day, Nick Cannon visited Power 106 and answered some very racy questions. He discussed losing his virginity at 13 (“I cried”) and revealed his partial sex list, which includes Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger, Selita Ebanks and Kim Kardashian (“It’s LA! That’s the whole purpose, you have sex with actresses, singers, models”). Cannon insisted that the four are public knowledge but we must say… Talking about sex with your exes on your wife’s birthday? She must be stronger than we are

  1524. 1524
    Good Says:

    She is a dud!

  1525. 1525
    #### Says:


    LOL. They do look alike from the back! :-)

  1526. 1526
    @tuti Says:

    Someone said she lived in Hamwich?

  1527. 1527
    @Reader Says:

    When are they going to break up?

  1528. 1528
    Blacksharpie Says:

    They ALL look the same from the back. In fact, they look very similar from the front! Lol!

  1529. 1529
    Ok Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Probably why there’s jokes out there that he’s cloned them. Lol.

  1530. 1530
    Blacksharpie Says:
    Found this funny but true.

  1531. 1531
    Don't understand Says:

    Why does everyone complain about how boring Leo’s life is for them? His job isn’t to entertain you in HIS personal life, only his movies are a source of entertainment. Get on with your life if his life is simply “not exciting enough” for you. No one is forcing you to stalk his life everyday just to complain about it. Will never understand how people rely on celebrities for excitement when they have lives of their own.

  1532. 1532
    @Blacksharpie Says:

    LMAO! Who wrote that? A banker or Leo?

  1533. 1533
    @1531 Says:

    @Don’t understand: I agree!

  1534. 1534
    Blacksharpie Says:

    Could have been Leo! He must be more financially astute than we realize !

  1535. 1535
    um.. Says:

    @Don’t understand: or maybe they dont have lives of their own??

  1536. 1536
    @1531 Says:

    Why don’t you stop reading comments here?

  1537. 1537
    Don't understand Says:

    Why do you (I’m assuming your the same poster) get so damn defensive anytime someone calls out JJ people? Especially when what I said wasn’t even bashing or attacks, and was actually the truth whether you like it or not. Why don’t you mind your own business and stop trying to monitor the threads to have comments that you only approve of?

  1538. 1538
    Blacksharpie Says:
    This is interesting. Leo must not have been there. Wonder how Leo feels that TG is spotted out with another man?! Lol

  1539. 1539
    Don't understand Says:

    Doubt he would give a f*ck

  1540. 1540
    @1537 Says:

    It seems like you are defensive. I simply asked why do you read comments you don’t like? It was just a question.

  1541. 1541
    @1535 Says:

    @um..: LMAO!!!

  1542. 1542
    Don't understand Says:

    Could say the same for you all. Why the follow the life of a person you don’t even seem to like much and complain about how boring and pathetic he is 24/7? I posted here because I haven’t in a long time and wanted to see what was going on with Leo, I don’t have to explain myself to you or anyone else.

  1543. 1543
    #### Says:


    Agree….I doubt he cares. :-)

  1544. 1544
    Ok Says:

    @Blacksharpie: Haha! Great response :-)

  1545. 1545
    @Don't understand Says:

    @Don’t understand: Can you stick around? I like posters like you!! LOL

  1546. 1546
    Don't understand Says:

    @@Don’t understand:
    Posters like me? What do you mean by that? Lol
    And it depends. Maybe when Leo starts another movie, discussion is much better when Leo is working or busy.

  1547. 1547
    @1542 Says:

    The same way posters don’t have to explain themselves to you.

  1548. 1548
    #### Says:


    LOL….pretty good article!

  1549. 1549
    @Don't understand Says:

    @Don’t understand: I just like that you speak your mind and stand up for yourself! LOL

    But I understand if you didn’t want to waste your time, not much going on with Leo currently!

  1550. 1550
    Ok Says:

    @Blacksharpie: I guess she’d bring up the Nina thing if he got jealous. But I don’t think it’s a big deal to him.

  1551. 1551
    Don't understand Says:

    So you approve of posters complaining about how boring, pathetic, ugly, disgusting, etc he is even though its their own choice to follow his life and actively seek out what he’s doing but you think its horrible to call out posters on why they do that? You really are something. Won’t even bother as you completely missed my point.

  1552. 1552
    Don't understand Says:

    @@Don’t understand:
    Ah, well thank you for that. I don’t like being pushed around, so there’s that. LOL. Well, as for Leo, I just noticed discussion is always better on these threads when he’s shooting a project or doing something, but when he’s not discussion is always bad or repetitive with girlfriend bashing and ex girlfriend wars.

  1553. 1553
    @Don't understand Says:

    @Don’t understand: I definitely agree!
    That’s why I found your comments refreshing! LOL

  1554. 1554
    Don't understand Says:

    @@Don’t understand:
    Thank you again for that. Haha.
    And let’s be real, its not a hard task to make refreshing comments on Leo threads ;)

  1555. 1555
    miramax Says:

    Toni, dead trout.

  1556. 1556
    @Don't understand Says:

    @Don’t understand: LOL

    Very True!

  1557. 1557
    Leo and Toni Says: spending time in his trailor lol!

  1558. 1558
    @1551 Says:

    It’s not about approving what’s posted here. Everyone is entitled to have an opinion and post on these threads. People who find him boring has the right to post their opinion the same way you do. Why keep complaining about what others post? As you said it nobody has to explain his or herself to anyone.

  1559. 1559
    Don't understand Says:

    @Leo and Toni:
    My point is WHY even post here and follow his life so obsessively if you find him boring, ugly, pathetic, disgusting, racist, sexist, overrated, etc etc day in and day out? You still fail to come up with a good excuse for that fact.

  1560. 1560
    blah Says:

    @Don’t understand: you can always leave! Bye! I love it here. Its basically anti-toni! : )

  1561. 1561
    #### Says:

    @Leo and Toni:

    That’s actually pretty funny! Let’s call today Friday Funnies!!! LOL

  1562. 1562
    @1559 Says:

    Excuse me but you don’t have to explain yourself but you want someone to explain herself to you? That person has just as much right to post here as you do without giving any explanation.

  1563. 1563
    know Says:


    Tell me more about his soulmate, when is going to happen? I’am interested to know.

  1564. 1564
    Don't understand Says:

    Notice how I ended up explaining why I posted here so in a way I did explain myself. But its funny how posters like you refuse to explain why you follow a person’s life so much if you all you do is trash them and everyone surrounded by them 24/7.

  1565. 1565
    Not funny Says:

    Implying he’s a pedophile and had a sexual relationship with a child actress isn’t funny.

  1566. 1566
    blah Says:

    @@1559: +100000000000000

  1567. 1567
    WTH? Says:

    @Not funny: Yeah that’s not funny, and why involve an innocent little girl in that “joke?”

  1568. 1568
    @ Don't understand Says:

    Do you know where Tony cut her hair?

  1569. 1569
    blah Says:

    @Don’t understand: nothing is going to change so you accept it or be gone and usually the later happens because this place will continue being anit-toni are rightfully so! : ) btw where is that cheesestick?? : )

  1570. 1570
    @1564 Says:

    Nobody has to explain to you that or why they have the opinion they post. It would be nice just to let each other be without complaining about what others post.

  1571. 1571
    NO Says:

    Damn, some people here are sick, joke with a kid is not nice. So disrespectful and ridiculous!

  1572. 1572
    #### Says:

    Wow the fact that some posters jumped to likening this pic to Leo being a pedophile is sick. It was a cute pic and a poster just made a funny tagline about it. Everyone needs to calm down with this pedophile crap!

  1573. 1573
    Leo and Toni Says:

    @####: Why is everyone getting so serious it was a joke.. Leo is not a pedophile! I notice someone is complaining alot about others comments when they can simply just ignore them!Re: Funny friday sounds creative to me you are a delight to this forum :)

  1574. 1574
    Not funny Says:

    How else should people react to that, joke or not joke? The fact that someone implied Leo was ‘spending time in his trailor’ with that little girl whether it was ‘intended’ to be Toni or not is still disrespectful to the girl and even more disturbing that people find pedophile jokes like that funny. And Toni is a 21 year old woman, a legal adult. She is not a little girl, ffs.

  1575. 1575
    @Not funny Says:

    Take your meds already chipmunk stop chippin away at every little comment.. we know the little girl in the pic is not Toni because she’s smarter!!

  1576. 1576
    WTH? Says:

    @####: What’s sick is that some of you go to any lengths just to insult Toni, but this time it crossed the line. Insinuating he has a relationship with a little girl, any person with a brain would think you were tying to imply he was a pedophile. It’s gross and wrong! There was no reason to involve that little girl!

  1577. 1577
    Not funny Says:


  1578. 1578
    Not funny Says:

    @@Not funny:
    Chipmunk? At least I’m not a moron like you.

  1579. 1579
    @WTH Says:

    That’s because your an idiot and you dont know what the he!! your talking about ..who said he was a pedophile ??Thats what YOU think! Why automatically associate “spending time” with SEX? grow up all already and get a fuuckken clue.. TONI STAN!

  1580. 1580
    also... Says:

    @####: Much ado about nothing again. I don`t think the photo insinuated that Leo is a pedophile. It was posted to make fun of the fact that he could be Toni`s father ( at least that`s what I think ). Sorry but the older he gets the more noticeable it is and people do make fun of it.

  1581. 1581
    WTH? Says:

    @@WTH: STFU idiot!!

    It just shows what type of low-level, disgusting mentality you have, that you have to stoop so low with your corny and dumb jokes, all because you’re jealous of Leo’s girlfriend! Go spend some quality time with your cats you desert dry virgin!

  1582. 1582
    @#### Says:

    @####: +50000000

  1583. 1583
    Not funny Says: