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Leonardo DiCaprio: The Love of Kate Winslet's Life!

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Love of Kate Winslet's Life!

Leonardo DiCaprio has a crowd of pals surrounding him as he makes his way to a yacht boarding area on Sunday afternoon (March 23) in St. Barts.

The 39-year-old actor, who was accompanied by a mystery blonde, has not been seen out and about since the 2014 Oscars, where he lost the coveted Best Actor trophy to Matthew McConaughey.

Recently, Leo‘s frequent co-star Kate Winslet had to answer the question: Leo or her Divergent co-star Theo James.

Leo is my love of my life, how could you possibly even ask me that question! If I said Theo over Leo, he would never let me stay the night at his house ever again. And we can’t have that because that’s where I stay,” Kate told PopSugar. We love it!

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  • Dumb butt

    @HAHAHA: She could have said the same without her stupid hashtag.

  • Maddie

    Toni is with him, she posted some pics in her twitter account :-)

  • Can’t Get No Satisfaction Leo

    We don’t hate Leo at all. In fact, we’ll watch his movies, but only if the movie is good. The fact that Leo is the star does not make us watch the film. Been saying it for a while: Leonardo is RUINED. He was a cute young man, but whenever I see him NOT at an event, he just looks like a BUM. His posture is horrible. He dresses shabbily. He’s not physically fit and he smokes. When people do a lot of stuff they shouldn’t be doing, many times other people can tell. DiCaprio always looks like he doesn’t care, and that happens when you don’t live a life you’re proud of. There is no way dating a different beautiful model every year has given him ANY satisfaction. He probably wonders what is wrong with him or why he can’t be like other men and be content with what he gets. He has never committed to a woman because he simply CANNOT do it! The way he lives will never bring him peace. His thinking needs to change.

  • Maddie

    Toni is with him, she posted some pics in her twitter acount

  • @#42

    Can you clarify what he is lying about? What is he manipulating? Has he lied to you? Why are you so delusional about Leo?( his lifestyle is no secret) What really wrong with society is people like you. All you do is complain and make rude comments. Looks like you have some major issues, you need therapy to deal with your life. If you say you don’t care about Leo why do you relentlessly keep up with what he is doing. Please take your own advice used in your comment name and do like wise.

  • shoes
  • ??

    His main escort is not pictured or mentioned?

  • Can’t Get No Satisfaction Leo

    @@#42: First off, I’m not #42, but I have to say that you are right about Leo… He’s certainly not lying about who he is. He’s putting it all out there for everyone to see what he is truly about. As he grows older and if he does not change, I’ll bet his women will continue to be very young in age, because only young women who have time to lose and are more carefree would want a man like him. Any woman approaching his age knows better or has learned from other painful experiences.

  • Can’t Get No Satisfaction Leo

    @sugarbaby: What sux most is that right now, Leo DiCaprio doesn’t deserve a good woman, but he can still get one. You see men like him all the time living wild all their lives until their bodies break down, AND THEN they realize they need help or a live-in nurse. Some lovely, sweet-natured, nurturing woman is always right there for the taking. Many women often feel worthless without a man to take care of.

  • LOL

    @Maddie: Yes Toni, we know you are in St Barts LOL

  • Wait

    So the reason everyone hates these pictures is because a group of his friends are with him about to go on a yacht? That’s such a big deal? And because he’s looking at the ground in a single photo it means he is bored and wants to kill himself?

  • @61

    @Wait: Yes!
    After all, this is a Leo post on JJ!

  • observer

    @Wait: stop being a drama queen nobody said Leo wanted to kill him self but I think his has no satisfaction at the moment and it shows. Only Leo can change Leo otherwise he will continue to garner the same results doing the same things…

  • @Maddie

    This is like an old record. The gf (just like Erin used to do) is posting pictures of her vacay along with Leo’s entourage. Yawn. What else is new?

  • Wait

    Thing is you guys literally say this about every single of Leo that surfaces. Same sh-t. He’s depressed, he’s pathetic, he wants to kill himself, he is ashamed, etc etc based off what? Pictures of him walking taken by the paparazzi? You can analyze his whole life and everything he feels based on photos of him walking with other friends? Apparently he has to have a huge grin on his face at all times 24/7 wherever he is but funny thing is even if he did smile people on here would still say he is borderline suicidal and wants to jump off that yacht and kill himself for the crime of dating a beautiful model.

  • Leo

    You can tell he’s not happy with his life. Poor Leo, but then again, I don’t feel sorry for him so…No poor Leo..

  • Wait


  • Leo

    Leo looks like he’s about to fall down! lol

  • Wait

    I’m sure he takes comfort that strangers obsess and analyze his life so much and apparently know more things about him than he knows about himself.

  • Fiddy

    Wow Leo is going to be Forty this year. Will he still be in the clubs?!? Probably…Seems so sad that someone with seemingly so much potential beyond acting is wasting away his life…He could actually be out there helping people…He doesn’t seem truly passionate about the environment. What a waste…

  • GFW

    He’s a manbaby and will never grow up. No need to, right? Right.

  • o

    Another PR pic on Toni’s Instgram

  • observer

    @Wait: people keep on saying the same things because he keeps doing the same sh*t. And unfortunately its the truth…Only like 2 loonies said he would kill himself so stop with the kill yourself talk. Most people aren’t saying that…lol

  • observer

    @Can’t Get No Satisfaction Leo: I agree, he doesn’t deserve a good woman. He deserves Toni! He deserves exactly what he’s getting! lol

  • breakdown

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Leo had some kinda breakdown before he got better… It happens… I’m here for the show.. : ) It looks like he’s on the verge of breaking down IMO

  • Sick

    I don’t know what’s sadder. The people who wished Irmelin would die soon or the people who want Leo to suffer a breakdown or have depression when he hasn’t done sh*t to them.

  • sugarbaby

    @Can’t Get No Satisfaction Leo: LMFAO, so thats how Leo’s life will end up. He’ll be so sick and old that a nurse, who is paid to take care of ppl, will his only female companion. No much diff from his life right now, LOL! No good woman can ever put up with a guy like this, she’ll kill herself. If Leo wants to be a kid for the rest of his life, so let him be. He is lucky that he lives a life where that is possible, all that wealth, power and success.

  • LMAO

    @HAHAHA: Beautiful posing???? LMAO

  • Oh FFS

    The butthurt, desperate, vile. and lonely ex Leo stans need to get over that fact Leo is dating Toni and go get laid and find boyfriends of their own. Its not this healthy to obsess over a man and who he dates and f-cks THIS MUCH. You people are no better then that crazy Andrea looney.

  • #Try #Hard

    @HAHAHA: Define Ass-kissing.

  • GFW

    Why would he be on the verge of a breakdown? From what?

  • Yuck

    Toni Garrn is a disease infecting everyone.

  • @Oh FFS

    And you should get over the JJ posters and what they write about. Is it healthy to obsess over comments?

  • poor leo

    Not going to happen. He has the remedy for breakdowns. More Vacations!

  • @80

    @Oh FFS: +50000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Oh FFS

    @@Oh FFS:
    Because I literally can go nowhere else to talk about Leo with intelligent and balanced discussions. It literally is only one side of the extreme. BZ people who see Leo as flawfree and a God and they adore his girlfriends or JJ where they want to burn his girlfriends alive on fire and wish for horrible things to happen to him and act like he is Satan. I’m more in the middle. But when 90% on here are the same negative sh-t be it about Toni, Leo, his mother, his friends, his co stars, etc it becomes so unbearable to read and I have every damn right to call the posters out on here for it especially if this is a place where we are supposed to express our opinions. So there’s that.

  • @above

    @Oh FFS: so leave! Bye! lol

  • What?

    @@above: He/she doesn’t have to leave! You don’t own this place and you don’t own Leo!

  • Mia

    Poor Leo has become the Susan Lucci (All My Children) of the Oscars. How many times has she been nominated for a Daytime Emmy & lost?

  • Angel

    I hope he feels stifled some more by his boredom. More than ever before! : )

  • Oh FFS

    Appreciate your response but I expected either no genuine responses or just snarky responses like that instead of someone just really addressing what I said and trying to consider it.

  • Thirsty Toni

    Beautiful Posing?? Toni is a kiss a$$, using Lukas as an official hint on her where abouts…now is tagging him?.He’s still not following her IG! go Lukas !!

  • Zzzzzz

    @Oh FFS: Hi! This can be a great place to talk about Leo. Unfortunately, since he currently isn’t working on anything, nor appear he has anyrhing in the near future, there isn’t anything to talk about. I know he is supposed to be doing an environmental project, his words, but I am beginning to think that might not happen. :( Hopefully after this ‘vacation’ he might actually do something. Although, with Coachella right around the corner, I somehow, doubt it.

  • Margot ig
  • Oh FFS

    I think the environmental project will happen after he is done vacationing. He mentioned it more than once and sounded serious about it, plus he looks like he is in no rush to do another movie again, which I don’t really blame him for. And even though he has only been tweeting he recently raised a lot of money for another charity which is nothing to scoff about, plus he recently attended that meeting for Mark Ruffalo’s environmental project thingy so there’s some interest still there at the least.

  • Oh FFS

    @Margot ig:
    Cue the people calling her a famewh0re and desperate for posting this loool

  • Personally

    @Oh FFS: I think it had to hurt Leonardo DiCaprio to not get an Oscar this time. He loves being an actor. If you hear him talk, acting is his “main squeeze,” definitely not a woman. He has worked with the incredible director Cameron and multiple times in big-budget movies with Marty. Yet, someone like MM (whose career has not been nearly as illustrious as Leo’s) won instead. I say “Ouchy Mama!”

  • la S.

    salvation will come by woman

  • Oh FFS

    He mentioned how worn out he was during the Django Unchained promo in early 2013 from acting in his latest movies back to back and wanted to take a break, which was a year before this year’s Oscars. But believe what you want I’m not really interested in this Leo vs Matthew competition.