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Mila Kunis: Pregnant with Fiance Ashton Kutcher's Baby!

Mila Kunis: Pregnant with Fiance Ashton Kutcher's Baby!

Mila Kunis is pregnant and expecting her first child with fiance Ashton Kutcher, according to E! News.

The 30-year-old actress has been the subject of a ton of speculation over the past couple months, especially after the news dropped that she and Ashton got engaged.

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Over the weekend, Mila and Ashton were seen attending a Los Angeles Clippers game where they were put on the kiss cam and gave each other a smooch!

Earlier that day, Mila was seen sporting a hint of a baby bump while going out for lunch with her man.

Congratulations to the happy couple on the exciting news!

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70 Responses to “Mila Kunis: Pregnant with Fiance Ashton Kutcher's Baby!”

  1. 1
    Nayla Says:

    Not surprised.

  2. 2
    dynamic Says:


  3. 3
    P Says:


  4. 4
    :3 Says:

    awwww thats really nice news to hear. jackie and kelso forever <3

  5. 5
    andreanne Says:

    omg!!!! congrats!!!! they’re gonna make the most beautiful baby these 2 :D

  6. 6
    Ugonna Wosu Says:


  7. 7
    Meghan Says:

    Congrats to Mila and Ashton. They are a cute couple.

  8. 8
    OMG!!!! Says:

    That is wonderful and congratulations to the happy couple!! This should be one beautiful baby.

  9. 9
    Diedre Says:

    I wish good luck to Mila because she seems like a nice girl and is talented. Sadly, I feel Ashton is still an immature **** stain. She’ll need all the good wishes she can get.

  10. 10
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    Eat your heart out Demi!!! Love love love them as a couple! Aaaawww wish them the best!!!

  11. 11
    They Says:

    @Diedre: I totally agree with you! Mila is decent so maybe the child has 1/2 chance…
    Who’s Demi?

  12. 12
    Ash Says:

    knew she was since they first announce their engagement in the first place..btw Mila could get way better

  13. 13
    Ash Says:

    @YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: Demi doesn’t give a f*ck since she doesn’t have to put up with Ashton anymore…

  14. 14
    LOL Says:

    Why should Demi eat her heart out..She’s got 3 beautiful daughters of her own..The way it tuurned out she should thank her lucky stars that she didn’t have or adopt a child with Ass-ton.

    It’s nice that Mila and him are having a child together but when did getting pregnant become something of trumping over another women. All over the world women, poor and the rich, get pregnant by men who turn into world class douche bags.

  15. 15
    Annabelle Says:

    Stop with these Jackie and Kelso crap. Everyone knows it’s Jackie & Hyde 5eva! All shipping aside their baby will be gorgeous and congrats to them :D

  16. 16
    Quinn Says:

    YAY! So happy for them :)

  17. 17
    idiots Says:

    What is wrong with you people??? You act like 14 year olds in high school shipping two people you don’t even know.

    And are there any idiots in Hollywood left who know how to use birth control before getting engaged or married? It’s so obvious this is the only way to get and keep a man from wandering away. Snag him down with a baby-to-be. THAT is so desperate. So backwards and so fked up in Hollywood again. Who’s going to be next…Amber Heard is pregnant w/ Johnny Depps love child?? Those two are engaged right?

  18. 18
    ForMe Says:

    @Ash: Why did she drag out the divorce then? I think Demi still gives a f*ck. Just little bit. Congrats to Ashton and Mila though.

  19. 19
    Smack Says:

    Only an idiot would waste time reading about people who they consider to be idiots.

  20. 20
    No Just No Says:

    @idiots: apparently not ! you would think that being that rich could at least give you an effective birth control but no and I don’t care what no one says but they only got engage because she was pregnant whether you want to believe it or not they did, THAT IS SAD , hopefully now with the pregnancy Ashton and Mila can endure some happiness but best of luck to both of them (especially Mila ) because they sure as hell are going to need it

  21. 21
    Ash Says:

    @ForMe: NO she is just a stubborn ,prideful, selfish , money desperate , lady who didn’t want to give him a divorce only to make his life more complicated ,trust me she has move on to younger and better

  22. 22
    IDIOT Says:


  23. 23
    Ugonna Wosu Says:

    @Ash: whose side are you on? Are you confused, or do you just hate everybody?

  24. 24
    Nedsdag Says:

    So Kelso knocked up Jackie, eh?

  25. 25
    Ash Says:

    @Ugonna Wosu: there are no sides I am just saying it how it is which we all know that Demi doesn’t care and only drag her divorce because she wanted to, Demi was a b*tch and so was Ashton so at the end they both got what they deserve and that’s that’s

  26. 26
    assman Says:

    not even married

  27. 27
    Adrienne Says:

    They’ve been dating for 2 years and he finds it convenient to propose only when she got pregnant. I feel bad for Mila.

  28. 28
    LOL Says:


    Hmm so you think Demi really truly appreciated her husband blatantly cheating on her with young girls throwing that in her face. Divorce is always a nasty bit of business and rich people such as they are use the divorce courts to lash out when they are hurt. You’d be a b*tch too if someone you loved and trusted betrayed you and then wanted to dismiss you as if you were irrelevant to them. Rich or poor…just visit your local family court and see how divorcing couples are…you think it’s all tea and biscuits?

  29. 29
    So sweet Says:

    I hope Mila teach her child to speak Russian. I always found it sad when parents who or bilingual don’t pass it on to their children.

  30. 30
    missy Says:

    A lesson for the HW cougars, (side eye to Demi Moore), the young guys WILL leave you, and that’s a fact.

  31. 31
    Point Break! Says:

    I think it’s so cute, like high school sweethearts reunited!

  32. 32
    April Says:

    OMG! This is so absolutely perfect! Can’t wait to see that beautiful baby! Bless this gorgeous couple and many great times together sharing the joy of their little one. LOVE LOVE LOVE that’s the glory of that’s the story of life, love and happiness.

  33. 33
    Ash Says:

    @LOL: like I said BEFORE ALREADY there are no sides Ashton behaved like a douche first, then it was Demi turn so she got even or karma or whatever you want to call it but its done now

  34. 34
    OMG!! Says:

    YAY!! Oh my goodness congrats Ashton & Mila!!!

  35. 35
    Caroline Says:

    @So sweet: That would be nice. Most of my family came to the US from Norway when my siblings and I were children and luckily for us, our parents taught us their native language but many of cousins did not end up speaking Norwegian .

  36. 36
    sharyllee Says:

    I am so happy for them, Please get married before the baby.. you both are very cute! I came from Iowa..

  37. 37
    leah Says:

    Awwwhhhhhh! I am happy for them!

  38. 38
    commonsense Says:

    I can’t shake the feeling that she’s ruined her life. She’s now linked with him forever.

  39. 39
    Brains Says:

    I do not care for kutcher at all.

    Mila Kunis I used to think was incredibly beautiful (forgetting sarah marshall, etc.) Now I’m grossed out by her. She’s the perfect example of how someone can have good genes (everything but height-wise) but squander it through lack of intellectual pursuits (she’s vulgar and silly), poor diet, indifference, poor posture, and just complete lack of charisma and presence. IMHO, that’s all!

  40. 40
    siennagold Says:

    Congrats! They make a lovely couple!

  41. 41
    SHINE Says:

    abort abort

  42. 42
    Tyla Says:

    @Brains: Not to mention she chews tabacco! For real. A friend of mine worked on Moving McAllister with Mila and Mila constantly chewed and had nasty teeth. I don’t think she’s very bright.

  43. 43
    diana Says:

    i just do not see what the big deal is about her
    she is not attractive
    the older shes gets the more she looks like a man

  44. 44
    Amy Says:

    Can we just all stop with the hate?! Congratulations to these 2. They’re going to have one gorgeous baby!

  45. 45
    Oldies Says:

    Oh come on…so people have to be married when they have children? What century are we living in? Look at Goldie and Kurt…never married, strong family bond anyway

  46. 46
    :) Says:

    ohhhhh I’m so happy for them.Ashton wanted kids for a long time..

  47. 47
    really? Says:

    This is great news, they are a perfect match, both used famous people to get ahead, they both are terrible actors, they both never take a bath and they both dress like slobs. I give it two years then kaput. And as far as Demi goes ,she kicked him to the curb long time ago.

  48. 48
    Nick Says:

    So she had to get pregnant to make him marry her! Not a good start especially considering his past cheating.

  49. 49
    dontwanttobemeanbut Says:

    Beautiful baby? Perhaps not. Have you seen Mila’s mother?

  50. 50
    Sam Says:

    So the only wY for a woman to get a ring nowadays is to “accidentally” get knocked up? If he doesnt propose beforehand, he doesnt want you that much.

  51. 51
    Original Says:

    All the best! found the right combo.)

  52. 52
    gonnaBAmama Says:

    That’s so exciting for them! Congrats! My husband and I are also expecting. I’m just wondering when Mila is due. It doesn’t seem to be reported anywhere. Their baby is going to be “ridiculously good looking”.

  53. 53
    Blue Says:

    Geez people, so in 20 years you are still going to talk about Ashton’s cheating scandal, damn get over it. People are so full of crap when it comes to critizing celebrities, first look at your lives then your family. You don’t know him and who are you to judge him? Congrats to them and I wish them well, the arriving of a baby is always a blessing no matter who are their parents!

  54. 54
    Syer Says:

    He’ll cheat on her like he has all the others.

    She should have stuck with Macauley Culkin.

  55. 55
    Roman Says:

    Not exciting news.

  56. 56
    Kaley Says:

    Ashton seeds every woman she falls in love with. Good thing is that he is good looking.

  57. 57
    Ohh boy Says:

    @idiots: You miss Stacey Kibbler and her new husband. She is expecting as well. I guess we all know now why they were in rush to get married. They look like kids in school. When a young girl got knocked up and in order to save her honor she had to marry the guy who knocked her up and also in order not to lift any suspicions as to why the lady was pregnant it she was not married first.

  58. 58
    Ohh boy Says:

    I forgot Savana Gunthrie also married and pregnant at the same time

  59. 59
    Ohh boy Says:

    That is the reason then why they are getting married fast, Mila was knocked up first.

    Do they know the term birth control? I mean they are mature and grown up to know that if they are livign together, sleeping together
    and at this very moment they do not have plans to have a baby butin the future, they have to know that they must use birth control. I mean really these mature people behave like teenagers and upps it wasn accident, yeah accident my tits!!!!

  60. 60
    Twentysomething Says:

    @Oldies: I’m engaged and I’m NOT pregnant before my wedding. People like you make it look fashionable to be knocked up before your wedding night. You probably enjoy watching TeenMoms! There is nothing old or archaic about getting pregnant AFTER your wedding, but people like you are pathetic.

  61. 61
    ornella Says:

    <3 <3 <3

  62. 62
    ornella Says:

    <3 <3 <3

  63. 63
    willikilliams Says:

  64. 64
    just me Says:

    hayden was at the game was at the same game so why you didn’t post him being there?

  65. 65
    italian girl Says:

    I am happy for them.

    It is obvious that this moment should come, to be a father and this was not certanly possible with Demi who was too aged for him.
    They are both young and for him now it is time to think about a baby.


  66. 66
    Yuck Says:

    Its the only way she’ll get the cheater to marry her. Pathetic really.

  67. 67
    Ivermom Says:

    This will be a gorgeous baby! Congrats to them!

  68. 68
    Valley Says:

    why was mila kicked out of dior? I never understood. did marion cotillard have something to do with it?

  69. 69
    Maria Says:

    I am happy for them. I think they are very happy together, and he seems very relaxed since parting with head case Demi. He’s young, and deserved to find a woman to have a family with. Mila seems to be good for him. Down to earth and fun. I wish them well!

  70. 70
    Zac Says:

    Oh Mila, now he has to marry you. You should have waited to see if he loved you enough to propose without the pressure of a impending pregnancy.

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