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Sean Penn Spends Another Day with French Actress Adele Exarchopoulos!

Sean Penn Spends Another Day with French Actress Adele Exarchopoulos!

Sean Penn strolls around town with Adele Exarchopoulos after getting lunch together on Sunday (March 23) in Paris, France.

This is the second day in a row that the 53-year-old actor has been seen hanging out with Adele, 20, in her hometown. They were spotted giving each other a kiss goodbye after having lunch the day before.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adele Exarchopoulos

If we had to guess, Sean is probably wooing Adele to be in one of his new movies! She is one of the breakthrough actresses from the last year after getting critical acclaim for her work in the foreign flick Blue is the Warmest Color.

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  • lol

    Now I’m really laughing at those who said he’s not cheating.
    Business meeting, obviously.

  • GFW

    Is her bow-lipped mouth ever closed? A real question. Saw her film. The real star was Léa Seydoux who was not only amazing but captivating for her portrayal of male thinking and actions.

  • Maggie

    Maybe she is his daughter?

  • Jess

    I am no Sean Penn fan but if he was cheating he would be more savvy about it. The fact that he kissed her (on the cheek) and is walking in public makes it look more to me like it’s work related.
    I know he doesn’t have the highest morals but I also doubt at 53 he wants to go with a 20 year old either.

  • Lily

    I think she’s his daughter. Or better: I hope she is.

  • Lily

    Or perhaps they’re in conversation about a movie he wants to direct with her. That’s could be a regular thing.

  • zey

    “if I had to guess” lol.. JJ it aint gonna hurt your bottom line but whoever you have hired to write your posts as you enjoy smoozing with celebs are straight creeps..

  • ForMe

    If Sean was cheating on Charlize he wouldn’t be this public about it. Maybe they’re working on a project together or maybe they’re just friends.

  • JM

    I love Lea Seydoux, but I have to say Adele managed to outshine her in the film.

  • A

    Doubt he’s “cheating,” but I think his whole relationship with CT is a pr set-up.

  • scarlett

    Two famous people know each other…walk down street together. Earth shattering.
    And yes the writing of these articles, headlines and all, are getting worse and worse. But then we’ve all seen Jared’s IG account, there’s a lot of ass kissing and back scratching going on.

  • Amy


    Why not? He’s hooked up with younger women since his divorce. And he cheated on his ex-wife.

  • ForMe

    @A: “Pr set-up?” They’re both famous Oscar winning, wealthy, actors/producers, but they need need “pr.” MMkay. What do gain by dating each other? SMDH at these conspiracy theories.

  • tsk.tsk.

    Charlize you in danger girl! !! But what did she expect?

  • They

    She’s so cute but this would be a highly disturbing relationship.

  • Mia

    Sorry, but she has that look of, “Please don’t make this out to be anything it isn’t”. This has to be definitely work related.

  • Mel

    @Maggie: I agree, she looks a lot like him.

  • duh

    This is definitely for a movie, don’t be stupid guys.

  • Fercat

    How does Travolta pronounce her name?

  • Firefall

    Argyle Edbrards

  • JB

    @ForMe: Tom Cruise used to call paps and walk around the block with Katie Holmes just to get their pics in magazines. He’s about as A-list as you can get. He didn’t need the PR but did it.

  • A

    @A: Neither one has been in a relevant film in ages. Their romance is a little too public, especially considering their past history of being private with their relationships. So yes, I’m calling pr on this couple.

  • superfly

    Her face is ugly and plain. Don’t like her. she won’t make it in hollywood except in the porn industry.

  • Phil

    “Blue” was so overrated. the movie itself is too long with too many close ups. She’s boring and immature. she should get a brain.

  • Mack

    Actresses like her don’t last. They appear, get fame for 2 seconds then you see other things they do and it simply doesn’t work out for them.

  • Richie

    @Mack: She’s weird. The movie they did was soft porn. Even in france people were like What the F..? The thing that bugs me is how much they talked behind the director’s back during promotion then pretended like they never said that because they wanted the perks that come with fame. She’s such a phony and a liar. She’s got no moral compass.

  • ForMe

    @JB: 1)Tom Cruise doesn’t have Oscars. 2)Tom Cruise has been dogged by gay rumors for years. He may have wanted people to think he was a stud. 3) There’s no doubt in my mind that the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise relationship was orchestrated by COS. Like I said Charlize and Sean have nothing to gain.


    More people consistantly watch Cruise movies than any other actor. His movies deliver and has been on top of his game for thirty years.
    Love him or hate him that is the truth. What does somebody like him have to gain by being in a set up relationship. Charlize has not been in a relationship for years so you could also say that she went with the person who paid her some attention. Maybe some or most men don’t find her as hot as the media tries to make out. That’s fact!

  • Tyla

    They’re working together. That’s it.

  • Laura


    You should double check your information it was lea Seydoux who condronted the diretor’s methods not Adele who actually supported him

  • Laura


    They kissed on both cheeks, which is called “se faire la bise” in France which is usual way of greeting people when your say “hello” and “good-bye” ( less formal than shaking hands) in France, so there’s nothing weird about that.
    Plus she is already dating a smoking hot French actor of her age, who actually plays her 1st boyfriend in the movie.

    So sorry but nothing’s going on here!

  • Laura


    And you’re dissing her based on what actually? !

  • Girl Please

    @NICOLE: Maybe some or most men don’t find you hot. That’s fact!

  • Kara

    Adele is great and brave. I mean the scenes she did in Blue were over the top racy but she took the risk and everyone loves her now. I think Sean has some project for her in mind.

  • Maky

    @Kara: not everyone loves her. She has to prove something. Her acting is still very weak. It worked for her role but let’s see what comes after. Not sure she’s able to do much. And she’s a little dumb in interviews.

  • OK

    People in france think she’s not really good. But she took the easy road and had sex on screen.

  • True

    I hope they’re working together. She is younger than both his children.

  • 345

    She’s ugly

  • let you go

    @Kara: she spoke against her director many times in various interviews and did the same as lea seydoux. then she backed off. she has no respect.

  • Kelly

    They’d be working on what exactly?
    She can’t speak a word of english and her acting is not that great.
    They are boinking. Plain as day.

  • Under

    She’s trying too hard to be the next Marion Cotillard.

  • Ugonna Wosu

    @NICOLE: except some or most men DO. She was FHM’s sexiest woman alive in 2008, and #1 Sexiest Woman on some years back. As a woman who normally thinks men have no taste, I was surprised to see they agreed us women that Charlize is gorgeous.

  • that’s it

    @Ugonna Wosu: Charlize is no beauty, plus, she had a nose job and her nose still is ugly. I think Angelina is beautiful, not Chalize.