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Girl Sings Dramatic Version of 'Frozen' Song, Kristen Bell Reacts!

Girl Sings Dramatic Version of 'Frozen' Song, Kristen Bell Reacts!

A little girl had to get a splinter removed and to help distract herself from the pain, she decided to sing her favorite song – Frozen‘s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”!

We’re glad the girl’s dad decided to video tape the experience as her dramatic version of the song is hilariously awesome and we absolutely love it.

Kristen Bell, who sings the song in the mega-smash animated movie, tweeted her approval of the video. “Francesa- I’ll build a snowman with you!!! You did a great job :)” Kristen said.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE song from the movie Frozen?

Little Girl Sings Dramatic Version of ‘Frozen’ Song
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  • Wow

    She’s crying in pain and singing the song to help her cope and that’s hilariously awesome? The caption from the video “Poor Francesca singing while mom removes a splinter from her knee. Singing through the pain. It not as bad as she makes it seem”… I’m so glad her dad knows how bad it feels for her. Seriously, parents of the year.

  • amanda

    Parents these days are dicks…seriously. They all record their children doing things like singing while getting splinters taken out and crying about their favorite players on sports teams being traded. There’s no reason to film that stuff. Stop being dicks to your children parents.

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    Orientals also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Orientals are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds! They value hiding it more than their own lives!!!
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  • Evange vincent

    Oh I spread with my all friends.

  • $illy

    Kristen Bell is silly too. Poor girl, she has ignorant parents and Kristen still takes advantage of that family by encouraging the little girl with a lie.

  • Original

    Very brave, and a little tender.

  • Taylor

    @amanda: It’s not these days. Let’s try since video cameras were invented. I don’t see how it’s parents being “dicks”. This is cute, poor thing I want to cry with her but singing a good way to keep your child distracted whilst trying to clean a booboo. I think you should reevaluate what constitutes parents being “dicks”…. I’m sure the parents know their daughter and she may possibly have an over dramatic personality so I see nothing wrong with this.

  • Shady

    @Taylor: You sound like someone who would do that to your kid too. The fact is, if that’s how she distracts herself, it’s STILL a private thing. The little girl is in her PJs, having a meltdown and trying to make herself feel better. Just like when a kid is at the hospital getting something done and the doctor tells her “think of something that makes you happy”. Doctors still said that to me when I was 17 and injured. I doubt she’d want her friends at school to see her crying, getting a booboo treated (which could have been infected and not your ordinary splinter for all we know) and trying to distract herself…so do you think she’d want millions of online viewers to watch her? Let’s fast-foward another few years…do you imagine that if the girl was a teenager, in pain and singing to help her cope she’d want her HS friends and others to witness it too? If that’s how she copes, there’s nothing wrong with it.. her dad recording it was wrong pretty low, but if it was kept a private family video that’s still another matter…the fact that he put it online to get attention, and that makes it wrong. When that girl is older, I’m sure she’ll wonder why her parents found her coping tatic as entertainment for the masses. Sounds to me like mommy and daddy just wanted to be a YT sensation with an Ellen show appearance here and a GMA appearance there, some TV and online news coverage and maybe some money. I think THAT’S why Amanda referred to them as such. It’s not even a question whether or not there are parents who do far worse in this country, but that doesn’t make this video a smart decision on their part.

  • Justathought

    @Shady: Well hey, it’s not like the parents decided send the recording in to America’s Funniest Home Video (25 years old) or candid home video show to try and profit off of their child’s “private” moments. I mean if any parent ever did that…GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The girl will probably laugh it over in a few years when she’s older. It’s not as big of a deal as you make this out to be…There are plenty of home videos my parents have of me and my brothers in our “private” moments that get shown by our parents over and over again to anyone that will watch them. It’s just apart of life…it builds character and makes you a stronger person. If you can’t learn how to be mentally tough from your own family then hell, I’d hate to see what kind of train wreak a person becomes b/c they haven’t experienced how to overcome embarrassing moments in life. We are human, we get embarrassed, we move on. End of story

  • Shady

    @Justathought: The ignorance of your comment is remarkable. Seriously. I clearly missed the “character building” class those parents took. There are plenty of ways to build strong kids and mentally tough kids without profiting over something like that. I don’t care if many parents do it. Considering you say you’re 25 years old, I imagine you’ve heard the term “two wrongs don’t make a right.” I also didn’t say AFHV was a good show, so I don’t even see the point of bringing it up. I’m so glad you have embarrassing things on video, but if you actually read my whole comment, you would know that I said that her father recording the video in general was low but it wasn’t as bad as posting it online for attention. It was a private moment for her, for their family and should’ve remained private. This kid wasn’t in upbeat spirits like some of the comedic kid videos online, she was having a meltdown and trying to calm herself down. He could have left it as a private video. You act as if kids can’t be educated to be strong and tough in society by their parents unless their parents post an embarrassing video of them. That makes no sense at all. I’m not surprised you don’t agree with what I said though given your thoughts on things. You wouldn’t be the first ignorant person who saw nothing wrong with the video, and I’m sure you won’t be the last.

  • Justathought

    @Shady: The 25 year old reference was to the age of the show not mine. The point of bringing up AFHV is b/c this isn’t something new. Parents have been filming their kids highs and lows and sharing them with the world to see for some time now. It was comedic to the parents, and to most viewing the video. The video is funny, it’s cute, it’s a girl singing a song while her mother or other female relative is extracting a splinter from her skin. She is not having a meltdown. Splinters while painful, are one of those things parents/adults understand are not a big deal, despite the fact that kids on the other hand seem to think so and act as if their life is ending. I don’t see how you infer that I am saying the ONLY way to build character is by filming your kids and then sharing embarrassing videos online, etc….just one of many ways to teach your kids to laugh later about things that they felt doomed about in the past that were actually no big deal.