Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Mind Being Associated with Her Age

Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Mind Being Associated with Her Age

Jennifer Aniston is featured as the narrator of a new digital short for Aveeno’s The Beauty of Nature series and she also took the time to talk about beauty and aging.

The 45-year-old actress is a spokeswoman for the brand and she says that she doesn’t mind being associated with her age.

“Your age always has to be mentioned and men don’t really get that for some reason. It’s not like you see Joe Schmo, 37,” Jennifer told WWD. “Women and men today in their 40s are so much healthier than they were 30 years ago in their 40s. It was a different time. We know how to take care ourselves. We know what to put in our bodies to fuel us that’s healthy and organic and not processed, and the importance of drinking water and cutting out sugars and bad fats. Before, we just didn’t know that, and we didn’t have the technology with skin care that we have today.”

Jennifer Aniston Provides Voiceover for New Aveeno Digital Short
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Photos: WENN
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  • rachel

    Angelina will always rule over your ass bitch. You are definition of a old narcissistic ugly loser. Man face can’t understand she is nothing special.

  • tessa

    Jen Aniston you are fake as your hair. You claim you like your age but you dress like a teen desperate to get approval. Sun dried prune with too much surgery.

  • Katia

    funny how JJ says “the 45 year old actress” in an article quoting a criticism on media outlets who do that. clearly this was written by an imbecile.


    NICE promo

  • Mary

    I hate when celebs who smoke talk about eating organic foods. Organic foods do not matter when you are putting rat poison in your body. Cigs have hundreds of chemicals. And how about that botox and fillers? Is it super all-natural botox and fillers?

    I really wish celebs would not preach about how healthy they are – they are full of it.


    I hate when celeb who
    used drugs,
    played with knifes,
    used botox,
    fly with JET ,
    kissed own brother,
    had blood
    played sado-m–o
    has tatoos allover body
    is skinny
    has fillers
    take a place as humanitarian and SAINT

  • welcome info quennie

    So she is now reduced to the level of making infomercials and hawking stuff she does not use to make the $$$$$$$ to keep up her expensive lifestyle since the Friends residuals are now but a trickle of income.

    No surprise as she refused to move out of her comfort level and take on some challenging tv/film roles.

    45 year old mature women are not movie rom com material or real stripper ladies no matter that she said she still thinks she is a 20 something.

    But who knows she may have found her real calling LOL.

  • devil’s advocate

    Only the dumbest of jenhens would believe that Jennifer Aniston
    or Demi Moore don’t mind being associated with their age.

  • welcome info quennie

    @devil’s advocate:

    SO TRUE!!!!!

  • Anne

    @rachel: And that d.isgusting and f*cking ugly walking corpse Fakelina is special? LOL she is just SKIN, BONES and SILICON and she uses m.iserable people for publicity! that’s how “special” she is!!!

  • allison

    LOL what’s so natural about those clinic visits she has twice a month. She such a fraud.

  • lol

    @Anne: you must really hate your life don’t you? somebody is extremely bitter to admit that Jen is a superficial, ugly ball of fluff, the woman has nothing to offer to the world except hair and yoga tips. no wonder brad divorced her, she must’ve been such a bore lol

  • Marie

    And how is this about Angelina? I not see the tie…..
    And someone promoting eating organically is good for people as well as being a huge environmental issue…

  • sarat

    She has a contarct with Aveeno since 20 years she is using their products

  • ann h

    For somebody that cares about her body, she sure doesn’t seem to care about the enviornment. If the water in my town wasn’t fit for drinking, I would buy one of those 5 gal. jugs and fill it at a water station and use that at home. The same plastic jug would last for years. When I go for a hike, I fill up my thermos and away I go. There’s no need for plastic bottles.
    This woman has a margarita fountain built in her home so I don’t think she’s a light drinker. She should be hawking vitamins to benefit her liver more than skin products.

  • Maddy1

    Yes, why is the first comment mentioning Angelina? She has nothing to do with this thread so why bring her up?

  • Jack S.


    Uh, Jennifer has quit smoking.

  • JMHO

    She sounds like a smoker, she has fake hair, she spends a ton of time at spa getting every kind of skin manipulation there is and then has the audacity to say she likes things simple and natural. She says no to botox, but she obviously gets fillers on her upper lips and elsewhere. That’s why she gets not respect. What she says and does are always two different things. Don’t even get me started on her bottled water, helllooo, bad for the environment. Just Google plastic bottles in the ocean.

  • Richard J. Dirkson

    @ann h:
    We need the water all the time.
    But we need to have free hands very often too.
    Dependence from the thermos is not a good think.
    I want to be free in my choice.
    So I’ll buy a bottle of the fresh water I love
    and will drink one.
    Of course people must be responsible,
    but plastic bottle is very comfortable thing to use.

  • Yo

    She’s so boring but have to admit she looks good for a chain smoker.

  • Ivermom

    Here we go, discussing Ang again. The name is Jen not Angie, what do you not understand. I know you can’t stand to see her get any attention but you must learn to live with it! Beautiful and classy gal, I don’t think she dresses like a teenager. She has a great sense of style and looks good in pretty much anything!

  • ann h

    #19. Richard, I’m guessing English isn’t your first language and good on you – you know one more than I do, but I can’t understand you.
    Hands free to do what- drive, drink and smoke at the same time?
    A slim thermos is comfortable and can come with a cover for a good grip and can fit in the drink place in a car. Dependant from a thermos just doesn’t make any sense. Smartwater bottles don’t look like they have a curve for your hand and have the same shape as the newer, slimmer thermos that keeps the water cold. Wishing you a good day though.

  • Joy B Angie

    @ann h:
    Try to imagine your flight in the plane.
    No thermos near you.
    Try to imagine all the day of important meetings..
    No time to go to your car.
    But you need a fresh water anyway.
    Did you someone with thermos on the Oscar?
    Have a nice day too.

  • Joy B Angie

    sorry: Did you SEE someone with thermos on the Oscar ?
    Bottle has a big advantage:
    you may throw a bottle and have hands free. That’s what I mean.
    The only problem will be – where is WC.
    With thermos there is no this problem :)

  • ann h

    Hey Joy, you just busted yourself when you said hands free, that’s what I mean, and you wished me a nice day too. Have a nice day, Richard J. Dirkson and Joy B and whoever else name you posted as here. hahaha

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @Joy B Angie:
    JBA, I made a comment on the former thread (post 128), that I better should have made in this actual thread. Sorry.
    Have a nice day and a nice dream of Jen, JBA !

  • Joy B Angie

    There is my answer on the former thread, DRF !
    I enjoy to talk to you on any thread :)

  • Onit

    She had deep lines on her forehead over 10 years ago on Friends. Now they have lessened? Give thanks to your doctors Jen, not Aveeno. Such a liar and fake you are.

  • anch1977

    I used to say Maniston was pathetic, not anymore. I now think her life is sad.

  • Joy B Angie

    No doubt Jennifer Aniston care
    what anch1977 thinks.
    No doubt she is on his thread
    to say
    anch’s life is sad.

  • Joy B Angie

    @ann h:
    Dirkson is my funny name
    to make my friends laugh.
    I don’t change the manner of posting.
    it doesn’t change the fact plastic bottles are still very convenient to use.
    But you may enjoy Smart Water from thermos.
    I hope you keep your thermos not far from you
    even during spending time with your boyfriend.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @Joy B Angie:
    Thanks for the huge answer on the former, thread.
    You´re right. Pitt has not the potential to be the president of the USA.
    In this lucid-flight dream (or OOBE) I experienced the nuclear explosion whilst I was flying in the air with my concsiousness. I was about 1 mile away from the explosion and then I changed my speed to get away from that explosion. And then I was warning my friends at home, that there was a nuclear explosion and that they should be prepared for what will come up to them. And it felt so realistic !
    And this lucid flight-dream or OOBE was exactly one week BEFORE the USA made their so called nuclear pollux-experiment.
    Have a nice day and a nice night-dream of Jen, JBA !

  • yep

    Jen is so beautiful and on point!

  • Chin the fake MANiston

    Why put 5 year old picture Jared? Isn’t MANiston had a much SHORTER hair now? Nothing about this women is real.. When it’s come to CHINiston Everything is FAKE.. FAKE.. FAKE !!!

  • yep

    I wish Jared would put up Jen’s photo with shorter hair from the interview tape. Jen looks so classy.

  • jilly

    Jen is beautiful and I love her. You haters just go and kiss the boney behind of your idol before she gets kicked out of the entertainment world, along with her “partner for now”.

  • bet

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    The End.

  • Chin the fake MANiston

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  • Chin the fake MANiston

    Skin clinic
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  • Chin the fake MANiston

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  • Joy B Angie

    @Chin the fake MANiston:

    Sex with mothers boyfriend
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    JPs ————————————————> .

  • the ring

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  • Joy B Angie

    As I understand, so called nuclear pollux-experiments
    are underground explosive experiments
    without chain reaction.
    The goal is to check the conditions
    of weapons that are on long-term storage.
    So there is no full-size nuclear explosion
    during the pollux-experiment.
    * * * * *
    So if you saw an explosion,
    and if you never saw this explosion before
    (for example, on TV being very little child) -
    the dream you saw was from another time –
    from the past or from the future.
    May be this dream belongs to the POSSIBLE reality -
    this information exists in the other dimensions,
    and sensitive people can perceive this information,
    if our reality comes very close to this.
    For example something could happen wrong
    during this pollux-experiment and the result
    COULD BE an explosion.
    * * * * *
    Our future is very flexible.
    May be Putin thinks about the nuclear attack against US,
    but the result will depend from too-too many factors:
    Russian military can refuse to fulfill the order,
    Putin can be killed because normal people
    including Russian officers
    understand it’s crazy to start a nuclear war
    when nobody attacks Russia.
    Russian electronic equipment is not reliable
    so everything can go wrong for Russia.
    And so on.
    * * * * *
    God controls everything anyway.
    If he see the people
    who are ready to fulfill what HE say
    he will prevent the nuclear war.
    * * * * *
    But if people will care just about material things,
    about pleasure just for body,
    about dominating of some nations over the planet,
    God can punish them.
    Putin is a “Bolshevist”
    and continues the aggressive soviet politics.
    All the state machinery in Russia is since 1917.
    God helps Putin to calm down the aggressiveness across cancer,
    but freaking “doctors” keep Putin still active using hormones
    and other “meds” .
    Putin is really unpredictable and inadequate now.
    * * * * *
    Word democratic leaders must demonstrate a resoluteness
    to stop Putin’s aggression using NATO.
    People should be very careful with the actions and desires.
    And we will stop seeing nuclear explosions in our night dreams.
    We will see people we love.
    * * * * *
    Have a nice day, DRF, hope you will never see explosions even in the dreams

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    @Joy B Angie:
    Of course, the Pollux-experiment on the Nevada National Security Site has been a so called subcritical test to test the reaction of nuclear material (like Pu) under shock waves. I better should have told that before.
    Indeed, there has not been any nuclear explosion.
    I´m gonna´ inform you about any kind of big catastrophies in the future, that I could see in my dreams/OOBES.
    BTW: One week before the crash of MH 370 in malaysia I had a lucid dream about a crash of an aeroplane. But it was not a crash into the ocean. I saw pieces of the aeroplane flying through the air – after the explosion. Hower – a crash of an aeroplane is a crash of an aeroplane.
    Of course, many aeroplanes are crashing nowadays.
    The only rareness is the one, that appears in the dreams.
    And about 1,5 or 2 years ago I saw – in a lucid dream – f*cking Baschar al Assad (or a person that looks similar to him) hiding Sarine-gas-bombs together with a second person – at different places in Syria. Well, I think that he is responsible for the death of thousands of civillians by the use of Sarine-gas-bombs !
    Nevertheless: I know, a lucid dream is NOT an evidence, yep !
    Have a nice day and a nice night-dream of Jen, JBA !
    But I think that Assad is a much more BIGGER assh*le than Putin.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Correction: I´m gonna´ inform you about any kind of big catastrophies (like aeroplane-crashes or big explosions and so on), that I will see in my future dreams/OOBES.

  • Kaley

    What’s with the jolie fans harassing and bullying others? wtf Jared, take care of site! The wackos are taking over.

  • yep

    I have great weekend.

  • MyXXXXL dirtypanty splitmy a$$

    Hey hypocrite .. What you call your fellow delusional bullies at the Fat F@ckers First then….

  • MyXXXXL dirtypanty splitmy a$$

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  • yep

    lol……..I meant to say I hope everyone has a great weekend.